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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  March 14, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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starts right now. hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. it's the plan that president trump and republican leaders say is the best way to repeal and replace obamacare. that, of course, is according -- but according to paul ryan, also the closest that the -- according to paul ryan, it's also the closest that they're going to get to repealing and replacing. but millions of americans are waking up to this. take a look, my friends. headlines like these and a number like this. 24 million. that's the number of americans who could lose coverage under the republican repeal and replace. that's according to the congressional budget office. the long-awaited analysis from the congressional budget office. about these headlines, one republican senior republican source says it's terrible.
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and so far as republicans play damage control, not a peep from president trump. so let's get straight over to the white house and find out what they're saying now. senior white house correspondent jeff zeleny is here now from washington. jeff if not from the president, what are we hearing from the white house this morning. >> kate, so interesting. all those headlines there. that means one thing. this is a local story. health care is something that affects every single person individually. the cost of premiums. the amount of coverage, insurance. this is something that is different than any other piece of white house or washington intrigue we cover. this is uniquely personal and these numbers are not good. republicans who are supportive of this plan are stunned by these numbers this morning. they weren't expecting great ones but that 24 million number is higher than they thought. they do say that it would save some $337 billion over ten years, largely because it removes the mandates from the coverage. but it simply is not good. we've not heard from the
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president yet at all and we're not scheduled to hear from him at all today. he could always change that at this point. but his -- the director of the omb, the office of management and business, mick mulvaney was out on cnn's "new day" trying to explain why that cbo number is not right. let's listen. >> i'll say that again. the cbo is assuming if you get medicaid, once the mandate is gone you'll give up your free medicaid and replace it with nothing. the cbo report is full of errors, not errors,ust bad assumptions like that. it's the only way you can get to these bad numbers. it's laying out to people what we thought would happen. the cbo doesn't do a very good job at counting coverage. >> that is certainly their argument. the cbo is not saying it's exactly right or perfect but it's the best argument and it's a nonpartisan group that nlizes this. they analyze the bill in front of them. the question is, will this make president trump open to any more negotiations? open to changing this any more?
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and that worries house republican leaders as well because that could upset the whole system here. he'll be on the road tomorrow in tennessee selling this plan. that's the first time we're scheduled to hear from him, but, boy, all those headlines are certainly settling in and he's not yet using his power of his bull by pulpit to speak out. >> great to see you, jeff. keeping an eye on the white house. while we're hearing obvious big concerns from some, if you look to the house speaker paul ryan, he is encouraged in what he sees in this report. watch. >> actually, i think if you read this entire report, i'm pretty encouraged by it and exceeded my expectations. of course the cbo is going to say if you aren't going to force people to buy something they don't want to buy, they won't buy it. at the same time they're saying our reforms will kick in and lower premiums and make health care more accessible. >> all right. that's from house speaker paul ryan. look at this.
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states that 31 states who took the medicaid expansion, advantage of obamacare's medicaid expansion. one of those is the great state of arkansas. and arkansas' governor esa hutchison is joining me. thanks for joining us. >> it's really good to be with you today. >> so paul ryan is encouraged from what he sees in this congressional budget office report. are you encouraged? >> well, i was concerned before the cbo report came out, and i'm concerned about a cost shift to the states. and if you're looking at 20-some million that might be not covered based upon the cbo report, who is going to have to pick that up? it's either going to be individuals who are not covered, perhaps that's because their individual decision, but it also could be that they are going to have to have that emergency room care. and so i'm concerned about that cost shift to the state. clearly speaker ryan has a
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challenge ahead of him trying to keep the coalition together to get something passed because what we have doesn't work. it needs to be repealed. i support that. but this certainly signals that there's more work to be done and there needs to be some adjustments to relieve some of that cost shift to the states and to make sure that we don't go back to where we were before, which was that we just had our emergency room fill with those who did not have any coverage. >> and what the adjustments are, that's, obviously, the toughest thing right now. your state, as i mentioned before, your state has -- is taking advantage of the medicaid expansion under obamacare. and i recently heard you say that 330,000 people in your state, that's a lot of people in your state, are on that expansion. that, obviously, is to be sunset. and according to some conservatives, they want to end that medicaid expansion even sooner. we're talking 2018. what would that mean for the people in your state?
