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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and John Berman  CNN  March 8, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PST

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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. good morning, everyone, i'm john berman. >> i'm poppy harlow. we're getting word of the president's explosive reaction to president trump's explosive claims. >> i think we're talking about former president barack obama's reaction to president trump's claims that obama personally authored wiretaps on trump tower. >> reporter: john and poppy, we're being told that president obama was irked and exasperated at this whole assertion that he was personally involved in wiretapping the current president. no surprise here that president obama of course has a long history with his successor in office, not always pleasant, to be sure. but this latest round of reports, i am told, takes it to a new level. he stopped short of being furious at him, i'm told, but
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he's semple exasperated at the fact that this current president is talking about the fact that he authorized, he personally authorized a wiretap which they simply say of course is not a fact, that it did not in fact happen. presidents normally have a sense of decorum and don't talk about their predecessors in office. so far president obama has kept to that but his aides have not been nearly as quiet, the army of obama supporters, if you will, have been rallying to his defense the former president has been silent, i'm told he has no plans to speak out about this in the future but john and poppy, "exasperated" and "irked" are two words that describe his feelings after hearing the report on saturday. >> i'm sure he's more than happen to let his irked-ness
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leak out. house republican leaders are getting ready to hold a news conference about their repeal and replace obamacare plan which could be in trouble because they're losing support in the house republican membership. >> two committees, largely republicans, will hold these markup meetings, seeking compromises and concessions to let this not be dead on arrival. they have their work cut out for them. conservative and moderate members of their own party are balking at key parts of this. president trump has supported the plan. a short time ago a senior administration official told us, quote, "the volume of the blowback was a bit of a surprise." the white house we're told is launching this full court press. let's bring back in manu raju, jeff zeleny, and sun censor
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fatty. m sunlen serfaty. >> reporter: after the meeting with house republicans moments ago talking about the need to pass this bill from members who left the room. they said the speaker made the case that they need to stay on schedule, this is critical to getting this done this month, because if you don't, then it delays and derails other aspects of the agenda including doing big things on reforming the tax code and the like, also people who made the pitch in that private meeting are two other architects of that bill, greg walden of oregon, kevin brady of texas. i'm told in the room that the speaker also told his members that if they raise money in march, however much money they raise collectively, he will actually try to match that amount of money for the entire house republican conference. this was a political meeting as well as one on policy. but clearly the challenges remain not just from conservatives but some moderates as well.
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charlie dent, a pennsylvania republican, told me as he was entering the room that he was concerned about how quickly they're moving on this as well as the provisions that would gut medicaid could impact his state. those are parts of the concerns that the republican leadership have to iron out both in the center of their conference as well as the right. >> jeff zeleny, manu raju is talking about the pressure being exerted by the speaker. at the white house you're learning of this full court press we can expect from the president at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> reporter: indeed, john, this is going to be the biggest campaign rollout since last year. the president will be traveling as soon as saturday to start making his case on his health care bill out in the country. we're told he's likely to go to kentucky first, then tennessee, then will be traveling next week as well. important to keep in mind the political geography here. all of these house conservative
