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tv   New Day  CNN  March 24, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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europeans, the americans saying we want to lead you in this fight against putin. >> mike rogers, phil mud, thank you very much. a good weekend to both of you. we're following a lot of news. a live interview with hhs secretary tom price that's about to happen right here. let's get after it. >> go with our plan. it's going to be tresk. >> president trump issues an ultimat ultimatum. >> people are being bribed to vote yes. >> this is the only train leaving the station. >> the bill keeps getting worse and worse. >> tomorrow we're proceeding. >> do you have the votes? do you have the votes? >> judgment call on my part. >> congress must create an independent bipartisan commission to expose the trump-russia connection. >> we continue to get new information that makes a more complete picture. >> you haven't seen any new evidence of collusion? >> not that i'm familiar with, no. >> the president feels very con fi kent he will be vindicated.
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>> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> good morning, welcome to your "new day." the battle to overhaul obamacare is going to end maybe in a matter of hours. president trump delivering an ultimatum to house republicans, vote today or keep obamacare. the high-stakes showdown will take place in the house chamber. it will happen in hours. if it does make it through the house, the big battle to come in the senate. >> at this hour the numbers don't add up for the white house. 27 house republicans say they are voting no, four others say they are leaning against voting yes. with the president's deal making reputation on the line, the political stakes are high. on this day 64 of the trump presidency, we have it all covered. let's beginning with cnn's jeff zeleny live at the white house. what's the latest, jeff? >> reporter: good morning. president trump delivered the ultimatum last night saying he's done negotiating, it is time to
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vote. there's already a sense here at the white house he's ready to turn the page and move on to other things. the white house just announced a few moments ago at 10:15 he'll be assigning legislation to move the keystone pipeline forward, clearly trying to change the conversation and subject from health care. but on capitol hill right now the beginning of this process is under way, the rules committee is meeting. that's the process to begin the way for a vote. they're still expecting a vote on obamacare to repeal and replace it, to start at some point this afternoon. that is still all up for potential change if the votes are not there. now, the white house spent hours last night on capitol hill, top advisers here reince priebus and steve bannon working these republicans still unwilling to vote for this bill. a senior administration official said overnight this is why the white house believes at the end of the day they will get the votes. this is the thinking here at the white house. this official said this, he said
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which republican wants to explain to their constituents why they voted to keep obamacare? they are hoping that not the details get them over the finish line, but the sense that republicans have been wanting this for so long here. i can tell you the blame game already starting this morning. the president, i am told, is unhappy with members of his own staff. he does not believe house republican leaders have done enough on this. but at the end of the day the blame will also rest with the president here for not being able to get this legislative bill across. too early to declare this dead by any stretch. republicans particularly in the house, a lot of maneuvering that can be done. officials are somewhat optimistic. chris, as you well know, this is just the beginning of the process here at the house, has to go on to the senate and be reconciled. this is not how they wanted to start their legislative agenda, no question about it. >> success has many fathers. fail youre usually has one. no question the pressure is on,
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the republican controlled congress following the president's ultimatum. pressure on the president as well. the house vote is set to take place in just hours if it does happen. it looks like it will. this comes down to the whip vote count. cnn's suzanne malveaux live on capitol hill with more. you have two different types of republicans in this not voting yes category. some upset about coverage, some upset about costs. >> that's right. there's high stakes drama on the hill. over the last 24 hours you have seen the secret negotiations, the public shaming and the finger-pointing. there are very few republicans who are happy with this bill. the lawmakers i spoke with said the president's approach and the three-step process is something that's not really convincing. >> do you have the votes? do you have the votes? >> reporter: after seven years of talking about it, republicans are facing a major test today on whether they have the votes to
