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tv   New Day  CNN  March 10, 2017 3:00am-4:01am PST

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election. >> we have reporting for you. cnn is learning that federal investigators are continuing to examine the server connection with the trump organization server and a russian bank. what exactly is known and what could it mean? also, the battle within the gop with health care is real. we have the latest on day 50 of the trump as they get down to >> reporter: how much members of congress will disclose. questio how much comey maybe willing to share on capitol hill and how much members of congress will be able to disclose. >> fbi director james comey
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heading to capitol hill as tension builds between the justice department and lawmakers over president trump's unsubstantiated wiretapping claims. the justice department under pressure to deny or provide evidence of the president's allegation. comey meeting with a gang of 8 and the most highly classified intelligence. this is now said to be extended to all of the senate intelligence committee. they're saying he hasn't been forthcoming regarding rush kwa's interference in the election. >> we have questions about whether or not we were read into everything we should have been read into. >> there's no way we can discharge our responsibilities if the fbi isn't willing to cooperate with us and tell us
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about any counter terrorist investigation going on. >> accusing com yes, sir of stone walling in a briefing last week. >> there were large areas that were walled off and those walls were going to have to come down and do our job. >> they're saying they never gave you the assurance you gave us. >> when you say no reason to believe, it was i'm not aware. >> that's right. i don't know that they're not interchangeable. i'm not aware, i don't believe. look it up and find other ways but i don't know that there's a distinction there. >> he may get an opportunity to toss questions to the president for the first time this week. he has a pair of photo ops on
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camera. >> appreciate it. have a new weekend. new information for you as well. cnn learning there could be a possible link between computer servers belonging to a russian bank and the trump organization. pamela and jose broke the story. pamela, what do you know? >> fbi investigators and computer scientists continue to examine whether there was a computer connection between the trump organization and a russian bank now this is the same server mentioned that a white house official said sparked president trump's series of tweets last saturday morning accusing investigators of tapping his phone. we are told that there was no pfizer warrant on this particular server but questions about the connection between the server and russian bank were widely dismissed four months ago
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as an attempt to block spam but we have learned the fbi counter intelligence team, is still examining it. investigators are not ignoring it but the fbi still has more work to do to determine what was behind tun usual activity and whether there was any significance to it so now the probe remains open. the white house did not respond to our request for comment. >> thank you for that piece of it. jose come in on this and make the case about what is odd in these communications. >> and the unique internet address that the particular one used by the organization.
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this is the equivalent of looking up someone's phone number over and over again. while there isn't a phone call it usually indicates an intention to communicate. that's what several told us. one particular group that obtained these leaked internet records that were frankly never supposed to be made public they were puzzled as to why a russian bank would be doing this particular thing? was it trying to send an e-mail to the trump organization? they couldn't get. they looked up the address 2,800 times. to put that in perspective that's more than from any other source the only other one was lead by betsy devos. now these two entities alone made up 99% of the look ups. computer scientists we spoke to found that weird.
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all the corporations say they never communicated by e-mail but they haven't provided proof and don't agree. it hasn't provided cnn with a single e-mail to back that up. meanwhile the american marketing company that would have been sending those e-mails on trump's behalf said it wasn't doing so at the time. alpha bank said not a single executive had any affiliation at all with president trump or the trump organization. >> so you're right. this does get complex quickly. so alpha bank is saying we stayed at some of the trump hotels. maybe this is spam and some of our defense system requires our computers to go look at who sent us this spam as a way to defeat that spam. that's why they were contacting this server. the benefit of doubt on that one is that this trump server was
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supposedly doing that work. the explanations line-up. everyone is throwing their hands up. we don't have e-mail. sorry they're not around. >> stay with us if you would. we want to bring in our panel now. >> it is complicated. and sean spicer had an important time where reporters asked him whether or not the trump organization or someone is under investigation by the fbi he has done all sorts of verbal gymnast ix trying to explain what's going on. >> that's right. if you were to ask him about the next step in the logical chain which is what kind of business
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was the trump organization doing? and we know they have done quite a lot in the past. maybe not the time frame we're looking at. i'm not a spokesman for the trump organization so here we have the whole conflict weighed out for us that everybody warned against. many people complained about and that donald trump idolly dismissed all throughout the campaign. >> two things. as you have been looking at this. you didn't have anybody in your reporting say that was a pfizer warrant so that still doesn't explain why he would be so
