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tv   New Day  CNNW  March 23, 2017 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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government, not a fact. b distributed inappropriately not a fact. it's leaked. that's illegal. that does not suggest it was connected illegally. >> i don't think it was collected illegally and i never alleged that and nunes never alleged that. >> excuse me. >> nunes did not allege it was collected illegally and i did not. the question is if it is collected illegally it can still be problematic and we can still examine the powers and how they deal with the incidental collection of surveillance on american citizens. >> last word phil. >> smoke screen. we have a conversation about the violation of the integrity of elections by the russians and what do people that don't want that investigation to proceed say? we have to discuss leaks that existed since the beginning of this country. excuse me, the russians interfering in elections is the story. the leaks is a federal violation for which somebody should be thrown in jail. >> a agree with both of those things and it's 7:01 so we can
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talk about the leaks more when we get off air. >> mary catherine, phil, thank you for the debate and thanks to our international viewers for watching. for our u.s. viewers new day cons right now. >> trump associates and the russians coordinating the release of information damaging hillary clinton's campaign. >> they have seen zero evidence of collusion. >> there was incidental collection. >> he'll need to decide whether he's chairman of an independent investigation or chairman of the white house. >> no longer does the congress have credibility to handle this alone. >> i appreciate the fact that they found what they found. >> the process in the house reminds me of what happened with obamacare. >> he is a one term president if this passes. we're trying to save him. >> there's a lot of details to workout. >> british police made arrests
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outside of the house of parliament. the attacker was once investigated by mi-5 for violent extremism. the attack may be isis inspired. we're going to have a lot more on this developing story but first we have new reporting on the fbi's investigation on the trump campaign's ties to russia. cnn has learned the bureau has information that some of the associates may have coordinated to release damaging information about hillary clinton's campaign. >> also there's growing questions about whether the house intelligence committees investigation into russia is now compromised after it's chairman went correctly to the president with new surveillance information that he said he had. all of this as the show down over health care is in the final hours with republicans still at this moment divided it's driving
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the reporting. what is new. >> u.s. officials tell them that the fbi has indication that indicates that associates and possibly coordinate the release of information damaging to hillary clinton's campaign. the fbi director on monday made this bombshell announcement before congress that the fbi is investigating the trump campaign's ties to russia. the fbi is now reviewing that information which includes human intelligence, travel business and phone records and accounts of in person meetings. that information is raised intelligence committee investigators that coordination and some officials cautioned us and inconclusive and the investigation is on going. the fbi would not comment nor
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would the white house and any evidence of collusion. >> when he testified in front of that committee on monday. >> what this does is explain a little bit of what he was talking about. >> a credible allegation of wrong doing or reasonable basis to believe that america maybe acting as an agent of a foreign power. >> the information in hand suggests quote people connected
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to the campaign were in contact and eight piered that they were giving the thumbs up to release information when it was ready. other u.s. officials that spoke to us say it's premature to draw the inference from that information gathered so far because it's largely circumstantial. the fbi cannot conclude that the information took place but the information they have is now obviously the focus of this investigation as to whether or not any collusion actually took place. >> all right and is this still about the four names that you put out there with other reporters early on? it's just about what the nature of their communication? >> well, as far as the coordination part we don't know exactly who is being investigated but we do know as you mentioned that the fbi hasn't already been investigating four former trump campaign associates. michael flynn, paul manafort with contact with russians known to u.s. intelligence. all four men denied improper
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contacts and what is interesting here is that one of the obstacles that the fbi now faces in finding this conclusive evidence is that communications between the trump associations and russians has ceased in recent months given all the public focus on russia's ties to the trump campaign and some of the russian officials changed their methods of communications making it all that more difficult for the fbi to monitor the situation. >> thank you for sharing all of your new reporting with us this morning. we'll obviously follow it throughout the show. >> now to another top story the political battle intensifying over the president's spying claims. house intel chairman revealed that the trump transition teams private communications may have been intercepted by u.s. intel agencies monitoring foreign officials. nunes decided to brief the president before telling his own democratic colleagues on the committee. so is that congressional investigation now compromised? joe johns is live at the white house with more.
