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tv   New Day Saturday  CNN  March 18, 2017 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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first tournament win for rhode island in two decades. 12:10 eastern. throughout the afternoon, northwestern, star power in the stands as they take on number one seed gonzaga. julia louis-dreyfus, her son charlie is on the team. steveville mer and the xavier's cheering section. his son an assistant for the musketeers. in case you're wondering. 200 perfect brackets remaining according to 200 people still alive for the perfect bracket. >> thank you. the next hour of new day starting right now. the report that was submitted to congress does not confirm what president trump and the white house has been saying that he was wiretapped under the order of president obama.
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>> i didn't make an opinion on it. that was a statement made by a talented lawyer on fox. >> fox news cannot confirm judge napolitano's commentary. >> president of the united states is a compulsive liar. confidence in words and in action over a new revised health care bill. >> it's going to be passed pretty quickly. north korea is now pursuing programs that would allow them to present a clear threat to continental united states. all options are on the table. he went undetected on the south side ground for more than 16 minutes before finally being caught at the entrance to the residence just below the president's bedroom. glad to have you up early here on a saturday. good morning. i'm christi paul. >> i'm martin savidge in for victor blackwell. there's a lot going on in
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politics this morning. including president trump still unapologetic standing by his a claims that he was wiretapped. first, we start with breaking news coming out of france. >> a man at the airport in paris was killed a short time ago when he tried to grab a soldier's gun. authorities are saying he was known to investigators. cnn's reporter live outside the airport. melissa, what more can you tell us about what they know about the suspect. >> i'd like to give you a sense first of all of what's going on around us. behind the security -- we're just outside the terminal where this event took place this morning. this attack you can see behind me, all of those security vehicles and beyond them, the many hundreds of people who have been forced out of the airport after being evacuated after this got under way this morning. both terminals here at the
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airport are closed, it's causing a fair amount of chaos. a much clearer picture of what wept on this morning has emerged. we've been speaking to the defense minister and interior ministers who are here on site to try and help us figure out precisely what wept on. it was just after 6:50 local tile, a man was stopped outside of paris by a policeman in his car. he shot at them wounding a policeman before fleeing the scene making his way toward the airport. we're here an hour and a half later at 8:30 this morning, local time. he tried to seize the weapon of one of the soldiers who was patrolling the airport. her two colleagues opened fire killing the man and putting an end to the attack. so far authorities and the ministers that i mentioned a moment ago are being careful about just how they're describing this. no mention of the word terrorist attack and nothing more for the time being christi on this man's motivations. >> melissa bell, thank you so
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much for the update. we appreciate it. all right. let's turn it back to politician. president trump waiting up in florida at his luxury resort. still has claims that president obama wiretapped him helped they say by a british spy agency. >> this as u.s. officials say there's a classified doj report that had no evidence to support his claim. evidence or no, trump is not apologizing to president obama or to the united kingdom. let's bring in correspond depth ryan nobles. angela merkel, he brought up the wiretap issue. what did he say? >> the president did bring up the issue but it was only after he was pressed on the topic by a german reporter. not surprisingly, president trump did not back down. not only about his claim but
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also about the role of a british intelligence agency. take a listen. >> as far as wiretapping, i guess, by this past administration, at least we have something in common perhaps. and just to finish your question, we said nothing. all we did was quote a certain very talented legal mind who was the one responsible for saying that on television. i didn't make an opinion on it. that was a statement made by a very talented lawyer on fox. and so you shouldn't be talking to me. you should be talking to fox. >> that's still uncomfortable after watching it several hours later. trump awkwardly inferring that said the u.s. conducted surveillance on the german
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chancellor during the obama administration and defending sean spicer's reference to a fox newschannel's -- that britain gchq helped obama spy on trump. it's a claim yesterday that even fox newschannel would not back up and it's led to tension between the british and american governments. the uk strongly denying the report. but spicer and the administration refusing to apologize for pushing it. martin? >> ryan, before i let you go. big day monday, the congressional hearings on the alleged russian influence on the election. any bomb shells expected? >> it remains to be seen how forthcoming those that will be on the witness stand will actually be to this house intelligence committee and then how tough the questions are that are asked by the panel. there are democrats that are very skeptical as to how revel torrey these hearings will be. we know for sure that there remains no evidence to back up the president's claim about obama wiretapping trump tower.
