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tv   Early Start with Christine Romans and Dave Briggs  CNN  March 9, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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>> state street. very well done. >> brilliant. an ad campaign that worked. "early start" continues right now. president trump ready to sell his health plan to keskeptics i washington. but a back-up plan may be emerging. and hear what the vice president had to say. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm dave briggs. you like bowling and pizza? >> i do. >> invited for bowling and pizza to sell the health beforeill ne week. breaking news. just in the last few minutes, the house ways and means committee voting on party lines to approve the portion of the republican obamacare repeal
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bill. this after 16 growling hours of debate. voting down democratic issues from out of pocket costs and tax increases. >> the ways and means twitter account showing we are bringing we le relief. at this hour, this is what it looks like at 5:00 a.m. in the east on capitol hill. once this committee passes its portion of the bill, both still need to go through house budget committees before going to full house votes. >> these guys like sharp for pulling an all nighter. >> the word on the street is they are exhausted. this is the first step on the broader level, but
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opposition is growing on capitol hill. president trump laying out two strategies. plan a and a plan b. sources tell cnn the president advised conservative leaders in an hour long meeting, he will allow obamacare to fail and let democrats take the blame. sources say mr. trump scolded the conservative groups for calling the house bill obamac e obamacare-lite. this came as a bit of a surprise acknowledging they could have done more outreach ahead of the bill's rollout. >> for now, the white house sticking with plan a shifting in full campaign mode to sell the republican repeal and replace. the president will stump for the plan and visits to kentucky and tennessee. even so, republican leaders saddled mr. donald trump with the heavy lifting. house speaker ryan is confident that bill will pass. those are the policymakers.
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what about the people who deliver health care to you? many of them, powerful names in health care lining up against the plan. doctors and nurses associations to speak out. american medical association, the largest group of doctors. also liberal leaning groups, national nurses united. conservative players like the american physicians and surgeons. it opposes it because it told breitbart it is too similar to obamacare. there is pushback from sdr industries. aarp. the three hospital associations are against it. families usa. it represents consumers. all of these big name health delivery groups and senior groups. aarp. if you are on social media, you
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have seen the ads over the past couple days. >> you talk about the lack of outreach ahead of the bill. even americans for prosperity and heritage and club for growth. how to manage to get them on board. let's discuss this with cnn political reporter tal kopan. live in the washington bureau. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so let's start on steve scalis. his ploy and messages. are you with nancy pelosi or trump? does that push? >> i think it does. i don't know it will, but generally it can. you know, let's break down the calculations that politicians make. we all hope that our lawmakers are weighing policy decisions based on what they think is good policy. they of course look at the politics. the issue is when i'm in front
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of my constituents and someone asked me how i voted on the bill, do i have a good answer for them. if they will vote no, they need a reason to take to constituents and say against the ads that will hit them that they did not deliver promise to repeal obamacare. they need a reason to say no. i voted against x. that is the calculation that republicans are making. >> we don't know how much this is going to cost. the cbo. the non-partisan tool of congress to help them score this stuff is not out yet. we heard from steve scalis. majority whip yesterday in washington calling them unelected bureaucrats. i want you to kocompare that to what he said in 2010. >> we asked cbo for a score. anybody who thinks we will let some unbureaucratic in washington to stop us from our promise to repeal this failed
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law and rescue them. >> they don't know what's in the bill. they won't release the cbo score. rumors flying around. all these back door secret negotiations. >> okay. i have seen in washington an attempt to under cut what is not out yet from the cbo. >> this is a time honored tradition in washington to suddenly adopt messaging that is more convenience. this is something that lawmakers on both sides of the aisle all the time. let's see the cbo score. downplay the cbo score depending if it benefits or not. this is politics. the congressional budget office is a non-partisan institution that does its best to evaluate the bills. if that score is not advantageous to the bill, lawmakers do what they can to
