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tv   Early Start with Christine Romans and Dave Briggs  CNN  March 10, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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meddling in the election as questions surface with the trump organization and russian bank. thanks for getting an early start with us. i'm dave briggs. >> i'm christine romans. it is friday. >> it is official. >> we are watching. a messy day in the northeast here. in politics, fascinating day. another one. this morning, growing involvement by the white house. negotiations over the obamacare repeal bill met with resistance from republican factions. the white house is open to a big change in the house republican bill. rolling back obamacare's medicaid expansion years sooner than the current proposal. that's according to two senior officials and senior house conservative aide. >> the shift comes after two house committees signed off on the bill following marathon markup sessions. one ran 27 straight hours.
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with concerns growing of the measure's content and pace it is pushed through the house, republican opponents are ramping up criticism. >> no deadline. we need healthcare reform right. we don't have to get it fast. a lot of republicans saying these same things in private. i'm saying in public what many republicans are voicing that the legislation as written cannot pass the senate and would not solve the problems of our health care system. propos problems that obamacare made worse. >> president trump meets with the house chairman and vice president sits down with house leaders. we get the latest from phil mattingly on capitol hill. >> reporter: still wary about the proposal and not guarantees that when it gets to the floor they will support it at all. all that does is under score a lot more work to do. the reality is this. when you talk to house
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republican leadership aides and senate republican leaders. they say this is the vehicle moving forward. if they want to repeal obamacare, that issue they campaign odd cycle after cycle, this is the moment to do it. the biggest issue is medicaid in the bill as it stands. the expansion that came with obamacare would be rolled back in 2020. conservatives want 2017. that is problematic going forward. they have an ear at the white house. the president telling conservative groups he is not only open to the idea, but consider trying to act on it. that would be problematic for the house and senate. a lot of moderate senators from the medicaid ex-expansion states would not go along. this bill still moving forward. the process a little slow and ugly. when you talk to senate leaders and house leaders, they say they will get it done. dave and christine. >> greg valliere. the favorite term is slow and
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ugly. greg is the economist for horizon investments. he is live in washington. you have been watching the sausage made on this health care thing. how much of this is normal? you put a bill like this forward and reconciliation process. this is the time to complain about it and get changes made. >> exactly right, christine. good morning. two important points here. number one, no one is looking for a work of art. no one is looking for a perfect bill. the goal is just to have movement. there will be a real bill written in the conference committee. the house will pass something. the senate will pass something. in the house conference committee will get the wheeling and dealing and horse trading deal done. the second point is the squawking from the right is to be expected. they need to impress base and talk radio. of course they will complain. when push comes to shove, they
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will take what they can get. >> it is expected. in the house, you have to please the house freedom caucus of 29 members by going to the right. once this gets to the senate, you have to worry about the moderates worried about the medicaid expansion. how do you thread that needle? >> it is not easy, dave. a well regarded senator rob portman from ohio who leads the group. saying we will not cut back on medicaid. a different senate bill different from the house bill. they get to conference. trump will have to get involved. i don't think trump distinguished himself as weak. he incited the right wing. when you get to the conference committee. that is when all of the really important deals will be cut. >> it seems like the medicaid expansion -- in the house version they will rollback the medicaid expansion. slowly. both sides are angry. some say it is too slow and gop
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governors who say you cannot do that. we will have millions of people i uninsured or under insured. >> you are right. i think for the financial markets, which are hoping to focus on the good stuff, tax cuts, infrastructure, the longer this thing drags out and i think it will be early summer before any hope of a resolution. the longer this drags on, the less likely the good stuff can move to the front burner. >> all right. at the heart of this, a world view difference. you have the federal government taking over health care. as doug eakin writes in the washington post talks about states and how this gives freedom. he was a former cbo director. we expect a cbo score on monday
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to see about the costs. let me ask you, why is he making argument that states have freedom and flexibility in the bill? republicans in the house, the president, senate, they are not making that argument. >> i think a lot of republicans view this as the mantra. they promised it. i would make this point, guys. which ever party owns the health insurance issue regrets it. health reform is an albatross for which ever party. it is so controversial. republicans own it and they realize how complicated it is. >> when i go through the numbers, i know this is going to change. you look at the aarp messaging. people 50 to 64 years of age will get the age tax under the new republican bill. resonating online. everyone talking about if you are 50 to 64, you will pay more. poor people making $20,000 a
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year who pay more out of pocket because of the rollback of medicaid expansion. these are trump voters. >> yes. you can't satisfy everyone. there will be a lot to complain about. i thought one of the great quotes so far this year was when trump said who knew it was this complicated. now he realizes it is a rubik's cube trying to get everything lined up. for republicans, this issue will become a liability. >> jobs report today. tell dave briggs why it is so important that a big jobs report that the president accept the numbers? >> a lot of interesting angles. wages may pick up. unemployment may drop. this cinches the deal for a rate hike for the federal reserve. the fed knows what voters may not know. if anything, the economy is getting too strong. they have to take the punch bowl away. the economy could overheat.