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republicans who are skeptical and outright opposed to this plan come from trump districts. so this will be the first test of the trump movement. its muscle. can it bring voters around. will these conservative republicans fold. but the president will be traveling this weekend. he was originally scheduled to go to florida to his retreat there. but he's changing his plans and will be out in the country selling this, this weekend and next week. his advisers believe it's going to be a mix of traveling as well as sort of doing a lot of this work from the white house as well, going directly after senators and members of congress who are opposed to this. we started seeing some of that last evening. rand paul, for example, called him out directly on twitter, saying come over to my side, we can win you over on this. not coincidentally the president is traveling to kentucky on saturday, we are told this morning here. so the beginning of a test of
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this trump organization, can it actually move its movement to pass legislation. it's an open question at this hour. >> interesting, as i go to sunlen, he's going to kentucky, a state that went for him solidly, also a state where a number of folks do say, have said to me, we've benefitted a lot from obamacare, he needs to sell this to them and say that it is going to be better for them. >> rand paul is also the senator from kentucky. and i think that has a lot to do -- >> he wants to get the twitter reachout and now the physical reachout in that state. sunlen, let's talk about the markup as we watch republicans speaking here, we'll talk about the markup meetings happening today. where are you hearing they can find compromise? >> reporter: that is the big question going into this, these two dueling house markup committees today. it is a rather painstaking process. and each committee will be focusing on the more -- basically the nitty-gritty of all this, the more controversial aspects, things like tax
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credits, things like medicaid are really where we heard the outpouring of criticism coming from many republicans. and so the goal today is to figure out areas where they can make tweaks, can make changes to make this bill more amenable to republicans and garner more support. and as we've been talking about over the last 48 hours essentially since this bill has been released, many republicans have said very vocally up here on capitol hill, look, this bill in its current form is just not something that they can report. here is a sample of what we're hearing from republicans. >> this is not the repeal bill that we've been waiting for for all these years. this is a huge opportunity that's been missed. >> the first thing republicans are bringing forward is a piece of legislation that says we repeal it but keeps medicaid expansion and actually expands it, that keeps some of the tax increases. that is not what we promised the american people we were going to do. >> reporter: going into this markup today which will start in
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a little less than a half hour, democrats are lining up, a whole slew of amendments. the goal here is to force republicans to go on the record, take some tough votes here. this will likely go well into the evening. all the chairmen are saying, john and poppy, to get ready for a very long night, potentially early morning ahead. >> all right, guys, stand by. we're watch house leadership speak about the plan to repeal and replace obamacare. we'll keep our eye on this, i expect when paul ryan speaks we'll bring that to you. meantime, more reporting to get to. let's bring in kayleigh mcenany and jamie gangel, jamie, you've been working the phones, and you are very well sourced on both sides of the aisle on capitol hill and particularly the senate. this is going to be a very, very steep climb for the president and the house leadership to get this bill through.
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>> he really is going to need to be the art of the deal guy, the negotiator, because look what we've seen in just 24 hours, moum rhow many republicans are expressing concern. i fail to speak to every single republican this morning, but i did do a quick roundup. there are now eight republican senators who have gone on the record as being very concerned about it. so we know about rand paul, who has called it obamacare lite. we have the four senators who wrote to mitch mcconnell. portman and shelley caputo of west virginia, lisa murkowski of alabam alaska, they're all concerned about losing medicaid funding in their states. then there is mike lee who we saw in sunlen's report. lindsey graham has said this is
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moving too fast. this morning, arkansas senator tom cotton said we should be taking time, we should not be voting in a couple of weeks. you now have eight republican senators who are coming out and saying, wait, stop, slow down, there are problems. can trump call them up, twist arms? let's see. but that's a lot of concern on the republican side. >> so kayleigh, if you're advising the president on this, you're sitting next to him, and you're reading him the report that jamie gangel just brought us about these eight senators, what do you tell them to do? >> look, i think president trump, despite the reporting, has written to be very confident. if you look at his first tweet about this bill, the interesting word he used was negotiation. this is why president trump was elected by the american people, because he can negotiate.
