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tv   State of the Union With Jake Tapper  CNN  March 12, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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we're out of time here on tv, but let me know what you thought on today's program. look me up on twitter, my handle is brian stelter, same on facebook. and our nightly newsletter, relier i'll send it out around 10:00 tonight. stay tuned for "state of the union" with jake tapper. heating up. the investigation into president trump's possible ties to russia intensifies as congress summons the fbi director to answer president trump's evidence-free claim that former president obama tapped his phones. while the president remains silent. what will congress learn? >> it's a very serious charge against the previous president of the united states. there needs to be some corroboration. >> senator john mccain joins us live for an exclusive interview. and republicans divided. president trump starts negotiating the replacement to
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obamacare with his own party. >> if we do not act to save americans from this wreckage it will take our health care system all the way down with it. >> gop leaders say the bill is good to go, but other conservatives say not so fast. >> the bill as it stands really is dead on arrival. >> can trump use his presidential power to make the deal? a top administration official will be here live in minutes. plus, cory booker, the rising document on taking on trump. >> this is a toxic environment being created right now. >> and his own political future. >> are you going to put yourself forward to be that person? to be that leader? and the best political minds will be here with insights on what happens next. hello, i'm jake tapper in washington where the stoouate o the union is hearing echos of the old trump catch phrase
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"you're fired." in a dramatic public standoff the u.s. attorney known for prosecuting major corruption cases in new york city refused to resign at president trump's request, forcing trump to officially show him the door. preet bharara, dubbed the sheriff of wall street, was appointed by president obama but a source close to president trump tells me he was asked to stay on by president trump last november as a gesture to new york senator and minority leader chuck schumer for whom bharara used to work. a source tells me the president now sees schumer as an obstructionist to his agenda and cabinet nominees. let's talk about this and much, much more with republican senator john mccain who joins me live from phoenix. senator, thanks for joining us. >> thanks, jake. >> over the weekend, president trump asked for the resignations of 46 u.s. attorneys that served under president obama. nothing particularly unusual about that, although it was something of a rushed exit. but this included preet bharara, who's in the middle of prosecuting or investigating several high-profile or well-connected democrats, not to mention looking into the fox news matter.
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was it a mistake by the president to go back on his promise and to fire bharara? >> well, i don't know what his promise was to mr. bharara, but i do know that other administration administrations have done the same thing, perhaps not is an abrupt a fashion but elections have consequences so for people to complain about it, they're ignoring the history of new presidencies and i think the president had every right to ask for their resignations. >> we learned this week that general michael flynn, the former national security adviser for president trump, was working as a foreign agent last year while he was advising president trump's campaign. flynn notified the transition team and the white house lawyers about the work he had done for turkey but this information was not disclosed to the public nor did he file the proper paperwork until this week. does this trouble you at all that the national security adviser had been until recently a paid advocate for a foreign
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government? >> jake, there's a lot of things about our relations with russia that trouble me a lot. for example, why was the provision in the republican platform that called for the provision of defensive weapons to ukraine after being invaded by russia, why was that taken out of the republican platform? clearly it was not the will of most republicans. there's a lot of aspects of this whole relationship with russia and vladimir putin that requires further scrutiny and so far i don't think the american people have gotten all the answers. in fact, there's a lot more shoes to drop from this centipe centipede. >> do you think general flynn advocating on behalf of turkey in that way was part of the russian situation? >> i don't know. i know he was in moscow at a dinner with putin and i'm not
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sure that on its face is anything wrong but there continues to surface communication communications between not just general flynn but other members of the trump family and associates that mr. manafort's relationship with yanukovych still has a lot of questions to be answered and so far they're not being answered. >> long-time trump confidante roger stone told the "washington times" that he exchanged mess e messages on line with guccifer 2.0, he claims they were inokay white he also tweeted he had a back channel to julian assange during the campaign. do you think roger stone should be called to testify before the senate intelligence committee hearings? >> oh, i think -- obviously i
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think he and others need to be questioned. there's no doubt that mr. stone was closely associated, again, with mr. yanukovych who was, thanks to the rising up of millions of ukrainian people was thrown out of office with demonstrations in the square of national will by the ukrainian people that is as impressive as anything i've ever seen. this whole issue of the relationship with the russians and who communicated with them and under what circumstances cries out for investigation. but i would also point out we should not assume guilt phenomenon we have a thorough investigation. i'm not judging anyone guilty. >> speaking of assuming guilt, a week ago president trump made a stunning allegation. he tweeted president trump wiretapped him at trump tower during the campaign.
