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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  March 8, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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welcome back to "the messy truth." i'm van jones. i stick up for the underdogs in red states and bhu states. that's just me. a few episodes i went to west virginia and met with coal miner who's voted for donald trump. but whoopi goldberg acknowledged these are some good, good people. and these good people are about to get a very bad deal. i want to give you history here. 70 years ago, an america's government made a promise to our coal miners. they said here's what you do, you go down in those holes. you dig out that coal and keep the lights turned on for america. when you come back out, the truth is, your bodies might be broken, you might have black lung disease, but don't worry. america is going to make sure that your pensions are honored and that you're always, always going to be able to be see a
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doctor. no matter what. well, guess what. now that little fund that lets america keep our promise to the coal miners is about to run out of money. this week, 20,000 of those heroes in hard hats and their widows got letters saying that after may 1st, you're on your own. no pension, nos money, no doctor, nothing. now, congress cos pass this is miners protection act to save these guys. i hope they do. i want you to, steven to, hear from a retired coal miner who has been directly impacted by this issue. welcome mr. eddie embry. [ applause ] i want to shake your hand. i want to shake your hand. look, how many years, how many years were you going down in those coal mines? >> i've been a united mine worker member for over 30 years. >> thank you for what you've done. i got a chance to meet with some
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folks. i don't think people understand how dangerous it is. have you ever seen anybody get hurt down there? >> absolutely. there's been people, we also work surface mines. there's been people hurt on surface as well as underground. lots of people. >> what's your question, sir. >> if i could, i'd like to lead into it just a little bit and reiterate the fact i did receive a letter last week my health care benefits will be cut off at the end of april if congress doesn't act. i've been a united mine worker member for over 30 years. we produced the fuel that will made america the most powerful nation on earth. the company can i worked for went bankrupt. the government guaranteed coal miner would get our benefits. to you for the first time the government may not live up to that moral commitment. do you think that the united states government should honor the promises that were made to miners like myself? >> well, first of all, let me
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salute you for what your great work you've done in the coal mines. this country, van, was by the on coal. so you truly are the people who turned on the lights and made this industrial revolution possible. i don't know all the facts. i would ask you this question, sir. what happened to the money? you paid into the system, right? and i wonder what happened to the retirement health care dollars that were supposed to be there for you when you retired. i don't know the answer to that. i agree, you you should be made whole. people like this workers like this deserve health insurance. >> i'll tell you what happened. what happened is that when fracking hit, the price of natural gas went way down and made coal expensive and the coal companies can started running into the bankruptcy courts to discharge those obligations. >> right. >> and you can argue whether that was right or wrong or fair or not. that 70-year-old commitment said no matter what the coal companies do, america is not going to forget our heroes. >> we should honor our
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commitment. it wasn't just the lower price of natural gas. some of thesal laws put a knife in the back of the coal industry. we need coal. we have 500 years worth, and we should produce it. i went to a lot of coal mining towns, sir, with donald trump. and these towns have been decimated by excessive environmental regulation. it's true natural gas prices are low. but i'd love to see coal make a big comeback in this country. >> here's where i agree with you and here's where i don't agree with you. i believe we need to honor those responsibilities and those commitments. >> i do, too. >> some of the best people in the world have been doing that work. we also have an opportunity to move to cleaner source buzz we shouldn't leave people behind. and a retired coal mine ser not putting any more carbon in the atmosphere. >> we have clean coal. we have clean coal in this country, cleaner than any other country in the world. >> it's not clean enough. here's what i worry about. you had donald trump go put on a hard hat and say he was going to
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be there for the mine persons when it was time to take back the regulations for clean water, he did that quickly. i haven't seen him move quickly. >> i'll bring this up with him. >> i want to thank my guest steven more, trevor noah, my studio audience and everybody watching at home. had an honest conversation. we will be back next thursday with special guests ca reap abdul-jabbar. . in the united states viewers just joining us, i'm john vause live into los angeles sfloogs donald trump isn't getting a lot of support for his claim former president barack obama wire tap his phone. >> the latest white house
