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tv   New Day  CNN  March 27, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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advisory role. advise and assist teams for those iraqi forces trying to move on mosul. we've seened additional forces into syria to help there. i think there's an underlying problem emerging for the united states. they are now moving into these areas in mosul and raqqah that are densely populated. these are neighborhoods full of civilians, isis taking human shields, taking hostages. if you're going to continue to prosecute from the air, it is going to be very tough to determine who is who down on the ground on these streets in these neighborhoods. it is going to be a growing problem. we'll be back here talking about it, i suspect, time and again. even once they get raqqah and mosul back, the challenge for the trump administration really now is to develop what the president promised, a plan to defeat isis. isis is still very much in small towns and villages up and down
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iraq and syria. >> he said he had a secret plan. he asked the generals for a plan. he's got that plan. it's not been revealed, it's not been debated, yet american boots are founding their way to the ground in increasing numbers. molly, arwa, stay safe, thank you for the bravery and reporting. we're following a lot of news. what do you say? let's get after it. >> we were very close. very, very title margght margin. >> you can't threaten and intimidate, say i'll walk away. >> there's no reason to gloat here. >> this place was more rotten than we thought. >> it doesn't solve the problems of obamacare. >> i don't think the president is closing the door on anything. >> can devin nunes lead an independent investigation? >> there's zero reason to cancel tuesday's meeting. >> the events of this week call out the need for an independent commission. >> they won't come up with anything. >> president trump will be
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proven correct. >> this is "new day." >> good morning. welcome to your "new day." we begin with president trump and the stinging defeat of healthcare. the president shifting the blame for the loss on to conservatives after first lashing out at democrats. >> in-fighting is infecting the highest levels of team trump. the administration says they need a win to advance the president's stalled agenda. should they be focusing on the wins or the policies themselves? can they reach across to democrats after all the acrimony? lots to cover. we have it all for you. let's begin with sarah murray live at the white house. >> this administration needed a win last week. they did not get it. today they will try to regroup and move on to the next major priority. that will be tax reform, but it may not be as simple as they're hoping. >> reporter: the white house desperate to move forward after
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a bruising defeat on healthcare. >> we are moving on to taxes. >> reporter: moving on to cutting taxes, which could be more challenging, that after failing to deliver on the president's promise to repeal and replace obamacare despite republicans having control of the house and senate. if you analyze what went wrong with aca, he repeats them in tax reform, he'll get nowhere. >> reporter: this as the finger pointing intensifies. >> i think there's plenty of blame to go around. i think what happened is washington move. >> i think the house moved too fast. 18 days is not enough time for such major landmark legislation. >> reporter: president trump shifting the blame from democrats to the conservatives who stood in the way of the bill. tweeting they saved planned parenthood and obamacare. as his chief of staff, priebus, is leaving the door open to
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compromise. if democrats come on board with a plan don't road, we'll welcome that. >> they have to reach out across the aisle. democrats have to say we'll work with you to improve and fix this plan for people. >> reporter: a long time member of the house freedom caucus, ted poe, is resigning from the group. he wrote saying no is easy, leading is hard. house speaker paul ryan also under scrutiny in the wake of the healthcare defeat. president trump tweeting to his supporters to watch a specific fox news program, which began like this. >> paul ryan needs to step down as speaker of the house. >> reporter: the white house is insisting that trump didn't know the fox host would make these comments, and that the commander in chief is standing by the speaker. >> he doesn't blame paul ryan. he thought paul ryan worked really hard. >> reporter: republicans gearing up for another fight over supreme court pick neil gorsuch
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with democrats vowing to filibuster his nomination. >> i'm for the republicans obeying the rules that currently exist and not changing those rules. the rules for good reasons are 60 votes. >> reporter: we're expecting another announcement from the white house today. the president is expected to unveil his american innovation office this will be led by jared kushner his son-in-law and a senior adviser. it's designed to make the government leaner an meaner by adopting policies used in private sector. back to you. >> sara, thank you very much for that reporting. joining us now is republican congressman ted poe of texas, he resigned from the house freedom caucus over the defeat. good morning. >> good morning. >> why did you resign? >> because the freedom caucus has always been the opposition caucus against the democrats, now when we're in the majority, it continues to be the opposition caucus against anything in the republican
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party. we had not been included in the past, but we were included in the healthcare replacement bill. we spent an hour and a half with the president of the united states, the vice president, members of the cabinet talking and making compromise. compromises were made, things were added to the bill, at the end of the day, no it was easier to vote no. so i'm angry about that. i think it's time we lead and continue not to say no on everything that takes place when bills come forward in the house of representatives. >> since the president did make those concessions to the house freedom caucus what did they want? >> there's some members, i think, who wanted some strong parts of the repeal in the bill. but it would move too far to the right where you wouldn't get other republicans to support it. it's a compromise.
