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tv   New Day  CNN  March 20, 2017 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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united states, facing properly the most consequence al week two months in office. in hours, fbi director james comey will testify before the house intelligence committee. the >> how will he answer the question about the president's unproven claims about being surveilled by his predecessor. >> how much will he reveal about potential ties between the trump campaign and russia. meantime this big week begins kicking off this morning these confirmation hearings for supreme court nominee as all of this as congress and the courts stalled much of the president's agenda. we're now in day 60. we have it all covered for you so let's begin this morning at the white house. good morning. >> good morning poppy. another center stage appearance
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in the spotlight of american politics for fbi director james comey. the one person seemingly in a position to speak with conclusiveness about russia's mischief in the election and the president's wiretapping claims but the key question this morning is how far will comey go to clear any of this up? the bizarre saga of president trump's claim that he was wiretapped by president obama last year comes to a head today. fbi director james comey expected to publicly debunk the unproven allegations. lawmakers repeatedly saying there is no evidence. >> was there a physical wiretap of trump tower? no but there never was. i hope we could put an end to the wild goose chase because what the president said was false. >> draining diplomatic relations with two of the united states strongest allies.
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the president even joking about it on friday during a state visit by german chancellor angela merkel. >> as far as wiretapping i guess by, you know, this past administration, at least we have something in common perhaps. the fbi director will face questions about russia's interference in last year's election and collusion between russian officials and the trump campaign. a key part of partisan disagreement. >> any evidence of any collusion, i'll give you a simple answer, no. there is circumstantial evidence of collusion. there is direct evidence i think of deception. >> lawmakers expected to grill comey to the extent of the mettling. last june the national democratic committee was hacked. >> russia if you're listening i
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hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails. >> the u.s. intelligence community overwhelmingly concluded that the russians intentionally tried to sway the election in trump's favor. recent controversy surrounding trump's former national security adviser and attorney general. both underfire regarding their contact with russian ambassador. the comey hearing could overshadow today's confirmation hearing of trump's supreme court nominee. he is expected to face tough questions about his views on the president's travel ban and rowe versus wade. >> that will cause media, filibuster and use every tool i have at my disposal to block his nomination. >> both hearings some as republicans are under pressure to change the health care bill that could be voted on in the house. >> it's interesting how the
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president is helping us close this bill, making the improvements we have been making. getting the vote. >> there's 26 republicans leaning or voting no which could doom the plan to repeal and replace obamacare. >> this morning a new poll showing the president's approval rating sinking to a new low. we're likely to get a reaction from the president at a rally this evening in louisville kentucky. >> well, everything could change after today. joe johns thank you very much. fbi director james comey hours away from appearing before the house intelligence committee. what is he going to say? evan perez live in woug with more. we were speculating this morning, imagine if comey went up there and said i can't talk about on going investigation. unlikely but what a day of possibilities. >> one of the first questions we do expect him to be able to
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answer today is about the unsubstantiated claim that obama wiretapped trump tower. we expect him to say it's not true and after that the answers are likely to get a lot more tricky. they're doing a wide ranging investigation of russia's attempted influence on the 2016 election and so is the senate intelligence committee and the fbi and comey today is testifying with mike rogers that's a director of the national security agency that helped produce the report saying that russia used hacked e-mails from democrats to help donald trump get elected. he's likely to talk in general terms about the bureaus investigation. he is worried about effecting what his agents are doing and mindful about getting the fbi dragged into yet another partisan controversy after last year's controversy over the hillary clinton private e-mail servers. now they want to talk about repeated contacts between trump
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associates and people suspected of having connections to russian intelligence. republicans want comey to say at least so far investigators haven't found any evidence of solution between trump campaign members and the russian government. the problem for the fbi is there's still a lot they don't know. this is an on going investigation into it's relatively early stages. >> but even that point, how will that be finessed. there's no proof of collusion and we're still early in the investigation. thank you. let's bring in the panel. cnn political analyst and senior congressional correspondent for the washington examiner. associate editor and columnist for real clear politics and cnn senior political analyst, senior editor for the atlantic so he comes in today and probably won't say especially with the