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on monday you said if president trump has any indication that his predecessor wiretapped trump tower he should come forward with information. the american people deserve it. that's your quote. the white house is supposed to hand over any evidence it has to back this charge to the house intelligence committee by tomorrow but a white house official suggesting they might not turn anything over. if there's no proof for what the president said, and we know the fbi director said it's not true and the former director of nation national intelligence said it's not true, should president trump take back his charge to president obama and the american people? >> president trump has to provide the american people not just the intelligence committee but the american people with evidence that his predecessor, former president of the united states, was guilty of breaking the law because our director of national intelligence general clapper testified that there was absolutely no truth to that allegation so i think the
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president has one of two choices, either retract or to provide the information that the american people deserve because if his predecessor violated the law, poo law, president obama violated the law, we have a serious issue, to say the least. >> but there's no one i've heard who has any information relating to the fbi or intelligence, including vice president mike pence, sean spicer, sara huckabee sanders who has said they know of any information that back this is up. do you have any reason to think this charge is true? >> i have no reason to believe that the charge is true but i also believe that the president of the united states could clear this up in a minute. all he has to do is pick up the phone, tall director of the cia, director of national intelligence and say, okay, what happened? because they should know whether the former president of the united states was wiretapping trump tower. >> do you have any concern about
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the constant barrage of conspiracy theories we keep hearing from the? >> well, the president obviously has a unique style. he was elected president of the united states and i'm not telling him how he should conduct that presidency but i do believe on an issue such as this, accusing a former president of the united states of doing something which is not only illegal but just unheard of, then that requires corroboration and i'll let the american people be the judge by this is serious stuff, jake, because it under -- true or the allegation is left out there, it undermines the confidence of the american people in the entire way that the government does business. >> mexico's top diplomat came to washington thursday with meetings with the u.s. government. instead of meeting with the
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secretary of state he met with jared kushner, the president's son-in-law and adviser to the president and other white house aides. the state department spokesman apparently didn't even know he was coming to washington. are you concerned that the trump white house might not respect the state department as much as, say, you do? >> well, mr. tillerson has not been very outspoken since he has become secretary of state. and i think we ought to give him a chance as secretary of state to perform but obviously, jake, the optics of people coming to town who are foreign leaders and without the knowledge of the secretary of state is not good. but i keep trying to remind myself that we are still in the first 50 or 60 days of this presidency and we don't want to pre-judge. there's no doubt that this president has approached the president -- the office of the presidency in a different fashion than his predecessors
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but he was elected by the american people. >> epa administrator scott pruitt said this week that carbon dioxide is not a primary contributor to climate change. take a listen. >> i agree that it's a primary contributor to the global warming that we see. >> back in 2008, senator, you said "i believe climate change is real, i think it's devastating, are you at all uncomfortable with an epa administrator who would say what he said? >> i am. but i've also talked with environmentalists who categorically reject nuclear power as one of the most clean and efficient ways of generating energy. and so let's see what mr. pruitt has to authenticate his allegations but, again, mr. pruitt was widely respected and i voted for him and i'd like to give him a chance. >> senator john mccain, republican of arizona. senator, thank you so much. always good to see you.
