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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  March 14, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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i let you go, tomorrow night big night here on cnn, town hall with our hhs secretary, tom price. tune in for that 9:00 eastern here on cnn. in the meantime, i'm brooke baldwin. thank you so much for being with me. let's go to washington. "the lead" starts now. >> thank you, brooke. sean spicer said the cbo is consistently wrong, but his boss used to think otherwise. "the lead" starts right now. the price tag fall out on capitol hill from democrats and republicans after the cbo finds that the republican health care plan would fall well short of the president's campaign promises. the white house now saying the president is extremely confident that he will be vindicated on his claim that president obama wiretapped him. maybe they found that microwave cam. plus dangerous winds, sleet and snow coming in sideways, shutting down cities and the danger is far from over.
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welcome to "the lead." i'm jim sciutto in for jake. we begin today with our politics lead. this afternoon the white house was forced to defend the republicans' proposed health care overhaul by, once again, lashing out at the source of some inconvenient information. this time the target is the congressional budget office. after the cbo's analysis found that the gop bill would cause a dramatic drop in coverage, a projected 24 million fewer people insured by the year 2026. and older americans facing especially high premium increases. democrats are seizing on the reports' findings and some republicans are getting nervous. talking about slowing down the repeal and replace that they promised during the last election, but the gop leadership and the white house are holding fast. cnn's phil mattingly is live on capitol hill. fill, do the republicans have a plan to sell this bill after these numbers really discouraging numbers for the gop? >> reporter: no question about it. there's a good reason vice-president mike pence and health and human services
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secretary tom price were dispatched to capitol hill today to meet with really kind of palpably uneasy senate republicans. they recognize the top line numbers are bad. they need votes to move this process forward. but is the process that even the most optimistic republican leaders will tell you has a lot of work to go. republican leaders are now scrambling to condatain the fallout from a damaging congressional budget office report. >> given the freedom to make a decision that is consistent with your own economic interests and you decide -- may decide not to buy it. >> reporter: as senate majority leader mitch mcconnell made today, changes will come. they will come in the senate e. >> it will be open to amendment in the senate like all reconciliation bills are. >> reporter: as the trump administration continues to attack the veracity of the numbers altogether. >> this is exactly what we thought the cbo would come forward with. they're terrible at counting coverage. >> reporter: for gop leaders, a hint of good news in the report,
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most notably, the deficit savings. $337 billion over ten years. and the projection that overall premiums would drop by an average of 10% by the time the gop plan fully takes hold. but the top line number of uninsured, 14 million by next year, 24 million by 2026, sparking new democratic attacks and mockery of the republican party. >> no one wants to claim this bill if it's so good, why aren't they rushing to have their names on it? trump wants to call it ryancare. ryan wants to call it trumpcare. it's classic abbott and costello. if it's so good why don't they want their names on it? >> bill: >> reporter: the political fall out from across battle ground states to inside the gop conference itself, leading to accusations that the gop's three-step strategy, an initial bill, regulatory actions followed by regulatory action today for democratic support is
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fiction. >> some mythical led fiction in the future that is going to garner democratic support and help us get over 60 votes in the senate, if we had those democratic votes, we wouldn't need three steps. >> reporter: and exacerbating the tenuous centrist inside the republican party with some far right members hardly sounding anywhere close to compromise. >> the fact that the republican welfare plan is not as bad as obamacare does not mean that it's good. >> reporter: and republican senators from states that expanded medicaid under president obama calling for a total rewrite. >> my state, no matter what the cbo says, has had -- is going to have real problems because we were one of those that expanded medicaid. >> reporter: but the white house making clear, this is the only game in town and it's now or never. >> this is the only vehicle that seeks to achieve what people on our side of the aisle have been talking about since 2010. this is it. >> reporter: and that's really
