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tv   New Day  CNN  March 22, 2017 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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health care or any initiative done? >> at this point, the president does not have the votes for it to pass. cnn's latest w.h.i.p. count as 19 republicans voting no and another 7 leaning against it. with so much at stake for the president's letting tiff agenda there's this blistering report out on were. suggests that >> we are in day 62 of the trump presidency. so let's begin our coverage. she is live on capitol hill. give us the latest. >> the bill goes to the house rules committee today before it's expected to go to the full house for a vote tomorrow and despite the fact that the republicans in the senate and the house sides that are calling to delay this vote, the president is pushing this to pass urgently because he wants a big win. >> there is a crucial vote for the republican party and for the people of our country.
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>> and the most important political test of his presidency yet. president trump twisting the arms of skeptical republican house members to vote yes on the bill to repeal and replace obamacare. >> the american people gave us clear instructions. it's time to get busy, get to work and to get the job done. >> the president testing out his own brand of deal making in a closed door meeting on capitol hill. gop members giving trump a standing ovation. party loyalist using threats and public shaming to sell the american health care act to his own party. the president warning house members they could lose their seats next year if the bill doesn't pass. >> there's going to be a price to be paid but with their own voters. >> president trump even calling out the chairman of the conservative house freedom
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caucus for publicly denouncing the bill. the president cautioning meadows i'm coming after you but meadows and others are still a hard no. >> there's still not enough votes to pass this particular bill. >> the president did a great job and i appreciate the president. >> even after tweaks were made to the bill to appeal to more conservative and moderate republicans. >> what i don't get is this must be done right now and thursday is a do or die day. it's not. >> the house bill needs 216 votes to pass and no more than 21 no votes from republicans. so far there are 19 republicans voting no. 7 that are still on the fence. the senate leadership and the republican leadership including senator john cornan that i spoke with yesterday are expressing confidence. they think they can get through the house and they're eeg tore get their hands on it next week. >> thank you for all of that. let's discuss it with our panel. politics editor for the root and
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professor of politics and journalism jason johnson. cnn political analyst and deputy cultural editor. great to see all of you i'll start with you. this is the first real test of president trump's powers of persuasion. he has won a couple of no votes. maybe even his charm or strong arm tactics or everything. >> what he's winning on is the fact that the republicans did very well with repeal and replace obamacare. that was their message more than anything else. they have control of the entire government in washington d.c. are they going to let this first moment going good-byes away. he can be a charismatic guy. he can go into the room and jawbone lawmakers but he also has the power to say i can go to
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your districts. i won in pennsylvania and ohio and indiana and mississippi. and i can make your life good and a whole lot of heart burn. >> the reality is they came out of that meeting and did a performance. it seems like he was unable to move the needle for two reasons. what's your reporting on, the one is that i don't know that they are respecting him the way they need to right now to just listen to a command from the commander and chief and second i don't know that the people that are no on this believe that trump understands the bill enough to be compelled. >> you know i think while trump is a very powerful messenger the person doing the leg work on this is mike pence and that's
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him. what you didn't hear yesterday is how many calls a lot of these members are getting from their district in support of their no position. this is also a caucus used to getting their way. it helped oust speaker boehner. so they have seen through their actions that sometimes when they stone wall they end up getting their way. so they really -- if you look at it from the freedom caucus perspective there really isn't a lot of incentive there in terms of their con stitch euns and recent past to change their vote other than making this president happy but if they feel like they're going to get backlash the other way going home, why would they do that? >> what do you think? >> a agree. this is partially a miscalculation on the part of president trump and partially the reality on the ground. on the one hand you woen have such a slim margin of error if the president hadn't already