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there was nothing that could be added to the bill that the freedom caucus would ever vote yes on. so, you know, i got the opinion that there's some members of the freedom caucus, they would vote no against the ten commandment the if they came up for a vote. so, i think it's time that the freedom caucus worked together with other members of the republican party, have input, which we did with the speaker, the president of the united states, and then at the end of the day compromise to get something done. now we have owe baobama care. we promised for years to repeal obama care. when it came down to repealing it, where it counted, people just said, eh, i'm not going to vote to repeal the bill. >> you were prepared to vote yes. is that right? >> that's correct. i was going to vote yes. not a perfect bill. but it's a start. and moving us in a different direction to have more input
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into healthcare. you know, repealing the individual mandate, repealing the corporate mandate. reducing taxes that are in obamacare. there were some good things in it. no, it was not perfect, but i was ready to vote yes because everybody had an input in the republican party, yet some would continue to say i'm not going to vote for the bill. >> you have spoken to the president since all of this happened on friday? >> no, i have not. i have not spoken to him since we met with the president last week. i have not talked to him. >> congressman, the people on the house freedom caucus, i don't have to tell you, they say they stand for conservative prur i purity. how do you work with that? how do you ever get them to come more towards the middle? >> well, nobody is as conservative as i am in the house of representatives. you can have your principles. then when it comes to voting,
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you have to compromise to get something passed. is it a pure bill? no, it's not a pure bill. so, they let the perfect piece of legislation go. you will never get a perfect piece of legislation approved of in the house of representatives. there are 215 other members of the house who are republicans who we have to work with to move the ball forward to lead. we're in charge. let us lead. and i'm upset about the fact that we had the chance to lead, to fulfill the number one promise that republicans had to repeal obamacare, and that at the end of the day, people said they're going to vote to keep obamacare. that's very unfortunate. >> do you think you are a lone voice in feeling this way? do you predict there will be other defections from the house freedom caucus? >> i'm not a lone voice in this.
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i can't speak for other members of the freedom caucus on what they will do. whether they will stay or leave. i talked to other members. they are distraught, upset about the fact that the bill was not passed. i've talked with other members, they may or may not leave the freedom caucus. that's their choice. >> what are your colleagues shares with ying with you about freedom caucus looks like? >> the freedom caucus, i think, will continue to be the opposition party in the republican party. unless they change their concept. the issue was always the conservatives were not brought to the table in the republican party. now we've been brought to the table. we talked to the president, we talked to the speaker, we talked to members of the republican party and we were brought to the table. we had our input.
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changes were made. they continued to vote no. if the history is the same, it will continue to be the opposition party in the party. they will continue to vote no. that's unfortunate. that's one reason that -- the main reason why i left the freedom caucus. we cannot be effective if we continue to vote no. >> here's the problem. members of the freedom caucus get a lot of positive reinforcement in -- for being the party of no, if you will, back from their home districts. politico has an article out this morning about how chairman mark meadows is doing a victory lap in his home district. he's been given sort of a hometown hero's welcome. people say they're so happy he stood on his principles. what do you do? how do you work with that? >> we have to make sure that even though there are many people who are glad the freedom
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caucus was no. step back and look at the country we're in control. we had our input. we had a lot of changes in the bill. we're not leading. at the end of the day, those people who are glad we voted no, well, we have obamacare. we still have problems with obamacare and the high taxes, people losing coverage. so are they glad now after all these years, the number one prom mess of the freedom caucus was to repeal obama care that they voted no? they didn't keep their word to the american public. and i think when americans realize that nothing has been accomplished, that we have the status quo, i think they may change their mind about those who were voting no based upon, as they say, their principles. >> congressman what does this do for president trump's agenda? what can get done?
