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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  March 21, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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president trump trying to do what he does best. close a deal e. tiptoe past the stinging rebuke he got in now debunk claim president obama wiretapped him. more on both of that from jeff. >> we had a great meeting. i think we're going to get a winner vote. we're going to have a real winner. >> president trump on capitol hill today. desperately seeking a win on health care. it was a great meeting. terrific people. they want a tremendous health care plan. that's what we have.
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there are going to be adjustments made. i think we'll get the vote. >> but tonight the white house still isn't sure it has enough votes to pass replacement of obamacare. so the president took his case directly to house republicans. delivering a blunt message behind closed doors. one person in the room told cnn trump said this to republicans. i honestly think many of you will lose your seats in 2018 if you don't get this done. it's the first big test of whether the president can make good on a campaign trail promise while navigating one self made distraction after another. trying to move from fallout from the fbi criminal investigation into whether the trump campaign worked with the kremlin to influence the 2016 election. fbi director james comey made it clear in a house hearing monday that the investigation is open ended. >> i can promise you we will follow the facts wherever they lead. >> the president showing rare
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restraint at a rally monday night in kentucky. not mentions discredited wiretapping allegation or the russia probe. instead, he focused on health care. >> as we move toward the crucial house vote on thursday. the seventh anniversary of obamacare's very painful package, this is our long awaited chance to full-time fin rid of obamacare. we're going to do it. what's the alternative. >> reporter: the house freedom caucus, most conservative cluster in congress believe there is is a better alternative. congressman mark meadows called out personally by the president for opposition to the bill said he was more worried about rising insurance premiums than his own election. >> in the end of it, the day it is really about bringing premiums down. not about me or any member of congress. >> the cob servetive group club
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for growth running tv ads urging republicans to vote no on the health care measure. >> now congress pushing ryan care. bad idea doubling down on disaster. >> white house says the president hasn't ruled out campaigning against fellow republicans who try to block his bill. could have all ripple affect on the agenda. >> it's going be with their own voters. >> jeff joins us now. the president finished speaking to the national republican congressional and dinner, what can you tell us. >> this was a fundraising dinner for 2018 republican re-election efforts. now this is front and center on this issue. the president made clear. he said this is why you are all elected here to repeal and replace obamacare. now he has been meeting with members of congress all day long on capitol hill in the morning then this afternoon he met with 16 republican members of congress and then tonight again he is trying to use the power of persuasion. anderson as the evening draws on here, unclear if he he's brought
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anyone over to his side. our count shows 19 republicans are opposed to this. 7 are possibly leaning against it. he can only lose 21. so with about a day and a half left to go, white house know it has work left to do. >> jeff, thanks. reaction from the democratic side. spoke with house minority leader nancy my l nancy. do you think the president was lying about the wiretapping claims. >> either that or he didn't know what he was talking about. first of all, the president -- president obama would not do that. cannot do that. and he has nothing to support the claim he made. >> you said he should apologize. does it surprise you to hear the white house is standing by the claim. >> no, this is the same president who said he won the popular vote because he had 5 million people voting illegally.
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no basis for that. that he had a bigger crowd than barack obama. whatever else he had to say. >> do you think he just says these things? he says them and move on from them and never address them again. >> he's upped the anti. when you decide you're going to say ale president of the united states has wire tapped you, which you know -- which isn't true, you have invited comment. it's not this is it's no longer frivolous. this is serious and he should not have done it. he should apologize. not only to president obama, but to the american people. >> we're 60 some days in to the trump administration. if you had one word to describe the last 60 days, how would yo describe it. ineffective. they've accomplished nothing.
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defle defle deflector in chief. he hasn't produced of infrastructure bill. jobs bill. accomplished nothing. has to deflect by coming up with bans on certain religions coming into the country. when that doesn't succeed, deflect to the president of the united states wiretapping. >> in terms of the russian investigation, james clap ker said publicly when he left he was not aware of any conclusion information between the campaign and russian officials prior to january 20. he's not aware of anything after january 20. do you believe that there really is fire there. there's a lot of smoke. >> yes. >> so far, according to clapper, no fire. >> first of all, two things about clapper. he left two and a half months ago. >> the investigation had been going on apparently now. >> the investigation is continued now. b, the way it works in intelligence and this is where i -- where i was forged instead
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congress and intelligence, information might go from the cia to fbi or fbi to cia, but now going to director of national intelligence. so he might not have known. i wouldn't place a lot of weight on that. the fact is you have to have an investigation. there is reason to believe there should be an investigation. the director mentioned that yesterday. >> there's a lot of democrats putting a lot of faith that there is some fire there. that there was some sort of collusion. if it turns out it wasn't, how damaging is it for democrats. >> he didn't say collusion. he said connection. a word like that. i don't think it's damaging at all. we know there's plenty of connection. that's evident. the fact is is there any breaking of the law. the fact they cooperated is not any -- is self evident.