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this bill was intentionally put forth as less conservative than it will end up being. why can insurance companies crossing state lines, why wasn't that put in there? president trump put that repeatedly on the campaign trail. it wasn't put in there because president trump plans on offering that as a gift for conservatives along with negotiating drug prices. i think all these conservative proposals were left out intervention because these will be the carrots given to republicans. >> it doesn't solve the medicaid issue. >> those worried about the medicaid issue, he's got to thread this needle politically. baccari sellers, are democrats sitting back and eating popcorn while watching this or will they
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contribute substantively? >> they can contribute substantively. but it's rare that you can find mark sanford and other conservatives line ann coulter on the same side. >> but not for the same reason. >> agreed. but they're going to need support from at least part of these factions for it to pass. the fact is there are parts of this bill that are good. >> baccari, hold that thought. let's listen to house speaker paul ryan. >> this law is rapidly collapsing. let's not forget that. the premium went up double digits this year in 31 states. insurers tell us it will be even worse next year if we stay on this path. choices have begdwindled to the point that one of out of every three counties in america is left with just one surer to choose from. the ceo of aetna has stated that the law is in a death spiral. so we know without a shred of
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doubt that this law is collapsing. that means this is the choice we face. are we going to stay with obamacare and ride out the status quo? are we going to let this law collapse and whatever happens, happens? or are we going to do what we said we would do? are we going to repeal and replace obamacare with something better? this is the covenant that we made with the american people when we ran on a repeal and replace plan in 2016. this is what our bill does. go online. read it for yourself. go to it repeals obamacare's taxes, it repeals obamacare's spending, it repeals obamacare's mandates. it creates a vibrant market where insurance companies compete for your business, where you have lower costs, more choices, and greater control over your health care. and it returns power. this is most important. this returns power from
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washington back to doctors and patients. back to states. this is what good conservative health care reform looks like. it is bold and it is long overdue. and it is us fulfilling our promises. so i encourage everyone to go online and read our bill at are there any questions? christina? [ inaudible question ] >> as you know, we have this bottom up process that's been over a year long. last year we assembled working groups from committees of sxwlkz a jurisdiction and any republican who wants to participate. then this year the committees have been leading a process all year long, briefings, listening
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sessions, conferences, committee hearings. and we've got a lot of feedback from members over that process. our chairs, walden and brady, ways and means and commerce, got feedback on two provisions, whether we have a cap on the size of the credit or whether there's a cap on the exclusion. those two concerns were addressed in the latest draft of the bill, because again, this is a participatory process, this is a bottom-up process. those are the concerns that were brought to the committees of jurisdiction by lots of members, not just conservatives, but lots of members. and those concerns were addressed, again, because it's an inclusive process. i think what you're seeing is, we're going through the inevitable growing pains from being an opposition party to becoming a governing party. in being an opposition party, 64% of our members have never known what it's like to work with a republican president, to have unified government. it's a new field. it's a new system for people. but it's all the more reason why
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we have to do what we said we were going to do and deliver for the american people and govern and use our principles. that's what this is. >> reporter: you seem to be trusting the white house to help deliver some of the votes you need to get this done. are you outsourcing this? are you confident the white house will deliver? >> this is a team sport. i talked to the president twice yesterday. he had dozens of members at the white house yesterday. we're working hand in glove with president trump, vice president pence, secretary price. this is all hands on deck. we all ran on repealing and replacing obamacare. we all know if we do nothing, the system collapses. we know if we just repeal it, the system collapses. this is why we have to pass it with something better. look, i would just say this. look at what this does. this is a conservative wish list. look at what this bill does. it repeals obamacare's taxes. that's a trillion dollars in tax relief for families that will help them with the cost of health care. it repeals obamacare's spending. medicaid expansion and the
7:17 am
obamacare subsidies. it repeals the obamacare mandates on individuals and businesses. it ends the funding for planned parenthood and sends that money to community health centers which there are more of. it has a medicaid per capita block grant. it nearly doubles the amount of money people can put in health savings accounts, a law i co-authored in 2003, which conservatives believe is critical for creating a free market in health care. tax credits for health insurance is something that we as health care conservative reform verse been working on for years. this has been the crown jewel of conservative health care reform, to equalize the tax treatment of health care so we can have a vibrant individual market to have a free market in health care, to bring consumers into the market, to put pressure on provides. this is what's wrong in health care, among many other things. we don't have true price and quality competition in health care. we want all the providers of health care services, insurers,
