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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  March 26, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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right. >> it's a development to mankind. >> a full investigation after air strikes kill civilians in mos mosul. >> former president not only lost her job, but immunity. >> hundreds of people were detained in russia as massive crowds gathered to protest corruption in the government. hello and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm rosemary church. >> i'm cyril vannier.
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>> the u.s. military is promising an investigation into the deaths of civilians and whether air strikes are to blame. >> they confirm one strike hit an isis truck packed with explosives on march 17th, but it's unclear what happened after that. >> an iraqi commander said the blast killed dozens in nearby homes. isis may have booby trapped the buildings. >> cnn is following all this and joins us now from istanbul in turkey. an investigation is under way and we don't know what caused the deaths. >> rosemary, it has been more than a week since this. it's a confusing and chaotic
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situation. so many conflicting reports. here's what we do know. according to local officials in mo cell according to the civil defense, an air strike caused a large number of civilian casualties. the u.s. as you mentioned and the iraqi militaries are both investigating the incident and what happened. the americans say they did carry out an air strike in this area where the incident took place, but they are trying to piece together the information and what the s were. the iraqis are saying they called in for the air strike. they are targeting a large truck and it's unclear because they are blaming the civilian casualties on the truck bomb. it's unclear how that truck detonated or it was the result of that air strike. according to the they managed to
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pull 81 bodies out of the rubble. we could expect that death toll to rise according to eyewitnesss. one eyewitness at least that our team in northern iraq are with damon and her team were able to speak to. as he was leaving with his family, he was close to the area and as they were leaving, they could hear people screaming for help. while the circumstances of what happened on march 17th in western mosul are unclear, one thing is for certain. so many civilian lives were lost. how will it impact that and given isis for human shields. >> you and i used to talk about
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this in the united nations. the hundreds of thousands were trapped in mosul. isis is not allowing civilians to leave and they were caught in the crossfire. this is more of a concern when it comes to this part of the battle. this is the old part of town and densely populated areas. hundreds of thousands they believe are still in western mosul. the concern is isis using people as human shields and not allowing them to leave using civilian homes as fighting positions. looking at different ways to tackle the battle and avoid
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civilian casuuse yults. this is a very complicated urban environment and to try to avoid civilian cause yults is to be a very, very difficult task if not impossible. live from turkey where it is just after 9:00 in the morning following the situation there in mos mosul. many thanks. >> the other big story, the former president could face arrests for an abuse of power. she was impeached for a corruption scandal. they are investigating and seeking an arrest warrant. we have the details from seoul. good to have you with us. if they are asking for park's arrest, they must feel they are able to bring a compelling case.
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what do they have against her? >> they believe they have enough evidence that an arrest warrant is necessary. there is a possibility of her trying to destroy evidence, saying the investigation is ongoing and there were serious violations from park and she herself has denied wrong-doing, but prosecutors believe there is enough evidence that an arrest warrant is necessary. they believe there has been abuse of power and allegations of bribery, coercion, and they also say her confidant who is at the center of this scandal is already being investigated. she is in prison and on trial. others related to the scandal have been arrest and believe it's only fair that given the
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seriousness of the allegations, she is arrested as well. >> tell us about the former president's version of events. what does she say happen? park said the truth will come out. what does she say happen? >> she apologized and never for wrong-doing, stating she has not done anything wrong. her lawyer said this is a witch hunt. they had rivals and the ones that have driven this impeachment and this investigation. giving tens of million was her
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confidants and used for their own means. the only means herself. she said she has not done anything for personal gain. that is why she believes she has not done anything wrong. >> there was huge investment in the story by south koreans themselves. that lasted weeks and months and people went into the streets over weeks. how is this playing out in the population? >> there was another one of the rallies on saturday. a candlelight vigil where people came on to the streets calling for the impeachment that happened. they are calling for her to be put behind bars.