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russians hacked. they gave it away so it would be leaked. it was leaked in a way that was damaging to hillary clinton. that's a fact. that's a fact. >> you believe they actually have something on the president. >> i want to know because the fact is this is a matter of our national security. >> who is the leader of tv democratic party right now. >> well, president obama was the president of the united states until just a matter of weeks ago. i don't think that he can be dismissed as the leader of the democratic party. hillary clinton did not win the election, but a respected leader. we have leaders for all different as pegts of it. the democratic party is a congressional party. we have members in congress. >> on the state level. sit a party which has suffered tremendous losses in the last couple of years under president obama. >> it has. we have a plan to address that. >> that's not one standard you see as the leader of the democratic party. >> we're not in a presidential
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time. >> finally, when you think about 2020, when you think about the next presidential race, how do you think donald trump is going to make it four years? >> i don't know. it's up to him. it's up to him if he obeys the law. i'm not thinking of 2020. i'm thinking of 2018. matter of year and a half from now. more than a year and a half from now. the referendum, the first referendum on donald trump will come forward. >> madame leader, thank you very much. >> my pleasure. plenty to talk about. joining us now. just interesting, i mean i sort of asked who is the leader of the democratic party. i wonder what she's going to answer. >> kind of notable, but she -- should be fair. she's right. this isn't a presidential election year, but at the same time it speaks to the fact there is a little bit of a vacuum in
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the democratic party with president obama gone. the expectation was hillary clinton was going to win and become hillary clinton's party. now you have different people like elizabeth warren or cory booker. she's nancy pelosi is obviously somebody who would come to mind i think when you think of somebody who is a leader in the democratic party as well. it was a very telling answer, i thought. >> answer was an ellipsis. let's get back to you on that. the reason is that because obama was the president and very skilled at his job in many ways, they allowed many of the losses on the state level and let that get away from them. the party has been damaged in a huge way. >> during the election it seemed like hillary clinton spent a lot of time focusing on having this be a referendum on donald trump. clearly that didn't work out for her. is there danger for the democrats in focusing so much on russian to the exclusion of
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other things that if it doesn't actually, if there's no there there they're kind of. >> absolutely. look. maybe there's a huge scandal brewing. maybe this the watergate. most of the time, political parties when they focus on the home run, the silver bullet, the scandal. the one thing that's going to -- if we could just prove that barack obama was born in kenya. we don't have to do the hard work of actually winning elections. so this russia thing is by definition a conspiracy theory. sometimes conspiracy theories are true. i would caution democrats. you can pursue this. i think we ought to pursue this as a country to a certain degree. you can't put all your hopes and we're going to take down donald trump via scandal. you've got to do the hard work. electing people at state houses, you know, governors and also developing public policy idea. >> i think we should there's a
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lot of democrats kind of pinning hopes on grand multiheadeds hydro conspiracy of not just one person with a connection. it's some sort of massive collusion. >> i think it's more than a conspiracy theory. often suggests very little there to base it. i think there is a lot of circumstantial trails. there's a fellow here from cia yesterday that retired said look when you get 3, 4, 5, couple leads into a story, it's probably not going to go anywhere. it's much more likely to lead something. to go to you point. i think it's right. the democrats very much need a set of positive programs going forward. hillary clinton ran on a group of ideas that were fairly stale for the public. had nothing that took advantage of the technology and new world we're entering into and all that. they need a bill when the president goes up with tax code bill, what is their plan on tax
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and growth and infrastructure. sort those things out. >> i agree with that. it's been 60 days. when you're in the opposition it's easy to oppose and it's also a uniting factor. nothing unites the democrats like donald trump's tweets or james comey's testimony yesterday and i don't blame the democrats. this is serious stuff that needs to be investigated. >> the focusing on the tweets can't work during the election. >> it didn't you no. you we were talking about earlier, there is a need to take him literally because he is president of the united states and he did charge the former president of the united states with a felony, which is a serious thing, and there is an fbi director now saying there is an ongoing counter intelligence investigation which you have to talk about to the exclusion of everything else, to david's point, i agree. you can't do it to the exclusion of everything else. it would be malpractice for the democrats not to talk about. and talking about hillary clinton's e-mails and all the
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locker up crap that was going on during the campaign, didn't seem to hurt donald trump. >> also to the point of what matt is saying if you look at even what happened with the republicans where they ran against obama. they ran against obamacare. this is all they ever talked about was repealing obamacare. and then all of a sudden were in power and had no idea what to do. so now we're actually looking at something that maybe will pass. we don't even know if it's going to pass. even if it passes it's not a good plan. so it's like even if it passes, they just want to get something passed because they made this promise. it's not going to accomplish. >> there's danger not just in overreaching, but in dealing with the facts on the field. comey also said during his testimony that some of much of what has been leaked and reports is quote dead wrong. like so if you're dealing in facts that are not real, and then it comes out this was not -- the theory does not come to fruition it does damage you.
