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tv   CNN Newsroom With Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul  CNN  March 11, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning to you. happy saturday. so grateful for your company. i'm cristi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. good to have you. welcome to "cnn newsroom." in just a few moments happening this hour vice president mike pence on the road and to push the republican's to repeal or replace -- it's facing uncertainty on capitol hill. >> this morning vice president pence set to address business leaders in louisville, kentucky. i want to show you some pictures that we have of that. we believe happening. he's going to appear with the
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state's governor, a man who we have to point out is not fully behind this plan, but ahead the sticking points, the effort to keep this bill on track. >> it was a week ago so it's been a full week president trump's accused president obama without evidence of spying on him at trump tower and now we're learning the house intelligence committee wants any relevant documents, really any proof from the justice department on wire tapping by monday. >> also growing anger after dozens of u.s. attorneys are abruptly told to resign by the trump administration. what is behind that. >> we've got our panel of political reporters and experts standing by to break it down for you. >> just moments ago president trump weighed in on the health care fight on twitter saying, quote, we are making great progress with health care. obamacare is imploeding and will only get worse. republicans coming together to get the job done.
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let's go straight to our political producer dan who's live at the event in louisville. so dan, the president has weighed in. what do we expect from the vice president and some of the people there? we do know that there are expected to be some protesters. >> reporter: yes. vice president just landed here in louisville actually and is headed to this training distribution center to basically listen to people, what they have to say about health care and to sell this plan as the best chance republicans have to repeal obamacare. this is a relatively small event. probably about 200 people inside here. but the event kind of signals this has been a rocky rollout. we're here in kentucky, the home state of rand paul who's been a very vocal critic of this bill who has multiple times said he will not support it if it continues in its current form. as you mentioned, governor bevin who is here to appear with mike pence is not fully behind the bill and told reporters so
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yesterday. take a listen to what he said. >> that's the beauty of america. this is where we are. senator paul has ideas of things he thinks need to be a lot stronger. he's not as impressed with what has currently been offered as some who have current le offered it. truth be told, i'm not either. i'm with him. >>. >> reporter: it's remarkable coming from the man who's going to appear here with the vice president. now, he tried to clean that up a little bit later in a tweet saying that he's fully behind the process of figuring out how to repeal obamacare. but the damage was done with that statement given the fact that he's going to appear here at this event. you're right there will also be protesters. organizers expect about 250 people down the street here organized by a mix of groups including save my care which is a health care group that is driving across the country organizing protests against this republican plan to repeal obamacare. >> dan, glad you're there. thank you so much. >> let's continue this
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conversation with cnn political commentator, we have with us lynn sweet who is actually with the "chicago sun-times." >> good morning. >> good morning to you. let me start about what the vice president has to accomplish today. what's his job? >> his job is to tell republicans that this replacement is going to actually happen and that people will have a better deal than the one they have now have now. in kentucky that's a harder sell because that's a state where a lot more people got coverage under obamacare. right now there's just uncertainty. you can't replace something with nothing. right now in vice president pence goes there, there's no law yet. there's no specifics yet. and if it's one thing that is very special about health care, when you talk about it as opposed to foreign policy or some other domestic programs, everybody has a very good test. what does this do in my policy that impacts me and my family?