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dismantle obamacare. >> we have been promising the american people that we will repeal and replace this broken law because it's collapsing and it's failing families. we're proceeding. >> reporter: republicans remain deeply divided. duking it out into the night behind closed doors. a gop source saying some 30 members spoke out in favor of the bill, trying to unite the party and rally support before today's vote. >> this was a very intense family discussion, and it was principled, it was emotional, it was robust. >> reporter: only one republican in that meeting speaking out against the bill, but many have previously indicated their no votes. >> we have to get it done right, not get it done fast. i think the bill misses the mark. >> i'm a no vote. i'm concerned this legislation does not lower premiums. >> reporter: sources say the chairman of the house freedom caucus who has been staunchly against the bill despite multiple concessions from the white house is telling his members to vote their
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conscience. >> we're trying to get another 30 to 40 votes that are currently in the no category to yes. once we do that, i think we can move forward with passing it on the house floor. >> reporter: those concessions announced earlier this week mainly focus on repealing essential health benefits from obamacare, a move they say will lower premiums. a week's worth of wrangling providing more bad news for the bill. the congressional budget's office most updated estimates of the gop plan will cut deficit savings in half to $150 billion in ten year and 24 million more uninsured in 2026. that doesn't include the most recent changes to the bill, changes that would give more power to states to determine what they consider to be essential benefits and provided 15 billion to states to use for mental health, substance abuse and infant and maternity care. >> former house speaker john
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boehner said just last month that republicans would never successfully repeal obamacare, maybe fix it or tinker around the edges because they cannot agree on what would go into such a bill. lawmakers i spoke with said they believe speaker ryan is about to see whether or not that prophesy is true. >> that is a fact, suzanne, thank you very much. as you point out, the house rules committee is meeting right now on the health care bill. democrats already blasting back room deal making. cnn's sunlen serfaty is outside the room with more. you have your glass pressed up to the door. what have you heard? >> reporter: alisyn, this is a rarerly morning meeting for the rules committee which importantly indicates the wheels are in motion pushing towards a house vote today. this is the last legislative step that needs to happen before it's brought to the full floor. i was inside the hearing room a few minutes ago. already a lot of fireworks. democrats blasting this bill.
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we heard from congressman jim mcgovern, he calls this is a back-room deal, calls it reckless legislation. he said we haven't had time to review the changes, but the changes we know we believe make this bill even worse. as we're outside getting ready to talk to you, the volume in the room got so loud, we could hear democrats yelling from inside this room -- from outside the room. we heard from congressman hastings who said i'm not going to be nice to you when this is not being nice to poor people. a lot of airing of grievances today. no doubt about it. this will eventually pass through at some point. that's important, chris and alisyn, because that sets off the wheels in motion to bring this house bill to a full floor vote. >> okay. thank you very much, sunlen. let's discuss with our panel. jack kingston cnn political commentator and former georgia congressman and former senior adviser to the trump campaign. steve israel, cnn political
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commentator and chris is a lizza new to our cnn family. welcome again, chris. let me start with you, jack. what's going to happen today? >> i think they're going to hammer it out. they'll go to the floor, probably won't even have the votes when they decide to set the vote, but i think through arm twisting, steve scalise, the whip, is going to get there. >> steve israel, they get through, now they have a bill and they go to the senate and the concerns they see with this group of doubters within the house gop right now is even magnified in the senate. what happens there and what's the chance that they come away with anything that they can pass that looks like this bill in the house? >> well, that's the inherent problem here, chris. i agree with jack. i think they'll muscle this thing through. first law of gravity in washington, d.c. is party discipline. here is the problem. every time you give the far right in the house a card in this house of cards, you're
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taking a card away from senators. people are saying this was an ultimatum that president trump established. no, this is the opening salvo. this goes to the senate. the senate is going to modify this bill, not going to accept eliminating essential benefits. it's going to come back to the house. so this is going to be an ongoing drama, although i do believe that the house republicans will muscle this through today. i think this goes on for weeks, if not months. >> oh, my gosh, that's quite a prediction. president trump's deal making obviously is being spotlighted this week. he has said, i think as of yesterday he's willing to walk away and he is walking away. if it doesn't pass, it's on them. do we believe that or is he doing some last-minute dealmaking today? >> i always think everything is part of a negotiation for him. that's in some ways his best trait if you like him, his worst trait if you don't like him.
