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tv   New Day  CNN  March 15, 2017 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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human rights a buzers like saudi arabia, like egypt, like china. does he have a point? >> he has a point in that the council for some years has had a bias for example against israel and has gone off in directions that are pretty questionable but here's the question for us. are we going to be in the room where it happens trying to shape what happens or are we going to be on the outside with no influence? it's generally a better proposition for us to be on the inside. trying to effect it. trying to shape it. trying to move in the right direction. for example on the human rights council because we were there and able to protect israel. >> so president bush had not had the united states involved then under obama we were once again involved in the council. obviously with your work and now we'll see what happens and nice to have you on. thank you. >> thanks a lot. thanks to our international viewers for watching. new day continues right now.
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>> i don't know why whoever sent them to me did so. >> the american public getting a glimpse at the tax returns. >> don't learn that much from tax returns. >> the timing is curious. it is an intentional distraction. >> fbi director james comey promising answers on president trump's allegations. >> i'll leave it to them to issue their report but feels confident to an alternative fact. >> they should just pull the plug on this bill. >> right now i'm a firm no. i don't see how we get to 216. >> we're keeping this bill intact. i feel like we're in a good place. >> this is new day. >> welcome to your new day. poppy harlow is here. >> good to be here. >> someone with a client copy released two pages of president trump's 2005 tax return. they really just show you what he paid in taxes. what he could have paid if he
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had a benefit of the alternative tax but they do not answer any of the real questions which raises a new question. was this yet another distraction at least from the issue of why he doesn't just be the kind of transparent president he promised to be. >> frankly the man that had this reporting brought up the question. was it the president that released these to deflect attention. within his own party. and possible ties to the administration and russia. and was this an intentional distraction as we enter day 5 of the trump presidency. we have every angle covered. let's start this hour in washington. good morning. >> good morning poppy. with the release of trump's 2005 1044 it raises more questions than answers. like the possible business ties to russia and other foreign entities. whether he skipped out on paying
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his fair taxes more recently and interestingly the disclosure is treated more like a distraction from those calling for tax returns throughout the campaign. >> the american public finally getting a glimpse at president trump's federal tax returns. david k johnson obtaining the 2005 taxes. he paid $38 million in taxes. on more than 150 million in income. giving an effective tax rate of 25%. white house confirming it on tuesday night. the move comes as the white house sbis battling negative headlines on wiretapping claims. prompting him to speculate whether the president himself or one of his staffers sent him the document anonymously. >> do you think it's possible he could have sent them to you? >> absolutely. remember donald has a long history of leaking information
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about himself. >> democrats dismissing the tax disclosure. >> i don't think we learned anything interesting tonight. this would be a mistake for democrats to get distracted by. >> president trump's son suggesting the release was a positive development for his father. breaking news, 12 years ago donald trump made a lot of money and paid a lot in taxes. #scandal. this after president trump insisted for months that he could not release his tax returns because they are still under audit by the irs. >> i'm not releasing the tax returns because they're under audit. >> almost every lawyer says you don't release your returns until the audit is complete. when the aud sitcom pleat i'll do it. depends on the audit. the journalist that received the tax forms spoke to new day and here's how he explained it. >> do you think it was possible
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it was sent to you by the president? >> yes, donald has a long history of leaking things about himself and doing it directly and indirectly so it's a possible. the anger suggests that it's not likely. it's when something gets leaked he's nhappy about he doesn't complain. >> the new health care plan is threatening to kick millions off. >> also this morning fbi director james comey is expected to tell sen tors whether or not the fbi is indeed even investigating these alleged ties between the trump campaign and russia. this as opposition grows within the republican party over that health care bill. more republicans demanding changes following the cbos report. joe johns is at the white house with that this morning. >> good morning, poppy. one thing seems clear this morning. this new administration is entering a very challenging period right now and it's certainly not clear the extent to which the white house is going to be able to control any
