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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  March 8, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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senate will have the offer to have -- so the idea they have a score, and talk about their concerns and give their input especially the governors left on the sideline last time and who have such an important role in administering health care, the score issued, there will be a score in due time. but let's be honest the irony of the score is that the cbo was way off the last time. i don't think that that's a big issue to us right now. >> doesn't cost matter though. >> of course cost matters but look how off they were last time, if you're looking to the cbo for accuracy you're looking in the wrong place, they were way way off in terms of obamacare, if you laook at the number they projected to be on
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obamacare they were offer by millions, it will be scored but the idea that's any kind of authority based on the track record last time is a little farfetched. i want to bring in david chalian, the way he just took that organization completely down, i remember when republicans loved the cbo because it tells the conservatives what matters most to them which is how much is it's going to cost taxpayers. >> reporter: and we will get that information, two days now in a row from that podium sean spicer is trying to de-emphasize what that will be. >> to his credit. >> i don't know if it will have a huge success for him because as you know from covering this
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for years, the ceo is the sort of referee where all the pack an forth is going on between the two parties, they come in and put a number on it. that number appears in everybody's talking point and each side tries to spin it but it is the neutral arbiter to say this is how many people are going to be covered and how much it will cost and people are taking that to the bank. >> for the alphabet soup in washington, republicans who the president aptnd the g.o.p. leadership care very much about the cost they haven't seen yet. >> sure, they do, but we also have voters right republicans so far if you luook at the polls support donald trump something like 90% and a lot of voter to voted for him although he was
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promises big ticket items, promised not to touch entitlement at all. it's going to be interesting what people like laura ingraham, rush limbaugh what their take on this is as well, laura ingraham was an an alternative network yesterday an wasn't too pleased and dtonald trump was tweeting back and the reporter said is there any other organization that you believed would have the authority an sean spicer never answered so i think they're trying to set up the authority and the donald trump administration is trying to sell this plan. >> the other network, the president is now trying to deal with the f-o-xf-o-x, fox, not b
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on his side now. but i want to put you on hold and go to manu raju on capitol hill who talked to the top democrat on the intelligence senate committee who just came back from the cia. >> reporter: that's right, going through reams of intelligence and this on going investigation of russia and hacking, tom warn said he has as a lot of questions because he saw data that he suggests aimed at helping one candidate and hurting another candidate. >> just came back from the cia, there were four senators we got a chance to look at some of the raw intel product and in many ways we have got even more questions now. we've got more information we've got to get access to.
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i know as the committee gets into the next stage of listing who we want to have conversations with, but the main thing is that we're all committed democrats and republicans to keeping this by parson, a lot of what we saw was evidence how russia manipulated the news, hacked into the dnc and john podesta and leaked out in favor of one candidate against the other candidate but these efforts of whether there were contacts between the campaign and the russians but this underlying assault on our democracy i think americans need to know about this and going forward be guarded in terms o of what information they take in and these same tactics are being used in the french elections even as we speak. >> can you give us a sense of
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your top new questions? >> i'm just going to leave it as there are thing that is put notes that you have got to know an get the underlying source back. >> you say there was these news stories that suggest they were trying to help one candidate over the other, anything that suggested that the trump campaign was involved in coordinating that release of that information? >> at this point i'm not going to get into that part to have investigation, it's been about misinformation, the hacking and selective release of e-mails and whether there's been any contact between either campaign and the russians prior to the election. >> reporter: i also asked does he agree with the assessment of the top republican chairman of the house intelligence committee that he has not seen any evidence yet of any contacts between russian officials and