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shot himself in the foot with more votes. he took republican members that would have been yes votes. he could have waited and he could have had those four votes. but the second thing is this. the consequences of this bill are going to be felt by members of congress. he isn't running again for four years. and these members are congress aren't. it's going to be something that's going to benefit them in 24 months. >> to your point is about the credibility of president trump these house lawmakers they have a policy mechanic like paul ryan that they know knows the nuisances and details. and someone that's going to go in and say i understand, we repealed, replace obamacare this funding apparatus is going to kick in and make it more accessible in these four states. this is politics. they are focused on can they vote no on this bill and go back
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this summer where they had president trump visit their district and go after them and be able to say well i haven't finally had my one shot to repeal and replace obamacare. i decided not to take it because i was holding out for details. >> i don't know that they are in the same page. what i keep hearing is those resistant on the bill. i'm not in a rush. this is a question for me. if i get this wrong, everybody is right. if nobody is saying to me get it done now. that's about trump wanting a big win, isn't it? >> republicans spent 8 years making hay off of running against obamacare. it's not like it's a loser for him. >> what president trump is also saying that is we need to do this so then we can get to the good stuff. that everybody is waiting for so
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let's get this done. that's one of the carrots that he is holding out. everyone knows that tax reform is such an easy topic to get through that's why they have done it so many times. it's not going to be any -- tax reform is going to be just as messy. just as contentious. there's just as many sacred cows when you're talking about tax reforms. it effects people's lives and not just like health care. it's a complicated issue that has stimied both parties for a number of years. if he thinks that's the land of milk and honey he has a rude awakening if and when this does get through. >> a rude awakening this morning. the wall street journal is a publication not set up to be antitrump. they say the president claims to his assertion like a drunk to an empty gin bottle. rolling out his press spokesman to make more dubious claims.
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if trump does not show more respect for the truth most americans macon collude he is a fake president. your take. >> he's not a fake president. he's living in the white house at least five days a week or so. he's the president of the united states. i think that his credibility is already shot with a large number of americans. but at the end of the day wln mr. trump juans to continue about wiretapping and make other things he can go through with. the calculation and how popular is this president in my district and do i have to worry about this wrath. some say it doesn't matter if trump has credibility and some were in some districts like look i can't afford to take a tweet from this guy so a agree with the things that the wall journal is saying but the calculations have to do with all individual members of congress. >> patrick what about the very
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idea that it was the wall street journal that gives this scathing editorial. >> it's devastating. it's devastating. my colleague said our president a liar. that is built not on partisanship but on a series of factual misrepresentations. he can dismiss the falg new york times like he likes to. >> though he's boosting the bottom line by calling them that. >> but the wall street journal has been there for decades and a lot of trump's republican allies in new york city and around the country, internationally have that. >> other questions for you. there's more news. president trump's supreme court nominee, a bright and shining
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star amidst a real source of problems. despite a marathon session of questioning in the senate. reiterating that he is his own judge saying he can rule against the president if the law required it. and renewing his criticism of mr. trump's attack on federal judges. day three of the confirmation hearing is going to get away soon. how is it shaping up so far compared to the typical pa general. >> you hit the nail on the head there quite frankly, chris. the confirmation hearing could be considered relatively uneventful except for one thing and nominating him in his continuing feud with the federal judiciary. >> there's no such thing as a
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republican judge or democratic judge. promising senators he's not a political puppet. >> i can assure you i am nobody's rubber stamp insisting he will hold anyone accountable even president trump. >> no one is above the law. that includes the president of the united states. >> criticizing the judges. >> the motives of a federal judge. i find that disheartening. i know the truth. anyone including the president of the united states, anyone is anyone. >> president trump seemingly responding to the nominee's statement at a republican fund-raiser last night. >> somebody said i should not criticize judges. okay. i'll criticize judges. to keep criminals and terrorists out of our country. >> judge gorsuch stating he has not revealed to president trump
