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tv   New Day Saturday  CNN  March 18, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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therapy process. when i had therapy in the past when you go into an office, it feels sterile. when we are out walking, we are moving forward and it is the exact thing we are doing in the therapy process, we are moving forward. ♪ the report that was submitted to congress has not confirmed what president trump and the white house had been saying he was wiretapped under the orders of president obama. >> i did not make an opinion on it. it was a statement made by a talented lawyer on fox. >> fox news cannot confirm. >> the president of the united states is a come pupulsive liar. >> confidence over a new revised healthcare bill. >> it is going to be passed quickly. >> north korea is pursuing programs that would allow him to present a clear threat to the
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united states. all options are on the table. >> he went undetected on the south side grounds more than 16 minutes before being caught at the entrance of the residence just below the president's bedroom. ♪ welcome to saturday, we have been waiting for you, i am christie paul. >> and i am martin savidge. it is great to be with you. >> president trump is waking up at his resort in florida still sticking to his claims of wiretap of president obama during his 2016 campaign. >> we'll have the russia intel hearings and it will take place on monday and the confirmation hearing of neil gorsuch.
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>> cnn's washington correspondent, brian, good morning to you. do we know the status of the meeting of angela merkel. >> the meeting of merkel and president trump seems to be going pretty well. there is no doubt that the press krc conference was awkward. as you mentioned the wiretap issue did come up. president trump did not back down. also, from an accusation level vice press secretary about role of the british intelligence agency d the role they may have played. listen to that moment. >> as far as wiretapping, i guess, you know, this past
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administration, at least we have something in common perhaps. [ laughter ] >> and just to finish your question, we said nothing. all we did was quote a certain very talented legal mind who was the one responsible for saying that on television, i did not make an opinion. that was a statement made by a talented lawyer on fox so you should not be talking to me, you should be talking to fox. >> trump awkwardly referring to wikileaks surveillance during the president obama's administration and defending the secretary of press. that claim even yesterday could not be backed up by fox news
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channel. it is like the tension between the british and the american government, the uk strongly denied the report. sean spicer and the administration refused to apologize for pushing it. even though those press conferences were awkward. it is clear they understand how important the relationship is. by all accounts of meetings, seem to be pretty well. >> the hearing on russian m meddling into the u.s. election -- any bomb shell will be dropped? >> there is some sort of huge revelations coming from these hearings and witnesses providing those bomb shells. mike rogers and fbi director james comey, the question is how much will they be willing to reveal particularly because this investigation into russia's alleged hacking o f the american
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election continues to be ongoing. they may not want to reveal too much information. the question that democrats will certainly pin on both of these men is just how much evidence if anyone is there is into trump's claims about obama wiretapping trump tower. the department of justice says there is no evidence and the fbi. perhaps, we'll get it on the record on monday. >> ryan nobles. it is good to see you. >> lets bring in our commentators. hello to all of you. >> good morning. >> we got no evidence according to officials. trump is not apologizing about this whole issue of wiretapping and certainly not apologizing to the british. they are upset. they're calling their claim nonsense. does this in any way damage the relationship of particularly of the sbel community between the uk and the u.s.? >> i think there are certainly
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an open question of what we are seeing. it is been two weeks since president trump took to twitter suggesting that his predecessor tapped him at trump tower. so far any agencies coming forward to bring any evidence and says that this is only true. that not only damage the relationships between the u.s. but can affect the president in other places around the world. >> i mean it probably warrants it and if we get to zmond no further evidence is revealed, that suggests of any validity to the allegation of the twitter
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storm. throughout his career, president trump proceeded with never apologizing when he's called on the carpet for statements like this. that was his memo throughout the campaign. that's how he's proceeded since he's president and throughout the transition. this goes back all the way to his career when he was mentored by charles cone. he in still in this idea that you push forward and you don't apologize and you deny and keep going. i think that's what we are seeing here. >> he's not the only one coming up with that theology. big day monday as you pointed out there, david. we are hoping to hear more potentials of russia meddling in the election. we have our fbi director to be among those. are you expecting to hear something big and revealing? >> about russia? >> are you expecting a hearing
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on monday to deliver some significant information and insight? >> it is important as juana summers said a moment ago to get james comey ton record of what the fbi's role is and to the extent he's allowed to say what the role is. the broader implications of all the reported investigations around the trump's team and contacts with members of the russian government, i think it is going to be ongoing and playing out a long period of time. i don't expect us to get to the bottom of what was going on between conversations tailbone general flynn and formal national security adviser and russian ambassadors. some of these other discussions are going to unwhine over the coming weeks and months. >> let me turn to president
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trump's supreme court nominee, do you think this is going to be smooth sailing. >> one of the leading democrats schumer says they they block him. whether or not judge gorsuch will be asked about donald trump's travel ban, again, being held up in the court despite the revisions the administration has made. whether or not what he says will contract di contra contradict the oval office. how he will weigh in on this travel ban. i think that's the biggest thing we are watching for. >> david, we got to turn to healthcare of the now gop plan is coming out on thursday. could it could be huge, do e all republicans on board?
