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tv   The Messy Truth With Van Jones  CNN  March 16, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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of the president to some degree undermining the intelligence community because in public, he's saying that what they are saying isn't true. >> and monday we expect comey to testify and talk publicly about this now. >> that's right. we do. listen, comey is tight lipped as you know but on this issue, there is expectation that will make some public comments saying there is no evidence of these wiretap climbs by the president. >> all right. jim shoe toutto, thanks very mu "the messy truth" starts now. [ applause ] welcome to "the messy truth." i'm van jones. now look, today was a cry sea day even by trump's crazy standards. okay? we had sean spicer in the briefing in a scene that really just could have been saturday night live.
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you just take it, tape it, play it on saturday. we had a senate intelligence committee where basically they called the president of the united states a liar over his wiretapping claims, which apparently are totally phony and then we got our first look at the trump budget, which basically just drops a bomb financially and economically on trump's own supporters. so look, tonight you're going to need inspiration and love and so you're going to get it because later tonight, we're going to have on this stage a living legend, kareem abdual jabar will be here later tonight. don't worry, it will be all right. but first, we're going to welcome to the stage one of president trump's top supporters in congress. we got a long list of issues we want to grill him on and this wonderful live audience to help him do the grilling. that should be fun. look, let's take a step back. big picture. when you look at this horror
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show of a budget, and you combine that with the health care plan, there is only really one conclusion i can come to, the messy truth for donald trump's voters is that donald trump has already been captured and co-opted by the very same d.c. insiders that he ran against. he doesn't seem to know it yet but that's what happened. don't forget. donald trump actually ran against the conservative establishment. he ran against the republican establishment. he ran against the same old, same old washington d.c. conservative orthodox and did crazy stuff. he said i'm not going to touch any popular programs and said kind words about planned parenthood and tough on wall street, he promised insurance for everybody. all right? now that's the trump i was terrified of. okay? that's the guy that had me screaming to the democrats this dude can win. because he's going against the orthodox, and guess what?
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the republican voters loved it. they helped this guy run over 16 or 17 establishment republicans. because they wanted the new populace stuff. guess what trump voters? got bad news. the same orthodox that trump ran against today that is trump's only agenda in the white house, 100%. what am i talking about? let's look at the republican health care plan, which basically speaker paul ryan has now stapled to donald trump's forehead, but donald trump didn't run promising he would push 20 million people out of the health care system. that's what paul ryan's bill does. trump didn't say that. trump said i'm going to take care of everyone. remember that? i'm going to take care of everyone. i'm going to make sure everyone has insurance, but the establishment said uh-uh, no way. so they flattered trump. they went golfing with trump. and then they switched his
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populace agenda for theirs. now you look at that health care plan, you look at that budget. every heartless brutal idea from these establishment washington d.c. think tanks, which are completely cut off from real life, they just cut and pasted all their bad ideas, put it in one document and said here is your budget, sir. we're going to cut federal funding for meals on wheels and everybody is going to love it. right? and trump's falling for this. so they basically have put this guy in air force 1, he's flying over the red states and dropping hand grenades and meat cleavers and chainsaws onto the heads of his own voters. mr. trump, here is the truth. you can either please your pa y party's insiders or your actual voters, many of whom cannot bear these cuts be you can't do both. that's the messy truth. to help us figure out what is really going on here, i want you to welcome to the stage the guy, actually, the first person in congress who got on the trump
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train, the president's best supporter, his best defender in congress, he's going to help us understand this whole thing, representative chris collins. give him a big round of applause on the stage. [ applause ] >> quite the intro. >> that's quite the intro. grab a seat. good to have you here. >> hi, everybody. >> give him a round of applause. [ applause ] >> thank you for being here on "the messy truth". >> glad to be we yo. >> been a crazy week. a lot of bad stuff has been going on but i'm very, very concerned about the poor folks, the vulnerable folks, the people who can't deal with these type of cuts. where is the populism? this is a complete conservative attack, isn't it? >> what we're looking at is president trump doing everything he promised on his campaign. we suffered through eight years of barack obama. our children and grandchildren
