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tv   Wolf  CNN  March 14, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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hello, i'm wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. in new york. wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks very much for joining us. we start with the fate of the republican effort to repeal and replace the affordable care act, as many in the republican party are now pushing back against new numbers that show the effects of their bill. among the highlights from the congressional budget office, 24 million americans would lose health care over the next ten years. 14 million of them lose it by next year alone. as you can also see, premiums will go down for some, up for others. good news for younger americans. but a bigger burden for older americans who could be forced to
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pay 25% more. there will also be a positive effect on the national debt. the cbo says the bill saves $thry 37 billion in government spending over the next ten years. the white house is pushing back on the numbers. we'll hear more of that from the press secretary, sean spicer, he's going to have his daily briefing coming up at the top of the next hour. right now, the president is meeting with the deputy crown prince and defense minister of saudi arabia. this video feeding in moments ago from the white house. >> very nice people. >> we hope so. >> very nice people, the president apparently looking at the news media, the pool was in there. the deputy crown minister, also
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the defense minister of saudi arabia. they're now having lunch with other senior aides, including the vice president, mike pence, also in the room. senior adviser jared kushner, chief strategist, steve bannon, and national security adviser general h.r. mcmaster. they're all having lunch. we're going to see video from that luncheon shortly. we'll bring it to you, of course. in the meantime, let's bring in our white house correspondent, jim acosta, joining us from the white house at our congressional correspondent phil mattingly joining us from capitol hill. jim, what you hearing, first of all, the reaction from the white house to these congressional budget office numbers? >> well, wolf, we should point out in the moment you just showed everybody a few moments ago, the president sitting down with the deputy crown prince, here at the white house, the president was asked a question about that cbo score that came out yesterday, that you just talked about to our viewers. the president did not bite on that question. and the press was promptly escorted out of the room.
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the chief strategist, steve bannon, even added a, let's roll, as the press was ushered out of the room. from talking to a senior republican source that is very much involved in this process right now, they do acknowledge that these headlines were, quote, terrible yesterday. that this is probably a, quote, low point in the process. so obviously, internally, privately, they're not feeling all that great about the cbo score that came out yesterday. at the same time, the same source is telling me they're still confident they can get this done. the president is meeting later on this afternoon with the ceo of anthem health care, one of the health care giants in this country, and he's going to be on the phone with the speaker of the house, paul ryan, later on this afternoon. no question about it, wolf, when you have a headline like this come out like we saw yesterday, that is pretty disruptive to this process. and you also have the white house and the speaker's office not exactly on the same page. you had the hhs secretary, tom price, the omb director, mick
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mulvaney, slamming the report yesterday and this morning, and yet you had the speaker of the house on another network saying he was encouraged by the report. so they are trying to read into this report what they wish. but no question about it, wolf, they still have an uphill battle to climb. >> they certainly do. let's talk about the uphill battle on capitol hill. phil, you're there. the reaction over these past, what, nearly 24 hours since the report was released. clearly mixed. >> yeah, no question about it, but look, i do think there's almost a palpable sense of uneasiness in talking to republican senators throughout the course of this morning. you have to recognize the many looked at their home town papers as they were delivered to their offices and saw the blaring headline. 24 million uninsured and they recognize that is a bad headline going forward. but i think it's worth noting going forward that a lot of the folks over in the senate, the house isn't in session today, don't feel like they're as much a part of this process. and they will get their opportunity, as the strategy has been designed by house speaker paul ryan, by mitch mcconnell, to have an amendment process on
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the senate floor. that's when you talk to republican senators where they feel like they can make changes. so long as the bill gets over here. when it comes to the house, no question at all, the headline has created problems. they already a jittery conference, house moderates wary of the top line number. house conservatives wanting to be firmer in what it does to medicaid expansion. speaker ryan's strategy is unchanged. the process going forward is they don't plan major changes or any changes to the bill. it's expected to get to the house floor as soon as next week. their gome right now is to, with the president's help, try to muster the 216 votes they need to get this over to the senate. almost muscle it through, if you will. that's the goal going forward. they don't want to make major changes right now. the big question, though, as the house starts to return tomorrow, is do they actually have the votes? there's no question when i talk to individuals that are involved in this process that there is work to do, work the speaker will have to do, work the white house will have to do as well. the question is can they get the