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and people know it. so this is a much harder sell without specifics yet. it makes the selling job even more difficult. but vice president pence, though, is a subject specialist in this that he will know and be able to address some specifics even perhaps better than president trump. but we don't know if he's just going february the broad brush to try and add pressure to local politicians or if he's really trying to tell people that the plan that they hope to give them will be better than the one they have now. very difficult since for the moment there is no plan that is passed into law ready to be translated into answering questions like what does this mean for me. lynn, let me ask you, we have a tweet from the president this morning. he tweeted out he are making great progress with health care. obamacare is imploding and will only get worse. republicans coming together to get jobs done. are republicans coming together
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or is this wishful thinking. >> it's premature. you don't have the votes in the senate. it takes 60 votes to pass this legislation to change obamacare which is going to be a tough sell even to get all the republicans on board which they don't in the senate. so in order to pass they're going to need some democrats. that's why this is very, very difficult. there is no progress yet. there is no floor vote yet in the house to advance this to the -- to the senate. so you're making some progress, but you just don't move something this big at warp speed which is what that tweet would give you the impression of. >> at the 8:00 hour we had republican jack kingston who is an adviser to the trump campaign. tramp transitioned. let me bring in a democratic strategist. i want you, danielle, to respond to what we heard from former
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congressman kingston about the democrats as they try to stop this repeal and replacement. >> the democrats by the way aren't doing anything which is i think strange behavior, because obamacare is their baby and you wouldn't stand by and watch your babe be murdered or dismantled. >> so the aanalogy aside, should the democrats play some role in what's next for haeealth care i america? >> i think they should. they jumped up and down about republicans not -- medicaid in the way it was meant to under obamacare. they've talked about the fact that health care is important. i think they should play ball for the betterment of americans. they have some really concerns of course, particularly as it relates to the lack of the score as republicans move ahead very quickly. i think the one thing that looms large with this replacement is
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concern about access co contraception, maternal health care and other things that are not only affect women but affect women, their families and men. it's about economic participation and any economic rights. >> so you'll remember that before the inauguration then president obama told the democrat says in a closed-door meeting do not get involved, do not try to help republicans put together whatever this replacement is. your suggestion is they engage and make sure that those interests that they have are considered? >> it's a tricky one. we see this -- this is just at the heart of politics. do you play games or do you do what's best for the american people? i think it's important to remember that there's -- obamacare wasn't perfect and there's not going to be anything republicans come up with that will also be perfect. there will be winners and losers. there's a hard question and there are no good answers. i think they just have to be
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careful because if there seem to be obstructionist. this was their baby. the idea that health care would be expanded. i think really, although some will say, you know, don't do it, don't play ball, if they really want to do what's best for the american people, they will and they'll just make sure that this bill is right. >> well, before the gop goes to those democratic votes, that if g they've got to get all the republicans on board and they're struggling to do that. stay with us, lynn, because there's much more to talk about with you. what did the trump team know? when did some of them know it. despite they've had these claims of being blind sided but we're learning today that transition officials did in fact know about michael flynn's potential conflict of interest when he was working as a foreign agent for turkey. it was long before he was ousted as national security adviser as well. we'll have that conversation. stay close.
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if you're still just managing your symptoms, ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. president trump administration once again finding a distraction it seems from its agenda. facing new questions about michael flynn, the national security adviser who was fired for not disclosing his contact with russian officials. turns out he was paid to represent turkey's interest during the trump campaign and maybe more significantly the transition team we now know knew of his potential conflict of interest despite its claim to the contrary. our guest cnn commentator doug, lynn sweet, washington bureau chef. thank you all so much for being here. i want to play some sound real quickly from robert bear as he addressed the flynn situation. let's listen to what he had to say. >> it's more than betting.