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he does have a tendency to not deal well with setback. i would remind people the 2016 campaign when he lost iowa to ted cruz, he said it's because cruz cheated. when he won the electoral college but lost the popular vote, he said it's because 3 to 5 million illegal votes were cast. this is someone who does not deal well with adversity, necessarily and does tend to, if past is "prologue," put the blame somewhere else. i always trust members of congress more than i trust myself. congressman kings ton and congressman israel say it's going to pass. i do, too. the one nugget i'll put in, typically in years past, and both members were there when this was the case. prior to 2010, earmarks were still legal. they ban earmarks when republicans took over the house in that 2010 election. what's hard about that is the
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way they would cajole members, arm-twist members, hey, here is a little thing for your district, something with your name on it. that was the grease that made the wheels spin. they don't have that anymore. now it's a lot more. we put this piece of policy in or, hey, we're buddies and i need this. that's less persuasive than back in the day when you can earmark. it makes narrow votes harder to flip. >> also saying, if you don't vote for this, we will crush you. that could be powerful for democrats and republicans as well. we heard from lindsey graham and others that that's going on. not unusual. to is a lizza's point, when it came to losing the cruz or what happened with losing the popular vote, he can now point right at paul ryan and saying you did this, you wanted it done at this
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pace. president trump is not putting his arms around this the way we've seen him put his arms around things in the past that he wants to get done. >> it's not just paul ryan, but it's all republicans. every single one of us, whether we ran for school board orr county coroner promised to repeal and replace obamacare. if this implodes, it really is the republican legislative branch that has let down the people. it's dicy. if you vote for it, there's going to be a downside. if you vote against it, there's going to be a downside. people know this is politically perilous land. that's why it's so tough to do. it's one-sixth of the economy. any time you push to change one thing, there's a big ramification on the other side. so many political players in there. i can promise you no matter what you do, you can talk about it square, talk about it round, but there will be a downside. >> you spell it out so well for us, and congressman israel, how does it make sense? since congressman kingston describing house dicy it is, how
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do they today in these waning hours reign in the house freedom caucus which seems to be mutually exclusive from what the moderates want? >> here is what will happen if the past is any indication of what will happen today. they need 215 votes. your whip count is accurate. it reflects what i've heard. there are about 30 house r who say they're going to vote against it or leaning know. they can only force to lose 22. the real margin is eight. eight republicans will be the difference between this bill passing or not. jack kingston knows the conventional was domt is if you go to the floor out your necessary votes but you're within single digits, you should be able to pass it. what's going to happen, we're going to be on a roller coaster all day long. this vote will probably be held at about 5:00, maybe a little earlier, a 15-min et vote. house democrats will put their no votes up very quickly. house republicans who want this
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bill passed will put their votes up very quickly. you'll get to about 180, 190 votes within the first ten minutes. then this thing will just trickle. you will not see a lot of votes come in. that's where the whipping really counts. it's going to be the last few minutes that will produce 201 votes, 202, and i believe that party discipline will get them to 215. but it's going to be the last two minutes, not what we see in the preceding several hours. it's like a college basketball game that gets interesting in the last two minutes. >> if i may add, if you're serious, you vote no and leave the floor. if you're not serious, you vote no and sit around. if you sit around, you're inviting people to come talk to you and negotiate. you're not sticking around to see the outcome. you're sticking around to negotiate. >> good behind-the-curtain stuff from you guys. thank you panel. the president's point man is health and human services secretary tom price.
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we have been promising the american people we will repeal and replace this broken law because it's collapsing and failing families. tomorrow we're proceeding. >> do you have the votes? do you have the votes? do you have the votes? >> that was speaker paul ryan emerging from a late night meeting with house republicans
5:20 am
and avoiding dana bash's question there about whether he's certainly that he has the votes to pass this health care bill. moments ago president trump tweeted this. he says after seven horrible years of obamacare, skyrocketing premiums and deductibles, bad health care, this is finally your chance for a great plan, exclamation point. let's talk abilities the high stakes vote with health and human services secretary dr. tom price. good morning, dr. price. >> good morning, alisyn. how are you? >> i'm doing well. is this going to pass today? >> i think it is. i think what the american people understand and appreciate is there are many individuals in our society right now who have gotten coverage through the exchange, through obamacare, that it's not working for them. premiums are up, deductibles are up. not able to access the care they want. it's only getting worse. we have a third of the counties in our nation that only have one insurer, five states only have one insurer. what the american people appreciate is that this is a