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downplay the significance of that and now they are pointing to the score and saying it was off. that is the republicans' message. they expect a bad score coming out. >> the estimate that 15 million could lose health insurance with the bill. >> s&p global says 10 million. >> tal, this comes down to the president of the united states. how much political capital does he have? the art of the deal? how much do you think he is willing to put behind this bill? >> that is the big question among republicans on the hill. you know, he has already been more aggressive than we have seen him be with congress so far. there's waves of outreach. he is inviting lawmakers to the white house for various social engagements and arm twisting. he and through his surrogates,
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especially, saying this is the bill we are sportiupporting goi forward. keep in mind every law maker is will he tweet at me and what will he say? he certainly goes after people and blow them up. they are keeping an eye on how aggressive will he be? will he support this but i'm open to changes which gives conservatives cover? does he go after people who are not supporting the bill? >> doctors and nurses and retired americans, people over 50, older americans, hospitals, i don't know. the people delivering health care and consumers are against the bill. is that important for the congress members? are they worried about getting killed by aarp, sorry for the verb, when they are trying to run for re-election? >> these interest groups are
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important in how washington functions. bernie sanders would say this is an example of big money throwing their weight around. these groups put out ads. they know the issues. they have a lot of respect among the american public for representing viewpoints. these flags are concerning for republican leadership. i'm sure. the question is what does the final version of the bill look like. what necessigotiations are goin to give people what they need to come back from the positions. we don't know yet if they will have changes before this gets a fine al vote. it did not happen in markup. it could happen before it is voted on. remains to be seen. >> major changes. all of this among questions over the president's wiretapping allegations. vice president mike pence asked about those allegations yesterday. >> yes or no. do you believe president obama
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did that? >> what i can say is that the president and our administration are confident that the congressional committees in the house and senate examining issues surrounding the last election, run-up to the last election, will do that in a thorough way. >> that's about the closest thing you heard to a defense by a lawmaker on the right. how do they put this to bed? >> there is a lot to bury something in paper work. you can conduct investigation behind closed doors and say it is classified. the white house surrogates are having a hard time with it when you listen to the staff and cabinet and vice president. they don't want to say yes or no if they believe the president. keep in mind, the white house and donald trump provided zero evidence to back up the claim. he has thrown it out and
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suggested that the evidence may be out there and others should find it. lawmakers are struggling with that. likely going to fold this in with the rest of the work and you know probably try to avoid it as much as possible. i don't think democrats will let them. >> tal kopan up early with us along with the ways and means committee. a lot in washington. see you in 20 minutes. 11 minutes past the hour. a new round of military personnel headed to syria. headed right here raqqah. we will tell you more about the mission and risks. that's next. when i was a navy seal, i trained as hard as i could to stay alive. i have more than 30 pieces of shrapnel still in my leg. but i still push myself to the limit. if it weren't for my tempur-pedic, i wouldn't be able to sleep on my left side at all. my unit put in a special request to get one and i realized that tempur-pedic was exponentially better than anything else. it gave me a huge performance advantage,
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new neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair wrinkles? your time is up! with the proven power of retinol. reduces wrinkles in just one week. neutrogena® u.s. officials say hundreds of marines deployed to syria in advance of the assault of u.s. backed fighters on the city of raqqah. isis self declared capital. that assault expected in coming
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weeks. our reporter ryan browne joins us from washington. ryan, we were talking to ben wedeman an hour ago about the boots on the ground. tell us more about what the american role will be here. >> christine, good morning. as you said, an advisory role for u.s. troops in syria for some time now. advising america's local syrian and kurdish allies. this is a new contingent to provide artillery support. the local allies lack heavy weapons. they will give that support on the assault on raraqqah. isis has as many as 4,000 fighters still in raqqah and digging trenches and tunnels and booby trapping houses with ieds.