7:15 am
it's a violation of the law. you have to file department of justice if you're working for a foreign government, turkey in this case. >> all right. lynn, if this was a violation of the law, the question is, is there a legal consequence for flynn or anybody else who knew about it? >> i'm not sure there's going to be a legal pursuit of him. i can address better actually the politics of it which is that this shows that the trump administration couldn't figure out who flynn really was and who he really worked for during the campaign and as he walked into the white house. that's what's serious. if there is a legal ram f-- i t they will be pressured to pursue the legal course and whatever that course is. but i think the enormity of flynn trading on his association as an officer in the united
7:16 am
states military to represent a foreign government and not tell everybody in a crystal clear way around him only compounds the bad judgment of the people that not onlysurrounded flynn, but also flynn himself. the answer doesn't seem enough given the very top position he had has an adviser. >> any chance this is going to escalate to an investigation? >> i think it's unlikely given the fact that general flynn has already resigned as national security adviser on another issue. his cause with the russian ambassador. i think it does race questions about if some of these officials going into the white house were vetted before they got the positions. they're all outsiders. having said that general flynn of course was the head of the defense intelligence agency. he was a very controversial
7:17 am
choice for a number of reasons at the time. but the fact is that what we have here was somebody who was paid to represent the interests of a foreign government at exactly the same time as he was advising. he was the chief foreign policy adviser for a president nominee. clearly this raises red flags. the question is why it doesn't raise red flags in the white house. suffice to say, if general flynn hadn't already resigned, i think this would be casting a much bigger shadow over the white house than it already is. >> doug, any word that people might think that this is just going to kind of fade-away? >> well, given that flynn is no longer there, it certainly could fade-away. congressional republicans would very much like for this to fade-away so they can talk about the jobs numbers we saw yesterday or we can talk about obamacare. one thing we've seen in this administration and even in the transition is distractions on so many different issues that take the eye off of the ball of where the trump white house and where
7:18 am
we're congressional republicans would like them to be. just as we saw after president trump's speech before congress, it was very well received. a few days later tweets took republicans off message again. it's very important. we're still in such early days with this white house that they focus on the issues that they want to focus on and not get distracted whether by other people or internally. >> but what administration, would not want to focus on those job numbers? they were very strong. 235,000 in the first month fully that donald trump is commander in chief. and this is something that was really hit the crux of his whole campaign that he was going to bring jobs back, he was going to fix the economy. but when we talk about numbers, he had another take on them during the campaign. let's listen to donald trump in his own words here as he was campaigning for president. >> don't believe the 5.6. the real number is anywhere from 18 to 19 and maybe even 21% and
7:19 am
nobody talks about it. because it's a statistic that's full of nonsense. >> i hear 5.3% unemployment. that is the biggest joke there is in this country. >> the 5% figure is one of the bigge biggest hoaxes in american politics. >> the whole validation of numbers came up yesterday during a press conference with sean spicer. let's listen to how he explained it. >> i talked to the president prior to this. he said to quote him very clearly. they may have been phoney in the past, but it's very real now. >> he got some laughs there. the question is, i mean, is it really funny? >> well, look. i think it was a lighthearted mo moment from saean who i know well. we should focus on the numbers
7:20 am
in front of us. clearly a good jobs report. some of that is certainly spill overfrom the waning days of the obama presidency. some is from wall street with deregulation happening by the white house and within laws that get sent to the white house that this is a more positive business climate and i think it's something the president should rightly be proud of. >> steven, do you think that it was the -- i mean, that was the extent of the answer. they laughed it off. kind of like, you know, trump, this is how it is. so there really wasn't an answer given. >> clearly. i think the test will come as to whether the white house believes these numbers and will stand by them if the unemployment rate were to go up and fewer jobs were created. if we look back at the previous february reports in the last couple years, the job numbers aren't actually that much different than the job creation for the same time that the obama administration was creating. so the test will come. i think yesterday was a good day
7:21 am
if you work tur bureau of labor and statistics and you were worried the white house would cast doubt on these numbers, now they appear to stand by them. the test comes when the economy is not doing so well and whether the white house quarrels with the numbers at a time when the unemployment goes up. i think the jury is out at least for a while on this one. >> so that's what i wanted to get. lynn, if -- is it safe to say, just based on, you know, early predictions and we're only, you know, a couple months into this presidency, as long as the economy is doing well, the president won't necessarily answer some of these other questions that come up? >> well, yes. i agree with your premise, that as long as the economy is doing well, the base of the support for president trump won't waiver. i'm glad by the way that you did play the video of trump disparaging this jobs report because i think it was a very funny wise crack that spicer
7:22 am
made via trump. and i appreciate good humor in tough times. but you can't go around the country and say the numbers don't mean anything until you pick and choose what you want. i say that in the context of your question because people have to believe in their own pocketbooks that things are better. this goes back to when you talk about health insurance or not, certain things people know for themselves. we might not be able, as individuals, to know if our foreign policy is working in the southern hemisphere or if a trade pack is or is not working. we know if we have jobs, if our friends and families have jobs, if our salaries have been cut f we have affordable health insurance. i think this will take time to seep in as they go forward and put forward its budget. i think one job report which continues the obama trade of having very good job reports for months and years on end is just
7:23 am
too soon to make a conclusive finding as to what it means for trump politics. we do know that if t buys him more time to get his agenda in place. >> lynn sweet, steven colinson, doug, always appreciate your voices. thank you. some undocumented immigrants daring to come out of the shadows, even going on camera to take on the president. why they say they will not be afraid. rj also from undocumented, on wall street at just 27 years old tlr , there's one woman sharing her dream despite the hurdles she faced of becoming a u.s. citizen. and two in the reserves. our 18 year old was in an accident. when i call usaa it was that voice asking me, "is your daughter ok?" that's where i felt relief. it actually helped to know that somebody else cared and wanted make sure that i was okay. that was really great.
