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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  March 12, 2017 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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bharara released a statement saying i am fired. >> i think this is the first step for trump. >> his name is jonathan tran and he is 26 years old and from california, and he was walking close to the exterior wall of the white house mansion, and the suspect was carrying two cans of mace, one of which was inside his jacket pocket. >> for us to seize this opportunity to repeal and replace obamacare once and for all, we are counting on kentucky. >> and trying to unite the country by presenting a health care plan that everybody could hate together. came a little early for you this morning, didn't it? >> yes. >> an hour earlier. we are so glad you are with us. i am christi paul. >> set that clock an hour ahead
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for daylight-savings time. we are on the cusp of a major week of politics, and we are going to break it all down for you this hour. first, new this morning, the new video in the 2014 police shooting of michael brown raising important questions, particularly about what happened in the hours before the shooting and his death. last night at south by southwest the documentary stranger fruit showcased this video of brown, and he gives a small bag of marijuana and receiving the boxes of cigareloos. and this video was not released because they did not believe it was important to the
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investigation, and so let's talk about this and bring in our panel. we have with us, joey jackson, cnn legal analyst, and simone sanders, a cnn political commentator. simone, during the campaign and during your work as the spokesperson for bernie sanders' campaign, and you made a passioned plea about mike brown and what you were seeing in ferguson. tell us about what your reaction is to what you are seeing here? >> i am shocked, not as shocked, but i am definitely shocked and concerned. this just goes towards -- to fuel the narrative, the police department in ferguson was wrought with lots of problems and issues. my first day on the campaign trail was the anniversary of brown's death on august 7th of 2015, and i spoke throughout the campaign and after the campaign and even now about young people that took to the streets due to
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this grave injustice that happened, and how the movement has continued. i think regardless if -- i know some people say he was selling marijuana, and regardless if he was selling marijuana whenever it was, michael brown did not deserve to be killed and i don't think that could be said enough. >> and this changes the narrative, what happened later in the afternoon was not a strong armed robbery but coming back to get payment. how could this have changed the case, and why are we seeing this now, 2 1/2 years later, instead of when the police first got it? >> good morning, victor, and good morning, simone. i think it's compelling and important and it speaks not necessarily to the legal issue, but it speaks to the overall issue of how these investigations are done, and if we can put faith or reliance in a police department. any matter involving a shooting should be handled independently,
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and there are calls throughout the country, if you want to build trust and respect between police and communities, and if you want to foster relationships where it could be relied upon, and police could be relied upon and grand jury investigations could be relied upon, and everything needs to come out. from a legal perspective, what you will hear from police moving forward is just that, and it happened earlier, and it's not relevant to the events that occurred, and of course you need to release it, everything is relevant in the investigation, and it explains what happened in the store. it's not about otherwise protecting the police or protecting michael brown, and it's about giving the community and more specifically, a grand jury information that would -- they could rely upon in making a decision, and so why to your question, victor, are we seeing it now, you can't answer that. we should have seen it then, because it goes to what happened. everybody has a right to know what happened. again, it fuels the broader
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narrative of how these investigations should be handled moving forward, and to the extent we are seeing it now, it raises problems in our ability to trust, respect and otherwise buy into whatever verdict a grand jury reaches or the police reach investigating matters such as this moving forward. >> simone, as the city of ferguson and st. louis county, they started down the path of trying to make major changes, and some at the urging of the federal government, the department of justice, but how will this inform that effort in trying to reconcile some of the disparities in the community? >> look, i think old wounds are going to be opened with this video and the city of ferguson and st. louis at large is still healing. i think it's important because folks need to remember, just because the ferguson report was issued, that damning report by the obama administration's department of justice, and the work has to continue and i think
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it's a jawing reminder to folks on the ground, and the ferguson activist and protesters who are still in the streets and still marching and organizing in their communities, that their work is more important than ever. again, i am shocked but not shocked because we know how the system is, but that doesn't mean we can't work to change it and i think the folks on the ground in st. louis and ferguson know that more than anything and are committed to doing the work. >> this is from august of 2014, and it's footage from the documentary, "stranger fruit." and then we are talking about the man that jumped the white house fence and made it past several layers of security to meet president trump. he appeared in d.c. superior court yesterday afternoon and we are told the secret service officer discovered tran near the entrance of the white house