2:17 am
of course, they had years to prepare. the marines are thought to support that push. all of this comes as the u.s. publicly deployed about 100 u.s. army rangers to the syrian city of manbij. liberated from isis back in august. what is happening is a complicated picture. you are seeing syrian troops and russian allies moving in to close distance to the u.s. allies and turkey has their force in the region with a separate rebel group. not all the groups get along. the u.s. is bringing 100 troops to prevent clashes that could undermine the very critical assault on isis capital. >> ryan, thank you so much for that. bright and early in washington for us. in the world of sports, tony romo. is he done in dallas?
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it's the end of an era in dallas. cowboys expected to release quarterback tony romo later today. >> wow. monday morning quarterback. andy scholes has more in the bleacher report. >> is he going to denver? >> we have to fight this out. you want him on the broncos. i want him on texans. romo watch is on. the favorites to land the former
2:23 am
cowboys quarterback is the denver broncos and houston texans. romo cut by the cowboys unimaginable. due to the rise of dak prescott, romo is expendable. michigan men's basketball team got a scare on the way to the big ten tournament as the plane skidded off the runway. the team released a statement. high winds forced the plane to abort takeoff and strong braking slid them off course. the plane was damaged. the michigan coach said few people were banged up, but not seriously injured. team flying to d.c. and over to the arena for the game. barcelona pulling off one of the greatest comebacks in history. in the champions league, you play two games against opponent. they combine the score and winner moves on. barcelona lost game one to
2:24 am
paris. 4-0. odds of moving on were slim. more slim when they needed to score three goals late in the game. but in what some are calling a miracle, barcelona scored three in a span of seven minutes to win 6-1. the stadium erupted as barcelona is moving on to the quarterfinals. team israel continues to shine in the world baseball classic. they beat the netherlands. israel has zero major leaguers on the roster. the odds to win at the start were 200 to 1. now they are on to the quarterfinals. finally, tim tebow making his mets spring training debut. one to forget for the former heisman. tebow went 0 for 3 with two strikeouts and grounded into a
2:25 am
double play in this one as we watch the computer screen. i promise you, tim tebow playing yesterday. maybe we did not show the video because it was not one to remember for tim tebow. >> we were trying to save him. >> he will play in the field on friday which could be fun. >> andy scholes, we read the tabloids in the break before your segment. here is the big sports segment. >> a-rod. >> and jlo. >> breaking news according to the tabloids. >> i thought she was still dating drake. >> they are a lovely couple. >> thanks for the update. >> change our lead. healthcare reform? forget it. thank you. republicans working into the morning to move their health care plan along. now the president who ran on the promise of cutting great deals is said to have a back-up idea if he cannot see it to the
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of fresh hair. l'oréal's extraordinary clay. from l'oréal hair expert/paris. well into the night, house committee working through the night to move along the republican health care plan. >> now two scenarios are emerging for president trump. who is ready to hit the road and sell his plan and ready to shift the blame if not. welcome back to "early start." i'm dave briggs. >> i'm christine romans. breaking news. house ways and means committee voting to the obamacare repeal bill. >> we have had a long night. we understand. >> this after 16 grueling hours of debate. republicans voting down the democratic amendments from out of pocket costs to tax increases
2:31 am
to the president tax returns. >> you imagine they would try that. >> the ways and means twitter account saying we are delivering on the promise to bring relief from obamacare and empowering americans to make their own health care decisions. at this hour, the energy and commerce committee still debating. >> the sun will soon rise. >> still in ties. once this committee passes its portion of the bill, both still need to go through house budget committee. then house rules committee before going to a full house vote. you have to roll up the sleeves. take off the jacket. >> they have been there all night. this is the first step. on a broader level to the plan growing among conservatives on the hill. president trump laying out two strategies. plan a for getting it passed and plan b for not. the president advised conservative leaders in an
2:32 am