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how he would rule on his most controversial actions like his travel ban. >> the best thing the president could do for his muslim ban is to make sure that he has gorsuch on the supreme court before the appeals. get to that point. >> a lot of people say a lot of silly things. my grandfather -- >> his congressman wants you on the court so you can uphold a muslim ban. >> he has no idea how i rule in that case. >> in that interview. >> did he overrule rowe v. wade. what would he have done if he had asked. >> meantime democrats seizing on
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the judge's decision they say favor big business. >> i rule for the little guy as well as the big guy, there are plenty of them. >> aggressively questioning him for ruling in favor of a trucking company instead of a driver they fired for abandoning his cargo. it is absurd to say this company is in it's rights to fire him because he made the choice of possibly dieing from freezing to death. or causing other people to die possibly by driving around in a safe vehicle. that's absurd. >> members of the judiciary committee are taking full advantage of their tun to try to get the judge on the record on some of the hot button legal issues with limited success, by the way, and the questioning went on for more than ten hours yesterday. the judge will be back on
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nobody comes to my court expecting a rubber stamp. >> judge gorsuch came off a little bit like he was running for president. >> he is a sound bite machine. >> he is a sown bite machine. stressing judicial independence from the man that nominated him. how did it hold up to scrutiny. professor, you do have he liz be -- elizabeth warren making an attempt to hold off on gorsuch before we figured out the fbi
3:20 am
investigation. unlikely. the political play obvious. can the democrats not vote for gorsuch? >> yeah, they cannot vote for him but they missed their chance last year this woen have happened if president obama used the powers at his disposal but it looks likely that they can filibuster and complain and there's nothing they can do about this and from a p.r. standpoint he did a good job of making himself seem reasonably and pleasant and kind. >> there's still so much bitterness about how the garland thing was handled that democrats are dug in but to what end? >> not only bitterness at that hearing but bitterness among their base and they're receiving a lot of pressure to make hay of this from those outside of the
3:21 am
capitol an that's where they are. politically it isn't necessarily bad for democrats to be doing this. will this deny him the seat? i don't think so at all. >> this is the best kind of grilling to get if you have to be grilled by anyone in congress because there's an understanding that you don't have to speak to the merits of whatever you're being asked about. they're giving that allowance and we have seen it play out time and time again as a farce. men and women get on the bench and become exactly what you suspected them as politically but how did he come off relatively to what we have seen in the past? >> not only speaking to the incredible prep and talking points that every supreme court nominee has given but he has just a natural command and frankly stage presence when he is sitting there. he has actual charisma that he is able to give off but his intelligence shown through, his good humor in moments but also he knew when to say i'm going to
3:22 am
be independent from president trump. i'm going to rule against him if needs be but i'm also not going to answer, you know, questions on precedent. i'm not going to talk about rowe v. wade. >> he does have some rulings that democrats should never be in line with but they didn't get to the heart of the rulings. but they he are chosen for a meeting. president trump knew exactly what he was getting and the democrats had their moment and their nuclear option last year and they decided not to go down that road. >> so jason let's switch gears now to a new wrinkle in the investigation into whether or not there's ties between the trump campaign and russia. this lawmaker released what he says are new financial documents
3:23 am
that repeal that paul manafo manafort laundered money based on his work. so that got the attention of john mccain and lindsey graham and i suppose the fbi. what are we to make of this? >> at this point there's fewer russian operatives on the americans than the trump administration. this is ridiculous but at the end of the day it doesn't matter. until lindsey graham and john mccain and several other senators start saying there need to be consequences for these kinds of connections it's all a bunch of screaming, yelling and food stomping. at this point you had so many different people with these connections but we convenient a lot of firings or consequences so i thits a lot of unnecessary hammering but until there's consequences. until president trump himself has to testify and say look this is what i did or did not know
3:24 am
none of this is really going to matter. >> let's listen to what mccain said. >> i have serious questions about some of the people around the presidential campaign. there were people with close ties to the russians and including an individual that was paid large sums of money by the russian stooge. >> are you talking about paul manafort. >> him and his relations. >> the white house did the democrats a favor with flynn. you can argue they didn't need to but they did. do you think they'll be able to make a real case which won't mean anything anyway.
