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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  March 13, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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more breaking news. a blizzard warning in effect for eight states incolliding boston. the nor'easter expected to -- winter certainly not over yet. cnn tonight starts now. breaking news. president trump promised everybody would have health insurance. well, maybe not everybody. a stunning 24 million people would be uninsured under the new health care plan. so what would the president say to his supporters who lose coverage? plus the house may subpoena the administration if they don't get answers about the wire tapping claim by next hearing.
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despite the fact, that's exactly what the president claimed. can we really take president trump and his administration at their word? let's get right to that to report today out by the gop plan to repeal the obamacare. and joining me david gurgen and also with me, cnn senior economic analyst, a former economic advisor. so gloria, let's dive right into this. 14 million more by 2018 according to nonpartisan thresh hold. is this the report they wereects pe expecting? >> they were bracing themselves for because they were trying to undermine the credibility of the cbo because they knew they were going to get some bad numbers. this is the first step of a three step process.
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there are still regulations that we have yet to propose that will be enacted and there are fixes we want to do so this isn't the be all end all pch but this is a real big problem, don. you've got older people who are going to end up paying more. you've got people in red states who are blue collar workers who are going to end up paying more. there's a lot of reporters. your working class voters. they're expecting to jump by 20% in individual market by 2018. republicans hammered obamacare over increasing premiums. >> i think most people thought when obamacare was going to be over hauled that they would see
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their people are i ams would go down, there would be more access because you would see more insurance companies going to states where there's only one, perhaps two insurance companies. but your absolutely right. there's going to be an incredible sticker shock for a lot of folks who supported don don based on the fact that he would help repeal obamacare. >> they've been trying to discredit the cbo ahead of the estimate. here's speaker ryan today. >> well, actually, i think if you read this entire report, i'm pretty encouraged by it. we're saying the government's not going to force people to buy something they don't want to buy. and if we end a mandate that says you must buy this government one size fits all plan, people aren't going to buy that. >> they say this is about a choice. do the numbers really show that? or is this taking away
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insurance? >> i don't agree with paul ryan that there's a silver lining in this report because there isn't one. i don't think it's very credible. what he should have said if you just got rid of obamacare and did nothing, then people were put on medicaid and that's what obamacare really was, was a vast expansion of medicaid. if you take those people off of medicaid, of course they're going to lose their health insurance. the flaw is it doesn't assume something's going to follow. we're not going to have the kind of reforms they talk about. buying insurance across stated lines. malpractice. one other point i find kind of infuriating about this report -- >> so if -- >> obamacare is crashing and
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burning. nobody can afford it. when you talked about 20% increases in premiums, that's obamacare. >> yeah, but this is saying rirlsh it's going to increase as well. and by 2026, the average premiums would decrease compared to 10%. up front it's a sticker shock but who knows if it's going to get that far where people actually see a decline in what they're going to pay. my question is if you said you don't agree with paul ryan. is this lipstick on a pig you think? >> i think he is trying to put lipstick on it. there's a bad report for the republicans. i think they have to say we have a plan that's going to keep people insured. what i would do and i think this is a number of the republican plans is to say people who have coverage now will continue with that coverage until we come up with a new system that is free market oriented. the reason i have faith premiums
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are going to fall because that's what competition does when you have competition in any industry. >> david, you've been sitting by patiently. but here's what republicans do like about this. savings by 2026. they like that figure. but at what cost? >> sure. >> about half the savings come from the wealthy. they cut their taxes. and then guess what? a lot of people who are poorer lose their insurance. is that really what the republicans want to go to the country with? i don't think they can cure it retorically and if they have additional plans, like medical savings accounts, which i support, let's don't dance around. put the thing out there and figure it out. i think the real dilemma is this. the changes that would be required to make this come in much closer to zero under cbo,