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work done in time for when this bill hits the floor to actually get the majority they need to even move it over to the senate. >> normally, the majority is 218. but there are some vacant seats. the that's why they only need 216 to get it passed. jum, on another important issue, the department justice has asked for more time into the investigation of the president's unsubstantiated claim that trump tower in new york city was wiretapped, in order to be wiretapped by president obama. while the white house press secretary sean spicer now saying the press shouldn't necessarily take the claims made by president trump too literally. anything further today from the white house? >> no, wolf. but i think this question is going to come up during the briefing once again, and mainly because the department of justice, as you said, asked the house intelligence committee for more time. they're going to be given more time, from what we understand, from talking to the house intelligence committee, until next monday when a hearing is
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scheduled on this. the house intelligence committee, keep in mind, led by republicans, warning the trumpstration, we need to have evidence by next monday or we're going to ask about this at this hearing. and if we don't have it, we may have to revort to what they're calling a, quote, compulsory measure or compulsory process in order to extract that evidence from the trump administration. but wolf, as you know from the last nine or ten days that we have been going over this, the white house has not provided one shred of evidence to back up the president's claim at this point. that's why you heard the white house press secretary sean spicer saying yesterday, well, when the president was talking about wiretapping in quotes, he was really talking about broader surveillance measures. and you had kellyanne conway over the weekend speculating about the various things the intelligence community can do to spy on people through their cell phones or appliances or whatever. the question, i think, is going to be again today, wolf, where is the evidence? do you have evidence? by next monday, do you plan to present evidence to the house
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intelligence committee? there's no indication whatsoever they'll ever have any. >> the compulsory process would mean subpoenas for the information if the information is even available. all right, jim acosta, phil mattingly, thanks very much. >> republican leaders are downplaying the congressional budget office report on the obamacare replacement plan. joining us to does custhat and more, republican congressman tom garrett of virginia, a member of both the house foreign affairs and homeland security committees. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> let's get your reaction. the congressional budget office report, as you know, says 14 million people would be uninsured under this new republican plan within the next year, by 2018. 24 million would be uninsured by 2026, within a decade. you have been critical of the bill. if the speaker, paul ryan, doesn't allow for major changes, will you vote for it? >> right now, i'm a no. a firm no.
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i cand idly don't know how we get to 216. we talked about coverage. let's look at access to care. that's what the argument should be about. right now, what you've got is people who have coverage who can't afford to pay their deductibles. therefore, they don't have care. what we need to do is find a plan that gives americans access to affordable care as opposed to a piece of paper with deductible and premium they can afford. >> do you believe the speaker will have the 216 votes necessa necessary? a lot of your conservative colleagues are saying what you just said, they can't vote for this. >> i respect speaker ryan and what he's trying to to here. it's a tough task, but there's a commajor sticking points, especially rewarding bad behavior in the medicare expansion states and creating entitlement by virtue of where we place the tax credit in the process. the good news is we would reduce the deficit by a third of a trillion dollars. there are a lot of stand-alone measures moving forward, but
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allowing small businesses to pool, to create small numbers for care that will go through, but the bill, i have a tough time fathoming how you get to 216 right now. >> if the bill fails, do you think president trump will be blamed for the failure or will the blame go to the speaker, paul ryan? >> look, president trump said this the other day, and i think speaker ryan would say the same thing. if we wanted to play politics with america's health care, we just wouldn't do anything because it's absolutely undeniable that obamacare is in a death spiral. and if we just let the status quo go, we're going to see what real pain and suffering looks like when people who have coverage on paper but can't afford to pay their deductibles can't get the treatment they deserve. we're trying to do good here. if this bill fails, that doesn't mean we don't circle back around and work on another bill. i'm sure we will. the easy political thing to do would be to let the wheels fall off the obamacare disaster. that's not what we're here to do. >> you think your concerns, the concerns of your conservative