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there is a lot of push back within his own party. >> it is going to be close. republicans need 216 vote in the house. normally you need 218. the house has five empty seats. it can go either way. a couple of moderate members who think the bill goes too far in cutting back on obamacare or whether you have conservative members of the freedom caucus saying this bill is too much still like obamacare. the bigger problem for republicans going forward is number one even though it does pass the house, it does have to pass the senate. the considerations are different for some senators who represents whole states rather than these safe comfortable or democratic and republican house districts and if it does manage to pass both houses, republicans are going to own the consequences of whatever comes out of a healthcare law and it is clear from the statements they're making and even the fact that
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the white house has not fully back this bill that republicans are concerned about what happens if that law actually goes into e if he ca effect. >> thank you both. it is going to be a big week, david swerdlick and jua juana summers. >> also, 25 house republicans planning to vote against the healthcare bill. that's thursday unless there are changes made. the president remains confidence that he will have enough votes to pass. >> we'll have great healthcare, it is going to be passed, substantially pretty quickly. it is coming together beautifully.
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okay, so the top administration policy is front and center this morning. tillerson holds a meeting in china. it comes at a crucial time in a region that's filled with uncertainty. the u.s. is hoping that china can reign in kim jong-un. finalizing plans for the chinese leaders to visit president trump next month. >> here to discuss, our cnn military lieutenant and on the phone ambassador to the
5:17 am
republic with career, christopher hill. >> matt, i want to start with you. what do we know of secretary rex tillers tillerson's meeting today? >> north korea is top agenda. the united states and china has a disagreement as to how to best deal with what's going on with north korea. the united states says north korea's only major ally in the world, china should be doing more to get pyongyang to stop. china says they are doing enough already. the secretary of state did have a brief earlier this afternoon and he talked a little bit about his meeting with his counter part the foreign minister. >> china's long standing policy,
5:18 am
we also eck changed views and i think we share a common view in a sense that tensions on the peninsula are quite high right now and things have reached a dangerous level. we have committed ourselves to do everything we can to prevent any type of conflict from breaking out. keeping things diplomatic there to be sure. the trump administration wants to take a new track of this north korea's policy. it has not given any thing why it will differ. democrats and republicans have not been able to solve this ongoing crisis in the korean peninsula. >> matt, you heard rex tillerson talking about his conversation with the foreign minister there saying they are committed to a nuclear free peninsula.
