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tv   New Day  CNN  March 16, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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newspapers. i do know they're going to turn it back into an agency that is going to be concerned about the environment, going to be concerned about clean water, clean air. i have every confidence. let's keep in mind, the guy running that now is no different than the attorneys general of all the other states because all of them were feeling the same aggressive abuse that was coming out of the epa that was not designed to do that. >> senator, we're out of time. i wanted to get your take on health care. we'll have you back. thank you for joining us on "new day." >> thank you, poppy. >> we're following a lot of news this morning. let's get right to it. >> we're going to fight this terrible ruling. we're going to win. >> a second federal judge has blocked the president's new travel ban. >> the revised executive order is unconstitutional and unlawful. >> the president's own words are coming back to haunt him. >> i see no evidence that his
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predecessor had wiretapped trump tower. >> wiretap covers a lot of different things. >> are you going to take the tweets literally, then clearly the president was wrong. >> obamacare is in a death spiral. >> the leadership is weak-kneed. >> we'll have negotiation. >> the end result is going to be great. >> no question it's a hard power budget. >> our budget will shrink the bloated federal bureaucracy. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> good morning. welcome to your "new day." alisyn is off. poppy harlow is joining us. we have breaking news this morning. a federal judge in maryland becoming the second to now block president trump's revised travel ban in just hours. the new ruling comes after a federal judge in hawaii put the travel ban on hold nationwide overnight. here is the interesting legal point. both judges cited the president's inflammatory words on the campaign trail as a basis of legislative intent, unusual. >> unusual and will it stand up
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in the higher courts. the president, meantime, is slamming this ruling from this federal judge in ha way' calling it, quote, unprecedented judicial over reach, vowing to repeal it up to the supreme court, all this as the white house is unveiling its first budget, cutting billions of dollars from federal departments and boosting defense spending a lot. a lot going on on day 56. let's begin with our justice reporter laura jarrett live in washington with the details. what are we learning from the rulings? >> reporter: the federal judge was laser focused on arguments over the executive order disfavoring muslims over non-muslims. the judge said i can't ignore the unrebutted evidence of the president's own statements from the campaign. he writes in part, significantly the record also includes specific statements directly establishing trump intended to affect ate a partial muslim ban
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by banning entry of citizens of specifically mugs limb countries deemed to be dangerous. the practical import of this decision is limited given hawaii's nationwide ruling just yesterday banning the ban as well. but it's another blow from a federal court on the legality of this new order. now, we haven't heard anything from the white house or the justice department about this latest ruling out of maryland. my guess is we're going to see both of these cases destined for a swift appeal. >> effective but early. these are district courts. you'll have layers of appeal, a far way from any supreme court ruling in all likelihood. did you see any differences between the two judges and their findings or did both equally rely on what the president had said about this ban, as much as he did the language of the actual order? >> both of the judges in maryland and hawaii are really
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doubling down on the president's statements. but the thing about maryland that i noticed that makes it a little different is this judge is giving them a preliminary injunction. that's as opposed to a temporary restraining order. the real difference being that a preliminary injunction will last through a trial on the merits of this new executive order whereas the temporary restraining order that hawaii gave is much more limited in time. the judge in hawaii granted that order saying he intends to set an expedited hearing to determine whether it should be extended. poppy? >> laura jarrett, great reporting. thank you so much. the president is breaking a nearly two-week-long silence, doing this interview talking about wiretapping claims he made against president obama. he's not backing down. the president and the speaker are conceding their health care plan to replace obamacare is probably going to have to change if they want enough votes. suzanne malveaux on capitol hill. >> reporter: the legislation in its current form has very few
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backers, not likely to get through the full house unless there's major reforms. several steps, today the budget committee, next week the rules committee. one of the sticking points, how many federal dollars go to the states for medicaid. >> we're doing it a different way, a complex way. it's fine. the end result is when you have phase one, phase two, phase three, it's going to be great. >> reporter: president trump amid growing opposition to the health care plan. >> we're going to arbitrate, get together, get something done. >> reporter: calling the house bill preliminary and acknowledging work needs to be done. >> i think we're going to have negotiation. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan also conceding his plan must change to pass the house. >> now that we have our score from the cbo, that's something we were waiting for. now that we've got it, we've got room to make refinements. >> reporter: a significant retreat from his earlier position that the bill would fail if big changes were made.
