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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  March 12, 2017 1:00am-3:01am PDT

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diplomatic row. the turkish family minister asked to leave the netherlands among tensions that has turkey threatening retaliation. in a rare move, north korea praises its southern neighbor for the ousting of president park geun-hye, calling it a historical victory. our ivan watson is in seoul. plus, "you're fired," the u.s. president sacks a high-profile u.s. attorney after initially asking him to stay on. live from cnn london, welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm hannah vaughn jones, "cnn newsroom." right now in south korea, there are report that is the
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country's ousted leader, park geun-hye, will leave the presidential blue house any moment now according to the news agency. they upheld park's impeachment over a corruption scandal on friday and on saturday, her opponents rallied in seoul, many to demand her arrest. cnn's ivan watson now for cnn seoul with the very latest. we understand she is going to be leaving imminently, ivan. tell us more. >> reporter: that's what the local media here is reporting we are outside the entrance to the so-called blue house. that's the official residence of the president. i'll get out of the way so that you can kind of see up the road where we anticipate the impeached president to depart. she was impeached on friday. she has continued to reside within that official residence and continued to enjoy the symbolic privilege and protection of its actual walls. once she leaves that, she really
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does become a private citizen again, a leader who end her political career very much in disgrace. we are hearing that the private residence on the other side of the south korea capital that there is a small group of supporters gathered outside chanting, we love you, singing over the course of the weekend efforts and processes underway to prepare that residence for securing the former president, who will still enjoy some prifl lenls of security and bodyguards after being stripped of her powers but this will be the end very much of this leader's political career and very much also the end of political dynasty since park geun-hye's father was very much a ruler and dictator for nearly 20 years until he was killed.
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it is very hard to imagine that she will be able to recover from the scandal and disgrace of the corruption scandal and impeachment. >> we mentioned her opponent wrs out on the streets celebrating. she does, of course, have a huge number of supporters as well within south korea. for many south koreans, the future of their country looking very, very uncertain. has the reality of the situation sunk in this sunday? >> i believe so. there were huge celebrations saturday night in downtown seoul. fireworks display, concerts, people joyous. that is the culmination of months of mass street protest that is helped bring down this leader. that said, where we are outside of the officialle house and
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residents, there are not any formal crowds gathered here but just a few handfuls watch ing i anticipation. while the people who are celebrating out in the streets were championing this as a moment for democracy, for this country, i do believe that there is also a sense that this is unfortunate, that this wasn't a great moment for this country though park geun-hye enjoys very little popular support. we are talking in polls and public opinion surveys, single digit support, 4% or 5%. overwhelmingly, those polls show that people wanted her out of office that supported this process. that said, it is a sombre moment perhaps for many south koreans to see a leader anticipating to part in such disgrace, hannah. we will wait to see, if she does, indeed, leave the building
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behind you. ivan, i'm wondering, bhil she say says there is a sombre mood in the country. there is some concern that north korea along the peninsula is praising the way this scandal has played out. >> reporter: it is incredible irony. north korea, one of the most repressive regimes, is celebrating this. they said, quote, the destructive end of park geun-hye is the historical victory of the justice of the people with the flame of justice, south koreans should fight vigorously to open up a new world in which their dreams and ideals are fulfilled. again, incredible irony for the north korean regime to be embracing the downfall of their
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opponent, park geun-hye, who was very tough on the north korean regime when this was arguably a very dem krootocratic process t brought down this leader. it is an example of checked and balances and people power and the electorate rejecting somebody who won with a convincing victory in election elections in 2012? >> we will, as i said, keep an eye on the situation happening behind you. thank you. a diplomatic row is escalating between turkey and the netherlands prompting protests to break out in both countries. it began on saturday when dutch officials refused to let the turkish foreign minister's plane land for a rally in rotterdam. later they blocked turkey's family affairs minister from the turkish consulate.