5:19 am
so do you see that just talk from china at the moment or are there some issues in making that happen? >> wecaller: my suspicion is th implied that they discussed the differences that we had with china and publicly discussing the similarities that we have. indeed there is a lot of similarities that the two suggest, china does want to solve this problem. the issue is how to get there. china has increasingly agreed to go along with un sanctions and they recently made a rather important decision not to buy in any north korean coal which has to hurt very much of the north korean economy. china is not really going beyond that. i don't think there are too many people believing that un sanctions in of itself will bring north korea around on this issue. so i think it is very much a
5:20 am
working progress. i have to applaud secretary tillerson for, he was toughen his public statements in korea but when he went to china, he went privately and talked to the chinese. i think it is a good start. if there is dpoing to be a soluti solution of this, the solution is going to include china. so its got to be some kind of agreement with the chinese on how to make this happen and certainly just doing the un sanctions does not seem to be enough and in the meantime, i think secretary tillerson needs to over come what is become a mountain of mistrusts between the chinese and the new u.s. administration. >> okay, general, i would like to bring you in here. he mentioned a good point of sanctions and language that has
5:21 am
not detoured kim jong-un in north korea. there was a line that tillerson said this week that caught everybody's attention. let me be clear, the strategic policy has ended. if that's true, how positive of this to the u.s.? >> it is good to get rid of old things and taking a different tact towards this direction. but secretary tillerson talks to the chinese representatives, the number one priority is north korea. the china has multiple things on their agenda. what they're going to do and emphasis on taiwan. korea is just an element of what they are going to talk about. in terms of our relationship and
5:22 am
rebuilding what we are going to do with north korea, i will tell you my old days on the planning staff, there were multiple contingency plan for north korea. the more troublesome ones where any kind of human assistance requirements as the regime implodes or any kind of disaster release requirements. that's one of the things that china is most concerned about what might happen in north korea would be an implosion of the government or massive migration like problems we are seeing in syria. we cannot afford that. the other thing that's problematic is while we maybe concerned of north korean's weapons, ballistic missiles, there are multiple rockets trained on seoul which i iis -- it contains 10 million of north
5:23 am
koreans. >> ambassador, president trump tweeted just in the last 24 hours, north korea is behaving very badly. they have been playing the u.s. for years. china has done little to help. what can secretary tillerson do knowing that the president has put a statement like that out there? >> well, i think there is been a lot of strategic mistrust between china and the u.s. the chinese's concerns about the korean peninsula goes beyond the issue of refugee flows who i believe will impact china of the p event of this implosion. mistrust is the notion of the u.s. taking some kind of strategic advances from china. lets say there were some kind of you know occasion of the peninsula in the future. the chinese worries that the
5:24 am
u.s. will have the northern part of the peninsula overall, there would be a perception in china that china has lost his game and the u.s. has won this game. i think there needs to be a real discussion of what ultimately u.s. objectives are and the peninsula and whether those objectives can be figured in by the chinese so that we'll have some common objectives. clearly, the chinese are worried about this whole issue because they see pushing oconn north ko to be pushing on something that may collapse and they don't like the idea of not having any confidence of what it is going to look like in the future. i think rex tillerson is going to have this deeper conversations wiconversation with the chinese and hopefully, there can be bigger conversations in the summit meeting. this issue is going to require
5:25 am
chinese, they have a great interest in the korean peninsula and certainly as much as what we do and it is not more. we need to have serious discussions with him about this. >> ambassador christopher hill and matt, i appreciate having all of you here. >> coming up, an update of the paris airport shooting. the suspect hours before involved in another shooting with police. we are going to take you there live after the break. i accept i don't race down
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we have new development this hour at a plant that we want to update you on. >> the man killed in paris. he was trying to grab a soldier's gun in a shoot out with police. melissa bell is live outside with the report. >> reporter: the situation out here remains chaotic with both terminals still closed and all
5:30 am
these hours after this attack. >> as you said a moment ago, things are clearer than they were here, authorities are clearly calling this a terrorist attack and an investigation has been opened to try to work out precisely what this man had been planning out. this was a man who stopped police. he went to get his identity paper and shot the police, wounded one of them and one of them is remaining in the hospital this afternoon. he then carjacked a car making his way into the airport and attacking that soldier trying to take her weapon before being shot by two of her colleagues. a chaotic series of events. the picture that's emerging, we don't know what he's planning to begin with. this is the subject of this investigation that's been opened who went through that police check wounding that policeman before stealing someone's car
5:31 am
and making his way into the airport here trying to seize that weapon and failing. we heard both administers and defense administers updating journalists on what is known. at the time, they're cautions of calling this a terrorist attack. >> he was doing all it could to try to keep french citizens safe, martin. >> all right, that's an interesting update. >> melissa bell, thank you very much. republican leaders need 216 votes to pass the healthcare bill of the house. 25 are resisting. take a look at them here. that's enough to block it. can minds be changed? we'll ask the congressman charlie dent, who's against it.