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official to side step the question, vice president mike pence. wews asked if he believes mr. trump's allegations. >> the president has alleged that the former president committed a felony in wiretapping trump tower. yes or no. do you believe that he president obama did that? >> well, what i can say is that the president, our administration are very confident that the congressional committees in the house and senate that are examining issues surrounding the last election, the run-up to the last election will do that in a thorough and equitable way. they'll look at those issues and other issues that have been raised. >> a growing number of republicans in congress are raising questions about mr. trump's wiretap claim. >> senator lindsey graham says he's ready to subpoena intelligence agencies for information. he wants the fbi and attorney general's office to hand over anything they have to prove the president's claim. joining us heres in los angeles, mary kelly and republican
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consultant yawn thomas to talk more about this. let's talk about the wiretapping allegations. for democrats they believe this is a pretty easy road ahead. they can prove it quite simply. here's senator adam schiff. >> this is among the very easiest allegations to investigate because it's a matter of putting those questions to people under oath who would have been in position to know and we should have all those persons present on march 20th. >> so essentially, you have a situation with the fbi director james comey saying publicly what he's been saying privately. john, will the president take the fbi director's word at that hearing? >> i mean i believe he has to because at some point, if the president doesn't have evidence in his hands and the fbi director is saying he didn't do it, you can't keep marching down this road. >> it is worth pointing out that director comey said in public remarks on wednesday in boston
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college, i've been 6 1/2 years in is in position saying i'm not going anywhere. it begs the question if the president continues down thissed roo, what are we looking at here in terms of fallout? >> taking a page out of john thomas's book, this is an unconventional book. we can say conventional wisdom would be you would pull back. but donald trump doesn't apologize, he doesn't pull back. i would expect him to go further down this path. he's tripped down to the detriment of the party. it will get worse before it gets better. this is an unforced error. he's doing this all by himself. >> the problem with the story is it's distracting from the robust job numbers that came out in february. he should be pushing that story. instead we're talking about wiretapping. >. if the plan from the president was to divert attention away from jeff sessions and alleged russian connection to the trump campaign it, had the effect of pouring gasoline on a fire. >> that's why i don't believe it was intended to deflect because
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look what's happened here. it hasn't been good for the situation. the sessions fire was neutralized the second he said he was recusing himself. that was done. >> what it has spotlighted is the white house's inability to stay on message and inability to get ahead of sning i don't know if it's the white house's inability or just a function of donald trump is not listening to his advised errs. i'm sure someone is in his ear saying he we need you to on message, on health care. instead he's not talking about health care or is not slowly health care. the republicans are in a very difficult predicament because they seem disunited and not together on trying to get this one piece of legislation through, having nothing to do with the travish travel ban or any othernings like the infrastructure or the wall. >> in his ear is probably steve bannon which is an issue in itself. >> in the past this worked for him in the campaign trail and he rallied right at the end and
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stayed on message when it counted and it worked. >> big difference between a campaign. >> dianne feinstein says so far, she's seen nonevidence to back up the president's claim. >> i have not. and it's all rather shocking to me that a sitting president would make this kind of an allegation about a former president without any proof whatsoever. so to keep this going with no prove i think is really very dangerous for president trump. >> and it's dangerous for the president in a way that if he is called out not essentially telling it the truth, what happens when he has to go to the american people and say i have intelligence which is classified but we need military action against north korea. trust me. >> all this has been undermining his credibility. it undermines the credibility and confidence in the u.s. government that is going to run
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smoothly. he wasted all his political capital during the supposed honeymoon phase when he was fighting with the department of justice and intelligence community. now he needs the same individuals in those two communities to come to his defense and help him go forth in an investigation. it is undermining his presidency and he is see very shortly that he needs all of these different facets to work with him as opposed to against him. >> the problem is, we're in this hyper partisan environment where anytime a democrat can take a shot at trump no matter whether or not he's coming up with good alternative solutions to health care, they're not going to give him an inch. he's making the problem worse here. >> that sounds familiar years ago. >> but take a listen to the white house's attempts to duck answering this question of the wiretaps. they've been trying to do this for the past couple of days. take a listen to how that's played out. >> i think what you're seeing is we're going through the inevitable growing pains of being an opposition party to becoming a governing party.
