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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  March 12, 2017 12:00am-1:01am PST

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47th first lady. [ applause ] ♪ government refuses to allow the turkey dutch minister to hold a rally. donald trump fires a high-profile u.s. attorney while the vice-president works to unite republicans on health care. will he? clouds continue to gather on the streets of seoul, south korea, two days after the removal of the president. these stories all ahead on "cnn newsroom." i'm natalie allen. i'm going to welcome our viewers here in the united states and all around the world to "cnn
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newsroom." our top story, a diplomatic balt is brewing between turkey and the netherlands. they refused to let the turkish foreign minister's plane land for a rally. protests have broken out and turkey has sealed off dutch diplomatic reasons for what it calls security reasons. dutch police also blocked turkey's family affairs minister from entering the turkish consulate. >> reporter: the manager of this location has higher orders to ask you to leave holland today. >> we can escort. >> reporter: the team is here to escort you on the fastest route to germany by following the team in your own country. >> i will go to the consulate building. this is my consulate's building and i don't agree and i am not
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leaving. >> she refuses that. she is a minister. she does not want to go to germany. >> then we'll just discuss. we'll discuss. it is possible there will then be other consequences. >> we have to make a call and other decisions could be made that might not be good for you. >> there is an example right there of the tension turkey's foreign minister is warning of a strong response to the netherland's actions. >> absolutely. it will not go unanswered and will have consequences the dutch government decides. so they canceled it due to security concerns, what? so is the turkey's minister a terrorist. of course, we will not target to netherland's people when we take steps. our target is the dutch government. this is not an attitude to me. this behavior is aimed at turkey's foreign minister.
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>> let's talk about this right now with netherland's based freelance journalist, robert chessle. >> robert, let's back up and talk about the genesis of this. this protest in rotterdam, who was holding it and what was it to bb? >> what we discovered late last night is that it was orchestrated by the consul general of turkey in the netherlands at the rotterdam consulate. he and others were calling on turkish/dutch people to come to the consulate to hold a demonstration as a show of force. basically, this is an example of election time grandstanding, let's say, polling time grandstanding. turkey has a big referendum coming up next month that's going to give a lot more power to president erdogan. they are trying to get turkish
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people campaigning and rallying to get them to vote to give erdogan more power. the netherlands is about to face a general election on wednesday. so prime minister could not possibly allow a huge, turkish campaign to take place. this is basically election-time grandstanding from both sides. >> the back and forth between turkey and the netherlands. >> it is unprecedented, unprecedented that a minister of a foreign country is detained and deported from the country. sme she is not even allowed tone ter her own country's territory. the consulate is the territory of turkey, even though it is
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here in the netherlands. it is practically unprecedented for had thing to happen. it hasn't happened in the netherlands in any time in living memory. it is a bizarre situation. all of the protests are being orchestrated. that's certainly the case. >> where do you see this going from here? how might this simmer down? >> i don't think it is going to. erdogan, the turkish leader's whole point is to show his people, the turkish people that he has power, power enough to influence affairs all the way over there in europe. he is making use of this for his referendum campaign showing that europe is against turkey. turkey, he would like to position it as a democratic country even though we know there are very big problems with the furk ish democracy and the sweep and aret of lots of people in academia and pe is making
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full use to position europe as an enemy of turkey to gain as much possible support for his referendum for more political power. >> a story we will continue to watch as it unfolds. robert chessle there. thank you so much. we'll talk with you again for sure. to u.s. politics, a federal prosecutor who thought his job was safe in the trump administration was suddenly fired saturday after getting into a showdown with the white house. p he was u.s. torn for southern manhattan, famous for taking on drug lords and crooked bankers. they explains how the sheriff of wall street, as he is called, lost his badge. >> after a stunning standoff with the white house, the u.s. attorney in manhattan, farid farara is out. we are learn whag he was told and by whom.
