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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  March 17, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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i will echo christiane because i was just in europe, it greatly concerns them because they're on the front lines with regard to russia, do madison speak for the u.s., or does donald trump? because often times you hear two things and they don't know the answer to that >> stay with us breaking news in just a few minutes the president of the united states the chancellor of germany angela merkel will both be making statements to the press. the president held a roundtable with angela merkel there with german business leaders there as well. listen to this. chancellor, thank you very much. such great honor to get to know you, to be with you. i want to thank all the business
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leaders who have joined us to discuss a subject very important to me, training our work force for the 21st century with respect to manufacturing jobs. we're working every day to bring back jobs to our country and thousands and thousands are coming back, you're reading about it in the papers every single day, we want to make sure we have the work force development programs to make sure these jobs are being filled by american workers, as we continue to develop a strong work force in both of our countries, both germany and the united states are pioneering -- >> i want to go quickly to senior white house correspondent jeff zeleny is getting ready for this news conference, i know the stakes are very significant for
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both sides but set the scene. >> reporter: incredibly. largely because the two leaders are getting to know each other, we have heard while donald trump was running indeed had some harsh words harder than any other leader likening la merk merkel -- angela merkel. he certainly has a different world view from her entirely but there's no question that germany wants to reset its relationship and get to know this president as well. it's something that happens with each change of power but this is without request the most consequential face to face meeting so far that this new administration has had during about two months or so in office but wolf again, those wiretapping allegations hanging over the president, the administration, been debunked by
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democrats and republicans alike, the president is facing who after has a luncheon with her and then flies to florida. >> it's pretty shocking that the president allowed these wiretap allegations to fester two weeks. >> joining us live from berlin right now, what's the overall view over there of the new american president and chancellor americhance merkel's effort to reset. remember, she has an election coming up in september? >> absolutely. i think a lot of germans have been puzzled to see what's been happening in the first days of the trump administration, but in germans absolutely believe they need a good working relationship with the united states. many people look up to the united states in many ways and they want angela merkel to be able to re-establish some common
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ground with trump. and this is what it comes down to. how can she establish that? we heard them earlier talking about manufacturing trade, one reason why she brought two ceos with her, to emphasize that german trade with the united states is good. and it exports outside of the united states. so she's really trying to hit these common themes this is how we help each other in hoping she can make a connection there. >> stand by. we're going to get back to you, i want to bring in jim sciutto, gloria borger, this german/u.s. relationship you have studied it closely, how would you mark it at the current state. >> i would mark it as
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complicated and still being reshaped. look at this headline in politico, says the leader of the free world meets donald trump. and when you look at the kind of reversal of roles you have this new president coming in very untested, you have this president as -- this chancellor as we have been saying has been through three u.s. presidents, a bunch of crisises around the world, and all this talk about the relationship between the u.s. and europe and the instability around the world that she's one of the last best hopes to pick up the mantle. >> and remember that merkel was key in planning the response to russian annexation of crimea and the sanctions and i think she's going to want to no from donald trump where are you -- >> a great political cause.