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the underlying point you're hearing from republican leaders. these are the issues that republicans campaigned on, cycle after cycle. if they actually want to get this done, this is the bill they need to coalesce around. the question now, jim, is what are the changes that will kind of make each side happy? i will tell you one thing. according to gop leadership aides i've been speaking to in the house, those changes aren't coming in the house. me may shift things around a little bit, but the underlying legislation will stand. that means all of the own us will fall on the senate where they expect a number of amendments to come up and perhaps some of those changes actually to take hold. jim? >> and do those make voters happy in the midterm election? phil mattingly, thanks very much. it has been more than a week since the president made the explosive and as yet unsubstantiated charge that president obama wiretapped his phones during the campaign. late today the white house said that president trump is confident that he and that claim will be vindicated. cnn's sara murray joins me now live from the white house. sara, a pretty extraordinary statement there from sean spicer, but also one i suppose
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the question is will they have the information to back that up? >> reporter: well, we are still waiting to find out, jim. as we know, even though the president is the one who made this claim, they then kicked it over to congress so say, we're asking you to look into this. we're asking you to provide proof. congress has then asked the department of justice to provide proof of these claims. so far no proof has emerged. but that did not stop sean spicer, the white house press secretary, from making this statement today. >> i think he's extremely confident. there have been -- i may have mentioned this of about. i'll let them do their job, i'll let the house and senate and the d.o.j. report this. but as i've commented in the past, i think there is significant reporting about surveillance techniques that have existed throughout the 2016 election. i'll leave it to them to issue their report, but i think he feels very confident that we'll ultimately come of this, will vindicate him. >> reporter: you see, spicer there saying the white house and the president firmly believe that there will be proof to back up the claims.
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still a little bit confusing, jim, as to why the white house doesn't just provide that themselves. >> well, now, the justice department, sara, has 0 been ghichl given a week extension to investigate the claims, let's be clear. that can't be a good sign if the president went this far out there and said his predecessor wiretapped his phones specifically. what happens if we don't see any evidence here? >> well, that's certainly what we're waiting to see. house intelligence committee had asked the department of justice already to pony up some proof. they asked for an extension. they said they needed more time to sort of dig up evidence and so the house intelligence committee said, okay, we'll give you until we're having this hearing on march 20th. but if you can't offer up anything by then, we are going to compel you to provide something. they're even saying they may subpoena the administration. obviously this is a secondary story line. something the white house is not necessarily planning on talking about, but something they're in by virtue of the president's own tweets. >> sara murray at the white
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house, thanks. joining me now is adam kinzinger from the great state of illinois. thanks for being here on this snowy day. you heard that there, you're well aware of what the president charged more than a week ago, certainly explosive as yet unsubstantiated charge that president obama specifically wiretapped his phones. not some sort of general charge of some sort of surveillance of someone during the campaign, but that obama wiretapped president trump. still no proof. from your seat, is there proof of this? >> i haven't seen it, and i think frankly the administration probably should come forward with whatever proof they have because, again, leveling a charge like that is a huge deal. that's like watergate basically if, in fact, a prior president was spying on a campaign. now, what it could be, of course, is, you know, a legitimate fisa warrant. maybe they'll listen to what general flynn was saying or somebody like that. there is a legal process to do that. or it could have been overheard conversations as part of normal
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intelligence gathering. but i think making a statement like, you know, president obama wiretapped me, this is illegal, this is criminal, is a really big deal. and that's frankly a place we ought not to go in american politics unless we have proof of it. so, i'm interested in seeing what that proof is. >> you know this is not the first time that as president donald trump has made a claim without evidence, and there's been a promise of an investigation that, for instance, if we talk about the allegation of millions of fake voters during the presidential election in 2016. again, as a republican, are those claims, if they continue not to be backed up by evidence, are those damaging? >> i think they're damaging and probably even broader it really takes us off our game. i think president trump has a good agenda he's laid out, restoring america's role in the world, talking about reforming health care, tax reform, regulatory -- these are things i'm frankly excited to work with
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him on. but when you do things like this wiretap tweet or you talk about the millions of illegal voters, it really takes the new cycle off of what we're trying to do and onto that. it basically changes the conversation away from where we want it to be. and i think it can ultimately damage somebody's credibility. so, as a republican, not only am i disturbed by a charge that a former president committed a felony, beyond that i'm disturbed because, again, it's really harming president trump and our ability to move forward and get things done and get our message out which i think the american people wanted and is really important. >> you talk domestic policy there. i know you as many republicans have been a critic of obamacare in the past. you know the cbo estimates that 24 million fewer americans could be insured by 2026 under the republican bill. savings on the other side, projected savings of some $337 billion from the federal deficit, is that an acceptable trade-off in your view? >> well, look, i would take