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>> all right. we'll be watching. ryne nobles, thanks very much. cnn politics reporter amber phillips. thanks for being here. >> eugene, in terms of what's happening with the uk, is there a fear that that special relationship between the british government and the u.s. government is at risk right now after the british government called the white house ridiculous and that these claims should be ignored? >> there's certainly concern which is why we've seen people from british legal community, their intelligence community and their political community come out very viciously pushing back on the allegation that they somehow were working for former president barack obama to spy on donald trump. we saw very early that teresa may was one of the first if not the first foreign leader to come to the white house to visit president donald trump to ensure that this special relationship remained intact.
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there's some concern that these types of unproven and in fact false allegations, they would say, could harm them. >> all right. so amber, when we look at what happened yesterday at this press conference, is there any indication what the take-away is from these meetings with chancellor merkel and president trump? >> not really. from the outside looking in, what we saw were two world leaders somewhat awkwardly trying to get together to establish a rapport that they could carry on across oceans going forward. but there wasn't a lot of rapport that we saw, at least when the cameras were on them. the photos we saw of them, they were very stiff and awkward. remember, trump had tweeted back in 2015, he thought angela merkel was, quote-unquote, ruining germany when they but her on "time" magazine person of the year instead of him. then he made that joke that absolutely right, was very awkward to watch. angela merkel's face did not
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seem pleased. so i think that the purpose of meeting together for two world leaders is to be able to establish a rapport. visibly, outside looking in, i don't see rapport was established. i think it's possible he alienated britain and germany all in one day, two of the u.s.'s key allies. we look ahead to monday at what's going to happen in the hearings when it comes to russia, when we look at the wiretapping and the fact that it seems like the white house is using comedy as he tried to make a comedic response to the wiretapping question there, but he's still not answering the questions, is any of this actually going to just fade away? >> it certainly is not going to fade away. one of those reasons is because i don't think president trump wants it to fade away. despite the fact that there has been a repeated lack of evidence to support his claims, we saw
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that he doubled down and we could expect him to continue to reinforce his beliefs because that's the track record he's set forward in the past. repeatedly there was proof presented to him that president barack obama was born in the united states. however, that did not keep him from continuing to push forward that conspiracy theory. so if we're expecting evidence and facts and proof to change how he responds to an issue that he believes is true, we should focus on history and look back and see that actually is not how he decides whether or not he's going to put forward an idea. >> all right. so looking ahead to monday with that fbi director james comey testifying, national security director mike rogers is going to be there. some of the players absent, amber, carter page, paul man fort, steve bannon, michael flynn, any chance these committees will demand to hear from them? >> we'll see. it took this house intelligence committee holding this hearing monday a lot of public wrangling
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and i'm sure behind scenes wrangling to try to get these big national security players from the trump administration in the chair with the cameras on to testify. so i think it's going to be a question then of resources and how much time and effort congress wants to put forward to try to put the rest of trump administration officials forward. at least in a public setting. we do know that these intelligence communities that are investigating russia meddling in the u.s. election and to some degree some potential of trump ally ties to russia during that campaign tend to hold hearings behind closed doors. but the bottom line is that congress is really frustrated with the fbi and more broadly the trump administration for not being forthcoming on what it knows and what it's investigating. i think that's a major question they hope to answer monday. >> we'll see. eugene scott, amber phillips,
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thank you both so much. >> thank you. the president slammed china throughout his campaign. now his secretary of state is in its capital city. he's trying to build support for reigning in north korea. also an interview you can't miss. a former kgb agent as russia, of course -- leaders of the cia, fbi, getting ready to testify about russia meddling in u.s. elections. . right now get two lines of data for $100 dollars. with taxes and fees included. that's right 2 unlimited lines for just $100 bucks. all in. and right now, pair up those two lines with two free samsung galaxy s7 when you switch. yup! free. so switch and save hundreds when you go all unlimited with t-mobile. or is it your allergy pills? holding you back break through your allergies.
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15 minutes past the hour. rex tillerson is in beijing this morning. >> after meeting with china's foreign minister. they both agree that the tensions on the korean pens a have reached a dangerous level. >> joining us live from beijing is cnn international correspondent matt rivers. matt? >> reporter: the secretary of state will be on the ground for a little less than 24 hours here in china.
