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tv   New Day  CNN  March 24, 2017 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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the house is set to vote this afternoon. supposed to happen last night. it didn't. will they repeal and replace? the leaders bracing for a showdown because the word is they don't have the votes. the house was supposed to be the easier sell than the senate. >> with the president's deal making reputation on the line the political stakes are high on this. day 64 of the trump presidency. we have it all covered for you. jeff is live at the white house. what's the latest, jeff? >> good morning, president trump is demanding a vote and going to get one likely late they are afternoon but it's very much there.
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but they're confident that some of the house republicans will come around and they're not sure who that will be but i can tell you that conversations went on into the late hours last night and will be happening early this morning but he did send this out last night. lead to higher costs and fewer options. it will only continue to get worse we must repeal and replace. i can tell you this is going to take more than sending out a message on social media to bring some republicans on board. white house officials spent hours on capitol hill meeting with republicans giving that ultimatum that now is the time to do this. the blame game is already starting here we heard from several last night the president is unhappy with his own staff here. he bloefs he didn't work to get
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enough support for this but at the end of the day here the blame for this will rest with the president himself he owns this but i'm told by my reporting it's to get it done here. some believe it's more of a dictatorship soy believe it's still possible to get these votes today chris but it's an open question at this early hour. >> remember republicans were repealing and replacing it's in a death spiral. it's easy to bash that plan. >> thank you very much. the stakes are very high because they're not in control this is
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their chance to make good on this vote. with this vote that will take place in one hour it will happen is there a more? more politics in play. >> very real too chris. it is high stakes drama here on the hill. what we saw is secret negotiations and public shaming and now this finger pointing that is occurring here. it is clear they didn't have the count and it has of course been delayed. they need republicans the simple majority to get this passed on the house side. they can't afford more than 21 republican noes and so far showing 31 leaning before or against this legislation. >> do you have the votes?
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republicans are facing a major test today over whether they have the vote to dismantle obamacare. >> we have been promising that we will repeal and replace this law because it's collapsing. >> they are deeply divided behind closed doors. gop source saying some 30 members spoke out in favor of the bill trying to unite the party and rally support before today's vote. >> this was a very intense discussion and principled and emotional and robust only one republican in the meeting speaking out against the bill but many indicated their no votes. >> i thought the bill misses the mark. >> i am a no vote and i'm concerned it doesn't lower premiums. >> the chairman of the house freedom caucus against the bill despite multiple concessions
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from the white house is telling members to vote their conscious. >> we're trying to get votes in the no category to yes. once we he do that we can move forward with passing it on the house floor. >> those concessions announced early this week mainly focused on appealing essential health benefits from obamacare a move that will lower premiums. but congressional budget offices most updated estimates of the gop plan will cut deficit savings in half to $150 billion over ten years and result in 24 million more uninsured americans in 2026. that estimate does not include the most recent changes to the bill. changes that would give more power to states to determine what they consider essential benefits and provide $15 billion to states to use for mental health, substance abuse and infant and maternity care they
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could delay the process or let it go completely. my sources say they believe lit go today to the full house. >> let's discuss with our panel. we have jason johnson the professor and senior editor for the atlantic and associate editor and columnist for real clear politics you have an on point article out today one of the new articles to sweeten the top is we're going to remove the mandate on insistence of coverage on certain things.
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it will lower your premiums why is it as good as it sounds? if i don't need it i don't pay for it. >> if you eliminate the essential benefits what you're doing is the only people that will buy some of the key areas of coverage and particularly maternity coverage are the people most likely to actually use it and that undermines the principles of insurance and what that did before the aca and what all experts agree it would do after the aca is make that coverage unaffordable or unavailable. if the only people buying the coverage are expecting to have children insurers simply can't create a risk pool for that market. so in the same way that one of the biggest arguments against the initial bill was that it imposed an age tax because it would significantly raise costs
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for older people this revised version of the bill because it does raise the cost for women in their child bearing years. you to ask yourself can they vote for that bill and as a result when the president says he is done negotiating that cannot be true. that can't be true because he is just beginning to negotiate with the senate even if it survives the house today. >> well, that's very interesting. there you government it's been pretty fascinating to watch president trump's deal making play book. >> yes. >> so you have seen charm. you've seen strong arm. and now you see the ultimatum where he says i am done. you have to be willing to walk away from any deal if that's your leverage. twhast he is using now. >> that's what he is using.