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there is a smaller group who believe this shouldn't have happened. they were on the streets as well. it's a divided country at this point. the group that believes that park should go to prison is far bigger than those that don't if you look at the numbers on the streets. it's a very divicive issue what happened with this corruption scandal. >> live from seoul, south korea. thank you so much. >> president trump's son in law is about to expand his already broad range of influence at the white house. the president will announce that jared kushner will lead the white house office of american innovation. >> that are will have authority to reform bureaucracy with private business solutions. kushner drives foreign and domestic decisions and has the hand in presidential personnel. the defeat of health care
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legislation and republicans a major blow. >> now there are questions about who is to blame and where the trump agenda goes from here. the news host calls on the speaker of the house to step down. the white house said it supports paul ryan. >> as the white house recovers from this devastating loss last week, the failure to repeal obamacare after years and years of promising to do so. we heard the president blame democrats in the house. also this morning he blasted the house freedom caucus, the conservative block of about 30 member who is blocked this bill because they felt it didn't go far enough to undo obamacare. one person the white house is not blaming is house speaker paul ryan. reince priebus was asked on fox news sunday whether the president thought speaker ryan
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should step down. >> does he want paul ryan to step down? >> no, he doesn't. he talked to paul ryan for about an hour and he believe what is he said on friday. he doesn't blame paul ryan. he thought he worked really hard and he enjoys his relationship with paul ryan and thinks he is a great speaker of the house. >> here feels speaker ryan is a great speaker of the house, but the question remains how this white house is going to work with republicans and democrats on capitol hill and not just with the leadership like speaker ryan and others and with the house conservatives. they are blasting with moderate republicans and potentially democrats. they said over and over again during that interview they were open to talking to democrats. the issue here is that the president whether on twitter or to the press has been blasting democrats and the house freedom
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caucus. is that conducive to working with the groups? we heard house speaker ryan say doing big things is hard and doing big things is going to require the white house figuring out how to ma neefr things so the president can get done the big things he wants to get done. back to you. >> josh rogan is a political analyst and columnist for "the washington post." what does donald trump need to do to turn things around now that he failed on his first major legislative effort? >> the first thing is have a few days where he doesn't have any major bad news, scandals or failed initiatives. last week he had a string of defeats. there was bad news out of the russia hearing and the failure to advance the health care legislation and a tough week for a nomination of neal gorsuch to be the supreme court nominee.
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the goff such nomination will move forward and that will be trump's best chance for a victory. after that he needs to go ahead and stop stoking the fights in the republican party. his tweet this morning attacking the club for growth and the freedom caucus is only adding salt to a fresh wound. if the president wants to start off on the right foot, he needs to stop the bleeding and bring his caucus together and at least present the united front even if one doesn't exist. >> you mentioned the tweet and we will look at it. donald trump needs to nurture two important relationships going forward. with the house speaker paul ryan and the ultra conservatives, the freedom caucus. he tweeted about them on sunday morning. democrats are smiling in d.c. that the freedom caulk you us have saved planned parenthood and obamacare.
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>> donald trump's chief of staff said mr. trump was surprised by the disloyalties. how does he mend that relationship? >> we have seen a string of statements blaming others for the failure of the health care to advance. he started with the democrats and moved on to the freedom caucus. at no moint dopoint does he adm played a in the defeat. they need to bring these people in and talk about the next steps being tax reform. he can't afford another debacle. they will have to bring these people in and get buy in before they start the effort. >> how though. they have shown they are not going to back him just because they are republicans and he's a republican president. >> that's right. you are getting to the crucial part of his failed strategy. his basic line was to threaten them with primaries.
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they didn't think the threats were credible and didn't appreciate being bullied. by bringing them in before and getting their ideas and their asks and concessions into the original cake before it's baked, that's the best way to unveil a product that everyone can agree to. he has to show them more basic respect. it's not enough to call up a bunch of members of congress and threaten them with primaries. he has to give them more carrots and less sticks. it's not going to be easy. tax reform is controversial and more difficult than health care in a number of ways. at the same time the president made his bet. you saw the chief of staff say the president might go the other direction and work with democrats. moderate democrats on the next initiative. reince priebus said that's a warning to people on the far right. this is a doubling down on the strategy of if you don't go my way, it's the highway.