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>> well, first of all, i'm not for ending it in 2018. i'm for repealing the affordable care act now and that's important to give us flexibility that we don't have to manage those numbers. the 330,000 is too high. and i've presented a proposal that i expect to be approved by the trump administration that will allow us to have work requirements that will allow us to reduce those covered down to 100% of the federal poverty level and control those numbers and the cost to the state and the federal government. whenever that happens, if you shift them, then where do they go? and those that are off the medicaid expansion will right now get their subsidies on the exchange under the congressional plan, that's not going to be sufficient for them to have coverage. and that's where we have to start is to make sure that, one, we're targeting the low income, the middle income individuals who want to go into the marketplace to have the tax credits.
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the focus has to be on them and not the high income. secondly, we want to make sure it's high enough so that they can have access to coverage. we recognize not everybody will choose that, but we want to be able to provide that opportunity and that's a change that needs to be made. >> as that's being debated if we look back in the not too distant past, a president who has said during the campaign, he said very clearly he would not cut merd cade. with this bill then as it stands right now, is he breaking a promise? >> no, because under the bill, the medicaid can continue. it's just that the states have to pick up a greater percent of it. after 2020. and that's what i refer to as the cost shift to the states. some states, clincluding arkans, would have to look at that and say, can we afford that? we cannot afford that unless we had flexibility, which is to manage that.
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so two things need to happen. one is, let's change the tax credit to make sure there's more there for those who need to be covered. secondly, give us the ability to control the numbers and the cost. then we can manage the population even though we might not get the same level of reimbursement. we need continued federal participation, flexibility of the states. so i don't see it as breaking a commitment. it's just a cost shift to the states that we're very concerned about. >> and very concerned you should be. right now president trump does not have your support as this bill stands? >> i do not support this bill as it stands. it's okay if it passes out of the house. we just have to remedy this in the senate. this cannot be the end product. it can be a beginning of the process. it's got to change as it goes through to give some relief to make sure that we're not going simply back to the old system that we can have some stability
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in the marketplace, that we can have coverage that's needed but also that we can bend that cost curve that will help the states and the federal government. there needs to be changes. >> what those changes are, though, that's where the big decide is right now, governor. you're on one side of it. it looks like republican leaders and the president are on the other side. we'll see what happens as you work through it. great to see you, governor, thanks so much. >> thank you. joining me now to discuss, abby phillips of the "washington post" and of the "new york times," alex burns is here as well. alex, what is a republican governor like asa hutchinson to do? many people in his state have taken advantage of this medicaid expansion under obamacare. they know that's a huge problem if the cost of that gets dumped on the states. what do they do? >> yeah, someone like asa hutchinson is in one of the toughest positions out there because, you know, what the republican congress is proposing is not just to yank away health insurance from everyone on medicaid immediately. but to sort of gradually and
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then abruptly reduce the amount of money states get in order to service that population. and so he's describing it as a cost shift. it's also a shift of political pain away from the republican congress so they don't have to wait to see they're all off their health care now and putting the burd own someone luke asa hutchinson to say over a period of time we're going to give you less and less. that's a politically clever thing for congress to do. for republican governors in arkansas, as you said, it's certainly not the only state. they're speaking up to say this is not going to work for us. >> abby, you had paul ryan and today, last night saying these are the good things about this. he's encouraged boo what he saw in this report. 10% premium drop for folks. you see over $300 billion in deficit reduction. that's no small feat. but then when folks are waking up to the headlines that we've laid out at the much to this show that say 24 million in all of their local papers, 24
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million people could lose their coverage, how do you contend with that? >> i think that paul ryan is thinking people will look at the top line numbers and make a determination baseod that. but the 10% number is fairly small compared to these eye-popping numbers in terms of the cost that older americans in particular would be having to shoulder. at least under this part of the proposal. and they are in a tough spot because i think the dynamic between someone like asa hutchinson and conservatives are actually pulling in opposition directions. there are conservatives in the house who want this bill to become more right -- shift more to the right. they want medicaid, that drop-off on medicaid to happen sooner rath thaern later and folks like the governors in republican states who expanded medicaid who want this whole thing to slow down. there is no easy way out here for trump or for paul ryan. what it might take to pass this