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of it. >> president donald trump facing mounting pressure and his unsubstantiated claim that president obama wiretapped phones at trump tower. >> a lot of americans need to know. >> amid this turmoil fbi director james comey could confirm today whether the bureau is investigating ties between trump's campaign and russia. leaders of a senate judiciary subcommittee also hopeful that comey will respond to their request to provide evidence regarding the wiretapping accusation. >> they're about to screw up big time if they keep running to the intel committee and not answer that letter. >> earlier this week, sean spicer qualified trump's accusation but now he is sounding defiant. >> he feels very confident that we'll ultimately come to this. we'll vindicate him. >> lawmakers on both sides of
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the aisle showing growing frustration about the white house's failure to provide any evidence to support trump's extraordinary claim. >> i think frankly the administration probably should come forward with whatever proof they have because again leveling a charge like that is a huge deal. >> you do not make those kinds of allegations, criminal allegations against a former president as he did so recklessly. >> this as the white house battles criticism from both gop c conservatives and moderates over the health care plan following the release estimating 24 million more americans will be uninsured by 2026 under the gop's replacement plan. >> right now i'm a no. i'm a firm no. i don't see how we get to 216. >> i'm concerned. that's not what president trump promised. that's not what republicans ran on. >> one top gop source admitting, quote, headlines are terrible, fraying nerves within the gop.
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>> republican senator under pressure to support the replacement bill refusing to answer cnn. >> yes or no. >> president trump see len over the report as the administration continues to discredit the findings. >> the report is full of errors. >> coverage estimates are consistently wrong. this is the american health care act. the president is proud of it. >> what is the president doing in the middle of all of this? heading out to detroit for an event on creating jobs and down to nashville for a big rally. >> appreciate it. joining us now is chris collins of new york. the co-chair of the trump house leadership committee. good to see you chris. >> good to be with you on a snowy, what is today, wednesday? >> you guys up in western new
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york, you're tough. you can handle whatever comes your way. >> we only got 8 more inches last night. >> nothing for you guys. just a dusting. >> help me out with this tax issue just for a second. i see it as a distraction. it's not the main point of talking to you today but doesn't smell right. a couple of pages come out, there's no depth to this. says client copy on it. where do you think these came from? >> have no idea. you do release your taxes for financial reasons to a bank and other lenders. who knows where it came from. i wouldn't pay much attention to it. it's a personal financial disclosure form that was filed that gives you all the details and involvement in all the businesses. this one shows in the one year 20rks 05, he made $150 million paid 25% in taxes and it is what it is but the personal financial disclosure tells you more anyway
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and this is 11 years old so i think we should be talking about things like repeal and replace of obamacare and the health care act. >> let's do that. when we talked last you said i don't think that the cbo score is going to show that people are going to get thrown off. well now we know that they do %-ps going to be high. you have members of your party, we know working actively on this saying i can't vote for something where i have to go back to my constituent cy and tell people people are going to lose coverage. i can't do it. can this be fixed? >> well, i believe we have the binary choice. this wasn't done like the binary choice of clinton or trump. you support the plan we have.
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so sit a binary choice. this is a compromise and sometimes compromise means no one really likes it. the far left doesn't like it and the far right doesn't like it which means it is compromised. new york, new jersey republicans are not florida, texas republicans. we had expansion of medicaid, those states did not. it's a compromise bill. good bill. save $335 billion. lowers premiums and coverage numbers don't make sense to say next year there's no changes for 2018 and 14 million people aren't going to have insurance. i don't know where those numbers are coming from. >> it's because it's bookkeeping. why are you so intent on forcing this right now?