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and in being an opposition party we have divide government 64% of our members, 64% of our members have never known what it's like to work with a republican president to have unified government. it's a new feel and system for people. it's all the more reason why we have to deliver for the american people and govern and use our principles. that's what this is. >> he is going off of information that he is saying that has led him to believe that this is a very real potential. >> i don't know anything about it other than when i was sitting in the off studio here watching cnn. if the president of the united states said that, he's got his reasons to say it. he's got some convincing evidence that that took place. >> that's probably a level above my pay grade. >> various members of president trump's inner center there trying to dump the question of the wire taps. we heard speaker ryan at the top of that clip obviously talking about obamacare. >> he really ducked the question. >> we've got to get to that in a minute. >> but to the point of the upper
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circle of president trump kind of trying to skirt around this issue. how long can they keep this up. >> it's very difficult. you've got to remember their styles of vice president pence sns different than president trump. trump is shoot first, figure out the details later. >> let's get back to what speaker ryan was talking about this. the problem with the president's allegations against president obama is because it's distracting in a whole bunch of things including the effort to try to get the party together on the issue of obamacare. the republicans aren't even on board with this right now. paul ryan saying look, it's just a fiz. we haven't been in government and don't know how this, would. mo, for the past eight years the republicans in congress, pudged the leadership in the nose, they go home to their districts and hailed heros. that the isn't going to work now. >> they had seven years to device some sort of alternative to obamacare. we had a first draft last week. then you had the freedom caucus comes out and say it's not a
10:17 pm
good first draft. you have this very bad look for the party. then you have paul ryan who is not really stepping into the moment and supporting the full agenda of president trump. it seems like there are competing factions almost thinking back to the campaign trail. we don't know what ted cruz is going to do. it's not like they're going to support this president and everything he wants to do. >> john, with the president's credibility slipping should we say with the wiretap claims, how much impact or influence does the bully pulpit have right now as he tries to whip republicans? >> it still does. remember trump can destroy your career with a tweet or nickname. he still has a lot of power. this process is always messy. i don't care republican or democrat. i'm pleased to see the competition of ideas within my own party. it will result in a better outcome but a better result in an outcome. >> the clock is ticking. the point i was trying to make
10:18 pm
earlier, there seems to be unruly discipline in the republican ranks. nest past we were rewarded going against the leadership. they go home and everyone says it's amazing. that has to change. >> paul ryan's never been able to flex his muscle to whip votes before. he hasn't had that challenge. boehner understood it better. >> he got beaten over the head every day and could come back for more. >> mo and john. >> thank you so much. president trump has a backiam plan in case republicans in congress fail to repeal or replace obamacare. the blame game. that's next. reinvented! w, liquid foundatio, new dream cushion liquid foundation... from maybelline new york complete, luminous coverage for fresh-faced perfection. maybelline's new dream cushion. complete luminous coverage in a compact. make it happen ♪maybelline new york
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talk with your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. welcome back, everybody. 22 minutes past 10:00 on the west coast. the republican plan to replace the affordable akt act is not wildly popular. some are slamming it at obamacare lite. president trump said if the new legislation does not pass, he may let obamacare collapse on its own and then blame the democrats. >> one of the president's top aides an suggest if congress does pass a new health care insurance law, the president may not want his name attached to it. >> i'll call it trumpcare if you want to. i didn't hear president trump say to any of us, i want my name on it. we're happy with the american health care act. this isn't about branding according to someone's name.