3:25 am
>> if they make it as a partisan issue maybe it doesn't matter as much. but the problem lies to your point earlier about trump's credibility. i think it was just a day or two ago he was trying to say that paul manafort wasn't a major part of the campaign. he was campaign manager. >> chairman. >> chairman. different title but the same function. that's not true. he was closely affiliated with the came pain and when you're talking about paul manafort it's not a good day for the white house or republicans that have to answer questions about paul manafort because they don want to. >> it was worse to be honest. i have not seen the facts that back up the allegations. i get that it doesn't smell good but to take that next step legally i vn seen it. to try to trivialize that guy that was the save wror going into that convention he made phone calls and totally righted
3:26 am
the ship. >> just delegates and they put together a descent convention and this is a worse moment. yes you have mccain sticking it to trump and keeping that concern out there very much about what paul manafort did and then for sean spicer to come out, you know on to the podium and yes he is carrying president trump's water and saying things that the president wants him to say but to go down the alice and wonder land rabbit hole it's a credibility killer. >> just to the point about spicer when spicer said there was nothing there that's the first time i got calls from democrats backstage saying maybe there's something there. >> we'll talk much more about
3:27 am
him in a few minutes. thank you very much. >> now to a very legitimate issue a terror threat triggering tough new airline security measures. did you hear that passengers are going to be banned from carrying on electronic devices from certain countries. the reason why is a scare part. we have it for you in a live report next. sue your dreams. at vicarious visions, i get to be creative, work with awesome people, and we get to make great games. ( ♪ ) what i like about the area, feels like everybody knows each other. and i can go to my local coffee shop and they know who i am. it's really cool. new york state is filled with bright minds like lisa's. to find the companies and talent of tomorrow, search for our page, jobsinnewyorkstate on linkedin. what's wrong? ready or you're not. search for our page, i got ten new guys starting tomorrow. ten? paul, pauline... is pauline a guy? sorry. mike, mike, mike and mike. michelle. okay, you need uniforms, work gloves, goggles, hard hats,
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built for business. >> we are following breaking news right now. north korea firing another missile but this one exploded within seconds of launch. they're working with south korea to determine what type of missile was used and why it failed. this comes four days after they boasted they were testing a new rocket engine that it called a great laep forward in the missile program. >> recent intelligence finds an al qaeda affiliate was honing techniques so now they're banning those in some areas only from the middle east and africa.
3:32 am
have to tell you it was carrie in terms of the capables we're looking at but why those areas? >> there's a lot of concern about these and let's put up a list of where the impact is coming from? and it's growing. the list of countries. the concern is that terrorists could somehow get into and get devices past airport screening that these airports in these places may not have the screening technologies and the security in their crews that is satisfactory to the united states. we can also show you 50 plus flights a day now effected by this and what we don't know right now is whether it will grow further. whether other countries will be added. the u.k. and u.s. stepping into this now and restricting flights. what is the threat? the u.s. believes there's new intelligence and existing intelligence about terror groups trying to put explosives into
3:33 am
batteries on items like laptops so they are safer, the u.s. says if those laptops go into the baggage hold and you can have some kind of manual detonation of a device in mid flight. president trump swore he would repeal and replace obama. how does that compare to mr. trump's campaign promises? that's next. kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin trusted advice for life. kevin, how's your mom?
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>> president trump's political capital on the line ahead of a vote on the gop health care bill. how does that plan compare to the health care promises the president made before he took office? in one washington post interview days before the inauguration? you may remember the president saying this. we're going to have insurance for everybody it was a philosophy in some circles that
3:38 am
if you can't pay for it you don get it. that's not going to happen with us except it is under the bill before the gop right now let's discuss with ben ferguson and cnn political commentator and former ohio state senator. we start with you on this. this is a battle agent health care for those that can't afford it what do you think about the president's ability to sell this bill to the gop. >> i wish he would take a step back because there's a difference between what is actually in this bill and what mr. trump sold to the american people while campaigning and they made it very clear that 14 million americans in this country by next year will lose their health care insurance and up to 24 million by 2026 and
3:39 am
this is more about republicans being true to their word about repealing obamacare than it is about securing health care for all americans in this country and they need to slow it down and walk this back lots of people will be hurt by this proposal. >> putting the merits aside for a moment i'm talking about his ability to sell it. we're hearing from lawmakers on the fence or saying if they're leaning no on this that they don see trump as on the same page with him when it comes to health care. they don't see him as an expert when it comes to health care policy. i'm going to keep everybody covered i don't care what they say, how could that effect the dialogue now? >> it could effect the dialogue. what you're seeing is a grand debate and bargaining on both sides.