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grounds, and he was found with two cans of mace and a letter for trump, and his brother says that tran recently had been laid off from work and was living in his car, but a former secret service agent for president obama said this. >> there are multiple points much failure. the fact that he came in from the northwest courtyard of the treasury building, he had to not go over just a fence but multiple fences to get into the south grounds. also, he circumvented a lot of intrusion detection alarms at the white house, both on the treasury side and white house complex side, so this is very, very disturbing. i think it's important to note, and i think it has been reported the white house elevated to condition orange, which is one of the highest levels of security at the white house, and it should be noted they did not
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elevate until after the individual was confronted, so they did not even know he was there until he came across the uniformed division officer, so this entire situation is very disturbing. >> a looming deadline for the trump administration after claims of what amounts to political espionage. top lawmakers on capitol hill demanding proof from the white house that obama wiretapped trump during the campaign as asserted a week ago. and then the day before getting caught in a purge of u.s. attorneys by the justice department, why the man you are looking at there refused to step down. "saturday night live" comes out swinging and holds nothing back when it comes to the gop's new health care plan. >> this week republicans made their best effort to unite the country by presenting a new health care plan that everybody
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after a scandal that led to impeachment, the korean president could face charges a. new presidential election is planned for may 9th. could be a big week ahead in politics in the political arena, the republicans plan to repeal and replace obamacare and tomorrow we could learn the price tag connected to that, and how many millions of people stand to gain or potentially lose health care coverage. >> the congressional budget office is expected to release its report on the health care bill on monday, and mike pence puts pressure on senators like
4:14 am
rand paul. >> folks, let me be clear. this is going to be a battle in washington, d.c. for us to seize this opportunity to repeal and replace obamacare once and for all, we need every republican in congress and we are counting on kentucky. >> all new this morning, a senior white house official says, quote, it doesn't know if the administration will have proof of former president obama wiretapping trump tower by monday. that's the deadline set by the house intel committee for any alleged documents for the alleged wiretap. we are learning president trump through an assistant attempted to call now former u.s. attorney, paw raura. >> i do want to ask what we know about this call?
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>> this is an interesting development in the whole surrounding of bharara. bharara received a phone call from the president's assistant around thursday asking him to call the president. now bharara called the assistant back and said it was inappropriate for him to call and talk to the president and that's a violation of protocol in the attorney general's office and he called the chief of staff to jeff sessions and told him he was not going to talk to the president. it was the next day it was made known that these 46 u.s. attorneys from across the country were going to be removed from their post immediately, and there was not going to be a bharara said he was not going to resign and the president had to essentially fire him, and
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bharara received a phone call from the deputy attorney general who did say he was going to be removed from his post, and bharara, the most well known u.s. attorney standing his ground after being told in november that he was going to remain in his post. >> that's one of the things that is very curious about this. let's talk about his popularity here. this is a man who was characterized by some as a rock star, known as the sheriff of wall street. he racked up millions in settlements with wall street companies, and he was on "time" magazine, and this man is busting wall street. the white house contends uniformity is why they asked him to step down. how plausible if it that his policing of wall street may have played a role here? >> that certainly may have played a role, and i think what
4:17 am
to pay closer attention to is the declining relationship between trump and chuck schumer, and he was asked to stay on at the urging of chuck schumer to trump, and their relationship has been strained since november, and there are various people that are affiliated with the obama administration could be making things hard in the present administration. >> chuck schumer said it's interrupting ongoing cases and investigations and heupb turing t -- hindering the administration of justice. when we look at the consequence of all of this, amanda, what legal risk is present here with
4:18 am
possibly the cases that are sitting on his desk now? >> sure. it's not unusual for presidents to dismiss u.s. attorneys and say i want to put in my own people, but the problem here is the way trump went about it. you don't usually say you have 24 hours to clean out your desk and you have to be out of here by midnight, which is essentially what trump did. they usually say they will phase you out, and the way trump did it with all of these dozens of u.s. attorneys, some of whom didn't find out they were getting fired until they heard it in media reports, and bouhara found out in advance. >> the thing is, i want to get back to what ryan said, back in november the president allegedly went to bharara and asked him to stay on. eugene, what changed? >> well, i think a lot.