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doctors, hospitals, everyone, competing against each other for our business as patients, as consumers. you do that when you create a vibrant individual market. lower costs, more competition, more choice. and most importantly, get washington out of the business of being a nanny state, of micromanaging and running health care into the ground. get it back to patients, get it back to doctors, get it back to states. that's what this does. this is monumental, exciting conservative reform that fixes these problems. this is something -- i've been working on this for 20 years. this is exciting. this is what we've been dreaming about doing, and we know it's going to make a positive difference in people's lives in this country. and it's juxtaposed against the backdrop of a collapsing law that is doing really damage to families every day in america. >> reporter: could you give us an update on the cbo score? >> i don't know the answer to that. i think it's probably -- we know
7:19 am
it will come well before the bill gets to the floor. it's very common that you have markups in authorizing committee levels before you have a score. that's common practice. but because we made some changes this weekend to accommodate members' concerns, particularly conservatives, that pushed the date back a little bit. i expect at the beginning of next week, i think, no alert that sometime early next week we'll get the score, well before we go to the floor. juan? >> reporter: you say you have no doubt the 218 votes necessary to pass this bill. what gives you that certainty? what are you seeing on the ground? >> i have no doubt we'll pass this because we're going to keep our promises. every house republican, i think every republican in congress, including the president of the united states, made a promise to the american people. and the promise we made to the american people is we're going to repeal and replace obamacare. because we made that promise, i am confident we'll make good on this promise. thank you. >> there you have house speaker paul ryan saying there is no doubt we will get this through, saying i've been working on this
7:20 am
for 20 years, calling this an exciting time. clearly messaging from the party to his republican colleagues, let's get this done. >> this wasn't in the capital building, this was from the rnc headquarters, perhaps sending the message to republicans who may be on the fence, this is a party issue, we are asking you to do this, the president will be asking you to do this, speaker paul ryan called it a team sport. >> absolutely. jamie gangel, with your reporting on these eight insofar as opposing it, if they're listening to paul ryan and others in the house and the freedom caucus who don't like what they're seeing with this, what's the message they take away from this and how do they act next? >> as john just said, it was done from the rnc. i think what that speaks to, the politics behind this. there is no question what paul ryan said is true. they all ran against obamacare, about repealing it. but they don't have their troops on board. they wanted to get this done.
7:21 am
they do want to get it done. there's pressure from the white house. they want to show they're accomplishing it in the first 100 days. but it's not a disciplined, organized thing. there are just too many republicans who are saying that they don't want it. so that's a problem within their house. >> and so far as we can tell, no democrats support it. bakari, we had to cut you off before, we wanted to ask you what democrats should do going forward. >> democrats appreciate the fact that individuals can stay on their health care until the age of 26. they also appreciate the fact that there will be preventive car and maternity care. those are the pieces they took from obamacare. the bad parts are the issues about gutting medicaid. you have 31 states which have medicaid expansion, and then states like mine who didn't have
7:22 am
it and people are dying. what paul ryan, he used political-speak, so witty, but i don't see how this soothes of anxiety of rural working class voters who catapulted them to house and senate majority and won the presidency, not talking about the fact that this is a tax cut for the wealthy, and if you do not get this insurance, there still is a mandate, because your premiums will go up 30%, your premiums will go up 30% if you do not have insurance. so it may not be a tax that goes to the government, but it's a tax that goes to the insurance company. and lastly, i will just mention the fact that the people who win in this are the insurers. the people who win are the ceos. i find it just despicable that paul ryan can stand up there and talk about what's good for the american people when he put the cherry in there that said that health care ceos can now deduct salaries over $500,000. that's none of us who need the service. that doesn't do any good for the
7:23 am
fabric of america and do not soothe any, quote unquote, economic anxiety. >> kayleigh, paul ryan is saying, let's get this done. but what about those republican senators like tom cotton and others and members of the house as jamie reported, who are saying slow down? do you think there's anything that really helps the administration, helps the president, helps republicans on this one, if they go too fast? >> no, i think, look, they've taken their time. we've had the last 6 1/2 years to hash out an appropriate replacement plan for obamacare. and, you know, as speaker ryan mentioned, these are conservative ideas that have been debated. tax credits have been floating around for conservative circles for a long time. so i think there's been plenty of time. one of the fascinating things that speaker ryan just did is at the very end, when he was asked about republican defection, he said, look, we made a promise to the american people, every single republican said obamacare will be repealed and replaced. that seemed to be almost like a threat to members, do you want to be the one republican or
7:24 am
dozen republicans responsible for having to go back to the american people in four years saying, obamacare wasn't repealed and replaced because these 12 senators or a dozen or so senators held out. so that was an interesting kind of maybe not a carrot but a stick against other republicans. >> kayleigh bringing the carrots and sticks today. guys, stand by, when we come back we'll speak with a republican member of congress who told us he has significant differences with what speaker paul ryan just said. stick around. [vo] quickbooks introduces rodney.