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trump campaign associates. he would not comment on that, so there's really -- i'm not going to get into anything about the evidence specifically i've seen. he also was critical of donald trump suggesting he had been wiretapped by the former president of the united states, he would not say any evidence he saw was from any wiretaps this comes from lindsey graham and the subcommittee are trying to get information from the justice department of the issue of wiretaps and whether it happened and gram telling me he's wig to subpoena the justice department if they do not comply with his request. >> i know how hard it is to move around the very large chilapito hill campus an you're a very best. thank you. >> you just heard from mark warner, the top democrat on the intelligence committee, who just saw the raw intelligence, square
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that with just what sean spicer said at the briefing, he says they come out and say nothing really happened. that's not certainly not what mark warner said. >> spicer is saying when they look at the intelligence there's no quote unquote collusion between the trump campaign and members of the russian government. 17 national intelligence agents of the u.s. government have determined that russia attempted to medal in the u.s. election but by and large there's an understanding or assessment they did it on behalf of helping hillary clinton. that's different as sean spicer has said from collusion from members of the trump campaign and the russian government. now in my opinion, i think it's going to be impossible to conclude whether that influence that the russians by all
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accounts tried to make into the election actually swayed voters. we don't know. unless everybody every u.s. voter in the u.s. who voted for donald trump is going to explain why they voted the way they voted i think that's impossible toot to tell, so i think that's what the senate intelligence investigation might look at. those are larger questions that senator warrener is talking about about russian meddling in the u.s. election there's evidence to believe they're trying to do it in the french election. there's a german election. are they supporting those kind of right-wing anti e. u, candidate, they're supporting marianne le pen. so i think there's bigger questions about russian interference not just this the u.s. but across europe an what
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are the questions for u.s. policy? this president has still never said he believes ta russia tried to medal in this election and could have worn nefarious aims abroad. so there are questions out there and again, you can't conflat the meddling and the collusion. >> david chalian, what was your take away from what you heard from mark warner? >> first an foremost this issue isn't going away, this will be with us throughout the trump administration most likely and i think not just mark warner but the lindsey graham sheldon -- white house is sort of calling president trump's bluff and giving an opening here for -- >> reiterate for our viewer what is that request was. >> it was the fbi an department of justice to provide the
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warrants that were requested in court for the wiretaps, right? it's not entirely clear, does a court have to sign off to release that because it's done in a secret court as you know, but nonetheless there's now this invitation that democrats sheldon whitehouse, republican lindsey graham, oversight in this scenario says send us what you have on that, the court ruling authorizing the warrant and now an opportunity for jim comey to say well, there is none, he doesn't want to necessarily talk about it but they have now provided an opening to say there was no wiretapping because they're requesting the proof that there was president trump will have to answer to that. >> what will he say if this comes back and say there one a wiretapping, they were standing by president trump's tweets saying it's up to congress. so it's interesting to see is
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this president embarrassed? does he walk it back? does this signal to him that words matter and he can't just spout off on twitter just because he feels like it at 6:30 in the morning. >> one other thing senator warrener said russia hacked into podesta's e-mails -- wikileaks? seems to me he was. >> i want to bring in april ryan, correspondent from radio networks on the white house lawn. april, we watched you in the press briefing ask sean spicer about congressman eelijah cummings, a long time coming. >> reporter: a long time coming -- actually for the yet, dana, because we're only a
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little bit more than a month and a half in totality, so he watched elijah cummings on television talk about the high cost of prescription drugs and the president literally reached out and told his staff call him and placed the call to the congressman in his office and talked and tried to work something out and their schedules did not mesh, an if you remember the first, he talked about the congressional black caucus and went into this thing about congressman cummings and senator schumer told him not to meet -- that wasn't true, congressman cummings said he had scheduling issues an really wanted to meet and he's bringing the president of johns hopkins as well as another congressional
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leader the talk about this and i wouldn't be surprised if congre congressman cummings talks about other issues pressing in the news lately as well. >> this is the same situation ev e even more so, and you're right this is only a month and a half but feels a lot longer. >> a lot longer. a member of the republican caucus is speaking out against the health care proposal and will join me live. congressman dave pratt. plus rallies and protections nationwide to support a day without a woman. we'll take you live and hear from women who say it's a protest without a point.