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sean spicer was talking like the world is about to end. this is our one chance. has to happen now. that's where you're getting push back not from the extremes but you're getting people saying hold on a second. i'm a real republican and you guys are going too fast and giving us something that's going to hurt us that doesn't make the current system better. it just creates new challenges and difficulties. why the rush? >> we're doing this under the 2017 budget reconciliation to avoid the filibuster. and the senate calendar becomes problematic and then we have to move into fundamental tax reform and infrastructure under 2018 and we have to get it all done certainly this year. next year is an election year. we have to get it done in 2017. one has to be done first. this sets the new baseline on the revenue stream of america so
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we can move into tax reform. it's a leads to b leads to c. so there is a very tight time frame. we have easter coming up and we all know come july we're out for the entire month of august and first week in september working in our districts so we really don't have a lot of time and when you say delay, to what end? all the facts are on the table. we know what we know. it's not going to change between today, tomorrow or two months from tomorrow. when you have information, the facts are on the table, you debated it, move forward. >> it hasn't really been debated. you guys spent a lot of years trying to get rid of balm care but never had a reasonable explanation of trying to replace it. that was the threat. be careful what you wish for and now you're in that position. we haven't had a chance to debate. whether it's the steve kings of the world but he represents a legitimate physical viewpoint in your party. they're saying, this isn't what you guys promised us.
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this isn't what we wanted. just creating new problems. why not let it play out? why not give yourself a shot to have democrats help you repair. >> the democrats will never help us on tax reform or repealing obamacare. that was their signature accomplishment back in 2009 and 10. so the far right wants medicaid expansion ended in it's entirety immediately those in new jersey and new york are comfortable by letting it continue in 2020 with the standard reimbursement in the case of new york it would be 50%. same as we have for the blind and disabled which is certainly a reasonable proposal. that's where, you know, one side would like the medicaid expansion to go longer. the other side wants it over tomorrow. january 1st of 2020 is the compromise. we can debate that all day long.
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>> you don't even have the president in your corner on this. he says he would keep everybody with coverage. that's what he said. and that is not what you're doing in this plan. maybe that's why we're not hearing more from the president directly about this. usually he argues right to the people about what he thinks they should do. he said this was going to be great cbo score. certainly doesn't show that. >> well tcbo score does show $337 billion of savings. >> you're putting less money into it. there's no question about that. the cbo and you're hearing from republicans as well, you're getting criticized for what you're doing and who you're giving it back to instead of using that money as other people in your party want you to do to help back bill some of the needs of the lower income people. you're making a choice with the money you don't spend on the health care bill. >> do you have the president on your side? i'm not hearing him come out and
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take to twitter the way he is this morning about his taxes and going after this bill and getting people behind it. >> i do believe the president is behind it. he's had folks that are on the -- are undecided to the white house so yes i believe he is behind it. >> you believe it. how come he's not hearing it. how come he's not out there making the case? >> well, he is. he is meeting with people from the freedom caucus. he had meetings to try to make sure that we got the folks that are going to go with the votes on the house floor. that they're energized. i believe firmly he is behind it. he's going to continue to work. the vote coming up in weeks time. he's going to get it through rules and move it forward. it just moves it is a compromised bill and incompromised it's not perfect for anyone and you can't let perfect be the enemy of good and believe me i believe it's as
4:17 am
good as we're going to get and we have all the facts on the table and bring it to a vote and it is a binary choice and even get rid of obamacare or keep obamacare. >> also setting it up as to whether or not this livesor ties right now. we'll see what happens the next couple of weeks. appreciate your input as always. >> good to be with you. >> coming up in our next hour you'll get a very different perspective. senator lindsey graham on here who is going to want to focus on what the fbi will reveal today to his committee that he's on. he is going to tell congress whether or not there is an investigation into russian interference and connections to the trump administration. >> yeah some answers on that coming up. also coming up for us here on new day the former vice presidential candidate will join us. he of course during the campaign repeatedly called on then can tate trump to release his tax returns. well now that we have all gotten a small glimpse, what does tim kaine think? he'll join us live next.