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>> didn't damage donald trump when he said hillary clinton was going to jail for her e-mails and et cetera et cetera. i'm not saying you should ride something fake. okay, but this is serious and very real. >> the problem is that a lot of this is going to go back underground. the investigations are not going to be in the news. there's nothing for them to talk about very much. they need to be a party which is looking forward. need to build a bridge. had to bring in younger people sense of the future and they don't have that. >> when you look at some of the attempts to sort of let's just take down the president. since watergate, you've had white water and monica lewinsky and the bush air national guard story and even iran contra. didn't really work. >> we're going to take a break. much more of the panel after the break. including the push to get the republicans in the house with health care bill ahead of thursday's expected vote. be right back.
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earlier tonight i spoke with a skeptic. virginia congressman. >> i am still a no vote. i am very, very confident right now there are not the votes to pass this bill as it stands. if they want to have a vote thursday, i think that's going to end up putting some egg on
6:21 pm
some folks faces. doesn't mean we're going to abandon health care reform. has to be done. can't ignore the reality of aca. third of the leaks nationwide one choice of providers therefore no choice. what i don't get is the impetus this must be done right now on thursday. some sort of do or die date. not to get it done right away. it's to get it done right. >> back now with the panel. point out they're part of the freedom caucus and they're having the most objections obviously. in terms of the last hour, president trump has gone all in on this. he has. he's out there twisting arms today. whether he -- you said you thought that he should be speaking for about the details of the bill, less about the politics of it. does he really know the interworkings of the. the bill. not saying that disrespectfully.
6:22 pm
>> i think he's different than most we've had in that regard. president reagan was famous for not knowing details. when he got into a situation like this, he knew the details. he got deeply into the budget cutting and knew the details pretty well. it's extraordinary and unusual to have the first bill out of a new president who kpacampaigned it to be in this sort of trouble. you get your first bill. your own party supports you and gathers around. the fact he's having trouble in his party, reflects the splits in the party and the fact is we have such an unusual president in the white house who has these extraordinary low aproefl ratings and having a really hard time bringing together public sport and public pressure on the congress. you haven't heard anything about calls and letters coming into the white house or coming into congress. capitol hill, what you've heard is if they go for recess in two
6:23 pm
weeks it's going to really tank the bill. they're having so much negative. >> do you think that's true. part of the push. if they go to recess. >> absolutely. no doubt about it. the other part is frankly speaker ryan and maybe correctly believes that there is very limited time to get anything done. in terms of actual days of ledge laylating. if you want to do tax reform and health care and infrastructure like basically this has to happen. and so i think it sounds great to say let's take our time and really craft a really good policy. you know, you've talked to people on the hill. they'll say there just isn't time to do it. it's do or die time. >> it was never going to look like a perfect policy. there's an gap between trump and campaign promises and what the freedom caucus would like. what i would like is probably
6:24 pm
closer to freedom caucus. i recognize you're not going to get that through both houses of congress. there has to be a replacement they have to make it through reconciliation. they're in a real bind here. wasn't going look beautiful. they were going to have that fight. i think my question was whether trump thoughts its was his fight. today he signal ds its his fight. he says i might go after you guys. people say i'm not sure he's serious about that. he loves going after fellow republicans. we've seen that happen for the past few years. >> he was joking, i think. >> i think also some of these freedom caucus members feel pretty comfortable with constituents. they know them well and have a good relationship with them. the complaints you hear from them basically this was put before everybody and they said younds love it or leave it, basically. they sort of went through this process of saying you can offer some ideas, but they weren't really interested in listening to them. part of the problem is this is
6:25 pm