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today have $20 trillion of debt hanging over their backs. we've lost any wiggle room we had in washington with $20 trillion of debt. we had the weakest economic recovery in history coming off of depression, give or take 1% gdp growth. we need to get the economy moving. we need to secure our borders and make sure. >> congressman. >> the failed obamacare. >> you guys have been doing this now for seven years, almost eight years. you just jump up and down on the anti obama pogo stick. you're the glovering party. >> you got it. >> when you can't afford a budget that destroys a program like meals on wheels, i actually want to ask you personally, you got a good heart, a big heart, when you look at some of these programs that are being cut back for people who need help, those voters who voted for trump, they are voting for jobs. there is no jobs package. they were voting for -- you gays have anything on trade but you
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come up with the health care bill that's going to push 20 people off of health care? isn't that terrible? >> let's start with trade. we pulled out of the tpp. >> a negative action but you haven't renegotiated one trade deal, not one. >> that's going to be coming. he's been in office like two months. let's remember, two months. we are accomplishing everything we promised, the repeal and replacement of obamacare and you have to say it's failed. people lost their doctors and insurance. one-third of the countries in the united states today have one offering. it's a bronze plan with $10,000 deductible. i don't know how many people in the audience have $10,000 in the cookie jar to cover their dedeckbl dedeckbles. >> they also don't have $10,000 for the health savings plan you want people to put money into. your plans have some challenges, as well. >> we're always going to have challenges because we're such a diverse country. we are going to give choice back to the american public. and the companies. the biggest thing we're doing by removing the employer mandate
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are all the shawl businemall bu america that want to grow beyond 49 employees and get the economy moving, they can do it, they can go to 60 employees, 70 employees. people working a part time job at 39 hours a week were cut to 26 hours under obamacare. >> listen, i want to bring somebody in here -- >> work two jobs -- >> listen, i can sit up here and tell you great stories about people whose lives were saved by obamacare but you got real people here chomping at the bit. let's bring bob in. he's a trump voter with real concerns. >> my name is bob and i'm 57 years old, married, one daughter, three grandkids. before obamacare, we were uninsured for about five years about and i've been on the aca since it began. having the coverage allowed us to get regular checkups, preventive care and even some nutrition advice and i also have
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colalialon cancer in the family history. this offered peace of mind and allowed us to have a good quality of life. i noticed with the plan coming up, people in my age group will be seeing a substantial premium increase. i'm a little concerned about having to make the decision of coverage or no coverage, again, due to costs. >> so you have a trump voter who was in a negative situation. obamacare helped this guy and he's concerned he's now going to be back in the bad situation where he has to choose between coverage or no coverage. what do you say to a trump voter? and by the way, those older trump voters are getting hammered. younger voters aren't hammemerh >> it goes back to state's choice. let me talk about new york. you're in new york. are you from new york? >> no, sir, from florida. >> in new york under our state insurance commissioner, we have what we call a 1-1. you cannot charge an older person even $1 more than a younger person. now under obamacare, it was
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3-13-1 3-11 -- 3-1. >> you got a national audience. what about everything else? >> we're leaving it up to the states to decide what number works for them. the fact of the matter is an older person is more expensive to an insurance company. the insurance companies have been leaving because they do have to pay their bills. so we're leaving it up to the states. we're putting in refundable tax credits at a higher dollar level for yourself, a much higher dollar amount than there is for a younger person to level that playing field and we're still tweaking that even as we speak now. the final plan is not yet finalized continuing to tweet. >> bob, do you feel comforted by the idea of a refundable tax credit. >> that's cash going to you to buy your plan. >> i'm hopeful a plan will be available to fit in our needs to get the preventive care. >> we have not changed the essential benefit package at all, whatever you've heard from the democrats, we have not changed the essential benefit
6:11 pm
package one bit and i'm comfortable, bob, you will have with higher, cash in your hand. it's a refundable tax credit. whether you're paying taxes or not, you're getting the cash to buy a plan that works for you which is different than buying a plan that works for somebody else. you make the choice, you're in charge. >> thank you, bob, thank you. let me tell you what you are changing. you're cutting back on communities and hitting back on programs like meals on wheels. when i heard that, it made me concerned. rather than argue with you, i went out on the streets of new york and talked to a real person whose actually benefitting from this program and this is what happened when i knocked on her door. boy, some serious steps. >> come in. >> hi. >> hello. come in. >> it's so good to see you.