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curious to think president obama is coming after him. >> sure. we're looking to find any information to say maybe this server was tapped. all we know that is the counter intelligence team at the fbi slook at this issue. that's it. >> david gregory, your thoughts? >> you know, what you have here is a lot of clues that point to something and we're not sure what it was. the idea that there's contact between trump officials and the russian government at a time when russia is up to no good and trying to manipulate the u.s. election. we have no evidence of collusion of anything done wrong in terms of the contact that will still
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be very piece mill and more mystery and we have solid clues to point to anything that would suggest that any trump official or the trump campaign was absolutely colluded with russia to manipulate tuchlt s. election. >> let's get a frame of reference for timing. timing is indicative with the fbi about how seriously they take something. never tell you that they're closing a case unless it's very politically sensitive but the longer they're looking at something indicates an intensity of purpose and what do we know about looking at this server
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connection and how long they have been doing this they haven't discarded it. they have been looking at this connection since during the campaign when it was first brought to investigators attention. the fbi cyber division looked at this and one theory was handed over to the fbi counter intelligence team. the same team looking into russia's alleged interference in the 2016 election so this is one potential piece of the overall puzzle but essentially i'm told that they have this information and investigators are still trying to corroborate it. still trying to figure out what this all means. as i said one of the people i spoke with said look, this is odd. this is perplexing. there could be an explanation or
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could be some other explanation. we don't know and we still need to figure that out. >> so as we try to piece this puzzle together so too do lawmakers. he said he felt that james comey was stone walling so yesterday comey is summoned to capitol hill to meet with -- we have the names of the gang of 8 members what do we think happened? did james comey explain what is really going on with the fbi or would he not do that? >> we don't know yet. lawmakers were not talking about the details of the meeting. it is classified of course but there is a hearing on marchand lawmakers are trying to have all the information before they begin this public look.
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and you had them complaining about how the fbi is treating congress and they don't agree on much these days so comey had to go up there and get right before as this information comes out. congress also doesn't like surprises so when the president was tweeting on saturday morning about these alleged wiretaps you had a lot of questions coming from some of the most powerful and well informed and members of congress with security clearances and that's good for the fbi. >> so the full committee is going to get the information that the fbi has and believes is relevant on this. but final point on this. there is a lot of clues but clues tooz what? i mean, doesn't the trump team still have high ground in saying you have not shown one shred of proof that anybody related to the president, let alone the
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president himself, has had anything to do with russia that was wrong. fair statement? >> yes but and the big but is its damaging to have all the speculation. >> but that's why he puts it on us and he puts it on the democrats and he says you guys keep asking the questions. there's no good answers but you're doing it anyway because you want to hurt me. >> that's where it falls a part. most of the public realize this is not something that we can ignore and say well we don't have any proof so let's pretend that evidence of sign area tacks don't add up. they have a duty to be able to
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explain what happened and the burden doesn't lie on the media and doesn't lie on congress and it doesn't lie on people that have questions about the stuff to try to explain or we all just go away and sean spicer is learning that day by day. there's a hungry pack of press people that are going to say, look, no, the burden is on you to explain why michael flynn didn't disclose his ties to turkey and everything else. the burden is on you to explain why you never vetted this. the burden is on the trump people to explain what happened with paul manafort and what was going on inside of trump tower where he owns an apartment. these are not questions that are going to go away. >> jose, pam larks thank you for sharing your reporting with us. panel stick around please we have many more questions. so fight to repeal and replace obamacare is heating up on capitol hill. is the trump administration privately bending to conservatives? and could that somehow kill the entire bill? we take a closer look at what's happening next.
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the white house is now back an earlier roll back and that could spell trouble for the bill once it hits the senate. it's complicated. >> it is complicated but this has gotten through two hurdles closer to getting to the house floor going through two committees. the main issue here however the amount of federal dollars that goes to states for medicaid. this issue threatens to divide and tear apart the moderate and conservative republicans. the white house undermining republican leaders with mixed messages on their party's plan to repeal and replace obamacare. the president publicly giving solid support to the health care act. but privately telling hard line
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conservatives he is open to negotiations centered on obamacare's medicare expansion. a speedy roll back would win over conservative critics. >> we're going to repeal obamacare but keep medicare expansion and extend it. that's not what we told the voters we're bog to do. >> several moderate republicans backing the current bill said that could change their vote. >> the expansion of medicaid is tremendously important to 184,000 west virginians. >> it would also infur rate republicans. and also get federal medicaid funding through the expansion. >> those in the house are going to say get rid of the whole thing. that's not acceptable. >> cutting the expansion which covers 11 million americans could also anger voters. after then candidate trump made promises like this one during the 2015 presidential announcement.
