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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  March 19, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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trump campaign's alleged ties to russia. and as we mentioned, this will play out on live tv right here on cnn. for his part, president trump says he will be vindicated. but here's one thing we know for sure, our own justice department sent a letter to the house intelligence committee, this was trump's justice department saying there was no evidence of his wiretap claim. >> a president doesn't go and physically wiretap something, if you take the president literally, it didn't happen. >> no ed of any wiretapping of trump tower. >> there was no fisa warrant that i'm aware of to tap trump tower. >> i hope we can put an end to this wild goose chase because what president trump said was patently false and what he said has banged into our british allies, our german allyings and it continues to grow in terms of damage and he needs to put an end to this.
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>> ryan, everyone will be holding their breath watching closely the fbi director's testimony tomorrow. how did we get to this point? >> reporter: it's important to remember that this all started in june, when a report emerged that the server of the democratic national committee had been hacked. the initial hack was linked to the democratic national convention. >> they present those emails that russian state actors were feeding the emails to hackers for the purpose of helping trump. >> it did not take long for the republican nominee, donald trump to embrace the hack and russia's potential involvement. >> russia, if you're listening,
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i hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing. >> as the clinton team worked to contain political damage he backed off from his kind words. >> i have already said, he is really very much of a leader. far more than our president has been a leader. >> two major bombshells, first the department of homeland security and director of national intelligence plaming a statement, blaming russia for the hack, and in recent weeks, another batch of stolen ek mails. at that debate, once again trump attempting to take the focus off of russia. >> wikileaks wasn't done. more emails were released on november 7. >> i pledge to every citizen of our land that i will be president for all americans.
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>> as he started to build his new administration, trump still resisted blaming russia. >> it could be somebody hitting in a bed someplace. i mean they have no idea. >> based on uniform intelligence assessments, the russians were responsible for hacking the dnc. >> just 21 days before the president took office. president obama imposed new sanctions on the russian government. that same day, national security advisor michael flynn spoke on the phone with russian ambassador kislayak. >> they did not discuss anything having to do with the united states decision to expel
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diplomats or impose a censure against russia. >> but that turned out not to be true. flynn specifically spoke about the sanctions. but flynn wasn't the only one. trump associates also held meetings with the russian ambassador. then senator jeff sessions was one of them, but appearing before his hearing on confirmation, when asked about this. >> i did not have communications with the russians. and i'm unable to comment on it. >> but after taking office, sessions now attorney general, admitted that he too as a senator met with kislayak twice during the campaign, but he said it was in his capacity as a senator, not a member of the trump campaign. sessions decided to recuse himself from any investigation . amidst all this, the president
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himself took to twitter, making this shock claim. quote, how low has president obama gone to tap my phones during this very sacred election process. this is nixon/watergate. bad or sick guy. he asked the white house to add this wrinkle to their broad investigation into russia's local in the election, but at this point, even republicans contend the evidence just isn't there. >> i don't think there's an actual tap of trump tower. >> congressional leaders will attempt to unpack the many layers of this controversy, attempting to make this clear for the american people. >> the white house continues to insist that -- high ranking officials such as fbi director james comey, and national security director mike rogers will testify. >> ryan nobles, for that very inclusive report, we appreciate
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it. safe to say the russians may be watching these proceedings closely. our senior international correspondent fred planken joins us from moscow. has the kremlin put out any prebuttle to this hearing? >> reporter: the kremlin is saying they don't think there's going to be anything new. we asked the spokesman for vladimir putin whether they would be watching this hearing. they said no they wouldn't because they have other things to do. but indeed they will be watching to see if anything new comes out. you can really feel the frustration building up among the russians over the past couple of weeks, you can see that very, very closely, that they believe they want this topic to simply go away, they say they have answered all the questions, and there hasn't been any evidence to link them to the
