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tv   New Day  CNN  March 20, 2017 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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kids he. this is a big loss. big loss. >> thank you. thank you both very much. >> thanks to all of you. our international viewers for watching. for you cnn newsroom is next. you have to stay with new day. this week is going to be the biggest we have seen in this presidency. let's get after: >> a president done go and firefightersicly wiretap something. >> james comey's just hours away. >> there's direct evidence of deception. >> we need to get to the bottom of who is leaking these highly classified conversations. >> it never hurts to say i'm sorry. not just to the president but also to the u.k. >> we said nothing. all we did was a very talented mind. >> use every tool that i have. >> they don have any good
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documents but they're furious. >> good morning, welcome to your new day. allison is off. poppy harlow with me once again and another hunl day. donald trump facing the most conventi consequential day of his president say. will he come out and say no proof of surveillance by the obama administration against trump and as for the russian questions, connections. >> also the president this morning up early and tweeting attempting to distract us calling stories about possible ties between his campaign and russia fake news with all that is going on the senate begins his confirmation hearing today. all of this as congress and the courts are stalling much of the president's agenda.
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this on day 60 of the trump presidency. let's begin at the white house. >> think about it. james comey at the center of american politics again as the fbi director, the one person that can speak with conclusiveness about all things russia as well as the president's wiretapping claims but the question this morning is how far she going to go? the bizarre saga that he was wiretapped comes to a head today. expected to debunk the unproven allegations. lawmakers repeatedly saying there is no evidence. >> was there a physical wiretap of trump tower? no but there never was. i hope we can put an end to this wild goose chase because what the president said was just false. >> trump's unsubstantiated
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claims draining diplomatic relation with two of the united states's strongest allies. the president even joking about it on friday during a state visit by angela merkel. >> as far as wiretapping by the past administration at least we have something in common perhaps. the fbi director will face questions about the interference in the last election and collusion between officials and the trump campaign. a key point of partisan disagreement. >> any evidence of any collusion. >> i'll give you a simple answer, no. there was circumstantial evidence of collusion and direct evidence. >> last june the democratic national committee was hacked. later wikileaks released the
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stolen e-mails. an attack that then candidate trump embraced. >> russia, if you're listening i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails. >> the u.s. intelligence community overwhelmingly concluding that the russians intentionally tried to sway the election in trump's favor. both under fire for misleading statements regarding their contact with the russian ambassador. the comey hearing could overshadow today's confirmation hearing of trump's supreme court nominee. expected to face tough questions about his views on the president's travel ban and rowe versus wade. >> that kind of out of the mainstream thinking will cause media filabuster and use every tool i have to block his
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nomination they're under pressure to change the health care bill. >> i'm very impressed with how the president is closing this bill 26 republicans are leaning and voting no. >> the stakes could not be higher for president trump this week meanwhile there's a new poll out suggesting the president's approval numbers sunk to a historic new low. we'll get some idea as to how the president is responding to james comey's testimony on capitol hill today. the president appearing at a rally in kentucky. >> he's up early tweeting a lot already this morning. joe johns, thank you. fbi director comey will face these questions and answer these questions in hours. what is he going to say?
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is there an on going investigation to anyone in russia and the third part of sit interference in the election is that what you're going to listen to most closely? >> right. one of the first questions we do expect the fbi director james comey to answer today is tun proven claim that president barrack obama wiretapped trump at trump tower. we expect that the president's claim is not true. after that his answers are likely to get much trickier so
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is the senate intelligence committee and the fbi. it's one of the agencies that helped produce that report saying that russia mettled to try to help get donald trump elected. he's likely to talk in general terms he's worried about what his agents are doing and getting dragged into another partisan controversy after the up roar over the private e-mail server. they want to talk about repeated contacts between trump associates and people expected of having russian intelligence. they juan comey to say at least so far the investigators haven't gotten any evidence of collusion between trump campaign members and the russian government. there's still a lot they don't know this is an investigation still in it's relatively early stages.