10:23 pm
this is serious business. >> it could face an uphill battle among some people who rely on the affordable care act to get life saving medical care. here's miguel marquez. >> the largest welfare program ever proposed by republicans. >> some republicans outright rejecting the plan to replace obamacare. democrats, too. >> this is what you've come up with. >> this is a bad joke. >> the bill under fire from both sides, americans like tiffany calor. >> you're a conservative republican. >> i am. >> not your typical republican. caught in the middle. >> could you have afforded that chemo taper without medicaid, without being on that program? >> no. >> and it was only that expansion of medicaid that allowed you to be on that program? >> right. >> she didn't like obamacare's individual mandates like many republicans, she would prefer market solutions to health care, but -- >> when we all wanted to thrive
10:24 pm
and make america great again as he would say, but we can't do that if we're struggling to pay bills. >> three years ago she had employer based insurance and lost her job. she went on obamacare for $400 a month then decided to take a chance. >> i need your help. >> she ran for office and lost. then some really bad news cancer, stage four nonhodgkins can lymphoma. >> my prognosis is poor. i wasn't supposed to survive. >> by that time she couldn't afford insurance, qualifying for medicaid. wisconsin expanded its coverage kund obamacare but rejected federal funds to pay for it. >> was it difficult to rely on government for health care? >> well, not necessarily. i -- it was life or death for me. >> reporter: the american cancer society simt estimates today there are some 1.5 million americans with cancer on medicaid. >> anyone who is in the medicaid expansion who are the really the
10:25 pm
lowest income americans and many of them are cancer patients, as well including childhood cancer patients are going to be losers. >> reporter: the center on budget and policy priorities estimates the gop plan will gut more than a half trillion dollars in federal medicaid spending over a decade. for people like tiffany koehler with a pre-existing condition, her health care costs can already over $1 million. >> people have to be able to get to their doctors. people have to be able to get their medicine and out of any country in the world, we should be doing it. we should be doing it right. >> reporter: miguel marquez, milwaukee, wisconsin. people are baffled why there is not a better health care system here in the united states. it's one of those questions which a lot of people in europe and other places continually ask about. >> especially at a time like this when it's being overhauled like this. >> when we come back, the u.s. is re-evaluating how the deal
10:26 pm
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you're watching "cnn newsroom" live from los angeles. just coming up to 1030 on wednesday night. i'm john vause. >> i'm isha see shea. the u.s. is talking tough on north korea. the ambassador to the united nations says all options are on the table. >> there's a sense of growing frustration at the u.n. with sanctions and resolutions having almost no impact on pyongyang. here's ambassador nikki haley. >> tell me why we wouldn't do the thaad in light of 24 ballistic missiles in, light of two nuclear tests knowing we're going to protect our allies. we are not going to leave south korea standing there with the threat of north korea facing them. and not help. we have not seen any good will at all coming from north korea. i appreciate all of my
10:31 pm
counterparts wanting to talking about talks and negotiations. we are not dealing with a rat n rational person. >> and matt rivers joins from us beijing and paula hancocks in seoul. paula, to you first. how are haley's comments about re-evaluating the u.s. response to north korea and all options being on the table, how are those being read there in seoul? >> reporter: well, certainly south korea is going to be completely in step with the united states. it's a very close alliance and the south koreans rely on that washington umbrella that the capability of being protected by the united states. but the interesting part of what ambassador haley said was the fact that it was a personal comment about the north korean leader kjong u.n. we have seen many criticizing the nuclear missile program but
10:32 pm
to call the north korean leader, to say he's not rational, that's a personal attack on the leader which may not seem like much in the western world but in north korea, that is a big deal. the north koreans would not take kindly to their leader who is deified in north korea or at least that's what the elite want. they would not take kindly to him personally being attacked. >> matt, to you. again, those comments made by ambassador haley, would they be comments that choin would welcome? would that be a shift, a pivot in the dealings with north koreaing that china would support? >> well, i'm not really sure exactly how china is going to take there but one thing you can be sure is that china will be continue to push its positioning that direct negotiations are the only way to solve the continuing issues that are coming out of north korea. and so given the ambassador's