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u.s. electoral process. they say their country is being demonized. here's what we heard from russian spokesman dmitri peskov. >> we cannot understand why american people and american politicians started the process of self humiliation. >> reporter: so self humiliation is the word he uses there and certainly if you speak to russians here on the streets also say they wish this topic would finally go away, and one of the reasons is quite a pragmatic one, the russians never made any secret of the fact that they wanted donald trump to win, in fact the majority of russians in the government, they did that for pragmatic reasons, they wanted better relations between the u.s. and russia, and they wanted
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sanction relief, sanctions slapped on russia for the ukraine crisis. they really don't feel they have made any head way in that direction. >> as you've been talking to those folks in moscow about these relations between russia and the united states, what more are they telling you in terms of what they're feeling right now and concerns that they may have? >> one of the big concerns is that russia -- the ukraine crisis over crimea. and people are looking for that to go away, and there really was a sense that that's something that could happen, with this new president in office, with donald trump taking power and now it seems as though that could be slipping away once again. one of the things, ana,a it hasn't hurt is the aprovlz ratings of vladimir putin, those
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are very much going strong as this crisis goes on. >> joining me now cnn crime and justice producer and "washington post" national reporter and author of the fix blog, the white house has said president trump wasn't necessarily speaking literally about a physical wiretaps. when he said that the committee was really pushing to learn more about the leaking of names by the media. let's listen. >> we had a deadline of friday for the nsa, fbi and cia to get us those names that were unmasked through the fisa system, we didn't get those names on friday. until we get those names, we can't rule this out. >> what do you see of this issue coming up tomorrow when comey testifies. >> we're told by several
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officials that he's prepared to say that there was no surveillance of donald trump, there was no surveillance at trump tower or any kind of wiretapping. one thing here is comey will not address whether private citizens are under investigation. so those are the people who are surrounding trump, names have been reported out there, we should not expect to see any of that, the fbi just sort of as a policy does not comment on investigations. they generally don't even confirm whether their investigations are open or closed. so we shouldn't expect to hear anything outside of trump tomorrow. >> perhaps they're trying to lower expectations, because if that's the case because of this ongoing investigation, what information could we see this week from the fbi and the nsa? >> we're hoping maybe some of what they already talked about when they issued their report, some of what russia was trying to do here, some of what russia
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is trying to do across the world really in influencing and meddling in the elections, some of the fake news that they distributed and the impact that that had on the election, but anything really to do with any sort of investigation that's being undertaken by the fbi i think we're going to be a little bit disappointed because comey is going to be careful in how he answers those questions. there's been a lot of reports about that kind of stuff, but we haven't anything from the most powerful person in this entire investigation. and perhaps tomorrow we'll get a little glimpse of what's going on. >> president trump has accused president obama of ordering surveillance. buzz let's listen to what he had to say about his predecessor on fox. >> he's been very nice to me personally, but his people haven't been nice, but there's great animosity, there's great anger, leaking is just one
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example of it. in one case a very serious example of it, but leaking and the level of anger is hard to believe. so while he's nice personally, there doesn't seem to be a lot of nice things happening behind the scenes. >> chris, we have heard from people connected to president, but do you any we'll hear from anybody representing president obama during this discussion? >> he's still trying to make the handoff of power be as newsless as possible. it's hard to make something newsless when it relates to donald trump. but i think that barack obama will only sound off -- wiretapped trump tour, you saw obama's spokesman put a statement out. we don't typically hear about
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current presidents second guessing previous presidents. i still think barack obama himself is very much committed to honoring that sort of tradition of if something about your legacy is directly addressed as untrue, maybe you'll see him, but i don't think you'll see it in the daily back and forth. >> if it's true he did not order any type of wiretapping surveillance, he has really held his tongue, it is such a direct accusation. >> and ana, do remember, they did put out a statement within hours of donald trump making those accusations, through a spokesman, barack obama said, look, i did not do this. i don't think you're going to see much more than that. unless trump takes it and i don't know what next level this could be, i was going to say unless he takes it to another level. i'm not sure there's much barack obama is going to say, unless to