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good morning, everyone, i'm poppy harlow. >> i'm john berman. so glad you're with us. a lot going on this morning. any moment on capitol hill republicans will begin their scramble to try to tamp down a revolt in their own party against their ideas, their plan now to repeal and replace obamacare. the pushback from within their
7:29 am
own party was so strong, we're told it was a big surprise to the trump administration. the president has wholeheartedly embraced this plan. >> he's going to hit the road to sell this plan to folks. two committees are meeting for these so-called markup sessions. that's where the sausage is made, as they say. they're going to try to appease the opposition, defuse the biggest threat yet to the young administration. we'll go to phil mattingly. how much jockeying will we see unfold? >> reporter: a lot. you have these two committees, controlled by republicans, and they're controlled by republican chairmen who work hand in glove on the production of this repeal plus plan that speaker paul ryan has been talking about. what does that mean? that means, guys, despite a lot of republicans, mostly conservative republicans being wary about the direction of this bill, don't expect major changes today. if there are any changes at all, i'm told by committee aides
7:30 am
they're not expecting to deal with a lot of amendments that make major shifts to the bill. one committee may not deal with any amendments at all. that means this is a forum for democrats to make their objections well-known and that's exactly what they're going to do. i walked over here to the capitol building with a democrat on the house ways and means committee. i asked him what we should expect today and he winked and said, "this is going fun." one democratic aide said their focus is to make this all about president trump's promises at one point for universal coverage, promises about what he expected to see in the health plan that may not exist in this hundred-plus page plan. guys, expect it to be long and arduous with a lot of democrats saying a lot of negative things about this bill. >> a news-making wink to phil
7:31 am
mattingly. >> and keeping phil at work around the clock, i expect. congressman, nice to have you here. look, you called this yesterday the largest welfare program sponsored in the history of the republican party. i take it you don't like what you just heard from house speaker paul ryan. >> i respectfully disagree with the speaker of the house. there's not a close second for the largest welfare program sponsored by republicans in the history of the republican party. this far and away is the biggest welfare program ever sponsored, and quite frankly it undermines the work ethic, it increases greater reliance on welfare of a federal government that is headed towards insolvency and bankruptcy. i very much appreciate the or atory of the house speaker, it's akin to christmas were that or
7:32 am
atory is pretty but you open up the present and it's a lump of coal. this bill is a lump of coal. they can try to make it look good and package it as good as they possibly can but it does not change what it is. and it is the largest welfare program ever proposed by republicans in the history of the republican party. it's going to be disastrous for our deficit and debt long term. it's going to make every election about how much more welfare can you give me by increasing these tax credits, these payments to the american people. ultimately it's going to result in the demise of our country or at least contribute to our debilitating insolvency and bankruptcy. >> so congressman, it's not just paul ryan behind what you call the largest welfare plan proposed by the republican party, it's president trump who is behind this bill now we're told 100%. let's role play a little bit, congressman. president trump dials the phone, calls you and says, hey, congressman brooks, i need you with me on this, i need your vote here. what do you tell the president?