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turkey responded by sealing off the dutch embassy and said the dutch ambassador should not return to turkey for, quote, some time. they say the actions by the dutch government are unacceptable. >> this decision is a scandal by all means and it is unacceptable. this does not suit diplomatic practices. this is the most extreme point in diplomacy. a written flight permission issued to a foreign minister is canceled with another written document. this is completely unacceptable. >> the dutch leader tweeted about the turkish family affairs minister saying, go away and never come back and take all your turkish fans from the netherlands with you, please. #, bye-bye. >> let's bring in robert. for our international viewers, explain the bigger picture. why would any turkish minister be attempting to hold a rally
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and campaign in the netherlands anyway? >> it is part of a concerted effort by th ter erdogan government. they are trying to prepare them here and abroad, thousands of turks in europe that have turkish citizenship, to prepare them for a referendum coming up next month to give the president far more power than he currently has. so this campaign is to inform and to campaign to get turks live ago broad to vote for greater powers for president erdogan. we can't ignore the fact that this is also a piece of grandstanding by erdogan and his ministers. he has staged similar rallies and had his ministers go to public places in germany to hold big rallies. the dutch government is facing an election just a few days away
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this coming wednesday. so the turks, the turkish government knew that they were putting the dutch government in a difficult spot by trying to stage a big rally. as you said, they have been very vocal against the turkish and islamic country. facing a tough election, he knew he could not allow a big turkish rally to happen in rotterdam and did not allow the turkish foreign minister to land and has had the family minister detained and taken out of the country as a persona non grata. it is an escalating diplomatic row but basically, election grandstanding on both sides, both the turkish trying to show their might to the turkish people saying, see, look, even europe is trying to push us around. it is erdogan there on the turkish side to gain support for his referendum. on the dutch side, the dutch prime minister is saying, listen, you can't push us around. if he looks weak, he is going to
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badly lose that election a few days from now. >> the dutch prime minister has been accused of bowing to the pressure because the election is js the around the corner. strong words in response from erdogan. he threatens the harshest response to the netherlands. >> they are both members of nato. so anything even coming close to out and out aggression is, of course, out of the question. we are likely to see some sort of economic sanctions perhaps recalling diplomatic personnel. who knows. it certainly is an unprecedented diplomatic row. something like this. in living memory, we haven't seen anything like this. i can't remember the last time a minister of a foreign government was arrested and escorted out of the country anywhere in europe in living memory. it is not just netherlands.
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reports in sweden and other european countries where these turkish rally vs. behave been p that they are somehow going to be sidelined. >> it is clearly a campaign on behalf of erdogan and his government. they have been cutting into freedom of the press. the powers of the president are considered following the failed coo a couple of months ago. i can see why many europe governments would start to resist this attempt to use their territory and the turkish population in their country as a tool to help erdogan gain more
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power. i can understand why this would happen. >> robert, we appreciate your anal sift. tha analyst. earlier, my colleague, jonathan mann spoke to james jeffrey about the growing tension between the netherlands and turkey. >> turkey, like germany and other countries has hundreds of thousands of european union citizens. running campaigns in these countries, you will remember barack obama was a candidate in berlin in 2008 is not uncommon. the problem is that the right in europe, particularly strong in the thnetherlands before the parliamentary election sees the turks and muslims as bad. the left see the turks as too supportive of president erdogan and what they see is his authoritarian policies. the result is a perfect storm. europe needs turkey and turkey
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needs europe given all the threats and challenges we have in the world today. this is a real mess. the way you are describing it, you passed over quickly the fact that the netherlands is having its own election next week ahead of the turkish referendum. in the dutch case, is that what this is really about? the dutch government trying to influence the outcome of that election. >> it is hard to say, jonathan. i have been following this in germany, the netherlands and elsewhere. you have two sets of issues. europe is horrified that the right, be it le pen in france or deutscheland in germany will win an ever-growing part of the population and put pressure on the governments in these countries to shift to a much more anti-immigrant, much more national is stick frame of mind. by the same token, this is tremendous opposition to erdogan and his authoritarian policies on the left and center left.