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>> thanks for having me on, jake. president trump celebrated some good news on friday -- 235,000 jobs were added to the u.s. economy in february with the unemployment rate falling to 4.7%. for a president who campaigned on bringing back jobs, the unemployment rate must be a very important number, one would think, right? >> the unemployment number, as you know, is totally fiction. the 5% figure is one of the biggest hoaxes. don't believe those phony numbers when you hear 4.9% and 5% unemployment. the number is probably 28%, 29%, 35%, in fact, i even heard recently 42%. >> so what changed? here's white house press secretary sean spicer. >> i talked to the president prior to this and he said to quote him very clearly "they may have been phony in the past but it's very real now." [ laughter ] >> joining me now is the director of the white house office of management and budget, former congressman mick mulvaney. director mulvaney, thanks so
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much for being here, we appreciate. >> it jake, good morning, thanks for having me. >> did anything change at the bureau of labor statistics in terms of methodology or who is running the business there. >> what i think changed is you start to look at some of the underlying numbers. you look at the u 6 number, we can talk -- already boring your audience, there's things like u-3, u-6. what you should look at is the number of jobs created. we've thought for a long time, i did, that the obama administration was manipulating the numbers in terms of the number of people in the work force to make the unemployment rate, that percentage rate, look smaller than it was and we used to tell people back home, the only thing you should look at, number of jobs created. and as long as that number is above 250,000, the can economy is doing extraordinarily well. and that was the number we hit last week. >> just a point, you're not the one that was attacking the numbers as phony. there's nothing that changed that made them real today. >> the bls did not change the way they count, i don't think. but you could have a long conversation when you've got a numerator and denominator, how
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to arrive at a percentage but i don't want to bore people. >> this isn't a claim so i won't spend too much time on it. you spoke about president trump's budget and you said "we're taking his words and turning them into policies and dollars." i want to follow up on that because there were a lot of words said during the campaign. the president one time said he believed taxes should go up on the wealthy. take a listen. >> do you believe in raising taxes on the wealthy? >> i do. i do. including myself. i do. >> the plan to repeal and replace obamacare would do the opposite of that. it would deliver roughly $157 billion over the coming decade to those with incomes of $1 million more or according to the non-partisan joint committee on taxation. isn't that breaking the promise? >> a couple different things. when we talk about taxes, there's more than just one tax out there. the obamacare taxes are not the only taxes that anybody pay. we did promise, the president did promise, to repeal those and we are repealing them in this proposed bill. as we get further down the road and start talking about other
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tax reform, the president just as recently as last week reaffirmed to me he wants to repeal the tax incentive on what they call carried interest, which overwhelmingly benefits the wealthy. so i don't think the two things are inconsistent. if you're going to going to talk about tax policy and play the clip, you should look at the overall tax policy, not just changes to the obamacare. so look at in the the aggregate after the year is done or two years are done. >> i think that's fair. and we're in the early stages of developing that larger tax policy. let's talk about health care reform as health care reform not necessarily as stand-alone tax policy. >> but you think this tax cut does not break that promise because there might be tax increases such as the hedge fund managers tax? >> that's correct. >> when president trump, then candidate trump was about to enter the race he made a pledge not to cut social security, medicare or medicaid. take a listen. >> i'm not going to cut social security like every other republican and i'm not going to cut medicare or medicaid. >> the plan to repeal and replace obamacare would roll back the expansion of medicaid
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that has provided coverage to more than 10 million people in 31 states. wouldn't that also be a broken promise? he's touching medicaid. >> just because you spend less money on something doesn't mean it can't get better. in fact, the private sector does that all the time. the phone you have in front of you is cheaper than it was before but it's better quality than before. that's one of the things we're trying to drive into medicaid as part of this discussion about replacing obamacare, we're trying to make obama more efficient. we met with 46 governors two weeks ago and one of the things they asked us for on medicaid and many other things was more state control over what government sends them. i was in the state legislature several years ago, we would have loved to have more control over our medicaid spending. but right now under obamacare, under the existing medicaid rule, med skate this one size fits down washington knows best type of approach and we think with this bill we would give more control to the states and allow them to drive efficiencies that would increase quality and also reduce costs. >> i'm not just talking about
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the block grant iing of medicai i'm talking about rolling back the expansion which is about to happen in 2020 might happen sooner if house conserve tifrs get their way. isn't rolling back the medicaid expansion touching medicaid? >> the blueprint we've seen phases that out, doesn't kick anybody off. the president said he doesn't want to kick anybody off and the proposal that we're working on -- >> how does that work if you're -- >> folks typically don't stay on medicaid very long. some people do, but most people rotate off of medicaid, it's part of the ordinary course of life, medicare is there when you need it for the truly indigent poor but folks -- the number we use is three and five years is the average rolloff time. >> you think the 10 million people in now have medicaid because of the medicaid expansion will gradually go off it on their own? 10 million? >> that's what the statisticians tell us, folks don't spend their entire life on medicaid. some people do but when we talk about large numbers of people they typically don't. >> you know there are not a lot of conservatives who are a fan.