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the president did not call him. the acting deputy attorney, dana bente called him and asked if it was true he was refusing to re-sign. she said, if that's true, the president says you are fired. the question is, what exactly has changed since november when he said he was told he could stay on and continue through trump's presidency. that is the real question. what's changed since november? the white house is not saying much and referred us to the justice department. the justice department is also not saying anything other than that berarra has been asked to step aside. what will we see in these coming days about why we have seen a difference from november until now. back to you. >> the trump white house is trying hard not to get bogged down with the controversy over
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the sacking of these u.s. attorneys and is instead focusing on trying to get rid of obama care. u.s. vice-president, mike pence, was urging republicans to back the plan now before congress. he traveled to louisville, kentucky, and posed a direct challenge to republican sceptics like rand paul without mentioning the senator by name. >> folks are let me be clear. this is going to be a battle in washington, d.c. for us to seize this opportunity to repeal and replace obamacare once and for all, we need every republican in congress and we are counting on kentucky. at the end of the day, after a good and vigorous debate, we know kentucky will be there and we will repeal and replace obamacare, once and for all. >> let's talk about the goings-on from the trump administration with a frequent guest, scott lucas, professor of
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international politics at the university of birmingham in england. how are you? >> doing well glchlt is ni. >> nice to see you. the big headline brought the trump administration firing dozens of u.s. attorneys. the story we just brought of preet bharara, who kind of forced trump to fire him. is this really any big deal sm. >> on the surface, there have been other administrations when they come into office for the resignations of u.s. attorneys. they do so in a very well-ordered process so you can replace those attorneys and not leave a giant vacancy. as has been common with the trump administration, it acted suddenly in this case. all of the sudden, it just told 46 u.s. attorneys, all of whom are from the obama era, that's it, you are out. bharara was getting the
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headlines because he refused to go. there is a wire context. the trump administration has been in a running battle with the judiciary and with the staff of the justice department since it took office. you may remember in january, that trump dismissed the acting attorney general, sally yates, when she raised the issue of national security adviser, michael flynn's links with russia. you had the fair with the judges dismissing the muslim ban and saying we can't let, so-called judges to pursue this. the justice department saying, wait a minute, you have to act within the law. significantly, attorney general, jeff sessions, the head of the justice department, is under fire for his russian links and apparently, there is a big divide between him and justice department staff. so bharara is that there is wear going on between trump and the p
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judiciary. we just saw mike pence saying, you have to rally behind this health care plan p. we need everyone on board. will they get it? >> right now, they are looking like they don't have many troops to go into battle. the trump administration is under fire for two sides, doctors, nurses, the chief medical officer for medicare, major hospitals o wwho are sayi they don't like this. they are joined by economists who say this will give $157 billion windfall to the richest while not ensuring coverage for the poor. there are those that say, this doesn't go hard enough who say this is obamacare like. rand paul is part of that second group. it is more important that there are a lot of people within the first group who aren't going to be breitbart news. it is going to be a lot of
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professionals and congress tends to listen to those people bh it comes to a vote. >> the other part of this story, a lot of republican leaders, representatives, have been getting pushback from their constituents who have been in their face, frayed afraid of lo obamacare and what will be right there to replace it as well. that's another big part of this story. >> you are absolutely right. once you get beyond the headline of obamacare must be repealed, people are saying a couple of things. look, you are looking to restrict the expansion of medicare. as i get older, am i going to be covered? two, more than 20 million people were able to get insurance or added to the roles because of obamacare. there is well-justified skepticism that the republican
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plan does not meet the challenge on either of those points. >> this is a major story right now. so many people have a lot at stake, not just in the health care industry but the people receiving health insurance right now. a big, big deal for president trump to see this. we will wait and see what happens. we appreciate your joining us. thank you. >> how about this one? an arraignment is set for monday for a man found outside the white house late friday while president trump was inside. the secret service says 26-year-old jonathan tran was carrying a laptop, a book by mr. trump, two cans of mace and a l letter claiming information about russian hacking. they found him outside the entrance of the bhwhite house a he told them he jumped the fence. it is the first known intrusion since mr. trump took office. north korea is react tog the
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welcome back to "cnn newsroom." north korea is gloating over the political turmoil in its southern neighbor. a court upheld the impeachment of park geun-hye. many call ford her arrest. an election to decide her successor is set to be held within 60 days. ivan watson is in seoul. he joins us with the region. in the region of blue house where the president has been. wre are hearing.