4:17 am
but there's certainly no shortage of things to talk about a the top of the agenda will be north korea. he had two meetings. the secretary of state had two meetings with china's top diplomats. frankly, things are tense in this part of the world. north korea tested of dozens of ballistic missiles and two nuclear weapons devices since the beginning of 2016 alone. but there is tension between the united states and china about how best to deal with this issue. they agree that there shouldn't be nuclear weapons on the peninsula. the trump administration says that china should be doing more as north korea's only major ally. president trump within the last 24 hours tweeted something to that effect echoing what we heard throughout his campaign for president. there was a brief press availability with the secretary of state. he did not address the tweet but he did speak it general terms about what he talked about with china's foreign minister.
4:18 am
>> foreign minister wong and i had a very extensive exchange on north korea and foreign minister affirmed again china's long-standing policy of a denuclearized korean peninsula. we exchanged views and i think we share a common view and a sense that tensions on the peninsula are quite high right now and that things have reached a rather dangerous level. and we've committed ourselves to do everything we can to prevent any type of conflict from breaking out. >> reporter: now, the trump administration says it wants a new policy on north korea, but they have so far not provided any specifics on how their policy would be different and perhaps solve a cry is that no administration over the past 20 years that anyone has been able to make progress on. the other detail is laying out the final details of a tentative plan for the presidents of china
4:19 am
and of the united states, of course, donald trump. they are scheduled to meet for the first time in florida next month. we know the secretary of state is scheduled to meet with china's president tomorrow morning briefly local time before heading back to the united states. >> it is a critical relationship. matt rivers, thank you very much for that. it is the testimony that may finally wri bring some answers to all the questions swirling around president trump. the fbi director is going to testify about the you been founded allegations that -- unfounded allegations that he was wiretapped. how is this all being seen, though, in russia? coming up a perspective that you got to hear. a former russian spy is with us. featuring ego's patented, 56 volt, arc lithium battery technology, it delivers the cutting-torque of gas. the ego mower's durable construction makes mowing in difficult conditions easy. the self-propelled model makes it effortless.
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welcome back.
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glad to have you company. i'm christi paul. i'm martin savidge in for victor blackwell. on the investigation that's ongoing into russia's meddling in the 2016 election. as well as president trump's claims that the president wiretapped him during the -- we have a team of experts and reporters and analysts on this claim. a former russian spy who infiltrated -- eugene, let's start with you. lay it all out for us as we look ahead to what happens monday. any indication that director comey is going to drop any sort of bombshell? >> it doesn't look like it based on the information available to cnn friday evening. going forward, we saw a report suggesting that comey had no evidence of wiretapping of trump tower by president obama or
4:25 am
intelligence agencies during that administration. we got information pretty much confirming that just yesterday. so the likelihood of something being presented that would contradict that monday is incredibly low. quite frankly, this is what one of the leaders on the intelligence committee, adam schiff was looking forward to. he said this data, this evidence would prove just how untruthful president donald trump has been about this accusation. >> if that happens and if there is evidence to prove any sort of untruth by the president, what sort of consequence could there be? >> well, there is no evidence that there could be a real consequence. we had democratic lawmakers say they will call on the president to apologize. we had republican lawmakers ask him to retract his words if there is no evidence. but the likelihood of him doing that, it's really low considering how he doubled down even yesterday when we had germany's chancellor in the white house and it was brought
4:26 am
up that somehow he may have been involved in the -- the president may have been involved in hacking in the past. >> we know that fbi director james comey is going to be part of this query. do we know anything about the players whose names stand out that are absent thus far. carter paige, paul many fort, michael flynn. >> there's pressure on the lawmakers to bring these people before the committee to testify to ask very specific questions. people want to know what type of communication was had with russian officials, who from the trump campaign proved some associates going to russia to speak. they'll also want to know what was involved in terms of hackers and fake news and things of that nature. >> all right. eugene scott, thank you so much. we appreciate it. russia's name keeps coming up in this intrigue surrounding president trump. want to see how it's playing out
4:27 am
in moscow. we have senior correspondent nick payton walsh joining us from there. what reactions are you hearing from russians about the conversations being had here in the u.s.? >> the kremlin keeping the same distance from these accusations of meddling in the u.s. election. that persisted when the spokesman told us they weren't going to be watching the hearings on monday. they were too busy on other work in the kremlin. they weren't expecting to hear things from it. it was a broken record are futuristic songs. they keep hearing the same accusations against moscow but they don't feel they've been presented any evidence. james comey will be under pressure in that meeting to provide details about possible contacts between u.s. officials in the trump administration and russian officials, perhaps the one we haven't seen posted on instagram or well-known in social media and of course to
4:28 am
what's been referred to as the smoke bomb of the wiretap allegations that president trump made. certainly, all eyes on what new detail can emerge from there, if james comey is willing to go into specifics in a public hearing like that. bear in mind, there may be private elements to the testimony he gives as well. generally, in moscow, you can see it in two different ways. first, you could perhaps see this may have allowed russia to feel important like a global player on the world stage. where covert actions perhaps influenced the enormous scale of the u.s. election campaign. they may be feeling that. also, too, bear in mind, if they were hoping for a white house to fall into line with them. you may see this as backfiring on vladimir putin to some degree. all eyes on monday's hearing. >> nick pat i don't know walsh. thank you.