9:18 am
sarah palin had harsh words telling breitbart news that it's rhino care, she said "there is still an aspect of socialism to this plan." she predicted that president trump will step in and fix it. is she right to think that president trump and you and dr. price at health and human services will make the bill that speaker ryan put forward more conservative and less rhino care as she puts fit is. >> sure, and wonderful names from people who don't have to defend it, right? >> nobody's calling it trumpcare or ryancare, nobody's putting their name on. >> it we have a framework, we have a good bill that the white house did work with house and senate leaders to come up with but we encourage the house and senate to make the bill better. we've laid out the things that the president needs it must repeal as much of obamacare as it can given these strange and arcane senate rules that we have to use and it must do as much replacement as it possible can. the president was very clear on the campaign trail. he wanted to repeal and replace.
9:19 am
that's what the framework does, repeals as much as possible and gives us as much replacement as possible. if the house and senate think they can make that bill better through the process, that's what this legislative process is about and it's the legislative process that didn't exist for obamacare. we've already had two hearings in the house on 24 bill. i think it's another one this week, there will be another one next week before it comes to a final vote. that's before it goes to the senate. there's plenty of opportunities to make the bill better. >> i keep hearing this from republicans. it's a legislative process that didn't happen under obamacare. obamacare was a year-long process and there were many, many committee hearings. i understand a lot of people don't like it, but what's different about this legislative process? >> you can go read the bill, for one thing, you could never do with obamacare. >> because it's on the web site? >> anybody can read it. folks watching can go on line and read the bill. they can watch the committee hearings, those are things that were dramatically missing in obamacare. >> director mulvaney, a pleasure to have you hear, thank you so
9:20 am
much, good luck. hope to have you on again soon. be sure to watch cnn this wednesday for a special town hall on the future of health care with health and human services secretary dr. tom price wednesday at 9:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn. wolf blitzer and dana bash will moderate. turns out an active twitter feed can get you all the way to the white house. so is senator cory booker's earnest social media presence a sign he's ready to take on trump next time around? .
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welcome back, president trump is making a full-court press to try to tell republicans' plan to replace obamacare. he dines with senators and will host members of the conservative freedom caucus for bowling and pizza at the white house.