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colleagues are being heard by the white house? and correct me if i'm wrong, you were supposed to go to the white house for a pizza and bowling event with the president tonight. i take it that's been canceled. is that right? >> the date is going to be moved because of some of the folks having trouble flying in. we're not going to the white house to get whipped. to get pushed into line. we're gig to the white house to discuss what our concerns are with the president and his administration. he has proven to be an adebt listener. and i think he wants to get something good done. so where you start is not always where you finish. and this is working with the guy who wrote the book, the art of the deal, so we think there's room for movement. we think we can get something that works for america. >> when is that pizza and bowling event going to be rescheduled for? >> this i do not yet know. i only learned it would be moved about five minutes before i went on the air with you. >> if you go to the white house and speak to the president of the united states, what will be your bottom line message to him on the future of health care? >> well, number one, you need to recognize that individuals will
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exercise free will. they certainly did under obamacare with the individual mandate where so many people chose to pay the penalty. we need to recognize that's not only inherent to human nature but inherent to a free state. we need to create access to care that's actually care as opposed to coverage. that's a false paradigm that we have seen throughout the obamacare story, that look how many more people have coverage. coverage doesn't equal care if you can't pay your deductible. and that's the glide path we have been on. so there are a lot of ideas. there are good pieces to the ryan plan. there are also a lot of stand-alone bills that aren't getting a lot of attention in the press that will help open up markets and create better access to affordable care. we're moving forward. the easy thing to, do again, would be to let this thing explode on its own. we're going to do what is right for america. >> while i have you, let's get a quick reaction. there's talk about the unsubstantiated wiretap claims made by president trump ten days ago in those series of four tweets. the white house press secretary sean spicer said the president
10:13 am
wasn't really talking about actual wiretapping ipthose allegations against president obama. he was talking about broader surveillance. let me play the clip. listen to this. >> he doesn't really think that president obama went up and tapped his phone personally. >> what does he think? >> there's no question that the obama administration, that there were actions about surveillance and other activities in the 2016 election. that's a widely reported activity that occurred back then. the president used the word wiretap in quotes to mean broadly surveillance and other activities. >> what's your reaction to that comment? is the white house backing away from what the president initially claimed? >> well, i can't speak for the white house, but i mean, we know to a met aphysical certainty there were intercepts. "the new york times" wrote about intercepts of conversations prior to january 20th when the administration changed. i guess what we need to get to the bottom of is where they got the intercepts. >> if there are intercepts of
10:14 am
communications involving russian officials, for example, wiretapping russian officials, monitoring phone calls from russian officials serving here in the united states, that's one thing. but for the president to say the president, the former president obama ordered the wiretapping of trump tower in order to wiretap on the then candidate and then the president-elect, donald trump, that's very, very much something else. correct? >> absolutely. but do we not know that there were two separate applications, to a fisa court, for surveillance that would fall within the scope. >> but that's different than ordering the wiretapping of donald trump as a candidate. there's no evidence that president obama said let's listen in on the conversations of donald trump. you agree, right? >> not that i have access to, no, but we know there was surveillance that spanned into the trump campaign team and was it done intentionally or
10:15 am
accidental and intentional? that's what we need to get to the bottom of. >> if the surveillance involved russian activities, that would be very different than spying on american citizens. >> right, which goes back to the question, which is was there surveillance that overlapped on the trump campaign. if that's what happened, intentional or incidental. if it's incidental, that's just the way the game is played. we don't know that yet. >> if there is evidence, we would love to see it. congressman, thanks i joining us. >> my pleasure. god bless. >> coming up. we'll talk to a democratic congressman who said, i'm quoting now, this republican bill is not health care legislation. it's an annihilation. elijah cummings is coming up next. we have lots of questions for him. also, what he thinks of the white house now walking back the president's wiretapping claims against the former president, barack obama. that's coming up next. t dad, yo. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident.