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ryan bristling at the question of whether it would pass as is. >> it's not coming up this afternoon. it's going through the legislative process, that process has not been finalized. no offense, that's kind of a goofy question or faulty premise. >> reporter: house leadership facing an uphill climb. they can only afford to lose 21 republican votes. cnn's whip count already has 19 lawmakers on the record saying they will vote no or are leaning against it. the chairman of the house freedom caucus says he believes he has enough votes to block the bill. as trump's health secretary made the pitch directly to the american people at a cnn town hall last night. >> those of us who are privileged to implement that policy, what we'll do is try to listen to the principles that the american people have told us are dear to them in health care. >> all this comes as the president remains defiant over his unsubstantiated wiretapping claims. he now says he got it from mainstream media. >> "the new york times" wrote about it, not that i respect
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about "the new york times." i call it the failing "new york times." >> reporter: the president meaning to redefine the meaning of wiretap. >> that covers surveillance and many other things. nobody talks about the fact that it was in quotes. that's a very important thing. you're going to find some very interesting items coming to the forefront. >> reporter: a growing course of republicans rejecting the claim. >> we don't have any evidence that that took place. in fact, i don't believe in the last week of time, the people we've talked to, i don't think there was an actual tap of trump tower. >> reporter: this coming monday fbi director james comey will testify in a rare public hearing before the house intelligence committee as to whether or not he has any evidence that baobam wiretapped trump tower. >> suzanne, thank you very much. joins us now, republican senator
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bill cassidy of louisiana. lots to discuss. let's begin with what hit the headlines here, two different district courts saying this executive order can't go into effect largely because of what the judges believe the intent is from comments made by mostly then candidate, now president trump. how do you feel about that? >> i'm not an attorney, but i'm not sure the important thing is what the judge judges as the intent, but what is the actual practice. clearly the president wishes to keep that from happening here which has happened in europe where there have been people posing as refugees who have come into europe committing horrific crimes. i suspect they'll appeal. and if they have to, they'll refine. i think the president ultimately wants to protect us from those false refugees and frankly, we should all wish he can do so. >> you near the convince-me
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mode, yes, you're right that's the president's mandate to keep us safe on issues of national security, immigration, enemies abroad, no question about that. but are you convinced that that threat exists from these countries in light of recent reports from the intelligence community that there is no imminent threat from the countries that have been articulated here and refugees don't pose an imminent threat. >> again, what we've seen in europe is people came in posing as refugees, if you will. >> but we haven't seen it here. >> we haven't seen it here. we've never seen twin towers being toppled before 9/11. >> the country involved there isn't on the list. >> chris, we shouldn't have a failure of imagination. by the way, i'm quite willing to concede -- i'm not sure it's related -- it was not from these countries those terrorists came. my point being we shouldn't have a failure of imagination. we should imagine what is a plausible threat. >> you want to imagine a threat or act on an actual threat?
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>> i want to act on an actual threat and a potential threat. it's not as though i'm defending a blanket ban. i'm not going to say until it happens i don't believe it can. we know things can happen because they've happened in europe. so we should all wish the president successful in keeping us safer. >> do you believe the president doesn't have any interest in targeting muslims? >> i've learned not to guess what's in another person's heart. i would rather say what is the actual effect of this. by the way, there's lots of christians and other religious groups coming out of syria. so i gapgter it applies to them as well. if you look at the practical effect, it would in practice affect all. again, i don't try and guess what's in another person's mind. >> all right. let's talk about health care. now you're putting that exact same position, you have to do exactly that. it seems you've decided to do it when it comes to health care, not with the executive order.
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you're saying, hey, i know what i was told, i know what i was promised. now i feel this plan doesn't reflect those thoughts of what was being discussed before now. what were you expecting that you didn't get? >> well, the president on the campaign trail gave, if you will, four promises or pillars of what he wished to do, that all would be covered, care for those with pre-existing conditions, without mandates at a lower cost. i think that should be where we aim in congress. i think we can do that. i put together a plan with susan collins and four other senators which i think achieves that. that would be my goal for what congress passes. >> do you think your plan or any plan can reduce so dramatically the amount of money that goes into health care and still keep everybody covered? >> yeah, absolutely. >> how so? >> the obamacare plan, if you will, artificially increased costs. for example, the mandated benefits, that would increase costs.