9:25 am
democrats, meanwhile, are standing firm in opposition to the replacement bill saying millions will lose health insurance coverage. is there room to negotiate with the man who authored "the art of the deal"? i met up with senator cory booker at the south by southwest conference in austin, texas, over the weekend, and asked about the democrats' next moves. senator booker, thanks so much for doing this. >> thank you for having me. >> you've been critical of the republican approach to replacing the affordable care act, or obamacare. i know you object to the what the republicans are doing, but don't democrats have an obligation to help fix this bill? >> well, clearly. that would be great if they were coming to the bill saying "this is not perfect, let's fix it." let's be career, even before the affordable care act i was a mayor of a city dealing with health care costs, they were building up significantly so don't put this on the aca. i don't think you'll find a democrat or republican in the senate who wouldn't honestly tell you things weren't perfect before and we're saying let's
9:26 am
fix it. the first time medicare was put into law, social security, they are decades old but they have been improved by successive generations to preserve them and make them better. what we see now though, i'm not exaggerating, is frightening to me when brookings comes out and says we're looking at about 15 million americans losing their insurance. so why not get in there, roll up your sleeves and try to improve? loo >> republicans are going to repeal and replace obamacare, it's happening. don't you as a member of the have an obligation to improve the bill? >> that's where we are. the republicans can not just force this down our throats. it will knock a lot of folks off, hurt long-term care, hurt good working class folks. i don't understand this, almost, i don't know their political strategy because this is bad politics but deeper than that it's bad policy and process. >> let me ask you about drugs because that's an important part of health care. you know bernie sanders was very
9:27 am
critical of you and 12 other democrats for voting against a bill that would have allowed importation of drugs from canada. i know you've answered as to why you voted that way but he was harsh. he said you and the other democrats lacked the guts to stand up to the pharmaceutical industry. >> first of all, you know that was not a bill. >> it was an amendment. >> it was a resolution, it was not even something that if everybody in the senate voted would have changed one thing. it was a late-night resolution during a vote-a-rama and some of us were asking hey, put safety requirements on it. so i went to work. i said bernie -- senator sanders, let's work together, senator casy, senator sanders and i worked together and worked on a bill that is incredible. not only will allow imports but give safety guarantees a lot of us were concerned about. this has nothing to do with courage, it's about good legislation. while most canadians are getting access to high-quality drugs, if we did that without the kind of safety provision wes put in
9:28 am
there, you could see rogue pharmacies popping up, rebranding drugs from other countries saying these are canadian drugs. so we put things like track-and-trace technology to make sure our consumers are getting quality drugs. >> you know there are progressives out there looking for a white knight and were disappointed in that vote. in addition in 2014, turn number one recipients of donations from farm cpharmaceutical companies executives of them. how can people be wary of big pharma and rising health care are one of the main reasons that things are going up that you are on their side. >> i'm a big believer that life is not about what you do but what you say. my performance in the senate when it comes to issues important in my community, like please understand this, a lot of folks in the senate go home, i go home to newark, new jersey, central ward, a community of folks who are working class folks battling everyday against rising rent, rising college
9:29 am
costs, a lot of challenges we're facing. in the senate my team is trying to focus on that. so for pharmaceutical prices, they're too high. and if you look at my performance in the senate, whether it's a bill i did with senator sanders or lowering prescription drugs, go back to when i was a mayor we did an incredibly innovative program to lower prescription drug costs and get more people into preventative care. you this from my history, what got me into politics in the first place was representing low-income communities. i live in a census track where the median income is $14,000 per individual. that's where my loyalty lies. i haven't put anything throughout that that's contrary to that. >> let's talk about those people in newark, new jersey, especially kids of newark, new jersey. when you were a city councilman and then mayor of newark, new jersey, you seemed to have an open mind when it came to issues having to do with charter schools and school choice, you
9:30 am
pissed off a lot of democrats, and one of your former allies, peter denton from excellence for education says you have turned into a partisan political player. put aside betsy devos. where are you on the issue of whether or not kids in places like newark, new jersey should have the option to go to a public charter school or whether or not there should be more choice potentially in education. >> let's get out of this idea that charters are bad or good or traditional schools are better. i'm a big believer in great schools and every kid should have a public access to them and newark is the best model we're the number one ranked school for quality charter schools and we're the number one city for beat the odds schools. from the time i became mayor to now. if you were a poor black kid in newark. your chances of going to a high-performing school went up
9:31 am