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>> we have the tax situation, which is next. i think that's going to be more difficult to change the tax structure of the country than replacing and repealing obama care. we'll see that it's going to be very difficult. the president will have a plan. he will try to get as many people in the house of representatives to support that plan. but whatever the plan will be, it would not -- it won't be as conservative as some people will want because the conservatives continue, unfortunately, to vote no, no matter what. so there have to be other people in the house of representatives, including departments, to change the tax plan if that is possible. >> is there anything that is a slam dunk? infrastructure? i don't think infrastructure is a slam dunk either. there's money that has to be appropriated to fix the terrible
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problem of infrastructure in the trount country, especially transportation. so we have to vote for more spending. those in the republican party, some of them will be opposed to spending more on infrastructure, even though it's necessary. we have to quit saying no. we have to work together in the republican party. at the end of the day come up with a plan where everybody had input and support that plan. even though it's not a perfect plan, vote for something that can help the country overall. it's so easy to sit back, cross your arms, say no, not going to support that. then we have a situation where we're not making positive changes in the country or leading. that's the problem we have. we have to lead. we're the party in power. we have to lead whether people want to or not. >> congressman ted poe, you have your work cut out for you. thank you very much for taking your time on "new day." >> thank you very much. so this healthcare defeat
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looms large. there's no question that it was a painful experience for the president. now, what did it mean for the speaker? there's a lot of intrigue about this. the white house seems to be trying now to backfill and say ryan's okay. we'll talk to somebody who used to be the former chief of staff of ryan about how this will affect him and where we go from here. next. ed, 56 volt, arc lithium battery technology, it delivers the cutting-torque of gas. the ego mower's durable construction makes mowing in difficult conditions easy. the self-propelled model makes it effortless. and it folds flat in seconds for easy storage. the ego power+ mower. exclusively at the home depot and ego authorized dealers. man: when people ask me for whiter teeth, i always tell them, "the thicker the enamel, the more white you're going to have."
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the trump administration failing to make good on mr. trump's, one of his big campaign promises, to repeal and replace obamacare. so the white house is turning to tax reform. congressman ted poe just resigned from the house freedom caucus and painted a dire picture forever the preside the agenda. >> let's discuss why. with us, jack kingston, senior adviser to one nation health coaliti coalition, david hoppy, and nina turner. how do you think ryan is dealing with this situation? do you think this has put his speakership in jeopardy? >> not at all. there's broad support for paul being speaker. having said that, i think what he's doing now is he will go back and look at the substance, how we get there, how you move
5:20 am
forward on the substance. that's where he's most comfortable. they'll have to broaden out and bring in some groups, both the tuesday group as well as the house freedom caucus to start talking about how they find a spotted in the middle. nobody will get everything they want. some of this will have to be done through regular order, so it will take 60 votes in the senate. it was done in two bills. it can only be undone in two bills that means one has to be regular order. >> jack, the problem is with the way david outlined it, the house freedom caucus doesn't want to come to the middle to try solutions. they like the beachhead they established where their conservative principles are pure. how will they ever work with paul ryan? >> one of the effective things newt gingrich did when i was in the house, we had conservative versus moderate splits as well. different names but same issues. he brought them in to his
5:21 am
office, they would meet regularly. it was run by richard pa mrshgs pamba and chris shays, and he met with them every week. at that time it was epa issues, but this time mr. ryan can say come up with common grounds on healthcare, and while you're talking with each other if you want to bring in representatives from club of growth, planned parenthood, whomever, listen to them, because it would be good for the cause. we need you to understand if we stick together we have a more republican product than if we're split. >> nina, this has all played to your advantage. republicans are saying it's 60 vote time. that means democrats. a lot are saying there's certainly problems with the aca, we should be talking about those problems. they're in a jam. the president said let the aca
5:22 am
die on its own. it probably won't, but if you're there to help people and you know things need to be fixed, get to fixing that falls on you as well. should democrats step up now and say we've identified things in the aca that should be fixed, let's identify those. >> you can't govern just by saying what you're against, you have to stand up and talk about what you're for. so democrats have a prime opportunity to bring the fix to the republicans and try to negotiate. i think what speaker ryan is enduring is similar to what speaker boehner endured from my state when he was speaker of the house. so the honeymoon is over when you have to deal with the factions within the republican party, which are many. speaker ryan is feeling that pressure. where there is a will, there is a way so i'm hoping the democrats do speak up. it does not necessarily play to the advantage of the democrats.