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i brought you some -- >> oh. >> brought you some groceries. >> my goodness. >> brought you some gifts. so blessed to see you. i've got a very important congressman on tonight. if you could tell him anything, what would you say to that congressperson? >> i think you should try to put yourself in my situation and what would you do? i am, they indicated, i'm on a fixed income. i am basically homebound. i haven't been out of this apartment in like seven years. how else would i eat? i don't know. i really don't know how i would receive healthy food, and yeah, i used to laugh about the jokes about senior citizens eating dog food. i can understand now. exactly what they are talking about. >> yeah. you got 2.4 million people just
6:13 pm
like her. she hasn't been down the stairs in seven years. they are sick and shut in. sick and shut in and you got people who are every day helping people. you want to take 30%. how can you justify that? >> i'm not going to try to justify it. it's not my plan. what you have now is a top line blueprint from president obama -- president trump and his supporters or his advisors and it's not the congressional budget. >> meals on wheels. i'm glad some republicans, you can't have grandma eating cat food as your -- >> my mother-in-law prior to her passing on, she had meals on wheels at her apartment five days a week, it's not seven days a week but they bring that extra meal for on the weekends and it was her way also to know she was safe. she lived alone.
6:14 pm
so i absolutely and as a county executive inn erie county, meal on wheels was my job. i would go to the senior centers where we dispatched the meals on wheels. >> so why would trump then drop a bomb on that program. >> this is the president's budget. i'm not sure where the detail the came from but i can pretty much assure america, the congressional budget and whenapa program i would never -- >> that's good to hear. >> -- vote to cut one dollar. >> i hope the president is watching. i want you to stick around. when we come back, i want you to hear from somebody in the audience tonight that fears being deported. she'll tell her story to the congressman. we'll see how he deals with that story when we come back. [ applause ] ♪
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[ applause ] welcome back to "the messy truth." i'm van jones. we're here with a top trump supports. listen, i want to bring into this conversation somebody that has a serious thing she wants to talk with you about. her name is paola. she came to the united states when she was 6 years old from honduras, so she's what we call in the united states a dreamer. first of all, so grad you're here. america is better because your here but i think you may want to have something to say. [ applause [ applause ] >> my question is what goals or future do you see for dreamers like me that provided to the economy? in what ways can you help us? >> welcome to america. i'm personally very glad you're here. we're all a nation of immigrants. you notice my tie, i'm of irish descent.
6:20 pm
tomorrow happens to be our big holiday. from ireland. what i'll say to you is we welcome our immigrants. we're a nation of laws and want to make sure those coming here are following the laws. now we also know today we have 12 million undocumented workers. which should remind folks, half of the people came here legally on visas but then didn't go home. they did not speak across the borders. that doesn't mean they are here legally because they should have gone home. we have another 6 million who came here jumping ahead of the line to make a better life for their family. i understand. we need to reform immigration laws and work together to get them done in fairness. someone like yourself that's here, we have to come up and i would say this year with a program that would give and i don't know what your parents' status is, whether they are undocumented or not -- >> listen, what you're saying now sounds great and a lot of
6:21 pm
people in this room agree, that's not what is is happening now. you have dreamers like this who have gone to meetings like this and are now being deported. i'm not talking about people doing negative things. have you heard of that? are you afraid as a dreamer you're a threat? >> as you mentioned, they do illegal crimes but most of us don't. when we get the dream act, we have a break ground check and parents are not here, i'm here with my grandma what is here legally and i wouldn't want to be afraid anymore that so many kids who have fought to be here and like have a future to be deported just because -- >> if you're here legally, first of all, you have nothing to worry about. those undocumented, in my district we have a lot of dairy farms. many of the dairy farm workers are undocumented who came here illegally. we need those workers to milk our cows. we need to get them legal work status, which is something i
6:22 pm
firmly believe -- >> congressman, i believe you on that. how can you say a young dreamer should not be worried. i have names. there is a 22-year-old dreamer in miss misdaniissippi named da varga who spoke up against i.c.e. and obtained. another dreamer hadn't done anything wrong and in chicago francisca lina told she was going to be deported. i got a whole list of people. i love when republicans do what shay should be doing which is honoring the great contribution of immigrants but at the same time you have a republican president unleashing hell on this community and nobody says anything about it. >> president trump is focused first, securing the borders, secondly on deporting the criminal element, those who have -- >> these are not criminals. i just read you a list of people who are not criminals. >> there is no deportation force going door to door to deport
6:23 pm
dreamers or undocumented workers. it's not happening. it's fiction. >> these names are not fiction, sir. >> you do not need to worry. those that are abiding by the laws today, we will be in some point -- my hope is this year figuring out a compromise to give them legal work status in this country, so no one has to worry. they can go home and visit with their friends and family. >> congressman, do you feel better now knowing that no dreamers in this country are under threat in any way? >> yes. >> you feel better? >> yes. >> you believe that's true, no dreamers are being deported? >> i hope so. >> very good. >> thank you. >> we wish you a very bright future. >> thank you. >> in america. >> thank you. give her a round of applause. takes a lot of courage to do what she did. thank you. as you know, i hated practically everything donald trump said on
6:24 pm
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truth." i'm van jones. i hated practically everything donald trump said on the campaign trail.