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what have you learned joe? >> well, think about it. you have the federal investigation, evan perez was just talking about. that's on going. the eyes of the nation focused on how the republican congress is handling the investigation on it's own and then the republican chairman of the house intelligence committee essentially doing an end run around established procedures. raising questions about the ability of this committee to be fair and impartial. >> house intelligence committee chairman stunning washington. >> i thought it was important for the president to know this. >> rushing to the white house to warn president trump that communication involving members of his transition team may have been picked up through normal incidental surveillance. all conducted. >> it does appear like his name and others ended up into intelligence reports. most people would say that's
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surveillance. >> nunes himself under fire for going to the media before briefing democratic members of the house intelligence committee. >> we can't have a presidential whisperer. >> seizing on nunes statements. >> there's a lot of questions his statement raises. >> the top democrat responding to the republican chairman's actions for potentially points higher -- politicizing russia's interference in the last election. >> the chairman will need to decide whether he is the chairman of an independent investigation into conduct which includes allegations of potential coordination between the trump campaign or russians or a surrogate of the white house because he can't do both. >> do you feel vindicated?
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>> i some what do. >> nunez has said and said yesterday that none of this lends any credence to the already discredited notion which was promoted by president trump that president obama wiretapped and by the way in an interview with time magazine that occurred right after all of these revelations yesterday you know today is different than wiretapping. it's just a good description but wiretapping was in quotes. what i'm talking about is surveillance. so the president once again weighing in on his assertion on tw twitter. >> there's no proof that anyone in his administration was
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targeted by any type of surveillance. thank you for the reporting. appreciate it. so now to the other big story, should have been dominating today frankly. health care, the house is expected to hold a cliff hanger vote in just hours on the gop's plan to repeal and replace obamacare. i say expected because they haven't announced a time yet and that maybe a window into the concern and the deep divisions that are still going on within the party. does trump have the vote for it to pass? cnn's whip count has 28 republicans saying they will vote against it or are still leaning that way. that takes us to suzan live on capitol hill. what's the state of play? >> that the house is preparing for this vote late tonight but as you mentioned there's really no deadline and that is intentional because we don know how this is going to go. there are new issues at play here. whether or not health insurance must require things like maternity care, prescriptions,
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hospitalizations, mental health and these are all concessions to conservatives to get on board. >> president trump trying to unite republicans behind thelth care act. >> there's still a lot of details to workout. >> after vowing to vote no, the chairman of the house freedom caucus now says he could close the deal with the white house. >> to say that we have a deal that wouldn't be accurate. the president and i came to an agreement in principle. >> conservatives want to strip the obamacare provision of essential health benefits. something they say will lower the cost of premiums but satisfying these conservatives could mean jeopardizing support from more moderate republicans. >> we feel like we're getting really close. >> house speaker paul ryan huddling with moderate republicans behind closed doors who are angered by some of the proposed changes. a key figure in the moderate pool, representative charlie dent delivering a blow declaring
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he will oppose the plan saying in a statement, i believe this bill in it's current form will lead to the loss of coverage and make insurance unaffordable for too many americans. the white house though remains optimistic. >> we're seeing tremendous support flow in our direction. >> in a final effort to sink the bill, billionaire brothers pledging millions of dollars to help reelect republicans that vote against the bill the house rules committee is set to issue an emergency rule that allows changes to the bill before it goes to the full house floor if the republicans don't have the votes to get this through the house all eyes will be on the republican leadership to see whether or not they will delay this vote tonight allison.