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. so glad to have company here. i'm cristi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. good morning to you. happening now, vice president mike pence is in louisville kentucky. he'll be speaking from this location here at a train factory there. set to deliver remarks in just a few minutes. we're going to bring that to you live in about 20 minutes from now. he's scheduled to speak, but we know that time can float around. >> it certainly can. meanwhile house minority leader nancy pell lows see, oh on -- plant to hear from faith based businesses. negatively impacted by the president policy. the democrats visit comes two
7:29 am
weeks after members of congress toured the border. >> some undoumcumented immigrants -- their intention, to stand up to president trump. they spoke to us. >> this is the text message that i sent to my friends. >> last night brenda said something she thought she would never do. she came out to her friends and told them she was undocumented. >> i've been living in fear not only for myself but for my family, but for people that i know. fear that my parents will be ripped away from me, that i'll be ripped away from them, ripped away from the land that i've called home for the past 19 years. >> the 21-year-old says simply she was tired of being scared. >> i think it's time for us to be united. to present a strong front. to actually fight for what we want. >> and she's not alone.
7:30 am
she's part of a growing group of undo undocumented immigrants who are coming out of the shadow. she lives with her fam ily in nw orleans. she immigrated from honduras. she doesn't like it when people tell hershey shou she should go. >> translator: this is my country. i came here and helped rebuild it. >> her and her husband are in the u.s. illegally and took a risk by being on camera. they said it sends a message to donald trump by saying we are not afraid. they thank donald trump for giving them a reason to stand up. >> i honestly think he's kind of supporting us. >> they're jounined by people le jonathan ramirez. he too is empowered he said to
7:31 am
fight. >> they're coming against us, but the community they're coming in a way more united. towards a plan or action of what's going to happen. >> this is you as a little girl? >> reporter: back in tennessee she knows she's a little more safe than her counterparts. she's a dreamer and has deferred action, but she's more worried about her future. she's worried about those that find out about this interview that she's undocumented. she hopes one day shy see her as an american. >> i'm an immigrant. i work for efg thatverything th want. i pay my taxes. a lot of us pay our taxes. we find a way to not do anything legal. we follow all the laws except coming to this country illegal. >> reporter: unfortunately to her critics, that's something they may never get past. >> i want to bring more to this
7:32 am
conversation. she's living with what some consider to be the american dream. she was hiding in sight. she bought a fake green card, a social security number. at 27 she became the vice president of the goldman sachs, one of the vice presidents there. she told her story in her book my underground american dream. good to have you. >> thank you for having me. >> i want you to comment on the white house's plan for immigration a moment, but i want to read a bit of the book that you wrote shortly after a morthr of two was departed back after. this is a portion of it. this is a question i encounter often. why don't illegals get in the back of the line and do it the right way? the short answer is that line is a myth cal place. a phrase used to deflect the need for immigration reform. i'm not going to ask you to solve america's challenges of
7:33 am
immigration, but how does your story inform the conversation? >> sure. well, i was undocumented for over a decade. i came here. my parents brought me here when i was 11 years old and i remained undocumented until i was married to a u.s. citizen. i can tell you that i didn't choose to stay undocumented. a lot of people believe that we choose to be undocumented. and that couldn't be farther from the truth. i graduated from honors from the university of texas at austin. i became a vice president at goldman sack. none of my academic or professional achievements qualified me to become a u.s. citizen. the only option that i had was through marriage. and so there is this myth that undo undocumented people remain undocumented because they want to. the reality of that line as i said, doesn't exist. and so we keep labor that should be legal.