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nsa director coming in behind him there will be something today how big are the stakes? >> it will be a moment of great consequence when he shoots down the wiretap allegation. i think he's going to do that. the intelligence officials on the officials are going to try to get the justice department to put it to rest. they'll say apparently you asked the justice department to quash this and they didn't do that so why. that will be a moment of high drama and very embarrassing for the white house. beyond that i don't know how he handles it because if the investigation is on going he's not supposed to talk about an unfinished investigation. he has done it in the past though in 2016 but if he says today we have concluded our investigation, there is no more
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evidence to assess, there is no collusion, what does that do to the congressional investigation? that would be dramatic as well. >> what are you expecting on that front? it falls in the democrats court. if he comes out and says we haven't seen any evidence of collusion, where do democrats go with their argument from there? >> what's very interesting about this is that comey in general has always been a straight shooter although there's a disagreement over how he handled 2016. you have to think if he had nothing to say or he didn't want to talk because of on going investigations and he knows he's going to be under intense questioning why show up? that tells me he wants to try to get the bureaus position out there and tell us something. what are we looking to see? one, some enterprising democrat ask him about the different ways he handled investigation into
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trump associates and hillary clinton during the campaign. ten days before election day he sends a letter to the head of the oversite and reform bill in the house to say essentially we're looking into hillary clinton's e-mails again. that was a big deal. the second thing you want to look for and this is what republicans are going to zero in on with comey and everybody else testify chg is who knew about general flynn and can we figure out who leaked from those intelligence sweeps and they're looking either to get actual names for people that served under barrack obama or in the intelligence community. either way that's something they want to find out. >> their chance of satisfaction on that isn't the best in the world. they have been asking several steps down. but you never know. on the wiretapping question, the real success will be that it's not about wiretapping. he has to go further and talk
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about any kind of surveillance to really make any news in terms of our understanding but the russia question, much more wide open. just an admission that there has been or is now an on going and wide ranging investigation of potential collusion would be something. >> i think people will be surprised if he announces that he is done. there is an on going investigation and legal scholars argued that there's an inverse relationship between the amount he discloses and the extent to which the investigation is active. the more vitality there is to the investigation the less likely he is to talk about it. that is what is so odd, so hall of mirrors about all of this which is to some extent the mere act of coming out and talking about this does in some ways threaten an on going investigation as did, if the president was right and there was a wiretap his publicly
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revealing that threatened an on going investigation so i think this is going to be very treacherous terrain for both sides and democrats that want to criticize him over his behavior during the campaign also have in the back of their mind they may want to uphold this credibility depending on what he finds between the trump campaign and russian intelligence officials. >> this is a president that's not effected by facts and we were looking back at some of the things that he had said. let's just listen back to may of 2016. here's what he said about fox and the reports that he cites. >> when i cite major magazine articles or something it's up to people to believe it or not to believe it. i'm not writing it myself or going out and doing the he research. that's very acceptable for me to do. >> a very acceptable thing to do. and now you have republicans, fellow republicans got just saying there's no evidence of
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wiretapping but saying this is a president that should apologize if there's none there. listen to that. >> it never hurts to say you're sorry and not just sorry to the president but also to the u.k. for claims or the intimation that the u.k. was involved in this as well. >> unless you can produce compelling proof then i think president obama is owed an apology. >> the president's been peddling conspiracy theories for years. it's worked to great effect for him in terms of domestic politics because it strengthened his connection with his base and because of this they always doubt us and anybody else that questions him because if nothing is true then only what he says is true. the interesting thing about some of the clips you just played is in talking to republicans on clip what i have noticed is they have gottenrned is at least whe
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he talks unconventionally it should be true. they're concerned about the credibility of the office of the united states. particularly so people overseas can take the president seriously. it better be true. that's what they have been telling me. they appreciate his methods but they don't want him spouting falsehoods and that's a really big concern for him down the line because if his presidency overtime runs into rough patches chr , which they all do, he'll need help from his allies. >> the more wild he is about something, the less true it tends to be. >> right. his unconventional tweets are usually laced with falsehoods and i think if president trump was concerned about his credibility we would have known that a long time ago.