3:40 am
there's one thing which is what does the president want and what can you actually get past and where can you get the votes? you're seeing the republicans saying hey, we're not just going to lay down on thursday. you're going to give us r more and this is what he is good at but let's also be clear about something here. you just heard the cbo numbers that's not accurate. what they said was there will be people, lots of people, millions that will choose not to purchase health care because the penalty and the tax will go away. there are individuals that will
3:41 am
say i'm going to be irresponsible and roll the dice and choose not to purchase health care. there's also when the people say the president needs to slow down here and realize he's going to hurt a lot of people. there's already americans being hurt by obamacare which will implode if nothing is done. many americans have health coverage right now that is meaningless to them unless they have a catastrophic emergency. i'm one of them. my family is on obamacare. i buy on the exchange. our plan is meaningless until there's 13,000 out of our own pocket so i basically don have health care until $13,000. who cares what the card looks like. it's worthless. >> that's true. high deductible. >> but this is a hard issue because it's filled with misinformation. they won't take care but he's ignoring the fact that they also say that millions of people who need their medicaid money given to them will lose again i want
3:42 am
to put up there what the president has been saying a lot of which you should be okay with. insurance for everybody, cheaper plans, lower premiums. the question with that is always how, no changes to medicaid and then there's the across state lines false promise which is called phase three we'll deal with another day but democrats could have gotten behind all three of these. they're just not in this bill. >> no, they're not. to the point again there's flesh and blood tied to this and there's no doubt that obamacare or the affordable care act needed to be fixed but what the republicans are proposing will devastate millions of americans so he can be flippant about how he is framing this but i talked to those that say their loved
3:43 am
ones will die unless they have strong health care. president trump did campaign and said he would make it better and throwing millions of people off of medicaid, we're talking about poor people and disabled people and that's not what they voted for. he said that everybody was going to have health care in this country and the bill as proposed does none of the above. >> i have to go but quick but for you. >> this is the sad part about the debate. you had people terrified which is i'm going to die. people will be thrown off of medicaid. that's not accurate. that is not accurate. the numbers do not support your claim. >> let minimum finish his point. >> first off you have the freedom caucus and many congressmen that helped get the legislation and will give bigger
3:44 am
subsidies to people on these issues on medicaid. we saw that is put into the bill. the idea that you're going to die because of this is absurd. give me a direct example of an individual where if this passes they automatically pull the plug on them and they die because they don't have some coverage. that's just a lie and fear mongering. >> the people that said that to me are lying about their circumstances. >> i would say they have misinformation. there's not a doctor out there that's saying that. if this was true doctors would be coming out all over the country saying this plan will hurt health in this country. >> the american college of physicians just said that. >> let's leave the debate there. there's no question that people are coming out saying if you pull care away it could have dyer effects on them. let's see what happens when they take this vote. thank you very much.
3:45 am
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>> it was originally taken by the director of a popular tabloid newspaper in mexico. but sean spicer did have fun with the press about the jersey finally being recovered. >> and by the way i am very happy that the individual in the press core who took tom brady's jersey that that has been returned properly. another bad on the press but we have righted that wrong. thank you this is a super bowl xli jersey and vaughn millers helmet, super bowl 50 were also found. for the first time ever team usa will be playing in the classic. u.s. will now play puerto rico
3:50 am
in the championship game tonight in dodger stadium. puerto rico undefeated in this year's tournament and chris this is the 4th world baseball classic. amazingly the u.s. has never finished better than 4th. we already beat that. hopefully we bring home the title tonight. >> have to tell you i was surprised by that. don't love them. don't love them at all. he could have taken a shot at the press and mexico. unusual. unusual. >> thank you very much. >> the podium in the briefing room is more like an island for white house press secretary sean spicer. spicer continues to defend the president's claims. how bad is this for his own credibility? we discuss. how do you become america's best-selling brand? you're not going to make it. do you think you can make it?