10:33 pm
comments there, i think perhaps the chinese reaction to that would be that it's not productive. and that by personally attacking the north korean leader that it doesn't really get both sides back to the negotiating table than has been the chinese consistent position for years now, ever since the six-party talks ended, the chinese say all sides in negotiations led by the united states needs to happen in order to solve this problem and peacefully denuclear rise the korean peninsula. perhaps in the chinese view, they're not thrilled about her comments. >> china proposed freezing their joint military dealses in exchange for north korea holding its nuclear activities. the idea swiftly rejected by washington and seoul. the question being now, what's china's next move. >> there's no surprise hearing that because that has been something he's proposed before. if you stop the missile test,
10:34 pm
perhaps the military should stop, too. that leads to negotiations. but like you just said, that's probably not going to happen. china has a question it needs to ask itself at the u.n. security council. china has been playing ball more as of late with the united states' agenda on the security council. china helped draft both rounds of sanctions levied against north korea income 2016. butful china doesn't see any type of leeway, any type of give on the part of the united states and maybe going towards that negotiations route, then does beijing become more obstructist on the security council. china holds veetd toe power. it can stand in the way of what nikki haley and the trump administration want to do an the security council. >> matt rivers joining us from beijing, paul lal hancocks in seoul. my thanks to you both. >> for more on the situation in north korea, phillip yuen joins from us now from you san francisco. phillip, good to speak with you.
10:35 pm
with china now at odds with the u.s. and south korea, is that a rift you would expect north korea to exploit. >> of course. you know, right now what has happened is that china actually has done with the united states wanted to do. they announced earlier this month a complete ban on coal imports from nrk. that's huge. that represents over 50% of north korea's foreign exchange. and in one moment in one circumstance china essentially has given away a huge amount of leverage which in the past it used sparingly and in slices. so essentially what they've told the united states was saying, look, we've done what you wanted to do, the ball is in your court. solve this problem on your own. essentially they're saying if you don't, we're going to step in. so you can bet that north korea is going to exploit those differences as something they've always done and will continue to do. >> one of the reasons for this tougher line coming out of the united states according to a spokesman for the state
10:36 pm
department, it's being driven by north korea's improved military capability. listen to mark toner here. >> we are very concerned with the escalation, continuing testing and augmenting of its weapons program. it is of great concern. and it's getting to the point where we need to, we need to look at other alternatives. >> so what are those other alternatives? because they've tried sanctions, they've tried negotiations. which is clearly failed so far. >> well, that's the thing. i don't know exactly what they're referring to, but retis lickty the only path we have in this case i think the chinese are right, is really a political one. we're not going to beak allow north koreaing to acquiesce and say you can have a small nuclear arsenal which they're on track to do within five to ten years capable of hitting the united states. right now the same policies that we're using which are sanctions and denunciations are not leading to anything.
10:37 pm
and the only alternative then in a sense is to use force. and force will is something that would -- would be very dangerous. i mean, it would trade hundreds of thousands of casualties potentially in on the korean peninsula with another korean war. so essentially, the only alternative that we have is really to have some kind of negotiation. there is talk about a preemptive strike or a strike on north carolina missile capabilities. that was something that was advocated in 2006, but again, i think that's just a nonstarter. i mean that really risks is a high risk that we're going to start another war. we've got the north has got 14,000 artillery tubes pointing at seoul less than 350 miles away, a metropolitan area of 25 million people. you can imagine the kind of damage that would inflict on the south koreans. when push comes to shove, they're not going to do that.