7:33 am
>> well, first, my insight is a little bit different than your insight. the information i have is that the president of the united states wants a repeal of obamacare and he wants some kind of replacement. as long as he can have that signing ceremony, he's very comfortable. what's in the language of the bill itself he's extremely flexible on. i'm hopeful we'll stick to our word. we said we would repeal obamacare. quite clearly this proposal by the house leadership is not, is not a repeal of obamacare. a repeal is hr 175 that takes two sentences. this is 100 and some page mon y monstrosi monstrosity. >> if the president called you and told you, support what you're seeing right now, the plan as it is right now, you would flat out tell him no? >> i would tell him that he needs to consider some other factors. and i hope that he would be on board for actually repealing obamacare instead of merely amending it, and that he would be on board for something that is financially responsible, that
7:34 am
does not consist of such a huge welfare program as opposed to what we have. i try to convince him to do what is right for america and what is in the financial long term interests of america. >> it might be some tough convincing. i know you're saying it doesn't sound like the president is fully on board. his tweet from yesterday: "our wonderful new health care bill is out for review." he called it wonderful, those are his words. he is facing an american public that is increasingly supportive of obamacare. 54%, as you know, let's pull up the pew poll, this is just two weeks old, that's the highest it's been, 54% approval. and of those, of those who disapprove of it, only 17% of them actually want a full repeal, which is what you're calling for. you have the support, you believe, of the american public largely behind what you want? >> oh, i believe that the american public is, vast majority, in favor of the stance
7:35 am
that i have. >> they're not, sir. they're not, sir. i just showed you polling. and that's more recent polling. >> i'm sorry. by the apology information that you just shared, hillary clinton is president. >> that's absolutely false. this is a pew poll of democrats and republicans and a broad swath of america. >> we know that polling results are determined to a large degree by the way in which you phrase the question. if you were to share with the american people the kind of collapse that are going to occur soon with obamacare because it is financially unsustainable, if you share with them the continuing huge hikes in insurance premium costs caused by obamacare, then the numbers shift quite dramatically in favor of repeal. i've been in elected office off and on since 1982, three decades, and i know how polls can be used to try to enhance a position even though that polling data does not reflect the true attitudes of the american people. and that pew poll that you cite, i would respectfully submit, was not done in such a fashion as to properly characterize the issue
7:36 am
that's truly before us. >> there are other polls too which show support for obamacare rising. but a poll i don't think you'll argue with, polling the members of your own party in the house of representatives on the vote. as it stands now, do you think that your house speaker, paul ryan, and the house leadership, has a grasp on how solid the opposition might be to this plan? >> well, i'm not sure myself how solid the opposition is in the house of representatives. i will say that as of today, the speaker of the house will need a substantial number of democrats to vote to repeal obamacare and support the house leadership replacement plan in order for it to pass the house of representatives. right now, there are simply not enough republican votes to pass this huge new welfare program that is being sponsored by the house leadership. >> a few weeks ago you went on a local radio program in your great home state of alabama and you talked about this in depth and you talked about the fact that you blame those without a
7:37 am
spine to stand up to those angry constituents at these town halls. you said it was in part because of these town halls that i don't think a repeal will get through. really, it's the constituents' fault? >> no, i'm giving them credit. you're calling it fault. certainly politics is somewhat in a vacuum. those people who rush in to fill a vacuum are the ones who control the political outcome. right now, due credit to the democrats, the socialist wing of the democratic party, those people who like the affordable care act, they are very active in pushing forward their views, their effort to keep obamacare or something very similar to it. to their credit, i believe they're having an effect on some of our weaker-kneed republicans who are unwilling to stick to their commitment to actually repeal obamacare. again, what's being pushed right now is not a repeal of obamacare. it is an amendment of obamacare.
7:38 am
we keep the huge welfare program at an extraordinary cost, over $100 billion a year, money basically that the american citizens don't have, can't afford to give up, and that the federal government needs to stop borrowing. >> mo brooks from alabama, who told us it is the biggest welfare passed by republicans and that it will not pass without democratic votes. making news here. thanks, congressman, so much. how does the bill overcome the opposition spoken about by congressman brooks? conservative media is not buying it. how can the president win over the blogs, the talk radio hosts? we'll talk to them, next. remember when you said men are supeyeah...ivers? yeah, then how'd i get this... safe driving bonus check?