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go back to my previous statement, this is not accurate, i did not do that, i can't do this. as you heard nunes say, presidents do not wiretap. on the presidents, the more technical piece, obama has said his piece here, as much as i would be interested to hear his broader take on the first 6 0 days of the trump presidency, i don't think we're going to get it. >> that would be fascinating to hear what he's thinking. let's hear from the ranking house chair today talking about the evidence and if there's any evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and russian officials. >> have you seen any evidence of any collusion between what i'll call trump world, associates of campaign officials, trump world an the russians to swing the 2016 presidential election? >> i'll give you a very simple
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answer, no. >> no evidence of any collusion? >> no evidence. >> and this is after getting information from the fbi. >> up to speed on everything i have up to this morning. no evidence of collusion. >> i would characterize it this way at the outset of the investigation. there was circumstantial evidence of collusion, there is direct evidence i think of deception. and that's where we begin the investigation. >> shimon, will this question of collusion be addressed tomorrow? you said that director comey is going to be probably careful in his words. >> he completely expects these questions to come his way. and again, that is a central part of the fbi investigation and we do not expect him to even confirm that they're investigating collusion. i think there will be this overall conversation, if there was investigation into russian meddling, maybe even russian influence, but even that will be a pretty far step for him to go,
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because he normally just does not like to talk about this stuff in must be lick. and keep in mind this stuff is being done in secret. there's a lot of information out there, and a lot of it may not be true. i think he's going to be very careful. this topic will definitely come up and it will be interesting to see what he comes up with and what he says. >> chris, it seems like that is a big deal, that is a central question in all of this in that the american people want answered. and we just heard from representative nunes who's privy to classified information and when asked if there's any evidence of collusion and he said no. >> i think democrats are looking forward to this james comey interview tomorrow because of this wiretap, for the fbi director to say this did not happen. they're looking for that. at the same time, the russia question has the potential to be
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problematic, i think it's likely they don't -- comey doesn't address it in any meaningful way. and this is not a good moment for jeff sessions, but there's a big difference between jeff sessions excludeing that he met with the russian ambassador, same thing with michael flynn and the trump campaign and russia colluding that russia has bought and paid for the president of the united states. one does not equal the other. i think that for many democrats, they have already made that equation. i'm not sure that the evidence is there, and even a hint at that is helpful for donald trump. again, russia trying to influence the election which we know happened, is not the same thing as the trump campaign come collu colluding with russia on the election. i think amount of people have aligned that in their mind and
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maybe comey can straighten that out a little bit. >> we will have special coverage of this hearing, james comey testifying on the hill about rush that. john berman anchors a special report tonight at 11:00 p.m. eastern. still ahead in the newsroom, gorsuch and the ghost of garland. president trump's pick for the supreme court braces for his hearing this week on capitol hill, but will he be haunted by the nominee who never got a hearing? and the art of the deal, president trump tries to get reluctant republicans on board with the health care bill. will they have enough support before the vote on thursday? otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months.
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♪ this is not a this is the destruction of a cancer cell by the body's own immune system, thanks to medicine that didn't exist until now. and today can save your life. ♪ ♪ president trump's supreme court nominee neil gorsuch will
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answer questions on the hill tomorrow during his confirmation hearing. the house is scheduled to vote on this legislation on thursday and one of president trump's biggest campaign promises you'll recall is to repeal and replace obama care with something better. let's talk it over with our political commentators, former reagan white house political reporter jeffrey lloyd and keith blanken. how much will the nomination of judge garland. >> the issue is this republican party obstructed president obama's nomination for more than a year of judge marick garland, so any possible nomination for neil gorsuch or anyone else is essentially filling a stolen seat. this was a seat that republicans said they were not even going to have a hearing, not even a hearing from marick garland.