really paul ryan's baby. not acting the way a leader would be acting. sort of pulling people together. >> instead he's like this is my baby. i've been waiting my whole life to do this. >> the dirty secret is the republican haves never greed on what to do about health care. very easy for them to oppose, oppose, oppose to the conversation we were having earlier. that did very well for them. now they have to come up with something and they have proposed something that nobody really loves expect for maybe paul ryan who does love it and maybe not so much, actually. you have this kind of or orphan out there everybody is trying to embrace, including donald trump. he just wants to get it done so he could just chart one win and move on to the other stuff. >> and for the last since franklin roosevelt, policy making has been president century. the president, the white house proposes in congress disposes and that's what is not happening
6:26 pm
here. it's making it paul ryan's bill i think hweakened it and made i easier for people to oppose it than if the white house came up with the idea. the president went out and rallied for it and sold it or kept the pressure. you just don't see that. >> more breaking news with former trump campaign man. senator john mccain has series concerns now to ties with former prorussian president. and an entrepreneur named sharon. its witnessed 31 crashes, 4 food fights, and the flood of '09. it's your paradise perfected with behr premium plus low odor paint. the best you can buy starting under $25. unbelievable quality. unbeatable prices. only at the home depot. e*trade's powerful trading tools, give you access to in-depth analysis, and a team of experienced traders
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more breaking news tonight. we said before we went on air tonight, senator john mccain says he has serious questionsaf russia. took steps to hide payments he received for consulting work he did. show mr. manafort shuttled money through an offshore account. he says he does not recognize the documents and did not sign them. repeatedly came up. earlier spoke to congressman on the committee and wants manafort and others to testify. i asked him if that would
6:31 pm
actually require a subpoena. >> that would obviously be up to paul manafort and his lawyers. he will along with a few others be at the top of the list of people if we did a real investigation would need to interview. >> you would be subpoenaing him if that what it would require. >> it looks like four or five people we need to speak to. if they choose not to come voluntarily, we would issue a subpoena. they may at the end of the day if they don't want to speak, they have a right not to. that would be interesting in of itself. >> manafort, stone, michael flynn, probably further conversation with jeff sessions. i don't believe he has the deep and long standing ties that the other people do, but we should be able to talk to them. >> carter page, is he somebody. >> he would be on that list, absolutely. >> oh and paul manafort joined the trump campaign in march of
6:32 pm
2016, brought years of political experience to the job including the consulting work the fbi is now looking at. brianna keeler has more. >> reporter: long before paul manafort was campaign manager or facing scrutiny for ties to russia, javr saw the con jennings floor for gerald ford. worked on ronald reagan's campaign and managed bob dole's 1996 republican convention. attempted unsuccessfully to push cli bill clinton out of white house. he was task ds with smoothing things in over ahead of the republican convention. >> there will be no floor fight. everybody is united. you saw the republican party coming together. >> the very reason he was brought on the trump campaign in the spring of 2016. faced opposition within his own party that threatened to spit over during nomination in cleveland. >> i have a fantastic people. paul manafort just came on. he's great.
6:33 pm
>> his influence was seen as threat to controversial campaign manager corey lewandowski. >> i work directly for the boss. >> that's it. you only have one guy you listen to and it's trump. >> i listen to everybody, but i have one man whose voice is louder than everybody else. >> manafort convinced trump to practice more discipline with limited success and used teleprompte teleprompters. >> i've started to use them a little bit. not bad. never get yourself in trouble. >> he implored republicans to get on board. >> build it out and this has been a steppingstone in the process. >> reporter: trump clenched the delegates needed to secure the nomination in may. by june lewandowski mantra let trump be trump was out and manafort held the reigns after counseling trump to tone down. >> at some point i'm going to be so presidential you people will be so bored. >> in mid august just three months later he too was gone
6:34 pm
amid investigation of lobbying firm for work with ukrainian political party loyal to russia. >> we've learned there's an ongoing investigation. ousted in popular revolt in ukraine in 2014. >> manafort denies any wrongdoing. the investigation is still dogging the trump white house. press secretary sean spicer trying to minimize influence. >> obviously discussion of paul manafort who played a very limited role for a very limited amount of time. >> not an accurate portrayal of manafort's royal. formerly advised mr. trump and president elect trump and despite short time leading campaign oversaw key moments as trump won delegates needed to accident occur nomination as he picked running mate miens and through the convention. >> amazing to hear sean spicer say he had a limited role for a limited amount of time. just ahead breaking news. confirmation hearing.