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>> thank you very much. >> any time. >> we return to a tragic and developing story in japan. an avalanche struck a group of high school students taking skiing lessons about 200 kilometers north of tokyo. >> a fire official said eight of the students show no signs of and six are injured. 32 teachers were able to get safely. they are having trouble reaching the area due to poor weather at the moment. >> we will keep a close eye on that story. we will take a break, but still to come, hong kong's new leader is not expected to have much of a honeymoon period. why she was elected over another candidate who was more popular. >> why rallies were held across russia when we come back. kevin, meet your father. kevin kevin
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selected carey lam. that are that are they chose a candidate over one with more popular support. ivan watson has been and outside hong kong's government officers. given the way she was elected. she won the election with 777 sloets to govern a city of more than 7 million people. how is that possible? in hong kong's system you have an electoral commission and a committee of less than 1200 people who are the actual people who do the voting. it is precisely that system that
11:22 pm
triggered protests in this country. in the city with people calling for universal sufferage. that reform has not taken place and part of this division that continues in the former british colony. division that is the new executive referred to in her victory speech. take a listen. >> hong kong our home is suffering from quite a serious divisiveness and has accumulated a lot of frustrations. my priority will be to heal the divide and ease the frustrations. and to unite our society to move forward. >> when you ask about the manda mandate, the most important is
11:23 pm
support from beijing and the communist party that rules mainland china since it is perceived to have a great deal of influence on how the members of that election committee voted in sunday's quite limited vote here in hong kong. >> what leader will she be promising to heal the wounds to unite the people of hong kong. how will she do that? >> presumably it would be a continuation of the current administration since she is the number two. she has been the number two official in the outgoing administration and there would be an extension of that. i have to highlight one other point. a number of pro democracy activists and a number of the organizers who helped put together the so-called umbrella
11:24 pm
movement and the occupy protests that took place in the parks and in the streets near where i'm standing right here in 2014 have announced they have been summoned to police stations in hong kong to face charges for the occupy protests of 2014. they are arguing that this is not a coincidence that the arrest summons are coming a day after a new chief executive and interpreting this as a signal from the outgoing administration and perhaps by extension from the ruling communist party government of how we will tackle the voices of decent in the city. another thing to keep in mind, since the protest movements and since they failed, a portion of hong kong's population has been radicalized instead of calling for universal sufferage some of them are calling for out right
11:25 pm
independence and calling themselves localists. that's one of the challenges that the leader of hong kong will have to face. rose rosemary? >> bringing us up to date on developments from hong kong where it is 2:24 in the afternoon. >> what's happening across russia, protests were planned across the country on sunday in a bid to speak out against corruption. >> hundreds of people were reportedly detained including a figure. >> there were many tense moments and hundreds of arrests made in moscow alone. caught up in the pushing and
11:26 pm
shoving. there is a massive protest on hand. seeing scenes like this pushing the protesters bachblth. >> they were declared illegal by russian authorities, taking to the streets for the widespread corruption and the organizers and that's 100 towns and cities across the vast country. the man calling for the action was himself detained. >> they can support our governments.
11:27 pm
they don't pose a serious threat to vladimir putin with approval ratings around 80%. the opposition takes to the streets whether they are allowed to or not. cnn, moscow. >> we will take a short break here and overseas voting begins in turkey's constitutional referendum. what it could mean for turkey's prisoners. >> donald trump's tough stance could be having an unintended effect. domestic violence victims are being hurt by the u.s. president's crack down. announcer: get on your feet for the nastiest bull in the state of texas. ♪
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a very warm welcome here in the u.s. and around the world. >> we want to update you now on the top stories. british police made a new arrest in connection with the westminster attack. officials say a 30-year-old man was taken into custody suspected of preparing a terrorist act. they believe the attacker acted alone. >> south korea on the way to port for inspection. the vessel was lifted and floated on sunday. the ferry was overloaded and traveling too fast when it capsized and sanction off south koreaa's coast. more than 300 died, many of them students on a school trip. >> six aid workers died.
11:32 pm
they represent the highest number of humanitarian workers killed since the country's civil war began. millions of people are suffering from fam hin and 100,000 are said to be on the brink of starvation. >> overseas voting begins in a historic referendum for turkey. i am joined from london with a political and security expert focussing on turkey. why is this block of voters, overseas voters so important to the president as he prepares for the referendum a few weeks ago now? >> it's very important because the current polling that shows the referendum between a yes and a no vote. every little bit counts. there is a few million turks in europe who are eligible to vote and it tends to be that european
11:33 pm
turks vote for him and his party in higher numbers than turk dos in turkey. the hope here is that the same result you can get more yes votes. >> the president has been pushing for the presidential system for years and never managed to get it done. a lot has changed recently. has that helped or hurt his chances? >> one of the big challenges that has hurt him is the economy has really slowed down over the past few quarters. su turkey since the party came to power is doing quite well and turks are feeling it. that reduces support for his
11:34 pm
party and for his initiatives. >> really, it's hard to save that much changing. the president is running the country almost as if he has the system. what the changes would do is close those uncertainties. take the executive power to the pedestrian when they invested in the prime minister and his cabinet. >> is there much appetite for changing the country and taking it towards the system or not? are we able to gauge that? >> i think most people, a slight
11:35 pm
majority don't see a reason for this. and they are concerned. and they learn that the prime minister and parliament have the authority. it doesn't make sense to a lot of people why they transfer to the presidency. a lot of concerns there. >> thank you very much for your insights. thanks. >> the white house will be looking to pivot from a week that offered no victories. >> president trump is coming off the collapse of the push to repeal obamacare and shifting towards tax reform. his chief of staff suggest fist republicans won't work with him, he could turn to moderate democrats. >> i think it's more or less a warning shot that we are willing to talk to anyone. we always have been.