3:51 am
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sean spicer is under fire saying loads of demonstrably false things.
3:55 am
they asked him what he would do if the president wanted him to say something he knew was false. >> if it was false, no, i would explain to the president here's why this doesn't make sense. >> joining us now -- >> unless -- i think we edited that. >> that dangling part. joining us now is the author of ask more, open doors, uncover solutions and media and public affairs. great to see you. >> good to see you. >> let's remind everyone of spicers spectrum. let's go back to the day after the inauguration which was the first time that we saw spicer in action saying something from the podium. this was the very first press briefing. it was so outrageous it was false. it was about crowd size. >> this was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration period both in person and around
3:56 am
the globe. >> okay. that was january 21st. now not much has changed because you fast forward to this week and what spicer said to the podium. listen to this. >> so frank you have covered a million different presidential campaigns and lots of different press secretaries. they all spin so how different is what spicer is doing? >> well, there's a big difference between spinning and misrepresenting reality and why it's why when i interviewed sean spicer at george washington university that was ten days after the inauguration and i was determined to ask him at the time how are you going to measure your own credibility? do you understand it's the only currency that you have and that currency is going to go way past your time at the white house and when you stand out there at the podium you're speaking to the
3:57 am
press but also to the american people and to the world. and i understand words matter and since then we have seen a repe repeated case and they're both falling into this trap. and the words don't match with the reality around them. and that you pay a heavy price for overtime. it's how you become a characteru rerks. >> can he get his respect back? >> i'm careful with the l word lie and there's a lot of talk about whether that gets thrown around too much or not in the media because to me lie there needs to be an intent. you can falsely state something or be inaccurate and spin and
3:58 am
exaggerate. in any case when you do it repeatedly and we have seen that you're creating the sense that you're disconnected from reality and when you go out to that podium and that's your business. part of the business of the white house press secretary is to presen for the president. he has to advocate for the president. that's the terrible place that sean spicer finds himself because this is a president that will tweet at whatever time in the morning that barrack obama tapped his phones. and there's no evidence to support that. used to be that the white house and the president and the others were the first to insist on accuracy even when they were spinning and making political points. >> aren't those press briefings always a heavy dose of political theater? i don't know what the reporters in there, they know that they're being spun. it's all this dance.
3:59 am
>> there's no press briefing like the white house press briefings. the state department and defense department. those are really very serious policy based briefings and the press secretaries to spokesmen come out with written guidance. the white house is and always has been -- when i first started covering the white house in the 1980s it was a circus. now it's a 12 ring circus but it was a circus. reporters are trying to make their points and they come from all over on the spectrum and he's standing his grounds trying to make his point and this is something completely different. the damage this is doing to accuracy and truth and the american people and those who are watching can they bank on what they're hearing. it's not anything like we have seen before. >> frank says no. appreciate the depth of perspective as always. >> it's my pleasure. >> all right. thanks to you, our international viewers for watching us here on new day. for you cnn newsroom is next.
4:00 am
for our u.s. viewers it's a lot of news. let's get after it. >> president trump was here to do what he does best. to close the deal. >> thursday's crucial vote, to finally repeal and replace the disaster known as obamacare. >> there's not the vote to pass this bill. >> there's a price to be paid with their own voters. criticizes a federal judge. i find that disheartening. >> how do we have confidence. it won't just be for the big corporations. >> a good judge doesn't care about politics. how bad is the white house's credibility issue. >> there is no collusion. we had to talk to mr. manafort. i don't know how you could convince everybody that your campaign chairman is a limited role. this is new day. >> welcome to your new day. we begin with president trump's deal making getting tested like never before. the gop plan to


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