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bill in the house might be a poison pill in the senate and we're just moving forward kin v of on a tightrope at this moment. >> with any major legislation like this, it's about how you frame it and sell it. if what the house speaker is saying when he says he's encouraged, is he saying we're giving you what you asked for. we're removing the mandate. we're giving you freedom. choose health insurance if you want. don't if you do not. that's what the tea party was -- that's how the tea party was born. why wasn't he selling it that way from the very beginning? >> and why isn't the white house selling it that way now? when you listen to what paul ryan is saying and mick mulvaney, they're not on the same pamg. the house speaker is out there saying, this is actually great news. you just need to read it in closer detail. >> don't read it at all. >> this is garbage. that's not actually unified political front here. i do think your point is very well taken that paul ryan is putting all his political chips on this idea that what americans want more than anything else is
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more options and more freedom. >> choice. >> in their health insurance. and what you hear certainly from democrats and then this group of republicans in the middle really uncomfortable with the bill as it stands is maybe people are looking for stability and savings more than freedom as such. >> there's also this. let me bring this up to you first and then i'll bring abby in on this. this is a president who campaigned on the opioid crisis in this country, tackling addiction in this country. he said it as recent as in his joint address to congress. he even brought it up. listen to this. >> we'll stop the drugs from pouring into our country and poisoning our youth, and we will expand treatment for those who have become so badly addicted. >> so you have that, but as folks are reporting this out if you look in the current gop plan, it would actually end the
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requirement that the medicaid expansion cover addiction services. that would now be left to the states. states who have tight budgets. states who often do not choose to put money there. how can this president support that? >> it's unclear. he's been not sktd about that directly. when we think back to the campaign, there are very few times that donald trump proposed taking away benefits from people that they currently have. >> that's a good point. >> he talked about repealing obamacare but also not going to cut medicaid. your health insurance is going to get better and more affordable. now to be in the position of, you know, having been handed this bill by the house that actually does take away benefits from a lot of people, we report is seen him come out and indicate he's comfortable with that in detail. his first comments will be really revealing. >> abby, that's the thing. the cbo report was going to be the game changer. so far no indication that
8:15 am
republican leaders or the white house is changing course at all. where does this go now? >> in a bunch of meetings the president had last week, you know, i talked to some of the folks in those meetings and they said that throughout the president kept expressing how he wanted to be open to changes. that view is not shared on the hill so we have to wait and see how or whether the president is going to assert himself in this environment to push for changes in the bill. second early, i think paul ryan is looking at this project from an ideological frame. he wants to make health care more conservative and sort of like small government terms. donald trump wants to do the right thing for his people, which might not -- those goals might not be the same thing, which is one of the reasons why you see mick mulvaney speaking a very different language, basically talking to the president, telling him that he
8:16 am
doesn't believe in the coverage numbers will be all that bad whereas paul ryan is talking about a different set of metrics for whether or not this bill is going to be a success. will the president speak up? everybody is waiting to see whether he exerts any influence over this process over the next couple of days and weeks. >> he has been more quiet than usual this past week but if the cbo report said that 24 million people were going to gain coverage, i'd almost be assured we'd be hearing from the president already. thanks you guys. new fall out after leaked tapes of speaker paul ryan separate, distancing himself from the president last fall. and that's the operative word. this happened last fall. here's who posted it and why it's out now. plus, did secretary of state rex tillerson use a secret e-mail alias while ceo of exxon? why new york's attorney general is looking into it and who is
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well, the groundhog appeared to be right. maybe too right. not quite six weeks after punxsutawney phil saw his shadow, tens of thousands are deal with a monster storm. heavy snow, high winds, bitter cold and causing widespread disruption. some areas could get two feet or more of snow. winds up to 60 miles an hour is making travel dangerous if not near impossible. the storm has forced airlines to cancel almost 8,000 flights and has brought the federal government to a halt. that's not so hard if you've ever worked in washington. federal employees working on a three-hour delay today. we'll take crow where this storm has already hit, where it's hitting now and where it is headed next. brian todd is chasing this storm from washington to philadelphia.