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>> okay. let's see if we can get more answers right now because joining us is republican congressman of florida. he is a member of the freedom caucus. good morning congressman. >> i'm doing well. >> how will you be voting? >> i'm still a no. >> why are you a no after the chairman says the president gave some important concessions to your group? >> well, that was last night. i haven't heard the final details. we're still open for negotiations. we look forward to having more discussions today on the health care bill and that's why i think you don't see a vote. there is still time and this is something we all want. we want to fix health care in this country. the affordable care act is imploding and it's going to throw people off. insurance premiums have gone way up. the problem with the current bill is it doesn't go far enough without getting rid of the affordable care act and history has a way of repeating itself and if i look back to jimmy
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carter that started in the department of education, ronald reagan ran on getting rid of the department of education. he missed that mark and that's where we're at right now we have to get rid of this and fix health care for the american people. >> what was it that mark meadows likes about it? >> i haven't talked to mark since last night. i know we were talking up to 10:00. some of the things we were looking for is getting rid of the essential health benefits that someone was talking about just previously. >> that was a concession that the president promised. >> well again i haven't gotten the final report. >> okay but if it was -- if the president made that deal and said yes then are you a yes vote? >> if mark okays that and we're in agreement i would be close tore yes but i can't comment on that until i read what's in the final offer. >> let's talk about that in case
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it happens, okay? if the deal is that you get rid of the essential health benefits then what do you say to people that say well i need mental health care? that's a loss to then perhaps your constituents or voters that say i rely on some of the health benefits. >> if you go back to prior to 2009 people had access to that stuff. you have your community health clinics which is over 13,000 in the country that the government funds that does primary care. they have referral services. that care is out there and there's a false narrative that if we do away with this people are going to lose coverage. nobody wants that. nobody is working to do that. we want to make sure that there's access to coverage and then if you look at where the majority of the people went, they went on medicaid and historically if you compare medicaid, the outcome of service to other parts of the industrialized world it has some of the worst performing outcomes.
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over 80,000 more deaths attributed to medicaid care and we want people to have access but more importantly we want them to have access to quality care and we want to make sure that we get that. >> we have been debating this for weeks now. access versus coverage. this isn't a false narrative that people would lose coverage. this is what the cbo said. other groups have looked at this and said that under the current republican plan is people would lose coverage. >> a lot of them were people that lost coverage under the old plan. i lost my health care when the affordable care act went in so i went into a different program this is about freedom. one that meets the needs of my
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family. this is where i think we missed the mark on this and that's where we're trying to get back to. >> let's move on for a moment to there's so much news this morning and there's so many it's about russia. cnn learned that the fbi has information that some of the president's campaign associates may have coordinated with russian operatives to release the damaging information about hillary clinton's campaign what is your reaction to the implications of this? >> my reaction is this. as you said they have information. so we'll take that as information that may have, that's kind of a conjecture so i'm going to wait until they do their investigation. what i can -- i feel comfortable and confident about is the investigation will happen and this will lead somewhere and that will take us down a path we'll have to explore and i always said that, you know, if
4:18 am
there's wrong doing we need to hold those that created that wrong doing accountable. >> let's talk about that investigation because as you know this morning there's some suggestion that the congressional investigation may be compromised because the chairman of the committee doing some of the investigating, nunes, went to the president with information that he had on surveillance and the press before his own committee colleagues and now people like john mccain are saying that makes that whole investigation tainted. >> allison i haven't read that report and i don't want to weigh in on that because i don't feel like i am informed enough to give you a response on that. >> let them follow this up the way it should be. >> do you have any problem with nunes having alerted the president to information that he had. >> again i haven't read what he has said and what he hasn't. >> you know he did that.