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>> the economy is getting too strong. tell that to the president who says these numbers are fake and phony and everyone is out there struggling. >> i'm not sure he would listen. people who say the real unemployment rate is 40%. i travel around america. you talk to business leaders. you ask what is your biggest problem. they say lack of skilled labor. a real shortage. >> greg, thank you. see you in 20 minutes. appreciate it. for months after early reports of a computer server connection with the trump organization and russian bank widely dismissed. now sources close to the investigation, it is now in the hands of the counterintelligence team. the same group looking into the russian interference of the 2016 election. one finds the server connection odd. the official says there is still more work for the fbi to do here. >> internet records show last summer, a server owned by alpha
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bank looked up contact number for a trump organization server. alpha's server did more than any other companies. 80% of the look ups to the trump server. so far, no evidence the two servers communicated with each other. no allegations of wrongdoing. in a statement to cnn, alpha bank says neither it nor co- founder has have contact with the trump organization. >> we know that james comey, the fbi director, did meet with the gang of eight. the leaders in the house and senate. and where this investigation goes from here. we have not heard the last of this. protests overnight turn deadly in south korea after the impeachment of its first female president is upheld. how does this effect the u.s. alliance with seoul? we are live there next.
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breaking this morning. deadly protests in south korea after the country's high court upheld the decision to impeach the country's embattled president. cnn's paula hancocks is in the crowd for us live in seoul where it is evening after a day of protests. paula. >> reporter: that is right, christine. an historic day in south korea. we started off with the coup country's first female president. now become the first president to be i mpeacimpeached. the supporters believe park geun-hye should not be impeached. allegations of corruption and bribe bribery. there was a lot of frustration and anger and bitterness among the people here. we saw pockets of violence as well as tear gas with the police. we know two people have been killed during the protests. it is not like this around
2:15 am
seoul. it is not like this around the country. it is very important to note millions of people agreed with the decision to impeach the president. her approval rating was 5%. a lot of people wanted her to go. as for park geun-hye, she has now lost presidential immunity. prosecutors say she should be tried as a bribery suspect. it is interesting to see what happens to park geun-hye. she is now a civilian. people here are not just saying they are for park geun-hye. they are against the person that they think will replace her. a liberal candidate who favors talking to north korea and does not want the u.s. missile defense system to be in the country. that, of course, started arriving on monday. difficult to see if they get a chance to overturn that decision. it is interesting to see if that changes the dynamic with the u.s. and south korea. christine. >> critical.
2:16 am
very important ally to the united states and a region which is the source of concern. thank you so much for that. paula hancocks in seoul. >> so many implications on that story. especially with the united states. the first female president who could be prosecuted and now the entire region up ended. german investigators trying to determine the motive behind a bloody axe attack at a train station in dueseldorf. he is a 37-year-old man now living in germany. authorities believe he may have mental problems. he was trying to flee as several people were hurt. in sports. big 12. massive upset on the hardwood. kansas beaten in the final seconds in the conference quarterfinal.