10:38 pm
preemptive strike on mobile missile launchers. a "new york times" reported over the weekend that president obama ordered a cyberattack on the north's program. given the successful launches we've seen, is that tactic no longer effective? >> this is something i assumed they were going to do. given what they did with stuxnet and iran, that was something i assumed they would be doing. it's a band-aid. there is the larger issue that eventually they will figure it out. as you have said, their capabilities continue to improve. and we are in for a bumpy ride. >> phillip, thanks so much. appreciate it. >> thank you. quick break. the trump organization is forging new business ties around the world. >> when we come back, why some new trademarks by donald trump in china are getting a little extra attention. hey ron! they're finally taking down that schwab billboard. oh, not so fast, carl. ♪
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ways wins. especially in my business. with slow internet from the phone company, you can't keep up. you're stuck, watching spinning wheels and progress bars until someone else scoops your story. switch to comcast business. with high-speed internet up to 10 gigabits per second. you wouldn't pick a slow race car. then why settle for slow internet? comcast business. built for speed. built for business. before he was the president of the united states, donald trump made a lot of money as a businessman by putting his name on a lot of stuff. the trump hotels and golf resorts are well-known around the world. in many cases he doesn't
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actually own them. he just licenses his name. he does that for a lot of products like success for men cologne by trump. or the donald j. trump signature collection reading glasses and it will be a long time before we forget trump steaks. >> when it comes to great steaks, i've just raised the stakes. businessman donald trump amassed a vast portfolio of trademarks around the world to protect his products and brand. for years his company has been applying for trademark protection in the world's second biggest economy china. by most accounts that had been slow going until now. dozens of trump trademarks have now gotten preliminary approval by beijing and democrat senator ben cardin is one of many who say the timing is more than a coincidence. it's clear to me he says initials beijing have come to appreciate the potential return on investments for china in having a positive personal
10:44 pm
business relationship with the president of the united states. well, for more we're joined by former ethics star in the obama administration and now cnn contributor norm isom. you're part of a legal team filing suit against president trump alleging he's violated the imam umts clause within the constitution. good to see you. with that in mind, how does all of this fit into the clause in the constitution which prohibits the president from accepting payments or gifts from a foreign government? >> thanks for having me again, john. and the framers of the united states constitution, the founders of our country were so worried that a foreign government would try to extend things of value to an american president and distort his judgment that they put a ban on it in our constitution. that's the emoluments claus. it's a fancy 18th century word
10:45 pm
for swag, for goodies of any kind and these trademarks are massive goodies to donald trump. they are forbidden by the constitution. >> yeah, there was a lot of the tension between china and donald trump earlier this year when he was president-elect. mr. trump questioned the value of the one china policy. he was seen as a strong backer of taiwan, but then last month he backed away from that and gave his commitment to beijing on the one klein policy. suddenly all these trademarks are approved. even if there's no direct connection, there is at the very least a perception problem. >> it's more than just perception. it's the reality. take the very first in the series of these trademark grants. it was one that china denied mr. trump for years, suddenly as he approaches the threshold of the oval office, they reverse course and while he's actually
10:46 pm
sitting in the white house, register this trademark for him. as you say that all took place simultaneously with his flip-flop from pro-twooi taiwan saber rattling to the one china policy. that is exactly what the constitution prohibits. i know it may seem incredible that you have a president who is acting against the plain text of the constitution, but it very clearly says no presidents or emoluments. that means anything of value. this is contrary to the emoluments clause. >> the chief legal for the trump organization said this is all part of an ongoing process of registering trademarks in china. he said the latest registrations are a natural result of those long-standing diligent efforts. any suggestion to the contrary dep mon straights a complete disregard of the facts as well as a atlantic understanding of international trademark law. if you look closer at that statement, it seems to apply the
10:47 pm