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>> thank you. appreciate it. he's on the house intelligence committee and will be questioning jim comey at the hearing in just hours. big day for you. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> so the first thing that we seem to pick up in the president's tweets this morning is one he is tweeting and tweeting a lot one of the things he's not mentioning is the surveillance claim and wiretapping claim. how important is that today and what do you expect to hear about it? >> it's very porn because it's a big distraction and i expect it to be put to rest pretty quickly as the chairman of the committee has said there is no evidence unless comey drops a bombshell today i don't think there is any evidence and we'll move on from that issue quickly. >> what if you're not allowed to because your brother and sister republicans want to go beyond
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wiretapping. what about anything? any kind of anything done by the obama administration that could in some way pass as surveillance of the trump station. it will not die unless you get it at its root. >> i won't press on it. i don't think that's the major focus of the hearing and there's precious time with director comey and mike rogers so the main focus is going to be with the russian connection and it's a free ranging investigation. so now i will caution we're limited today because it is an open session. they're all on a classified setting and if we're going to get into names and sources and methods director comey won't be able to go into that direction
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if it's just about wiretapping you will hear that it wasn't completely answered. the next issue is the one that the president seems most interested in. he started out by tweeting james clapper and others stated there's no evidence potus colluded with russia. the story is fake news. everyone knows it. do you believe all questions with contacts with russian players by members of trump's team are fake. >> no, they're not fake. but the outgoing director of the fbi said leaving office that they didn't find anything that was wrong there but that's the purpose of what we're doing there chris. it's going to be far ranging and
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not going to wind up today. the rest of this is going to move after next tuesday where we have another open session for a couple of the other witnesses that couldn't come today we'll be moving into closed session and that's where i think we'll get to the nitty gritty of everything. >> you said a couple of things porn to understand contextually. today is an unclassified matter of context. we'll have more going on. these investigations aren't over. that seems to be lost in the president's scrutiny though doesn't it? when clapper said i haven't seen any collusion he din say and there is no more review being done. do you expect jim comey to say there's no proof of collusion and we're done looking. it's closed. probably not right? >> i don't expect him to say that at all. i'm not sure how much he is going to say but that the house intelligence committee on a bipartisan basis along with the
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senate intelligence committee is going to look at everything. names and situations and sources and they're look at everything that is involved that could possibly lead to something else to try at some point in time down the road to say with a conclusion and with certainly either something was or it wasn't and today is the beginning of that. >> understood it's just the beginning. whatever answers that you get from comey are not just qualified in terms of what he is allowed to talk about but what he wants to talk about and something that is just a part in the process. if you don't agree that these kinds of questions are fake news, if you don't agree that this is something that could be sumd up as done already. why don't you call out the president for making these on
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the day. >> listen i disagreed with this president on some of what he said and done. i have disagreed with republican presidents on what they have said and done. my focus is on doing my job as a member of the house intelligence committee and trying to do that to the best of my ability and there's nothing there and accused his predecessor of a felony and called him a bad or sick person and he could have gotten the answer to this faster than you can and he chose not to and put it on you guys and distracted from a process that could go to the legitimacy of our democracy why reason you more critical of that move as a demonstration of your leadership to your con stitstituentsconsti
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>> there's no evidence. it's pretty clear. i have people that want me to respond to every tweet that mr. trump makes. we would spend all of our days just doing that. there is no evidence. we haven't seen any evidence at this point. if there is evidence we need to see it. we need to hear conclusive through from director comey that there is no evidence. we'll see where it goes from there. what you ignore you empower and he gets a lot of forgiveness for these tweets when time and again they have been proven without factual basis. you're having it today. this say huge day for you guys to have jim comey there they go deep in their implications and he's undercutting the process before it even begins.