5:21 am
plan that doesn't work. that's why this is the first phase of the process to bring about patient-centered health care where patients and families and doctors are making medical decisions and not wad. >> well, at the latest counted, cnn's latest whip count is there are still 31 no or leaning no vote votes; so how will it pass? >> you have to have the votes to pass. it's important to keep focus on the people of this land, the patients across this land. the mom who has two kids who took her son to the doctor, he had a significant problem, required some tests. the deductible plan was $6,000 and she wasn't able to afford that. she had a health insurance card, but she doesn't have any care for her child because the plan doesn't work for people. that's what i encourage folks to concentrate on, to focus on, the legislators up on capitol hill,
5:22 am
those are the stories they need to hear. they've all heard them in their town halls. what they need to recognize is this is part of the plan to move forward and make certain we bring about that patient-centered health care. >> what we've also heard in town halls is there are a lot of americans for whom obamacare is working. people do like the pre-existing condition coverage provision. people do like their adult children staying on their plan. obamacare has actually become more popular in the past few weeks or months than it had been. so it's not -- >> i've got good news for you, alisyn. >> the two provisions you mentioned, 26-year-olds on your parents' insurance and pre-existing injuries and illnesses are included in the overall plan. what they understand and appreciate is that the kinds of things that have decreased choices, made it so they only have one choice -- there are
5:23 am
counties in tennessee and mississippi with no choice whatsoever. what are we going to do for those folks? if you're on the exchange, this is a plan that's failing you day in and day out. it's only getting worse. that's what the president has described. he said these challenges came about in 2017 where the thing was going to come tumbling down and it's now on our plate. what we're trying to do is put in place a system that actually works for patients, not for washington, for patients. >> if it doesn't pass today, who do you blame? >> i'm even an eternal optimist. i know the president has done everything he can do, any individual could do do make sure people appreciate the consequence of this vote yes, but also the overall plan. it's not just this piece of legislation, it's the kind of things we're able to do at the department to bring down premium costs, increase the ability of doctors to be able to care for patients. it's a third phase happening n contemporaneously to put in
5:24 am
place other pieces of legislation so you can purchase insurance across state lines, bring about medical malpractice lawsuit abuse reform, do the kinds of things that will drive down premium costs for folks so they're actually able to afford a coverage plan that works for them. >> dr. price, your goals sound lofty and good. in some ways, is all of this an exercise in futility? all of this hand ringing today, because even if it does pass, even if you are able to cajole the recalcitrant republicans on the fence, that's just the house. it still goes to the senate whereby all measure, this bill will fail. >> that's the legislative process. what i will tell you is a true exercise in futility is keeping the current system. the current system is failing patients. that's what we need to remember. you have states across the land that aren't able to put in place
5:25 am
insurance to provide coverage for their vulnerable population. >> i hear you. gr goals and there's practicality. how do you get this plan through the senate. let me play for you what the omb director micking mulvaney said in terms of whether he's optimistic. >> there's no way to fully repeal this, george. this bill today repeals as much of obamacare as is legally possible given the fact we only have 52 votes in the senate. >> what he's saying is repeal was out of the question, but you only had 52 votes in the senate and that's not enough. >> and that's focusing on -- he's answering a question, i presume, focusing just on this piece of legislation. remember it's the entire plan, this piece of legislation that only requires 51 votes, a majority vote in the united states senate. it's the reform changes we're able to put in place in the department and the other pieces of legislation, one of which on the floor of the house this week that passed i think 416-2 or
5:26 am
something like that. that was the magnitude of the bipartisan support for the other kinds of changes that need to be put in place. this is just one part of it. that second phase is so incredibly important that we're able to do at the department because that's how the previous administration was able to put in place all sorts of rules and regulations that made the system more difficult for patients and for those providing the care. that's what we're going to focus our efforts, on patients and those providing the care. >> let's zero in so people can understand how it would get through the senate. the essential health benefits that has obviously been some of the carrot offered to the house freedom caucus, the conservatives, so that would now b i guess optional. you get to do it morale more a cart. that's a deal breaker in the senate. >> leaves you with the opportunity to change it and modify. if there are sig any kangs it
5:27 am