8:22 am
brian, where are you now? what have you been seeing? >> i-95, on southbound 95 heading north, but we noticed a few minutes ago, we were heading north. saw an accident here. the southbound side. i'm going to get out and show it to you. it's really just a slushy and icy mess. as we get thoeout of the roving vehicle. we talked to this driver. he spun out three or four times on his way to work about a half hour ago. he is okay. he didn't want to talk to us on camera but police are here to help him. we talked to the state police. these state police troopers and others throughout maryland. what they are telling us is a lot of motorists are making the mistake of looking at blacktop road like this on i-95 and mistaking it for being somewhat safe or at least a condition where they can go a little faster. that's what they say the problem is here. speed is the problem for a lot
8:23 am
of motorists. a lot of them are going too fast for these conditions. you should not get deceived by black top because there are a lot of slippery conditions and slush and unseen slippery material that you just don't really get a read on when you're going 60 to 70 miles an hour on the highway. state police here in maryland tell us there have been more than 100 accidents since midnight. we've talked to state police in new jersey and pennsylvania. hundreds of accidents. most of them conditions like this, kate. spinouts on the roads. we've not heard of any major injuries or major accidents but as we head north toward the philly area and up into pennsylvania, which we're heading toward from here, we expect conditions to get worse as rush hour comes. so from d.c. to here, it's really just been a snow, rain, sleet mix that's caused problems on the roadways. and we expect that to get worse as the snow really hits in earnest up north of here. >> exactly. if he spun out a few times on
8:24 am
his way to work already, it's going to start getting worse as you keep heading north. thanks, brian. let's go north to boston. the city and region preparing to take a monster hit from this blizzard. ryan nobles is there. what are you seeing? it does not look good. >> no, kate. not at all. we're in framingham right now about halfway between boston and worcester making our way to worcester because worcester is the area which meteorologists are predicting will take one of the biggest hits. this is i-90, the massachusetts turnpike. perhaps the busiest highway in all of massachusetts. not today. officials warning people to stay off the roads with good reason. because when many woke up this morning it wasn't too bad here in massachusetts. the snow didn't start picking up until around 8:00 or 9:00 a.m. and once the snow started it's been intense falling about 2 to 4 inches every hour. this rest area here in framingham, nobody here right now. you can see it's pretty much a
8:25 am
ghost town. i-90 because they've been ahead of it, they've had hundreds of pieces of equipment, thousands -- tens of thousands of tons of salt put on this road, it's relatively clear given the conditions. but, still, officials warning no reason to be on these roads. stay home and most people are. all the schools in this area shut down. many businesses closed as well. the other big thing we're dealing with, kate, is the wind. you can tell it's just pelting me right now. winds gusting in the range of 30 to 50 miles an hour where we are here in framingham. further out to the coast they could get up to 70 miles an hour. there's a concern about power outages across the state of massachusetts. this is really just the beginning for folks living in this part of the country. they've got a long way to go before this storm gets by them and also that possibility that it could turn to rain further east which could make things even messier. >> when the governor said when this thing hits, it's going to hit hard, you're seeing that and
8:26 am
feeling it right now. thank you, ryan. thank you so much. everyone keep safe there. let's get the very latest on this monster storm's path. where it is. it seems to have shifted a little bit. let's get to cnn's chad myers in central park. some good news here is that the blizzard warning for new york city was canceled a couple hours ago. what do people need to know. >> they need to know the wind is still coming but the snow is not fluffy enough to blow around so there's not going to be a blizzard. we're not going to have a lot of snow coming from the sky. we had sleet coming from the sky. about an inch of sleet. now that could have been and should have been according to the weather models, ten inches of stow. didn't happen. now one inch of sleet to shovel off. that's still very heavy, kate. here's what we have. kids are now playing in it. it's crazy to be 10 again and you dont know that you're cold. i could stay out for hours. didn't even know i was cold. little puppies over here, they're not cold either. they were mushing through
8:27 am
central park. this is the calm after the storm. it's not completely done here but we've certainly missed the worst of it. if you go another 40 miles west of here into parts of new jersey, that's where the heavy snow is. so they are looking at this picture and they are going, you guys got lucky because we're getting pounded. harrisburg, lancaster, somerset, up into the hudson river valley all the way to rutland and into new england. still going to get that 24-inch snowfall that we thought we could get here. good news is he did not get it. the bad news, because there's so much sleet it's still weighs the same thing. as you move one square foot of this snow, that will weigh 11 pounds. if you have a 1200 square-foot driveway, you'll move 12,000 pounds of snow today, even though it's only about six inches deep. kate? >> and cold temperatures overnight. not good things with that. great to see you, chad. thanks so much. coming up for us, the
8:28 am
conservative website that trump's top adviser used to run is now posting audio of house speaker paul ryan ripping into then candidate trump. why now when this happened in fall? and folks reportod it in the fall? what it could signal about a growing divide among conservatives. be right back. wake up skin. neutrogena® hydro boost hydrating tint. the first water gel foundation with hyaluronic acid it plumps, quenches... delivers a natural, flawless look. this is what makeup's been missing.