7:34 am
we keep it illegal. and we make it impossible for people to become documented and then we criminalize them and we tell them to get out of our country. meanwhile, we're benefiting from their labor. >> so the president during the campaign made immigration pretty much the center of his campaign. took what some would consider to be a hard line on immigration. and we know through reporting that last month apprehensions in the southwestern section of the border were down fo40%. some would say it's worksining. do you agree? >> well, i think donald trump is trying to take credit for things that have been happening for a long time before he became president. border crossings have been the lowest levels that they have been since the 1970s. that's been happening for a long time. yes, maybe they are down even more now, but people aren't
7:35 am
flocking to the u.s. as he would say or as many news media reports would suggest. migration from mexico, have the country i am originally from is sexual actually zero. there are as many mexicans leaving the country as coming here. i don't think the fear tactics that he's ploig are working. i don't think the bills of dollars he wants to spend building a wall is money well spent. i think you need to focus on the real issues that are happening in our country instead of scapegoating immigrants for those issues. >> you pointed out net migration was actually zero, but many supporters in the white house would also point out many people coming through the country from central america are coming through mexico and those numbers are still growing. let meet ask you what we're hearing from the administration
7:36 am
as it relates to children. we heard from the secretary of homeland security about potential plans for what the u.s. would do with these families, with these children. he spoke with wolf blitzer this week. i want to get your reaction. >> let me be precise. if you get some young kids who manage to sneak into the united states with their parents, our department of home hand security personnel going to separate the children from their moms and dads? >> yes, i am considering an audit to deter more movement along this dangerous network. i am considering exactly that. they will be well cared for as we deal with their parents. >> your reaction to that? >> first of all, the people that are coming from central america are coming here as refugee seekers. they're actually presenting themselves at the border to seek asylum. that's why they're coming here. and it's interesting to me that
7:37 am
the secretary would say that they're considering separating their parents from the children at the same time that they're building new family detention facilities where families, mothers and children are kept together while they're being processed and many times in horrible conditions, in for-profit detention centers. what he's saying and what is actually happening are two completely different things. you can't separate the parents and at the same time be building these detention facilities where they're going to house families. >> jalisa, thank you so much for being part of the conversation with us this morning. >> thank you for having me. secretary of state rex tillerson will make his first trip to asia next week. he will be doing so without the press. a lot of people questioning the secretary's move to book out the media. we have an up date on that. stay close. it's over.
7:38 am
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21 minutes past the hour. secretary of state rex tillerson traveling to south korea next week in his first visit to asia since he took office and he's doing so without the press pool. he he's also visiting japan and china. his timing comes escalating tensions regarding north korea's missile launches. sb intelligence officials watching north korea in light of the south korean ousting of the president. kr cnn global affairs correspondent alise following this story. talk to us about this timing and the concerns as we watch from outside the perspective. what's happening in south korea? what's happening in north korea? what rex tillerson is going to do as we try to decipher what it means for the u.s.? >> well, clearly the impeachment
7:43 am
of president park could not come at a more difficult time because of all this political vacuum. the fear is that north korea will try to exploit that. and also south korea's having tension not just with north korea but also with its neighbors both china and japan. japan over a diplomatic despite but china over the deployment of the missile defense system with the united states to ward off north korea. secretary of state tillerson will come into this all. he'll be asked -- meeting not with the leader of the country, but with the acting president, with the foreign minister and try to just plan the road ahead until the south koreans can have an election. there's a very progressive candidate that's in the lead right now who wants to move to a more kind of diplomatic approach with north korea, which the u.s. isn't really feeling that right now. what i think secretary tillerson
7:44 am
wants to do is in south korea keep the road ahead, keep the defense posture very strong. in china where it's clearly north korea's strongest backer and ally and financial supporter, he wants china to use its leverage on north korea. but i think one of the things that he'll be trying to do when he goes out is to draw more international attention to the north korea problem. you've seen these missile defense -- missile tests. we're hoping that won't be another nuclear test anytime soon, but north korea is looking toward a long-range enter ballistic missile which could hit the united states and it could also hit europe. i think what you'll hear from secretary tillerson is this is want a regional problem that south korea and china and japan have to deal with. this is an international problem along the lines of iran's nuclear program. >> we appreciate it very much. thank you so much for the
7:45 am
update. we're following news out of syria this morning. twin bombs rocked the city of damascus leaving dead. targeted buses carrying iraqis. next door the president slammed the troops in the syria. >> any foreign troops coming to syria without our invitation or permission, whether they're american turkish or any other one. we don't think that th is going to help. >> also went on to say he did not give the u.s. the green light to enter syrian territory and has had no personal contact with president trump. up income a look into the private life of the first lady, how she's breaking the mold and making her own rules as a modern first lady. my fine lines and wrinkles in one week.