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he wasn't concerned with the campaign and he's not concerned with it now. that's an issue for republicans as we speak to them privately and they're still trying to give him a honeymoon they're under all the pressure. they can't leave a hearing, the mens room, without having greeted by reporters. it's hard to answer these questions. >> he's staring at an approval rating at 37%. the lowest of any president two months in. by far. that's the reality of the number he's looking at. >> what i think about those numbers is he has a very high floor. it becomes the problems for the republicans on capitol hill and do they, facing down 2018 if those numbers are toxic in december or next march do they abandon him? that is a real possibility rg.
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>> let's move on to another topic. we have a big day on capitol hill. i can't believe it gets bigger. jim comey would be enough for me. we're going to hear about the russian investigation from the man doing the investigation, allegedly but you'll have wolf blitzer and jake tapper anch anchoring coverage and they'll be talking about the questions of the next supreme court justice that could be the tie breaker on the court. at 9:00 a.m. eastern. >> the president hoping for a win in his pick to be the ninth supreme court justice. he'll face a lot of questions from the judiciary committee. how far will the democrats go on trying to oppose him? our panel weighs in next. ♪
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>> he'll face a major test today as his confirmation hearing begins this morning in the
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senate. democrats facing a tough choice. fight his confirmation with all they have or save the ammo for future battles. potentially the next supreme court nominee. since we didn't give you the last word on the last one the first word goes to you on this one. this is where the president could win and this is also where some democrats could give and say here is how we are showing bipartisanship. how do you see this playing out with gorsuch. >> well, first, to david's point there's a portion of the electorate that loves when donald trump breaks all norms. that isn't nearly enough to win. roughly a quarter of the people said they didn't think he was qualified or had the temperament to be president. that's what we are seeing. he at this moment is his own biggest problem. the agenda, the health care repeal, the executive order, effecting muslim majority countries. building a wall that's very
3:21 am
controversial. the biggest head wind is about doubts for his own personal fitness for the office and part of what that has done is drive his approval rating among democrats into single digits. much lower than we have ever seen for a president this early in his presidency and it's to make it easier for those democrats to oppose him on a series of issues and you have to wonder if a vote for judge gorsuch might be a way to try to balance the scales at the same time they feel comfortable opposing him on health care and the budget, in these purple states and heavily blue collar states will they feel that voting for judge gorsuch is a way to send a message to the other side. that could make it tough to sustain a filibuster. >> the nice thing is that he can only go up. especially when it comes to democrats and as soon as he gets
3:22 am
something that's called a win for them you'll probably see a little pop. we'll hear a little bit about this. in terms of how this could play out it could be as it always is. a political pageant where they give statements punctuated with a question mark at the end of it and he just tap dances saying i can't really say anything about politics and then he gets on the bench and does just that or do you think we'll hear targeting criticisms today that could reveal something. >> well, in addition to the fact that if they're going to save their political capital for later and not blow up the filibuster and they're going to let their trump state democrats, you know, break ranks and vote for him then they have to bring some fire to the hearings. they have to make effort. we all know he's going to be confirmed no matter what happens if a filibuster has to be blown up but there are issues which
3:23 am
they want to put some separation between gorsuch and trump. they're going to ask about iz defensive religious liberty and whether or not they disfavor muslims in favor of christians. >> they're going to try. >> they'll look back to what they wrote. >> if it's a judge's decision he's going to say it was to the context of that particular case. if it's when he was working for bush he'll say i was an advocate then. >> that's what they have to do. >> we've seen confirmation hearing after confirmation he hearing where they haven't said much of anything but i do wonder when he is asked about the president's comments on the judiciary. calling the so-called judge. what he said about unprecedented judicial overreach. this is the guy that after his meeting with bloomenth aal call
3:24 am
it disheartening and demoralizes. >> he may give answers but i don't think he'll comment on trump's assessment of the ruling. he doesn't want to talk about anything that's not before him because that would be doing the exact thing that's improper for a judicial nominee to do. if you look at how chaotic at times trump that has been, how unconventional his white house has been here they pick a very solidly received and he has put together a team to shepherd his nominations and they're doing everything right and because everything is being overshadowed we have a health care vote
3:25 am
coming this week. this is not news. this is not news and this guy is going to -- i think this guy is going to sale through. they're going to blow it up republicans like to call it the reid rule. neal gorsuch will be the next supreme court justice and there's nothing wrong with him so far as we have seen. it's what what he represens. to ask some untraditional questions of this judge. to ask him about the ninth amendment but are there rights that are reserved for people. are you going to do what scalia would tell people he is doing. the constitution is dead, dead,
3:26 am
dead. and they could ask him about the ninth amendment and they could say the 8th amendment the hearings at the end of the reagan administration was the last time that we had true fireworks and learned more about the nominees. in many ways democrats know today all they're going to know about whether or not they feel comfortable supporting judge gorsuch. john roberts said i'm the umpire and i call balls and strikes and then overturned it. >> he also said the court ruled
3:27 am
on that and that was controversial but a lot comes down to how the questions are ask asked. >> another provocation from northbound. what are you going to do the next time they do something? why south korea's defense ministry is calling this one particularly meaningful. what did they do? what will be done about it? next.