30 300%. >> but have you forgot than. [ it happens to democrats who are reformer types for yourself. >> how can you ask me that question where for the d.c. bill that has scholarships in it, who rewrote that bill? i did. i opposed devos, why? because she -- the office of civil rights in the department of education is something that's important helping transgender students, issues of equity that were acceptable to me and a number of reasons i didn't want to support her to be the secretary of education. but when it comes to my record for supporting what i believe that any child born in any zip code in america should have a high quality school, if it's a bad school i'll fight against it just like i supported charter school closures in newark that weren't serving the kids. so i haven't changed one iota. look what i'm doing and what i stand for. >> in the hearings for secretary
9:32 am
of state rex tillerson you asked him about bringing the press with him, he pledged he would be transparent. he's about to go to asia on his first major trip to asia as secretary of state. he's not bringing any reporters with him. did he go back on his pledge to you? >> what i hope he gets is that there's no transparency or accountability. the secretary of state, god bless him, he's knew and i know when he was flying around the globe for exxonmobil he didn't take press, he barely held press conferences, didn't answer to his share how woulders. sorry, this is not america inc., this is not corporation. this is the united states of america. we are a democracy and fundamental, the founding fathers wrote it in, ideas of the importance of freedom of the press so for you to turn your
9:33 am
back on the press and tradition of openness and accountability, you're turning your back on american ideals and it's unacceptable. >> 2009 you went to the wedding of jared kushner and ivanka tru trump. in 2013, she had a fund-raiser for you at her park avenue -- i don't know what it is, mansion, estate. i haven't been there, maybe you can tell me. have you talked to her since her father won? if you haven't, what would you teller? >> i had a private conversation with her once at the alfalfa dinner. i think there is a problem with our country right now that we are having problems talking to each other. people dismiss somebody because they're a democrat or republican. there are millions and millions of good democrats, millions and millions of good republicans and americans who are -- 99% of us are good people. this is the problem. i don't care what party you're in, recognize this, we are at a
9:34 am
time of increased fear in our country. >> because of donald trump. >> there is something seriously wrong when mendacity has become the norm. there is something serious wrong when law-abiding citizens are afraid to leave their home. there's something seriously wrong when hate crimes are surging. there's something seriously wrong. this is a toxic environment being created and i don't care who you are, if you consider yourself a leader you have an obligation to do something about it and lead with love and not appealing to people's darker angels or exploiting that fear. >> i would be remiss if i didn't ask you are you going to be the person that greets hate with love? are you going to try to take this further than the united states senate? >> i think we are doing -- anybody in office is doing what the american people are fed of by talking about politics. let's talk about people and purpose. i want to be awe then nick who i am, i want to be a person of purpose. you know this because i know you
9:35 am
well enough to know that if you're a senator thinking about being president you're not a good senator or making compromises where you are. i will fearless in telling the truth. i think when i go home to newark, new jersey, that's what my community wants for me. >> senator booker, thank you very much. coming up, pizza party diplomacy. could a slice of pepperoni help sway conservative republicans who are leary of the health care plan. stay with us. you're not going t. do you think you can make it? uhh... make it... every time. nice! going further to keep drivers moving freely. that's ford... and that's how you become america's best-selling brand.
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>> this is the time we're going to get it done. we're working together. we have some great results, we have tremendous spirit and i think it's something that's going to happen very shortly so thank you very much. we'll get to work. >> the art of the deal. president trump sounding optimistic about the health care bill which passed two of three committees in the house on thursday and is heading to a full vote in the chamber by the end of this month.
9:40 am
does it have the votes to pass in its current form? it doesn't seem to, with some of the strongest opposition from inside the republican caucus. can the president bring those republicans on board? joining me to talk about this, our all-star panel former republican presidential candidate rick santorum from the great commonwealth of pennsylvania. neera tanden, president and ceo of the center for american congress. republican congressman mark meadows of north carolina and chairman of the freedom caucus and democratic congressman luis gutierrez of illinois. thanks, it's a great panel. let me start with you. you heard mick mulvaney director of the office of management and budget talking about how he wants to help conservatives improve the bill. you wouldn't vote for in the its current form right now, would you? >> we would. it's not just the freedom caucus, but director mulvaney is right. the freedom caucus and a number of conservatives are willing to work with the president and the president told me personally we want to make this better for the american people and he's willing
9:41 am
to negotiate. the art of the deal isn't dead. what we'll see at the end of the day are modifications to the ryan bill out there right now the gop bill that transforms into something president trump and the american people can support. >> congressman gutierrez, are you part of this process or are democrats sitting by the sidelines opposing anything. >> a different process. in 2009 to 2010, let's remember, hundreds of republican amendments were adopted in the aca. there were literally hundreds of hearings between the senate and the house. it covered 2009 and 2010 so it's a very different process in this process there's a lack of transparency. it's almost as if they said we're going to take a businessman's approach, we'll go to the board room in the back and secret and reveal it to the american people. so i would say moving forward i would like to see a health care system in which if you have health care you get to keep it.