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a woman on the campaign trail in jefferson parish, louisiana came up to me, she said i'm 56 years old, i have no children, i'm paying $500 more a month for pediatric dentistry and obstetrical benefits. she said i'm angry. the point being, when r when americans look at their premiums -- >> you're cherry-picking data. wasn't a bigger concern that fueled that aspect of the aca that people aren't getting the coverage, that in order to get an after fortable plan, it was stripped bare, what now is called catastrophic coverage, so pre-existing conditions, that was real and goes to cost, and people weren't getting the care they need. in the new plan you cut mental health out of there, made that not a must which is upsetting to a lot of people when it's such a rising cost center for people. everybody ask affected by mental illness and you want it not covered as a mandate. >> in the patient freedom act,
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the only mandated services we keep are mental health and addiction services. >> not in the current one. >> that's on the house side. you're saying you, a little accusatory. that's on the house side, not on the senate side. i will speak only on what i have control over, the patient freedom act, which covers those benefits. the patient freedom act lowers cost multiple ways. one, it invites competition from insurance companies. we have higher costs because obamacare drove competition. secondly, we lower the price of health care in and of itself. we do that by, among other things, mandating price transparency so consumers can shop where to get the cheapest blood test. that will lower the cost of care. we also pre-fund health savings account so somebody will be able to have first dollar coverage, not a $6,000 level like a bronze level obamacare policy, needed for health care services. >> a couple of questions as we
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go through this process, because it does seem this bill is not going to stay the way it is. you're in the senate. as a guideline, a health savings account is good as long as you have money to add to it, right? you're not going to give me enough money to pay for my care completely, you're going to help me. when you do means testing on a lot of people that you're going to cut in the house plan, it doesn't matter what you're planning to give them. it's not going to be enough. it seems like you're catering to people who have money, which is fine, but it's not going to address the great eflt need. >> you keep saying you, you must be speaking to the person behind me. >> you can't run away from your party completely. >> no, chris. you're saying you, you, you. if you speak to senators, senators are concerned if you look at lower income americans, particularly those that are older, the amount of service will be less than what they need. that's going to be addressed. as much as you want to see this plan on the house side is what
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republicans are doing, that's not true. i've got to tell you that's not true. i share your concerns and the concerns of others. i'm a physician. i've been practicing in a hospital for the uninsured for 25 years. i know better than almost anybody the challenges such folks address. it's my commitment to help address those. >> i appreciate your point. i was pushing you to make it, to show there is a division between these two things. let's end on an emphasis of that point. secretary plies made the case last night. were you satisfied? >> i didn't watch it. i was on cnn last night and then helped my daughter do homework. >> that's a strong answer. going to help the kids do homework will always take precedence. from what you learned about what secretary price was saying last night, you know what he was saying to make the case here. you're not satisfied why? >> you can see it's still working its way through the house. i still look at those lower income older americans, and we have to do something a little bit more. by the way, i would like things like price transparency back
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into the plan. that allows an organic lowering of the cost of care. it's very powerful. lasik surgery has decreased in cost over the years because there's price transparency. we need to give patients the power of knowledge, one of those, if you will, knowledge factors is the price of the good they're consuming. >> for the audience lasik surgery is lieser eye surgery, has become much more popular. senator, thank you so much. please come back on the show as we learn more about what changes are going to be made and compare it to what the senators want. >> thank you, chris. >> we have breaking news this morning, an explosion at the headquarters of the international monetary fund in paris. our melissa bell is live at the scene with the breaking details. >> reporter: poppy, we're near the 16th district of paris, behind me the headquarters of the imf.