5:23 am
we need elected officials on both sides of the aisle who will play to the advantage of the people. that's not happening. >> david, look -- >> as president obama famously said in 2013, i won the election. the republicans won the election this time. i think there is a way to reach out and work together. here's the fundamental thing that has to be changed. democrats will have to accept. this is now a governmentally dominated healthcare system in the united states. that's what the aca was. the republicans want to change it back or change it over to a new system, which is a market oriented doctor/patient relationship system. if democrats are will be to work on that, then there's a lot of places where we can go to find bipartisanship. once again, fundamentally you have to start moving back to a market doctor/patient oriented system. if you don't have that, there probably won't be bipartisanship. >> mr. hoppe, i understand the power of that slogan, but when
5:24 am
you say let's go back to and market based, but you can't point to examples of success. what was going on before was not working that well. where do you have a market based health insurance system that works well? >> you have it in dentistry and in plastic surgery, if i can jump in you have it anywhere where the consumer has more skin in the game than a third party payer. dentist rates have stayed very low, plastic surgery also. >> but plastic surgery is elective. >> it's still market based, though. one other thing that i wanted to mention, i was talking to dave hoppe about it, during the contract with america days, newt gingrich kept us in washington five days a week. it was miserable. we were in session many nights until midnight. one thing paul ryan could do now is cancel the april recess. there's two weeks, he can say
5:25 am
we're canceling both of them. maybe we can get one back if we all decide to come together and put pressure on ourselves. >> is he inclined to do that, david hoppe? >> i -- you have to look at the situation. i think the membership would be concerned about that. having said that, i think congressman kings ston hton has idea they have to dial up the aggressive working schedule they need. this is not going back to anything. it's a new proposal to go to a market which functions. if you look at the weaknesses in our system, the weaknesses in our system is where the golf 789 tries to control it, then you have rationing, or do you go to a system where more people have more options, health savings accounts, access, benefits, choices, that's what a new system would be. we venhaven't had that because world war ii because of the way the system was set up from the tax situation from the wage and
5:26 am
price stability system in world war ii. it's time to look at a new system that focuses on individuals, families, small groups and businesses, as opposed to large employers. though that should stay, because where it works it works well. >> yeah. nina? >> certainly the republicans have had seven years. they've been out there talking about how they want to repeal and replace. they had seven years. if you can't come up with a bill that benefits the american people in seven years, something is wrong. there's no doubt the aca needs fix. but the fix that the republicans put forward is one that puts burden on the backs of the american people in this country. and that is not what president trump campaigned on. i do agree with one point that no one in congress should go on recess until they get this right. peoples lovelihoods hang in the balance. this is not just about some market based system. this is about a system that benefits the people in this country. and that is what president trump campaigned on. and that is what the republicans
5:27 am
need to deliver. they had seven years. you're right. they did win the election. they need to start acting like it and govern. >> panel, thank you. sorry, we're out of time. dave hoppe, thank you very much. nina turner, thank you all. so the president, people around him, they keep saying he's in need of a victory. they have to put points on the board. how are the democrats going to play in this situation? we have the head of the party or the co-head of the party, congressman keith ellison just ahead wha ahead. what does he have to offer? but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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all right. so what are the democrats going to do? the president is desperate for a win, it seems, or at least that's the word in and around the white house. healthcare didn't work? there's the need to make it better whachlbe better better. what will democrats do? this is a moment of opportunity what do you do with it. >> we're standing at the ready