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>> but any person that's ever sold anything knows this. you can't let them go home. he couldn't let members of congress go home this weekend and have a vote on monday. >> what are you hearing? the big aspect is timing. they want it done now. people are telling them to wait. they said no. what are you hearing about the ability to force it through and if not, what happens? >> i never underestimate the ability for something to happen at the last minute. even without the ability to give a sweetener to a member for their district. a new bridge or tunnel or something there is always a means to apply political pressure. this is trump's first and they need to unite as a party. there could be enough votes.
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i never ever discount that. >> they are going home for the easter recess and they have a do or die calendar here and that could end. opposition will harden. the town halls will intimidate the members on both sides. it's going to be very, very controversial, even for conservative republicans coming to members districts saying that you promised you would repeal this let alone the independents and democrats upset about it so it's going to be -- it's a do or die weekend i think. it's going to be hard to push it into next week. they want it to clear the house floor and the senate by april 7th. now we can see that that's impossible but i would imagine that if it slips past the first
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couple of days of april it's probably dead. >> the history is republicans in the house found a way to get their bills through what seemed to be impossible odds, the medicare bill under george w. bush where they kept the vote open for so many hours but there is a difference here which is that they know before they cast this vote that the bill as written is not going to pass the senate so it looks in some ways more like the energy tax bill clinton 1993 or the it's a difficult vote for the bill they knew wasn't going to become law if they pass it. so you ask yourself why do you want to go out on a limb for a bill that has a 16% approval rating today for a president with an approval rating under 40
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if you know that what you vote for is going to be attacked at home and not become law that is asking a lot. they don't even know how dangerous they can be but they have seen people there before had trouble and had people run against them. they're looking at the numbers and hearing the koch brothers say we'll primary somebody against you. >> what they do know coming in is that saying that something sucks is easy, right? anybody can kick down a barn. it takes a good man or woman to build one. i didn't make that up. that's why it sounds so good. so if this is the hard part is it better than obamacare? do you keep the people covered? is it cheaper and is it cheaper for the people that don't have
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the money? that's easy to say, tough to do and we're seeing that play out in real time and the polls are reflecting it. you have 56% of voters in the new poll. so 56 overall disapprove but in party the gop you only have 41%. you have a huge block of undecided and on top of that the new cbo score same as the old cbo score. but for all the access versus coverage and coverage versus care spin millions are not going to have health care that have it now and that's a big pill to swallow. >> not only that but the health care that people have will be hallowed out. there's no question i talked to a wide variety of experts that explain it makes it hard for any
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insurer to offer comprehensive coverage oenl the people that need it will buy it and that's off brand for donald trump. he was going to protect older working americans but this health care bill hammers them so that may explain some of his reluctance to fully embrace it. >> what's the chance that it passes today? >> put me on the spot. >> you're the smartest one on the panel, what have you got? >> i'm going to go with 50 because i can see why it's doomed and why they have to pull it out. what trump doesn't understand chris but what the members on the republican side do is that if you don't get a heavy lift out in the first couple of months you're not going to have
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it. and they pushed it until 2010 and it became a political catastrophe and they have to do it now. >> stick around we have more questions for you. >> coming up on the show we have the man in the middle. health and human services secretary dr. tom price. architect of how to repeal and replace. what does he think happens today? what is his big sell on this bill? >> up next who wins and who loses if it passes or fails? our panel breaks down that, next. kevin, meet your father.
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huh, so i guess i could just check my credit score then. oh! check out credit karma today. credit karma. give yourself some credit. sorry about that. >> we have been promising the american people that we will repeal and replace this broken law. >> do you have the votes? do you have the votes? do you have the volts? >> so winners, losers, who are
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they? let's bring back our panel. i want to start with you because conventional wisdom is president trump would be the loser. the republicans have been trying to figure this out for 8 years. he has been in office for two months. how is this on his head. >> he has already blamed the congressional republicans and particularly putting together a bill that couldn't pass and putting it first and their legislative agenda but the truth is everyone really loses.