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the estimates are now in for the republican replacement for
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obamacare. and the numbers released by the congressional budget office, there's good and bad, depending on which side of the aisle you're on. the house speaker, paul ryan, says it exceeded his expectations. joining us now, democratic congressman elijah cummings from maryland, the ranking member of the house oversight committee. thanks for joining us. >> wolf, good to be with you. >> let meget your reaction. what are your expectations? how did the congressional budget office do? >> the cbo report was exactly what, pretty much what i expected it to be. 14 million people losing their insurance next year. and then another -- the total of 24 million by 2026. that didn't surprise me. the thing that does bother me, though, wolf, is how the republicans are playing with these numbers. and i want -- my message to them would be, be honest with the
10:21 am
american people. they claim that they were going to repeal and replace. president trump talked about lowering the cost of insurance and having better insurance, and everybody would be insured and nobody would be harmed. and this proposal does just the opposite. and again, wolf, when you're dealing with a person's health insurance, you can't get too much more personal than that. and i'm just hoping that they will be honest with the american people. lay out exactly what this proposal does. and i think that it will be soundly rejected in the house. i believe this proposal will also be soundly rejected in the senate, because it does not bring coverage and care to the american people. >> in the house, as you know, a lot of the opposition, certainly the democrats are all opposed. but you guys are in the minority. the opposition comes from conservative republicans.
10:22 am
we just heard from one of them, congressman garrett, who says he can't vote for this because it goes too far, some have called it obamacare lite. cbo says 24 million americans will lose their coverage over the next ten years. the arguments from the republicans is many of those people, they will no longer be forced to buy health insurance, and that's their right. they don't want to buy health insurance, they don't have to. what do you say to that argument? >> well, anybody who knows anything about this issue knows, in the end, wolf, we're all going to pay. and this is a moral issue. people have, i believe, a right to health insurance. they have a right to stay alive. they have a right to be able to live a healthy life. and it is getting down to a moral issue. and when i look at the proposal that has been presented by the republicans, what i see is, i hear all this hocus-pocus
10:23 am
language that they talk about, well, you're not going to be able -- we're worried about cost, but then they don't seem like they're that much worried about coverage. and so what i'm saying to them is that the american people need coverage. and they need access to health care. and so but i'm begging them not to play games with this, because again, it's very personal. so what we have to do, wolf, is follow the money. we've got a situation here where they're giving a major tax cut to folks, to the tune of $600 billion, the wealthier folks in our country. at the same time, slashing something like medicaid. and medicaid, of course, helps the most vulnerable citizens. so again, if we're honest about it, at some point, we're going to pay. somebody is going to pay.
10:24 am
so we might as well come up with -- they should come up with a proposal or basically fix, if they want to fix the affordable care act, they need to do that. but i hope the president trump will not run around talking about a proposal that really does take away from people's opportunities to stay well and to be well. >> the secretary of health and human services, tom price, says i firmly believe that nobody will be worse off financially in the process that we are going through. your reaction to that. >> i have listened to just about every interview that price has made, and he has -- i have never heard him say that there will not be a lot of people losing their coverage. they try to attack the cbo, which i felt was very unfortunate. they -- the numbers are the numbers. but wolf, there's another thing here. i think people forget that when they look at their numbers, these numbers, they forget there is somebody watching us right
10:25 am
now, wolf. right now. who is sitting in some hospital, maybe in toledo or somewhere in our country, with chemo dripping into their veins, trying to figure out whether or not they're going to have insurance next year, whether they're going to have insurance the year after that, and whether or not they're going to be able to survive. there's some mother worried about her child being able to be treated for opioid addiction. and knowing that medicaid is being sliced and mental health is being sliced with regard to these proposals. that's why i'm saying, wolf, this is a moral issue. and republicans have got to stop this era of not always telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth. we need to take care of our own. president trump constantly talks about getting america back to where it used to be.