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those changes will not pass the house and the senate led by republicans. that's their central dilemma. >> and i don't think this is going to pass at this point either. it's very difficult to do health care reform. the president himself said you wouldn't believe how complicated it is. but it is complicated. >> i didn't think it was going to be so complicated but it's really not. it is. >> and what they are discovering is that you can't propose this as one step and say the rest is coming. trust us. it will all -- a rising tide will lift and you can't because people want to know what they're going to pay and when you tell people who are not on medicare yet but say they're in their 60s and you tell them they're going to have a 20 to 25% premium increase when they've been promised they're not going to
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suffer financially which is what the head of fhs has said, they're going to be upset about it. so now you have to see republicans going home and how tosell this when they don't believe in it themselves. >> can i add one quick thing? this year premiums went up by 20/25% under obamacare. >> not everywhere. >> yeah, but on average they did. and in arizona they went up 100%. they doubled. >> since obamacare went into effect, we've had 22 million people enrolled. is that something you think is sustainable or is it even right? >> and what about those states that have taken the medicaid expansion money and they're going to lose all that money. and there's a lot of republican governors who have marked points out. and that's going to be a real
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problem for republicans. >> look, you guys act as if somehow the status quo is somehow sustainable. it isn't. >> i think what they're saying, steven, if you'll let me jump in. now that the status quo is great. i don't think anyone has said it's great. not even people who helped put it into practice. what they're saying is if you don't have a better plan, maybe you should cool your jets for a little bit, come up with a better plan and propose that to the american people? because six, or seven, or eight years and they've been trying to repeal and replace obamacare for years and this is the best they could do? >> i agree. republicans have not done a great job explaining what the replacement is. but what i'm saying is i think you could do this a lot better in ways to cover everybody but
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reduce costs by 25/30% if you have a competitive market. >> let's listen to the president today. >> if we let it go for another year, it will totally implode. i told the republicans, why don't you just go for another yearo people will understand how bad it is. by ending it, everyone's going to say it used to be so great but it wasn't grade. and i tell tom price, everyone of them. the best thing you can do politically is wait a year because it's going to blow itself off the map. but it's the wrong thing to do for our country and the citizens. >> saying how great the bill is -- and no president, if you care about the american people and this is dire consequences, you're not going to let something fail because you're playing with people's health. >> he is threatened.
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why don't we let it fail and blame it on the democrats. that was his position 10 days ago and we all said i can't believe he said that. i do think this. there are democrats that know obamacare needs to be fixed. >> president obama himself said there were parts that needed to be fixed. >> so if you were able to get a repeal and repair solution, you might get democrats to come in. >> but that's not what he campaigned on. he campaigned on replacing. and i think president trump might be right, which is that if he hadn't done this right away, he could have done infrastructure and gotten a whole bunch of democrats to get on board with him. but he could have gotten a whole bunch of democrats to spend money on roads and bridges and got an victory that way and then do health care after. the order in which a president does things, we have learned
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over and over again, is really important. >> he said one of his first orders of business would be to repeal and replace obamacare. >> that's why he got stuck because he actually wanted to keep his word. >> and that's why you've seen so much resistance on capitol hill. because they know they're heading to 2018 and? you look at those numbers, that's going to be -- >> i've got to get to the break. you guys are coming back. something that was very important. you talked about the blue collar workers in red states. folks who voted for president trump. they may be suffering more than any other voter under this new plan. according to the cbs. we'll talk about twhat we come right back. safety isn't a list of boxes to check. it's taking the best technologies out there and adapting them to work for you. the ultrasound that can see inside patients,
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all seems beautiful to me. to take advantage of this offer on a volvo s90, visit your local dealer. the congressional budget office reporting that millions more americans will be uninsured if the house health care plan becomes law. mark, you brought up something i thought was important. explain what the cbo is. >> we talk about the congressional budget office in terms that sound very washington ease. but the bottom line is it's a
11:16 pm