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president trump will meet tonight with conservative
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republicans, opposing his repeal bill. sean spicer there's a full-court press. >> we are out in full sell mode all around the country talking about how we think this is the best way to solve the problem that the american people face and why we believe that the solutions that we put forward in this bill are the right ones and will benefit them. >> but one house republican group is taking a very hard line stance against the health care bill and they have got the numbers to really make a difference more than 30 republican conservatives many with tea party support are part of the house freedom caucus enough to make the white house nervous. in addition to tonight's meeting, some members were invited to the white house to go
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bowling. let's talk to congressman dave grat. will you going to the white house or bowling next week. >> i think we may be bowling that's the rumor. >> okay what do you say about the health care bill. >> we're with him 100% we want to see a repeal, right that's what we promised the last six years and that's the issue, repeal doesn't mean repeal. president trump has a big heart but also said that the states are the true laboratories so d.c. is like hurting -- trying to get texas to settle with california if different states want to go different ways let's
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do that. he's got a big heart, we want to help him do that but about 5 pn% of folks are about 50% to have costs. >> congressman, you probably heard the clip from sean spicer as we were coming to you about saying that the president is in sells mode or selling mode and responding to a question about whether or not having meetings such as the one that you will likely attend whether or not he is listening to suggestions for changing or not, the response was no he's in sales mode so do you see any scenario where you will be a buyer. >> i think whoever said that got it quite right. >> that's the president's spokesman. >> there's the president and the
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spokesman and we want to get him to a big win an when he hear it is american people speak up which they are nationwide. the base is lighting up unlike any issue before and we don't want him to run a federally run health care with new entitlement and raising taxes again, we're all behind him. we want him to be successful. >> congressman, i want to play for you something that the house speaker, the leader of your conference said today about opposition from people like you. >> i think what you're seeing is we're going through the inevitable growing pangs of an opposition party to a groeing government party. 60% have never known what it's like to work with a -- it's all
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the more reason to do what we said we would do and govern and use our principals. that's what this is. >> congressman, you're relatively a new member and just pointed out 64% of your caucus has not been around when you can govern because you don't have a fellow republican in the white house. sounds to me like he's basically saying that you guys just don't know how to legislate and it is different from flowing flames in the minority. >> i agree with what the speaker said. he's a free market guy who six years said we are going to repeal obamacare, we are not repealing obamacare, not getting rid of regulations that's the big price driver, that's part of obamacare, not getting rid of
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the silver, bronze platinum plans, that's obamacare, we're getting rid of the mandates but turning it into a tax penalty. that's all obamacare, i agree with the speaker if he wants to fully repeal obamacare, we're with him, this is doing what we promised the american people we would do so we're in full greech agreement with everything he's run on. >> are you saying the house speaker is breaking his promise and the president because he's on board? >> i'm saying it's hard because of senate rules, so if trump wants to get to the senate and get to parliament issue, the insurance regs are the issues, only paid attention to coverage, not to price reduction, and reduci reducing cost of presumes, that's why we're in a death
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spiral right now. we don't want trump to make the same disaster. we do not have that until phase three, that's not good enough that's when you need 60 votes so the best thing to assure oa victory and win, is go, get rid of -- then it's a win-win. >> i think that's easier said than done. i want to mention something that my colleague deirdre reported when the number three republican steve ska llis said you either choose to support the republicans and the president or you choose to support nancy pelosi because you're going to be responsible for taking this down. what's your response to that? >> no. if he said that that's not serious. you can amend the process, trump said here is the bill, we have a wonderful will, now to time to
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negotiate. we'll make the big fixes talk to the senate getting rid of the insurance regulations the big federal law, get rid of the mandates the tax increase, the federal components back granted all to the states we want to cover everybody, don't want to pull the rug out from anyone, get it right an not hard to do, we just follow our promises that we had to america -- ask the american people how they feel about the republican base and e every conservative group is lighting up. >> congressman, thanks for being up. >> always good to be here. >> we're going to raleigh, some schools forced to close because of lack of teachers. i will talk to people on both
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sides of the debate. >> i just feel like it wasn't necessary to close the entire school system down for women's day, if they wanted to call in more substitutes call the guys in for the day.