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i'm no longer defend donald trump. do you remember that headline from the house speaker back in october? he was talking to fellow house republicans on a conference call during the fall dlout over the leaked "access hollywood" tape about then candidate trump. the conservative website breitbart, though, has just released audio of that conference call. listen to this. >> his comments are not anywhere in keep with our party's principles and values. there are basically two things that i want to make really clear. as for myself, as your speaker.
8:33 am
i am not going to defend donald trump. not now, not in the future. as you probably heard, i disinvited him from my first congressional district vip event and i'm not going to be campaigning with him over the next 30 days. you guys know i had real concerns with our nominee. i hope you'll appreciate that i'm doing what i think is best for you, the members, not what's best for me. >> so cnn reported on this news on that call on what paul ryan said right when it happened. again, in october. why is it back in the headlines today? good question. why now? joining me to discuss, cnn senior media and politics reporter dylan beyers. do we have any idea how long breitbart had this audio and why they posted it now? >> it seems like they've had it for quite some time. as to why they did it, yes, it's hard to ignore the timing of
8:34 am
this. this release comes as there's immense scrutiny over donald trump's health care plan. the cbo numbers, obviously, are not favorable. there seems to be at least an attempt to tie the failures of this health care proposal around the neck of paul ryan. and that shouldn't be surprising coming from breitbart which used to be run by trump's now chief strategist steve bannon. he's always been in an open warfare with paul ryan and indeed with establishment republicans. he's never made any secret about that. obviously, there have been some attempts to project a cozier relationship since trump took office. but the fact that this is coming from breitbart, the timing when it's coming out, it all points to sort of an effort to distance the trump administration from this controversial health care plan and tie it around the neck
8:35 am
of speaker ryan. >> if you talk to paul ryan's team, and when you talk to them, they'll say, this is ancient history. and it is. do you get a sense this is going to change anything of where this is now? >> look, i mean, there's -- depends on who you believe. it's ancient history the tension between steve bannion and the trump white house and paul ryan perhaps is ancient history. certainly not ancient history for breitbart. and breitbart, by the way, has shown some signs of being willing to sort gf its own way, even go against the trump administration, despite the wishes of steve bannon. that said, given the close ties steve bannon has to that media outlet, it's very hard to imagine there isn't some sort of conversation going on. there isn't some sort of directive to continue the attacks on paul ryan in a way that might benefit or might at least deflect some of the
8:36 am
negative attention that's going towards the president. >> though the white house has said and will say that steve bannon has cut all ties with breitbart and that's where things stand now. >> they will most certainly say that. >> great to see you, dillon. coming up for us, the wiretap walkback. no, not a new dance move. it's what the white house seems to be doing right now. you could also call it the air quote defense as they work to defend president trump's accusation that president obama wiretapped him. details on that ahead. plus, secretary of state rex tillerson used an alias to e-mail while he was the ceo of exxon. what it has to do with climate change and now new york's attorney general. that's coming up. dearthere's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced.