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>> business cost as well. >> she took a ris k and by the way she take as political risk because he's somewhat inpopular back home to say i did this, what do you intend to do with vladimir putin, this is personal for her because she put herself out there so much. >> we just saw german delegatio delegations walking in, then finally the president and the chancellor will walk in and make their statements. what will you be listening for jim? >> one on this wiretapping claim and two that the british helped and they are now pushing back to any sense they apologized over
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this and their comment yesterday calling this report nonsense and uterly ridiculous, their words not mine, concern hearing that from the white house podium. >> they take that when the spokesman for the united states from the white house -- >> why shouldn't they? >> even just citing some unsubstantiated report. that's important. >> relationships do matter. listen, countries have interest, right? and the relationships with u.k. and germany are based on years of history and common interest and we know personal relationships matter as well and we know based on president trump's comments about germany in the past has to cause difficult relationships. >> i don't think they're really looking -- we talk about angela merkel prepared for this meeting. i think a lot of people are saying don't look at the tweets,
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don't think about the tweets, talk to people like mcmaster, to tillerson, see what the policies are and that's the problem when you're getting the mixed message of the rhetoric and what's being said these cabinet officials are going to be saying what seems to be a reasonable policy. >> these are two very different people. she is as cool as cucumber, and donald trump is not. >> christiane, there you see the president walking in, reince priebus, steve bannon, wilbur ross the secretary of commerce and newest national deputy of commerce dina paul, jared kushner senior advisor to the president and the president's daughter ivanka trump, kellyanne
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conway presumably within the next few seconds the president and the chancellor will be walking in as well. christiane i may have to interrupt you but what's the reaction to this whole white house team that has emerged? >> again, people are very concerned about who it is they should be talking to. you're seeing in the middle of your picture now a person who has developed a reputation as this inscrutable -- essentially watching and presiding over a prakured a pr fractured and broken e.u., doesn't look like that's happening yet. they will probably will with france and germany as well. concerned about bannon and what they call the economic nationalism. they believe in europe that you can't have a national economic
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policy, that it will affect their citizens and the u.s. as well. >> okay, the president and the chancellor are now walking in. everyone is standing to receive them. the president will open first. thank you very much. chancellor merkel, it is a great honor to welcome you to the people's house, the white house. our two nations share much in common including our desire for security, prosperity and peace. we just concluded a productive meeting with the german and american companies to discuss work force development and vocational training, very important words. germany has done an incredible job training the employees and
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future employees and employing its manufacturing and industrial work force. it's crucial that we provide our american workers with a really great employment outlook. and that includes making sure that we harness the full potential of women in our economy. my administration is in the process of rebuilding the american industrial base, a stronger america is in the interest believe me of the world as a whole. i reiterated to chancellor merkel my strong support for nato as well as the need for our nato allies to pay their fair share for the cost of defense. many nations owe vast sums of
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money from past years and it is very unfair to the united states. these nations must pay what they owe. during our meeting i thanked chancelor merkel for the german government's commitment to increase spending and work toward contributing at least 2% of gdp. i want to thank the chancellor for her leadership in supporting nato and its efforts in afghanistan. this has come at significant cost including the lives of over 50 german soldiers whose sacrifice we greatly honor. i also appreciate chancellor merkel's relationship to resolve the conflict in ukraine where we ideally seek a peaceful solution. most importantly our two
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countries must continue to work together to protect our people from radical islamic terrorism. and to defeat isis. i applaud chancellor merkel for germany's contributions both civilian and military as a count countcount isis -- we must protect our citizens from those who seek to spread terrorism inside our borders. immigration is a privilege. not a right. and the safety of our citizens must always come first. without question. over lunch the chancellor and i will talk about our economic partnership, we must work together toward fair and
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reciprocal trade policies that benefit both of our peoples. millions of hardworking u.s. citizens have been left behind by international commerce and together we can shape a future where all of our citizens have a path to financial security. the united states will respect historic institutions and we will also recognize the right of free people to manage their own destiny. the close friendship between america and germany is built on our shared values. we cherish individual rights, we uphold the rule of law and we seek peace among nations. our alliance is a symbol of strength and cooperation to the world. it is the foundation of a very, very hopeful future. thank you.