5:17 am
the road has been entirely closed off. there's a huge police operation under way. we just heard from the chief of police who has confirmed that one person was injured after a device exploded after being sent in the post. he was clear you can't call this a bomb. it was apparently a pyrotechnic device, how he referred to it, a smaller device perhaps, but exploded when the employee opened the mail. she's been lightly injured, no life threatening injuries. that was all he would tell us for the time being, poppy. we really know no more than that. the question in the minds of all the journalists here is whether there's any link between what happened here at the monetary fund headquarters in paris and the letter bomb sent to germany's foreign ministry yesterday -- finance ministry. that's been claimed by a far left greek group. of course, greece was bailed out over the course of the last few years. is there any link? that is something we have yet to find out, that we have yet to
5:18 am
make. now, this police operation goes on to ensure there was nothing elds else involved in this explosion that happened just before midday local time. >> melissa bell, thank you very much. if you hear of any other developments of activity, let us know and we'll come back to you. the house budget committee is set to mark up the gop health care bill today. remember, that's part of what's called the reconciliation process. you're seeing growing operation. we just had a gop senator on that shows a division between house and senate. within the house itself there's great division on the republican side, let alone the democrats, and we have one of them on to make the case for why this bill won't fly next. with safelite's exclusive "on my way text"... you'll know exactly when we'll be there. giving you more time for what matters most. (team sing) safelite repair, safelite replace.
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two federal judges this morning blocking president trump's revised travel ban, both citing words the president used while on the campaign trail in their decision that involves the six muslim majority countries. they say those words amounted to religious discrimination, therefore, blocking the ban. the president blasting this ruling by the hawaii federal judge overnight calling it unprecedented judicial over reach, vowing to fight it up to the supreme court. here to discuss it, former dnc chair debby wasserman schultz. a number of legal analyst, our jeffrey toobin saying that's a tough argument in court, what the president said before he was president would have weight on
5:23 am
this decision legally. how do u you see snit. >> i think you apply the adage if it looks like, walks like and talks like a muslim ban, it's a muslin banment it would be one thing if the president and his administration targeted countries sending refugees that were committing acts of terrorism on our soil. those acts of terrorism we've experienced have been home grown, unfortunately either american citizens or naturalized american citizens. there is, a, no basis for specifically targeting these countries. these are countries that have 90 to 99.8% muslim population, and the president also repeatedly said and also asked his advisers like rudy giuliani to help him
5:24 am
craft a ban on muslims that would pass constitutional muster. this one most likely doesn't. >> i hear your point, the countries where the 9/11 attackers were from not included here. in 2015, not that long ago, james clapper said i don't put it past isil to infiltrate other operatives among refugees. that's a huge concern. you had fbi director comey saying i can't sit here and state with absolute assurance there is no risk associated. this is a temporary pause, a 90-day pause the administration is asking for. do you see any need for improvement to the current system? >> we have a two-year vetting process that is extremely rigorous for reviewing refugees that ask to come into our country to seek refuge. so we already have a very significant vetting process,
5:25 am
extreme as the president likes to use. i'm okay with a temporary halt newspaper immigration or even admission of some refugees from countries that we actually have real concern about. the only concern that the president seems to have about these countries is that they are overwhelmingly majority muslim. that's a religious test. >> you would be comfortable with saudi arabia, that pause from saudi arabia, a key ally of this country in the region? >> what i'd be comfortable with is if there's a true analysis of the risk from countries that we are concerned about, that have had immigrants come to this country that committed acts of terrorism. the recent acts of terrorism we've had have virtually been from people who were either naturalized here or natural born american citizens. we're going to see this go up through the courts, maybe, because if you remember, the
5:26 am
president pulled his last punch and didn't send it through the courts because i think his analysts surprised it wouldn't pass constitutional muster. i think this is likely going to suffer the same fate. >> even though the president called it watered down, this one is significantly different than the original one. let me get your take on health care before i lose you. >> a different costume, but the same thing. >> they've taken out a lot of things like legal permanent residents, green cardholders. iraq is not included. you're on the budget committee and you'll sit down and mark up this bill today on health care. i know you don't like it, and i know you're probably reveling in the fact that 19 republicans in the house don't want to sign this thing. if you get 21, they're going to lose it. where will you work with republicans on this one? where will you give or is the democrats' play here just to be obstructionist? >> we're happy to work with republicans on the fixes necessary for the affordable
5:27 am