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in tennessee a man hunt
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underway for a former teacher suspected of kidnapping one of his students. 50-year-old tad cummins and elizabeth thomas were last spotted in decatur alabama a week ago. he is armed and the girl could be in danger. they are thought to be traveling in a silver nissan rogue. tennessee plates. he was suspended last month for alleged inappropriate contact with her. >> heightened skunt at the white house. police detained one man at a checkpoint after he claimed to have a bomb in his vehicle. earlier that day the secret service arrested an unarmed man that went into an unauthorized area. president trump was in florida at the time. this all happened a little more than a week after the man breeched the white house fence and remained undetected for 16 minutes. >> we're hearing a lot from the speaker about how they moved it
3:33 am
and change it and they're getting people on board now. is that true? and are the polls accurately reflecting what has been just a devastating start for our president? let's give it to the panel next. ♪ ♪ ♪ lease a 2017 lincoln mkx for $369 a month. only at your lincoln dealer. nobody does unlimited like t-mobile. while the other guys gouge for unlimited data... t-mobile one save you hundreds a year. right now get two lines of data for $100 dollars. with taxes and fees included. that's right 2 unlimited lines for just $100 bucks. all in. and right now, pair up those two lines with two free samsung galaxy s7 when you switch.
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according to the latest gallop tracking polls. if you look at it on a day-to-day basis we keep seeing these dips from the president after he gets himself in trouble by saying things that reason true because they're impossible to prove. 58% say they disapprove. this comes as the president's agenda is once again stalled in congress and in the courts. what is trump going to do to turn things around? we keep hearing about the need for a win. when does he get this win? they're here to answer that question. what is it, professor, that is driving the numbers this way. you point this out all the time. republicans very strong. still democrats unprecedentedly
3:38 am
weak. >> well look he won the election with 46% of the vote. his initial approval rating was 45%. the first president ever to start his presidency with support from less than half of the country. he governed in a way on his agenda aimed at his core voters so he failed to expand and even within that core as i said, about a quarter of the people that voted for him doubted he had the personal qualifications for the job and he has more reason to deepen it than reassess it. both of those are kind of an unpress denned set of numbers. never been a president this low below this quick in his presidency and if you look at the history of midterm elections in modern politics the most important number is the presidential approval number and if you're one of the 23 republicans in a district that
3:39 am
hillary clinton carried in the house at a time when his approval rating is well under 40% you can ignore these numb s numbers. >> so as the president gears up for a huge week he is changing the narrative with this tweet. he said james clapper and others stated there is no evidence potus colluded with russia. this story is fake news and everyone knows it. this just hours ahead of the hearing with comey on the hill. nsa director mike rogers as well. what's the strategy here? >> well i think he should be tweeting about health care but it's probably a way to dance away from the wiretapping. it will be an embarrassing day when director comey said and they'll make him say it several times. there's no wiretap, there's no evidence, there's no roof, end of story so he's trying to make
3:40 am
this hearing a russia collusion hearing. >> isn't he betting that comey is going to say definitively no collusion as well? >> i think he's hoping but we can't be certain that's going to be the case. it's true that obama's acting cia director and clapper have both said that and that's great for trump but we can't be sure, again, that clapper -- excuse me that director comey is going to say we have concluded this investigation. it's completely complete and there has been no -- >> he could do that on the surveillance. there's nothing more to review but he's not going to say that on the russia question. something that's interesting here, it's a tweet. 140 characters and we know that these are more spontaneous than they are calculated very often but nobody ever talked about whether it goes to trump. he says potus colluded with russia. i don't know why. he put himself in the mix. nobody ever pointed to him even to ask a question.