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president trump issuing a stern warning to fellow republicans. if his party's plan to repeal and replace obamacare fails, you can expect, in his words, a bloodbath in the 2018 mid-terms. the white house is doing a full court press to try to get their party on board. >> winning over conservative media could be key. a headline this morning on, the site that used to be run by steve bannon who now works in the white house, it says, freedomworks opposes speaker ryan's obamacare 2.0 plan. on tuesday, michael medved, a conservative radio host, asked the white house this. >> do you think the white house can a do a better job on focusing on reforms that matter to the american people as we move forward into the coming months? >> thanks, michael. you know, respectfully, i would
7:44 am
say we have been focused. >> michael medved, author and host of "the michael medved show," also cnn political commentator ben ferguson, nice to have you both. michael, let's get both of your temperatures, starting with you, michael, on your listeners. you talk to folks and you talk to conservatives. do they like what the republican party is offering now to repeal and replace obamacare? >> well, look. let's be fair. this is not a big monster bill like obamacare was. it's not over a thousand pages. but it is 70 pages. there is a lot of technical aspects to it. most people don't really understand what the essence of the bill is. and i think that one of the things that speaker ryan and associates can do is to be more forceful in indicating that what this bill does is it doesn't take away choices for the american people.
7:45 am
it gives them additional choices. that's what the republican party should stand for. the idea that people who like obamacare, fine, but what is important is that people have more liberty, more choice to go ahead and devise their own health insurance and to get the kind of health insurance and negotiate for the kind of health insurance that they want. less government compulsion, more individual choice. >> but you tell me whether or not you support or oppose this, i am curious, because a lot of conservative media, breitbart seems pretty opposed to this right now, freedomworks, heritage out against it, the koch brothers don't seem to like it one bit. what you're hearing from people calling in, are you hearing support or opposition to this as it stands right now? >> i would say overwhelming opposition. i spent three hours only on this issue yesterday. and i would say probably 75% of the people that got through on the phone to the show said they did not like it. now, the big question i asked them was, what specifically do
7:46 am
you not like? and then the majority of the responses were, well, i'm seeing people that i trust, they're telling me that this is no different or not that different from obamacare, they start calling it rinocare for republican in name only. i'm talking about paul ryan and his leadership. there is a little bit of the art of the deal here, there are some congress men that read that book and they're calling this obama care 2.0 to get more of what they want in there. i reminded people on the show yesterday, remember, you may not get everything you want because you have to have the votes to pass something. what was proposed was a complete repeal and then some sort of replacement is probably not reality because the votes aren't there. this is going to be negotiating. it's going to be ugly. i reminded them yesterday, that's a good thing.
7:47 am
this is a complicated bill. it shouldn't be easy to fix it and replace it. it should be fought over in the public. and people should be able to read the bill. that's the one good thing i think the speaker did here, transparency, putting this bill online so that people can read it and most people really liked that aspect of it. and it was short. you're talking about 70, 71 pages here compared to over a thousand. people can actually read that. average americans can and probably will. >> berman can read that during the commercial break. >> exactly. >> michael, i wonder if you're a little bit in fantasy land here, you think that the president should include democrats here. is he going to do it? >> there's no question. if you look at the mistake that barack obama made with obamacare, it was pushing through a massive reorientation of the american health care system without a single, not even one republican vote. that's a mistake. the republicans simply are not going to get anything passed here unless they have a buy-in from a few dozen democrats in the house and at least two or three democrats in the u.s.