6:29 pm
there was onie issue he spoke about i supported. >> we will help those people seriously addicted and get them assistance. we're going to work with people and set up programs, we're going to try everything we can to get them unaddicted. and we're going to work with the people who are so addicted and we're going to try like hell to get them off the addiction. >> amen. as it rolled through west virginia vir virginia, new hampshire, every single republican candidate got religion and spoke out against this opioid crisis. i wish they showed sympathy for urban addiction like crack cocaine. i'm fine with it because at least they got on board with this epidemic. you got highly-addictive painkillers killing more
6:30 pm
americans than die in car crashes and nearly as many people dying every year with this stuff as died from hiv and aids at the height of crisis in the '90s. that's the carnage. many of americans lost a loved one. i just knew, i just knew the republicans would get busy and do something but not really. because it turns out the republicans actually want to eliminate the obamacare rule that makes insurance companies help people with addictions. they actually want to rollback the medicaid expansion, which is going to make it harder for some poor folks to get treatment and looks like this new $500 million they are bragging about is actually problem money obama had set aside. so what the what? i'm so frustrated. just like police misconduct. they talk and they talk but then the action doesn't ever happen. i think we got a lot of politicians that think if they talked about it, they did it. but on this issue, america does not need talk, we need
6:31 pm
treatment. so congress mman, i know this i bothering you. why aren't republicans fissionifissioxing it? >> i serve on the head committee of commerce, the jurisdiction we're talking about. last year with obama we passed 21st century cures. the biggest piece we did was an incredible increase in funding for the nih, looking for things like treatments for opioids and an addiction that messes with the brain and stop taking it, you can't. they are switching to heroin, it's hard to imagine but cheaper than the open i didn't ioidopio. i. >> i appreciate your work on that. i'm looking at the budget and don't see the stuff. i don't see a big commitment on opioids. don't you think republicans are
6:32 pm
letting down the constituency if they don't do a lot more. >> we view this as the crisis that's facing our nation. >> why not make the insurance companies help people who are addicted? obamacare did that. that was positive and taking that away from us, why? >> we have not changed. we have not changed any essential benefit, not one in our plan going forward. what you're speaking about is a medicaid expansion piece but we're not changing any essential benefit at all. >> another question. you're going to spend billions and billions of dollars on a wall to keep out drugs but people are getting addicted on stuff in their medical cabinet. you got billions for the wall. >> we have to stop the flow of drugs coming in. that's number one. we also have to deal with this. we can go both. we need to do both. and again, within the 21st
6:33 pm
century cures, we put the money, billions of dollars added to -- through the fda to get some treatments through -- >> very good. >> we know how debilitating this situation is. >> it's personal to me but we got other people for whom it's personal. let's bring dean to the conversation. >> my name is dean lucas and december 23rd, i lost my son to a heroin overdose. 27 years old. his name was lee lucas. he left his mom and i here. his younger brother and more importantly a 10-year-old beautiful daughter. he tried over and over to get into inpatient so what you just said, you are not changing anything, that doesn't make me feel warm and fuzzy.