4:19 am
literally, if it's true that president trump asked him to stay on because of senator schumer, i think if you pay close attention to the relationship between schumer and president trump as well as democrats as a whole and president trump, i could see that he had decreased confidence that the agenda that he would like to see carried out in the courts in this country could be accomplished by people who advocated by democrats, and aspr especially those that were appointed by barack obama. >> bou bharara said i was fired being the u.s. attorney in sdny, the southern district of new york, will forever be the greatest honor of by professional life, and do we expect there will be a white house response to this and it seems bharara, he is not going to go quietly. >> it's one of these things
4:20 am
where you probably have to get the president in a captive moment where you ask him a direct question and see if he responds. often he cannot refuse to take that bait. at this point the white house deferred all questions to the department of justice that is not commenting on the bharara situation specifically, and when you talk about the pending cases bharara was working on, and some are serious, and he has an investigation into bill de blasio, who we should point out is a democrat, and there's a investigation into fox news and the sexual harassment cases there in the past year, and there's a lot on the table that bharara was dealing with, and one of the reasons he wanted to stay on in that post, and he is an equal opportunity offender, and he has been after republicans and democrats and toppling one of the most powerful democrats, sheldon silver. >> amanda, ten seconds, you have
4:21 am
the last word. >> sure, bharara is going to be speaking out more, and i think donald trump has made a high profile powerful foe, and there are rumors he could run for office. i don't think he's going to be going away anytime soon. >> always good to get your respectives. thank you. in port st. lucie florida, a man tried to set fire to a store because he thought the owners were muslim. richard lloyd said he wanted to -- and this is a quote -- run the arabs out of the country, but the owners of the store were actually of indian descent. a classic there, but joni
4:22 am
sledge was found dead in her home in phoenix, arizona, and he was one of the founding members of the group, sister sledge. the cause of death is not yet known. it was a shock to the family because she was not sick. a deadline is fast approaching for evidence to support president trump's wiretapping accusation against president obama. and then recent dodging and ducking of reporters raising important questions. we'll get into that next.
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white house official, quote, doesn't know, if the administration will have proof of president obama wiretapping trump tower by monday.
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>> that's the deadline for any relevant documents about alleged wiretaps, and president trump leveled that explosive accusation a little over a week ago and has yet to provide any evidence for it. cnn political reporter, eugene scott, and amanda terkle, welcome back. if no evidence is produced tomorrow, what happens? >> i think what we have seen from adam shift, who is one of the top democrats on the committee, and he says he wants the lack of evidence if there is no evidence to be made clear to expose, he said, president donald trump so he could see the full weight of the responsibility of making statements like this without having information to back them up. how the white house would respond to that is not yet clear but he wants to make it clear that this is something you cannot say without there being consequences. >> let's talk about that. i have that sound for you here,
4:28 am
adam schiff, and let's listen to that. >> i think what sean spicer wanted was to take the claim and try to bury it in an intelligence committee, and we are not going to allow that to happen and we are going to air this publicly and if the president is going to make out landish claims like this, he needs to know he will be exposed, and we will be forced to say the president was not telling the truth. >> he is ranking member of the house intel committee. at some point, amanda, will president trump be forced to address this? >> right now he's avoiding the media. it's clear that he is doing that because he doesn't want any questions because that's obviously the first question that reporters will ask him, what is your evidence that obama was wiretapping trump tower. this is bad for president trump no matter what happens, and either he is lying and putting this out here or he was being --
4:29 am
his calls were being listened to because an intelligence court, not president obama, signed off on it and found there was a legitimate reason for being investigated, this is not good for president trump either way. democrats, i think, are going to continue to make a big stink about it and not bury it, as you heard the congressman say. >> eugene, was it a misstep or strategic to talk about it? this is a man that comes from the entertainment industry, and that's an industry where you can probably make allegations every so often without being held to them and without having to produce your resources. is it possible he has not transitioned into the political arena now, and is it strategic to distract from everything else we have been talking about with russia and obamacare? >> i don't know if it's quite strategic or not, but if it's
4:30 am
true that president trump got the idea from the conservative media outlets that he trusts more often than he does more mainstream outlets, he believed he was getting valid information, and what becomes important at this point, the people he is listening to, he needs to find where they got that information from, and ask them to produce the evidence if it exists and he will have to look at if he is trusting people that should not be trusted and that's a great concern for the american people. >> let me throw this out there. what if -- the fact is director comey has not said anything about it, and does that indicate the fbi found something and are waiting to get through the information? >> apparently the fbi has asked the justice department to jump in and tap this town and they have not done so yet, and what
4:31 am