6:35 pm
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breaking news another front of day two on senate confirmation hearing senator neil gorsuch asked about attacks on the federal judge that blocked travel ban. >> when anyone criticizes the honesty, integrity, motives of a federal judge, well, i find that disheartening. i find that demoralizing. >> judge gorsuch you may recall said the same thing in private conversations with senator. senator richard blumenthal when public with that in early february and president trump tweeted about senator blument l blumenthal. called it a misrepresentation of the judge's remarks. now the judge has done so publicly. it's a long day in the hearing room. jessica snider has more. >> reporter: in the midst of a ten-hour day of questions. emerged of supreme court nominee who refused to be pinned down.
6:40 pm
>> when i became a judge, they gave me a gavel. not a rubber stamp. and nobody comes to my court expecting a rubber stamp. >> reporter: senators pressed judge gorsuch on views and future rulings. instead he pointed to respect out of legal opinions. >> my personal views i'd also tell you mr. chairman belong over here. i leave those at home. >> judge gorsuch rarely referenced prumpb directly, but firmly rejected the notion his nomination was based on litmus test. >> did he ever ask you to overrule roe v. wade. >> what would you have done. >> i would have walked out the door. it's not what judges do. >> democrats seized on gorsuch's decisions. they say favor big business. >> how do we have confidence in you that you won't just be for the big corporations?
6:41 pm
that you will be for the little men. >> i participated if 2007 opinions. over ten and a half years. if you want cases where i've ruled for the little guy as well as the big guy, there are plenty of them, senator. >> minnesota senator hammered into judge gorsuch for his dissent offering no sympathy to a truck driver fired after spending hours in the cold and snow at the side of the road. >> it is absurd to say this company is in its rights to fire him because he made the choice of possibly dying from freezing to death or causing other people to die by driving an unsafe vehicle. that's absurd. >> twice written and twice
6:42 pm
rejected travel ban. it's a case judge gorsuch could here if confirm. >> dominique: due process rights extend to even undocumented persons in this country. i will apply the law. i will apply the law faithfully and faeafearlessly and with reg regard. >> brilliant legal mind and commitment to constitutional principals. confirm gorsuch. seemed unflappable showed a rare moment of frustration and lemented the politics of the process. >> there's a great deal about this process i regret. i regret putting my family through this. >> but to my question. >> senator, the fact of the matter is it is what it is. >> jessica snider, cnn washington. a lot to discuss with the panel. senior analyst jeffrey toobin,
6:43 pm
also professor elizabeth price who teaches constitutional law at florida international university. >> jeff, these comments by gorsuch seem to be in line with what a lot of today seem to be about which is accomplishing gorsuch wouldn't be be holding to president trump. >> wouldn't be a rubber stamp. as he said. i have a gavel, not a rubber stamp. it was like a lot of testimony, it was prudent. careful. not extreme. not extreme criminate. it was praised for the president. i think it was the right line for what he should say. you know, he was not obligated to attack president trump, but he was also obligated to defend the judiciary, which he did. >> another memorable moment was talking about roe v. wade. were you surprised by his answer. >> i think judge gorsuch did what all supreme court nominees
6:44 pm
do. invoke the ginsburg rule. no forecast no hints. ironic because youz have the democrats on the committee seeming to suggest it would be inappropriate for the president to impose a litmus test on abortion. gorsuch slammed the door shut on that. said i wouldn't entertain the possibility of abiding by a litmus test. same time demanding a litmus test because they kept pushing him on the issue of abortion and trying to get him to prejudge the issue. which of course would acquire him under the rules of ethics to recuse himself. >> there's a thing not to have a litmus test and seem to have a litmus. >> also i think the ginsburg rule is madness. you have all these senators who have opinions on roe v. wade. obviously someone who knows constitutional law like a supreme court nominee knows what they think about roe v. wade. somehow it's supposed to be a
6:45 pm
secret. it's just crazy, but that's what democratic and republican nominees have come to say in front of the judiciary committee and gorsuch followed in that tradition. >> it's perfectly appropriate to have judges about his actual opinions on abortion and to get him to explain his reasoning and the like. the problem is judge gorsuch has no history on abortion. it kind of gets surpassed or explaining past decisions. asking him to prejudge or explain how he would rule on a future case i think is entirely inappropriate. if he had done so, there would be calls for he recusal. >> i just don't buy that at all. i think these are intelligent people who thought about these issues. we should know what they think before they're appointed. i recognize that no nominee thinks what i think about this, but i just think it's crazy.