goes to a conference committee. this is the legislative process. that's why i keep asking folks, you and your colleagues and folks on the hill, it's important to concentrate on the folks affected by that. that's the patients and moms and dads across this land who aren't able to gain the kind of care they need with the current system on the exchange. you have governors across this nation who tell us they aren't able to care for their medicaid population, their full neshl population in the way they see fit because of all the rules and regulations. that's where we're going to concentrate our efforts, on positive solutions to make certain we move in the direction of patient-centered health care, not washington centered health care. >> dr. price, as i said, the popularity of obamacare has ticked up recently. here is the latest fox news poll. it shows more people like it than dislike it. this is just from this month. 50% give it a favorable opinion. 47% give it an unfavorable opinion. given that the cbo has said that
5:28 am
millions of people will lose their coverage with this latest plan, what do you tell people who are worried about that and who say, you know what? the devil we know is better and i'd like to stick with what we have? >> i would tell people that what the cbo looked at was not the plan. what the cbo looked at was this one piece of legislation that's going to change through the ledgelyive process and they made an estimate. understanding their estimates in the past have been off by significant numbers. the plan is this piece of legislation and the kinds of rules and regulatory modifications that we're able to put in place at the department of health and human services to make certain we improve the ability for doctors to care for patients and we drive down premium costs so they're able to afford the coverage they want and the kind of legislative proposals that have significant bipartisan support. things like lawsuit abuse reform and purchase across state lines and association health plans. all those kinds of things that everybody understands or most
5:29 am
people understand on the hill, these are the things that everybody need to understand to make sure patients are in charge and not washington, d.c. this is where we need to drive down the decision making to individuals. that's how they know the care will be right for them. >> sounds a little bit like what you're saying is you have to pass it today to know what's in it? >> no, you can see what's in it. we've been very, very transparent about it. >> meaning it's going to change. you're saying it's going to morph so much, this is the first step. you have to pass it today for the first step and then it's going to morph into all the other things you're talking about. >> alisyn, that's the legislative process. the fact is when people look at the entire plan in its entirety, phase one, phase two that we're on going right now at the department and will continue to do so and the phase three that has already been put in place, if you look at the entire plan, those are the kinds of things that every single individual across this land who has understood and appreciates that obamacare is failing the people who are gaining their coverage through the exchange, that's
5:30 am
what needs to change. again, in order to do that, you've got to keep your focus on patients, not on washington, d.c. >> secretary tom price, thank you very much. we look forward to seeing what happens today. thanks for being here. >> take care. have a great day. >> you, too. up next, a democrat tells us why everything you just heard is untrue. congresswoman debby wasserman schultz is going to say what the reality will be for people under trumpcare next. you know where , so when it comes to your retirement plan, you'll always be absolutely...clear. it's your retirement. know where you stand. won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy, you qualify for a multi-policy discount,
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yes, the big vote on health care was supposed to happen last night. we're told it is just hours away now. if republicans don't get enough votes, the bill to repeal and replace obamacare is dead. let's talk to a top house democrat about the state of play. former dnc chair, florida congresswoman debby wasserman schultz joins us right now. i want to talk to you about what tom price just said, three points in particular. first some criticism. the democrats are sitting and watching right now. are you missing an opportunity to have gone into the house and say, look, we get you've realized saying the aca stinks
5:35 am
was easy and this is hard. let's try to fix what is wrong with the aca because there are real issues and get involved in this process. you've chosen not to do that? >> nothing could be further from the truth. we've said that we peetdly over and over, that what we need to do is not treat the affordable care act like it's a clock running a little slow and take a sledgehammer, which is what this legislation does, what we need to do is sit down, work out the kinks, the problems, the challenges that we know have arisen in what was a major overall in the health care system, the affordable care act and work together to iron those out. >> every republican i've talked to says you guys have been instructed not to help and as long as repeal is on the table, you won't help. >> i'll tell you what we're not doing, that's right, we are not going to help them repeal the affordable care act and take away health care from 14 million people a year from now, 24 million people ten years from
5:36 am
now, eliminate the essential health benefits package which for breast cancer survivors like me means the kind of health care coverage they would be able to buy won't actually provide coverage and you'll go back to the days when women, sister survivors like mine would say, you know what, debbie, i had to choose between the chemo or the radiation because my insurance coverage wouldn't let me afford both. that's unacceptable. >> let's take another step down that road. price laid out several different things. i want your response. al la carte care, he's saying it's better to take it out because then chris cuomo who doesn't need prenatal care, doesn't need the same kind of screening doesn't pay for it. good for him. what is the downside to that policy? >> what happens then, number one, you take all the women who are of child bearing age and
5:37 am