12:19 am
she may be leaving. >> reporter: it is anticipated that the now former president impeached president park geun-hye, is expected to leave from the official residence of the president, the blue house. i am standing in front of the security checkpoint presumably she could leave out of now that she has basically been stripped of her powers as president and now is becoming a private citizen. we are keeping a close eye on that. this is historic, the first impeachment of an elected south korean president if is also notable. nobody has heard from her since the impeachment has took place, since the 8 constitutional judges ruled that she must be stripped of her powers on friday. there has not been any formal
12:20 am
xhooun kags with t communication with the public about this dramatic move. we do know her private residents, which are on the other side of the south korean capital, that prep riarations h been underway for her to move in there. she will become a private citizen. there are security operations going into place such as security cameras for her move back to that place. we are anticipating she would return there. so, this is a big moment for this country, a moment that thousands of people were celebrating in the streets of seoul on saturday night, celebrating with fireworks, in fact, after months of mass protests helped lead to this historic moment. natalie? >> right. there will, no doubt, be celebrations when they realize her car is pulling out of the blue house and she is headed back home.
12:21 am
what about the call ochs of her be prosecuted, where does she go from here and who knows? >> all of this is kind of quite speculation but it is likely that there could be prosecution and a further investigation of the corruption allegations and the scandal that brought her down in the first place. unlike in the past where she refused to testify argue ning t her post of president and responsibilities protected her from that. she is now stripped of those protections so presumably could be forced to answer in person to the charges against her. those are some of the measures that she could face in the future. meanwhile, the country will have to prepare for elections for a new president. that is expected to take place within 60 days. one date that has been floated is possibly may 9th.
12:22 am
her conservative political party which changed its name amid this enormous scandal has announced its candidate will be announced at the end of this month on march 31st. we can anticipate that south korea will embark on this new political cycle to choose a new leader. the challenges that south korea faces after this incredible political drama. they are significant begin wg north korea, the neighbor to the north which continues to act in quite a bell acoss manner launching missiles and being accused of assassinating the ruling member of the dynasty's brother last month. >> the fact that noort korea is gloating over all of this bedlam that is going on to the south. ivan watson, we thank you.
12:23 am
we'll get back to you live if you do indeed see her motorcade exiting the blue house. south korea's next leader will face a host of international challenges at the forefront, a growing nuclear threat from north korea. here is cnn's kim law with more about that. >> reporter: the end of civil za is could happen in a flash with a nuclear bomb. north korea's recent missile test and aggressive flexing of its growing nuclear power sounds an alarm combined with today's political climate means a ratcheting up of the world's nuclear threat level. >> the possibility of some kind of a nuclear catastrophe is probably greater than it has ever been, greater than any time during the cold war. >> he served under president bill clinton and traces his nuclear knowledge back to the cuban missile crisis as a cia
12:24 am
analyst during the kennedy administration when america edged frighteningly close to a nuclear war with russia, when schoolchildren rehearsed for a nuclear attack. today, an aggressive russia is once again doubting its nuclear capability bhil north korea tests the new president. a brash full-time position. >> the united states will not yield its supremacy to anybody. our goal is to make sure we maintain america's dominance around the world. >> what is the north korean piece of this? >> the danger is not that north korea would deliberately plan an tack but they would blunder into some kind of a conflict. >> is it real? how real is this? >> the nuclear weapons are very real, almost 15,000, more than enough to destroy the entire
12:25 am
president. >> reporter: it is a concerned being echoed by bruce blair, former nuclear missile launch officer who recorded this anti-trump ad. he said he is speaking not as a partisan but as a scholar. his kerp, not just kim jong-un but president trump. this person is erratic, impulsive, aggressive, ill-informed. he is the soul authority who can decide whether or not to launch thousands of nuclear weapons in minutes with a single phone call. i don't have confidence in his judgment. i live in fear that he would make a bad call and that that call could be civilization ending. >> trump supporters like carl hig by saying, despite his fiery rhetoric, the president understands the power. >> launching a nuclear weapon is far different than launching a tweet. >> the world is a safer place if
12:26 am
our enemies believe there is a chance that we may use nuclear power. >> president trump in an interview with reuters says that he does dream of a world where nuclear weapons don't exist. but as long as they do, he wants the united states to be at the top of the pack. his critics counter that that simply doesn't make the world safer, kyung lah, cnn, los angeles. syrian president is questioning why russian troops are in syria. he does not think that american forces will help in the battle against isis. he added that the americans have, in his words, lost nearly every war and only end up creating a mess wherever they have been. u.s. officials say u.s. marines are currently in northern syria to back up local forces there who are preparing for an assault on the isis-held city of raka.