4:29 am
let's bring in jack bars ki, he was a kgb agent. he was spying on the u.s. close to the end of the cold war. that was until he was caught by the fbi. now he's an american sit zepp and telling a story in a new book called "deep undercover" my secret life as a kgb spy in america. you can imagine this is going to be an interesting perspective. jack good to have you here this morning. you became a spy for the kremlin. you were working undercover here in the united states. you're hearing all the allegations being made about the election and how russia may have tried to influence it. do you think it is possible that russia has actually somehow infiltrated the white house? >> i don't speculate. anything is possible in the intelligence realm. the bottom line is when it comes to intelligence matters, the real truth, if it ever comes out, may take 30, 40, 50 years to come out.
4:30 am
like for instance what happened in the united states with regard to soviet spying in the '40s and '50s is now pretty much out in the open but it took a long time. so today we will not be able to really find the truth. >> if you can't verify it or prove it right now, is it something and you would know, is it something that russia would want to do and has tried in the past? >> it absolutely is. it's exceedingly difficult. the manchurian candidate, that's fiction. it would require a grand conspiracy. it's nearly impossible to keep secret. when i was undercover, there were about five people who knew about me. five. we kept it pretty secret. >> well, so if they can't have a grand conspiracy, there could be subtle ways. what i bring up here is, of course, we know there have been connections to various people connected to the president of the united states. we're going to show you a flow
4:31 am
chart, i believe, that gives you a pretty good idea of who is connected and how. what i'm wondering as you look at this, and you look at all the various names being thrown out here, does that imply some kind of subtle intrigue either by buying or connecting to these various members of the white house or the administration of getting in there? >> i honestly don't buy into the intrigue. what i would buy into in a big way is the russians trying to create chaos in this country, trying to destabilize this country. in that matter they're succeeding. we're throwing bombs at each other. the book of mark, 2000 years old. a house divided against itself. famously quoted by abraham lincoln. we're pus i divibus dividing ou
4:32 am
house. if i'm putin, i'm enjoying the show. it also has historic precedent. the other stuff, to me, i don't want to speculate. >> all these sort of paid relationships, occasions where members of the administration, been paid for this or that, that you don't think is an attempt to buy a mole or buy somebody. it's more of just trying to raise the questions in everyone's mind and plant these seeds of hmm? >> yes. and there's probably some naivete in play, particularly with our president who was never really in the realm of international politics and there's things that can happen that way. but i just cannot at this point -- it would be improper for me to go down that path to speculate any more. >> besides dividing the house, is there an ulterior motive here
4:33 am
by putin? in other words, there is another grand plan yet to come. >> well, i think it's not a secret that putin, the russians are trying to rebuild what they lost, for the long time never had and sort of had under stalin, which is soviet/russian empire. as long as we're focused internally and not focused on that plan, that gives them more leeway to do things we really don't want done. >> can you give me an idea of the tactics that would be employed, say, today by russian agents who i presume are here to cause this destable sflailizati questioning in the media. >> find friendly folks in the media or people who are influencers and feed them disinformation. that's been done misinformation
4:34 am
as long as the kgb. >> do you think the wiretap is purposely feeding -- >> whose wiretap information? >> about donald trump and trump tower. >> possible. possible. again, i don't want to join the chorus of speculators. in realm of intelligence, very few people who know an the more you start speculating about things, the more you actually feeding into the folks who are trying to create that kind of chaos. >> but you do have this obviously really interesting perspective. you must watch these events how they unfold in the media or in the white house and wonder, or i see fingerprints here and they go back to moscow? >> see, i was not involved in these kinds of operations.