care act. >> where? >> well, i want to make sure there are -- we address the issue of the counties and states that only have very limited choice when it comes to policies. we don't need to tear out the entire affordable care act to do that. we need to sit down and address the problems with that. but what this bill does, it takes away health care from 14 million people in the next year, 24 million over ten years it not only leaves people uninsured, it leaves them underinsured. what's not been talked about as much is it eliminates the significant coverage benefits that are required in affordable care act policies that would no longer be required under this bill. so many, many people would have, even if they had insurance, not have enough coverage to actually make sure that they could get their health care needs addressed. >> i would say that's been covered a lot in detail at least on this network. chris went through it point by point with the senator. before you go, in your home state of florida, premiums this year on the silverman going up
5:28 am
19%. last year they went up 9.5%. you 2340e these families, they write and call you and say we can't afford this. where was the urgency -- >> actually that's not what they're saying. >> you've had no constituents say this is too expensive? >> people vote with their feet. what that means is when something is too expensive, they walk away. we have the most sign-ups for the affordable care act in the entire country in the state of florida. you also would have the most people lose coverage under the republican pay more for less plan, trumpcare would be a disaster for my state and disproportionately hurt the elderly. the elderly would have astronomical increases in their health care cost. it's outrageous and unacceptable. >> you have had some big providers pulling out. >> we still have choice. >> you haven't heard from any constituents who say this is getting too expensive? >> there are people who always
5:29 am
complain that health care is too expensiv expensive. we've had the lowest rate of growth in health care costs in 50 years. much higher rates of increase before the affordable care act. there's no denying that. of course, we always want to get a handle on health care costs. what we don't need to do to achieve that is take health care away from millions and millions of people and pile increases in costs on the elderly, the sick and the disabled to give a massive tax break to the wealthiest 400 americans in this country. that's what this bill does. this is a massive tax break for the wealthy disguised as a health care bill. >> congresswoman, we appreciate you joining us. a busy day ahead in the budget committee. thank you for being on "new day." >> better ideas, that's what we need. president trump now saying more to come in two weeks on his wiretapping claim. but lawmakers continue to insist there is no proof. so why would the president continue beating this drum?
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we debate. you decide, next. kevin, meet your father.
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for the most part i'm not going to discuss it because we have it before the committee and we will be submitting things that haven't been submitted as of yet. wiretap covers a lot of different things. i think you'll find very interesting items coming to the forefront over the next two weeks. >> we've heard this kind of mystery promise before. what will it mean this time coming from president trump on his unsubstance ated claim of being wiretapped. lawmakers from both parties saying they have seen no proof. let's discuss with cnn political commentator host of "the messy truth," van jones and kaley mcen in any. >> thing was overlooked in devin nunes's comments, i don't have
5:35 am
proof that trump was wiretapped by president obama. in the course of surveying a foreign diplomat or foreign diplomat overseas, we know according to dna procedures you minimize what you do in those instances, you stop surveilling unless you have proof of a crime. we might have incident surveillance. >> that's not what he said. >> nunez said that was -- >> that's not what the president said. he said that president obama wiretapped him and called him a bad or sick person. there's no proof of any warrants out on him according to republican lawmakers. this seems to be now a desperate catch as catch can. how is it proof of that? >> there's no proof we know of. we do know mike flynn was surveilled, he was wiretapped. >> no, he wasn't. the russian ambassador was. they picked up flynn on a conversation, and we don't know
5:36 am
that happened in trump tower. very different. >> at which point they should have minimized their surveillance of mike flynn unless they had evidence -- >> we don't know they didn't. >> i think the burden is on the intelligence community, what was the crime? why did you tribe the conversation of an american citizen that was potentially at trump tower. >> we don't know that. >> you know who could clear this up right now in five minutes? the president. he could call the intelligence agencies. tucker carlson pressed him on that last night. listen. >> you're in charge of the agencies, every intelligence agency reports to you. why not immediately go to them and gather evidence to support that? >> because i don't want to do anything that's going to violate any strength of an agency. we have enough problems. >> that argument, van zwroens, i don't want to hurt the agencies that i have spent the better
5:37 am
part of my almost two months in office delegitimize. does that pass muster? >> no. i think we have to look at this more realistically, what actually happened. the president came out, gave a speech a lot of people felt good about. people said maybe he's going to pivot. the next day the media ignores that, starts going after sessions. trump gets anxious, it seems to me, when the media doesn't go his way. he wakes up in the morning, looks at right wing media and starts tweeting. that's all we know for sure has happened. and i think that when the president does stuff like this, it creates a lot of anxiety in the american public. because either the president of the united states committed an awful crime, obama, and we have a constitutional crisis and a major deal in which case you've got to handle it very, very well. you don't just tweet that out in the morning. that's a major accusation. or this guy just can't control his anxiety and does weird stuff. either way, i don't think he serves the country very well