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women worldwide are taking the day off to march in rallies on international women's day the focus is gender equality, but come to symbolize empowerment for women and girls, like this, a little girl dressed up as a super hero, and posed.
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the first lady marked a luncheon, and lawmakers joined rallying for change. >> as we try to protect women's rights you choose the education of women, the fuller participation and not only politics and government but in every aspect of the life of a country and a society. we know one thing for sure, that when women succeed, america succeeds. we don't want the world to know a day without a woman, but we want people to understand what that day would be like and it would not be a day that takes us to our fullest aspirations for our future, for our children, for the future that we envisioned for them. >> i want to now go to new york where we have some new video of women's day marchers being detained by police.
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rachel, what happened? >> reporter: dana, it's unclear exactly how many people were in fact detained outside trump international hotel but know four founders of the women's march, the ones who oranganized the march, and today celebrating international women's day as well as a day without women, those founders were detained outside of trump international hotel here after sitting in the street. they were put in zip ties and put in the back of an nypd van, unclear where the van was headed. there's no information on the number of people detained or potential charges but as you saw in the video we know that at least the four founders of the women's march were detained. this is one of many rallies to
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celebrate international women's day, and celebrate a day without a woman, and the protests today in manhattan was very peaceful despite the detainments. >> i want to go across the country to los angeles, where a rally is underway at city haul. >> reporter: you can see the energy of this just from by taking a look at this square, this is just outside city haul there. there are many women dressed in red. a lot of the lunchtime crowd that works in the business district has come out to this area, but a day without women is the intent to show economic power by women not showing up to work. we decide todd to talk to a cou of people. they were not politically active but after the election you became politically engaged. is this the next step for you?
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>> yes, absolutely we feel we need to be out here, active, our voices heard. >> more than ever. more than ever. >> reporter: how have you become politically engaged other than showing up to the marchs, sending postcards to our congressmen, sending faxes to our congressmen and they're becoming more informed for sure and calming on a daily basis to having an action item. >> reporter: has the input of women over all changed politically? >> i think that's true. i feel we have been come plapla a very long time. >> reporter: these are just two women we talked to that say they had not been engaged an now it time to. this is an event that really engages the elite.
12:36 pm
women who can afford to take the day off or simply don't work and they say though that they are speaking for women who don't have that luxury, dana. on that note it is not a date of solidarity, one conservative group is protesting the protest, encouraging women to share the hashtag #we show up. that's led to parents saying they're children are the ones who are actually being punished. we have two parents one from al alexandria, virginia, and amanda. your post caught our attention saying that you were upset and you think the school district where you both are in is having
12:37 pm
a temper tantrum, massive temper tantrum to quote back to you. >> i did say that, i am a parent, i am a taxpayer, and also happen to be a woman that doesn't have much to do with it, but what is happening today is that privileged women, the majority of women an teachers that are leaving school today paid by the way by the taxpayers of alex anry i can't, who's going to be punished are single mothers who don't have the luxury, and trying to find child car, i actually offered to take on children for child care, i think it's important we don't
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bring in politics into our school system. >> missy, what's your response? >> i wish we could step back and call it what it is, a logistical problem that a very small school system in alexandria were having when 300 people called in with personal time off leave request were accepted, and realized with only 100 subs, it was a safety issue, i don't think it's something other than a symbolic issue, under paid, over worked even under the best of circumstances i think people should agree they should be allowed to take the personal leave they have earned and if fact they're using it for this one particular day is their choice. >> but what about amanda's point that it is leaving a lot of
12:39 pm