11:36 pm
i think more so now than ever. it's time for both parties to come together and get to real reforms in this country whether it's taxes or health care or immigration or whether it be infrastructure. this president is ready to lead. sort of over with the games in the legislature. >> president trump is also expected to sign an executive order this week that will begin to roll back the obama administration's efforts to reduce carbon pollution from power plants. as president trump follows through on the promise to crack down on illegal immigration -- >> human rights groups say victims are afraid to report abuse, fearing deportation. a survivor is facing such a dilemma. >> this undocumented mexican immigrant and mother of four said she was the victim of domestic violence for 12 years.
11:37 pm
in addition fearing her husband, she was afraid of being deport and separated from her children. >> translator: my husband would tell me he was going to call immigration and they would take my children away. >> tracking down on illegal immigration was a campaign promise. >> we put in place the immediate construction of the border wall, putting an end to catch and release. >> the human rights activists say the policies are having an unintended effect. domestic violence victims are now afraid to go to police. >> translator: domestic violence victims are calling us to let us know what they are going through at home, but they are afraid and don't want to call the police or go to court. >> in the first weeks of the trump presidency, they carried out what they called routine raids throughout the country, detaining hundreds of
11:38 pm
undocumented immigrants. >> the disgraceful raids are deeply upsetting, cruel, and designed to spread fear. >> organizations that protect victims so domestic violence say many immigrants don't know they can receive legal help regardless of their immigration status under the violence against women act of 1994. the u.s. government offers the you visa for victims of mental or physical abuse willing to cooperate with police. for this undocumented mother, the you visa was the answer. >> translator: it gave me hope that i will not be separated from my children, she says. activi activists say where anti-immigrant rhetoric is common place, the message is not getting through to victims. perpetrators of domestic violence they fear are more like low to go unpunished. cnn. >> more than a dozen mexican
11:39 pm
inmates are on the run after breaking out of prison. a look at the elaborate tunnel they used to escape. >> young and inexperienced, but some french voters say this candidate has their vote for president. the reasons why, ahead. today we're gonna -hi. be comparing the roll-formed steel bed of the chevy silverado to the aluminum bed of this competitor's truck. awesome. let's see how the aluminum bed of this truck held up. wooooow!! -holy moly. that's a good size puncture. you hear 'aluminum' now you're gonna go 'ew'. let's check out the silverado steel bed. wow. you have a couple of dents. i'd expect more dents. make a strong decision. find your tag and get 15% below msrp on select 2017 silverado 1500 crew cabs in stock. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. [waitress] more coffee? [student] yeah, thanks. [student] oh yeah for sure... [waitress] yeah ok
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started with a flavored product, who do you think tobacco companies are targeting? do we get to keep any? >> welcome back. brit irk police made a new arrest in connection with the westminster terror attack. a 30-year-old man was taken into custody suspected of pretearing a terrori a terrorist attack. most have been released with no further charges. >> the attacker was not directed by isis and likely acted alone. police shot him dead after he killed four people including a police officer on wednesday. >> 14 mexican inmates are on the run after a prison break. >> authorities say they snuck
11:43 pm
out through a massive tunnel under a prison wall. we have the details. >> that are tunnel has been sealed with concrete. the question remained how did something like this happen in the prison? >> let's go back to the series of events. on wednesday night, 29 inmates escaped and said to be about 15 feet deep with 130 feet long. on friday when authorities went in to search the cells and make sure they could reestablish order, a prison riot broke out and the inmate set debris on fire. three inmates were stabbed to death, one was also injured. and upon escape, we know that one of the inmates is believed to be responsible for a carjacking in which one man was shot. saturday that tunnel was seal and sunday family members were allowed to go in to visit.