hour-long meeting, he will allow obamacare fail and let democrats take the blame. sources say mr. trump scolded those calling it obamacare-lite. acknowledging they could have done more outreach ahead of the bills. >> for now, the white house sticking with plan a. shifting into full campaign mode to sell the republican repeal and replace. the president will start stumping for the plan. including visits to kentucky and tennessee. even so, there is a feeling in the west wing that republican leaders have saddled mr. trump with all the heavy lifting. house speaker paul ryan confidence this bill will pass. >> i think what you are seeing is we're going through the inevitable growing pains of opposition party to becoming a governing party. in being opposition party, we have 64% of the members who have
2:33 am
never known what it is like to work with a republican president for unified government. a new feel. a new system for people. it is all the more reason we have to do what we said we would do. >> the conservative blow back getting attention. what about blow back from the people who deliver the health care to america's patients? the powerful groups in health carolinine the powerful groups in health carolinin lining up. doctors associations. medical associations. it has big lobby dollars. liberal leaning groups. national nurses united. c the plan was too similar to obamacare. that is the push back. also, seniors. aarp. representing the interests of millions. a powerful lobby pushing social media outreach. if you have been on facebook,
2:34 am
you have seen an aarp video. hospital associations. three biggest that cover huge swaths of the country. families usa. it represents consumers. says this deal is a bad deal for you. a new report from s&p global finds as many as 10 million american cost lose coverage if the bill goes through. we don't know. another one says 15 million. >> left leaning group. >> let's bring in cnn political reporter tal kopan in our washington bureau. president trump said he would let obamacare fail. if nothing changes, if this republican effort dies, would obamacare fail or move forward? it would skill till be the law e land. >> this is the matter for interpretation. it is a republican talking point you hear. obamacare is collapsing. you know, one of the things i noticed is a lot of conflation
2:35 am
of the bill and the exchange it created. those are networks on which people can purchase health insurance if they don't have employer sponsored plan and if they don't have medicare or medicaid. some markets have seen health insurers pulling out. that's probably what you are hearing mostly referred to. premiums are going up in places. democrats argue they would go up more without the bill. you know, the affordable care act, obamacare at large, it touches every part of the health care system with the mandates and regulations. it is unclear what would happen if you left it alone and if there is a way it could fully collapse. >> one would expect that the president hitting the road and expect him to sell how obamacare is failing. maybe more than how the american health care act is working. the cbo score we expect on
2:36 am
monday will tell us the cost, but how many could lose insurance under the plan. here is how sean spicer laid out the argument. >> of course cost matters. look how often they were last time. if you are looking at the cbo for accuracy, you are looking at the wrong place. they were way off in every aspect of how they scored and projected obamacare. it will be scored. the idea it is based on authority is far fetched. >> the cbo as you know is a non-partisan group, tal. how important is the score that comes out monday? >> it is a washington rule. if you don't think the score is going to play to your advantage, undermine the score. you don't have much of another choice. certainly the messaging from republicans telegraphs they don't expect it to be good. we already heard from them sort of messaging that the changes
2:37 am
they will make. it is hard for the congressional budget office to model. it is stuff we hear anytime a lawmaker of either party expects the cbo evaluation of the bill is not super great. they need to come up with another justification for americans to vote for it. there is a lot of anticipation for the score. if it is not favorable, it will make its way to talking points. >> to sean spicer's credit, the cbo was both wrong on coverage and cost. he has a point. this all, of course, comes among kin continued calls about the evidence of the wiretapping allegation against president obama on twitter. michael hayden has an op-ed out this morning. he talks about how apolitical the community is.
2:38 am
he said i don't envy mr. pompeo who mr. trump apparent pointed and mr. coats. they run complex enterprises and produce quality intelligence as they push back against the administration that questioned the officers integrity. where do we go next with the wiretapping allegation? how do you put this fire out? >> if you are the trump white house or trump? i think that's an important distinction here. by all accounts, the president made the move on his own. he had no evidence for it. now his staff and surrogates and cabinet members are trying to clean this up. you know, keep in mind what he is accused president obama of doing is not even possible for the president to order a wiretap. this may be something done in the secret surveillance court.