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>> save medicare, medicaid and social security without cuts. have to do it. >> but republican house speaker paul ryan continues to roll up his sleeves to pitch to the gop that it's now or never. >> this is the closest we will ever get to repealing and replacing obamacare. the time is here. the time is now. >> it comes on the heels of the campaign promise to repeal and replace obamacare. at the same time the president has a renewed interest in pushing this through as well. it's a real test to his skills and ability as a deal maker and later today he will be meeting with the house members. >> thank you very much. let's bring back the panel. let's pick up on the state of play politically here.
3:23 am
we're seeing the speaker of the house redouble efforts to let people know that time is now. this is not a beginning. this is the end. it's an act. it doesn't seem to be working with the meadows and let's leave it at those two for right now. portman has never feelings about it. that urgency doesn't seem to be connecting. >> there are concerns like about medicaid that come back to -- they're causing lawmakers so say slow this down a little bit. paul ryan recognizes that this is the tun he wants to get it done and get it through if they get mired in health care and can't agree they can't move on to tax reform.
3:24 am
they're how many millions of people will be left without health care as a result of repealing obamacare. that's the political fall out and that is what is driving this debate in part. >> it goes further because it's a campaign promise of donald trumps he is going to preserve medicaid as is. let's remind people what he said during the first hours of his presidential campaign. >> save medicare, medicaid, and
3:25 am
social security without cuts. have to do it. get rid of the fraud, get rid of the waste and abuse but save it. people have been paying it for years and now many of these candidates want to cut it. you save it by making the united states, by making us rich again. by taking back all the money that's being lost. >> so now he might be changing his tune if you believe the people he most recently met with. >> you talk about waste, fraud and abuse you can get rid of all of that and it isn't going to have the same fiscal result as cutting medicaid and this comes down to dollars and cent which is is why you hear some conservatives on the right perplexed, senator cassie comes to mind, as to why they're doing all of this without a score from the congressional budget office. that is going -- that could set them all the way back to square one if they get something from the budget office that shows this is going to cost more money
3:26 am
and cover less people. so that could -- so the fact that they're pushing forward without that score is causing some lawmakers to scratch their heads. >> there is some basis for criticism about what they did on this issue before. they're pretty good at nailing numbers. so last point on this. is it fair to say that the republicans campaigning so hard on complete repeal overshot the mark a little bit on this. let's say trump had 60 million people vote for him. only a small slice of them, and possible for all of them to be on obamacare. you're not dealing with a program that covers 80 or 90% of the american people but they made it seem as though this is exitential. >> people are criticizing that
3:27 am
and saying that everything wrong with the economy is the fault of obamacare. slow growth and productive problems all goes back to obamacare. that's what they said. that's the bed they made and now they have to lie in it. paul ryan has a 23 or 24 seat majority in the house. he has to deliver to make sure that he keeps that majority. they're going to walk down this path fooechb the bill is dead on arrival and and there's republican senators that said that. dead on arrival. on the other hand he has to move the ball and handle his part and the fact that there's republican senators and governors and all said we need the medicaid expansion. that's not a problem for us. he'll leave that problem for another day for somebody else to fix. >> there will be developments no doubt this morning. thank you for walking us through this. up next we do have break news
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protests taking to the streets following a ruling that upholds the impeachment of the president there following a corruption scandal. at least two protestors have died. he is in seoul with the latest. what's the latest? >> chris, emotions certainly running high today. tensions spilling over at one point. this is of course a historic day for seoul but the implications of what happens next will be felt around the world. there were moments of violence after the verdict was delivered up to hold the impeachment of the first female president of south korea. her supporters turned out by the
3:31 am
thousands to protest that decision. you did see moments of violence erupting but it gave way to peaceful demonstrations and out here tonight you're seeing more peaceful demonstrations but these are the people that paved the path to the president's impeachment after she became in a political corruption scandal. it started with thousands of people turning out earlier and then the tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands to call for her removal from office. they are here to celebrate that removal from office today. tonight, the rm fore president remains and as a private citizen they could now face charges given the allegations of corruption. but the big question is what happens next here in south korea and given the connection of what is going on in this region the stakes are high. it means that all eyes will be on who the incoming president
3:32 am
could be. the front runner has been from the democratic party and would mark a shift from the republican party and could signal a new party in terms of dealing with north korea. something the u.s. could closely watch that was in an interview with a german newspaper. the pope did not indicate any openness to the idea of lieuing men that are already priests to become married. >> very meaningful distinction especially for members of the faith hood. winter is returning to the northeast. snow is on its way. let's get the late fres chad. you told me there would be no more snow. t i didn't. i never said that. >> maybe it was just in my head.