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all of this comes together. the result is this terrible situation. >> the foreign minister was allowed to speak at a rally in ham burg. >> it is somewhat similar as the netherlands. you are dealing with a far more clever politician, angela merkel. she took the position they won't decide. they won't ban these rallies by turkish officials but rather let the municipalities do it at the local level, cities and towns. some have allowed it to happen. some have not. it has been murky enough so that erdogan has not been able to react as strongly against germany as he has against the netherlands. >> when they ban these meetings citing public safety or public order, is that just a
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transparent figure leaf? >> hundreds of thousands came to see barack obama in germany in 2008 when he was a political candidate and there weren't millions of american voters in germany as there are millions of turkish voters in germany today, dual nationals. the germans just sucked up the public problems of closing down streets all over berlin. this is a patent effort to deny a democratic freedom of speech process because you don't like the people talks, because you are biased against muslims or people who take an authoritarian approach to democracy. turkey says they are going to respond. >> should they be saying refugees instead? >> turkey is playing a crucial role in taking millions of refugees from syria and iraq. erdogan won't change that. when he announces sanctions, he said he would implement them
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after the referendum in april. he is not going to do any sanctions. he is just playing this to show that he is tough wand cand can up to the europeans. this is winning him votes. almost all turks support him and the right of turks to listen to whoever they want to in this referendum campaign. >> ambassador james jeffrey, thanks so much for talking with us. north korea is lashing out at a top u.s. diplomat calling her a, quote, political prostitute. it is a state media released a report slamming nikki haley, the u.s. ambassador to the united nations. it is reaction to her criticism of north korea's leader. then, she told reporters, kim jong-un wasn't a rational person and wasn't thinking clearly. coming up on "cnn newsroom," bombers strike a sacred shrine in the syrian capital.
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welcome back. syrian authorities are trying to find out who is responsible for explosion that is killed dozens in damascus. it happened where the profit mohammed is buried. they are called cowardly and your urged to condemn them. >> reporter: the twin suicide bombers left more than 40 dead and 120 wounded. most of the victim wrs iraqi pilgrims going to shiite shrines in a cemetery in the old city of damascus. it is not clear who was behind these bombings. given the identity, the nationality of the victims and also the location of the attack, it is more than likely the attackers were, indeed, from isis. meanwhile, syrian president,
1:21 am
bashar al assad gave an interview saying he and president donald trump share a common view when it comes to fighting terrorism and fake news. he also went on to say that american troops in syria, there without the permission of the government in damascus, are considered to be invaders. that doesn't necessarily mean that the syrian government is going to do anything about it. syria backed by russia, hezbollah and iran, as well as the united states, which is backing arab and kurdish fighters, as well as turkey, backing factions of the free syrian army, all say they want to take part in the liberation of the defacto capital of isis in syria, raka. how that is going to work out is anybody's guest? >> i'm ben wedeman cnn. a man faces arraignment on
1:22 am
monday after he was found outside the white house late on friday while president trump was inside. the u.s. secret service says 26-year-old jonathan chan was carrying a laptop, a book by mr. trump, two cans of mace and a letter claiming information about russian hacking. they found him outside the entrance of the white house shortly before midnight. he told them he jumped the fence. it is the first known intrusion of the complex since donald trump took office. in a new development that has rocked an already shaken u.s. department, president trump fired the legendary federal prosecutor, sometimes called the share have of wall street. cnn's nora jarrett has or report. >> after a stunning standoff with the white house on saturday, the u.s. attorney in manhattan, preet bharara is out. we are also learning what exactly he was told and by whom. the president did not call him.
1:23 am
the department of justice did. the acting deputy attorney, dana bente, called him and asked him if it was true he was refusing to re-sign. he said it was. dana bente later called him back and said, if that is true, the president says you are fired. the question is what exactly has changed since november when bharara said he was told he could stay on and continue through trump's presidency? that's the real question. what's changed since november? the white house is not saying much and referred us to the justice department. the justice department is also not saying anything other than war bharara has been asked to step aside. the question is, what will we see in these coming days about why exactly we have seen a difference from november until now? back to you. >> laura jarrett.
1:24 am
>> scott lewis, professor of international politics here in the uk. preet bharara aside, there has been more than 40 federal prosecutors all gone in one day. the fact that they have gone is no major surprise. the manner in which they have gone is quite alarming. what do you make of it or read into it? >> i think you are absolutely right about the approach. this was the case where attorney general, jeff sessions just said you are all gone with no plans for any replacements, which is the normal procedure. this is the way this while house operate when is it faces opposition. when it faced opposition from some within the justice department, it just tried to steam roll this over by carrying out these firings. when it faced option within the state department, it has simply left hundreds of jobs unfilled while it fired top individuals or sent them to other positions. this is very much a white house approach of trying to impose its authority on agencies and the legal establishment.
1:25 am
whether he gets away with it, that's where we are into new territory. >> some are arguing at the moment that the executive president is at war with the judiciary in the united states, given the fact that his updated travel ban has just been introduced again, is there some coincidence or otherwise in the timing of getting rid of all of these federal prosecutors, obama era prosecutors and trying to get his travel bans through the courts? >> where nair is smoke, there is a fire. this ain't no coincidence. this is a president when he has faced opposition not just over the travel ban has talk td about so-called judges and questioned whether the judiciary had any right to intervene. this is a president who in january fired attorney general sally yates when she dared raise the issue between the links between trump officials, nagle security adviser, michael flynn, and russian officials.