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all right. let's talk sports. hours after the plane skidded off runway, the michigan men's basketball team coming through with the performance in the big ten tournament. >> i was watching. andy scholes has the bleacher report. >> good morning. on wednesday, trying to get to d.c., michigan's plane had to abort takeoff and skidded off the runway. no one was seriously hurt. the team postponed the trip to d.c. until yesterday. they did not arrive at the arena until an hour and a half before
2:22 am
the game with illinois. they also had to wear practice uniforms because the game uniforms were stuck on the plane while authorities investigate what happened. the wolverines playing inspiring basketball. defeating illinois. 75-55. the whole ordeal brought them together. >> yesterday, basketball was the last thing on our minds. we bonded together and talked about life and how important it is and life was almost taken from us. >> the guys on the team are connected. they love each other. >> tcu pulling off a stunner against kansas in the big 12. tied at 82-82. gets obliterated shooting a three. he gets three free-throw thr th. makes them all. tcu wins 85-82.
2:23 am
the only way they get into the big dance is if they win the big 12 tournament. this morning, patriots back up quarterback jimmy garoppolo possibly breaking the news he has been traded. he posted this at 4:00 a.m. so grateful for time in new england. peace out, boston. the browns have been rumored as a possible destination for garoppolo. the browns pulled off the trade for brock osweiler. many believe that trade opens the door for tony romo to go to houston. the cowboys did not release him as expected yesterday. they are now reportedly holding out to try to trade him. either way, romo with a good-bye video to instagram. >> we felt the support from all of you. it's been overwhelming.
2:24 am
it doesn't go unnoticed. i want to say thank you and we have a lot to think about going forward. we'll see what happens. until then, i'll keep listening to bob dylan. >> the song in the background was "the times are a-changing." he knows he's on the move. >> if it is a trade, it is likely houston. denver appears to be not open to a trade. >> reports are houston doesn't want to trade for him either. it may be media ploy to call the cowboys to release him. we will wait and see. there may be a deal worked out for him. i would say houston more likely than denver. >> is this a smackdown between the two of you over this? you want romo? >> the broncos, we win super bowls. the texans, they do what they do. >> we need romo then. >> you do. you do. i need my romo. have a great weekend, andy.
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the white house is prepared to yield to conservatives and fast track the rollback of medicaid for millions of people. will that hurt broader efforts to pass the hiealth care bill? and with links with the trump organization and russian banks? what did the fbi director say? welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm dave briggs. 29 minutes past the hour. a snow day on the east coast for many school districts.
2:30 am
kids home? >> i don't know. i have not gotten the sos. the growing involvement by the white house in negotiations over the obamacare repeal bill. being met with growing resistance from republican factions and what looks to be a piv pivot. the white house is signaling it is open to a big change in the house republican bill. rolling back obamacare medicaid expansion years sooner than the current proposal. that's according to two senior officials and a senior house conservative aide. >> the shift after two house committees signed off on the bill after marathon markup sessions. one session ran 27 straight hours. with concerns growing about the measure's content and push through the house. opponents, republican opponents, are speaking out. >> we don't have to get it fast, but we have to get it right. there are republicans saying
2:31 am
these things in private. i'm saying what many are voicing. the legislation as written, one, cannot pass the senate, but, two, would not solve the problems of the health care system. >> a new push in the sales campaign for obamacare repeal as president trump meets with committee chairman and the vice president meets with conservative leaders. let's get the latest from phil mattingly on capitol hill. >> reporter: conservatives wary about the proposal and not guarantees when it gets to the floor that they will support it. that underscores more work needs to be done. when you talk to house republican leadership, they say this is the vehicle moving forward. if they want to repeal obamacare, that issue they campaigned on cycle after cycle, this is the moment to do it. the biggest issue by far is medicaid. in the bill, the expansion with