4:35 am
>> i understand. >> i was primarily into political intelligence. >> it's the mind-set i guess i'm going for. >> the mind-set, absolutely. if you can, you will probe everywhere you can and find ways to make a little dent here and there. absolutely. sure. they have an army of people not only like people who are official employees, but also collaborators and informants and that hasn't changed. >> should we be worried as a nation or just aware and alert? >> what we should be worried about really is cyber warfare. cyber warfare is the modern -- this is pretty much cold war 2.0. >> russia wobbling to launch cyber warfare -- >> not just russia. others. the potential for damage is phenomenal. equals possibly exceeds one or
4:36 am
two nuclear bombs. you could pretty much incapacitate major countries. >> i have background in information technology besides having been a spy. and i know a bit about that stuff. this is much more dangerous. you know, the political wrangling back and forth, i don't like it. shouldn't be done. but that's a fact. but i think the dangers do not focus on the real issue, which is cyber warfare. >> do you think we're being distract distracted? >> yes we are. >> frightening thought. >> jack, barsky. >> thank you. >> thank you, jack. great conversation there. still to come, the president's credibility itself on the line after his words start to catch up with him. how it's affecting the future of his presidency. that's ahead. ruck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's five.
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before investing, carefully read and consider fund objectives, risks, charges and expenses in the prospectus at you know that today marks eight years since president trump joined twitter. his tweets may be coming back to haunt him. from his language about the travel ban on the campaign trail through the recent wiretapping claims, the president's words are putting him in a bind. >> it was addressed during her meeting at the white house. >> i've always said it's much, much better to talk to one another and not about one another. i think our conversation proved this. >> the president raes credibility questioned by some after several statements have been proven false. as cnn's victor blackwell's reports, he's been peddling conspiracy since before the campaign. >> number 8 election day 2012,
4:42 am
then private citizen donald trump tweeted. the concept of global warming was created by and for the chinese in order to make u.s. manufacturing noncompetitive. this is one that president donald trump promoted for years despite no evidence that the chinese created climate change. according to noaa and nasa nearly all of the 17 hottest years occurred since 2000. after his november 2016 election win, trump conceded a human impact on climate change telling "the new york times," "i think there is some connectivity, some something. it depends on how much. coming in at number 7, the disease that killed thousands of people. ebola. in october of 2014, trump tweeted, eb ha is easier to transmit than the cdc and government representatives are admitting. spreading all over africa and fast. stop flights. ebola did not spread all over after qua. all but 15 of the 11,000
4:43 am
ebola-related deaths were con find to three countries in west africa. trump never gave evidence to back up the information that the government was hiding the truth. in march 2014, trump tweeted a debunk health claim offering no evidence. healthy young child goes to tock tore. pumped with shot. autism, many such cases. the cdc says there are no links between vaccines and autism. actually, here's what president trump's pick to lead the fda said in 2015. >> i think for too long a lot of people's public statements allowed these myths to propagate because they said things like well, we don't think there's correlation but we need more research. at some point, it's fine to continue to collect data. but at some point you have to take no for an answer. number 5. barack obama is manipulating the job numbers to hide the truth.