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and promising anyone that votes against it and those will be strengthened and they will be weakened. for trump he told everyone that the earth would open up and swallow us whole if obamacare continues as the law of the land and what he is also not seeing is that success breeds success. capitol hill moves slowly. big bills are hard. that's why republicans said it was a mistake for balm and the democrats to do them and they swore they never would and now they're going to do them so if you look at a failure on health care, how do they get through tax reform? it's going to be a room full of sacred cows and no bill.
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that sounds sin car length but wait until they get to tax reform. >> at least with tax stuff you have give backs and you can cut individual deals. this is different. let's do a little bit of a different spin on it. let's assume it does pass in the house. it's too much pressure. the freedom caucus they stood up against boehner but this isn't just ryan. this is the president of the united states but even if they went in the short-term what's the chance it is a victory that when they get into the senate they have bigger problems and don't care about trump. >> this is the classic legislative vietnam where you're fighting to prove your credibility rather than having a clear idea of what the ultimate goal is because the price of getting this bill out of the house if they do survive by a vote or two has been to revise it in a way that makes it
3:23 am
extremely unlikely for it to pass the senate which means they're kicking the can down the road. you'll be back where we are today which is will the house conservatives in particular accept something that is much more expansive. it is worth noting that the republicans twice voted to block it without a fuss and the fact that they're having so much debate over that now is a reflection of how much the party has changed and how many older white voters are taking away fwen fit. the biggest problem in the senate are the states that expanded medicaid. republican governors like in arkansas, ohio and nevada are opposed to the change and the senators maybe opposed to the change and that's something that could look different and much
3:24 am
more objectionable even if they could keep the ball moving today. >> you think he will pass it? >> it's going to pass and we're going to ping-pong back and forth. they're going to send it back to the house and the house is going to send it back to them. we saw this in 2010 you had a bunch of pro-life democrats. so the president said all right i'll let you vote for a bill. it got stripped out in the senate and he cut a deal and got them on board. that's what president trump is going to have to do but i don't see this passing the senate and if it ends up back in the house i don't know that they have the political capital to get a full bill through this year. >> if it passes is it necessarily a win for trump or do they get it through despite him? >> i think that trump will take the win, chris. >> he'll definitely take the win. >> he has unique ability to spin a win out of things that most
3:25 am
would see as a neutral to a negative. >> if they pass it, if they lose it, you know, if there's a defeat it's ryan's loss he's to blame. that's the way the white house is going to spin it and they have telegraphed that but they are desperate. it's no longer about what's in the bill. it's not about health care. it's about a w on the board. if they get this through tonight they will be so relieved they don't care that it's dead on arrival. and they'll be incredibly relieved. >> the tweet you pointed out from weaver, mccain's guy and kasichs guy he said do you want to follow a guy at 37% popularity with the fbi on his tail if you pass this and had to implemented it and mental health
3:26 am
and drug abuse coverage would you want to run under that set of facts in 2018 in pretty much any district that is competitive. >> panel thank you very much. we'll see what happens in a few hours. >> up next another big headline that we're following. new arrests in connection with a london terror attack. we have a live report, breaking details. the story has changed a little bit. next. upstate new york is a good place to pursue your dreams. at vicarious visions, i get to be creative, work with awesome people, and we get to make great games. ( ♪ ) what i like about the area, feels like everybody knows each other. and i can go to my local coffee shop and they know who i am. it's really cool. new york state is filled with bright minds like lisa's. to find the companies and talent of tomorrow, search for our page, jobsinnewyorkstate on linkedin. search for our page, there's nothing more than my so when i need to book a hotel room, i want someone that makes it easy to find what i want. gets it. they offer free cancellation if my plans change.