2:39 am
that is something he could declassify if he wants. congress is also struggling with this. the white house has now kicked the can over to them and said our intelligence committee should investigate. that is a bit of calling their bluff. if the intelligence community and committees are frustrated enough, they can come out and say this absolutely didn't happen. the white house now has to wait and see how the lawmakers choose to handle this allegation. >> tal, on the other subject of immigration reform. i know you have been covering that. i used to cover immigration in 2008 to 2013 with reform there. the southwest border apprehension numbers. january to february 2017. family units at the border down 66%. this is a big concern for the department of homeland security. and border patrol. families coming. unaccompanied children down 55%.
2:40 am
do we know if this is tied to trump's rhetoric and people perceiving the policies? is this tied to the economy? the border is reflective of the issues? >> it is referred to a push/pull dynamic that sends or invited undocumented immigrants from getting into the country. i went back to numbers from 2000. not a single year has the apprehensions decreased from january to february. they decreased a large margin by the normal small increase. there is a reason unlike the stats quietly posted online. secretary kelly himself sent out a press release highlighting these stats.
2:41 am
the trump administration feels it is good for them. we will need time to see if tough talk and policies are the cause. it is hard to argue there is not a deterrent effect when his stance on immigration has been so widely covered and this is a remarkable change from what we see this time of year. >> absolutely right. fascinating. thank you, tal. let's stay on the subject of immigration. the u.s. work force would shrink over the next 20 years without immigran immigrants. that is according to the research from pew. president trump wants to grow the labor market at the same time it will shrink. in 2015, the work force was 173 million people. without new immigrants, that number will drop by 2025 according to pew. if the flow of legal and unauthorized, the work force will jump to 183 million.
2:42 am
the reason for the gap is the drop in the largest slice of the labor market. >> people importaborn to people here is 74% of the work force from 2015. nby 2025, it will drop to 66%. >> how will this play out with the trump moves with undocumented and criminal records. the justice department reviewing the rule of the spouses of h-1b holders and allowing them to work. for a long time, spouses could not work. now the obama administration allowed them to. the trump administration will revoke that. >> a lot to come under the trump administration. another deployment of u.s.
2:43 am
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u.s. officials say hundreds of marine s deployed to northe syria to help fight back onraqq. we have cnn's ryan browne joining us from washington. ryan, are they fighting or in support? >> reporter: good morning. they are in support. in fact, they will be equipped with artillery howitzers with the push on raqqah. this is a critical capability the u.s. military is providing. u.s. military planners have been thinking of this for some time.
2:48 am
it is similar to what the u.s. provided iraqi troops in assault on mosul. u.s. marines providing artillery. there are up to 4,000 isis fighters in raqqah. they had years to defend. build tunnels and booby traps and things of that nature. isis is expected to put up stiff resistance. this is critical. in the new deployment, it comes as additional 100 army rangers have gone to manbij in northern syria. that is turning into a complicated battle field. manbij was captured by america's local allies. you see turkish troops and kurdish forces. some groups don't get along well. the u.s. is putting troops in to prevent clashes to undermine the
2:49 am
critical and important upcoming offensive on raqqah. among the tension, the u.s. is stepping in and reassure and deterring role to assure the campaign against isis is allowed to proceed ahead. >> ryan browne, thank you. today is a special day. not my birthday. not your birthday. it is a little bull on wall street that turns eight years old. >> what are you getting him? >> we hope for a long life for this bull. if it wants to be the longest bull market of all time, it has to run four more years. think of that. there could be more money ahead or it could be over. i'll show you the numbers next. an uited data plan is only as good as the network it's on. and verizon has been ranked number one for the 7th time in a row by rootmetrics. (man) hey, uh, what's rootmetrics? it's the nation's largest independent study and it ranked verizon #1 in call, text, data, speed and reliability.