12:27 am
this week will be crucial for the revised travel ban of president donald trump. you will hear from muslim americans who are defending the president. plus, espionage has gone digital as hackers go after europe online. we will give you a look at the intel agency tracking their every step.
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welcome back to our viewers. the dutch prime minister says the netherlands wants no part in the campaign of turkish
12:31 am
ministers and their country. they refused to let the turkish foreign minister's plane land for a rally in rotterdam. u.s. president donald trump fired preet bharara. fired for refuse tog re-sign along with more than 40 other u.s. attorney that is were forced out. cnn has learned president trump's aide called him but he wouldn't answer. he said there are rules forbidding such contact. a 26-year-old man that recently lost his job was discovered just outside the white house while president trump was inside. it was the first known intrusion of the complex since mr. trump took office. officers say the man had jumped the white house fence and had mace and a personal letter to the president.
12:32 am
supporters of the former president rallied while a court upheld her impeachment. park geun-hye has been mired in political conflict and they want her arrested. a handful of critics for the revised travel band by president trump. muslim-american leaders are criticizing the ban. some muslim-american leaders are coming to the president's defense. martin savidge has our story. >> reporter: talat rashid and dr. rakas khan, faced anger and ugliness they have never seen before. >> i have seen my close friends turn their back on me. >> reporter: the backlash wasn't against their fraaith but their politics. >> i support donald trump. >> khan and rasheed even went to
12:33 am
trump's inauguration, all of which earned them scorn from fellow muslims. >> i had to receive comments like, i never knew you were a racist. you are anti-islamic, a trader, trying to be white, brownie, all these slurs. trump's campaign rhetoric particularly about muslims bothered many people, including salim sheikh. he is friends with rasheed and a life-long republican who voted for hillary clinton. >> i was quite concerned about some of mr. trump's statements at that time. >> total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. >> reporter: how could you support a man who seemed to be so anti-muslim? >> when the statement about the muslim ban came out, i was kind of offended to be very honest but then i took a deep breath
12:34 am
and i looked at the message behind the statement. >> reporter: the message rasheed and khan heard wasn't of discrimination. instead, they heard trump identifying a problem they see in their own faith, one american leaders and many muslims up until now haven't openly faced, violent radical extremist. >> the main war is within islam, not outside. the first war we have to win is the war that the reformers or the modern muslim vs. to win against the radicals. >> reporter: terrorism he says is a byproduct of that war and trump is taking actions against some muslims to protect all americans. still, they admit, the first travel ban was a mistake. >> i athink that was too much. i did not agree with him in the beginning? >> reporter: you think it is better now? >> it is a little better now. his message is not hating all the muslims. he is just trying to protect this country as a president. that's his job.
12:35 am
>> reporter: salim disagrees saying the best way to protect america is not by shutting people out. >> i am a very proud american citizens. i want to look and see america as being number one in the world but i think it can do that by reaching out to the people. >> reporter: like many of donald trump's supporters, rasheed and khan say that kind of thinking is too ideal lis stick in today's frightening world. >> america's national security should be beyond any politics or religion and should be a top priority being an american. >> all three of those are from pakistan, not under any travel bans under the trump administration. i asked them, should it be considered? there are connections with pakistan's connections to the taliban and that osama bin laden was found in pakistan. all three men were unanimous, no, there no need.