1:26 am
any time this president faces opposition, he is going to try to deny the legitimacy of his opponents. the judiciary happens to be among them. scott lucas, great to get your take on events there in the united states. coming up, espionage has gone digital as hackers go after europe online. we will give you a rare look at the intel agency tracking their every step. plus, nude photos of women serving in the marines posted online. how one of the victims feels disgusted and betrayed. express yourself.. brow stylist definer from l'oreal. the ultra-thin tip recreates tiny brow hairs. the spoolie brush blends effortlessly. now brows get their most precise look yet. brow stylist definer from l'oreal makeup designer paris. it's realizing beauty doesn't stop at my chin. roc®'s formula adapts to delicate skin areas. my fine lines here? visibly reduced in 4 weeks.
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welcome back. you are watching "cnn newsroom." i'm hannah vaughn jones. these are the headlines we are following this hour. reports say the south korea's ousted leader, park geun-hye, will leave the presidential blue house any time now. that is according to the news agency. a court upheld her impeachment over a corruption scandal on friday. the opponents have called for her arrest. she has lost her immunity. the dutch prime minister says the netherlands wants no part of the political campaign of turkish ministers in their country. it comes after dutch officials refused to let the turkish foreign minister's plane land for a rally. they fired back by sealing off the dutch agency. twin bombings in damascus have killed at least 40 iraqi shiite pilgrims. more than 120 others were wounded. no one has yet claimed
1:31 am
responsibility but sunni terror groups like isis have attacked shiite shines in the past. >> u.s. president, dwt did the, fired the legendary federal prosecutor, preet bharara, he was fired for refuse tog re-sign on friday along with more than 40 other u.s. attorneys who were forced out. they have learned that president trump's aide called him on thursday that he wouldn't answer because of rules forbidding any such contact. one of the biggest shopping malls was closed on saturday over fears of a possible terror attack. police say they received concrete indications there was a plan to attack the mall in the western city of sessen. they questioned two and released one man in a nearby town. germany is on high alert after the attacks last year, some of which have been claimed by isis. security analysts say
1:32 am
hackers that targeted european governments in thousands of cyberattacks last year now as some nations get closer to crucial elections, intelligence agencies are fighting back. they are guarding against espionage and those trying to influence voters. our nina dose santos was given be rare access to europe's cybercrime center at the haig. >> reporter: deep inside one of europe's most secure buildings behind a bomb-proof facade and unbreakable doors, agents at euro poll are tracking digital footprints. cnn has been given a rare insight into the fight against elicit online activity. there are limits as to what and whom we can film as the head of the agency explains. >> this is where we have staff from 15 different countries all working together in relation to the cybercrime investigations. unfortunately, because of the nature of the investigations going on in there, i can't take you in.
1:33 am
secrecy is paramount. cutting edge technology, just as crucial from forensic laps to mining data, to that which is used to extract the most infectious computer viruses. >> many of them don't have the ability to actually do something like this. >> reporter: with key election ns some of those states this year, online espionage and ex portion has increased thanks to the availability of hackers for hire. >> they would be using advanced exploits, things never seen before. the use is difficult to detect. >> cyberinvestigations soaring 200% since 2013. >> i think cybercrime is our longer enduring security challenge we face in europe. it is a concern for our western democracies. that's evident. what we are seeing is a
1:34 am
cybercriminal infrastructure supporting state-sponsored attacks and large scale cyberactivity in very similar ways. >> reporter: the prime suspect, russia, which germany says probably infiltrated its parliaments computers in 2015. among the targets, nato, facing 500 attempted breaches a month. russia has denied it is behind these attacks. the eu is on high alert. >> we've seen an increase of 20% in the attacks against the commissions. sometimes they are seeking to extract information. there are also attacks which are clearly designed more generally to put a question mark over the correct functioning. other institutions have been attacked elsewhere across the european union. >> for those delving into the web's darker side, they are finding a world where the front line is no longer physical and the armies are online. nina dose santos, cnn, in the
1:35 am
hague. >> to italy, now, police and protesters have clashed in naples. the march was against the visit by the leader of the northern league. the party is known for its anti-immigrant rhetoric and for criticizing the southern region. now, the northern league is trying to win the support of the south by tapping into populist ideas. the marine corps has created a special task force after nude photos of female service members were posted on the internet without their permission. now, one of the victims is speaking out. our ryan gallagher reports now. >> in august, 2016, i learned a photo of me was posted on marines united facebook page without my consent. >> 23-year-old erika buckner speaking out saying she is one of the victims of the marines photo scandal on facebook.