6:34 pm
i have a list. nobody would get him in. when he got in, he was in there for two weeks and from what i understand, if he was under 18 he could have been in there longer, maybe six months. not changing it doesn't really -- it's not doing it for me. >> well, certainly dean, you know, my daughter is 26. my son is 24 and i cannot imagine what you're going through. i truly cannot. i don't think anyone here can. so we're so sorry for your loss and that's the tragic piece claiming the lives of the young and in a lot of cases individuals that took painkillers that weren't informed how addictive they are being addictive but don't have a prescription, they switch to heroin. in some cases, this heroin is laced with other synthetics that are way more powerful. we are doing what we can. i can't speak to your individual
6:35 pm
situation with your insurance carrier -- >> i'm serious, man, people are calling folks to get help. they call all over the country and state and cannot get help when they are asking for it and i don't see the urgency. what are you guys going to do? i appreciate you passing the other thing. what will you do -- you go so much urgency for a wall but people who are on this side of that wall need help. >> i will also say i am going to say that these are typically state issues. the treatment is -- >> new york. >> -- by the state. >> i live in new york. i do. you represent new york. >> at the federal level but at the state level, there is a lot that has to be done. the commissioners of health that drive a lot of these decisions and i'm not trying to pass the buck here but this is state level issues. what we've done at the federal level is providing the funding to get treatments and get other
6:36 pm
things out there. there is to much we can do at the federal level and you got to look at the health commissioners within a state to drive it through the state. >> dean, when you go home tonight, will this answer give you much comfort? >> not at all. >> why not? >> it sounds like we're going down the same road my son went through. he was for two years trying to quit this addiction and he worked for me. i saw him daily on the phone trying to get in, trying to quit. and there was no help. i have a list right here. i brought his list. and it showed what everybody he called, it's just like an 8 x 10 with everybody on there. >> and i believe you and i think you need to deal with your county health commissioner. you should call the governor andrew queue mcuomo and say you step it up in new york. >> we have one of your constituents from your neck of the woods. rene is here. what do you are have to say? >> i'm in the 27th district.
6:37 pm
i've been -- >> in the finger lakes. >> that's right. i've been among those writing letters and demonstrating, demanding you hold a public town hall in our district so we can meet with you and share with you and have you listen to us of our stories like dean's about how your legislative agenda impacts our families and lives. so how do you justify your appearance here tonight national audience here at cnn outside of our district with an audience not consisting entirely of your constituents when the actual people you represent are asking to meet with you and you're refusing to do it? >> let him answer. [ applause ] >> welcome to new york. i meet with thousands constituents in my office, lancaster and washington. i go to, you know, various
6:38 pm
agricultural events and meet with educators and health professionals -- >> that's great. have you had a town hall in your district? that's what she's asking. >> i held elected office four years of largest upstate county four years in congress. i've never seen the value of the time commitment for a town hall when in fact, i can spend my time with a group of dairy farmers, with a group of health care professionals for a half an hour or an hour have a real give and take because what's happening now so for eight years, no one ever raised this issue with me. i was reelected with 68% of the vote so i must be doing something right. i feel like by meeting with and talking to literally tens of thousands of my constituents in the course of the year in different gatherings and going to high schools, i have a give and take that's a true give and take. what's happened today is there are a group of individuals, not saying you in particular, but they are protesting and shouting and these aren't productive.