nonpartisan organization by democrats and republicans, and the republicans named the last executive effort. so it's a republican who's pointed back in 2015 and tom price, the new hhs secretary was a major backer of him. so when our viewers are hearing us talk about this nonpartisan organization, it is a republican leading it that has offered this report. >> that's all true but that's the thing. just because someone's a republican doesn't mean they're not ill informed. and i think in this case they were. let's not forget the cbo -- this is the same budget office that seven or eight years ago told us the obamacare would cover 85 million more people and save money for the government. >> there's a caveat with that. >> as you know the reason those numbers were on the high side was because the law as drafted
11:17 pm
would -- didn't give states an option to opt out of medicaid expansion and as a result of a supreme court decision, they were given the opportunity to opt out and many states did. that's one reason why the numbers for obamacare were on the high side. >> yeah, but you can't cover 25 million more people with government health insurance and think it's magically going to reduce the budget. we have to acknowledge the cost. >> they acknowledged they didn't get it fully right but there's no other organization that got it any better. what we know is cbo is not alone in saying there is going to be significant losses of health insurance for millions of people. those numbers are lower than the cbo's to be sure but there's nobody, any ecanemist i know of,
11:18 pm
maybe you're the exception, but i don't know any economist that thinkess it's going to do what the administration promised which is cover everyone. >> per the noncongressional budget office, 64-year-old making $26,500 would pay $1700 for coverage after the subsidies. ined the gop plan, they would get hit with a premium bill of $14,600. >> i don't think it's taking into account the full subsidies that republican bill would provide. the tax credits and other things. and the other important thing is if you move towards a system with more competition, you're going to drive down the cost of health care for everybody and these 10% increases in premiums can be driven down. >> is that trickle down health
11:19 pm
care? >> i think you can drive down these costs very significantly through a competition model which doesn't exist right now. >> this one is from the wall street journal. a 62-year-old currently earning $18,000 a year could pay $20,000 under the gop plan compared to $760 a year under the aca. $20,000 compared to $760. is this going to make things eve. more expensive for older americans? that's a problem. isn't it? >> well, look, i don't know about that particular example and i haven't read through the whole report. i just read the executive summary. but when we're looking that current system where health care -- it is true health inflation has fallen but it's
11:20 pm
still double everything else and you got to wonder why. why the last 20 years has driven so much out of control that it's become the middle class. and i think trump voters are people burdened by the fact that obamacare costs have cost more. >> but that's more than that person earns. >> i can't comment because i don't know the specifics of that example. >> i think this gets lost in all the white noise is that the current system doesn't work. it's too expensive. it needs to be fixed. but the ploon being put forward clearly doesn't work. this isn't even a democrat against donald trump. isn't there -- shouldn't
11:21 pm
everyone come to the table with a basic answer? >> well, obama tried to do that. he brought all the stake holders to the table, the hospitals, the doctors, insurance companies and they all tried to come up with a plan and it wasn't perfect. what it needs to be is fixed. the question is when you start throwing everything away, people get nervous because the unknown is a little scary when it comes to your family's security and your health care, particularly when the cost estimates to your family are nerve racking because when you look at the numbers for older people and the estimates are their premiums will go up 20 to 25%. they don't know how much more they can afford and the problem with the political system is we can't sit down and say what can we do to get costs down in hospitals? and they're starting to do that
11:22 pm
under obamacare but it doesn't happen overnight and it's not an easy political fix. >> there are two people old enough to realize we're going to be concerned about that. david and i. i'll give him the last word here because my whole point is why has this been so pliticized? and shouldn't we -- >> absolutely. we've had seven presidents who have tried to get this done. it is hard to do. and obama got something passed but with no republican votes. a triumph and a tragedy at the same time. if the republicans really want to slash taxes for the rich and reduce payments for medicaid, then you're going to have people thrown off health insurance. night follows day. it's simple and straight forward. you want a good medical system that covers everybody, it's
11:23 pm
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the white house now trying to walk back president trump's explosive allegations that former president obama wire tapped his phone during the election. i want to bring in plitical analyst bernstein and a fellow in national security law and matthew, the director of the kinnen institute at the wilson center. i'm so glad to have all of you on. probably to no one's surprise the deadline for the doj that provides evidence to back up president trump 's claim that former president barack obama wire tap him, that deadline has come and gone. they want more time.