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8:41 am
when it comes to the president's claim he was wiretapped by president obama, it now comes down to air quotes. wiretap or "wiretapped." that's how it played out in the press briefing room yesterday with sean spicer. >> when should americans trust the president? is it phony or real when he says that president obama was wiretapped? >> again, let's get back. i think there's two things that are important about what he said. i think recognizing that it's the -- he doesn't really think that president obama went up and tapped his phone personally. but i think there's a -- there's no question that the obama administration, that there were actions about surveillance and other activities that occurred in the 2016 election. that's a widely reported activity that occurred back then. the president used the word wiretap in quotes to mean broadly surveillance and other
8:42 am
activities. >> the bottom line is -- can -- >> i have answered it. >> can you say whenever the president says something we can trust it to be real. >> if he's not joking, of course. >> so according to the white house, of course you can trust the president if he is not joking. i just want to make sure everyone is clear. tim miller, a former communications director for jeb bush's presidential campaign and political consultant harlan hill is here as well. so gentlemen, tim, this gets to something i've been lighting my hair on fire for weeks. i think in front of you about this. >> that's pretty good, all things considered. >> thanks. don't butter me up. it never works. when it comes to this president, should we take him seriously or literally? the argument i'd make and i think many would agree is when you are president you should take the president both seriously and literally. but is this white house now saying neither? don't take the president seriously or literally? >> this is like one of the
8:43 am
dumbest cliches about donald trump that's come to popularity is that you shouldn't take what he says literally. take it seriously. it doesn't -- i don't even really know what that means. if you look at what he said over the campaign and compared to what he's done in the first 50 or so days in office, it's clear we should have taken him both. sometimes trump people talk about that when they talk about how he's following up on promises made. this is an excuse trump folks make to allow him to use hyperbole, to make attacks, to distract the media, to say things that aren't true, to change the subject. and that's the excuse they use to justify it. >> harlan, you're laughing. is it because tim miller is so funny or for some other reason. >> it's funny coming from somebody that got the last election so wrong that he's lecturing us on what's right and wrong. donald trump speaks in a populist vernacular. that's largely why he won. people talk him out of context and don't quite understand what he's saying. he's trying to speak in clear
8:44 am
terms to american people that may not understand the nuance of surveillance. and so, yeah, he said wiretapping in quotes on twitter. and, you know, there are multiple ways to interpret that. >> but you are -- is he trying to have it both ways? that's my point. take him seriously until he's joking. it's not clear when the president is joking because from that same podium, harlan, sean spicer has multiple times since donald trump has sent out that tweet said this is something president trump firmly believes. >> well, you know, i don't think the white house suggested we shouldn't take donald trump's accusation seriously or as a joke here. i think what donald trump said was serious and it was meant to be taken as serious. it wasn't a joke. we should believe him to this point. the white house hasn't backed off this claim that he was the subject of surveillance under the last administration. >> but it sure seems they were trying to walk things become or broaden things out from where this started. but why now? why not start this walkback if you are the white house harlan,
8:45 am
the moments after the president tweeted this explosive claim? >> well, i think it was probably an inelegant word wiretap. but we've heard time and time again that some of the communications errors are unforced errors. this is another example of it. if he had just been more clear from the very start we would have avoided this entirely. >> would we have avoided this entirely, tim? >> i don't think this is an unforced error. this is the strategic value of trump. and if you are a trump supporter like harlan, i think you would just own it and defend it. donald trump doesn't really value truth or accuracy or facts. he doesn't really value sort of philosophical view of government. what he values is winning. and he sees the media as the enemy. sees the democrats as the enemy. if he can use untruths or lies or exaggerations n s in order t win, he's going to do that.