3:41 am
this is about his guys he had with constant contacts according to our sources and what that could mean. >> right but they have suggesed that trump specifically colluded with russia and that's why he has been so soft on vladimir putin. i think it was james clapper that also said there was no wiretap of trump. so clappers credibility maybe matters to trump or maybe he saw something on television that we haven't been able to see yet because we're busy here. >> it explains why he had such a rough first two months also. you have to know when not to speak in that position. to let others do the speaking for you and to allow inertia to take effect. he doesn't do it well. he's trying to create the action and it's been biting him consistently through two months that he can't believe have gone the way he wanted. >> that's exactly right. he made himself the center in this presidency.
3:42 am
interestingly health care is one where he has at points held back one step of reserve and that's going to be a fascinating moment this week because the history of, as they both noel, since republicans took over congress in 1995, they almost always get whatever the bill is out of the house after all the grumbling from conservatives they find a way to pass it through the house and that's going to be what happens this week as well and then all of a sudden we'll be in a situation where the only thing standing between roughly 25 million people according to the congressional budge office, doubling is going to be a hand full of republican centrists that have indicated problem with this bill and you do wonder whether we're going to see a louder campaign against it than we have seen so far. for example all the key medical interests that have opposed it
3:43 am
have not done very much. they just began adds yesterday. >> we have to leave it there but you do have 26 now. 26 lawmakers, 26 republicans in the house say nothing or leaning no. >> and ryan keeps talking about how they fixed the bill but we haven't seen any there. >> we haven't seen any there. stay with us. did you watch basketball this weekend? >> a little bit. a weekend full of upsets. the sweet 16, next. to inspect difficult-to-reach pipelines, so we can detect leaks before humans can see them. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. just checking my free credit score at credit karma. what the? you're welcome. i just helped you dodge a bullet. but i was just checking my... shhhhh... don't you know that checking your credit score lowers it. just be cool. actually, checking your credit score with credit karma
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>> march madness now down to the sweet 16 and they're not the teams that many expected. >> i got you chris. it was a huge upset because we have millions of people having duke make it all the way to the finals if not winning the thing like vegas had them heading into the tournament. south carolina gets them. heading in for the first time since 1973 when nixon was president. check him out getting his team
3:48 am
ready before the game. >> i've been like a little kid. i've never been good enough to play in a game like this. why don't you guys break the ice for me. >> south carolina scored in the first half and then exploded for 65 in the second. the game was in greenville, south carolina. 100 miles from south carolina's campus. fans were loud and rowdy just like the team was in the locker room afterwards. and check out the water works. check them out moving on to the next round. the wife of wichita state coach greg marshall, she is there in white. didn't take the season ending loss to kentucky. and misbehaving and standing up on the bleachers and eventually was asked to leave them them and
3:49 am
feeling the same way after my duke blue devils got upset yesterday. i know you have in the finals too so you also feel the frustration. >> i also pick minnesota to win. >> i like that. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it. back to politics next is the trump presidency -- he calls donald trump the fox news president. find out why. he joins us next. when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums
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>> we said nothing. i didn't make an opinion on it. that was a statement made by aal lenned lawyer on fox. you shouldn't be talking to me, you should be talking to fox. >> you should be talking to fox. not me. the president shifting blame saying the information about alleged british involvement in so-called wiretapping at trump tower came from a fox news contributor. they're calling it ridiculous but brings up a greater question is the cable network shaping the trump presidency. brian is here and he calls trump
3:54 am
a fox news president. he joins us along with bill carter to discuss. good morning, gentlemen. great show yesterday. digging into all of this. make the case. this is the fox news president. aside from that claim there's a lot more there. >> we thought about him as a cable news president. that's true. consuming cnn and msnbc and fox all the time. also a social media period president. but i think something more specific is what we're seeing now fox news president because of the exchange and all of the other ways fox inplunss this white house. hiring fox staffers. tweeting about fox all the time. consuming information from fox and then sharing it with the public. sometimes misleading information. there's this feedback that's very specific about trump and fox. he's also given five of his seven sit down tv interviews to fox. >> it's important to know some of the journalists at fox pressed back against this.