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issue with some of the -- let me say i don't think the cbo was sitting around trying to figure out how to come up with a bad score. they work with the inputs they have. they do the best job they can. but one of their assumptions basically said everybody is going to come off of medicaid immediately. well, look, we've actually said that anybody even under the expanded medicaid program can stay there till 2020. states can add people to that and they can stay on beyond that in perpetuity until they cycle off and then when they cycle on, that's when the state has to come in and make that up. so, look, it sounds like the senate wants to make changes to this. for me, i'm open to any kinds of changes, discussion if people have better ideas. but there's no doubt people have skyrocketing deductibles right now, skyrocketing premiums. something has to be done, especially when half of the counties in the 16 th district of illinois only have one provider. that's a real concern. >> your colleague, you're not alone among republicans concerned perhaps about the pace of this change. congressman bill cassidy, he says this plan isn't the one that president trump promised in january. you are aware the president said he wanted a plan that had
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insurance for everybody. congressman cassidy, he wants the party to sit down, slow down these changes, make changes to the bill. would you agree with that, delaying this a bit before proceeding with paul ryan's plan? >> well, i want to press forward. i voted for this on committee. from what i've seen of it, i like. we can make some changes in step two which is, again, tom price's regulatory reforms. and three, we know is going to be a tougher lift. but these are going to be less controversial issues. it's a broader one, two, three plan. but, look, it's become very obvious that the senate is wanting to deliberate this, have some discussions. i think it's a good plan. it's good as part of a three-step approach. but if anybody has ideas to make this better, then i think we're always open to it and it sounds like the president has expressed his willingness to do that as well. >> but if the cbo numbers are correct, 24 million people would lose their insurance under this, would you still vote for this plan? >> well, look, i have concerns about whether those numbers are correct. again, that also takes into
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account people that will not be covered by an individual mandate that choose then not to buy insurance which right now you have millions of people that choose instead to take the penalty. and, again, what you have is i could write insurance on a piece of paper and give it to you. but if the first $30,000 of insurance costs which is your deductible plus all your premiums, you don't see a dollar of insurance, it's not effective and it's not working. i want something that is going to work for people and that is going to have higher quality, better quality health care and i think this is a good first of three steps to get there. >> congressman adam kinzinger, thanks very much for joining us. >> any time, jim. thanks. >> top u.s. military commanders are growing concern about russia's latest movements overseas. what does vladimir putin have planned this time? that's right after this. because i was interested in building a career. i came to ibm to manage global clients and big data. but i found so much more. ( ♪ )
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1:18 pm
of libya. cnn's barbara starr is at the pentagon. barbara, what do u.s. officials believe russia is trying to accomplish here? do they foresee russia military operations inside libya? >> reporter: the pentagon and u.s. intelligence community urgently trying to figure out why there may be russian special forces about to go into libya. the trump administration firmly keeping the door open to cooperating with vladimir putin to fight isis in syria. >> president has been very clear in the past that the country shares our commitment to defeating isis and we can work with them in an area of shared mutual concern, then we will do so. >> reporter: but russia is already moving beyond syria launching a new effort in libya to exert its influence and change the security landscape in a country where there is still no central government more than
1:19 pm
five years after ka daf i was ousted. they are increasingly concerned. >> what is russia trying to do in libya, general? >> senator, russia is trying to exert influence on the ultimate decision of who becomes and what entity becomes in charge of the government inside libya. >> they're trying to do in libya what they've been doing in syria? >> yes, that's a good way to characterize it. >> reporter: u.s. officials tell cnn at an air base in western egypt 60 miles from the libyan border, russian drones, aircraft and personnel have arrived. across the border, libyan oil installations are not far away. fighting has erupted between rival groups for control. the russians deny they are in egypt. the u.s. is trying to figure out how deeply involved moscow will get inside libya. >> this doesn't only give them greater power in africa, but it gives them a foothold in the mediterranean on the southern edge of europe where they can potentially threaten u.s.