10:26 am
i don't buy that. i think we're all moving towards a more perfect union. and that more perfect union is about taking care of each other and helping each other in times of need. all of us are the walking wounded. all of us are going to need insurance. we might as well take this moment that we have and create the best opportunity that we can, using the american people's tax dollars in a wise, effective, and efficient way so that we can say, well, you cannot have a strong country when you've got so many people being sick and not being able to get health care. >> congressman elijah cummings of maryland, thanks for joining us. >> thank you, wolf. >> tomorrow night, the health and human services secretary tom price will be taking your questions on health care in a live cnn town hall. dana bash and i will moderate. that's tomorrow night, 9:00 p.m. eastern. only here on cnn. president trump is having lunch with the deputy crown
10:27 am
prince and defense minister of saudi arabia at the white house right now. key members of his team are there as well. this video, by the way, just came in. let's listen in. >> see the deputy crown prince
10:28 am
of saudi arabia, muhammad been somen. he's also the defense minster. he's a young man, clearly very, very important to the u.s./saudi relationship. you saw the president's top aides there in the dining room as well. much more on that story coming up. also coming up, the secretary of state accused of using a secret e-mail alias and not disclosing it to investigators while he was working at exxon mobile. a live report from the state department, that's next. not back. it's looking up not down. it's feeling up thinking up living up. it's being in motion... in body in spirit in the now. boost. it's not just nutrition. it's intelligent nutrition. with 26 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. all in 3 delicious flavors. it's choosing to go in one direction... up. boost. be up for it. the more mysterious they sound, the more...
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livepictures from inside the white house briefing room. the white house press secretary sean spicer will be taking questions fairly soon. we'll have live coverage of daily briefing coming up. >> the name wayne tracker making
10:33 am
headlines today. here's why. according to new york's attorney general, wayne tracker is actually rex tillerson, the united states secretary of state. the attorney general is accusing tillerson of using a pseudonym while discussing climate change during his time as ceo of exxonmobil. we're joined live from the state department. michelle, why is the attorney general looking into tillerson in the first place? >> well, the attorney general and in fact the state of massachusetts also, they're looking into whether exxon misled consumers about the risk of climate change, as well as possibly misled investors over the effect that climate change could have on its business. so when they were trying to get documents from exxon, and they did get many of them, i mean millions of documents including e-mails were subpoenaed. but the attorney general's office in new york says that exxon has repeatedly delayed and
10:34 am
obstructed that effort. that they haven't turned everything over, that the a. gflt's office has been trying to get everything. the attorney general said when they got some of these documents, they realized, lo and behold, that rex tillerson, among other executives, were using e-mails with aliases to communicate not just about clielt change but other topics as well, and nobody from exxon ever told the investigators that there were these e-mail accounts that were existing that they belonged to these executives. they didn't put them on their list of e-mail addresses, documents from which they were turning over to the investigation. so the attorney general is disturbed by this. and just sent a letter to the judge saying, look, this is our last resort. please help us make exxon comply with this. exxon, though, is saying it did comply. it turned over millions of documents. it will continue to do so, but so far, rex tillerson himself
10:35 am
hasn't answered any questions about this, wolf. >> all right. i know you'll stay on top of this story as well. michelle, thanks very much. michelle kaczynski at the state department. >> meanwhile, a powerful winter storm crippling a lot of the northeast today. a live picture now from boston. take a look at that. just ahead, we're going to find out who's getting the worst of the huge storm. >> plus, also have live pictures from the white house briefing room. the press secretary sean spicer will head to the lectern fairly soon. expected to discuss the president's reaction to the congressional budget office report on the republican health care plan, among other important issues. we'll have live coverage. nt to . but kind is honest. this bar is made with cranberries and almonds. so, guess what? we call it cranberry almond. give kind a try. the following ad for your viewing convenience. so i just switched to geico.