12:36 am
a florida man was accused of setting a convenience store on fire wanting to run the arabs out of our country. they say richard lloyd told them he thought the owners were muslim and that he was doing his part for america. he has been charged and officials are investigating whether it was a hate crime. the store owners are actually of indian dissent. the fire did not cause much damage to their store. one of the biggest shopping malls in germany was closed saturday over fears of a possible terror atk. police say they received concrete indications there was a plan to attack this mall here in the western city of essen. police questioned two men and raided at least one apartment in a nearby town. germany is on high alert after attacks last year, some of which had been claimed by isis. security analysts say hackers targeted european governments in thousands of cyberattacks last
12:37 am
year. as some nations get closer to crucial elections, intelligence agencies are fighting back. they are guarding against espionage and those trying to influence voters. our nina dose santos was given rare access to europe's cybercrime center at the hague. >> deep inside one of europe's most secure buildings behind a bomb-proof facade and unbreakable doors, alths a agen tracking digital footprints of the most dangerous hackers. cnn is given a rare insight. there are limits as to what and who we can film. as the head of the agency's cybercrime center explains. >> this is where we have staff from 15 different countries all working together in relation to the cyberplan investigations. unfortunately, because of the need, the investigations are on going, i can't take you in. >> reporter: secrecy is paramount. cutting edge technology, just as crucial from forensic labs for
12:38 am
mining data to hardware to signal blocking used to extract computer viruses. >> many of them have the ability to actually do something with them. >> reporter: with key elections in some of those states, online espionage and extortion has increased thanks to the availability of hackers for hire. >> they will be using advanced p things, that have never seen before, unknown to the security companies. the use of these type of tactics is extremely difficult to detect. >> the trend has sent cyberinvestigations soaring 200% since 2013. >> i think cybercrime is probably our longest, most enduring security challenge we face in europe. i think it is a concern for western democracies. that's evident. what we are seeing, however, is a cybercriminal infrastructure online that is supporting large
12:39 am
scale cybercriminal activity in very similar ways. >> the prime suspect, russia, which germany said probably infiltrated its parliament computers in 2015. among the targets, nato, which is facing 500 attempted breaches a month. russia has denied it is behind these attacks. the eu is on high alert. >> we have seen an increase of about 20% in the attacks against the commission. sometimes i think they are seek t toging to distract information and there are attacks designed to put a question mark over the correct functioning of the commission or other institution that is have been attacked elsewhere across the european union. >> those delving into the web's darker side, they are finding a world where the front line is no longer physical and the armies are online. nina dose santos, cnn in the hague. >> this is something we have been talking about for the past
12:40 am
few days. march 14th is my freedom day. cnn is partnering with young people around the world for a student-led day of action against modern day slavery. driving @myfreedomday is a simple question. what does freedom mean to you? >> those who have freedom forget how important it is. i think it is the right to express yourself without interference whoever or wherever you are. >> freedom means being able to express myself in every aspect of my life without fear of prosecution, persecution and retaliation. >> freedom means having no limitations. it means if you have the opportunity to create vision for your life, freedom is also the opportunity to chase your dreams and aspirations. >> we want to hear what freedom means to you too.
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post a photo or video using the #myfreedomday. you may see it right here on cnn. "saturday night live" has not shied away from criticizing the new president. how the comedy show imagines the president would handle an alien invasion. winter does not want to leave the eastern part of the u.s. just yet. parts of new york are under a blizzard watch. how much snow to expect next. that's a live picture of new york right there. we'll hear from karen maginnis. the more mysterious they sound, the more... powerful you'll think they are. it's time to see what power really looks like. new neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair with accelerated retinol sa. clinically proven to reduce wrinkles in just one week. wrinkles? your time is up! rapid wrinkle repair. and for dark spots. rapid tone repair. neutrogena® see what's possible.
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the calendar says it is mid-march. there is still a mammoth winter weather system bearing down on the east. yesterday, i called it a whack-a-doodle weather.
12:45 am
it is still looking like that, isn't it? >> we have some live shots out of new york and washington, d.c. you think, that looks okay. if you ask folks in both of those cities, they would say this past winter, na, it was okay, nothing terribly bad. spells of bad weather. just wait. we have about 36-48 hours before those two scenes are going to change very dramatically. we have a winter weather system that will become the nor'easter. it means the nor'easter system. we have one weather system that tracks to the south. then, we watch this developing low. this will track along the coast. that is typical nor'easter behavior. the closer it is towards the coast, it is going to be a wetter system. we could see a rain/snow mix. still, it is going to be blustery. we still could see a storm surge, maybe a meter or a three feet. blustery conditions. but, here is somethingvy
12:46 am
interesting. for new york city, go back 50 years, 1967 in march. they had a march snowstorm that really was very impressive. this is going to be impressive as well. it may not be record setting. i almost hate to say that. the computer models are still a little off in putting it all together. watch this cold air dive to the south. it will race up the eastern seaboard, northeastern seaboard so that i-95 corridor, boston, to new york city, under blizzard watch already. that doesn't even start until monday night going into tuesday. if you are traveling to new york city and i know many of our viewers, international travelers, very popular destination, you would think springtime is around the corner, no. it is going to be a powerful system that will disrupt road traffic as well as airline traffic.