2:32 am
obamacare will be rolled back to 2020. what they want is 2017. they have an ear at the white house that the president is open to the idea, but consider acting on it. that is problematic with the house and senate. a lot of those governors would not go along. the reality is the bill is moving forward. the process slow and certainly ugly. when you talk to senate leaders and house leaders, they say they will get it done. dave and christine. >> phil mattingly. slow and ugly. >> not phil. he is not slow or ugly. he is dashing and quick, i assume. >> let's bring in greg valliere. chief strategist for horizon investments. all of the issues coming out. that is what the process is supposed to be. >> it is about horse trading. it will go on for several weeks
2:33 am
if not months. i'm puzzled by trump. he is supposed to be the world's greatest negotiator. he told conservatives in early march he is willing to agree to demands. you don't cut a deal like that until you are in the senate house committee. i question the timing. all he did was complicate life for more moderate republicans in the senate. >> interesting. back to president trump. you see his vice president mike pence going on the trail to sell this thing to kentucky. president trump has been silent on it. what you hear is that push this is a three-phase effort to repeal and replace obamacare. is that going to work to get more people on board? >> strategically, i think the bill will get out of the house in the next few weeks. i think a bill can get out of the senate. two bills. radically different. you get in the house senate conference committee. the real action. that's where they cut the deal. i don't rule it out.
2:34 am
i'm probably in a minority. i think the ryan proposal or something like it can still make it. >> i know medicaid expansion and how it looks and how quickly it is rolled back is the sticking point. those are the world views colliding here. obamacare represented the government fixing and mandating coverage for everyone. federal government. the states are talking about flexibility and freedom of choice. gop is talking about a different thing. paul ryan is saying with his ted talk. vintage paul ryan. listen to what he said. >> this is the closest we will ever get to repealing and replacing obamacare. the time is here. the time is now. this is the moment. and this is the closest this will ever happen. it really comes down to a binary choice. >> where we are on the rollback
2:35 am
of medicaid expansion. is that the most important hurdle? >> absolutely, christine. there are so many moderate republican. rob portman of ohio, for exkpa e example, consider this important. >> it is not cutting back. it is choice. that's what they say. it's not cutting back. >> tell that to rob portman and other republicans who don't agree. a lot of republicans are beginning to realize this issue could become an albatross for them in 2018 and 2020. it's an adage that i think it true. whichever party owns health care regrets it. it is so complicated. you become a target once you come up with a plan. >> you have 28 mid terms. a 2020 presidential election. jim jordan will be on "new day." we will see if the president sold him in the meeting yesterday. the new epa chief for president
2:36 am
trump speaking out about -- well, the headline tells it all. co2 hear no evil. see what he said on cnbc. >> i think it is challenging to do. there is tremendous disagreement about the degree of i mpact. i would not agree it is a primary contributor to the global warming we see. >> that was shocking because it flies in the face not just with international agreement, but their own web site reads carbon dioxide is the greenhouse gas that is contributing to climate change. what is the impact of that statement in the white house and in the country for rollbacks that could come on regulation? >> it will invigorate the environmental movement for sure. a comment like that. i thought the most absurd
2:37 am
comment of the week had been given to ben carson who said slaves were just immigrants seeking a better life in the u.s. this comment from pruitt about pollution is right up there with the statement that is just going to reverberate for weeks and months to come. it shows a really fundamental disconnect with what scientists believe and what he believes. >> you call it a tie for the most absurd statement of the week. quickly let's talk about all of the russia stuff. is that going to be -- the latest russian allegations. is this going to hurt investors? the drips and drabs make it less potent. >> it is the story that will go on for months and months. i would have loved to have been a fly on the wall at the comey meetings yesterday. i'm sure he told the members there was no validity to the trump comments about a week ago. the question you ask is for the markets.