6:46 pm
>> he did seem very calm and sort of collected tloult the entire thing. >> he has a tremendous advantage in this circumstance. he knows so much more about everything he's being asked than the senators and in a couple of times it really came back to bite him. senator du >> to bite the senators. >> yes. tried to confront him with a story that came out about a law school class le taught. one woman thought he engaged in sexual behavior in the classroom. gorsuch told the stoirp of how he taught the case of of the textbook. went on to say his mother was a pioneering mother in the colorado and completely turned the tied because he broke the cardinal rule. you never ask a question you don't know the answer to. >> in a courtroom. that's rule number one. >> applies in a hearing room too. >> professor, thanks very much. comes up tonight,
6:47 pm
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6:51 pm
authorities say trying to keep passengers safe. spoke with member of congress about the issue. decision was based on new intelligence and reality of existing intelligence. instead of details because classified, intelligence community perceived the threat to be emerging and persistent and they had to act. >> in unprecedented move department of homeland security is demanding international flights from ten overseas airports in eight mostly muslim countries ban almost all electronics larger than a cell phone from the cabin of a plane. u.k. following the united states lead will ban electronics from cabins of some flights too. there's some intelligence that shows some concern. >> united states is essentially saying they don't have full confidence in these airports in these various countries to stop
6:52 pm
bombs getting on planes. >> tonight sources tell cnn the electronic ban was not prompted by specific plot but in part by new intelligence. u.s. official tells cnn al qaeda's affiliate in yemen was perfecting techniques for hiding explosives in devices. department of homeland security says that terrorist groups continue to target commercial aviation and trying perfect mechanisms, including smuggling explosive devices in various consumer items. point to midair bombing of somali passenger plane as proof of continued efforts to target commercial aviation. sources say sophisticated laptop
6:53 pm
bomb blew a hole in that aircraft but u.s. intelligence has known for years terrorist groups vk working on this for years. why the ban now? >> one scenario is the new administration in the united states has re-evaluated entire threat stream taking into account all the intelligence that's come in over the last several years. >> ban is indefinite and unclear when it would end. airlines refuse to comply, lose certification to fly to the united states. >> thanks very much. joining me now julia kayyem, the new intelligence about hiding explosives in laptops and other devices, what have you been hearing? >> from sources and people talking to in the previous administration and this one,
6:54 pm
highly classified threat stream over the course of several months. so significant that some training and exercises, planning for the possibility this could happen occurred at white house. question is what has changed to lead this threat stream to cause enactment to dramatic measures. one is there's new intelligence, more specific and don't know about it, administration not direct about that. other is new administration has come in and looked at previous threat stream and maybe risk tolerance is lower, said look, we're going to put this ban on in the next three days. >> yeah. the rollout of this, lot of questions as to why the department of homeland security gave airlines 96 hours to comply instead of implementing immediately. >> never seen anything like
6:55 pm
this. fits no model. no specific threat yet a very hasty immediate rollout. and yet still giving people three days to implement it. fits no previous security rollout i've ever seen before. and we're dealing with global aviation community. millions of people in the air at any given moment. dramatic impact. >> and potential risk, could be dangerous to put these electronics in checked bags. >> exactly right. talking to israeli security officials who argue that you could still have a cell phone or other trigger that detonates the laptop that's actually further away from people, flight attendants or pilot being able to get the fire out. so there's going to be risks to any security measure. i think what is sort of -- the burden on this administration is to explain to the american
6:56 pm
public let alone the global community why this action, impacting millions of people, is actually linked to the threat they face. because from my perspective, if you're worried about a specific tactic, use of a laptop, then this -- wouldn't you want laptops off of all airports right? because someone can take a flight into london, get the laptop and then go direct to jfk and won't capture them in the laptop ban. one of the issues out there for all of us, lack of linkage between what may be a very serious threat and this sort of let's just say not nuanced ban that is impacting middle east and north american countries. >> juliette, thanks very much. be right back. [student] oh yeah for sure... [waitress] yeah ok
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that's it for us. thanks for watching. time to hand over to don lemon. "cnn tonight" starts right now. breaking news, late night on capitol hill with the gop's health care bill hanging in the balance. this is "cnn tonight," i'm dmchlt thanks for joining. do or die time. hours to go before house votes