trump organization is looking to do business in china despite a promise from the president's lawyer there would be no new foreign deals during his time as president. >> that's exactly right. 38 new trademarks today alone. and one thing that is noticeably missing from that defense of the trump trademarks is any reference to the constitutional limit on trump receiving presents or benefits from a if he were an ordinary businessman nobody would be paying attention to this. but he is the president of the united states. our country has a huge and complicated interest with china. the american people need to know that donald trump is making decisions in the interest of the u.s. and not to get an additional flow of dozens of valuable trademarks from the
10:48 pm
chinese government. >> okay, norm, we shall leave it there. but as always, it is good to speak with you. thank you. >> thanks, john. >> still ahead, women around the world pay tribute to one another and call for gender equality during the international women's day march. details next. a-thin tip recreates tiny brow hairs. the spoolie brush blends effortlessly. now brows get their most precise look yet. brow stylist definer from l'oreal makeup designer paris. if you have moderate to severe ulcerative colitis or crohn's, and your symptoms have left you with the same view, it may be time for a different perspective. if other treatments haven't worked well enough, ask your doctor about entyvio, the only biologic developed and approved just for uc and crohn's. entyvio works by focusing right in the gi-tract to help control damaging inflammation and is clinically proven to begin helping many patients
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hello, everyone, women around the world marched in solidarity on international women's day. wednesday was designated as the day to reflect on the progress women have made and to call attention to the changes needs, marches were peaceful, but 30 women were detained outside the trump tower. they were rallying against the trump administration. >> as for the president, he marked the day with a tweet. on international women's day join me in honoring the critical role of women here in america & around the world. i have tremendous respect for women and the many roles they serve that are vital to our
10:53 pm
society. >> and jeanne moos reports on ivanka trump. >> reporter: hail to the chief, hail to the chief's wife. she is doing better than the chief in the polls, of course she is less visible although she hosted an international women's day lunch, the white house would not let the press stay for her speech. >> esteemed representatives. >> reporter: melania trump is held in high esteem by those polls compared to only 36% before the inauguration. tweeted one fan, she has given class, elegance and a reverance for god back to this country. one critic said easy to have an approval rating when no one ever sees you or hears you speak. although we have heard her pray and read dr. seuss to kids at a
10:54 pm
new york hospital. >> your head full of brains and your shoes full of feet. >> reporter: we heard a lot about shoes full of melania's feet, as a former model, she is under the fashion scope. so no, she didn't, she wore one dress two days in a row. there were calls to free melania, blink twice if you want us to save you. >> you know i always look for the truth, you can see in her eyes, you guys don't know what he is capable of. >> reporter: comedians take their shots or do cartoonists, i will now be the first lady instead of the third wife. but her approval jumps more than 16 points, turns out men favor her more than women, 58 to 46%, one man wrote, this just in, old
10:55 pm
white dudes approve of melania. but she is climbing in the polls, her way. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. there is one thing for certain, this is not the life she thought she would have many years ago. you know good for her. i'm isha sesay. i'm john vause, please stay with us, a lot more news coming up. we want to leave you with this image of the empire state building lit up in red in honor of international women's day. well, a 103 yeah, 103. well, let me ask you guys. how long did it take you two to save that? a long time. then it's a fortune. well, i'm sure you talk to people all the time who think $100k is just pocket change. right now we're just talking to you. i told you we had a fortune. yes, you did. getting closer to your investment goals starts with a conversation. schedule a complimentary goal planning session today.
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this is cnn news room live from los angeles, ahead this hour. political dodge ball, white house pence and dodging the questions and accusations. and the rollout of the obamacare replacement plan, not
11:00 pm
going too well. president trump even planning for the bill's possible failure. and getting ready, u.s. marines on the ground in syria. hello, and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm isha sesay. and i'm john vause. this is news room l.a. u.s. president trump is preparing for an all-out blitz to sell the new republican health care plan, but two things are not getting out of his way. his alleged links to russia and the wiretapping questions. and vice president mike pence sidestepping questions about that wiretapping claim. >> the president has alleged that the former president has committed a


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