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35 minutes past the hour now. >> republicans need 216 votes to pass the healthcare bill. mike pence is in florida later today to help sell it. it maybe a tough sell at the end of the day. >> 25 house republicans won't vote for it or they are leaning against it. that's enough to cause the bill to fail. >> charlie dent, here is what he said basically. >> taking that back from 2020 to 2018 will be a huge problem. a huge problem and that'll cause votes. like i said, i have concerns of the bill now as it is with the
5:37 am
2020 date taking it back to 2018 as a non-starter for many of us. congressman dent is joining us now. good morning to you sir, it is always good to have you on the air. >> thank you for having me in the program. >> this bill has been tweeted and now the president expressed confidence that he will have support from house of republicans. >> are you going to vote for it? >> i have serious concerns of the bill in its current form. i mentioned of a few issues of the tax credits of the current form is insufficient for many americans to my insurance and for those who are lower incomes working americans. it seems to me they're older and 50 to 74, those tax credits are not sufficient. >> but i have also received a
5:38 am
letter from the governor, governor kasich and sandoval and snyder expressing their concerns with the medicaid component. there is not enough flexibility to the states right now and the baseline, what will it actually cost and how much money will the states be receiving initially for medicaid. there are issues beyond moving the date in 2020 to 2018. there is the united states senate as well which is indicated that they're not going to take up the house bill in its current form and they'll not pass in its current form. these are some of the issues that many of us are expressing >> let me ask you this, the house republican leadership has -- is that set in stone or could it change? >> obviously, anything could change. the house leadership is pretty determined. i said all along that there is too much of a focus of our arbitrary time lines and deadlines all to improve the
5:39 am
baseline for tax reform. i believe that healthcare has to be a discussion about healthcare and the people we are going to be impacting with our decisions. i often felt that we are moving at a time that's too quickly and as i hear comments from the senate saying they do not like our bill in its current form, they'll not pass it. >> i bring that up because i was up in michigan and i was talking to trump voters, they like the idea of repealing it and replacing it. >> they are wondering what's the rush? why not take some time and do it right. >> house speaker paul ryan is stressing this is a moment in history to pass this bill. why the rush and could et it be mistake to dry to get it done so fast? >> the senate will not move as fast and they never do. i joke that the senate has two speeds, slow and glacial.
5:40 am
generally, it is a slower pace there. we can rush this thing to the senate snowing they'll make substantial changes to this bill. it is porimportant that we get right and done fast. i would add and to mention that at the end of the day, i believe this healthcare, there is serious problems with this law. part of it needs to be repealed and replaced and parts of it needs to be repaired and reformed and over hauled and parts of it should be retained. there are people who dislike obamacare and i dislike it, too. but we also know the parts of it will have to be maintained. the people that really love obamacare recognizes that this thing noeeds to be change. we need to find some level of bipartis bipartis bipartis bipartisan collaboration. if we do this on a simply patters
5:41 am
patters partisan bases, we'll continue to have problems. >> i want to ask you about the wiretapping issue. we know the report has come out and said there is nothing to indicate trump's claim that there was in fact a wiretap that was done. do you think now it is the time for the president to apologize or at least to come out and say hey, it was a mistake to say it. >> well, look, yes, apparently there was no evidence to prove to support the charge former president obama may have tapped trump tower or candidate donald trump at the time. i would retract the words if i were in his shoes. for me, i would apologize, i think it is appropriate to do so. it is time to move on. doubling down on this now discussion about the british somehow being involved is
5:42 am
participa apparently is not true. the administration needs to move on. we had enough discussions about this and these types of distractions keeping us focus on the importance substance of policies of healthcare or tax reforms or foreign policies. whatever the issues is. >> it is true, congressman charlie dent, thank you very much for joining us this morning. >> thank you for having me, great to be with you. now, lets bring in our cnn's politic politic political correspondent, jack kingston. are you concern of the bill not being passed on thursday, it is a big embarrassment. >> i believe that the president is doing everything he can to get the vote. for charlie dent and other people, they look at it different than many states that
5:43 am
the governor decided not to expand medicaid. which group do you address and which drgroup gives you a net gn and vote? the committee members there did change their vote from a no to a yes. you know the president and all leadership is also faced with this. which direction do you go that's going to get you the best gain? >> let me ask you a quick answer, is it going to pass or not? >> it is going to pass. >> yes, it is going to pass and as congressman department says senate is going to have their direction. there will be more changes. >> you heard the congressman says it is time for president trump to come forward and say
5:44 am