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in the face of questions about ties with the president and his businesses at home and abroad, the chinese government granted preliminary approval for 30 trump related trademarks. this according to dock ouments reviewed by cnn. they are just trying to protect the trademark, but could there be a conflict? we have matt rivers joining us from beijing. what is the potential conflict? >> reporter: lawyers for donald trump filed 39 different trademark applications in 2016 seeking to trademark donald trump's name in english and china. 35 were accepted in a wide range of industries. some you would expect in construction and some you might not like body guard services.
2:55 am
this is the thing that happens in china all the time. famous people apply for trademarks. the trump organization says they have the right to do what they have been doing. that is where things get tricky. donald trump is the president of the united states. ethics lawyers say if the approval are seen as a gift from the chinese, that is obviously a conflict of interest and perhaps unkuns unconstitutional. >> and the visa program which benefitted business executives. including those in china. what can you tell us? >> reporter: this is the eb-5 program. investing money in projects to create jobs in the united states. in exchange, the united states provides a visa to the foreigner which could lead to a citizenship for that person down the road. we know the trump organization has used funding from the visa
2:56 am
program to get funding from the projects in the past. there is rare bipartisan support during the budget process we are about to move into on capitol hill to reform or scrap the program. lawmakers say it amounts to nothing other than selling u.s. citizenship to wealthy foreigners. people in china will be upset because the chinese have used it in a way to move wealth out of china and get a visa. >> matt, thank you. it's that time of morning. 56 minutes past the hour. let's get a check on your money. today an important day. bull market's eighth birthday. the profitable ride from march 9th, 2009. the s&p 500 up 250%. dow up 220%. eight years ago, s&p closed 676. i remember that closing bell and not believing that number. it is now above 2,300.
2:57 am
labor market shed 823,000 jobs in the month. tomorrow, the official forecast is rise of 185,000. private sector forecasts of up to 300,000. back then, home prices dropped 19% over the year that ended 2009. today, home prices have risen almost 6% over the past year. this trend in stocks reflects rebounding economy. the more recent gains. and corporate profits is the trump part of the rally. the small portion of the gains. the president's policies are key to keeping the bull rally going. and some wall street insiders expect more muted gains in the next months and years. gains nonetheless. here is good news from bulls. the bull market right now is 2,922 days young. the longest bull market, dave,
2:58 am
lasted 4,500 days. from the crash of 1987 to the dot-com bubble in 2007. at the time, it shot up 582%. if you think conditions now could rival 1987 to 2000, this bull market could go for a long time. the bronze statue on wall street. the brave girl staring down the bull. look at this little girl. 5-year-old ariana visited the statue. she had the day off from school of her mother and others and news photographers snapped pictures of her. viral on social media. she dresses like a superhero to play with her brother who has auti autism. >> you have superheroes at home? >> i have a superhero co- anchor. >> i have yet to figure out my super powers.
2:59 am
>> thanks for joining us. i'm romans roimchristine romans. >> i'm dave briggs. "new day" starts now. >> i have no doubt we will pass this. >> you look through it, it is obamacare in a different form. >> lining up to oppose the gop plan. >> the president is proud of the product we produpeduceproduced. >> trumpcare is a disaster. >> we look to see if his campaign was wiretapped. >> we have accuse al with no basis in fact. >> no reason we have to think the president is target of any investigation. >> be careful what you wish for. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> all right. welcome viewers in the united states and around the world. this is your "new day." thursday, march 9th. 6:00 in new york. we start with breaking news. small victory for the
3:00 am
republicans in the health care battle. house ways and means committee approving the portion of the bill. 18 hours of debate. >> outside beautiful, inside ugly. the energy committee debating right now. it was an all nightmare on this session. >> president trump making his pitch to skeptical conservatives but the president says he has a plan b. sources tell cnn he will deep obamacare and blame it on the democrats. it's day 49 of the trump administration and we have every development covered starting live on capitol hill


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