1:36 am
>> as mayor reason corvette ran, i am disheartened an disgusted with this scandal. >> it is called marines united, a private facebook group that posts hundreds of photos of active and retired female service members. some of them show the group naked. the photos were posted without the women's consent, sometimes listing their names, rank and social media handles. >> multiple victims recently began speaking out about those unauthorized posts but they received threats and backlashes in an attempt to quiet them. we will not be silenced. >> so far, there are less than ten victim as cording to top officer general robert neller. >> this is our problem. i own it. we own it. he spoke to the press condemning those involved. >> i don't know if active duty marines participated or were willing to this behavior. the investigation that's on going will help us understand
1:37 am
the scope of this. if there is accountability to be made, those that are involved will be held accountable. >> news broke when thomas brennan, a former marine and founder of the military news site, first reported the group to the marines and the naval criminal investigation service. although no one has been charged. secretary of defense, jim mattis, released a statement saying the chain of command is taking all appropriate action to investigate potential misconduct and maintain good order and discipline throughout our armed forces. >> i'm very concerned this system was allowed to fester and exist for as long as it did. >> democratic senator, kristen gillibrand demanded an investigation. >> if you allow a climate like this to exist, you are not taking that pledge seriously and doing what is necessary to get rid of sexual violence within
1:38 am
the military. >> military branches are investigating those involved in posting the photos on facebook. >> stay with us. still to come, winter doesn't seem to want to leave the eastern u.s. just yet. parts of new york are under a blizzard watch. how much snow to expect is coming up next. plus, the worst humanitarian crisis in years. we are going to be hear fing fr an expert trying to fight the deadly food crisis in somalia. per roll
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welcome back. it is the middle of march and the worst weather should be behind us. karen maginnis joins me with the latest. the clocks have changed but it seems the seasons haven't. >> exactly. couldn't have said it better. we have this significant late winter snowstorm that is brewing. they are coming closer together as to how much snowfall. let me lay the ground work for you. we will watch an area of low pressure move across the midwest. the second area will trek up the northeastern seaboard and from new york city, all the way to boston, that encompasses 17 million people, could feel the effects of this nor'easter. it is refer today as a nor'easter as in northeast storm system. depending on how close it gets to the shore. if it is further offshore, that means more snowfall. if it hugs the coast, we are looking at kind of a weather
1:43 am
system. we could see a rain/snow mix. new york city was back in 1960. march, 1960. saw about 36 centimeters of snowfall, 14, 15 inches of snow. will this rival that? 20, 30 centimeters of snowfall, new york city, long island, certainly interior sections looking at it. this blizzard watch doesn't go into effect until monday night going into tuesday. it is going to move in. it is going to move out. could be very impressive for some of these coastal areas. there could that be coastal surge. we could see the surge up to about 1 meter or maybe 3 feet. there is going to be severe coastal beach erosion as well. now, as we go into tuesday, some of the wind gusts, 45-50 kilometers per hour, or miles per hour or about 75-100
1:44 am
kilometer wind gusts certainly possible. this is looking very impressive. boston and new york might have said prior to this, hannah, it wasn't such a bad winter, may be rethinking that. >> karen, we appreciate it. thanks. now, the united nations is pleading for help to save millions of people on the brink of starvation. officials are calling the situation inside south sudan, somalia, yemen and kenya the worst humanitarian disaster in decades. an estimated 20 million people could die if they don't receive immediate aid. here is how one u.n. official explains in emergency. >> we stand at a critical point in our history. we are facing the largest humanitarian crisis since the creation of the united nations. more than 20 million people across four countries face starvation and famine.