5:38 am
doing this stuff. i don't think his advisers serve him well defending this stuff. there's no evidence that president obama committed a crime. i just -- my heartbreaks for people around the world would look at the yates, see us a beacon of stability, an example of how democracy is going to work. i want to be in prison to have a country like america, to see this kind of nonsense. >> i'd still like to know where else would be better, for all our problems, i don't know why this country wouldn't be the first choice for that same population. let me ask you thing. i look at it differently than van. i'm not a romantic. for me it's very cold and practicalment if it comes down to mike flynn and what was done to him, they fired mike flynn and didn't need to. the fbi said they weren't going to charge the man with a crime. they said they heard the story that flynn told pence, found him
5:39 am
not to be misleading. the white house had all the cover they wanted to save flynn and they didn't. now to come back to flynn as the rationale, not only is it strained fact and credibility, but i don't get the strategy. >> it is confusing to have fired flynn but go back to this flynn conversation. we have to separate two things, flynn did mislead the president, absolutely unacceptable. >> how do we know that? >> because the vice president who is a very honest good man came on national television and said i know for a fact mike flynn did not discuss this, he didn't discuss sanctions. i trust mike pence. >> mike flynn according to sources close to him said he didn't discuss sanctions, it never came up. we've seen the vice president with all due respect, either underplay or go quiet. i don't know we can use him as a barometer. >> that's a personal preference. i trust the vice president. he's a very honest man, never misled the nation.
5:40 am
i trust his opinion. look, mike flynn, his conversation was transcribed. as american citizens we should be very concerned any time an american sit si is describstri* triebd transcribed. >> given his prior roles, he would know those conversations with the russian ambassador. >> kayleigh is not wrong. we have more tools than ever and we want them to be very, very careful. the president could have a conversation about that. he has the -- he could say, listen, i run these agencies now. i'm going to promise you they're going to act right and i'm concerned about how they've been acting. that's not what he tweeted. he said obama wiretapped me. now we're in this hell hole that doesn't help anybody. >> which is why twitter is probably not the best medium.
5:41 am
>> or any medium without the facts. >> he does have facts. >> come back in two weeks. >> i will. >> thank you. the unavailable cleanup tax that kayleigh takes on with a smile. van jones will be joins tonight by nba hall of famer kareem abdul-jabbar and congressman chris collins. >> can't wait for that. the white house taking the wraps off the president's budget. this is what he wants. we'll see what it all means. christine romans breaks it down next. and the self-propelled ml makes mowing effortless. the ego power+ mower. exclusively at the home depot and ego authorized dealers.
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5:46 am
promises put into numbers. promises to shrink the role of government by ending long-running programs, slashing the environmental protection agency by 31%, a 28% cut to the state department. that includes a huge reduction in foreign aid. health and human services will see nearly 18% budget cut. and a $6 billion decrease from the department of housing and urban development, that's supports housing and home ownership for the most vulnerable citizens. advocates are alarmed to say the least. the white house say these programs don't work or they're duplicative. much of the savings will be transferred over to the military, one of the president's main campaign promises, $52 billion boost to department of defense, and a $3 billion down payment on the border wall and stricter enforcement to pay for immediate hiring of hundreds and hundreds of immigration and border patrol agents. poppy? >> give $54 billion to defense, you have to give cuts elsewhere.
5:47 am
two travel ban defeats in court and a health care plan in serious jeopardy. we'll have "the bottom line" next. tomorrow is st. patrick's day. for some that means hangover. >> not me. >> not me. cnn's jacqueline howard has key recipes in today's food as fuel. >> the best way to ward off a hangover is not to drink at all or drink in moderation. if you're going to drink, here is something to consider. it turns out dark liquors like whiskey, darker beer and red wine have more of the chemicals that make your head hurt and stomamach ache when you overdue it. if you're going to knock back a few, make sure your next meal is high in potassium, vitamin a and b vitamins. try whipping up a banana
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so you don't miss his first birthday. tickets, i need to see your tickets sir. i masterpassed it. feeling like father of the year: priceless masterpass, the secure way to pay from your bank don't just buy it. masterpass it. the trump administration suffering defeat on the travel ban, the gop's health care plan also in trouble. cnn's whip count has the republican plan two votes shy of failing in the house. how is the white house going to turn all this around? let's get "the bottom line" with political director david chalian. a big picture, my friend. i want to call you the boss, the boss of all of this for us.