6:39 pm
>> hold on now. let her respond. >> make an appointment, let's sit down in my office and talk about any issues that you have and i can promise you that will happen. >> very good invitation but rene is not protesting or shouting. >> no. >> respond and then i want to be able to move on. >> i appreciate they meet with a lot of constituents. i'm not interested in protesting or disrupting or crashing an appearance at a fire department or birthday party. i don't want to do that. >> you've been tracking me. >> that's really sweet. that's a nice thing to do, congressman, but i want a setting where you will listen to me, just because i didn't vote for you, just because i don't agree with your legislative agenda, am i any less entitle today your representation. >> no, come meet with me. >> please respond to my e-mails requesting that. >> good enough. >> i can assure you we will and i look forward to meeting with you. [ applause ]
6:40 pm
>> look, i hope that she will get a chance -- >> we absolutely will. >> i will tell you this, republicans are saying you don't like the town halls but when the town halls were going down with obama, a lot of that stuff, i think you guys actually thought that was a good thing about democra democracy. if i wish they would pay protesters because they paid protesters, i'd have a yacht. i'd have like a plane. >> there you go. >> let me ask you one last question. >> sure. >> how would you grade president trump at this point of his presidency? >> a solid a. he's doing everything he promised he would do working to secure our borders, took us out of the tpp. the best cabinet that's ever been assembled in history. >> so do you mean like a, like one a, like to ten as? one out of ten or abc? >> i mean, the a in math that you never got. [ laughter ] >> exactly. exactly. >> listen, congressman, thank you for being here. i don't agree with you but i
6:41 pm
respect you and you're one of trump's best supporters and defenders, everybody says it. thank you for taking my question and showing up. next, kareem abdul-jabbar, the man, the legend will join us on this stage right here tonight. there he is. [ applause ] ( ♪ ) it just feels like anything is possible here in upstate new york. ( ♪ ) at corning, i test smart glass that goes all over the world. but there's no place like home. there's always something different to do like skiing in the winter, jet skiing in the summer. we can do everything. new york state is filled with bright minds like samantha's. to find the companies and talent of tomorrow, search for our page, jobsinnewyorkstate on linkedin. search for our page, [waitress] more coffee? [student] yeah, thanks. [student] oh yeah for sure... [waitress] yeah ok
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welcome back to "the messy truth." i'm van jones. the trump administration is again trying to ban people this time from six muslim countries. you got two different federal judges that have jumped in to block it for now. but here with me tonight, america's most beloved muslim, a physical giant, a moral giant, a
6:46 pm
true living legend. forget about cow mkobe and jordd lebron. kareem abdul-jabbar is the best scorer ever here to take on trump, bring him to the stage, kareem abdul-jabbar. [ applause ] >> not house. >> i wish my dad was still alive. he loves you. he would want to know the same thing everybody else would want to know. as a muslim as the most prominent muslim, as the most beloved muslim. what does it feel like 50 plus days into the trump administration? >> i was very disappointed with just the whole mean spirited effort that's been made. i understand how increased and more efficient vetting is going to protect us.
6:47 pm
no problem with that. to pick one group and just say that their problem -- they are the problem, it's a lie, and it's trying to market in fear. >> yeah. >> and making people afraid is not going to do anything to make our country better. >> well, i think you can give him a round of applause for that. that's very well said. [ applause ] >> i want to bring a young muslim into this conversation right off the top. summer? >> my name is summer, and i'm a college student who lives in new jersey. so last week the application was denied for a mosque. the reason for the denial was that it would have too many very ya ve varying density and parking. that was understandable but what wasn't understandable was the hateful and hurtful rhetoric
6:48 pm
from the community, some members of it to the muslims. there was flyers bapassed aroun that said we were tied to the muslim brotherhood, signs that hung in houses that said save bayonne and stop the mosque and hate speeches at the meetings that accused islam of being backwards religion. my question for you, mr. jabbar, as a person that has time and time again had to defend why you chose islam as your faith, how do you feel your fellow muslims should respond to what is going on in my community? >> thank you for your question and i think what is going on in your committee is just an out ward station of bigotry. you have to go against that and use the law, so there are laws against discrimination and by bringing up false issues like parking and traffic congestion, they are able to frustrate your legitimate needs. so you have to go and just pursue your legitimate, what you
6:49 pm
have a legitimate right to desire, which is a place of worship. there is nothing wrong with that, you have to use the laws that are there and contest these people and fight them in court and make it so expensive for them that they will have to give up because you guys aren't doing anything wrong. >> you know, i think you're encouraging her to be active and to be activists and good reason to do so. i want to show you a photo of yourself. my favorite photo of you is not on the basketball court. it's this photograph -- >> who is that guy with hair? >> i know, with hair. with the young muhammad ali and jim brown and all these guys, why were you such an activist? you didn't have to speak out. why did you? >> i spoke out because i just starting with the death of emit, i didn't understand it. my parents couldn't explain it to me. so i was looking for information. >> young man murdered by raci s racists. >> he was murdered in mississippi because they thought he said something that was