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that might give us an indication and i'm sure we'll get more of this in classified setting. that's what i'm going to be looking to hear. >> that's a good question. the idea of whether or not it's wiretapping or broadened out to any surveillance we never heard from anybody conducting one of these if they are real and what is a good way to get around the classified context. just the existence of the investigation would be very helpful on these russian questions. thank you for joining us on this
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big day. we look forward to it. >> thanks chris. >> now please stay with cnn. this is a big day. these questions have been haunting our democracy. what will the truth be today that gets revealed? you'll hear about it from wolf blitzer, jake tapper, anchoring special coverage of the house intel committee hearing with james comey. 9:00 a.m. eastern. >> it is a bit overshadowing another major event today that he should have a seat at the nation' highest court. at least one senator is ready to fight hard and stand in his way. that's senator richard bloomenthal. he joins us next. kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin
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>> president trump tweeting this morning calling it fake news. the democrats made up and pushed the russian story as an excuse for running a terrible campaign. big advantage in the electoral
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college and lost. this as he heads to capitol hill in a few hours. of course we have a lot of questions for you met with him privately in february and you have a lot of them. all of them saying essentially fake news once again with any questions between his campaign and russia. what is your reaction to that? is this a distraction mechanism? >> there needs to be a special prosecutor to investigate not only the russian mettling now n incontrovertible but also before and after the election and there should be a special prosecutor. kaled for one. in fact i said that the deputy
4:22 am
attorney general nominee should be blocked until he commits to appoint a special prosecutor the president denounced judges for striking down his illegal muslim ban order and the judiciary will be front and center because he has to establish he will be independent and i asked him to disavow the trump test and judiciary. >> you met privately with him after he was nominated back in february you left saying you had serious and keep concerns about him. what are your deepest concerns? what question did you leave that
4:23 am
meeting with at the forefront? >> my serious concerns centered on judicial independence. donald trump's are virtually unprecedented. i asked him to disavow and denounce those criticisms. so far he failed to do so. the president promised he would appoint someone that would overturn rowe v. wade and who would be conservative which effects worker safety and those concerns are front and center for me and this nominee is virtually unique because he has been vetted screened and almost selected by outside groups,
4:24 am
right wing conservative groups the heritage foundation and donald trump boasted he would pick great judges and now they are rehearsed and prepared him for the hearing. i want to know what those connections are as well. >> you don think you're going to get many answers in this hearing but let's go through what you laid out. he did call the president's attacks on the judiciary. he did call those disheartening and demoralizing. you're looking for him to go further it sounds like. what answer do you want? >> i want him to be more explicit and forthcoming and also on the other areas. workers safety, privacy rights, rowe v. wade and the supreme court is more than just marble pillars it is the flesh and
4:25 am
blood embodiment of american justice. i met with some people harmed by his decisions in the past. a trucker that was unjustly fired by transam trucking company after he abandoned a truck stuck in sub freezing weather. a victim of product use these real people lead me to think he ought to be questioned about his commitment to individual rights you tweeted i will oppose it relent leslie. you're talking there largely about rowe v. wade and what the president said about judges and then you went on yesterday to say you'll use any tool we have
4:26 am
available if he is in fact out of the mainstream in that way. what other tools are you prepared to use. it's like lie that the nuclear option can be there. what are the other tools you are talking about? >> the main tool is the threshold and filabuster and a believe that a justice on the united states supreme court. there is a school of thought and you were eluding to it and the next strategy would be for the
4:27 am
nominee. every nominee is important. if i conclude this one is outside of the mainstream i will use every tool at my disposal and many of my democratic colleagues. >> thank you. >> chris. >> is president trump concerned about what the fbi director will say today. he is certainly tweeting about it a lot. he is trying to set the table for people. we have two men that met with them today. what is their take, next. why are you checking i want to see if it changed.
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>> you have the fbi director testifying before the house hearing this morning supreme court nominee beginning his confirmation hearing so what is on the president's mind? let's bring in two guests that meet with the president. so professor what brought you down? what was the general nature of this conversation? i don't want you to breach confidences of course. >> obviously. chris is a good friend of mine
4:32 am
and runs a terrific news service which i write for and he invited me to come have dinner with him with hi wife and we had a lovely dinner and suddenly the president walks in and he is applauded by everybody and he comes over to our table and starts talking with chris and then with me and talks to me in general and i didn't vote for him and he said if i can get you and the travel ban. he had seen me on television saying i thought the supreme court would uphold it. we talked about the gorsuch nomination and i said that ultimately gorsuch would be confirmed and we talked about a range of other issues.