basically are putting a mom tax on them and saying, like the old days, if you want maternity coverage, you'll have to buy a completely separate policy just that covers maternity care and that's going to increase costs unfairly and disproportionately. >> makes insurance companies price it only to people who need it and that will be a deterrent for them because they're in the business of not paying out. >> it's not just maternity care. taking away that essential health benefits package does is it leaves people with the idea that they have insurance coverage, but when they go to use it, the only thing it covers is the bearest of bear minimums, leaving them so underinsured that they can't afford to use their insurance because deductibles and co-pays are astronomically high. >> price says governors are coming to us and asking for this. in our reporting, i haven't heard a single governor say what i want is less money towards medicaid from the federal
5:38 am
government. what are you hearing? >> you have a majority of republican governors who have actually gone ahead a and expanded medicaid. what they're saying is overwhelmingly, don't take away our medicaid expansion funding, don't cut our ability to provide additional coverage for the people who fall in the gap between the medicaid eligible population that is poor and people who can afford insurance. that's a gap that covers millions of people that this legislation takes coverage away from. i heard a lot of the commentary on your show this morning. to suggest that this legislation doesn't cut medicaid is ludicrous. the story tom price told about the couple that would pay a $6,000 deductible, that couple probably has a subsidy in the affordable care act right now that has basically cut their premiums to about $84 a month,
5:39 am
less than $100. that's the overwhelming majority of people on the affordable care act who have gained coverage since before it became law. they would unravel all of that for those folks. >> true. but let's be straight about it. there are imperfections, and that couple that you're talking about may have a crazy deductible, so the cost of the premium winds up being a secondary condition because you can't get any care until you pay in often thousands for people. there are fixes that need to be done. >> for sure. >> price's point is that's why the aca is in a death spiral. we keep hearing that phrase. what's your resummons? >> my response is that it's absolutely essential that we address the problem where there are about a third of communities, counties that have only one health insurer to choose from. it doesn't mean they only have one choice. within that one coverage provider, there are many different policies that are
5:40 am
provided and available. it doesn't mean it's enough choice. we can sit down together and work through that challenge and a number of other challenges. you don't take a sledgehammer to a clock that is running a little slow. what you do is take it to a clock maker who sits down and makes precision fine-tuning so you can improve the overall functioning of the clock. that's what we need to do to the affordable care act. the republicans, frankly, are disingenuous. they've never been interested in pro providing comprehensive health care coverage for everyone. the cbo score they can't get around. the new one for the new bill on the floor today makes things worse, it imposes an age tax for people 50 to 64 years old. premium costs go up 15% to 20% and provides half the deficaf deficit reduction.
5:41 am
democrats are willing to sit down and work together to address the problems in the current law, and the republicans just want to fulfill their so-called perceived mandate to repeal it lock, stock and barrel. it's unacceptable. >> i hear you on that. i have to be honest with you, i'm not seeing it on the democratic side. i've got to leave it there. >> what we've got in front of us is unacceptable. let's focus on working together on the affordable care act and make the changes necessary. >> let's see what happens today on this vote, congressman, always a pleasure. >> thanks. we are hours away from the showdown on capitol hill. will the health care bill pass? what happens if it fails? "the bottom line" next. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways to be taken care of.
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if you have to know just five things today, these are them. president trump issuing an ultimatum to republicans, vote today or keep obamacare. the white house is expressing confidence the measure will pass in the house. the senate, a different story. >> senate minority leader chuck schumer revealing he will vote against neil gorsuch and says
5:46 am
democrats plan to filibuster that nomination. london police have made two significant arrests in this week's terror attacks. police confirming a fourth victim of the carnage outside parliament has died. >> at least 60 service employees expected to face discipline in a white house security breach. two weeks ago a man was on the white house grounds for more than 60 minutes. >> what's your bracket doing? kansas advances and, oregon and xavier advancing. lots of big numbers went down. big kbaems on tap tonight. >> for more on the five things to know, go to newday for the latest. >> on the vast, remote and sometimes frigid reservation, supplies and services can be hours aa. navajo elders struggle alone. this week's cnn hero linda myers has spent 30 years helping.
5:47 am
>> you find elders without food, many don't have running water or plu plumbing. one of our main goals is to keep the elders warm through the winter. it can get down to zero here at night. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> they need fires going all the time. if they don't, there's a greater chance that they could freetz to death. >> for more on how linda is helping the navajo nation, you can go to while you're there, you can nominate someone you think should be a 2017 cnn hero. >> it's worth taking a look at what happens on reservations all over the country. >> what's at stake with today's big vote on the gop health care bill? will trumpcare be born? we got "the bottom line" next.