4:19 am
he gave a press conference. so are you comfortable with that protocol that people say he broke that he went to the president with information when he is supposed to be investigating associates of the preside president? >> he is a man of character and high integrity and i haven't had the chance to talk to him. i have a lot of trust and faith in him so he did whatever he did for the right reasons and if we're going to go down that road look at what bill clinton did with loretta lynch. >> how far back do you want to go? >> that's right. we keep going back and forth. >> let's leave it there. >> health care we have a nation to save and that's what i want to focus on. >> please come back when you know exactly how you are voting later today. >> thank you. >> thank you, ma'am. >> point is right. it would be easier to fix health
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care if the american people could believe what is coming out of the government. growing calls for an independent investigation on russia ties. democrats, the house intel chair is compromised. that's what they say. congressman joins us next. ♪ hey allergy muddlers are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec® zyrtec® starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec®. muddle no more®. try rhinocort® allergy spray for powerful nasal allergy relief. won't replace the full value of your totaled new car.
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>> house republicans are deeply divide over their party's plan to overhaul health care ahead of tonight's big vote there hasn't been one set yet. they have 28 saying they're going to vote against it or at least leaning that way. how did the democrats feel specifically about what has been done in the last few hours? literally the last day to make the bill more attractive we're going to talk about flynn and the russia allegations. we're going to not make it mandatory to cover mental health and prenatal care because not
4:25 am
everybody needs it. why price up the plans. are you okay with that? >> no, i'm not they're making the bill worse than it was before. mental health is very important. opioid treatment very important. so the way insurance works of course is that you have the provisions and if you need them you need them. other people may need them and you may not need them so. >> people say i don't want to pay for it. i don't need it. i should only pay for it if i need it. that will keep my costs down. what's your answer? >> i don't agree with that. i don't think that's accurate let me just tell you this. it boils down to people being thrown off of their insurance. that's major. i listen to the arguments this morning and they talk about
4:26 am
everything but. and 24 and to this country that is some of my colleagues to accept something people not to have insurance. and not to be able to be covered. it seems to me that's a moral issue and uses a phenomenal amount of people thrown off medicaid. a senior still having to pay more money and then tax rates of course to people who really don't need them and at the same time not guarenteeing what the president said and that was that
4:27 am
we would have lower cost insurance, more quality insurance. doesn't seem like any of that is coming forward. the republicans definitely want a bill but i asked my colleagues right now to look at the moral issues here and i do not think that history will smile upon us if we throw 24 million people off of their insurance. >> let's see what happen with the vote. appreciate getting you on the record with that one. so have you ever heard of the chair of an independent committee doing what nunes just did. some information that wasn't new but going around the committee. >> we would have never allowed that to happen they have
4:28 am
information most members of congress will never see so you expect them to be extremely confidential. and to investigate it. >> to give them information. basically what he has done is he has put a cloud over his own investigation and he has become the subject of the investigation he and i served on the committee together. if nunez wants to know how to conduct himself he needs to look at him. >> you want to bring michael flynn in for questioning, why? >> flynn has lied over and over
4:29 am
again. we are asking for the department of defense and fbi and others to give us anything he has had with the russian government and with russians and others because he lied to us over and over again and we want to see what his relationship was. we want to know what the president knew when he appointed him as security adviser and we want to know if flynn did not reveal the information on his dpumts to the department of defense and others why he didn't because if he failed to do it it's a criminal offense so following where the evidence goes we expect to have information soon. >> that would be a big development. always a pleasure, sir. >> thank you. >> allison.