4:33 am
and suddenly we're with the president and the vice president and secretary. it was great. how big of a day do you think he sees today as. >> it's hard for me to say. i don't speak for the president or reveal what is on his mind and i chatted with the press coverage. he had a fantastic meeting with the chancellor. he saved american concessions about $500 billion under the next several years and the press says he didn't shake her hand. and the president explained to me when a member of the press instructed her to shake their hands he wasn't going to follow orders and he shook her hands several times and was happy about meeting her and thought they got along famously.
4:34 am
this type of stuff i think is very irritating to the president but a lot of the supporters like myself and we're seeing today like with the comey thing that looked like a show down with the president, comey is probably going to say we're assuming what he said anonymously to the test. that doesn't put the matter to bed frankly. the nsa does a lot of wiretapping other agencies as well and this has not really been investigated so, you know, it's again an issue i'm waiting for the evidence just like you are and others in the press for the allegations but you have a take on what that is. one of the pieces of genius of the wiretapping chose not to and
4:35 am
put it on congress and created at least a great distraction is can it ever be satisfying for people like chris or other people on the right? you could never really get full satisfaction could you? >> it's always the liberals and people like me that said the national security people said there was no surveillance like we're going to believe them. the liberals are usually very skeptical about when the national security agency said we didn't do any surveillance at all. now it's the conservatives that were skeptical. and if the national security agency says there was no surveillance that must be absolutely true. >> i think you would agree that what is clear and is complete
4:36 am
evidence is that the security officials leaked highly classified documents including the president's private conversatio conversations. the president that applauded leaks and asked for them during the campaign and this is a newfound integrity on this issue for him and just to an earlier point you want to put it on the press about our president deciding not to shake the hand of angela merkel. you want to put it on the press because the president puts it on the press do you know if she asked him to shake hands. >> three times they did shake hands publicly. >> but i'm telling you you want
4:37 am
to put it on the press. he ignores her. that's what caused the media drama. i know they shook hands. you're advancing that exactly right now. >> no, i shared with you what his sentiment is on it. >> that's his take on it. and people in the middle of the country, people feel the press is simply too harsh against the president. they're not talking about the new things he's doing and the job creation he did we do it all the time and do it even more if
4:38 am
we didn't get distracted by the president himself. he puts out a series of tweets trying to control his own narrative which is within his right and he happens to be good at it. that is going to draw scrutiny. so who is that on professor? you be the judge. >> no doubt about that but he also talked about the leaking of classified material. i happen to think that can be very, very serious. >> of course it can be. >> people don't control what gets leaked but in general we should be doing something without stopping and leaking classified material by people that have an agenda and that's an issue congress should be looking into and he tweeted
4:39 am
about that as well. it's going through very smoothly because he hasn't really tweeted about that and when he remains silent about something he tends to get his way more. we have seen with the travel ban that his own words have been used against him. i don't think that is going to be sustained. he wrote a blistering opinion mocking the courts for using campaign rhetoric against a presidential order and that will be the way the supreme court ultimately decides the case. >> we're still a long way from that. the supreme court likes to take on final decisions and we have a long way to go as you instructed
4:40 am
us on the show before. appreciate you talking about the issue of the day. >> good to have you. >> a heated twitter war between former security secretary of state and white nationalist as well. we'll talk about this conversation that went viral next. kevin, meet your father. kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin trusted advice for life. kevin, how's your mom? life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you. i just had to push one button wto join.s thing is crazy. it's like i'm in the office with you, even though i'm here. it's almost like the virtual reality of business communications.
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♪ >> well you may know that song. tomorrow belongs to me. it is from the hit musical caberet.