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>> translator: it's a pleasure to be in the white house -- exchange of views in the period leading up to this visit i've always said it's much, much b d better to talk to one another and not about one another and i think our conversation proved this. we talked about the international situation, we talked about also aprenticeship programs at the roundtable as well as the shared interests that we have. let me look back into the past. we, the germans, owe a lot to
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the united states of america, in particular the economic rise of germany. this was primarily done through the help of the marshal plan, also able to regain anonymity after the united states standing up together with other allies and standing by our side during the period of the cold war and we are very gratified to know that today we can live in peace and freedom as a unified country, so i was impressed of to hear how important the president believes germany is, also germany needs to increase its expenditure we commit today this 2% goal until 2024, last year we increased our defense spending by 8% and we're going to work again on this and we said that obviously defense and
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security has as a lot of different assets and facets to it. on the one hand it's supporting missions in africa, also promoting development assistance but helping missions in africa for example trying to sign up for their own safety an security. we continue to be in conversation. what was important for us today was that we were able to talk about afghanistan, talk about as the president quite rightly said the continuing mission of germany in afghanistan. i am very glad that the united states are continuing to commit to the mission as well, together we fight against islamic terrorism. it is going to continue its work and in syria we're going to monitor the situation closely and work on political solutions but also in libya, what we
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talked about. i am very gratified to know that the american administration and also the president personally commits himself to the process we need to come to a solution of this problem. there has to be a safe and secure solution for ukraine but the relationship with russia has to be improved as well once the situation on the ground is clarified. mins k is a good basis but we are going to work with the experts in the next few months, also here as g 20 president you know we will be hosting the 220 this year, and pleased to announce that the president is commit tod committed to attend and we are going to talk at length over lunch about these issues, there has to be a win-win situation,
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we can talk about the details of that. we had an exchange with our ceos, what potential we have, it's exciting to see what sort of work for the future is being done. so particularly this period of transiting from the capacity building skills are so important incidentally not only for young people but also for those who maybe have lost their jobs and need to be reskilled in order to find a job again and that is an issue i know is very important for you here in the united states but it's also important for us in germany, so i can say there are a number of issues where we will continue to cooperate very closely but on our level we had a very good exchange of views and looking forward to our talks over lunch
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thank you. >> thank you very much. a couple of questions, mark hep bu hepbu hepburn. [ inaudible ] >> the gentleman needs to use a microphone. [ inaudible ] >> i'm wondering what you think of that style, if you think it's good for the war -- >> thank you, mark. we just have a really wonderful group of people meeting later. we met with 12 pretty much nos and they went to all yeses,
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we're going to have great health care. it's going to be passed i believe i think substantially pretty quickly. it's coming together beautifully. you have conservative groups, other groups, everybody wants certain things. in the end we'll have a great health care plan. i have to tell you that obamacare is a disaster. i was in tennessee. we had a tremendous crowd the other night and half the state is uncovered. the insurance companies have left and the other half has one insurance company that probably will be bailing out pretty soon. you have nobody. you have many states with one and a lot of places with none. obamacare will fail. it will fold. it will close up very, very soon if something isn't done. i've often said politically the best thing i can do is absolutely nothing, wait one year and even the democrats will come and say please, please
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you you've got to help us but not the right thing for the people. we have a plan that's getting more and more popular with the republican base, conservative base and with the people generally. the press has covered it very inaccurately. people are truly covered well and i think it's going to be something that's going to be a model to be looked upon. [ inaudible ] >> i'll tell you after we're finished. >> translator: well, i'm here as chancellor of the federal republican of germany. i represent german interests and speak with the president of the united states who, well, stands up for as is right american interests. that is our tasks respectively and i must say i was very grad fi grat ti gratified to know, we held a
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conversation where we were trying to hold the areas where we disagree, but try to bring people together to show what is our advantage point and american advantage point, because we need to be fair for one another. each is expecting heis or her leader that something comes out good and i can say that for people of germany, people are different. different origins have found their ways into politics and while this is diversity, which is good, at times it's difficult to find compromises but that's what we've been elected for, if everything went like that then we didn't need politicians to do these jobs. >> translator: given the experience of the gdi you say you are confident walls can fall
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how do you think this isolation of the -- is with the tariff plans and that he doesn't deal with the du in a very respectful way and mr. president america first don't you think this is going to weaken the american union and why are you so scared of adversity in the news, in the media that you speak so often of fake news and things after all that cannot be proven the fact that you have been wiretapped by mr. obama. >> nice friendly reporter. first of all, i don't believe in an isolationist policy. but i also believe a policy of trade should be a fair policy. and the united states has been treated very, very unfairly by many countries over the years and that's going to stop. but i'm not an isolationists i'm a free trader but also a fair trader and our free trade has