3:55 am
>> that's right. he said we know they said this on the air. we don't have any questions to back it up. there's questions about why was he on tv acting like a reporter saying this stuff? why was he saying he had fox news sources confirming it? it seems to be a false allegation but it was repeated several times on fox so he might be in hot water over there. fox is trying to get this to go away but it's one of many examples of the president and his aids being inplufluenced by fox. >> that communicates acceptance of that source. you don't get to say i believe this and poppy harlow said it and poppy was wrong she said it. you believe it if you want to. that's not the way truth telling works and i'm sure the president knows it and every once in awhile he gets caught on it. now we're seeing another incidence of the president designing his own faith right
3:56 am
now in real time on twitter. he has been tweeting this morning he's obviously agitated about these questions about russia. there's been two. first he said they stated there's no evidence that potus concluded with russia. i don't remember him being the focus of any speculation. now his latest tweets the democrats made up and pushed the russian story as an excuse for running a terrible campaign. big advantage in electoral college and lost. fairness to the president he got that last point right. he blew it out. he did. the democrats did have a big advantage but he's trying to make the case for himself. is he making another mistake? >> yeah. again he's relying on things that, look the democratic defense with russia started before the election. people talked about that campaign being influenced by the
3:57 am
russians before there was a vote. they didn't make it up and since then we had all of these intelligence organizations saying the russians hacked the election. it's not the democrats doing it. it's the actual people that worked for him. they're not saying the democrats made it up so he's again relying on this -- it's not let me blame somebody else. >> setting himself up for failure, that's the thing. there's a good chance that james comey could come out today and say what we have heard. do they deserve review and investigation between staff members and russian authorities or players. yes do we have proof that there was collusion in the hack something no not at this point. he could say that but now the president just upped the ante in a way that he increased his chances that he gets a loss because jim comey could say it's not about the democrats and now he's exposed once again. >> he is giving a countier
3:58 am
narrative. he wants the wiggle room before it starts. he wants to be able to say i told you this. if you hear this today don't believe it. it's the democrats. he's always trying to set up his own defense. >> not tweeting about what could be a win for him. he could have tweeted something pretty bland. >> we're getting health care in order. could have said a lot of things. >> things are progressing well in health care. he could have said that. we lost a great journalist over the weekend. i was reading about him last night. let's pull him up on the screen. at one point he said rage is the only quality that kept me or anybody i ever studied writing columns for newspapers. and perhaps this lesson of you could only give people the lesson of how to climb stairs because there's no stories on the first floor. anything you're looking for is four to five flights up.
3:59 am
that's advice he gave to young journalists. what does he teach us today? >> reporting not with his brain but with his feet going out and interviewing people and talking to people. he was a pioneering journalist always talking to the little guy so to speak and having those people in his heart i have a lot of irish uncles that hang out at the bar and want to sit next to the best in the place. incredible characters and even if you didn't agree with them they were captured by it. >> his absence is going to be felt. we need a breslin right now. democrats and republicans. he's a guy that wrote what he knew and he's a loss to us in the media for sure but even more to his boys and the remaining
4:00 am
kids he. this is a big loss. big loss. >> thank you. thank you both very much. >> thanks to all of you. our international viewers for watching. for you cnn newsroom is next. you have to stay with new day. this week is going to be the biggest we have seen in this presidency. let's get after: >> a president done go and firefightersicly wiretap something. >> james comey's just hours away. >> there's direct evidence of deception. >> we need to get to the bottom of who is leaking these highly classified conversations. >> it never hurts to say i'm sorry. not just to the president but also to the u.k. >> we said nothing. all we did was a very talented mind. >> use every tool that i have. >> they don have any


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