9:42 am
if you don't have health care there's an opportunity for you to join and keep your hands off planned parenthood. literally i think the american public and those that live in my district understand tens of thousands of women in my district and hundreds of thousands, millions of women across this country depend on planned parenthood for health care. so let's get transparency, have hearings, witnesses, what's the rush? >> there hasn't been a whole lot of transparency, i don't think you can defend it. the reality is there needs to be more openness here so i agree on that. i disagree completely, it's remarkable you say if you have a plan you can keep it. that's something president obama pledged and didn't come through. and on the planned parenthood, look, planned parenthood is a small percentage of women's health care. there's lots of other health care clinics out there that treat women. the problem is republicans didn't do what you have to do in order to get something done.
9:43 am
the house when it comes to these things always puts out the conservative bill and you know the senate will bring it back. what the house did is they started out in the middle. if you're a conservative you're thinking this is the best we're going do. that's why they're not voting for it. they know when it goes to the senate it will get worse. the house has to come out and set the pole saying this is the conservative bill. and they didn't do that. and that's the problem. >> neera? >> i can't even explain this bill. it doesn't seem too conservative or too liberal, it's an upside down bill. it charges people who need the most help the most. if you make $20,000 a year, you're 50 years old and you live in a rural community you have an eight-fold increase in costs. that's why doctors, nurses, the ama, hospitals are all opposing this bill. you have club for growth and the
9:44 am
doctors and the aarp all opposing this bill because it's an upside down bill. it makes so little sense. it doesn't lower cost. it makes it more unsustainable, the medicare trust fund. so it's uniting. it's not liberals versus conservatives on this bill it's the broad spectrum of americans opposing this bill and that's why it doesn't make sense to rush this process through. we took six months in the house to have hearings in the house. this bill is supposed to be introduced and voted on in three and a half weeks. one-sixth of the economy. three and a half weeks. >> a group backed by house speaker paul ryan, the american action network, is out with television ads pressuring members of the freedom caucus, your group, to vote with president trump on health care, take a listen. >> repeal and replace obamacare. >> tell congressman labrador to vote with president trump. >> do you think those ads will
9:45 am
be effective? >> i don't think they'll change votes if that's what you mean. when we look at it, neera was talking -- here we have someone from the left and the right who agree on one thing, we have to lower health care premiums. if we don't do that, jake, we have failed and this current plan doesn't lower health care premiums. >> how do you do that? >> i campaigned on repeal and replacement of obamacare and so we would disagree on a whole lot of aspects. but when you force insurance companies to provide a certain type of coverage and you can't buy cheaper coverage, today you and i cannot buy a catastrophic plan because of what's put out the there. is we have to make sure we give flexibility in terms of numbers and types of plans to drive it down and if we don't do that we just have obamacare by another name the president and i as we talked about it, he wants to drive those costs down.