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led to a lot of bad things happening, you look at the deficits and you look at all the accumulation of debt. we're a very powerful country, very strong, very strong country, we'll soon be at a level that we perhaps have never been before. our military is going to be strengthened. it's been depleted but i am a trader, i am a fair trader, a trader that wants to see good for everybody worldwide, but i'm not an isolationnist by any stretch of the imagination so i don't know what newspaper you're reading so i guess that would be another example of fake news. >> translator: allow me if i may put it to put in the following terms, we haven't yet had time to talk a great length about economic issues but i would say
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that the success of germany in the economic area but also security and peace, that the success of germans have always been one where the german success is one side of the coin and the other side of the coin has been european unity and integration something of which i'm deeply convinced not only saying this here k but at home and with my talks with the president. secondly, i believe that globalization ought to be shaped an open-minded way but freedom within the european union is in the economic progress of peace have been for many, many decades, many centuries countries waged war against ooe each other. we have to protect our external
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borders and work with our neighbors, our integration has to be worked on obviously traffic has to be stopped but this has to be done by looking at the refugees as well. giving them opportunities to shape their own lives where they are. help countries who right now are not in an ability to do so sometimes because they have civil war i think that's the right way of going about it and obviously what we have exchange of views about, but my position is the one that i've just set out for you. >> i might add that we have many plants and factories comie back into the united states. many coming back to michigan, ohio, many places they have been losing jobs but we're twinge to have a -- going to have a different policy, but it's not
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going to be great policy for the united states but worldwide. [ inaudible question ] >> kevin, i think we have a very unified republican party. after all we have the presidency, we have the house, we have the senate. and we're getting along very well. and if you were at the meeting that i just attended where we took 12 nos or semi nos, no
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yeses and within a short period of time everybody was very much on board and a commitment to vote yes. i think i have a unified party even more unified than the election. when they talk about me i seem to be very popular this week within our party because we have the highest numbers that i've ever had in the party. so i think there's a great unification, health care is a very difficult subject complex subject and goes both ways, you do something were one side and the other sigh doesn't like it but something that really has come together well and i think it is going to be very extremely p popular, on trade with germany i think we're going to do fantastically well, i would say that the negotiators for germany have done a far better job than the united states but hopefully we can even it out. we don't want victory all i want
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is fairness, germany has done very well in its trade deals with the united states that i give them credit for, i can speak to other countries, china, virtually any country we do business with it's not exactly what you call good for our workers. you look at the horrible nafta transaction, nafta has been a disaster for the united states, in particularly for the workers, a lot of companies just moved but the workers are -- probably number one i'm standing there maybe that and the military, building up our military which we will do and be stronger than ever before and hopefully not have to use it but probably the reason i'm here is when you talk about trade, so i think that we are going to be a very different country. i think we're going to be --
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going to have great values but in terms of our military it's going to be much stronger and our trade deals are going to be good, solid deals. not deals that lead to closing plants and tremendous unemployment. okay? thank you. yes, ma'am. >> translator: when we speak about trade agreements and the european union is negotiating those agreements for all of the members of the european union there's also input by the member states, they bring to the table what's important to them. we have underlined as german industry business community and have made the experience that any kind of agreement that we have concluded for example at the very latest with south korea brought us more jobs people were very much concerned about loosig jobs to the automotive industry
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and got south korea and i think it's only fair that both sides win. and that is the sort of spirit i think in which we ought to be guided in negotiating any agreement between the united states of america and e.u. i hope we can resume the agreement we have just concluded an agreement with canada and i hope we can come back to the table and talk about the agreement when the united states and u.n. >> translator: a question address today you today, talking about trade, the president in the past always said that -- he doesn't like multilateral trade agreements but preferred bilateral trade agreements do you think from the e.u.'s point of view -- is a bilateral on the
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other side? is the problem that the president of the united states and europeans have a basically different understanding of what the e.u. is all about and mr. president my question addressed to you -- >> alleged wiretapping on you, trump tower, trump organization or members of your campaign was -- was that british intelligence was either responsible for it or involved in it. after these claims are rejected what is your take on that? are there other suspects or do you think it was a mistake to blame british intelligence for this? and by the way, my second question for the time are there tweets that you regret -- >> very seldom.