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breaking news coming from the white house, excuse us as we look at our laptop because this is just coming in. a man carrying a backpack was arrested friday night after breaching white house security complex there before being discovered by a secret service officer. this is by the south entrance to the executive residence. >> this is an incident that happened just before midnight. overnight president trump was at the white house which is significant there. secret serviceoor says it is intruder may have entered the white house grounds on the east side before he was able to make his way near the residence, the
7:51 am
south portico entrance. >> what can you tell us about the security condition at the white house and the details that we're learning as well? we have tom fuentes, but let's start with the reporting. >> reporter: we're just piecing together the reports we're getting. as you mentioned what it appears happened here is that a man gained entrance to the white house security perimeter at around 11:38 friday night and actually made quite a bit of progress into the white house perimeter before finally being captured there by the south portico entrance which is on the back side of the white house. this is a pretty familiar entrance to the white house. this is of course the entrance that the president would enter and exit from when he's leaving on a trip to get on to marine one before heading to joint base andrews. it's also a place where the president will regularly greet
7:52 am
foreign visitors and people that are coming to the white house. they'll bring their motorcade up on that driveway that enters through the south portico. you mentioned the security at that time. it was raised to the orange level which is one of the highest security levels before the situation was brought under control and this man was put under arrest. we're told that the president was in the residence at the time. the suspect could have been only a few hundred yards away from the president at that time, but the president was never in any danger. he was made aware of the situation as soon as the secret service could provide him those details. and as we said, the president was not harmed. this individual is under arrest right now. we are still waiting an official statement from the secret service regarding this incident. as of now security at the white house is back to its normal level after being at the orange
7:53 am
level overnight. just to recap, a man arrested after breaching what we believe the east side of the white house complex and gaining entrance near the south portico entrance which was a significant distance to get that far on to the grounds before being arrested and he did have a backpack with him. >> we appreciate it so much. let's bring in senior law enforcement analyst and former fbi, tom fuentes. your reaction somebody was able to get that close to the president when he may have been in the white house itself. >> i'm a little bit shocked by this because we thought that the security perimeter, the fencing being raised and other systems around that white house had been improved. so that we wouldn't have a fence job -- jumper. right now we don't know how that person got on the grounds, but yes, you know, they need to get to the bottom of it and we'll find out more in the coming
7:54 am
hours. as of now, yes, it's pretty shocking that someone, again, got close to the white house. >> we know that as you mentioned, tom, that the security there at the white house with the changes to the fence there have been implemented after there was several fence jumpers during the obama administration, even one man making it into the building. we don't know yet how this man got in. that's still what we're trying to figure out. but your degree of concern that potentialli potentially these changes having been effect snd. >> not 100% obviously. you could easily have someone, if they had an automatic weapon in that backpack, they could quickly overcome the security door entrances and make it inside the building and then who knows what. the other concern that secret sever has when an incident like this happens is this one just
7:55 am
one lone crazy person, or is this part of the plot? will there be more people coming over the fence? is this going to be a larger scale attack on the white house from an individual or group of individuals that have been watching too many movies that depict that very thing? attacks on the white house? >> we can deduce that it was male just based on the reporting here that they say he was able to get his way near the resident south portico entrance, bau he had a backpack as we've mentioned. the orange level, security level went up to orange. he is is in custody after he was arrested. what happens to him now, tom? >> well, right now they would have spent the night trying to interview him, interrogate him as to his motivation, who he is, where he's from, is he a member of some group that might have wanted to harm the president or harm the white house itself. so they're going to be trying to get to the bottom of who is this person and what might his