11:28 pm
>> i think if you look at the president's tweet he clearly said wire tapping. he doesn't think president obama wire tapped his phone personally. there's no question that the obama administration, that there were questions about survei surveillance. that is a widely reported activity that occurred back then. that president used the word wire tap in quotes to mean brautdly surveillance and other activities. >> i'm wondering, susan if that was snl or a real briefing. he says the tweet speaks for itself. so what do you make of this unsuccessful attempt to walk it back? >> one thfr interesting things is it doesn't necessarily matter whether or not it was wire tapping or other forms of surveillance. president trump himself has raised serious questions about why the fbi or president obama
11:29 pm
would have reason to conduct that type of investigation. i think many people doubt that. he's now raised the question. so it's incumbent upon congress or the white house to find out if he was mistaken or congress is going to have to have a report to produce the results of that investigation. >> we have to keep in mind that this is an investigation the president called for himself with unsubstantiated tweets. they now say president trump never thought it was obama specifically. but we go to the original tweets. how long is president obama going to tap my phone during the very sacred elections process? this is nixon water gate.
11:30 pm
bad or sick guy. they're not saying misspelling a tap means anything. it's weird what they say we should gleam from it. that seems pretty spiecific to me. he's talking about the former president himself. >> it's not weird, it's not random. it's very purposeful. donald trump's lying and maliciousness is intended. he is not interested in the truth, particularly about anything having to do with his own contact, the conduct of those around him. he's trying to deflect whether or not there is some connection with people around trump he's got to be considering the lying of mike flynn. his chosen national security advisor. the lying of his own attorney general about how or why he talked to russians.
11:31 pm
that is donald trump's problem. we've never had a president in such a fact free environment before, including clinton, during the monica lewinsky thing. clinton lied. nixon lied. nixon had a criminal presidency but in terms of every day a fact free environment and the president who recklessly pulths puts this ostuff out. >> so you're saying this is more lies than you can recall. >> in a systematic way. nixon lied to cover up a criminal conspiracy. what we're seeing here is a president, a character with a lufr roekered before hoe came into the political process during the campaign and since he
11:32 pm
came to the white house, it has been a fact free environment the likes of which i've never seen. i've been in journalism 57 years and i've never seen anything like it and i doubt anyone has. >> sean spicer says all of this was widely reported activity. which is not true. . and they all point to this new york times report that, if anything, was surveillance directed at russian ambassador, which is not abnormal, correct? >> of course it is both legally less problematic and politically make as certain amount of sense to be following foreigners. you get into trouble when you start americans. i feel like meanwhile, back at the ranch. they're not standing still as
11:33 pm
they watch this foingt fold. it's going to have an investigation. the latest things we're reading. there have actually been russian troops in libya during a pretty significant operation. the russians had the new gudaufy if you will. they're clearly setting him up as gudaffi's successor. and to me all of this just underscores that while we're pursuing an investigation and a big fight about what members did or didn't say, what we're not doing is russia. the russian are moving forward and doing it without americans being able to stop them. >> are you saying look over there? >> that's right. pay no attention to the man
11:34 pm
behind the curtain. they always argue we're looking out for our interests. at the end of the day, this is a major power actor. and that's just been historically true. this is kellyanne conway was asked about the wire tapping and said this. >> there are many ways to surveill each other now, unfortunately. there was an article this week that talked about how you can surveill someone through their phones, certainly through their television sets, any number of different ways and microwaves that turn into cameras, etc. >> i suggest it's time we all stop taking kellyanne conway seriously. it's time for us to drop her from our news agenda.