5:32 am
to always do what's right for the american people. we know there are a number of improvements that could be made. i have a few in mind rite now. the fact is that we've been facing 60 repeal votes, now this latest thing, if the republicans have suddenly realized they have to work with us, that's a good thing. right now medicare part "d" does not negotiate drug prices. that's something we could work on to bring drug prices down. there's things we could work together on. >> was do you see as fixes for problems in the private market side of the aca? you know the stories. a lot has to do with which states didn't expand, did expand medica medicaid. i get that you have premium problems, market problems, do you have ideas for that? >> in minnesota when we saw spikes in the private market we worked together in a bipartisan way to supplement some of those
5:33 am
spikes, and look at how we can reengineer that market to make sure we could bring prices down and increase more players in the market so they there could be some competitive play. those are the things we're working on now. governor dayton worked together with members of the minnesota house and senate to say we can't just let these spikes hurt americans. we have to do something about it. there are ways forward. we are ready to do that. we do need those governors to accept medicaid expansion and stop being mired in ideology hoping and praying the thing collapses. here's the thing about president trump. he has a duty to faith think executed the laws of this country. as paul ryan said, the affordable care act is the law of the land. now it's time for all of us to figure out how to make it work and come up with good ways to improve it not ideological ways. democrats don't believe just in market solutions or government
5:34 am
solutions, we believe there's solutions to be had in different sectors. let's come together to figure out what they are. the democratic party will never prioritize party over people. we're standing in the ready to make things better. >> but standing at the ready what does that mean? you could take a step right now. if healthcare is going to go anywhere right now, republicans are not on the same page. do you see that as an opportunity to come forward and say whether it's how they price drugs in one part of medicare or here's what's going on with certain premiums, how we can help. do you need to step up and put those out there and come on shows like this and get the ball rolling that way or wait for the gop to come to you? >> no. no. you asked me at the beginning of the show what are some ideas about how we move forward. i talked about negotiating drug prices with the va. so those are some things i think we should try to move forward and do. these things are definitely things that the american people need. you know, when i say stand at
5:35 am
the ready, the emphases should be on the word ready. we have ideas that we'd like to move forward on. i don't think we fold our arms and gloat. we step forward and say, look there are people who cannot afford medicine right now. what can we do together about it? that might mean drug importation, reimportation, as i mentioned, it means negotiation of drug prices. there's no way that big pharma ought to say here's what the drug costs, take it or don't take it. that not should not be the way it goes. we are ready to take that step if that's the point you're asking. we think that is probably the right thing to do. but it's not about party, it's not about helping trump get a win. it's about doing what's right for americans who are looking at insulin going through the roof, other medications going through the roof. >> i hear you. >> they need it to stay alive. >> i'm just asking what role will the democrats play. when you look at some big initiatives that might be coming
5:36 am
down the pike which one or maybe bhor th more than one that you see as a legitimate chance? is it infrastructure? tax? select immigration policy? what do you think the best chance for progress is? >> i think we all want to see us rebuild america. if you talk to the american engineering society, they'll tell you we may have $3 trillion of infrastructure maintenance needs around this country. in my own state of minnesota we saw the bridge collapse into the mississippi river for sure we believe that is the right thing. it's got to be meaningful. if all it is is a tax cut for wealthy individuals, that won't work. if it's real investment in our infrastructure, that's something we would love to talk about we have to upgrade our grid, upgrade our water systems. flint is still on bottled water.