9:46 am
i'm confident if we work together -- and i've reached out to five democrats. i said my district is not the same as luis' or any others, i said give me ideas on what you would like to see. ultimately the president is going to be the chief negotiator as well as the commander in chief. i think we will see a better bill that passes the house. >> i think, jake, this is a fundamental difference in how we see public policy. we see the role of government so national defense is the government's responsibility. education, government's responsibility. i see this, the richest nation, the nation that spends the most money on health care and i see tens of millions of american citizens of this great nation of ours without health care and i say shame on us. i bet at the end of this debate the members of congress after we decided how we're going to vote are all going to get government-sponsored health care. they're all going to go back to their government-sponsored health care that we receive as employees of the federal government. why can't we do for the american
9:47 am
people what we do for ourselves? >> this is the false narrative that started obamacare, it's the continuing false narrative. >> what's false about it. >> people aren't getting health care. that's not true. >> they're getting it at the emergency room. >> they're getting more at the emergency room now. emergency room visits are up. >> no, they're not. that's false. >> medicare expansion has caused more emergency room visits. the bottom line is before obamacare americans got health care. >> four million without health care. >> everybody got health care. the question is health insurance and what kind of insurance we went from a system where everyone got health care and the best health care in the world at a reasonable cost to a system that everybody has insurance but not getting health care. people on medicaid, because medicaid has blown up and medicaid providers have not blown up, they're not getting health care any more under medicaid because they don't have access to providers. this is a false narrative and you can't accept that narrative as a basis for going forward with this next bill. >> we have facts here. 20 million people have received health care because of the affordable care act. >> health insurance. >> health insurance because of
9:48 am
the affordable care act and they are healthier because of the affordable care act and the reality is that donald trump promised voters that they would keep their coverage and now we have estimates from this plan that he endorsed that 15 million people would lose it. states like north carolina, the prices go up the second most. alaska the most. the reality is here, people relied on him, they voted for him who got the affordable care act saying they would keep their coverage and it would get better and the ryan plan is less coverage at a higher cost, worse all around. that's what's fuelling anxiety. >> and when you look at rural america, one of the greatest beneficiaries of obamacare, here's what you have. what sufficient a woman, she's in north carolina, she was in the "new york times," she pays $260 a month for her health care plan. she gets a $791 subsidy. well, the republicans are offering her $2500 to $4,000 in
9:49 am
subsidy. she can't afford health care. here's what happens. she said i voted for trump because i thought he was going to reduce my health care. now i'm realizing under this program i'll pay more if not be shut out of the health care. >> there won't be health insurance policies left in america. >> that's not true. >> we're down to one carrier. >> and that's because republicans have undermined the aca. >> great stuff and this issue is not going away. we'll have you back, thanks one and all. coming up, is the former tabloid king of new york city about to usher in a new tabloid era in the nation's capital. d.c. getting the tabloid treatment in this week's state of the cartoonion. you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals.
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welcome back. president taft was the first president to work in the oval office. it's the room where addresses to the nation have happened, heated discussions about war and the economy and then there's the meeting that took place florida this past week which is the subject of this week's state of the cartoonion. into the sacred confines of the oval office, president trump welcomed for an hour-long meeting this week tmz founder harvey levin. levin says the nation's foremost purveyor of lurid celebrity gossip is headed for the nation's capital. >> i'm telling you, tmz d.c. is a big thing. >> and we know president trump himself is not above some celebrity gossip. >> people you write about just call to see if you go out with
9:55 am
them and they've got zero interest. it was literally the end. >> i'm sorry, that was actually so-called spokesman for mr. trump john miller, actually mr. trump himself, it is widely suspected. here is the actual president. >> things are being leaked. it's criminal action, criminal act and it's been going on for a long time. >> that's kind of in conflict with tmz's common practice of paying for leaks, leaks about famous people. but so far despite supposedly placing paparazzi all over the nation's capital tmz d.c. has yet to yield any big scoops but they say washington is hollywood for ugly people so perhaps tmz will fit right in after all. >> they're celebrities. they're going to like this. they just don't know yet. thanks for watching. "fareed zakaria gps" is next. fun in art class.
9:56 am
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this is gps, the global public square. welcome to all of you in the united states and around the world. i'm fareed zakaria. we'll stewart the ever-swirling controversies concerning the trump white house and its ties to russia. today, we have the other side of the story is, long time spokesman dimitry peskov tells me what russia did and did not do and how putin and the russian people view the american accusations. >> we do not have and we will not have any intention to interfere in someone's domestic affairs. especially in america's doe pest i can


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