7:48 am
senate. they need to do that. and there is no reason not to do that. when we have done major reforms in the past that have been successful, things that have changed america for the better including welfare reform in 1996, which provided more liberty, less government spending, more individual choice, that welfare reform was signed by bill clinton. it was signed by newt gingrich with significant democratic support. and that's the kind of reform that's needed here. i think the american people are longing for it. i think that president trump talked about that kind of leadership. and rather than focusing on breitbart, for instance, breitbart has always hated speaker ryan. they've been going after speaker ryan obsessively like captain ahab and moby dick. i would ignore that and focus on what we could do to improve the level of choice and effectiveness if our health care
7:49 am
system for the american people. >> not just speaker ryan, but president trump has bought into this, he called it wonderful. and our reporting overnight is he thinks now he may need to offer more support to this than before, he's got a whole sales plan for this right now. so ben ferguson, specifically, how effective do you think the president can be? >> well, i think there's two things here that he can be very effective on. one, he's shown, especially during the campaign, that he knows how to communicate directly with those people who are in support of him. i think he knows how to put pressure on congress men or senators who are acting like they're going to hold out on this type of bill. i don't think what you're seeing right now is what the final product is going to be. i think he's going to do a big push, and it's a smart push, to make clear to the american people, hey, this is going to be something that is going to replace obamacare, you do not have to worry about elapsing
7:50 am
coverage or losing health care and then having some sort of if between period so you get new health care. that's one of the reasons why obamacare, i think you see in these poll numbers, it's his all-time high since it was passed, because democrats were brilliant on this issue. they fearmongered and said the republicans are going to take away your health care and you may not have coverage for a time before you get their new plan. this proves, this bill proves that will never happen and the republicans have to go out there then and let the people know that and then work through this to get them something that people agree with. i ultimately think you'll see this probably passed. i think it's going to be a little bit different than what it is right now. i do think -- because every republican, paul ryan was smart about this today, he reminded every republican out there, you ran on this issue. if we don't do this, every one of you is going to have to go back home and run for reelection and you're going to be one of the guys who are going to say, didn't help us get this done. >> ben ferguson, michael medved, interesting to hear your takes.
7:51 am
>> guys, thank you very much. coming up, the congratulations pouring in for dirk nowitzki. >> i called it. >> yeah. he had a career milestone that only a handful of nba players have ever reached. andy scholes is next.
7:52 am
7:53 am
nba superstar dirk nowitzki reaching a milestone few have reached before. andy scholes with the bleacher report. >> reporter: guys, i've had the pleasure to cover dirk in dallas. there's no superstar in the nba that is more humble than dirk. this is the 19th season with the mavs. he became the first international player ever to reach the 30,000 point mark. he gets mobbed by mark cuban and teammates, they all celebrate. dirk said afterwards a very emotional moment for him and he
7:54 am
hopefully has a couple of more buckets left before it's time for him to ride off into the sunset. congrats came pouring in from everywhere, even dirk's good friend actor ben stiller posted this buddy video. >> hey, dirk, just here in my farm, they told me you hit 30,000 points. i don't really follow basketball but that's incredible. in one game? amazing. anyway, i got to get back to my chores. take it easy. >> who knew ben stiller had a farm? >> reporter: gonzaga with a win over st. mary's. they're likely going to earn a number one seat for the second time in school history on selection sunday this weekend. yesterday here in new york, all
7:55 am
the broadcasters from turner and cbs are here for media day. i had to ask them, i was asking them, what's a zag? zag is really just a mick name for gonzaga. there's a life lesson for you. >> andy scholes, thank you so much. they're happy to be called the one seed if they're happy to get that. thanks, andy. thanks for joining us. "at this hour with kate bolduan" starts after a quick break. how do you become america's best-selling brand? you're not going to make it. do you think you can make it? uhh... make it... every time. nice! going further to keep drivers moving freely.
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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. hello, everyone, i'm kate bolduan. right now a storm is brewing on capitol hill. house republicans preparing to battle their own leadership on an issue that's probably brought the party together more than any other. getting rid of obamacare, of course. you're looking at live pictures as members of two house committees begin the formal process of working through the bill. the key factions to keep in mind, republicans who back it, republican critics who call it obamacare lite, and democrats who are happy to sit back and watch it play out while they fight any replacement to obamacare. meanwhile the white house is launching a full court press in support of the replacement bill, the biggest since the campaign, according to administration officials. after all, according to president trump, failure to repeal and replace will mean a gop bloodbath, in his


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