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>> he went on to convert and 2700 items seized and part of their on going search is five addresses and it's a lot of stuff being plowed through here now. the key question is did radicalization occur. is this a man with perhaps psychological issue and did any foreign travel occur which may have assists that too. so much is about whether this is a home grown extremism problem or what was the root of this too and now i stand here where the rampage began. the 4 of his victims here now. life here comparatively back to normal. london i think doing it's best to share that. >> thank you for being on the scene for us. house intel chairman apologizing
3:32 am
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>> it's a judgment call on my part. sometimes you make the right decision and sometimes you make the wrong one but you have to stick by the decisions that you make. >> house intel chairman nunes apologizing for briefing president trump on information collected by intel agencies during the transition before telling the committees ranking democrat or others that would be adam the ranking democrat it had
3:37 am
to have been unqualified. he then says after that that he is not sure. he needs more documents to understand what this was about and who might have been caught up. so i don't know how it could have been that urgent. what is your take on that difference and then him disagreeing saying i don't know what proof he stalking about. i haven't seen any proof that leads to any understanding of circumstances of collaboration. >> my take is thanks for the apology but you're toast. one of the things is his approach to the white house. inappropriate. he showed great humility in apologizing. let's step back for a moment. the american people deserve answers. not only on what happened during the election but how we protect ourselves into the next election. what are we getting from the conversations this weekend before? how do we unmask e-mails or what
3:38 am
happened and how do we protect ourselves? my concern going forward is what we will continue to see from a partisan committee is smoke screens that don't address the question. that's why we have to get it out of the committee. >> let's play what chris was just referring to. the congressman's answer about what sit the congressman has seen that makes him think that now this material goes beyond circumstantial evidence of the ties to russia we have received those available to the committee and they have access to more than the other members of the committee or members of any
3:39 am
other committee so we continue to get new information and paints a more complete picture of at least what we know at the outset of the investigation. >> first of all, i would have settled for a yes or no but what he is saying is that he and the chairman have seen more. meanwhile nunes says i don't know what he is talking about so he is torn in terms of his loyalty to run an independent investigation and defend the president so to say that and indicate that the information is new and also on top of the fbi director comey coming out and saying we investigating collusion which is a pretty strong statement a lot of people weren't expecting him to do that
3:40 am
on monday for him to say this he is a man of measured words. he's not a showman it would have been better for nunes to take a look at that and to almost disparage his co-chair on the committee is a bad time. >> seems to be consistent. look at that. >> it's the illusion of red and blue coming together. in the sky these days. although there is a little bit
3:41 am
going on because despite what nunes has done and not done in recent days democrats are not calling for his recusal. we had one on yesterday that said he has had bad days. what is that about? >> they're modest for the house investigation as opposed to the senate because of the history of basically the last 25 years in the house. and if you think about the hearing itself that's daunting in terms of what you can expect and the democrats asking about collusion and it did raise questions about how seriously he wants to focus going forward. there's any ability to really unearth a lot of this.
3:42 am
it will be the senate and the house. the events of this week further lowered the expectations about what to look for out of the house side of this. >> you just called for an independent commission. you're not alone. that's what has to happen next but there doesn't. >> the fbi director opened the door the other day in a way that surprised me. he's going to have to close it some day. he said that's an open investigation and that's either going to end with him announcing that he is closing it or indicting people. as we go into another election cycle i like a lot of americans are going to say do we have people involved in this party that are monkeying with the elections last time around. he has to speak eventually. forget about the senate and the house what is jim comey going to
3:43 am
do and announce whether there's indictments or not. >> he won't indict anybody. he's going to gather the proof and be on the doj and it's a meaningful distinction here. because sessions has recused himself. >> xavier pulls off another big upset. details in the bleacher report that xavier, not javier. t-mobile one save you hundreds a year. right now get two lines of data for $100 dollars. with taxes and fees included. that's right 2 unlimited lines for just $100 bucks. all in. and right now, pair up those two lines with two free samsung galaxy s7 when you switch. yup! free. so switch and save hundreds when you go all unlimited with t-mobile.
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>> i had arizona winning it all and they're now out and that is xavier and bill murray is on one heck of a sports run right now. his cubs win the world series and his son is the assistant for
3:48 am
xavier. arizona had a chance to win this game in the closing seconds but they missed this shot right here and you have to check them out. they run out the clock and they go nuts so i want you to pay attention. so excited they could not execute it watch butler take on north carolina. his wife went to butler. the late game you're going to have ucla taking on kentucky and wisconsin playing florida. you can watch that game on tbs. tom brady's super bowl jersey is finally back in new england. the fbi returning brady's super bowl li and 49 jerseys and they will be hosting on april 19th.