4:30 am
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>> we have breaking news right now. british police making 8 arrests in connection with yesterday's deadly terror attack in london outside of the house of parliament. teresa may confirming the attacker was once investigated for violent extremism. live in birmingham england with the latest. >> what we're learning is that he was investigated by british intelligence services that they decided at that time some years ago he hasn't and wasn't on the radar if you will. outside of the premises where three men were take anway in the middle of the night. we're about 100 miles from london it's one of the six locations where overnight police have raided premises now
4:35 am
arresting so far 8 people. not clear if they're all directly involved as is the case in these situations. we're expecting a statement by the police here. it took about an hour and a half in the middle of the night. the police used a battering ram to gain entry to the building. >> they are fully operation gnat at this time and believed to have been inspired by isis. president trump is standing by his controversial wiretapping claims in a new issue. the president was asked is there anything different about making these kind of predictions without having the factual
4:36 am
evidence as president. mr. trump answered i'm a very instinctual person but my instinct turns out to be right. we want to bring in the editor and chief. we have a couple more things from this new time magazine. very revealing interview that's just been published. about those wiretapping claims, the reporter asked the president anything you want to say about that or wish you hadn't said? here's what he says. when i say wiretapping it was in quotes. wiretapping and it's just a description. the wiretapping was in quotes. what i'm talk about is surveillance. john? wiretapping was not in quotes. what does that even mean? >> the president of the united
4:37 am
states is trying to draw distinctions to make his false claims seem rooted in something resembling fact thanks to a rogue action by nunes which is going to cause a number of problems down the road. words have meaning. particularly from the president of the united states and his instinct to try to stay i din mean exactly what i said not only speaks to the persistent credibility gap around the administration but the fact that it's rooted in this president. they were surveilling the russian ambassador for just talking to him and he got swept up. they had every reason to know that this was going on and yet the president tweeted as if it were something else that he was talking about and that's what has caused a lot of what he did.
4:38 am
do you think this is new the way he says the idea that they might have been getting caught up in surveillance which is exactly what they already knew about flynn? >> right whether they knew about it or whether trump himself knew about it i'm not sure because it's pretty clear to me that the wiretapping thing came from a specific media source and that's how he was getting that information. >> get it right. you can have a valid case but get it right and we can have that conversation. >> she is on to something. >> the whole get it right first thing. >> get it right. >> now that rev la toir. >> no the point is that in this new article when asked what his sources are, the president says look i have articles saying that it happened. i have articles saying it happened but you have to take a look at what they -- they just
4:39 am
went out at a news conference. he also says it happened in a news conference and i don't know, i was unable to see it he says though he did know about the news conference but my point is about the articles. the president can go to the primary source. he can go to the cia and head of the nsa and head of the fbi but he prefers to read articles or watch fox news as we know. >> look he's not your cranky retired uncle. he's the president of the united states. he has access to all the intelligence information directly. >> or both. >> but the difference would be your cranky retired uncle with access from the intelligence community. if he prefers out of laziness or whatever other motivation to repeat what he sees in passing on tv or news sources that's fundamentally not responsible. he has to hold himself to a higher standard. it is frankly pathetic that he's repeating things he hears in
4:40 am
passing rather than relike on the primary sources that he almost exclusively has access to. >> what do you think? just quickly because we don't have a lot of time but what's your take on nunez and what should happen now. >> i don't know what the next step is that becomes a conflict. >> thank you for that and coming up on new day we'll have the time magazine reporter that just did this very revealing interview with president trump and what he this abonks about t findings. >> the house intel committee chairman she says he is deeply compromised and she questions whether or not there can be a fair investigation of trump's campaign ties to russia. a democratic member of that committee joins us next. ( ♪ )
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>> so did the house intelligence chairman compromise his committee's investigation into the trump campaign ties to russia when he went around the committee and briefed the press and the president about what he had just learned? let's talk to a democratic member of the intel committee. california congressman. now congressman let's give nunes his best defense which is i learned about this, i thought it was fundamentally important and new for the commander and chief soy went to the press and i went to him. i don't see what's wrong with that. your take.