4:24 pm
and you had people like ted cruz and john mccain who said they were going to obstruct hillary clinton, if she won the election, they were going to obstruct any person she nominated as a supreme court justice. so any notion that the democrats are going to -- he does not deserve in the seat, he should not even be considered for the seat. >> and we did hear today from the senator blumenthal that he's prepared to filibuster. but how big of an issue will that will for judge gorsuch during this confirmation process? >> i don't think it will be that much of an issue, presidents of the united states have been attacking supreme court picks for generations. the fact of the matter is to talk about what my friend keith just said, look, the democratic party obstructed the
4:25 pm
nomination -- they denied a seat on the supreme court to an imminently qualified man. they denied two picks to president nixon. in the bush era they obstructed nominees for the circuit courtses of appeals. i even wrote a book on this at the time because someone i knew was a bush 43 nominee, this is what they do, it's a whole industry. so frankly, at this point, their protests are worthless because this is what they do and they've been doing it for decades. >> most political experts have said they expect judge gorsuch to get confirmed. let's get to the health care plan, one of the big sticking for those who don't support this plan, is the impact on most americans, 60 to 64. i want you to take a look at the report that came out earlier this week, under obamacare, a
4:26 pm
person make iing 26,500 per yea would pay about 1,700 under obama care, that same person would be saying $14,600 just for health care coverage since the tax credit that republicans are proposing would not offset the cost as much. that's for someone who's making 16,000 a year. the aarp has criticized the planning u issuing a statement on friday saying it plans to inform its 38 million members on how their representatives vote on thursday. that seems like a lot of pressure. >> this is the kind of tactics that were going on since at least the reagan era when they were trying to cut the budget and when newt gingrich did in fact cut the budget so they could balance the budget. what you've got here, obamacare
4:27 pm
is collapsing, maybe president trump was right, maybe we should just stand back and let it come lance and let insurance premiums go up. you can't keep your doctor if you like your doctor, that's not true. premiums have gone soaring for this. this system is going to collapse. so the cbo has gotten it wrong many times before. they got obamacare wrong. when you engage in what they call static analysis, which assumes everything is going to stay the same, it didn't going to stay the same. what you're talking about here is going to crash and people who need health care are going to be denied health care. >> i didn't hear anything jeffrey said in the first segment of comments, but the cbo estimate is saying that 20 million more people got health insurance because of obama care, rarms of what jeffrey says. and we know this will not only
4:28 pm
have a negative impact on those persons who are 64 years old, it's going to increase their premium by $14,000 and it will have a negative impact on the 14 million americans who will lose their health insurance. maybe it's 14 million, maybe 18 million, maybe it's 30 million. but millions of americans are going to lose their health care. that's not what president trump said in his campaign. health care is complicated, who knew that, we knew that, hillary clinton knew that, and it's time to president trump wake up and realize that you can't just campaign all the time, you have to look at the details. >> where were was that compassion when millions of people were losing their health care? >> let me just tell you something, jeffrey, will idea
4:29 pm
that obama care was perfect, i have not been in favor of a public option, but let me just answer your question, because the reality is democrats have wanted to fix imperfections in obama care. they tried to sabotage the fix at the congressional level and the whole idea that the premiums are going up is a lie, jeffrey, because most of the people who actually receive obama care are subsidized. more than 90% are actually receiving subsidies, they're not paying those huge premiums, they're actually not being hurt by that. that's why obamacare was set up to absorb that increase. >> millions of people lose their coverage like the cbo has estimated, again millions could lose coverage because they couldn't afford it even if they have access to it. >> they can't afford it now. >> so you don't see any problems for republicans if this women hurts some of the people who
4:30 pm
supported president trump and the republican party? >> i have interviewed people whose relatives died because of obamaca obamacare. this motion that this is somehow uncompassionate, this has got to stop. >> so you're going to take 24 million people off of health care. yeah, people were dying before obamaca obamacare, because people could be denied coverage because of preexisting conditions. we had women who couldn't get covered because pregnancy was considered a preexisting condition. there was all sorts of bias that insurance companies could actually charge you more without having the obamacare subsidies. and obamacare oftens assistance for small businesses. so yes, it's not a perfect plan, but it does improve the system.