4:44 am
it somehow ended up in the middle of a twitter battle war over the weekend. the journalist told richard spencer to take his philosophy back to the 1930s. in response to that he tweeted out a link to the song and said 1930s? no tomorrow belongs to us. it references the song sung in the musical as the nazi party is rising to power. what he didn't know is perhaps the history behind the song. the composers nephew tweeted at spencer saying hey, buddy, that song you love was written by my uncle. he's been married to my other uncle for 40 years and he is a jew. a cnn contributor and former secretary of state. it's last to have you at last check about 15 minutes ago. your tweet had been retweeted 39,000 times. copies of it had been retweeted many more thousand times. did you expect such a response? >> i didn't know what to expect
4:45 am
it's surrounded by a rise in this country. bigger picture here. >> yeah i think really in all seriousness the reason that it went viral is because people are upset about what they're seeing and when you look close at what is going on right now and the feeling that some of these folks like this guy have been given license to be more mainstream it bothers people and part of the reason i think it went viral is people do want to stand up to it. >> license to be mainstream. it is not the mainstream however we have seen an increase in these rhetoric and hate crimes and hate groups. who are you say as good giving this license? >> well, i'm not in anyway
4:46 am
saying the president sympathizes with it but i do think that the president of the united states whether you voted for him or not no matter who it is is in addition to being the leader of the government is the cultural and moral leader of the country by position and and americans and myself included would like to see him speak out against racism and all types of hatred in a way that isn't where his hand has been forced politically but instead where it's evident that he bothers the president. >> for example when he was asked about all of these attacks on jewish centers and the rise of antisemitism in this country at that press conference he attacked a reporter. he didn't address him because later at the african american history museum he came out and began his statement with this. you want to hear things like that much more quickly from the president. >> right. not only did he attack the reporter on that case.
4:47 am
i believe he committed to talking about the electoral college victories. i'm not in anyway saying that making an accusation against the president or anything like that in this case. i'm just saying that whether it's the potential victims of this thing or whether it's the perpetrators of this thing, americans need to hear that the president is bothered by it and feels the need to speak up before anybody pressures him to do so. >> but by not speaking up sooner are you saying that he owns some of this? that he owns part of the rise? are you going that far? because i'm a little confused at your word choice here. what are you really saying? >> i'm saying that the president could make a difference here and that i would like to see the president want badly to make a difference here. >> let me get your take on a few other things. hillary clinton speaking to a group of irish american women i believe and talked about perhaps now is the time to come out of the woods.
4:48 am
list listen. >> i am ready to come out of the woods. and shed light on what is already happening around kitchen tables and dinners like this to help draw strength that will enable everybody to keep going. >> it's not just metaphorical coming out of the woods. she has been snapped by people pictures hiking in the woods. so what do you want to see her say and do and how can she help your party to lead into whatever the future is of your party. >> well i think this grows to this misconception that the democratic party is looking toward a singular leader right now and somehow in search of one. i don't think that's the case. everybody has a role to play including secretary clinton but if you look at what has gone on whether it's the protests or the
4:49 am
women's march or the town halls that have people flooding into them what is happening right now is more of a people powered movement against an agenda by a president who is acting as though he won some sort of mandate when in reality 54% of voters chose somebody else and the country is in a large part standing up. >> but the difference is that movement is not really embodied in one person so a lot of people are asking who is the person? is secretary clinton the future of the party? are you the future of the party? >> with all due respect to you it's honestly i think mostly folks whose job it is to ask that question. when i lived here in kansas city and at the women's march here in kansas city nobody was talking about who is the leader. everybody was just like really excited to be involved and i think that's important right? because the most effective movements in our country's history are generally not those
4:50 am
that start in washington. they're those that start outside of washington. among regular folks. >> they have to become embodied in a leader if you want to win all right. so, why does president trump continue to spar with some of america's closest allies? what good can come of it? what bad has come of it already? former secretary of state tony blankin weighs in next. to inspect difficult-to-reach pipelines, so we can detect leaks before humans can see them. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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as far as wiretapping, i guess, by this past administration, at least we have something in common, perhaps. >> has become a mainstay on social media. i feel like you look at me like that most of the time. >> daily. >> minute by minute. president trump joking about wiretapping while standing beside chancellor angela merkel. was it funny? that's up to you. it is raising questions about the president's behavior. i think there's a rick dick will you say -- ridiculousness to the whole nature. former secretary of state and adviser under president obama,