2:38 am
there are other fundfundamental. we will get something at 8:30 to show the labor market is healing. all of this background news in washington. the fundamentals on the economy are quite good. >> maybe so good the fed has to raise rates next week. that sets up janet yellen against donald trump. >> the markets want that. >> do you think they are ready? >> i think one move. maybe a couple moves this year. if she indicates there are more moves to come, there is a concern. the reason to do it now is the economy is strong. >> the economy is really strong. greg, have a good weekend. four months after early reports of a computer server connection with the trump organization and russian bank dismiss dismissed. the fbi investigation is open. sources tell cnn it is in the hands of the counterintelligence team. the same team looking into the
2:39 am
russian interference in the 2016 election. one said the server connection is quote odd. the official said there is more work for the fbi. internet records show the server owned by the russia based al pha bank looked up the numbe for the trump organization. it did so more than any other lookups to the trump everybody is siervers. so far, no evidence the two servers communicated with each other. alpha bank says neither it nor the co- founder had contacted mr. trump. the white house did not respond to the request for comment. the south korea president removed from power leading to deadly protests on the streets. how does this affect the u.s. relationship with seoul? we will go there next and see
2:40 am
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breaking this morning. deadly protests in south korea after the country's high court upheld the decision to impeach the embattled president. cnn's paula hancocks has the breaking details live in seoul. >> reporter: dave, it has been an historic day in south korea. the first female president is the first impeached president. the massive protest here. the pro-park supporters s do n think she should be impeached. prosecutors say she should with tried as a bribery suspect. some protesters don't want to go
2:45 am
home. we have seen pockets of violence against police and each other. we know two people have been killed in the protests. showing emotions running extre e extremely high and a great deal of frustration and bitterness and anger that park geun-hye is gone. this is not representative of the country. there are millions that wanted park geun-hye gone. there was a protest down the tre street and people cheering with tears of joy. a real split in south korea. it is not just the people are pro-gu pro-park geun-hye, but anti-the likely president. they believe he is too pro north korean and he would want negotiations with north korea. concerned he doesn't want the u.s. anti-missile system that started arriving in the country
2:46 am
on monday. they are concerned he could stop that happening. it will take 60 days until an election is held. it is hard to see how he could stop that if he did become president. back to you. >> chaotic scene could rewrite the talks with the u.s. and north korea. paula, thank you. back in the u.s., winter making an encore with snow falling in the northeast. we bring in karen maginnis. >> dave and christine, you think the worst of winter is behind us. here we are in march. we should be warming up. as a matter of fact, on thursday, a high temperature in washington, d.c. of 74. we have arctic air across the great lakes and ohio valley and northeast and new england. look at the swath of snowfall that we're expecting as we go into friday. some areas, the southern cape primarily, but also in a swath
2:47 am
of a portion of connecticut and rhode island. looking at maybe 5 or as much as 10 inches of snowfall. from pittsburgh to philadelphia to new york and even into boston could see between 3 and 5 inches. maybe 4 to 8 inches of snowfall. here is the coverage. all the way from west virginia into much of pennsylvania and new york. look an at the temperatures. high temperature in washington, d.c., 47. new york city, 38. it is the overnight lows. wow! coming up in boston on sunday, morning low of 9. back to you. >> your school is out? i'm waiting to find out. >> snow day. >> it is interesting in the northeast. in new york city. it will be interesting. jobs day in america. how are investors feeling ahead of the jobs report? will the president embrace it? it could be a big jobs report for the president's first full month in office. we get a check on cnn money stream next.