4:31 pm
and that you are not even acknowledging. >> lets let jeffrey respond. >> we have 350 million peerm in this country, you don't screw up their system for the 24 million. you fix it for the 24 million, but you don't screw it up for the rest and that's what you've done. >> we have got to leave it there, guys. coming up, children taught to hit the deck at the sound of a siren, a look at how one country is preparing for the threat of a north korean missile strike, you're live in the cnn newsroom. with 8 grams of natural protein, and 8 other nutrients to provide balanced nutrition. moms know kids grow strong when they milk life. how to brush his teeth. (woman vo) in march, my husband didn't recognize our grandson. (woman 2 vo) that's when moderate alzheimer's made me a caregiver. (avo) if their alzheimer's is getting worse,
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hours after north korea touted what it calls a revolutionary break through in science. >> we had meetings on north
4:36 pm
korea who's acting very, very badly. >> north korea carrying out it's rocket attempts. will ripley is joining me now from beijing. what are we to make of the timing of north korea's test. >> reporter: it certainly doesn't appear to be a coincidence, the fact that this north korean rocket test was announced right before this meeting between rex tillerson and chinese president xi jinping. the number one issue on their agenda, the most urgent pressing information is the north korean threat. china thinks that the u.s. should stop doing military exercises with south korea. the u.s. doesn't mean that it's exercising the leverage that it
4:37 pm
holds over north korea. and of course with every day north korea continues to make progress developing these weapons and moving closer to their ultimate goal which is an intercontinental ballistic missile which could reach the u.s. >> their neighbor japan is preparing for the real possibility of an attack from north korea. we have this video, japanese elementary school children practicing a drill. >> when you live in this region, ana, the threat feels really real, especially for people in japan and south korea. in fact there was a missile launch where three ballistic missiles landed less than 200
4:38 pm
nautical miles from this village. there were a lot of senior citizens who lived there during the world war ii days, they remember when they were school children doing these bomb raid drills, they actually dug out bombshell ershelters where they hide during a nuclear attack. now these school children are doing the same thing. now hanging over head is the fact that north korea is also perfecting their nuclear weapons program, so people are not only fearful of conventional weapons, but also the only country in the world that had civilian populations targeted by two nuclear bombs, now has to live with that fear again. this is why japan is working so closely with the united states and south korea to try to figure out house to reign in kim jong-il's regime. >> i can't help but notice that
4:39 pm
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thanks for staying with us in the cnn newsroom. talk to fox, that was his response. the response from the president when he was asked to explain the wiretapping scandal that has consumed washington. that's not the first time that president trump has pushed out information after hearing it on fox. a dozen times so far in march and five of the last seven sit downs the president has given since taking office have been with fox news. host of reliab"reliable sourcesn stelter just declared trump a fox news president. explain, brian. >> i look at all of the things
4:44 pm
you were just describing as interview presences, his tweets, taking any information from fox and then repeating it. it shows this is a white house shake by fox news in a nun week way, george w. bush's white house was not shaped to this degree. what's different now with president trump is that he and his advisors are shaped by fox. there's a lot of different connections, a web of connections between trump and fox, and of course he's cheered on by fox opinion hosts like sean hannity and bill o'reilly so there's this web of connections that are unique. if you talk to historians, they say this is a degree that is unusual for a president. >> what's interesting to me is remember back during the campaign, it seemed liable they were at each other. he actually didn't even go to one of the debates that was hosted by fox news because of his confrontation with megyn
4:45 pm
kelly and the back and forth there. >> that was january 2016, that was a little more than a year ago, he skipped that debate because of megyn kelly,nd now megin kelley is not there, it's not that they don't have liberals on, they do have liberals on the network. but the overall theme of the channel is to try to support the president or to be focused on the president's agenda in different kinds of ways. what changed is president trump won, he won the election, he was able to take over in january and fox sees an opportunity to really play into that. but more broadly, what we see about that, what's interesting about fox, it's more interesting about trump, he seeks out information on fox news, on the opinion shows mostly, to find support where there isn't much support at all, the most recent
4:46 pm