5:52 am
how necessary is one for the other? if they don't get the travel ban done, if they don't get this health care bill done, how does that impact all the rest, especially tax reform? >> i don't know those two are connected, although i do think if they can't get the obamacare repeal and replace through, i think that has a significant impact on their legislative agenda. hoo ser the thing, donald trump needs a win. there's no doubt about that. remember on the campaign trail he promised america he was a winner, we were going to get so tired of winning, we were going to see so much winning, you wouldn't believe. he's desperate for a win right now. 0-2 on the travel ban. looking forward to the gorsich confirmation. looking like he'll get this guy on the supreme court with
5:53 am
relative ease. that would be a big win. right now he's mired in a bunch of tricky political terrain. >> the clear connection is between health care and tax. they're in the reconciliation process, limited window for that. that's insider talk. it's not insider walk to see taxes probably matters the most in terms of direct effect on the wallet and clear political connection to his own fate. how big does that loom with everything else? >> if you follow his economic theory, he thinks it is one of the biggest pieces to creating that huge economic growth that he's promised as well. there's a big debate of wondering should health care have gone first, should it not have? a little insider language about the way to do health care, did that force tax reform to come behind it? i think everyone is fooling themselves in washington if they think tax reform will be any easier than obamacare right now.
5:54 am
even though you're right, it could be more politically popular at the end of the day, i'm not sure there's an easy path that the trump administration has for their tax reform plans either. >> there's a reason it's been three decades since there's been any comprehensive tax reform in this country. part of the president's interview with tucker carlson last night had me scratching my head. here is that part. >> bloomberg analysis shows counties that voted for you, middle class and working class counties would do far less well under this bill than the more affluent counties. >> i know. very preliminary. >> is it consistent with the last election. >> a lot of things aren't consistent. these are going to be negotiating. >> he's conceding that the folks that plan would hurt the most are the folks that helped him the most. >> but he also said we'll take care of our people. we'll see how that goes.
5:55 am
what is interesting to me is he talks about things are going to be negotiated, talked about himself as an arbiter, arbitrator that can be above the fray of the warring factions. that's now how paul ryan is describing donald trump's role. he's describing him as all in. the way the white house describes donald trump and paul ryan describing the donald trump are two different things. >> after breitbart and salvo and the refusal of the white house to own this plan? >> if repeal and replace gets across the finish line on the president's desk for his signature, that relationship will be just fine. >> all right. the big if. thank you, david. how about good stuff, my friend? >> always. >> next. ancestrydna can reveal your true irish roots, even if you never knew they were there.
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but they're different.d kind it's nice to remove artificial ingredients. kind never had to. we've used real ingredients, whole nuts, and natural flavors from the very beginning.
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give kind a try. all right. let's get some good stuff. for almost a year, two young north carolina girls have been without a father. this is a common story in this country, where somebody decides toe put country before their own needs. corporal javier boston was deployed. sisters were in for a surprise at lunchtime. daddy showed up at the school cafeteria. >> i felt so happy, very happy. i don't even know how to explain it. >> until we saw him coming into the door, i almost started crying. >> meant so much to them, but it meant everything to him.
6:00 am
corporal boston says the tear-filled reunion was a long time coming. >> i want to run home and hug my daughters. >> you know what the luxury is? you can. so many in this country are putting us before themselves and their own family's needs. we thank them for their service. time for "newsroom" with john berman. >> thank you for your service such as it is. >> thank you for that smile. i'm going to be nice. i love that last piece, irrespective of who delivered it, chris cuomo. let's get right to it. good morning. i'm john berman. this morning president trump knows what it's like to be a 5-4 point guard during march phdness, everything getting blocked. a fed ram judge in maryland blocked his revised travel plan, the second judge in 24 hours. the problem isn't the new language, it's


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