5:37 am
flint, michigan is still on bottled water. we ought to be doing something about getting those pipes cleaned up and straightened out now. i guarantee you the building trades would be happy about that. there would be a number of ways to work forward. they're talking about tax reform now. we think there are a number of ideas we would like to put forward in terms of tax reform. we believe an estate tax is an appropriate thing. if you don't have one, all you do is guarantee an air ro stoin where one rich guy passes it on down the line. we believe there are a number of things we can do to work together on tax reform. now that's a conversation that we've started. i think there's a limitless number of ways that we can help the american people. we are in an economy that for four decades has been stagnant
5:38 am
for american workers. trump campaigned on fair trade, i think it's time to get at that business. but when he brings in foreign steel to bring in a pipeline, that's not good. when his budget says he wants to cut the appalachian regional commission, that's not good but we're ready for good-faithed efforts to help the american people. >> that's what we're waiting for, see who is taking what opportunity and what direction. thanks for coming on yt n"new d" >> thank you. hundreds of people arrested as thousands of russians hit the street protesting vladimir putin's policies. our cnn crew got caught in the middle of it fred mipleitgen jos us next. how we use it is only limited by our imagination.
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president trump trying to reboot after a stinging defeat on healthcare reform. he's blaming others, conservatives, democrats, certain special interests. what's next? tax reform. >> the pentagon and iraqi officials investigating civil van deacivilian deaths from a coalition air strike in mosul. more than 100 bodies have been recovered. more u.s. troops are headed there to help drive isis out. tragedy in japan. eight high school students feared dead after they were swept aaway in an avalanche at a ski resort north of tokyo. no arrests yet after a deadly shootout at a nightclub in ohio. one was killed, 15 wroers injot injured. north carolina tar heels knocking off kentucky with a last-second buzzer beater to make it to the final four. joining them, you have gonzaga, south carolina what a match-up that could be, south carolina and north carolina, and oregon.
5:44 am
for more on the five things to know go to for the latest. the state department is blasting russia for arresting hundreds of people during peaceful anti corruption protests. the u.s. is calling for their release. fred pleitgen is live in moscow. he was there witnessing the protests. he has details. fred? >> hi. the latest that we have from a couple minutes ago is the organizer of the protest, a well-known opposition figure here has been sentenced to 15 days in jail. it was a bizarre trial that took place earlier today. he was arrested during the protest, initially fined to pay $350, but then apparent lit court came up with a second charge, and is now keeping him in jail for 15 days. you're right, those protests were tense. the authorities here deemed the protests illegal and made many arrests. here's what happened to us.
5:45 am
>> reporter: there were many tense moments, according to state media hundreds of arrests made in moscow alone. our crew also getting caught up in the pushing and shoving. there's a massive police presence here, time and again we're seeing scenes like this, with police pushing protesters back and even making arrests. okay. okay. okay. russia's official news agency put the turnout at 8,000 people at the march in moscow, declared illegal by russian authorities. taking to the streets to criticize what they call widespread corruption among the country's elite. organizers say similar gatherings happened in towns and cities across this vast country. the man calling for the action, opposition activist and kremlin critic alexei novalny was himself detained. but those who follow his call
5:46 am
weren't shy to voice their grievances. >> i'm against putin, his corruption. >> they steal our money using their power. >> these protests don't pose a serious threat to russia's president vladimir putin who boasts approval ratings of around 80%. they showed the opposition is willing to take to the streets, whether the authorities allow them to or not. some of those people who were detained yesterday still have not been released. i want to give you the reaction of the kremlin to all this. they condemned the protests, said they were illegal. and the spokesman for vladimir putin even says he believes that some of the people, some of the minors who were there were paid if they got arrested. chris? >> familiar tactic that we've seen back here. not real protesters, shipped in it is fixed. fred, appreciate it. the state department put out a
5:47 am
message about those protests. have not heard from president trump about what's going on there. healthcare hurts, no question about it. but what now? what happens next? where is progress? where is the winning? we get the bottom line next. kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin trusted advice for life. kevin, how's your mom? life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you. why pause a spontaneous moment? cialis for daily use treats ed and the urinary symptoms of bph. tell your doctor about your medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away
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it'that can make a worldces, of difference. expedia, everything in one place, so you can travel the world better. all right. president trump is trying to put the healthcare defeat in the rearview mirror. congressman ted poe just told us it will be tough to get anything
5:51 am