1:20 pm
interests and those of u.s. allies. so, this is a big deal. >> reporter: russia's influence is moving fast. earlier this month, the u.s.-backed leader based in western libya was in moscow meeting with foreign minister sergey lavrov. >> our relations with russia are strong and deep rooted. we plan to intensify relations at all levels and in all areas, including the economy, politics, security and military affairs. >> reporter: more worrisome for the u.s., libyan strong man who is fighting extremists to get the eastern oil fields under his control. he has already visited moscow twice and those russian planes and personnel are close by if he needs them. now, the u.s. has shied away from working with him who is even closer to moscow, but this may be another case where the russian agenda takes the lead. jim? >> well, we see those little green men there as well.
1:21 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." lots to talk about today with our political panel and i want to start with this juicy bit of audio released by breitbart. remind our viewers, breitbart once founded by the current chief strategist steve bannon, of course, this is never before heard audio of speaker ryan refusing to defend then presidential candidate donald
1:26 pm
trump when that access hollywood video came out. have a listen. >> his comments are not anywhere in keeping with our party's principles and values. i am not going to defend donald trump, not now, not in the future. you guys know i have real concerns of our nominee. i hope you appreciate that i am doing what i think is best for you, the members, not what is best for me. and, so, i want to do what is best for our members and i think that this is the right thing to do. i'm going to focus my time on campaigning for house republicans. >> interesting timing for this to be released. wouldn't you say? can we have some theories there? there are no accidents, right? >> it could be a coincidence or it could be it took some time for breitbart to verify the authenticity of the tape and it could be any number of factors that -- what it shows more than anything is it exposes ryan's loyalty to the president or lack thereof. and that's a concern. and if anything, my understanding is bannon is completely separate from breitbart now and the timing of
1:27 pm
this is coincidental given where we are with the health care debate. but, look, ryan is completely not indicating any type of desire to budge when it comes to health care and it could be possibly that breitbart feels that someone else, a member of the freedom caucus might be better suited to help push this health care legislation through. >> are you trying to undermine him and lay the groundwork for a more friendly speaker? i saw -- i'll give you a chance, i know you were shaking your head. >> i guess i'm just too old, jaded and cynical to believe in coincidences in washington at this point. look, i think it's a warning shot across the bow for paul ryan. if you change the words donald trump to paul ryan's health care plan, you could hear donald trump saying that. i'm nl going to defend paul ryan's health care plan. i'm going to do what i think is best for americans. i'm going to do what i think is best for my members. so, you know, i think that this
1:28 pm
is donald trump, breitbart, the conservatives sending a message hey, you know what, remember when you dumped me? i could very well dump you if it doesn't become convenient. >> and we took your predecessor out essentially. a lot of people did. what it's also a reminder of is that donald trump's support in the republican party is about an inch deep. and, so, there are things that people like paul ryan want to get done, repealing health care, getting tax reform done. there is a short halftime line for that as we get closer to the end of the fiscal year in september, and becomes harder and harder. so, it will be interesting to watch how those riffs go. >> is it also possible -- does the trump white house, again, you know, assuming there are no accidents, no coincidences in washington breitbart just dug this up now. is it possible the trump white house is setting him up for a fall here? in other words, they know that this plan isn't going to work so well and they can lay the blame at his feet? >> i would like to think that this is more as an indication that, hey, you might need to compromise a little bit more.