3:49 am
they will be the first championship team to visit president trump at the white hou house. >> a lot of anger in those cross fit hands i respect that. >> the book put him on the map. the art of the deal. is that reputation on the line with the health care vote today? and if it is what can the president do to seal the deal? we discuss. when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums
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zyrtec® starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec®. muddle no more®. try rhinocort® allergy spray for powerful nasal allergy relief. >> deal making president trump says is his strong suit. >> i'm going to make the great deals. >> i am going to make great deals for our country. >> have built an extraordinary business on relationships and deals that benefit all parties invol involved, always. >> closing the deal on health care is his biggest test yet as president. let's discuss how he is going to do it. we want to bring in executive editor and author of trump
3:54 am
snags. great to have you here. so it must be very interesting for you because you have studies how donald trump does his deal making. we have seen the charm offensive. we have seen some sort of threats and now we see the ultimatum of i'll walk away if you all don't do this. >> let's remember the art of the deal was written by a ghost writer and he had a long history of bad deal making when he had to do complex transactions. he was never very good at them and now you have him in washington where the stake holders are very different so it's someone that has exaggerated his prowess as a deal maker who is now arriving in an arena where the incentives are different. everyone he's negotiating with are beholden to their voters and if it goes through it's going to probably wreak havoc on the voters and if they don't do anything it's going to disappoint the voters.
3:55 am
so first and foremost the congress people are thinking about their voters and not thinking about donald trump. >> side note on this bill is that the president at one point says i think it's going to pass but this is just politics the problem is its not just politics. people were told this would change. but what we're seeing is he has not put his arms around this.
3:56 am
>> what do you think the media play is? i'm never wrong so i can't take the blame for anything so he'll embrace the thing to a point and say if it doesn't work the other guy made the mistake and not me and he has put this now on the table that way it's out there and people can vote for it. it's your fault. you set it up and it didn't happen and it's not my fault and i think he has telegraphed president trump that he doesn't care as much about this passing as he does about tax reform. >> also remember that moment about a week ago when sean spicer said he doesn't care if this is named trump care or if his name is on anything.
3:57 am
>> what does that tell you? he doesn't want his name on this because he respects it's not going to reflect well with this outcome. >> he's savvy and he knows this is always going to be hard. this was always going to be the easier part of this process. just because he gets a victory here, he says victory with a small v. it goes to the senate and there's always 0 chance that the bill that comes out of the senate. >> will resemble this. >> it will only make it worse. that's true deal making. can he pull it off? >> it will be amazing if he can. like you said, there's what is it? 17% popularity? has a bill ever had that little popularity and then passed and if it does, what do people think afterwards? you put on a bill that i hate?
3:58 am
>> there's a huge margin of undecided because these people got put into office to repeal and replace but i don't think it's donald trump's pressure. it's the pressure of the constituents. you said you'd repeal and replace and you didn't. i hate you. >> but the same constituent sy also wants health care. the republicans had 7 years here to come up with an alternative. they didn't and now we're in the meat of it and they campaigned on the notion that obamacare defacto is bad without coming up with an adequate replacement. >> but i think it might pass. if it doesn't pass in the house it will never get going.
3:59 am
>> we have heard that from our political pundants but if it does, i know that you said he exaggerated but when he does it right, what does he do well? what does he do well that has allowed for his empire? >> he's a very effective promoter and marketer and he will go to every gym in the united states and do victory laps. >> he hasn't been pumping this plan. >> he was pumping the brakes yesterday the cover of the new york post that was president trump in a big rig. he was excited as you can see. >> that's just a shadow. >> thank you. >> thanks for watching. for our u.s. viewers new day
4:00 am
continues right now. >> president donald trump issues an ultimatum. >> he will repeal and replace this broken law. >> we're supposed to make health care more affordable. this legislation does not do that. >> it sounds a lot like obamacare to me. >> we have a good chance but it's only politics. >> the votes aren't there. it's going to pass and that's it. >> have a duty and obligation to tell the president. >> he badly damaged the credibility of the investigation. >> the evidence war rans us doing an investigation. >> that cannot prove collusion took place. >> we need a select committee to clear this whole issue up. >> this is new day with chris cuomo and allison. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to your new


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