the intelligence community is asking for is straightforward, and donald trump is the only one aside from the media outlets said obama wiretapped trump tower, and the administration turned to "new york times" and other articles that don't give evidence for that, and he said, look, the president has more intelligence and he knows more things than we do, but if he wants the intelligence committee to look into it, he has to give his evidence first otherwise he's just putting things out there, just conspiracy things out there that he so often pedals in. >> thank you for sticking around, amanda and eugene. >> thank you. >> thank you. and his state saw more and more people, thousands upon thousands get health care under obamacare, so why is governor matt bevin against in. we'll ask him when he joins us
4:32 am
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bracing for news on their replacement plan for obamacare. >> tomorrow the congressional budget office is expected to score the gop bill and this is a bill already making its way through congress despite not receiving a score by the cbo, and a recent global report estimates as many as 10 million people will lose coverage under this. >> vice president mike pence is working to sell the plan to republicans, and one of those states, kentucky. on friday the state's governor, matt bevin, said he was not impressed with the gop version of this law. >> senator paul has ideas of
4:37 am
things he thinks should be stronger and he is not as impressed with what currently has been offered as some who currently offered it, and truth be told i am not either, and we don't need another version of the same thing. >> hours later governor bevin released this statement, and it reads in part, i just finished a highly encouraging conversation with the white house in which we discussed additional flex bill taedz that could be given to states in addition to what is currently included the in the replace bill. governor bevin is with us now. good morning to you. >> good morning to you as well. >> after the governor -- after the visit from the vice president, my apologies. >> i am delighted he is the vice president. i am at the same place i was before, and that initial comment was taken out of context. what i said, that is the beauty
4:38 am
of the democratic process. of course there are differences as to what the exact details should look like. there's 100% agreement, however, among republicans, that we need to repeal obamacare. 100% agreement. 100%. so to that end, the key is where are the differences and how are we going to accomplish those reconciling those parts between now and when this is done. the reconciliation process or the companion legislation and administration regulations and procedures, and those are the three parts to getting to the end solution, and i think we are on track. >> you and senator paul was aware it was a three-pronged approach, and when you said things need to be stronger, what do you think needs to be as you characterize it, a lot stronger? >> sure. first of all we have to make sure we repeal and replace at the same time because states need flexibility, and in
4:39 am
kentucky alone nearly one-third of kentuckians are on medicaid, so it's a significant impact on our budget and population. we want at the end of the day to not compromise health care outcomes. coverage is not the point. simply giving people a plastic card is not the point and the point is to create a better population and outcomes, and that would be the focus. i would like to see more flexibility at the state level, and governors to be given more autonomy on what they do regular law to regular law torely. these types of things have to be done. i would like to see the requirement to have compliance, not to be given to 50 different states, and to me that's irresponsible. and the idea is silly, and come up with a single set at the
4:40 am
federal level and allow states to use a single set of tools they could use, and simple things like this, and we are not far apart, and obamacare is a filler and everybody agreed on that, and i can assure you this is not working in kentucky, it's an be a skwrebgt failure. >> plan introduced in july of 2009, and cbo released its score three months later in october. we are less than a week into this and expecting it to be released tomorrow. house approved it in november. senate in december, and the president signed it in march of 2010. do you agree with senator cotton that this is moving too quickly? >> number one, i appreciate the sense of urgency. it's not as if we didn't know this wasn't coming. the reality is we have been talking about this for years and years and years.
4:41 am
there have been proposals and conversations going on for years and years. now those conversations are being reconciled and being brought to the forefont. i am not concerned this is going too quickly. if you remember, when it was done under the timeline you just described, nobody saw it. nobody saw it. nancy pelosi said we need to pass it to see what was in it, and this is more transparent. >> if republicans knew this was coming why is it such a heavy lift to get republicans onboard to the same proposal? >> because this is a transparent process, unlike the last time when it was done in a back room and people thought they needed to pass it to see what was in it. this is transparent and when you have 435 representatives in the house and 100 senators on the other side, and 300 and some odd million people weighing in and giving their 0.02 worth, of course there will be differences of agreement.
4:42 am
and obamacare is a failure and needs to be repealed and replaced. >> the what next is the question that needs to be answered. i want you to response what a fellow governor said here last night on cnn. watch. >> it will take insurance away from millions of people. it will gut medicaid and cause people to lose their lives and cause hospitals to close and other clinics to close. i am in my 60s, and if i was to go to the marketplace under this plan, i would have to pay $8,000 more under this coverage, and everybody wake up and understand that this is repeal and replace with the emphasis on repeal and not replace, and what they are going to do is make you sicker. >> in addition to what we heard from the governor, the ama, and arp and several other organizations have come out against this bill. you say to them what? >> a couple things.