11:35 pm
unless she specifically has something to say that has been put out by the president of the united states. >> i get your point. i want you to hear how she clarified. before we drop her, as you said. >> it was about surveillance generally. >> i didn't ask generally though. you may have answered it generally, but you were asked specifically. >> i'm not inspector gadget. i don't believe people are using the microwave to spy on the trump campaign. i'm not in the job of having evidence. that's what investigations are for. >> we've lived with nine days of -- it's just nonsense. they sound so silly trying to defend something he was very explicit about what he said that the former president wire tapped him. >> not silly. it's dangerous. and the extent to which we take
11:36 pm
it seriously. and we need to doing our reporting on the real stories including russia and trump and the people around him. the brilliance that was given a moment ago, we have been successfully destabilized by clinton and the russians. we continue to be destabilized by the russians and what is going on. putin has got our number here and we need to be looking at all aspects of this, including whether or not we have a president of the united states who is capable and responsible enough to deal with what is going on. >> it is important to note that the president has levelled very serious accusations against the fbi and the predecessor. were those false accusations or not? >> thank you and microwave, i'm
11:37 pm
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doubling down on a tweet in support of a far right politician sque drawing fire from capitol hill colleagues. also former congressman jack kingston, a senior advisor to the trump campaign. so good to have all of you on gp evening lady and gentleman. republican congressman steve king prompting that controversy about the far right dutch candidate. he said welders understands culture and demographics are our destiny. we can't restore our civilization with somebody else's babies. >> i said to them you cannot
11:42 pm
build your civilization with somebody else's babies. you need to get your birth rate up and teach your children your values and strengthen your way of life. if you go down the road a few generations or centuries with the intermarriage, i'd like to see an america that we look a lot the same from that perspective. this western civilization is a superior civilization. >> so, does he understand that those comments are -- what do you think? >> i think steve king was racist a year ago, today and he'll be tomorrow. somebody else's baby. i mean those are black and brown babies. let's cut through the b.s. the reason we have to be careful about normalizing this and stamp out that type of xenophobia and
11:43 pm
bigotry is because there are young people who moilth be in his district looking at the comment boards of breitbart and listening to a member of the united states congress say that. so i have no tolerance for bigotry, racism. the republican party has a problem and that man is steve king. >> who's agreeing? was that you, congressman? >> no. but i'll be happy to weigh in and i'm glad we're doing it on your show, don. i know him, i served with him. i actually called him tonight or earlier today and said what is this about? his point was when you bring in another culture to your culture, you want to mainstream them.
11:44 pm
you want innew immigrants to buy into the american dream and share in the great opportunities that we have. what he was talking about was interrals relations. marrying each uger so our great grandchildren don't see italian american, asian american. just american. >> he said rebuilding our society with someone else's babies. >> i have a great deal of respect for congressman kingston and i'm not sure he completely understands what he's saying. we all have racial blind spots. that in itself and the heel you're driving off and the justification you gave when you highlighted interraelsh marriages and mingling of cultures, it's -- homogeny.