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posted by an investigative journalist. it was the president himself behind it. another good distraction feels like a wiretapping claim and takes the focus off these huge questions about what's going on with health care and what's going on with this russian investigation. let's stick to what matters and let's get virginia senator going to the judiciary committee and he will tell you whether or not there is an investigation into potential connections between the trump administration and russia, russian actors of the russian interference play that happened during the election. >> chris, it's very important that he do that and here's one of the reasons, we in congress are doing investigations. i'm on two committees armed services and foreign relations that are having hearings but you
4:23 am
judiciary and intel actually doing investigations. if you don't know what the fbi is doing there's some chance that you could stumble over each other and it's really important to understand what the fbi is doing so that we in congress can do our job but without creating needless cross currents as we get to the bottom of what was the tie between russia and the trump campaign. how big a deal this is today. we're looking at it. does that create controversy, how does that help you? >> well, chris i think many of us are expecting that he will say yes. the fbi is looking at it. and we need to. when you get to the bottom line on this we have to understand everything about the ties between russia and the trump campaign and the trump transition and the trump administration. and tried to invade the election
4:24 am
because we have to give some advice to our allies. there's elections in france coming up and elections in germany coming up. russia has already been engaged in the brexit election. we have to give our allies some ideas about how they can protect themselves. >> all right. so when you look at these issues though, you have, what did russia do, how did they do it? whatever we can learn from it and tell others. that's one part. the other part is what did trump have to do with it either specifically or generally there is frustration on that question. there doesn't seem to be more than what we already know about connections. what do you tell people to justify the need to look more? >> well, two facts that are facts in the public record. first as you know our combined intel community made a decision that they put out a report in early january that russia, they were engaged in getting data
4:25 am
hacking the dnc state boards of elections just to sew chaos and they then made a decision in june or early july that they wanted donald trump to win and they want to defeat hillary clinton. in july donald trump went to a press conference and said i encourage russia to sign area tack to help me win the he election. either it was an incredibly lucky guess he made to state that at the time our intel agencies say russia made the decision to do that or he was aware of it. that's what the investigation ultimately needs to get into as to whether donald trump himself and the campaign was aware of what russia was doing. we don't have the full answer to that question and you shouldn't reach a haesy conclusion about it but i am now confident that we get to the bottom of it. chris in one way the resignation of general flynn is pivotal in this. that was last year. that was just about the election.
4:26 am
general flynn is a sitting national security adviser so now this is part of the administration itself and i think that guarentees even if it might be slow, we will get to the bottom of it and answer the question about what the trump connection to this russian hacking was. >> i'm one of the few that holds out skepticism about flynn. about whether or not he was a political fall guy. the fbi said they weren't going to charge him. they said he wasn't misleading. we don't know that for a fact about what happened. a little skepticism on flint. we'll see how he advances the ball today. do you feel that the wiretapping is as these other ones you have been profiling on the show but do you think it's a distraction? >> it's a distraction but once donald trump tweeted out that president obama wiretapped him we have to get to the bottom of it. we absolutely have to get to the bottom of it. we need to see whether the
4:27 am
president was trying to distract us or why he was trying to distract us or is there something there? remember when president trump made this claim. when he had a good week after his state of the union at least for a couple of days but then the controversy came up about senator sessions misleading the senate judiciary committee about the same thing general flynn mislead about, russia and he was angry. >> why take the bait. >> i think it's a distraction. >> why take the bait and put more burden on investigative committees to chase down things that the president could answer more quickly than any of you and declassify what he learns more quickly than any of you. >> i don't think it's going to take a lot of resources. >> sean spicer said they are extremely and said very, whatever. an abundance of optimism and
4:28 am
something unproven. there's some kind of surveillance. you have enabled the white house's ability to say see, everybody was against us once again and we were proven right once again. >> the truth is the truth. whether i like it or not. when somebody makes a claim like that. we ought to get it out there for the people to see. the chips are going to fall based upon what happens. it's very unlikely that this claim is going to amend to anything. if jim comey or whoever you're going to tap into and certainly by president obama and the american public will be on more notice than president trump says things that are completely false and that's very, very important you lack credibility and the american public figures it out and they will discount future
4:29 am
claims like this and the president made this up to distract from the horribly embarrassing news about jeff sessions that he is very sensitive about. we both know his claims like credibility will be additional evidence of how nervous this russian investigation makes them. >> senator tim kaine appreciate your take on this. thanks for being on new day as always. >> good conversation. coming up for us, more republicans defecting this morning from their own parties health care replacement plan. what changes are they going to demand. how will this plan stack up against obamacare. we'll debate that next. ready, go. ahhhhhhhh! shake! shake! shake! shake! shake! done! you gotta shake it! i shake it! glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day. why are you checking your credit score? you don't want to drive old blue forever, do you?