4:43 am
number one, stop the drama. stop the misrepresentation of reality. this argument that suddenly if you were to replace this the cost are going to go up. like what, they have not been as of late? we were lied to and told cost were going to go down and people could keep their health care and doctors, and the exact opposite is happening and now to pretend to go back to some variation of what we had and cost is going to go up, that's the reason? that's nonsense. number two, people are going to die in the streets -- i don't think he used in the streets but that's what he is implying. half the health care facilities in kentucky have a single provider. and humana and others are leaving the exchange, and united and others have done so and the fact is the system is failing. this idea that somehow that keeping this broken system is the only solution is absolutely
4:44 am
not correct. >> governor matt bevin of kentucky, thank you for being with us on "new day." >> thank you. two leaders of congress coming up this morning on "state of the union" with jake tapper. john mccain on the show to talk about his next step to take on the president over russia, and cory booker talking about his plan to challenge the new health care proposal. that's today on "state of the union" with jake tapper here on cnn at 9:00 a.m. and why the president's recent dodging and ducking of reporters is raising new concerns. stay close. burning, befoof diabetic nerve pain, these feet... kicked off my high school games...
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that the president has, let's call it a testy relationship
4:49 am
with the media, but the recent ducking and dodging tactic with reporters raised new concerns. president trump boxed out the media by canceling two open press events this week and administration officials shouted down reporters as they tried to ask questions. watch this. >> reporter: from wikileaks -- >> thank you. >> thank you all very much. we will get to work. thank you. >> mr. president, any proof of the wiretapping? >> thank you, guys. thank you. thank you, press. thank you, press. thank you. thank you. >> all righty. president trump isn't the only
4:50 am
one, it seems. rex tillerson earlier this week ignored questions from reporters as well and decided to travel throughout asia next week without the press pool. that's an unprecedented move for the secretary of state. and let's bring in cnn's correspondent brian stelter. the house committee is expecting evidence of his wiretapping claims by tomorrow. he's going to have to, or someone in the white house, is going to have to say something soon, right? >> perhaps. watching that video clip, guys, i was thinking about sitting here 15 seconds silent and not answering that question at all. it's an awkward situation where the reporters try to ask the president and the president is choosing very carefully not to address it and pretend like he's not hearing the question at all. it makes for the awkward on-camera exchange. but we can see what the president is trying to do here. and normally throughout the campaign and early on, it's the president who was frequently
4:51 am
responding to shouted questions, answering reporters questions, trying to engage in various ways. this week this has been a market change. you can see it on camera again here, abc's john carl is a reporter close to the camera trying to get an answer on wiretapping and the president is not engaging. now that is his prerogative. he's trying to stay on message. i will point out in his twitter feed, uncharacteristically quiet this week. one post about health care, nothing else. no shocks, no surprises this weekend. maybe the president is trying to improve his own grade. remember, he said a couple weeks ago, he gave himself a "c" for messaging and "a" for achievement. he sees room to improve on the messaging and could be staying on message. >> how about rex tillerson and not taking the press pool to asia? >> reporter: this is intriguing. normally for decades when secretaries of state travel anywhere, they have a group of reporters with them. for good reason, the reporters can share what the u.s. and
4:52 am
foreign policy is, share how the secretary of state is viewing the world. essentially, helping to understand how foreign policy is shaped. well, tillerson is traveling without a press corps. he says he's taking a smaller plane. however, he's got bigger planes if he wanted to bring the press along. so it's a break from tradition. later on, we'll have a former state department official who is very concerned about this. what our colleagues and folks at other networks have said is try to follow along taking their own planes, trying to chase tillerson, basically. but it goes to show tillerson is being very low key, very quiet in his role as secretary of state. not flexing his muscles yet in this very important job. >> all right. brian stelter, always appreciate it. thank you so much. don't worry, folks, you can catch him on "reliable sources" at 11:00 a.m. today right here on cnn. "saturday night live" once again taking on the trump administration and finding material to work with this week.
4:53 am
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4:59 am
country by presenting a new health care plan that everybody could hate together. the white house is officially calling the bill the american health care act. and not as many people in the media have been calling it trumpcare. or as they probably should be calling it, don't care. are you old and poor and losing your coverage? don't care. how bad does something thhalve put his name on it? the president put his name on a ponzi scheme. >> it is not good that it is probably just a bunch of brown color swatches. [ applause ] the new travel ban will go into effect on march 16th and then on march 17th we showcase the type of upstanding immigrant this is country wants. you just never know what you're going to get with them.
5:00 am
but the cleverness continues. >> a surprise every week. >> uh-huh. well, we are going to be watching what is happening tomorrow. a lot of things on the agenda for monday. will there be any proof of -- >> the president wiretap is building. thank you for watching." inside politics with john king is next. a big test for the deal maker president. appealing obamacare is a republican mission, but the replacement is messy. >> members have to pick a side. nancy pelosi or president trump. and halfway to 100 days. the economy is on the upswing. still no


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