11:45 pm
>> i think he was saying he waunltsed more intermingling. >> get over it. and let's just all be americans and date ooech other. be friends. >> i don't see where that's a problem. maria, why does it have to bow interracial? build it's black, white, all have to marry one. there's absolot lenothing wrong with that and i hate this idea of being color blind. because you see people's colors. i want to see that maria is a proud latino and andre is a handsome white man. there's nothing wrong with that. doesn't mean i'm fwgoing to
11:46 pm
discriminate. >> and in fact i think you hate the nail on the head because while most people in america. and i would put republicans are there as elis actually our count country's -- one of our country's greatest strengths. because with the richness of backgrounds that we all bring from ethnic to country oforian to religious to all of the, really brings to this country a richness and rodust diversity of thought. steve jobs' father was an immigrant. if thought for him, he would not have the iphone. it was something that he was so
11:47 pm
cloeld and he believed a let he it so i complete and total luchb it. rrs handsome white guy fl the republican response. prrstic
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we're back discussing steve king, under fire tonight for that controversial tweet. andre, house speaker paul ryan denounced king's comments today and said he may have misspoken. take a listen. >> i disagree with that statement, i haven't seen the context. we're a melting pot. i'd like to think he misspoke and it wasn't meant the way it sounds. and hopefully he's collar phied that. >> here's what congressman king said. >> of course, i meant exactly what i said, as it always is the case. i've said the same thing as far as ten years ago to any declining population, who isn't willing to have enough babies to reproduce themselves. >> it's pretty clear, he didn't
11:52 pm
misspeak. should he be censured by congress for those comments? >> i would say no he shouldn't be. what's great about this country, everyone's entitled to voice their opinion, we don't have to agree with them. i don't want to shut anybody down from speaking what they think. the wonderful thing about congress is, they're up for re-election every two years. if the people of his district don't agree with him, they can send him home and replace him, for people to be vocal and talk about things they think are improvements to this country is part of our system of government in washington. there are people that say things i don't agree with. i don't want to censure them for saying something i don't agree with. >> that's absurd. the fact that we're having this discussion and neither republican on here wants to have the courage -- i like both of them, neither of them want to have the courage to call out bigotry, xenophobia and racism. like that's a casual part of conversation. >> that's not what it is.
11:53 pm
>> go ahead -- >> as a trump supporter, i have been called a bigot, a homophobe, a racist and everything else under the sun. to the extent the left has overplayed the race card. >> let me tell you something, i know you, and i don't think that those things that you pointed out. i don't believe them to be true. here's why, every time an issue comes up, similar to this, or something just absurd that anyone -- trump or one of his supporters says, you defend it, you never say they're wrong or rarely if ever. you never call it out for what it is. yes, i think sometimes people overplay the race card, in this particular instance, it's glaringly obvious, if he's not racist himself, he's said something that's racially insensitive. >> i'm the only one on the show that's talked to steve king about this.
11:54 pm
i am limited to 140 characters. he said i would do it over, unless we adopt those babies. when he said that, is culturally -- >> chris cuomo, he said he would say it again. he doesn't take back what he said. >> a year ago, a year ago. this is the same person. >> could adopt those babies. >> this is the same person that said he was trying to figure out what subgroups outside of white actually contributed to civilization. and the fact is, congressman kingston, i don't want you to be superhero. i don't want andre bauer to be a superhero and adopt babies. i want you to have the courage to stand up and fight racism and hate and xenophobia. >> as reprehensible as steve king is, you at least got to give it to him, to bakari's point, he hasn't changed his principles, he has not changed
11:55 pm
his values, he has been a bigot and a racist and a xenophobe all of his public service life. him doubling down on his comments, at least you can say about the guy he knows where he stands. you cannot say that about every single republican leader out there, who has not denounced him, walked back those comments. that is going to haunt the republican party in the long run. >> sometimes you have to call it for what it is. and you cannot defend everything because someone happens to be a republican or someone happens to be a democrat or happens to be your president. if they say something stupid, bigoted, racist, call it for what it is. you don't have to defend it every time, and do back flips to make an excuse for what they said. >> one other thing. >> i have to go. >> he's pro-life and pointing out that we have a -- >> let's go to break, jack. we need a snow shovel. you don't -- >> nice try, jack. not helping.
11:56 pm
there's a big storm coming here, we're going to talk about that. we'll be back. ♪ announcer: get on your feet for the nastiest bull in the state of texas. ♪ ♪
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this is cnn breaking news. >> hello and welcome to our viewers here in the united states and, of course, all around the world. i'm rosemary church, here in central park, in new york city. it is very cold here. and the reason we're here is to witness what could very well be a historic blizzard that's moving across the northeast of the united states. no now, some 30 million people are being affected by blizzard warnings and watches. let's bring up to date the information on the state of


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