5:48 am
bp developed new, industry-leading software to monitor drilling operations in real-time, so our engineers can solve problems with the most precise data at their fingertips. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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so i use excedrin.ments from my life. it starts to relieve migraine pain in just 30 minutes. and it works on my symptoms, too. now moments lost to migraines are moments gained with excedrin. [heartbeat] president donald j. trump taking on the freedom caucus this morning, tweeting the irony is the freedom caucus which is very pro life and against planned parenthood, also pp to continue if they plan to stop this plan. will the members of the caucus get behind the president's plan? let's get to senior political analyst mark preston.
5:52 am
there is politics afoot. hedges being put in place. what do you hear? >> i spoke to a senior white house official in following what you read there from the tweet, the official told me regarding the freedom caucus and the president is that if the bill goes down, i don't think the president is going to have any desire or appetite to work with the freedom caucus going forward, which says something about all the legislative items the president wants to get done. >> you have new reporting there's frustration behind the scenes at the white house. >> not only my reporting that there's frustration on capitol hill, who would bear the blame? some say paul ryan, but that's going to be from his own caucus. in addition to this, this white house official says to me he thinks the freedom caucus is going to bear an incredible amount of blame. >> look, isn't it pretty plain that donald trump is not putting his arms around trumpcare the
5:53 am
way he has around other things he wants to get done? you've got the breitbart people killing ryan which is an obvious hedge there on who did this and who is right and who's wrong. we haven't seen trump come out talking to the american people, talking about why it's good, selling the policy. he's saying the obvious things, the general things. i haven't seen him hammer this the way he has other things. >> specifically the border wall which is a prime example -- >> he knows what that wall would cost per foot. this bill, i've never heard him mention. >> maybe because he's not vested into the policy ramifications. i thought it was interesting in your interview with hss secretary tom price, when you who is the president going to blame, he said the president has done all he can do to get this done. again, shifting blame up to capitol hill not to get this done. >> what we keep hearing from our pundits is it probably is going to pass. >> the house. >> the house. at the home there's 31 on the fence, we had our two former
5:54 am
congressmen on who peeled back the curtain and said really there's eight sort of that you have to rely on and, if it's just single digits, when you're sitting there on the floor and the votes happening, there's a lot of pressure and you might pass it at the 11th hour there. >> you might pass it and then what happens? it goes over to the united states senate and everything we've seen done in the house is probably going to get untied when it gets to the senate. guess what? they have to come together in a radio, the house and a senate to get it done. >> that's what i was talking to secretary price about which is it's impossible to know what it really will look like and what it really will mean for americans. as he says optimistically, this is the first step. that doesn't help americans know what that means for their pocketbook or for their health care. >> strategic missteps by the republicans and president trump not to say we're going to start it here. the legislative process will work its way through. that way you wouldn't have alienated the freedom caucus, try to see what you can get.
5:55 am
the susan collinss of the world, lisa murkowskis of the world, see what you can get in there. that would have moved the ball further down the road. >> the phase two, phase three part, that's a spin and a future promise. price's predicament is he is selling this bill as things it is not. cbo scores and experts who say more people will not be covered by this plan and that's what they're afraid of in the senate. at least half of these gop holdouts. >> that cbo score yesterday was not good because the number of uninsured remains the same. >> mark preston, thank you very much for "the bottom line." let's brighten up your day with a few extra headlines. >> i love headlines. ♪
5:56 am
>> i would have gone with more of a "don't fear the reaper." >> or you would have played rush as you have been during the break. >> she says they're not a legitima legitimate. "newsroom" right after this short break. >> have a great weekend. ♪
5:57 am
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good morning everyone. i'm john berman. >> i'm poppy harlow. take a look at live pictures of the capitol this morning. it is the dome of the great unknown at this hour. no one inside this building really knows what is going to happen today. no one knows if a fractured republican party will pass a health care bill by showdown. no one knows if a somewhat embattled president will taste his first legislative victory. he likes it well done, we hear, or if he'll taste defeat. we do know the president is said to be, quote, at the end of his rope and we do know there is already a lot of finger-pointing. >> the house rules committee just wrapped up its


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