1:45 am
without collective and coordinated global efforts, people will simply starve to death. >> the worst crisis is in yemen where continued fighting has left two-thirds of the population of the country in need. he blamed all sides for block the delivery of humanitarian aid. 110 people have already died of starvation. earlier, my colleague spoke to the media manager for save the children in somalia about the food crisis. >> i have traveled a lot with save the children. i have never seen a situation as devastating as i am seeing here in somalia. there are 2.9 million people here that are p facifacing fami. 360,000 people suffering from
1:46 am
malnutrition. 71,000 are severe cases. i went to a malnutrition area and there are really, really sick children, hungry, in pain. their mothers are terrified about what might happen to them. mothers and children are having to walk long distances for days in search of food and water. it is causing cholera and acute die rhe diarrhea. 200 people have died from col cholera. the u.n.'s world program, the pfp, is active in that part of the world. can it reach everyone? >> the u.n. is active here. we are work with the u.n. but we need $825 million. only half of that,ibl i believe
1:47 am
has been pledged. the uk government pledges 100 million pounds. we need the rest of the international community to step up as well. save the children is here. we are ready to save lives. we want to save lives. we need more money in order to do that. >> how do you reach all the people you need to reach when there is conflict? >> that's the case in all four countries, specifically with shabaab and somalia. >> it does provide terrorist access. we are doing as much as we can and we are working in partnership with the government as well. we are doing food distribution and trying to reach earn we can. conflict does cause a problem. >> assuming, and i understand that's a big "if," you were
1:48 am
provided all the resources you need to reach everyone, would th that be a possibility in somalia. >> i think there is still that problem and risk we can not reach everyone. we all work in partnership with the government and the u.n. we are doing what we can. >> fantastic work. thank you very much for talking to us and taking your time today. six years after the powerful earthquake and tsunami that devastated fukushima in japan, some residents are just now getting permission to return to their homes. when they arrive, they may find some unexpected company. >> reporter: after six years, former residents evacuated from some towns near the nuclear power plant in fukushima will soon be allowed to return home. in their absence, wild boars have taken up residence. the bores used to live in the mountains away from people.
1:49 am
now, they roam freely, walking down otherwise deserted streets and grazing in yards. >> after people left, the wild boars ecosystem changed. they came down from the mountains and they are not going back. they found a place that is comfortable. >> as nuclear refugees prepare to come home, local authorities say the boars have to go and have hired hunters to capture and kill them. >> they take considerable risk when they come down and atk people or collide with cars. >> they could also pose a radioactive threat from consuming plants and animals within the radioactive zone. the fukushima government imposed a ban on consumption of wild boar meat shortly after the disaster.
1:50 am
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to egypt where ork archaeologists have made a major discovery. >> reporter: archaeologists have uncovered a massive 8 meter statue of what they believe to be ramses ii, one of egypt's most powerful and celebrated fair rose. he ruled egypt more than 3,000 years ago. the quartzite statue was unearthed just days ago. they used an earth mover to pull the head out of the muck. the antiquities ministry calls it one of the most important discoveries ever. >> we found the bust and the lower part of the head and now we moved the head and found the crown and the right ear and a
1:55 am
fragment of the right eye. >> they also found part of a life sized limestone statue of his grandson. the discoveries were made in materia, a working class part of eastern cairo with unfinished buildings and mud roads. this area was once home to the ancient city of the sun god. >> the world was created in materia according to the belief. that means that everything had to build here, make statues, temples, everything. >> reporter: archaeologists are working to recover and restore the remaining pieces hopefully in time for the opening of the grand egyptian museum next year. jonathan mann, cnn. fantastic fine. one homeowner in china's province made a startling discovery after hearing a loud noise in his home. an suv skidded off the road and
1:56 am
landed on his roof. the driver said he was only trying to avoid a tricycle and another vehicle and excellently put his foot on the accelerator changing directions and skipping off the road. neither the driver or the homeowner were injured in the accident, which is now under investigation, not what you would expect. st. petersburg in russia became saint persburg as they held the international cat exhibition featuring some rare and expensive breeds. among the cats, the most expensive was priced as a whopping 24,000 dolz. they say russia has one of the highest cat ownership rates in the world. one out of three has a feline population. that wraps this hour. i'm hannah vaughn jones in london. for our viewers, new day is just at head. for other viewers, this starts in just a moment. thanks for watching cnn, the
1:57 am
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released a statement saying in part, today i was fired. >> i think this is the first step by president trump. i think he will start to root out obama appointees across the administration. >> his name is jonathan tran, he was walking close to the exsuperior wall of the white house mansion, and he was carrying two cans of mace. >> to seize this opportunity to repeal and replace obamacare once for


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