1:29 pm
paul ryan has pretty much dug his heels in and said that's the plan. it's binary, take it or leave it. but we're hearing more indications specifically from members of the freedom caucus that say, look, you have to compromise with us. you have to listen to our ideas and if nothing else, i think this is a warning shot that it's time to listen to the freedom caucus. this is not going to pass without members of the house freedom caucus. there's at least 50 members there, pretty strong. without their support, this is going nowhere. >> i'm sure donald trump heard that audio as well and i can't imagine it pleased him too much. >> look, donald trump gets a lot of credit for having his pulse, his finger on the pulse of the base. it's something that helped him win this election. i think he's going to protect that vigorously, and i think if he realizes that he's pregnant with an ugly baby, he's going to deny paternity. it's not going to be his baby, it's going to be paul ryan's baby. you're going to see him handout that hot potato. >> i'm not going to stretch that
1:30 pm
metaphor out any more. i'm a father of three. understood. cbo, so, the cbo comes out with a fairly catastrophic estimate of how this would hurt 24 million people, would be off health care under this republican plan. of course, now you have sean spicer attacking the cbo they're never right, they're never right. let me remind you and our viewers what president trump said in 2014 about the cbo. here's one of his tweets as i predicted, obama already caught lying on obamacare enrollment numbers by cbo sticking with 6 million enrollments. at that time receiving to take cbo estimates at fashion value. another one, the cbo predicted unemployment will rise to 8.8% this year. this is barack obama's economic recovery. i suppose, you know, white houses in the past have always attacked numbers that they don't find convenient. we know that there is -- there is a pattern here with this president of attacking really any information that's not convenient for him. >> i think the problem here is that the cbo number and the devastating report yesterday for
1:31 pm
this plan confirmed what a lot of people already thought about the health care plan that was proposed, including many republicans. the devastating impact of medicaid cuts, you already had four republican senators come out almost immediately when the bill was put out saying, we can't do this. you have republican goerchverno across the country saying we can't do this. so, it confirmed a lot of what many people already thought about the bill, but with specific numbers. they have to try to discredit it. they don't have a choice. >> right. you said trump has his finger on the base. he does. this is part of a strategy, too, because if you undermine confidence in these hard measures, you sort of -- folks at home might say, well, i don't believe any numbers. does this work as a way to get this through if necessary? >> i think this is different and the reason it's different is, number one, it impacts -- it's going to affect his base overwhelmingly, disproportionately. number two, you're talking about real lives and real people affected.
1:32 pm
these aren't rigged polls. this isn't theoretical. am i potentially one of those 24 million going to be affected? i can assure you there's a lot of trump voters looking at those numbers today, wondering asking themselves that same question. >> one thing to take away from this clearly the cbo gets their information incorrect quite a bit of the time. that being said, it's great news that costs go down, but at the same time we can't deny the fact that the insurance coverage component of this bill is not good. and it needs to be tweaked and needs to be worked on. and the good thing is we're seeing a lot of people, the house freedom members, some conservatives in the senate, we know that my former senator tom cotton and ted cruz are working behind the scenes to make some changes and have significant changes before it gets out of the house and that is part of -- they met with donald trump as well. and he has to listen to his base. he has to make these changes or we're going to see what we saw with clinton in the early '90, btu where he lost the house and the senate because they shoved a piece of legislation down their
1:33 pm
throats without getting bipartisan cooperation. >> the terms are not far away at all. thanks very much as always for joining. be sure to tune into cnn tomorrow night for town hall what's next with health care. health and human services secretary tom price. it all starts right here on cnn 9:00 eastern time. and millions of people dealing with an onslaught of snow now tropical storm force winds are knocking out power for many people. when will this storm finally let up? that's right after this. be taken care of. ke findo home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. oh yes.... even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands.