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live pictures from inside the white house briefing room. the press secretary sean spicer will be taking questions from reporters fairly soon, we're told. we'll have live coverage of that
10:40 am
coming up. in the meantime, a brutal winter storm moving across the northeast. the numbers are adding up here in the united states. 60 million people are in the storm's path right now. more than 8,000 flights have been canceled. five states have declared a state of emergency. take a look at live pictures from boston where the winter storm has dumped several inches of snow in the city and brought wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour. let's bring in jennifer. jennifer, they're actually easing up on the prediction of how bad this will be. at least in some areas. >> you're right, wolf. in some of these coastal cities, unfortunately, the major cities, it looks like we are going to back off a little bit. that does include boston, new york, philly, and d.c. because this low tracked about 25 miles farther to the west than forecasted. so it is bringing a little bit of warmer air right along the coast. so the numbers aren't going to be quite as impressive in some
10:41 am
of these cities along the coast. however, if you're west, if you're in upstate new york or pennsylvania, any of those areas where you're seeing snow right now, even massachusetts, you're going to get a lot of snow. it's already happening as we speak. let's zoom in. you can see d.c. getting one last little brush of snow. it is going to be clearing out in the next few minutes. then wrapping up, already wrapping up in new york city. however, boston, still getting quite a bit of snow. we had low visibility, wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour. so it is still going strong in boston. however, the changeover will occur a little later this afternoon. and that will be wrapping up as well. let's go to the floor and i'll show you what we're expecting to see with updated numbers as far as snowfall totals go. when this is all said and done, we think new york city will have from 5 to 7 inches of snow. boston, 6 toate inches of snow. and then in portland, 12 to 18 inches of snow. and then back to the wall, we'll show you where we're looking at maybe the highest amounts.
10:42 am
you can see the dark pink shades right there in burlington, syracuse, albany has even gotten quite a bit of snow. that's where we could see 24 additional inches of snow in some of these isolated, of course, a lot of these areas of higher elevations. boston looking at anywhere from say 4 to 6 additional inches of snow. new york city, maybe another inch of two. portions of new jersey, 17 inches of snow. bloomsburg, pennsylvania, 17 inches as well. you had to get west of the major cities to pib up some of the huge snowfall totals. one other thing you were mentioning, the flight cancellations, 6,000 cancellations just today. and if you look at some of these areas like boston, you can see no flights going in to boston. no flights going into new york city right now. flights are resuming, of course, in d.c., philadelphia, a handful of flights. we think new york will be back online picking up a couple more flights as we go through the evening hours. but as far as logan is
10:43 am
concerned, wolf, it could be a while before flights start going into there. it's affecting not only domestic travel but international travel as well. it creates that domino effect across the country and the world. >> certainly does. all right, jennifer, thanks very much. jennifer gray helping us out with the weather. we're waiting once again for the white house press secretary sean spicer to go to the lectern. he'll take questions shortly on health care, other issues as well. live coverage of that coming up. . the first water gel foundation with hyaluronic acid it plumps, quenches... delivers a natural, flawless look. this is what makeup's been missing. neutrogena® sugar, we're letting you go. what? who's replacing me? splenda naturals? look, she's sweet, she's got natural stevia, no bitter aftertaste and she's calorie-free. so that's it? we made you a cake. with sugar? oh, no. (laughing) so that's it? we made you a cake. tech: at safelite, we know how busy your life can be. mom: oh no...
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we're standing by for the start of today's white house press briefing. live pictures from inside the briefing room. sean spicer will be stepping up to the lectern fairly soon. we have our chief political analyst gloria borger with us, mark preston, and david gregory,
10:48 am
author of "how's your faith?" thanks very much. how significant is the political fallout so far we have seen over the republican health care plan as a result of the congressional budget office report? >> it's very significant, wolf. i don't know how many ways you can divide up the factions. but not only do you have the democrats having new talking points about 24 million uninsured over the next ten years. but you have republican moderates who are upset about the loss of medicaid coverage. you have conservatives who are upset, saying why are we committing political suicide for something that's obamacare lite? you have the ryan wing of the party trying to keep it together. you have a house bill and a senate that is saying we're not going to accept this house bill. and you have donald trump against paul ryan, is this trumpism or is this ryanism?