11:44 pm
prisoners that were still there, the investigation led authorities to a few other inmates that have escaped. the big question now again, how did this happen. investigators remain tight lipped. they're would not answer our questions, but the son of a well-known cartel leader escaped a prison in mexico in 2015, el chappo, a cartel leader escaped through a tunnel. this is something that is not new and speaks to the power of mexican cartel s inside and outside of mexican prisons. leyla santiago, mexico city. >> a grim outlook for the eu going into the final month of her campaign. reuters reports she said the block would die because the
11:45 pm
people did not want it anymore. >> she accused her rivals of treason for their pro eu policies. opinion polls favor her in the first round of the election, but forecast a run off win for mac ron. >> he is running without the support of france's major parties. >> we're talked to people who planned to vote for him to figure out what he represents to them. >> the class is liberal, offering us to go for a democratic revolution. >> the premises is to renew the political personnel. we want new faces. >> he has been described and the
11:46 pm
candidate more and more likely to take on the candidate of the elite. all of you speak english? is it a fair charge? >> europe represents something to us. is that a choice of the elite? i don't think so. i think it's unfair for everybody. >> europe has been accused of a democratic deficit and failing a number of key challenges the last few years and one sensed this europeanism rising. >> you remain pro european. why? >> to the extent that the debate is not whether we should be right or left wing, but open or closed. it's true that there is a democratic deficit. today european institutions are obscure, but it doesn't mean that the idea of the european union should be dismissed. >> can you understand the fear of globalization that led people to turn towards the candidates of closure? >> it's an issue that has to be divided in detail and how you
11:47 pm
negotiate trade agreements that there are real issues and there are no straight forward positions to take. one thing that seems obvious if you close the french border, it's not going to work. france is not profiting enough to sustain their effort on its own. >> we can fight against russia, china, india. it's impossible. alone we can't fight it. >> i understand the fear, but we need to go beyond that fear and try to see the potential it represents. >> you are all convinced, can manual speak to both those who want to see profound change in french politics as we have seen out there in the world getting rid of the old and bringing in the new? can he speak to that and gather together the left and the right?
11:48 pm
do you believe he can do it? >> sure, he can. he is new so he can gather that population. it is true that he is not starting on anger. that's really the difference with what we have seen elsewhere. the parties as they are it doesn't work anymore. it's not able to represent what the country isn't? >> it's a democratic revolution. is that too strong? >> we have been doing revolutions by cutting heads. all are getting into wars and we are somebody who is doing a revolution agreeing with people and smiling. what's not to like? >> a bit of analysis there. a day at the mall turned hazardous to shoppers in hong kong. >>y we will look at the accident
11:49 pm
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after terrifying incident at hong kong shopping mall. >> upward bound escalator increased speed, sending many shoppers tumbling. at least 18 people were injured in the incident. >> going very fast there, isn't it? well strengthen tropical cyclone is approaching the east coast of australia. >> and meteorologist harry joins us now with the latest on the storm, what do we know? >> we know the storm system is strengthening pretty quickly. this is something we think in the next 12 hours could get up to category 2 storm and measuring the storm system and cloud feel from the northern fringe to southern fringe. if you were to place this along europe, it will stretch out towards warsaw. the winds with this, will land to category one hurricane.
11:54 pm
oftentimes people get obsessive thinking if it's weak, you can discount it. certainly not the case with this system, it's very significant. the storm surge associated with this very significant as well. the communities it will impact rather populated. from townsville, hometown, from that city down towards ma kie, population about quarter of a million people. certainly very populated and a lot of people stand to be impacted. we think land fall in the predawn hours of tuesday, storm surge is what we're concerned about, work your way south of townsville. see storm surge up to five meters and some of those favorable communities as you work your way towards hide away bay and conway, some of the regions again, four, five meters of storm serge not out of the question. you take the high tide and with the storm serge, you're talking about the entire body of water rising to a new level. which will be four to five
11:55 pm
meters above sea level. a lot of areas have been evacuated. about 3,500 people evacuated and additional 2000. you take 150 kilometer are possible with the storm at land fall. if that is the case that's going to cause a lot of disruption right there on the costal community. something to keep in mind, that about 80% of all cyclone fatalities are associated with a water element not the wind element. so keep that in mind here and really go to show that you don't discount a storm by wind speed alone and the water here, you show us, there it is right there, it's 500 plus millimeters 0 f rain fall. so a half meter of water could fall from the skies in the next couple of days, that's about the third of annual rain fall coming down in a matter of two days. this is a big storm system for this region. i know about a hundred schools
11:56 pm
have been closed across the area. folks are taking this serious. >> no strangers to cyclones like this. they know the drill, but it doesn't make it easier, does it? >> absolutely. >> thanks so much, pedhram appreciate. >> we'll be right back with more news after the break. stay with us. ♪ announcer: get on your feet for the nastiest bull in the state of texas. ♪ ♪ as after a dvt blood clot,ital i sure had a lot to think about.
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full investigation is underway after air strikes killed scores of civilians in mosul. plus south korea's former president facing more scrutiny as prosecutors seek a warrant for her arrest. >> and thousands of people came out to russia to protest corruption inside the government and hundreds were detained by police. he low everyone, welcome to our viewers here in the u.s. and around the world. >> and i'm rosemary church, this is "cnn newsroom." i racky forces sayin


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