3:33 am
>> anyway, snow into parts of pennsylvania already into connecticut and massachusetts. not snowing yet in new york city. a little bit of moisture still coming down and rain for awhile and then there will be snow. i don't know if that's better or not there will be 8 inches of snow up north to you guys. i would say they might see 4 to 6 inches of snow but that's because it's slightly colder right now. the big story i'm looking for is actually the next storm system that may come through on tuesday. this is the storm everybody is talking about. there it is on wednesday, thursday, friday i'm good. but on tuesday afternoon this somewhere the storm might be and it could be making snow for the northeast again. i didn't say that chris and i won't say it yet because there's
3:34 am
another storm on the way allison. >> get out of here no, literally we have to go. fbi director comey sharing information with capitol hill leaders so where does the investigation into russia's role in the u.s. election stand? we discuss on new day.
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the senate intelligence committee could subpoena several trump campaign aids to testify as part of the interference in the 2016 election. we're getting that from sources on that committee. this news comes out as james comey updates house and senate leaders on the hill. what does this all mean? how does it intensify the investigation going forward? let's bring in the cnn political commentator and former white house ethics czar and he has a lawsuit and that's not the topic of discussion counselor cnn
3:39 am
senior law enforcement analyst. former fbi assistant director. let's start with you. what does jim comey owe these congressmen? we know he had an agreement with the gang offel 8 that have access that others do not. but what does he owe this committee. >> he'll be cautious when he talks to any committee. and it's a concern of how much detail he is going to give and as much detail that incriminates president trump and his staff. they end up being disappointed because there wasn't more said during the briefing.
3:40 am
this is a criminal investigation we are doing. at least potentially one. we're not going to give it to you. congress has an oversight responsibility and it's because of past intelligence community abuses. so those that are doing these investigations do need to share and that's why we have the so-called gang of 8. so that the information does not leak out.
3:41 am
>> director comey reopened the hillary clinton e-mail case and didn't announce that publicly. that was sent by letter to the gang of 8 and within about 10 minutes it was on cnn so these committees are not as secure and not privy to sensitive on going information. they're just not. >> the fbi isn't as secure as it used to be either. he didn't do it just once and obviously that would be guiding his behavior now and going forward learning lessons from the past. let's get into the substance of it, norm.
3:42 am
from the investigative agencies it has leaked they haven't found any proof of collusion so at what point do you have to start providing proof. >> the whole point of briefing the gang of 8 of the upcoming hearings which will start with the house and intelligence committee hearings is to explore whether the dots can be conne connected. we know there's a pattern having to change their stories.
3:43 am
and wiki leaks were going to be coming out in advance of when they did. it's a very serious matter. our democracy was attacked in the elections. >> the president just added to that by making this allegation about president obama wiretapping him and so now the investigative commit tees want to look at what was there. final point let's put up the list. members connected to these questionable contacts and i want to ask you do you see this about being about acts of comission or omission to the point of president trump not wanting to acknowledge russian responsibility to the hacking and then down the list from
3:44 am
manafort all the way down at first never disclosing that he had any contact with this ambassador. that would be seen as omision. not telling people. is that what is this is about so far? >> we don't have to rely on leaks from investigativeive agencies or the hill. we had president obama order an investigation into this very thing right after at the election back in november he wanted to have the results before inauguration day in january and former director of national intelligence clapper made the announcement right before inauguration day that they had found nothing that they didn't find evidence of collusion. there's evidence of people that called each other and that type of thing but that's different than colewding to try to throw the investigation as has been alleged in this case but it was investiga
3:45 am
investigated with regard to that, that was asked and answered back in january. >> we'll leave it there. norm we need to know more. that's what these committees are saying they're offering. let's see what they come up with and we'll take the analysis from there. thank you very much. >> this week marks 10 years since tom levinson disappeared in iran. the children are asking president trump to bring their father home. we'll talk to them about their urgent request. next. ncluded. 2 lines, $100 dollars. all in, all unlimited. switch today.