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>> cnn asked one lawmaker where she stood.
4:34 am
watch this. >> can you give me a minute to get to my con stitconstituents please? >> would you please be respectful? >> just asking whether or not she was going to vote for the bill. >> it's a question she clearly doesn't want to answer. >> let's discuss with the cnn political analyst. >> we have been discussing this for some time now about what trump care would make better and what would make it worse? and they find themselves in a demographic pinch, how so? >> this has been the issue we talked about since january.
4:35 am
the core republican answer is to deregulate health insurance. reduce the mandates and roll back the requirements. and age cost by age that were imposed by obamacare. the problem with that is that they lower premiums by young people and it substantially raises cost 20s to 25% and reduces access for older working age americans. people basically between 45 and 64 and the core problem they have is that is now the core of their coalition. a majority came from whites over 45. 60% of the house republicans represent districts older than the national average and those are the biggest loser under their approach. that's been the issue from the beginning and it's the issue again today. >> not to mention older folks just vote more than younger people do. so given that sort of political conundrum that that leaves republicans in heading into the 2018 midterms, are we supposed
4:36 am
to believe that republicans didn't look at this politically at all? what is the math and the equation they're doing if they know this will hurt them politically with those older key vote voters. they're going to the white house and paul ryan and saying we need more to help seniors, to help lower income people that are going to be booted essentially off medicaid because of this plan they put forward and you're hearing from paul ryan and the president saying some of these things will be added later. this is just to get this bill through reconciliation. well health care is more
4:37 am
personal than that. the fact that this does lower the deficit or does save money according to the cbo that doesn't matter if you can't get health care and you're sick. >> let me ask you something on a very basic level. who is this better for? trump care? to all the people out there saying premium is too high, my co-pays, my deductibility. i have coverage but i can't get care. i'm on medicaid. my doctor won't take it. what does this make better? >> first of all the people complaining the most about that tend to be older working age people. the core problem that obamacare had is in many places not enough young people signed up. it's been -- >> but you have families too. we're hearing from them. you're hearing from them. you're hearing from younger families saying it's too expensive. >> right. there aren't enough of them in the pool so the overall cost is too expensive because the people that signed up tilted toward people. this threatens to push that
4:38 am
further in that direction and the estimates have been consistent from cbo and others that if you are younger and healthier this will reduce your initial premiums and for older people it will substantially increase your premiums and it's likely that if the premiums are lower the out of pocket expenses will be higher. in essence what we're talking about is rolling back the degree to which the insurance is comprehensive and that does allow me to bring down premiums on younger, healthier people but the debate so far has been from the right saying this done go far enough fast enough in uprooting obamacare. coming in and saying it's 24 million fewer people with coverage and you're back to the preobamacare levels of uninsurance. that has to give pause to people on the other side of the republican party. >> so the question of which plan is better can only be answered by how rich or poor you are. how old or young you are. and part of the big sell here in phase 2 and 3 that we haven't
4:39 am
seen yet is that look you'll be able to buy across state lines and that will make things better. i don't get and a lot of economists and i don't think you get either, how that makes anything better because there's no penalty now for young folks to buy it so arguably fewer will buy insurance and by the way if they cross state lines from a state where there's more regulation into a state where there's less regulation to buy the cheaper plans how does that help the system? how does that bring the premiums down and mean there's less money. >> am i missing something here? >> you can make these promises to people and expect them to say okay and take your word for it and that's the problem here this was a plan that they can put out now. they 7 years to explain to people for these changes an instead they're putting together an ad hoc process. you can't just say we'll do this
4:40 am
down the line because they don't know what we're talking about if that can pass. so, you know, worse case scenario, people that don't like trump care is this bill that no one likes goes through and then what, they're stuck. >> we have to wrap it up. >> it accelerate what is you're saying. the redistribution from younger to older. >> i will buy car insurance in the cheapest place i can buy car insurance you'll want to watch cnn tonight he will be asked the tough questions what will he say. 9:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn.