6:50 pm
insulting. basically. that what was it was all about. and i couldn't understand it. my parents couldn't explain it to me, so i was just looking for information. i watched walter cronkite every night during the civil rights movement, you know, for years. i saw what was going on and i i wanted to help. i wanted not to have that fear i could be murdered just because of the color of my skin. >> used platform to speak up. we have a young guy here, a basketball star, hopeful, named dylan. he's got a question. >> how you doing? >> good, how are you? >> fine, thank you. >> you're active member in the civil rights movement in the 1960s, recently been a lot of protests about how our country is moving. how would you suggest a junior high schooler to voice their
6:51 pm
opinions to adults? >> i have to say, what you have to do is make bridges. communicate with people what your concerns are. there are things happening that make you angry. don't let your anger dominate your ability to communicate. if you're communicating anger, just going to turn people off. if you can tell people what concerns you and why and be articulate about that, you can build a bridge to them. they can understand you. and in understanding you, make themselves understood to you. this bridge is about back and forth communication with people that you disagree with or you might have just a simple difference of opinion. be patient, learn how to communicate, learn how to listen. and you'll be able to solve your problems. >> look, i wish you could go to the white house and explain that whole process. that's really been missing. really has been. you're a beautiful young man. any questions for the great
6:52 pm
hero? >> my dad has the same birthday as you, april 16th. that's all i have to say. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. i know he wanted to get a picture with you. give him a round of applause as he comies up here. going to have another section with you. stay with us. coming back, one final question for kareem abdul-jabbar and go deep with it. this is a legend. modern life deserves a modern way to pay. jane, you're getting a ticket. online and on your phone nope. it's been masterpassed. for the little victories, am i right? masterpass, the secure way to pay from your bank don't just buy it, masterpass it.
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all right. welcome back to "the messy truth." i'm van jones here with special
6:57 pm
guest kareem abdul-jabbar. go to the first question. go ahead. >> hi kareem, how are you doing? >> very well. >> good. i was prepared but nervous here with you. you're the greatest. >> don't ge nervous. it will all work out. >> been a fan for many years on and off the court. your career wasn't easy but you're awesome. you played and fought during some of the toughest and most competitive times in nba history. especially when you played the boston celtics. competition and battles were intense. i'm a self- -- owner of a clothing store and lost clothing store in a fire. and i'm just happy to be here with you. and to take some inspiration from you. and to -- bear with me.
6:58 pm
to be in the presence of one of the most respected and intelligent figures in sports. >> give this brother a round of applause. >> thank you. >> he wants -- i know what he's gone through. his store burned to the ground just this past week and wants to get inspiration from you. how do you get through tough times? you've been through tough battles. how do you get through tough times? we're all doing it right now. help. >> just remember why you're here. i'm going to make a wild guess and say you're all about family. >> yes, sir. >> that's what i thought. so you just got to figure out what you can do for your family and get back on track. it might take you more time but they're worth it, and you're worth it. don't ever let anybody dissuade you from knowing that. since you know that, go out and do the best you can for them. this is a place where if you
6:59 pm
work hard and do the right things, you can succeed. so success is not going to be denied to you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> in the short time we have left, why did you become a muslim? some people are afraid of muslims. what do you say to them about your faith? >> i would say our faith is based on the same ju judeo-christian tradition as christianity or judaism. prophet mohammed a descendant from abraham. people don't know that. we have basically the same laws and understanding of what is important. crazy people in the middle east that are cowards and murderers do not represent islam. islam is represented by people like this. >> thank you so much. beautiful.
7:00 pm
i want to thank you and all my other guests tonight. kareem abdul-jabbar, everybody in the audience, at home. you've heard words of inspiration about building bridges, listen, stand in faith and stand for family. talk about that, not about tweets. i'm going to be back wednesday, april 5th for the next "the messy truth" with arnold schwarzenegger. "cnn tonight" with don lemon starts right now. thank you kareem abdul-jabbar. in the house! thank you van jones, the white house, standing alone, combative and defensive over president trump's false allegation of wiretapping. this is "cnn tonight," i'm don


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