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wikileaks founder julian assange is offering to share secrets about the hacking tools to help tech companies fix gaps in security. assange saying wikileaks has unpublished information about the tools it claims the cia used to spy on phones and tvs. and the issue is do you cooperate with the fugitive or is assange too toxic? >> let's bring in samuel burke live in london. how nice of him to help the
2:53 am
biggest and powerful companies in tech fix their problems? >> reporter: good morning, christine and dave. i don't think the tech companies will thank him. just because there is unauthorized information doesn't mean it is declassified information. that is putting the tech companies in a pickle. on top of that, you have people who dislike assange. democrats upset with the release of hillary clinton's e-mails and you have republicans upset with him for years. take a look at what senator ben sasse of nebraska says about assange. just around the corner here. assange should wear an orange jumpsuit the rest of his life. he has dedicated his life's work to endangering innocent lives. the good news for the tech companies and us if the products are hackable is the fact that so many tech companies believe they
2:54 am
already had this information. apple indicated that they have seen flaws like this two years ago which have been patched. microsoft had something ingenious. they said here is our e-mail address. if you want to contact us, we wikileaks or cia, here is the l e-ma e-mail. when apple gets a hold of a flaw, they patch it immediately. you need to update your ios for the security features. >> the back drop is the salvadorian elections are going on. the right wing candidate will give assange the boot in 30 days. >> a great back story. thank you, samuel. the government ethics office slamming the white house for not disciplining kellyanne conway
2:55 am
after she told viewers to go buy ivan ivanka's stuff. expressing grave concern over the decision to forego punishment saying it risks undermining the ethics program. taking full responsible for the raid in yes, ma'men in janu. >> i am responsible for this mission. i am the cent-com commander. i'm responsible for what is done and not done. we lost a lot on this operation. we had people wounded and we caused civilian casualties. we lost an expensive aircraft and human casualties. >> despite knottindespite, he id recovered valuable information.
2:56 am
two of the three investigations into the raid have been completed with no sign of incompetence or bad judgment. let's get a check of the cnn money stream. investors looking good with the futures. stocks in europe and asia are high. the bull market has been running for eight years. another impressive streak going on. 100 trading days since the dow or s&p suffered a loss of more than 1%. that goes back to early october. 155 days is the record for the dow. 185 for the s&p. this according to s&p and dow jones indicies. this started at optimism hillary clinton would win the election and then turned into a trump rally with lower taxes and less regulati regulation. remember you would say a market crash? oil markets crushed. crude now below $50 a barrel for
2:57 am
the first time this year. rising stockpiles in the u.s. and higher production sent oil tumbling. this is not translating into lower gas prices yet. the national average at $2.30 a gallon. it may rise again when stations switch to the summer blend. donald trump vowing to spend money on infrastructure. it may take five times that to fix everything. the american society of civil engineers say it will take $4.6 trillion to fix. some highlights are america's public transit systems received the worst grade. bridges with a c plus grade. the highest grade is a b for rails. this is a report for engineers. infrastructure projects in their best interest. the jobs report at 8:30 eastern time. i wonder if you tell u us @earlystart. do you think the job market is
2:58 am
strong? needs improvement? we heard from greg vallere. he says it is really strong. >> should president trump take credit if 300,000 jobs are created in the past month as some have estimated? >> our official forecast is 190,000. it could be stronger. there were other indications. 4.7% unemployment rate. wages expected to rise. companies say they need skilled workers. jobs was the reason why donald trump got to the white house. >> we're about to hit the debt ceiling again. $1.46 trillion. >> thanks for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> i'm dave briggs. "new day" starts now. jim jordan joining chris and alisyn. >> james comey meeting with the
2:59 am
gang of eight. >> we are confident that the by partis bipartisan investigators. >> whether there is a kegs with the trump organization and russian bank. >> the russian bank looked up the address to the trump servers 2,800 times. >> the health care system is a monstrosity. >> we don't have to get it fast. >> this is the closest we will ever get to repealing and replacing obamacare. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> welcome viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "new day." it is friday, march 10th. 6:00 in new york. up first, james comey meeting behind closed doors with the eight lawmakers who have access to the nation's most sensitive data including that on russia's alleged meddling in the election.
3:00 am
>> we have reporting for you. cnn is learning that federal investigators are continuing to examine the server connection with the trump organization server and a russian bank. what exactly is known and what could it mean? also, the battle within the gop with health care is real. we have the latest on day 50 of the trump as they get down to >> reporter: how much members of congress will disclose. questio how much comey maybe willing to share on capitol hill and how much members of congress will be able to disclose. >> fbi director james


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