4:55 am
tony blinken joins us. >> good to be here. >> we were having dinner with our wives. he was talking to me about it. he said he had a great meeting with merkel and we only focus on the lack of handshake. he said i didn't shake your hand because the press told me to. angela merkel asked for a handshake and he ignored it. what does a moment like this? is it just media fodder and inconsequential? or is it more? >> it becomes symbolic of something larger. this president's emphasis is not on diplomacy. we've seen a series of incidents with a series of foreign leaders, the australians, mexican, now the german chancellor. >> the uk. >> the uk. and even more important, state department budget slashed by almost 30%. and the president likes to talk a lot about hard power, unfortunately, what we're seeing is something that is not smart power. most of the problems we're dealing with around the world
4:56 am
don't have a neat military solution. we can't do it alone. we need partners, allies. if your shortchanging them or even insulting them, it's not a good way to get the kind of partnerships we need to tackle. >> since thursday, the president has managed to anger some of our closest friends and allies, along with mexico and australia, which he had previously done. he upset the brits by quoting this fox news analyst saying the british spy agency was the one that obama had wiretap trump, completely unfunded, which the white house basically apologized to them for. germany. he tweets over the weekend that they owe vast sums of money to nato and the united states and must be paid for. germany's defense minister came out and said that's not factually accurate at all. what is the plague of fighting with our friends.
4:57 am
>> if we were to pick fights with anyone, it would be with our adversaries, not our partners. diplomacy is not something that the president is focused on. think about it this way. he has put a lot of money into the military. that's fine. but taking it away from the state department and development doesn't do us any favors. after all, a lot of things we're dealing with around the world, whether it's finding ebola, cyber hackers, terrorists, none of those has a clear military solution. all of them need partners. and if you're alienating your number one partners, countries like the united kingdom, like germany, when we need a favor for them, when we need them with us, it's going to be harder for them to say yes. >> the nato thing is a little bit banking on america's interest, right? they won't go to google and say nobody is paying anything to nato. it's about your own defense
4:58 am
spending. there's been an imbalance. that's a fact faux pas. obama, blinken, you guys were soft, capitulated to everybody. that's why isis is the way it is. not me. i'm trump. i'm new york. i'm strong. that's me. if i'm paying the bills, i'm going to tell them. people loved it. >> it comes back to this fact, yeah, you want to be strong. but you also want to be smart. you want to make sure that you're not alienating the countries you most need to be with you in the trenches when you have to fight ordeal with these problems to prevent a war in the first place. that's why some of this stuff is actually dangerous. >> do you want your friends in your corner? >> one time in history it was invoked zblsk. >> 9/11, europeans coming to our defense. >> rex tillerson doesn't like to talk to the immediamedia.
4:59 am
former exxon ceo went over asia, had a meeting with president xi of china. he used the words mutual respect. chinese media covered that meeting as a big success and big win. they called it a diplomatic victory for china. and some critics of tillerson say he left this trip looking -- leaving the u.s. looking too weak when it comes to very controversial issues like the south china sea. how do you see it? >> the chinese like to have us hopefully repeat formulas that they prefer to provide the relationship. sometimes we do. sometimes we don't. i would be much more focused on what was done, what he got accomplished and where this goes from here. number one issue on his agenda during this trip was north korea. even just this weekend we saw further progress from north korea in getting a missile, can put a nuclear warhead on that can actually reach the united states. his job is to bring countries together, south korea, japan and china, to deal with this problem. the jury is still out. xi jinping to the united states.
5:00 am
>> flatter china to the world and use harsher rhetoric behind closed doors? >> it really matters what he said behind closed doors. did he say to china, we need you with us, we need you to exert pressure on north korea. if he did that's a successful trip. >> thank you. appreciate it. following a lot of news. let's get right to it. >> we have something in common. >> highly anticipated testimony just hours away. >> president obama is owed an apology. >> what the president said was just patently false. he needs to put an end to this. >> no fisa warrant to trump tower. >> i'll tell you this. judge gorsuch will be confirmed. >> there is concern based on his record. >> democratic filibuster wil


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