through congress. let's get the bottom line with senior editor at the atlantic ron brownstein. let's listen to a little of congressman poe making the case for inaction. >> we have the tax situation, which is next. i think that's going to be more difficult to change the tax structure of the country than replacing and repealing obamacare. whatever the plan will be, it will not be as conservative as some people will want because the conservatives continue, unfortunately, to vote no no matter what. >> so, the winning, where is the winning? >> yeah. look, i think president trump faces a catch 22 going forward. on one hand, the healthcare built clearly showed the limits of trying to govern with a republican-only strategy. what that does is in essence it gives a veto to each faction of the party. on the other hand, reaching out to democrats is extremely
5:52 am
problematic because of the way both the campaign and the presidency has unfolded, his disapproval rating among rank and file democrats is approaching 90%. it's in the high 80s, which makes it very, very difficult for any democratic legislate tore work with him on almost anything. >> but, there can be a course correction. this can be a teachable moment. they have to do something different because the house freedom caucus dig in, as we heard from docongressman poe, that's no way to get anything done. what do you think will happen next? >> it's unclear. as you know, it's not just process. it's substance that is required here. for example, if you think about the healthcare debate, the issue where there is a problem is the stability of the private insurance markets in obamacare. that's an area where you may be able to work with democrats. the republican bill went beyond that to completely repeal the expansion of medicaid and go beyond to block grant the underlying program to the point where 14 million people would
5:53 am
lose healthcare. that's a non-starter with democrats. similarly, there's similar issues on tax reform as well. even on strinfrastructure, the structure of the way that president trump has talked about doing that with tax credits rather than direct government spending and funding it through tolls is a non-starter for democrats. it's the substance of the proposals, but we'll see whether they're willing to make the only accommodations we require. >> what do you make of the headlines about jared kushner, more meetings with the russian ambassador than had been previously disclosed. we got a statement from the white house, the spokesperson says throughout the campaign and transition jared kushner served as the official primary contact through foreign government officials. in this role he has agreed to speak with congressman burr's committee. this is one meeting versus three meetings they know about now. they want to talk about it.
5:54 am
meetings themselves are meaningless. it's what happened before and after, right? >> right. part of the job of an incoming administration is to interact with the world. but the he can phrase is more meetings than previously disclosed. it adds to the scent that there is smoke and potentially fire. of course i think one of the subsequent meetings was not only with the ambassador but the head of a russian bank. one thing the intelligence committee has a peopling about, they will get further on understanding the patterns of contact and collusion -- potential collusion than on understanding the money chain. that is not their expertise. whether there are final relationships here, that, i think s going to be an ongoing question. >> we should mention that is maggie hagerman and his colleagues at the "new york times" that they shared with us. ron, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> how about some monday good stuff. big dose, right? that's next.
5:55 am
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♪ people confuse nice and kind but they're different. it's nice to remove artificial ingredients. kind never had to. we've used real ingredients, whole nuts, and natural flavors from the very beginning. give kind a try. a little good stuff on monday. talk about students with hearts of gold. these teenagers at a catholic school on long island, new york
5:59 am
pitched in to get money to a 6-year-old boy in kosovo for life-saving surgery. his heart had a hole in it. the surgery was going to be donated, but he and his father had to get here. the students worked quickly to do just that. >> really incredible. you watch it on the x-ray machine, and just as it goes through the x-ray machine, you see it starting to fix and his heart was able to beat normally again. >> it's very exciting. because we always speak about the importance of giving back and giving life. >> they did just that. he says he can't wait to go home and play soccer his friends. >> my gosh, look how happy he is. >> that's a good thing. they came together and raised the money. >> beautiful. all right. it's time now for cnn newsroom with poppy harlow and john berman. happy rainy monday. >> good morning. hello to all of you. we have a lot of news.
6:00 am
let's get right to it. >> good morning, i'm john berman. >> i'm poppy harlow. a major new twist in the senate investigation between russian ties and tru somp associations. >> the "new york times" is reporting that senators want to question jared kushner meetings he ranged with the russian ambassador and one that he reportedly attended with a russian banking official. now we understand the white house is responding. >> the white house is responding. the news is coming in quickly this morning. this originally began with the "new york times" story pointing out that the senate intelligence committee had some questions for jared kushner. this is the person closest to the president to be questioned in regards to his ties to russia and meetings with russian officials. we know


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