8:46 am
his spokespeople and allies have to go out and defend it in awkward ways. it worked for him in the election. how long is that going to work as a presidency when it presents different challenges and when there's certain times when you are relied on that you trust what the president says is true. that kind of remains to be seen. >> and this all could come to a head. harlan, i'll start with you because i want you to play a game with me here. this all could come to a head monday. the justice department asked for an extension from the house committee before they could turn over any evidence if they have any on wiretaps. the fbi director will be testifying on monday and is likely, of course, going to be asked about this. so this could all be answered, even you could argue should have been answered earlier, but will be answered very soon. let's play this out. if this comes to a head on monday and there is no evidence. if there's nothing there, there, then what? >> then he's got a problem. i believe, without a question, we know there are members of the
8:47 am
campaign that were the subject of surveilance. people like mike flynn were captured and -- >> because they were on the other end of a conversation of someone who is a subject of surveillance. >> it's certainly public that donald trump's communications were also captured in that wide-sweeping net cast by the intelligence community. >> we don't need to wait until monday. we know there's no there, there. there's no there, there. he made it up. his spokespeople are basically admitting that at this point. so what you have until monday is what you saw what harlan did. you change what the accusation was and pretend like it was about something else. and so that's what we're going to expect next week from the administration. >> good thing is, we'll all have some answer, of some kind, come monday. great to see you both. tim, harlan, thank you. coming up for us -- why did secretary of state rex tillerson use an alias when ceo of exxon. paging wayne tracker now. details ahead.
8:48 am
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the new york attorney general is accusing skate rex tillerson of using an undisclosed e-mail address and alias while serving as ceo of exxonmobil. he says the pseudonym wayne tracker is what he used to send e-mails related to important matters including climate change. let's go to our diplomatic correspondent, michelle kaczyns kaczynski. they're investigating whether exxon misled investors about climb change, but what does it mean for rex tillerson as
8:53 am
secretary of state. >> having the second e-mail address, that raises eyebrows giving the use of alternate e-mail devices and addresses in a number of cases tat we all know about. to use a separate e-mail address within the exxon system while he was ceo, there's nothing wrong with that. rex tillerson, in a statement from spokesperson for exxon, they said he used an alternate e-mail address because his normal exxon e-mail got to be too busy. there were too many e-mails. when he wanted to have specific communications with other executives, he used a separate name and a separate e-mail address, wayne tracker. the problem is the new york a.g. says when they asked for all the communications from exxon, discussing climate change and other important matters as they put it in a letter to the judge, exxon only turned over his main e-mails primarily. it was in the e-mails that the a.g.'s office found out he was using a separate e-mail. so they're saying that exxon
8:54 am
failed to disclose that rex tillerson used this alternate e-mail. the thing is, for that to ever affect him, it would have to be proven that he tried to basically obstruct the investigation. and that would be a pretty tall order, at least at this point, kate. >> and at this point, they're not there yet, right? >> yeah, definitely. the a.g.'s office is saying why didn't you turn over all of these e-mails? we don't know the answer yet. for rex tillerson to be held accountable for doing something wrong, because remember, nothing wrong with using two e-mail addresses, they would have to show he intentionally tried to obstruct an investigation. >> we'll see if the state department has anything to say about that investigation. great to see you, michelle. thank you. >> coming up for us, right now, the commandant of the marine corps is briefing congress after a private facebook group posted hundreds of nude photos of
8:55 am
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this just in. republican senator bill cassidy says the republican plan to replace obamacare is, quote, not what president trump promised. cassidy, a doctor himself, is speaking out and reacting to the cbo's blistering analysis that came out that some 24 million americans would lose coverage in the next decade under the republican plan. so far today, the president has been silent on the cbo report. the white house, though, putting other folks out to discuss. just a reminderering his health and human services secretary tom price will appear on cnn tomorrow night in a town hall answering questions about the bill. that's 9:00 p.m. eastern. wolf blitzer, dana bash will be moderating. for now, thank you for joining us.
9:00 am
inside politics with john king starts right now. thanks, kate. welcome to inside politics. i'm john king. thanks for sharing your day with us. a snow day in most places in the northeast. it makes for beautiful images and more than a little disruption. >> the storm will bring heavy snow. the kind of snow you want to stay ahead of. i want to emphasize, this is on the heavier side. be careful out there. >> good advice from the governor there. be careful out there. disruption on a different sort here in washington. a new report card on the new republican health care plan says the government will save a fortune, but it will add 24 million americans to the list of uninsured. >> the cbo has reported that the republican bill pushes 24 million people out of health


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