10:49 am
so there isn't any way to say this other than the fact that this bill now cannot survive in its current form, even if it were to get out of the house, it would not be able to survive in the senate. >> yeah, and david, our congressional correspondent, phil mattingly, as you heard, he's reporting that the house speaker paul ryan still hopes to move this health care bill forward with little or no change despite the cbo report. how likely is that? >> well, i don't think he's going to put it on the floor unless he's got the votes and until he's got the votes. what strikes me is the lack of party discipline on this for the party that controls washington. and part of that is this imperative to make good on the promise to at least repeal obamacare and debate about how much unanimity there's been around replacement. and the fact that conservatives are not in sync with where the white house is, which wants a lot of different things.
10:50 am
doesn't want to get too involved in the details. wants to keep some of the popular aspects of obamacare and wants to back up paul ryan. it's an incredibly messy process. it was incredibly messy for the obama team as well. at the root of all this, we can talk about cbo numbers. we can talk about all the fighting within the what is the right and the responsibility of government and for citizens when it comes to health care? so lots of talk about care and access and affordability. right now you have an entitlement covered many people than ever before, there's lots of problems with obamacare and takes really about five years to understand all these things so in that murky water you have a president that's going to say how much capital am i going to expend >> who is going to blame, sort
10:51 am
of reminds me back in 1993-1994, it was called hillary care, who gets blamed this time? the speaker? the republican establishment? or the president? >> right now we're seeing speaker ryan being blamed for it and breitbart the conservative website that has ties through steve bannon released the audio shows there was a schism at least back in october between paul ryan and donald trump. donald trump has to be careful because he has invested this very publicly, we have already seen vice president pence on the road, donald trump will be on the road as well. the big for me is when does donald trump move from paul ryan, as we all know donald trump likes to say over and over
10:52 am
again, i know how to negotiate, this is one of the biggest deals he's ever had to make. >> but there's a big difference between trumpism and ryanism, because ryan says people who are coerced into buying health insurance won't have to buy it now, and donald trump promised health insurance for everyone. there's a big difference. >> certainly is. we're going to leave it right there. remind our viewers, we are standing by from the briefing room, that should be starting right at the top of the hour. our special coverage picks up right after a quick break.
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here we go. on this tuesday, brooke baldwin breaking news, any minutes we should see sean spicer step behind the podium in a snowy washington. in essence the numbers matter here, 24 million. found that 24 million more people would have no insurance by the year 2026 this new republican proposal. this just in, despite the cbo score, house speaker paul ryan
10:58 am
plans to forge ahead with his original strategy with no intent of making changes, we'll get details on speaker ryan. we have a mega panel standing by, but let's begin with senior white house correspondent jim acosta, tell me what do you anticipate sean spicer will say because if speaker ryan isn't budging and sean spicer has said we're open to ideas, what does he say post cbo score today. >> reporter: i think you are going to hear much of what we heard yesterday from nick mull vae -- mulvaney. they were disagreeing with it stren rously i believe was the word used. they were not on the same page because you had paul ryan on another network saying he found
10:59 am
the cbo very encouraging so you have to wonder are they reading the same score of the republican health care plan, obviously you have the house speaker saying we don't want a lot of changes to this, close to speaker's office they say if you start to monkey around with certain portions of this bill that you're going to invite chaos and that's the last thing they want at this point but at the same time you have the white house looking down pennsylvania realizing there are a lot of conservative republicans saying they flat out won't vote for this bill an don't even know if they can get it out of the house. the conventional wisdom a week ago was that they could, but now there are serious concerns whether out of the house is even possible and about what the intelligence committee said to the trump administration yesterday that hey, okay you did not make this deadline to back up the deadlines, we'll give you
11:00 am
another week on this, put another quarter in the meter if you will. the question is whether or not will you have the evidence? they have not had a shred. and warning the trump administration, may as a result what they're calling quote co compulsory measures with a subpoena if i could quote a movie. >> you just did. we'll take it. we'll be listening whether or not they let cnn ask a question finally. >> reporter: that would be nice. >> let's go to capitol hill fill mattingingly who is covering that end of pennsylvania or constitution avenue, tell me and what speaker ryan is saying staying the