women, mothers high ab dry. >> i take it to heart. they made meals available, lunch and breakfast for students who normally receive free an reduced lunch. also opened reck centers, i agree with amanda that she agreed to babe sit and i took a group of my boy's friends to the national archive this morning and we understand the situation isn't ideal but believe our superintendent did what he had to do given the circumstances. >> do see why critics are calling it a protest of the privileged? >> i don't agree, i believe the teachers have the right to stand up for themselves. this is coming in the wake of our proposed budget which slashes $72 million for our
12:40 pm
school system, which would give them a pay cut. the insurance would go up, and i think the two tied together was a way to express themselves they gave us warning, they took to leave requests an it was approved so i think we ever to work within the system and to try to keep it away from politics on a national level and remember it is a local thing. >> but it is political. >> it is political. >> but amanda, as you respond to that, think about this, and that is some historical perspective. iceland pioneered this notion of women strikes in the 1970s an just last year thousands of icelandic women left two hours and now top the global gender gap report the u.s. is 28th on
12:41 pm
that list. there's evidence of this type of protest working for the benefit of greater good. >> we'll see if that happens if that works. the women's march has co-opted the international day of women this year. and as a woman, the woman's march does not represent me an there are millions of women across the country who it does not represent. they are sponsored by some of the most radical left wing groups in the country, sponsored by planned parenthood the largest abortion provider. they did not represent me at all. and to use the taxpayer money i feel like the superintendent and the alexandria public schools are effective say theying they endorse the women's march. >> they put out a letter saying this was no political stance whatsoever it was merely a reaction to the situation they were handed.
12:42 pm
>> so then the question for the superintendent is what are their policies if they have too many leave requests, we live in a notoriously liberal county, why couldn't they bring in substitutes from somewhere else. >> maybe they decide to review the process but i think once they have given the situation of 300 teachers that couldn't show up for work. >> we have to leave it there, but i want to say thank you so much to both of you, amanda you have a child that's going to be in kindergarten and i know you two met in the green room and despite differences you two have made great friends. >> thank you. >> up next a new document dumped from wikileaks exposes cia
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secrets including how the agency spies on people. ais i'll be joined by former cia agent congressman will heard.
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wikileaks is laying out some serious spy allegations saying the cia can and has hacked into people's smartphones, laptops and tvs, it is leaving people fearful that every day devices they use can be turned into spy traps for their owners. wikilea wikileaks claims to hide its operations the cia adapted hacking techniques to appear as if they were hackers inside russia. that remains to be seen whether or not that's true. the u.s. is not happy about the
12:48 pm
apparent internal documents, a criminal investigation is being opened to look into it. white house secretary sean spicer respond today ted to the allegations. >> whether or not not specifically with respect to the disclosure that you're referring to, but i think the idea that we are having these on going disclosures of national security and classified information should be something that everybody is outraged in the country,s in kind of disclosure that under mines our security and well being an you have seen over the last two years depending on the leak it depends on the outrage. >> i want to bring in republican congressman from texas will hurd who serves on the house intelligence committee. congressman, thanks for joining me. you worked at the cia, you
12:49 pm
worked at a cybersecurity firm, so you are very well familiar with a lot of the ins and outs that most of us lay people are not. how alarmed are you about this wikileaks release? >> i'm alarmed because if it is corn firmed that it is a information of national intelligence, we have to remember that the cia is an external intelligence service, their responsibility is to collect intelligence overseas -- they keep bad guys off our shores an make sure that the sources and memd -- med methods
12:50 pm
they use are protektd. >> there are a lot of sources we have confirming whether it is indeed from the cia, how did wikileaks ultimately get this information? was it some type of hack, was it individual? there's a lot of questions there and how can you when it comes to national security and making sure we keep americans safe, this is something that the men and women in the cia take seriously and we aim to make sure they have the tools that they need. also -- >> go ahead. >> when i look, when i put my cyber security hat on, we need to remember that there is no such thing as an impenetrable device, and that we need to be taking cyber security seriously. and when it comes to developing tools, when it comes to protecting our nation's secrets, and these are two competing