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welcome back. let's turn now to the national lead. with less than a week to go before the calendar says it is spring, a nasty nor'easter is
1:38 pm
slamming the northeast fittingly bringing blizzard conditions to some parts. listen to that wind. the system pelted the d.c. affiliate new york areas with heavy snow, fleet and strong winds like that, enough to leave some drivers stranded and reporters coming to their rescue. >> 3, 2, 1, go. >> thank you. >> lending a hand. now, the brunt of this storm is moving north and crippling new england. cities are shut down as snow mixed with tropical storm force winds make it sometimes painful just to walk outside. the wind pounding in your face, the snow pellets are not soft, but hard, smack at you like pebbles. >> cnn has a team show you the worst of this. miguel is in hartford, connecticut. snow changing to the nasty mix of ice and sleet. what are authorities most
1:39 pm
worried about as we head into the nighttime hours? >> reporter: yeah, it's exactly this. the snow and all that ice and sleet, very, very heavy snow. and that will cause power lines to come down, tree branches to possibly break, and it will weigh down on houses as well on their roof. they have engineers across the area trying to figure out if there are any problems with roofs and other places. you can hear and feel that wind right now. it is very, very intense. it's basically ice coming down here across hartford. the good news is that the travel ban will be lifted in about a half hour. we're starting to see more traffic on the 84 and 91 here in the downtown hartford. so, things are starting to improve very slowly, but we're clearly not through it yet. jim? >> miguel marques, he's in connecticut. thanks very much. let's take about a 90-minute drive northeast to worcester, massachusetts. that's where cnn's brynn gingras
1:40 pm
is today. forecasters, do they expect most snow to fall where you are, but it's really the wind that is causing problems there. >> reporter: oh, yeah, absolutely, jim. worcester is the first city in the state of massachusetts the national weather service declared a blizzard happened here. that is that thick heavy snow about a foot here in worcester, and then those sustained winds. actually, this flag up here is not blowing too crazy right now, but that has been my focal point the last several hours. the flag is blowing right, left, some times wrapped around the pole. it is blowing through this area and we're getting heavy, heavy wind gusts from time to time. i just heard miguel talk about it in connecticut. that's what we're about to experience next. that is the next fear for emergency management. it could can you have p come on top of this foot of snow. then more snow later on tonight making it difficult for the plows to get their work done. same concerns with electricity power lines and also roofs
1:41 pm
collapsing as well, jim. >> brynn gingras in worcester. now to meteorologist jennifer gray in the weather center in atlanta. how long will the snow, ice and wind cause problems? is it going away in the next couple days? >> reporter: it will go away the next couple days, but with areas that receive snow, they are going to get rain. it's going to melt some of that snow but it is all going to freeze overnight. we'll deal with a slushy mess overnight and the morning commute. you can see a lot of big cities starting to wrap up. this low is wrapping up tight, approaching northern portions of new england. but you can see d.c. philly, new york, all starting to wrap up. d.c. definitely in the clear. as we travel to the north, boston starting to see that mix. they're starting to change over to rain. so, where areas that were snowing now will see rain, still very, very heavy snow fall, though, across portions of maine as well as new hampshire, vermont, upstate new york, still snowing quite a bit. now, here is what happened across much of the area. so, we saw this low track about
1:42 pm
25 miles farther to the west. that brought some of that warm air to some of the those coastal cities. that's why some of the snow fall amounts weren't quite as high in places like d.c., new york, and boston. so, here's the different presip types and what causes that. when you have an infiltration of some warm air and some of those middle layers, it will come down as sleet or even freezing rain when you have a very warm column until you get right on the surface. and then, of course, all warm air, you're going to get plain old rain. so, without significant cold air and all levels of the atmosphere, that's what made that change over to rain. of course, across some of these areas like new york city as well as boston. one more look at the floor because i want to show you the snow fall totals. once this is all said and done, new york city looks like we'll get anywhere from 6 to 8 inches will be the snow fall total range across the city. boston, 6 to 8 inches is what it looks like the final totals will