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very seldom. probably wouldn't be here right now but very seldom. we have a tremendous group of people that listen and i can get around the media when the media doesn't tell the truth so i like that. as far as wiretapping i guess by this past administration, at least we have something in common perhaps. and just to finish your question, we said nothing. all we did was quote a certain very talented legal mind who was the one responsible for saying that on television. i didn't make an opinion on it. that was a statement made by a very talented lawyer on fox. and so you shouldn't be talking to me, you should be talking to fox. >> thank you.
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>> translator: well, i believe that the president has clearly set out his philosophy as to what trade agreements have to bring about for the americans side as well. i personally don't think that germany needs to negotiate and not the european union. we have devolved our -- negotiates on behalf of the member states so that's not going to prevent, indeed this would qualify as a bilateral agreement between the e.u. and the united states if we had it but the question is will it be of benefit to both countries and let me be very candid free trade with the united states has not always been that popular either, there have been less than in europe and also in germany so i
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am very glad to note that apparently assort of the perspective on that has changed a little bit in germany too. >> thank you very much. great honor. thank you. thank you, ma'am. [ inaudible ] >> the president of the united states the chancellor of germany wrapping up their news conference. they dealt with several very important issues perhaps most surprisingly right at the very end in response to a question from a german reporter the president seemingly wanted to joke about being wiretapped remarking that angela merkel had been wiretapped and commenting at least we have something in common suggesting we too have been tire tapped. he didn't walk away from the
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assertion by the white house press secretary quoting from a fox analyst judge in a po-- -- talked to fox about that but not aapologizing to the british government even after the british government says it was ridiculous. lots to discuss to bring to our panel but also want to go to christi christian amanpour. first you're there in london. what the president just said clearly not going to please the u.s. allies in the british government. >> reporter: except that he did say that i didn't have an opinion on that. this was just something that was being quoted so take it up with fox, not with us, so he kind of
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sort of avoided responsibility. that's called plausible deniability i believe. what was interesting was the back and forth that under pinned the issue of trade. donald trump kept saying we've been treated very unfairly of course thanked germany for the investment for its apprenticeship programs and is going to be taken up at lunch but went on and on about the win, she, angela merkel kept coming back would not leave it alone defending globalization saying yes, germany has been a successful economy thanks to the united states building up germany with the march sshall p after world war ii but on the other side is we have always been good for a peaceful european union but after president trump said we are
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going to renegotiate our deals talked about nafta being a disaster and angela merkel kept on saying i hope we come back to the e.u.-u.s. trade deal, but then saying by the way free trade has not been so popular in germany too. we have had more demonstrations against free trade than you in the united states so i think this is going to be the basis going forward and did talk about russia and how to bring peace to the ukraine as well. >> i want to go to our senior white house correspondent jeff zeleny. what emerged in your mind. >> reporter: we feolf, i do thi it's the wiretapping claim, that cloud has been hanging over the white house here and to give you a sense of perspective, wolf, i am just about five or six feet from the president. the look on his face when it was a german reporter who asked the question about the british about
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wiretapping, he didn't look pleased. the two u.s. reporters asked about health care, certainly an important issue here in the u.s. not necessarily the news of the day at the white house, but the look on the president's face when he was asked that was certainly interesting. but look, he took no responsibility for any of this, wolf, did not acknowledge that if bipartisan leaders of the intelligence committee have said look there's simply no evidence of surveillanceali surveillance but did talk about judge nepal ta nepalta nepaltano. he answer that is question you should be talking to fox. so it may have answered it for this moment as we heads off to florida for another weekend at
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his retreat there but this certainly does not put an exclamation point on it because on monday the fbi director will be testifying and we expect him to be asked about this. early on the president did want the talk about health care and one interesting thing i thought wolf was that he said he is indeed flexible. he would not specifically say what negotiation points he would give on but he said he would let you know when he was finished so certainly a sign he wants to get this done, but the wiretapping question from that german reporter, i'm not sure we got the answer today, wolf. >> absolutely right. gloria said are there tweets you ever regret, he said very seldom and then spoke of reports that angela merkel's cell phone had been tapped during the obama