12:51 pm
factors sometimes. >> before we move on from this subject, i just have to ask, knowing what you know, how concerned should americans be that their devices are being hacked, not just by people outside the u.s., but perhaps what this is alleging is u.s. agencies? >> well, the cia is not involved in collection against americans. that is something that they take seriously. this is -- the cia and men and women that makeup the cia are there to collect intelligence on foreign adversaries coming -- trying to do us harm. the fbi is involved in dealing with criminal issues within the united states. >> right. >> and they take that division very seriously. >> sure, no, i know what you're saying and i hear you. i want to turn to russia and the investigation that your committee on the house side, house intelligence committee is doing as well as the senate side. the ranking democrat on the
12:52 pm
senate intelligence committee just came back from langley from the cia and told my colleague manu raju that he saw evidence during the visit that the russians released information to help one side over the other. have you seen information like that? >> i haven't seen any indication to lead to that type of conclusion, but i will tell you this. the house takes this investigation very seriously. i always like to say that the democratic congressional campaign committee, one of the organizations that were hacked, spent a lot of money to try to unseat me, but an attack on them is an attack on all of us. and it is important we look at this issue of russian involvement in trying to manipulate our elections in a bipartisan and thorough fashion. and we should be looking at every issue wherever the leads may take us. >> and, congressman, real quick before i let you go, have you seen any evidence at all to support president trump's claim that president obama wiretapped trump tower? >> i have not seen anything in,
12:53 pm
you know, in my positions that would lead to a conclusion in either way. >> congressman hurd, thank you so much for your time and your expertise. appreciate it. >> thank you, dana. >> and we're staying on the cia allegations. next hour, the ranking democrat on the senate judiciary committee joins cnn live to weigh in as well as former cia director michael hayden. stay with us. t, sweet st. thoma♪ ♪ so nice, so nice. ♪st. croix full of pure vibes. ♪ so nice, so nice. ♪ st. john a real paradise. ♪ so nice, so nice. ♪ proud to be from the virgin islands. ♪ ♪ and the whole place nice. to experience your virgin islands nice, go to
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two people trying to have a conversation, but they don't speak the same language, it's an age old problem a new york company is trying to solve with a new smartphone technology. cnn tech correspondent samuel burke finds out if internet connected ear buds can help them have a conversation in real time. >> reporter: i'm trying out waverly ear buds. they do live translation from one ear to another and i'm here with the ceo and founder of the company. so, i'm going to try it out with you. >> what you have seen here in barcelone. >> we went to a really great restaurant last night and had paella. >> reporter: almost there. walk me through what's happening here. >> do you need to pair the ear buds to the phone.
12:59 pm
once you turn the microphone on it stays on. you can put the phone in your pocket and speak, the ear buds will pickup what you're saying. [ speaking in spanish ] >> when i was young, what is your favorite tv series. >> reporter: i say when you were young. >> you are married. >> reporter: i said, are you married? so, is this simultaneous translation or consecutive translation? >> yeah, so the first version is actually waiting until you're done speaking before it translates. again, the whole idea of the ear pieces, the ear buds is to create a more natural experience. i put the phone in my pocket and we're just talking together. >> reporter: one last question. [ speaking in spanish ] >> you are going to leave all the translators out of work. >> it has a long way to go before it's perfect, but maybe one day decades down the road. >> reporter: so, it got it almost right. it's got a long way to go before it's perfect but in a few decades it will be on the
1:00 pm
freeway. almost. >> close enough. >> very cool indeed. thank you, samuel. a quick programming note. you see there on the screen tonight at 9:00 eastern, comedian trevor noah will join van jones for a town hall. you don't want to miss "the messy truth with van jones." "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. >> thanks, dana. speaker ryan says republican fights on the hill are growing pains, growing pains. does that count as a preexisting condition? "the lead" starts right now. republicans backing off president obama ticked off, but president trump not tapping out. after he claimed without a shred of proof that the former president tapped his phone. repeal and repeat? conservative critics blasting the plan to replace obamacare as president trump heads out to make his first big sale and warrants of an electoral blood bath if republicans fail. plus, cia secrets leaked, how