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4:45 am
generations living in enclaves and against the simulation is far worse in europe than it is today here in the united states but i want us to be looking at that promoting the birth rate in america and restoring the rule of law and recognizing we need to be a country pulled together on similar values. that makes us stronger. >> joining us now to discuss that and more, the author of in the land of invisible women. so nice to have you here. so steve king doubling down on this saying we can't restore. this is america. this is the melting pot and yes he represents a majority white district in iowa but statements like that are fringe statements and not representative. not even close and is this representative of a
4:46 am
mainstreaming of white nationalism which is what some called those comments. >> it's very difficult for me to know what he intended in his words but i think the theme he's getting at is there is a desire of our society to be integrated and hole and in europe where i originated from as well as here we see fragmentation of society into identity politics which can threaten identity. when i moved to the united states 24 years ago i didn't come here to be a muslim american. i came here to become part of america. america has an incredible magical identity which sembrace us in a way that's unique. it's different than europe. >> is that what you read from his comments? >> i'm not sure what his comments said and i just can't explain what he intended. i think that would be unfair to me and would not be accurate of him. there is fear underneath these
4:47 am
sentiments. i do recognize it to be flushed out of most things and a separatist and very extreme in his position. i don't know if he was echoing that. >> we'll see what they decide today. >> they're going to give him a majority seat. that's for sure. >> the question is and he likely can't get a coalition behind him to rule but you're right this is someone running for prime minister has banned muslims and the koran and radical muslims should be in prison even if they have not committed a crime. when you look at the election today and the upcoming election in france where the far right candidate is also doing quite well is this the tipping point in europe? >> we are at an inflection point and my article published in the coming days is going to discuss
4:48 am
this but this is europe's reaction. where muslims have been part of the society for 50 to 60 years at least to failure of integration and and this is a reaction and so the big difference between europe and america is you have much more integration of these populations within american society. >> there's few of us that also there's an incredible amount of courage of america ideals. some of which representative king was referring to which are inclusive and not exclusionary. you can become a citizen not only of document but in spirit. in europe too much of the citizenship is only in document. >> so what is the page that america can take from what we're seeing now play out in these european elections. >> i think we should feel very secure in our overarching culture.
4:49 am
we are a nation built by immigrants and they come here not in the intention of being in the enclaves. we want to be part of the american society. that should be encouraged and continued. >> nice to have you here. >> thank you very much. >> thank you poppy. >> chris. >> great conversation is continuing dialogue. who are we? what are we about in this country? questions remain unanswered for some. you heard his name a lot. all right? but how much do americans really know about president trump's chief strategist chief ban non. the reporter that just scored an interview with bannon gets a really good look. next. da modern way to pay. on your phone and online. so you don't miss his first birthday. tickets, i need to see your tickets sir. i masterpassed it. feeling like father of the year: priceless
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white house chief strat gist steve bannon has been called everything, from controversial to the de facto president. he doesn't like doing a lot of media. big with the media enemy riff. michael bender, wall street reporter just interviewed bannon, big scoop. a man who deserves understanding, seeing how he has so much influence on our democracy right now. at the core of this interview, you talk about what bannon defines as economic nationalism
4:54 am
and it being born from his father's own financial struggles coming out of the 2008 recession/depression, depending on how you want to look at it. what did you make of it? >> thanks for having me on. i think steve bannon has thought of a lot about these issues. a veracious reader, grew up talking about politics at the table, and his interest in this sort of latest political revolution, tea party uprising is rooted in a lot of ways in his richmond blue collar upbringing. his dad worked at at&t for 50 years with a high school education. his grandfather worked at the same company for 48 years. and then -- put a lot of savings, a lot of work into buying company stock. that stock was lost a lot of value in the collapse in 2008. for bannon who had been thinking