7:56 am
motivation have been and also is he operating all by himself. they'll be going through also in the hours and days ahead his social media, his e-mail, his telephone records, all of the rest of it to try to determine does he have a criminal record, does he have a psychiatric record that maybe he's been institutionalized. have other friends reported on him in the past. they'll try to get to the bottom of whether he had political motivations beyond just getting his attention that he's getting right now. >> is ryan noble still with us? >> yes, i'm here. >> let's go to you back at the white house. we appreciate the reporting of peter morrison and jeff, but why is this almost 12 hours later exclusive reporting? should we have expected there would have been a statement from the white house? are we expecting that we'll hear the white house comment on this? >> well, to be clear, whenever you deal with security issues, it's not the white house or the administration that responds to
7:57 am
those requests. those requests come directly from the secret service. i have been in touch with the secret service agent all morning long trying to firm up this reporting and get the full breadth of exactly what happened. they have promised they're going to provide us the information. they're very tight lipped into how they secure the white house and the way they secure the white house and the information that comes out. we are still working those sources trying to get all that specific information. just to give you an idea of the white house grounds where we are and how far this suspect made it on to the grounds, i'm standing here and right behind me is the north portico entrance or if you're here as a tourist, this is where you come down pennsylvania avenue. if you're taking a tour, this is where you'd exit from. the south portico is on the complete opposite end f. you're at the washington monument for instance and looking back over the ellipse towards the white house, the south portico
7:58 am
entrance you'd be able to see from there. when we talk about the east side of the white house which is where we believe the suspect was ail to gain entrance, that's the area by the visitor center. if you were coming here on a tour, you'd enter on that side of the white house. imagine if you've ever been on the grounds here, 16 acres, there's quite a bit of distance between the fencing and before you can actually get to the white house itself. so this particular suspect made it quite a distance to get all the way from that fence on the east side all the way up to that south portico before he was detained by secret service. as we said before, we should point out the president was never harmed, never in any specific danger. but the suspect did get just a few hundred yards away from where the president was on friday night. >> you know, what's interesting is this is the first weekend the president has been at the white house. for the last four weeks -- weekends, he's been at in
7:59 am
florida. >> we should also point out there's been quite a bit of criticism about the security situation at mar-a-lago as well. it is a private club but there are members who are able to come and go freely. they do have to pass through security when they do get there. having been there at the mar-a-lago grounds, but there has been concern that the security isn't tight nouenough. you take it back to the white house that is and should be one of the most secure residences in the world. the idea that someone could get through and be here when the president is of concern. as tom points out, this is not a problem we haven't seen before. the last time someone jumped over the fence was back in april of 2015, so this happens. it happens to the point where they've taken pretty dramatic steps to try and prevent this from happening by raising the fencing. you see a lot more of secret
8:00 am
service uniform presence around the white house. so this is something they've been trying to curve. yet again, we see another problem. >> ryan noble, stay with us. tom fuentes as well. we'll continue with the breaking news. thank you so much for being with us this morning. >> we appreciate your company. fredericka whitfield going to take you through the next few hours as we continue to watch the breaking news to see if we can get some answers about how he was able to get so close. >> tharnnks so much. we begin with that breaking news. this intruder breaching security at the white house making it all the way to the residential entrance. president trump was inside. officials say a man carrying a backpack was arrested by the south portico entrance to the executive residence just before midnight last night after being discovered by a secret service officer. the white house was placed under security condition orange. one of the highest levels of security for the


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