that the whole wiretapping thing is a mistake and did not happen, what do you think? >> i don't think he needs to do that. i think his point there is some surveillance and a lot of hearsay out there that's taken and run with and charges, there is been collusions. perhaps, both side should come together. we'll agree with all the national intelligence that there is not nicoany collusion but we move on. >> but he's the commander in chief here. should he put a period on it and move on because it has been a distraction and there is a lot of work that the administration has to do. >> his tweets is far a distraction. doctrine at this point there was collusion between the trump administration and the russians government. the charges of this point of
5:45 am
absurdity that jeff sessions would meet with the ambassador and talk about collusion and that's what the democrats seem to be satisfied. oh, there is plenty of evidence and go with it. one of the big questions is who leaked the conversation that general flynn had. grant it flynn should never had the conversation. the leaker, that's a felony, democrats and republicans should come together and say this in fact is a serious issue and we need to do something about it >> jack kingston. thank you for joining us, we appreciate your opinions and we appreciate it all. >> thank you. a former teacher is on the run this hour wanted to kidnapping a 15 earli-year-old student. his wife is now pleading for him to do the right thing. >> your family wants their poppy back. please do the right thing and
5:46 am
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there is a manhunt that you need to pay close attention to. >> he's accused of kidnapping a 15-year-old girl. he's now on tennessee's most want list. we'll get more from our cnn correspondent scott mcclain. he's been looking at this. this is every parent's nightmare. >> you are right. the situation is getting dire. an amber alert has been out for 15-year-old elizabeth thomas for four days now. the last time the pair was spotted was on monday. no one know how far they may have gotten. now, his wife is asking him to come home. this is not you and it is not who you are. please do the right thing. turn yourself into the police
5:51 am
and bring beth home. >> an emotional plea from the wife tad cummins. the 15-year-old elizabeth thomas. she's in danger. this morning, a nationwide manhunt after investigators received a low number of leads. >> we perceive of 175 tips in the tbi but none at this point has produced a credible citing. >> friday, cummins have been added to the most wanted list of top ten. the pair is traveling in a silv silver nissan rogue. he's wanted for kidnapping and sexual exploitation with a minor is armed with two hands guns.
5:52 am
>> it is been several days since anyone had seen elizabeth thomas or tad cummins, we want her home and him in custody >> on monday, thomas was dropped off at a restaurant near nashville and cummins was pumping gas near by. the concern here though with so few spottings and so much time passed that perhaps they are outside of the net police originally cast them in this case. >> yeah. >> so i guess our question is in terms of what we are seeing, is there is an occasion that this is planned? >> absolutely, that is strong possibility that certainly cummins planned this and it is not clear of what thomas knew. >> we know from the police that cummins took the loan out of his
5:53 am
car 45 priors too. >> that could leave him a few days o f cash at hands. it seems that he was preparing for something and not clear of what. >> scott mclean, thank you. we appreciate it. hopefully, somebody would recognize something and call and leaving that family as peace. up next, why a house in suburban maryland suddenly explode? it is still a mystery. an unlimited data plan is only as good as the network it's on. and verizon has been ranked number one for the 7th time in a row by rootmetrics.
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according to the united nations about 400,000 have died so far in syria's civil war. >> it is like waking up from death. you cannot see a lot because dusts are all over the place you knee blood and you don't know if it is yours or somebody else. a medical release organization providing care on the ground. >> our goal is to heal syria and to release the siuffering of th people. >> the organization has a network of 110 medical facilities. hospitals are a prime target during air strikes. >> the medical team provides psychiatric care, especially to children. >> children have seen a lot of
5:59 am
suffering, what do they do to suffer this? and our hope is if we are able to heal those children, then the future will be better. >> the long-term goal is to rebuild hospitals and communities and rebuild the lives of the syrians. >> we want to stand for our humanitarian values that we all share and believe in. >> more information on the syrian american medical society go to >> we want to show you this. investigators are working to find out why a home exploded. this is at a maryland suburb and it happened yesterday. here is the incredible picture. it is lighting up the night in the middle of the neighborhood. no neighbors were injured. they have still trying to find the homeowner. that blast through out windows and a lot of children were
6:00 am
sleeping when glass fell on them next door. amazingly, they were not hurt. >> sounded like a bomb went off. we came running out and my neighbors across the street were yelling and i ran down the street. >> reports from the neighbors indicated there were firearm and ammunition in the structure. yes, we are aware of that. the explosion were so powerful, the home next door had to be condemned because of significant con construct ral damage. >> that's it for us. we'll see you again at 10:00. i am michael smerconish coming o


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