4:55 am
about these things for a long time, it crystallized the viewpoint here that the institutions that his father put his faith in, not just wall street, but also washington, d.c., to prevent something like this, congress failed him. >> steve bannon described his father to you as, quote, the back bone of this country, the every man who plays by the rules and essentially gets screwed over. then his father told you the government created this crisis, the elites got bailed out. interestingly then his son, steve bannon would go on to work at goldman sachs, but still hold these views. it's an interesting confluence. >> i talked with steve quite a bit about it, and steve believes in what trump is doing a great deal, this sort of make america great idea of bringing the country back to some previous
4:56 am
time -- from the 1950s or '60s. steve is looking for sort of an era of -- idealizes an era of corporate responsibility, corporate stability that he himself never wanted. he came out of college, went to the navy. he was at goldman, harvard business school. he dabbled in penny stocks, had his own investment boutique, produced hollywood movies, ran breitbart. this is someone who never quite fit in any of the institutions he touched and never -- and sort of craved the chaos and drama that his father didn't. >> you have two levels of incompleteness that wind up being interesting throughout the article. one is the philosophy doesn't hold. trump likes to say the same thing, these big institutions, they got away with it, but he borrows their money from anyone they can in a lot of different ways depending on his need. you see bannon going to goldman sachs and playing a lot of the
4:57 am
same venture capital types of games. you look at who they put in their cabinet. if you wanted to reject those kind of institutions and the people who are in their elite, they populated this government with more of them than we've ever had before. how does he explain that inconsistenc inconsistency? >> a very good point, a very fair point. i guess we'll have to see how this plays out once we get to the actual legislating of trump's agenda. what they say right now is, particularly on the point of the cabinet, are these are outsiders, right? the wilbur rosses of the world and rex tillerson, these guys have had plenty of success in their lives and a lot of it dependent on washington, but have not been part of the system and are bringing new ideas -- even when it comes to wall street, they're interested in
4:58 am
loosening the dodd-frank regulations, not tightening them. that may help -- may have helped prosecute some of the guys that marty bennett is so upset didn't get held responsible. >> you wonder what his nagter would think of bringing gary cohen, former president of goldman sachs or steve mnuchin at treasury. this guy calls all the media, essentially most of the media, the opposition party. hard to get an interview with him. you got one. what surprised you the most? >> what surprised me the most? just sort of a multidimensional aspect of steve. i joked when the story came out that what the story basically did was confirm that steve bannon was born of human parents. this is a guy who has been depicted as the grim reaper on "saturday night live." there's a new yorker cartoon in which he was on trump's shoulders shoeing off the devil
4:59 am
saying i've got it from here. it's a little more nuanced than that. agree with his policies or not -- you don't have to agree with his policies. his viewpoint here does come from some place. he is loved by his family. once we got to the point where they were willing to sit down and talk, it was clear how much -- how proud they are of him. his dad keeps a little table in the living room where he keeps on the clips. so it was a fun story to write. >> he's a fascinating and complex individual with a lot of power right now in the white house, an important report for sure. congrats to you. thanks for coming on. >> thank you. we're following a lot of news this morning including a live interview with senator lindsey graham and a big day for him in the country today. let's get right to it. >> leaked documents reveal
5:00 am
president trump's tax returns. >> this is the tip of the iceberg. >> this report would be a mistake for democrats to get distracted by. >> donald has a long history of leaking information about himself. >> americans need to know if indeed the former president of the united states wiretapped the trump towers. >> he feels very confident this will vindicate him. >> james comey expected to confirm if the fbi's investigating trump's ties to russia. >> too many people losing insurance. that's not what president trump asked. >> this is the american health care act. the president is proud of it. >> if it's so good, why aren't they rushing to have their names on it. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and allison camerato. >> alisyn is off. poppy is with us. >> we have a rare glimpse into president trump's finances, kind of. someone leaked a client copy of his 2008 tax returns. they reveal he did pay in taxes, how much money he paid


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