1:43 pm
be. and then when it's all said and done in portland, we'll end up with 12 to 18 inches. of course, areas to the west saw significantly higher amounts. we saw up to 2 feet of snow across places in upstate new york as well as places like vermont, new hampshire, getting those very high totals, jim. >> jennifer gray, thanks very much. i want to go now to boston, mayor marty walsh. he joins us now on the phone. mayor, we understand the winds are letting up there now, but temperatures also starting to drop. as we get into the nighttime again, really the second night of the storm, what is your biggest concern? >> really the icing and the downed power lines. we have about 1500 downed power lines all day. we have about half of them back up. but you get concerned about the rain and the weight of the ice pulling these power lines down and we canceled school in the city tomorrow because of the ice and concerns for the kids and the school buses on the roads. >> i always feel like it's a challenge for you, that sometimes people listen and sometimes they don't listen to
1:44 pm
the warnings about staying off the roads. what's been happening the last 24, 48 hours, are they listening to those concerns? >> for the most part people listened all day today which is great. we had a parking ban in boston starting at 7:00 this morning and we're going to end at 7:00 tomorrow morning. we're going to be able to do a good clean up in the city. the biggest concern is the ice, making sure that as these roads are going to freeze tonight, we want people to know that you might see blacktop out there, but it doesn't mean that it's safe. it's very -- it can be very dangerous. so, we're going to encourage people to stay off the roads tonight, let us let the crews get them prepared for the morning rush hour. >> i know it's say difficult balance for you getting the warnings right. i know the initial forecast we talked about nearly 18 inches of snow. at the end of the day, 6 to 8 inches, so a lot less. in your view, did the level of alarm in advance of this storm, did that exceed the facts? >> well, in this case i would say, you know, the warning was important because the snow -- it
1:45 pm
seemed like a blizzard all day. the snow was coming down sideways and, you know, we didn't get as much snow as we expected, but for a while there, it was whiteout conditions. so, the warning today worked. but sometimes you do get a storm where the hype is a lot more than the storm and that's what people get frustrated, jumping the gun, cancelling school, cancelling work, putting in parking bans. but today it was an important, important move to make today. it worked out okay. >> well, just two weeks till baseball so boston mayor marty walsh, thanks very much. hope it gets warm there soon. >> thank you. >> $20 billion in cuts, that's what the white house is demanding from the state department. a look at what programs are on the chopping block next. then it's a case of life imitating art. . mad man don draper pitch is about to become a real television act. dearthere's no other way to say this. it's over.
1:46 pm
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welcome back. more now in our politics lead, president trump appears to be making good on his campaign promise to cut spending and dismantle some government programs.
1:50 pm
now pursuing dramatic cuts in the funding for the united nations and many of its most recognizable aid programs from peace keeping to vaccination campaigns to unicef, that's the u.n.'s relief program for children. the white house has instructed the state department and the u.s. mission to the u.n. to cut budgets in half. joining me now is cnn global affairs correspondent elise lavit. president trump has been publicly critical of the u.n. as have many republicans. when you look at 50% cuts, we'll have a dramatic effect on the ground for these programs. >> it definitely will, jim. humanitarian aid workers say the results would be devastating, president trump making good on his pledge to put america first. but his deep cuts to foreign aid and target the world's most vulnerable and members of his own cabinet and party warn they will make america less safe. in what would be an unprecedented retreat of u.s. commitments overseas, the white house wants to slash foreign aid to the united nations and other world bodies.