example are the wiretap allegations. >> are they a good match? >> in some ways, donald trump is a boon for many different media outlets, whether it's fox news, or cnn or the "new york times," there's people getting subscriptions because a lot of people wanting a lot of scrutiny on this administration, on the flip side, there are a lot of viewers that want affirmation and support for the agenda. also on conservative talk radio, what we're seeing is more and more of this partisan divide in the media. people that have remote controls, but don't pick them up and flip them around to see what other sides are saying, the issue with a network like fox is, can they ensure that the information the president's hearings in washington is reliable? because with this wiretapping things with judge napolitano last week was not reliable. >> for the first time it seems like the president has a favorite or who doesn't like
4:47 pm
another news organization, president obama criticized fox news specifically, let's listen. >> this 24-hour news cycle, the easiest way to get on cnn or fox or any of the other stations, msnbc, nbc, just say something rude and outrageous. >> when he goes on fox, he understands he's not going on a news network at this point, he's going on to face the opposition, and that's fine, he never minds doing that. >> while affordable health care seems like a -- >> there fox news was on the other side of all of this, is this really that uncommon for a president to favor or criticize a news organization? >> certainly to criticize, but president obama used to say he preferred to watch cnn in the evening instead of fox, for president trump who turns on the tv, sometimes watching cnn but
4:48 pm
mostly watching fox and being influenced by that information is what's different now. >> what's important too, when we're covering this administration, there's been a lot of times that the administration has tried to deny access to them by different media, right? >> we have already seen a picking and choosing of more favorable outlets. for example the secretary of state in asia, he allowed only one reporter on this plane, rather than allowing a passel of press, the reporter still asked tough questions, but that lack of access is an issue. coming up, guarding trump. the mounting cost to protect the president and the first family as some police departments demand to be reimbursed. you're live in the cnn newsroom.
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just before 8:00 in the evening, president trump is back
4:53 pm
in washington tonight after spending his fifth weekend at the so-called winter white house. and now some local police departments want the president to pay up. here's sarah gannon. >> reporter: we want our money back. that's what the new york city police department and palm beach county officials are saying, asking to be reimbursed for millions of dollars, the costs of protecting the president, his family and their homes. in a letter to new york congressional members last month, nypd police chief says that funding will be critical to ensure new york city can allocate the personnel and resources that are necessary to keep all the city and it's residents safe. >> we have never had a situation where a president of the united states would be here on such a regular basis. >> reporter: during the transition period from election
4:54 pm
day to inauguration day, says the cost to secure trump tower and the area around it wound up costing $24 million. and palm beach pays $264,000 every day that trump is in mar-a-la mar-a-lago. even calling it the winter white house. but the president himself had harsh words for his predecessors trips. back in 2011, tweeting this, the habitual vacationer barack obama is now in hawaii, this vacation is costing taxpayers $4 million. during the election, trump also told the publication "the hill" i would rarely leave the house because there's so much work to be done. so far trump has spent more than a fourth of his time as president at mar-a-lago.
4:55 pm
trump has multiple homes, his adult children frequently travel and his wife melania and their son barron live in new york city, a decision the nypd says costs the department up to $146,000 a day. sarah gannon, cnn, new york. our thanks to sarah gannon. and we have this video we want to show you, you see president trump arriving back at the white house after being a mar-a-lago and look who's with him. the owner of the patriots, coach bill belichick sent trump a letter of support before the election, worth noting there's been at least six patriots players say they won't be making the traditional trip to the white house the players of the winning super bowl game usually make. i am totally blind.
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your live in the cnn newsroom. i'm ana cabrera in new york. up first tonight, counting down to a dramatic day on capitol hill, was there collusion between russia and the trump campaign during the 2016 election? and is there any evidence to support president trump's still unsubstantiated wiretap claims, just hours from now, fbi director james comey will testify before the house intelligence committee. and sources say a classified report from the justice department to house and senate investigators also does not confirm that claim, but the president refuses to back down. let's bring in cnn


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