11:42 am
administration, and -- that we have been wiretapped. >> kudos to the german journalists for asking the tough questions, the news of the day and the questions revolve around the president's claim on wiretapping and the international incident that occurred over sean spicer's reading of quotes from fox news about the united kingdom participating in spying. and i think the president today elevated it. he elevated it. he not only said in the effort to make a joke toeni angela mer that our -- her cell phone was tapped so he tried to make a joke of it but in making a joke of it, he didn't stand down one bit he just said check with fox
11:43 am
news and this is a quote from him, we said nothing, meaning it's not our charge even though it came from the podium in the press room by the president's own press secretary, he said we said nothing that you know you shouldn't be talking to me, talk to fox and to jeff's point, this is somebody who can look at classified information, who can find out exactly what occurred and get to the bottom of things if he wants to but instead there was no apology made, sticking by their story and if i were the brits right now i would be more furious than i was yesterday. >> and he went one step further he said that judge nepal iaianoe
11:44 am
judge said he's a very talented legal mind on fox, he said talk to fox, which seemingly is giving a little bit more credence. >> it doesn't give credence because he didn't get it from his own intelligence community. obviously we know he follows a lot of media, listens to fox, watches a lot of these boggs that are synthetic to his ideas and i think -- we were just sitting here a few weeks ago when these are big important meetings with world leaders in front of cameras about the important national security and issues that he wants to address and we're being diverted by these kitype of scandals about e wiretapping the voter fraud about the size of the crowds, this is really diverting from
11:45 am
his agenda. this was an important meeting with angela merkel and i sense it was a little bit of a tense meeting, he said this is going to be more friendly we've been hurt before i'm the president of america and what she is saying is yes, you're entitled and rightfully looking out for american interests but american interests are much better served when we're working all together and i think that's where the main difference between these two leaders lies. >> and not happy with the 2% gdp and she said we'll get to it but in the year 2024. >> the sensitive questions about wiretap, about what british intelligence supposedly was doing didn't come from american journalists but from a german
11:46 am
journalist. >> reporter: yes, the first question was about health care, he's working on a documentary, so he's following the president around this week, the topic of wiretapping only coming up from german reporter, this really was a one-note message, talking about america will be stronger, stronger, but his comment about wiretapping was incredibly weak, he said talk to fox so i have talked to fox and they don't have much to say the word from the network is that this is apparently going to be addressed today, apparently napalatano was made on an opinion show and fox news makes a big deal about opinion shows like their morning show and their newscasts. they say this is going to be addressed on their newscasts,
11:47 am
but this is not about napalatano but the president is saying it was fox's reporting he's citing, but stuck in this conservative media ditch where the president is relying on something that may or may not have been reliable between an opinion commentator saying something on an opinion show versus real reporting, and it's just not a good look for any political leader to be doing that. now i suppose wolf the ball is back in napalatano's court. >> it wasn't just napalatano that was cited by sean spicer, he also cited shaean hannity fr fox news, any reaction to that? >> no, i think folks at fox are probably trying to figure out what to do having just given
11:48 am
this shoutout. hannity is clearly pro-trump partisan and an entertainer, there's room on tv for all that. the difference is the president's media literacy, when he is watching television in the morning or end of the day consuming these opinion shows hearing these ideas he wants to believe because they seem to support his point of view he is then sharing that, his aides are then sharing that, trickling all around the world and in this case creating an international incident and i don't think fox and its credibility -- i don't think actually fox wants to be in this situation where the president is going go call them, talk to fox, it's simply not a good look, and i say we're stuck in the ditch because the president tweeted about this as a result of a radio show and a breitbart report, two weeks later we're still talking about this baseless claim because the