4:45 am
>> he's not the president's lawyer and he betrayed the independence that our committee must show. he should have brought the evidence that he had to our committee. he never should have taken it to the president whose campaign is under federal criminal investigation right now and this is all the more reason that we need an independent commission to get to the bottom of this. the this cannot be conducted in congress and the impartial independent way the american people are expecting. >> i want to talk to you about what seems evident of his motivations. let's get to the main question. what are you going to do about it? you can't remove him. you're not the party in power. what is the ability to make anything change even after what nunez did? >> we wrote the bill that calls for an independent bipartisan commission. we would get to the bottom of what happened if any u.s. persons were responsible particularly tied to the trump campaign and what can we do to make sure that we're never in this mess again. we have one republican on board. we need more republicans now to
4:46 am
come forward and the attorney general had to recuse himself and now the chairman presiding over an independent collaborative process on the intelligence committee has gone over to the white house. >> how did sessions lie twice? didn't he lie once? >> you're counting separate things. i got you. to why nunez did it and what the impact was. he said this was new information for the president and i thought he should know it. do you believe that? isn't this a reflection of how flynn got caught up on surveillance of the russian ambassador. the white house knew about that. they knew that the fbi is looking into contacts like those that flynn had which suggest that this is how they were monitoring those contacts. do you think it was new
4:47 am
information or do you think it was convenient information to help the white house justify it's spin about being surveilled or wiretapped by obama? >> chris this was nothing new. let me speak clearly to the american people. this was a stunt. there's no evidence that president obama wiretapped donald trump. there's no evidence that president obama surveilled donald trump. this is nothing new and if it shows anything it shows that members of the transition team were caught up in what we call incidental collection because there were targets they were talking to which i don't see how this helps their case. >> the idea that nunes told them about that part or told us, told the press when he went to the white house about this that they were being surveilled which is helpful to the trump tweet analysis. he has gone all over the place with that as has spicer but he did not tell the press oh and by the way, as part of what i learned here, turns out the fbi is looking at more than just contacts. it's looking at potential
4:48 am
knowledge or connections of collusion. he didn't say anything about that. why do you think? >> it was a stunt. it was nothing more than the latest smoke bomb that has been rolled into this investigation to obstruct what is going on here. we learned from the fbi director on monday that they are connecting the personal political and financial dots that connect the trump team to the convergence that is -- the dots that converge with the russian interference in our election an investigation is underway we just hope the fbi pursues all leads and follows all evidence at this point. >> six months, this has been going on since july. comey says it was an open investigation people look at the amount of time going on. these questions always existed and there has been no proof of any collusion of anything more than contact. at what point do you have to
4:49 am
accept that and move on or otherwise does this become the stunt even the look? >> it's very very early for counter intelligence criminal investigation that involves foreign entities. we're talking about witnesses who are abroad and complex financial transactions and a number of different individuals so this isn't even a year into the investigation. typically investigations of this magnitude could take years and during our legislatoring we did put forward a number of piece of evidence that show ties between the trump team and russia's interference campaign like going to moscow with permission a month after it was revealed that russia was attacking us. >> have you asked nunes to step down? >> no. so chris nunes lead our committee through a bipartisan cyber security bill. we reauthorized the intelligence authorization act each year. he had some very good days on this committee. yesterday so far was his worst. so let's not judge him by his best day or worst day. let's see what he does today
4:50 am
when we meet in about an hour and if he tells us what he has independent and show the independence that the chairman must have. >> yes. >> is its so important to you why would you wait for a second instance of it? you saw what just happened? and what information he took there and how he didn't deal with the >> i still have hope this process is salvageable. it may not be with him leading the investigation as the chair. perhaps recusing himself from this part of the investigation and the work that the committee must do i think is an option. i want to speak with him this morning when we meet in about an hour and find out how we go forward and how the american people can look at us as a credible investigation. >> all right. i appreciate it, congressman. thank you. any developments you have that
4:51 am