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just hours after their plane skidded off the runway, michigan men's basketball team had to hit the court in the conference tournament. more in this morning's bleacher report. wow, what happened? >> wednesday while trying to get to d.c., had to abort take off and then skidded off the runway. luckily no one was seriously hurt. they postponed until yesterday and did not arrive at the arena until an hour and a half before their game with ill. they also get this had to wear
3:50 am
their practice uniforms because their game were stuck on that while authorities investigate what happened now despite all of this he is playing inspiring basketba basketball. >> now possibly break the news he has been traded. >> this was posted on his instagram account at 4:00 a.m. with the apgs so grateful at any time in new england. piece out boston. and remains on his official instagram account. we'll have to wait and see how that develops this morning. romo watch continues. they remain a member of the dallas cowboys.
3:51 am
>> asking the white house for answers. they mark ten years since he vanished in iran. we'll ask his children what they want to hear from the new president, next. when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums
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ten years ago this week the former fbi agent disappeared in iran making him the longest held hostage in u.s. history and leaving his wife and 7 children
3:55 am
desperate to find him president obama said bringing him home was a priority and it never happened. now president obama is stating his commitment to finding him. >> the trump administration remains unwaivering in our committee to locate him and bring him home. the family has suffered far too long and we will not rest until his case is resolved. >> what was it like to hear sean spicer talk about your dad from the podium yesterday? >> it was incredibly hopeful for us. it has been ten years since our father has been missing and two previous administrations have failed to get him home and we're confident that president trump has the deal making skills that are necessary in order to bring
3:56 am
him home and take a stronger stance with iran and demand his release. the u.s. working group on arbitrary detention recently stated that our father has been deprived of liberty due to an unjust arrest and that iran is responsible for releasing him and we truly hope that president trump can help us get him home. >> david, what gives you the confidence that mr. trump's negotiating skills will be better than anything the obama administration could do? >> president trump has negotiating skills and the assertiveness as well to make this a priority. if he makes it a priority at any discussion and keeps it front and center of the conversation he can get the deal done. he believes iran knows exactly where my father is and that's
3:57 am
what we believe as well. he also pledged to get to the bottom of this case. if this is a priority for the administration then his skills and background can make this a reality for my family and bring my father home. >> we know that the president watches our program. what do you want to say directly to president trump? >> i guess what i would like to say is we would love to meet with him. we would love to sit down and have him outline the steps that he will take in order to bring our father home. it's been entirely too long and president trump has pledged to bring him home and not leave any american patriot behind and our father has been repeatedly left behind before and again i say two previous administrations have failed and we'd love to meet with him. >> when is the last time you heard any communications from
3:58 am
your father about his whereabouts. >> in november 2010 we received a hostage video of him speaking directly to us. in april of 2011 we received photos of him in an orange jump suit. since then we have not heard from him but i would like to add that until that point, up until 2010 or 2011 for three years people told us my father was dead that we should move on and he was never going to come back. but he showed his resilience and determination and sheer will to get home. he has a lot to live for. he has grandchildren he has never met. he has a daughter-in-law he's never met. he has son-in-laws he has never met and he has everything to go home to and we know that he is waiting until our administration can make this a priority and bring him home. >> we know this is a particularly frustrating anniversary for all of you
3:59 am
because not only is this the wee week he has been gone ten years but today is his 69th birthday. how does your family get through days like this? >> we are a very strong family. my father has missed now ten birthdays. a whole decade has gone by and we're hopeful and it's hard on us and we rely on each other and know he is waiting to come home to us and that gets you us through. >> we are praying for you and we also pray that you do get that meeting with president trump and his administration and something can happen on your father's case. thank you for being here with us this morning. >> thanks to our international viewers for watching.
4:00 am
for our u.s. viewers new day continues right now. >> james comey meeting with a gang of 8. >> investigators continue to examine if there was a connection between the trump organization and russian bank. >> was there solution between the trump campaign and russians. >> well on our way to a future. >> this is a once in a lifetime community. >> this bill is not that. >> explicit photos of their female counter parts. >> it could lead to service members being court martialed. >> it's embarrassing to our core. >> good morning, up first jim


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