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president tries to continue to give it oxygen. >> it was pointed -- we didn't hear from the president of the united states when asked about the allegations involving british intelligence. what we heard earlier from the president's own national security adviser general mcmaster, we heard from the white house press secretary sean spicer apologized for citing this for this allegation at the podium, we didn't hear any of that coming from the president. >> reporter: we didn't. either the ownership of the tweets he started two weeks ago, a saturday morning, saying he had just learned that president obama had tapped his wires, had wiretapped him, so we did not hear the president take any ownership of that. he also didn't repeat it. if he truly believes this you may have expected him to used
11:50 am
this as an opportunity to reiterate that, he didn't laugh it off in a joking way saying he has something in common here with the chancellor of germany, who of course had her wires tapped during the obama administration, that created a whole issue here. but wolf, he simply deflected these questions in answers to fox news, yet, another example of how words have consequences. this president said a lot of things running for this office but once you are here in the office they are amplified and indeed caused incidents here. i did want to address as these two leaders sort of get kwant acquainted with each other, merkel had a close represent with president bush and she said
11:51 am
if everyone was the same there wouldn't be a need for politicians. they are having lunch indeed forging a brand new and very different relationship, wolf. >> the u.s. german relationship. getting back to the comment that the president said at least we have something in common, looking at angela merkel referring to the wiretapping. he is not backing away from those four tweets two weeks at all if anything trying to joke and be funny, but by suggesting that reinforcing that notion. >> reporter: he is and i think many advisors sitting in the room would prefer him to change the subject but until he address as it i'm not sure the subject will change. and we have seen leaders republicans as well as democrats say he will indeed at some point
11:52 am
owe the american people an apology but the incident the last 12 hours or so involving the british show the deep consequences that every single word he says or message he makes something he did not take ownership for today. >> gloria, this is going to be a problem especially looking forward to monday when the house intelligence committee has invited the fbi director, the leaders of the national security, other agencies to testify in open session about the allegations levelled by the president nearly two weeks ago against president obama accusing him basically of committing a felony in those four tweets that all of us know almost by heart now but this is going to be a big problem. >> it already is a big problem, you have the co-chairmans say this did not occur, the republican leader of the house
11:53 am
and intelligence committee saying he hasn't seen any evidence. the democrats saying it doesn't occur, so the evidence is piling up and we'll get more obviously on monday, but i think what this shows wolf is that this white house has an inability and it starts at the top to say i made a mistake or to say our information was wrong. it took the president a long time to acknowledge that the russians were trying to hack into the election because he was stuck on the fact that he would have won otherwise when you took that away he said okay, maybe the russians were trying to hack into our elections. and at some point he is going to have to say that he wasn't accurate here. and that his words do matter. and, i think we may have to hear it from the director of the fbi
11:54 am
personally for him to say okay, this did not occur. i think that their way out of this was to say maybe there was a collection being done and people kind of caught up in it, but this white house can never step back and say that they regret any statements and we learned that during the campaign and it's continuing now. >> british government i assume wanted to hear a firm rejection from the president at least. they didn't hear that. >> no. they heard talk to fox. and this is the thing about not relying and the u.s. and the brits have such a close intelligence relationship. rely on the intelligence reports and this is the problem, he has said he does not trust the intelligence community and instead he trusts fox news and i think that's going to cause problems with his own intelligence apparatus. >> the tweets were in part based on what he acknowledged heard on
11:55 am
the bret baier news source on fox news. we're going to have a lot more, we're getting word that the man who jumped the white house fence last weekend was on the ground on the white house ground for 15 minutes before he was apprehended. you're going to hear what went wrong. also, we're learning that a secret service agent's laptop has been stolen that contained floor plans for trump tower, our special coverage continues right after a quick break.
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hi there i'm brooke baldwin you are watching cnn, breaking news you just heard moments ago the president of the united states responding for the first time after the bipartisan rebuke
12:00 pm
that he was wiretapped by former president obama, and the president gave a response at the joint news conference at the white house with the chancellor of germany angela merkel. they are face to face with white house officials agree is his most important meeting since he took off the. but this historic moment overshadowed with his response standing by his baseless allegation, president trump took no response to the white house's apologize for what press secretary sean spicer said about 24 hours ago citing fox news claiming that britain spied on the trump