can be open to the public in this regard, very important. you're always welcome on "new day." >> alisyn. >> is the entire conversation distracting us from the new information about paul manafort? what are trump's former campaign chairman's ties to russia? we have the deep reporting that you have to see next. kevin, meet your father. kevin kevin
4:52 am
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president trump's former campaign chairman paul manafort admitting he did work for a russian billionaire back in 2005 but denies allegations he helped push russian president vladimir putin's agenda. what was paul manafort doing for the russians? cnn senior investigative correspondent drew griffin has more. >> reporter: the latest connection between a close trump associate and russia was dug up by the associated press, reporting a 2005 memo in which paul manafort already working for a russian was -- man fort confirmed to cnn he did work for
4:55 am
olig gehrig pos ka but denied pushing the political interests of vladimir putin including to, quote, influence politics, business dealings and news coverage inside the united states. i have always publicly acknowledged i worked for mr. deripaska and his companies, rusai, i did not work for the russian government. smear and innuendo are used to paint a false picture. a spokesman says manafort denied any details. they had a major falling out. court documents showing nearly $19 million was funneled into amana fort business venture registered in the cayman islands in 2007. they inveflted in a ukrainian
4:56 am
telecom company. the deal went south. b white house spokesperson sean spicer this afternoon downplaying any connection this has to the president. >> he was a consultant. he had clients from around the world. there's no suggestion he did anything improper, but to suggest that the president knew who his clients were from a decade ago is a bit insane. he was hired to do a job. he did it. that's it. plain and simple. >> it's the latest russian headline headache pour the trump administration. cnn reported the fbi is already investigating possible connections between trump campaign officials including manafort and russian officials. manafort was fired by the trump campaign on august 19, the same day the fbi announced manafort was involved in another investigation and another possible connection to russia. this time it was his consulting
4:57 am
work for the pro-russian former president of ukraine victorian cove vich who had to plea his own country seeking refuge in russia with vladimir putin. the government of ukraine opened an investigation into possible corruption and money laundering, after manafort's name appeared on a ledger of $12.7 million in secret payments. manafort denies he ever took money illegally from anyone in his worldwide consulting business. denies he pushed a russian agenda while working in ukraine and now denies that connection with a russian billionaire had anything to do with a plan to enrich russian president vladimir putin. drew griffin, cnn, atlanta. we are following a lot of news this morning, so let's get right to it. >> trump associates and russians coordinating releasing damaging
4:58 am
information to the hillary clinton campaign. >> do you feel vindicated? >> i somewhat do. >> the chairman briefed the press in advance of his own committee members. that's a deep problem. >> we can't have a president whispering -- >> i'm really optimistic that we can get there. >> chaos in the heart of london. >> there were people on the ground. >> i saw people flying in the air. welcome to your "new day." british police have made eight arrests in connection with yesterday's deadly terror attack in loren done. british prime minister theresa may confirming the attacker was once investigated for violent
4:59 am
extremism. we'll have much more. cnn has new reporting on the fbi's investigation on the trump campaign's ties to russia. cnn learned it's no longer about contacts, but what the motives for those contacts, were the president's associates coordinating with russian operatives to release damaging information about hillary clinton's campaign. also, there's growing questions about whether the house intel committee's investigation into russia is compromised after its chairman went directly to the president with sensitive information? all of this as the showdown over health care is in its final hours with republicans at this hour still divided. >> a lot going on on day 63 of the trump presidency. let's get to cnn justice correspondent evan perez live in washington. at first it was contacts, but we didn't understand the underlying motivations for the fbi. now it seems we're closer to understanding that. >> that's right, chris. u.s. officials tells cnn they
5:00 am
have information that associates of donald trump communicated with suspected russian operatives to possibly coordinate the release of information damaging to hillary clinton's campaign. fbi director james comey made his bombshell announcement on monday that the fbi is investigating trump campaign's ties to russia. the fbi is reviewing that information which includes human intelligence, travel, business and phone records and accounts of in-person meetings. the information is what raised the suspicions of the fbi counterintelligence investigators that coordination may have taken place, though officials caution that the information is not conclusive and the investigation is still on going. now, the fbi would not comment, nor would the white house, though we heard from trump officials they denied there's any evidence of collusion. >> evan, does this give us more insight into what director comey was saying or alluding to when he spoke to that


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