1:51 pm
organizations that keep the peace help prevent disease and famine and combat nuclear proliferation. the deep cuts amount to about $20 billion in funding, a whopping 37% cut to the budget for the state department and the u.s. agency for international development which provides humanitarian assistance worldwide. funding for the u.n. peace keeping and development assistance cut nearly in half, and payments to other international groups dramatically reduced. >> the budget takes the policies that president trump laid out on the campaign trail and turns them into numbers. that's it. that's all it does. what did the president say on the campaign trail? i am going to spend more money on defense. i am going to spend more money enforcing the border. >> reporter: president trump forewarned deep cuts to foreign aid at a conference of conservatives last month. >> this is the united states of america that i am representing. i'm not representing the globe. i'm representing your country. >> reporter: and his new
1:52 pm
ambassador, the u.n. nikki haley says the era of the u.s. shouldering the burden is over. >> we control 22% of the u.n.'s budget, far more than any other country. we have to encourage other countries to have skin in the game. >> reporter: after several testy exchanges with the white house, aids to secretary of state rex tillerson tells cnn the former exxon/mobil ceo now has the flexibility to make the cuts over three years. but traump's biggest fight coul come from his secretary of defense who for years has been warning about gutting the state department budget. >> if you don't fund the state department fully, i need to buy more ammunition ultimately. >> reporter: after lawmakers who warned the cuts would be devastating to the war on terror. >> to president trump, if you destroy soft power, those diplomatic tools that lead to holding and building, we'll never win this war. if you take off the table building a small schoolhouse for a poor young girl in
1:53 pm
afghanistan, iraq or syria, to give her an education, we'll never win this war. >> reporter: and other state department offices also expected to be on the chopping block include the bureaus of democracy, human rights and labor and education and cultural affairs which runs the fullbright program where people study in the u.s. and often return home with a more positive view of america. more than 300 heads of state and about 1500 ministers received an education through the fullbright and have been strong allies of the u.s. many believe, jim, it is the u.s.'s cheapest diplomatic bargains. >> a lot of overseas students as well. myself included. thanks. it was a popular pitch on the show mad man. one company is taking the fictional idea and turning it into advertising reality. (man vo) it was may, when dad forgot how to brush his teeth. (woman vo) in march, my husband didn't recognize our grandson.
1:54 pm
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welcome back. the money lead now. catching up to don draper, 50 fictional years later. heinz has finally decided to pickup the ad campaign draper pitched in an old fictional episode of mad man. >> it's clean. it's simple. and it's tantalizingly incomplete. what's missing? one thing. pass the heinz. >> you mean the heinz ketchup. >> it's heinz. >> now, in the show, heinz actually passed on the idea writing it off, again in the show, as half an ad. but now in real leaf heinz is giving it the green light and running the ads just have don draper imagine it. no bottle of ketchup. all you need is the word heinz.
1:59 pm
buzz feed says they will be featured in three billboards in new york city. more on the money lead after ivanka trump stepped down from the name sake in her company, the trump brand will discontinue the fine jewelry line. the bracelets with price tags as high as $5,000 apiece will no longer be available. the company told the it is focusing on much more affordable jewelry, such as a $38 faux pearl earrings. the fine jewelry line shouldn't be viewed as a failure. after all, research firm slice intelligence reported u.s. sales of ivanka trump products skyrocketed in january and february. this compared to just a year ago. be sure to follow me on facebook and on twitter. i'm at jim sciutto or tweet the show at the lead, anyone. remember there's tomorrow on the lead, house speaker paul ryan will join jake tapper live to talk about the next move for the house health care bill.
2:00 pm
after that damning cbo report, tune in at 4:00 eastern time. i turn you over to wolf blitzer. he is as always in "the situation room." >> happening now. proud of the bill, the white house declares the president is proud of the obamacare replacement plan, even as objections to it grow. tonight, questions about whether the white house is trying to pass the buck if it fails as the top senate republican hints the bill may have to be changed. extremely confident, the white house says president trump is extremely confident that evidence will be found to vindicate his claim that he was wiretapped by president obama. but the justice department wants more time to come up with that evidence for congressional investigators. still waiting, members of the intelligence committee say they are still waiting for that