12:47 am
what constitutes a blizzard watch lowered visibility, half a mile or half a kilometer, sustained gusty winds. we are looking at snow and blowing snow. we are going to see all of those ingredients. boston is one of those cities that is currently under the blizzard watch which encompasses 17 million people. it is going to be quite impressive. snowfall accumulations across the deep south. some of these may be on the order of 8 inches, 8-10 inches but natalie this is one that has captured everybody's attention. it will keep you updated. >> a blizzard. it is not just a little spring sprinkling of snow, right? >> i was in new york two weeks ago. it was 70. >> yes, it was, at the beginning
12:48 am
of the month. >> our cuckoo winter. the king of saudi arabia is on a tour of asia. his top priority on this trip is energy. cnn's john defterios has the story. >> reporter: his tour of asia has been stealing the show. the continent is a big deal to the kingdom as the world's number one exporter, energy tech's top billing. asia represents about a third of daily global oil demand at over 31 million barrels a day. they compete against russia and iran for their slice. it is expected to grow by 1.4 barrels a day, demand. 1 million is coming from arron ya. on his first leg of the tour, he signed deals worth $15 billion in asia and indonesia. jap app and china are the two most important markets for crude.
12:49 am
the state giant is considering a partial lifting of its ipo at the tokyo stock market. the asian headquarters are right here in beijing. plenty to consider beyond oil. it could support the kingdom in its toefrt diversify its economy, the so-called 20-30 vision and with donald trump still defining his middle east strategy, many suggest that tilt to asia by saudi arabia, couldn't come at a better time. >> you are watching cnn. i'll have more right after this. . roc® retinol, started visibly reducing my fine lines and wrinkles in one week. and the longer i use it, the better it works. retinol correxion® from roc. methods, not miracles.™ parts a and b and want more coverage, guess what? you could apply for a medicare supplement insurance plan whenever you want. no enrollment window. no waiting to apply. that means now may be a great time to shop for an
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in egypt, archaeologists have made a major discovery of a pharaoh that has been gone for years. >> reporter: discovery of colossal proportions, a massive 8 meter statue of what they believe to be ramses ii. he ruled egypt more than 3,000 years ago. the quartzite statue, it is
12:54 am
called one of the most important discoveries ever. >> we found the bust of the statue and the lower part of the head and now we moved the head and found the crown and the right ear and a fragment of the right eye. >> reporter: the joint egyptian/german expedition found part of a life sized limestone statue of ramses grandson, made in a working class part of eastern cairo with unfinished buildings and mud roads. this area was once home to an ancient city of the sun god. >> according to the belief, the world was created there in materia. that means everything had to build here, make statues, temples, everything. >> reporter: archaeologists are working to recover and restore
12:55 am
the main pieces hopefully in time for the opening of the grand egyptian museum next year. jonathan mann, cnn. how fascinating is that. the american satirical tv show ""saturday night live"" is having fun with donald trump. they wondered how u.s. president, donald trump, would handle an alien invasion after alec baldwin returned with his impression of the president. >> what a beautiful day. who here loves trump? i know this guy over here loves trump. here is the deal, we are going to beat these aliens, because we have the best military but we don't win anymore. the aliens are laughing at us, killing us and laughing at us. >> they just vaporized the
12:56 am
entire state of california. >> you said i won the popular vote. >> we are dealing with a highly advanced species here from zorblat 9. their ships are invisible, tell apathic. >> we don't know that they are from zorblat 9. i have heard it is very beautiful, very fantastic. >> does he have business ties on zorblat 9? >> there you have it, another snl. thanks for joining me. the news continues next with hannah vaughn jones. ♪ so nice, so nice. ♪sweet, sweet st. thomas nice. ♪ so nice, so nice. ♪st. croix full of pure vibes. ♪ so nice, so nice.
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diplomatic row. the turkish family minister asked to leave the netherlands among tensions that has turkey threatening retaliation. in a rare move, north korea praises its southern neighbor for the ousting of president park geun-hye, calling it a historical victory. our ivan watson is in seoul. plus, "you're fired," the u.s. president sacks a high-profile u.s. attorney after initially asking him to stay on. live from cnn london, welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm hannah vaughn jones, "cnn newsroom."


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