4:44 am
another claim candidate trump tweeted without evidence during his run for president. >> i hear 5.3% unemployment. that is the biggest joke there is in this country. >> but after a strong jobs report for his first full month in office, a sudden reversal from the white house press secretary. >> they may have opinion phony in the past. but it's very real now. >> minutes after cnn called the election for president obama. he lost the popular vote by a lot and won the election. we should have a revolution in this country. also calling the electoral college phony. actually, president obama won the electoral college vote and the popular vote. as the numbers came in, trump deleted those tweets. four years later, donald trump's own actual electoral win and loss -- takes us to number thee. in addition to winni he --
4:45 am
you're going to find and we're going to do an investigation on it. >> 3 to 5 million illegal votes. >> it could very well be that much. >> still no white house investigation. nor any evidence to support the claim. >> at number 2. how low has president obama gone to tap my phones during the very sacred election process? this is nixon watergate. bad or sick guy. well the house intelligence committee launched an investigation into that claim. >> we don't have any evidence that that took place and in fact, i don't believe just in the last week of time the people we talked to, i don't think there was a tap of trump tower. >> we will be submitting certain things and i will be perhaps thinking about this next week. but it's right now before the committee. i want to leave it at that. >> the number one debunked or baseless claim. >> you are not allowed to be president if you're not born in this country. he may not have been born in this country.
4:46 am
>> the relentless questioning of president obama's -- >> told me that barack obama's birth certificate is a fraud. that was more than a year after the president released his long form birth certificate in response to trump's claims. >> i know that there's going to be a segment of people for which no matter what we put out, this issue will not be put to rest. >> that included donald trump. who tweeted in 2012, i want to see barack obama's college records to see how he listed his place of birth in the application. then under intense pressure during his campaign for president in 2016, donald trump finally acknowledged the truth. >> president obama was born in the united states, period. >> happy twitter versery to at real donald trump. and coming up, political commentator is weighing in on
4:47 am
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we are glad to have you with us. jeffery lor jeffery lorde, it is good to see you this morning. >> hello. >> i want to start with strong language on fareed sakaria >> he has spent his whole life by [ bleep ] and he succeeded by [ bleep ]. it is hard to tell somebody at that point that [ bleep ] does not work.
4:52 am
look at the results, right? >> obviously, we have the bleep meter on big time at the moment. what do you make of his assessment that president trump can put whatever he's out there. >> where ever my friend fareed is, and he can her me, he's probably rolling his eye. >> what attracts president obama is the technology he uses. you can say all kinds of things out at rallies and if you like your doctors, you can keep them. nobody blinks. you know it is a bunch of -- >> okay, jeffery. >> it is a bunch of bs. >> lets talk about the
4:53 am
wiretapping. there is nothing to prove that donald trump tweeted a couple of weeks ago. >> christie, there is in fact a lot of evidence out there that the american administration under president obama was surveillancing trump associates. let me read you one sentence from it. american law enforcement and intelligence are examining interception transactions as part of a broad of investigation to possible link between russian officials. >> he specified in the twee tweet -- he specified president obama himself. >> and what? >> he specified president obama is doing this. >> christie, it is president obama's administration, these people work for him. >> why do we always have to have somebody like you jeffery and thank you for being here, why do we have somebody coming out and explain what the president
4:54 am
meant? >> well, because i mean this is what happens all time. i can tell you having worked in the white house, you get up in the morning and you are explaining what the president meant no matter who the president is. this is what went on in the obama and the bush and reagan and nixon's white house and etcetera, that comes with the job that's why you have a white house secretary. >> jeffery lord, i am sorry that we run out of time, thank you very much for being here. we appreciate it. >> coming up at the top of the hour, president trump spending another weekend at palm beach prepping for what is an important week. wi or maybe the day yealized aby was not a baby anymore.
4:55 am
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focusing on growing trend of professiona professional -- >> walk and talk therapy is what it sounds like rather than being in closed in an office space but taking sessions outside while we walk. you know this is how i should be approaching it. yet, it shouting that out right now. for some clients coming to therapy in an office setting is intimidating. walking side by side, clients are a little more free to express thel express themselves. it makes me open up naturally. if we are too close to each other, we'll stop for a minute and let people pass >> i am an outdoor guy by natur natural. i like to walk and garden and park, the park itself is a therapy process.
5:00 am
when i had therapy in the past when you go into an office, it feels sterile. when we are out walking, we are moving forward and it is the exact thing we are doing in the therapy process, we are moving forward. ♪ the report that was submitted to congress has not confirmed what president trump and the white house had been saying he was wiretapped under the orders of president obama. >> i did not make an opinion on it. it was a statement made by a talented lawyer on fox. >> fox news cannot confirm. >> the president of the united states is a come pupulsive liar. >> confidence over a new revised healthcare bill. >> it is going to be passed quickly. >> north korea is pursuing programs that would allow him to present a


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