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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  March 27, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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good evening. thanks for joining us.
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we begin tonight with breaking news. tonight the ranking democrat of the white house intelligence committee adam schiff is going to ask daniel nunnes to recuse himself from the investigation of investigating russian ties to the trump campaign. earlier congressman nunes explained that he was on the white house grounds before he met with president trump about the wiretapping allegations. defended his decision to go to president trump directly with the so-called evidence. he is the only person on the intelligence committee who has seen it. he went on to tell wolf basically there was nothing out of the ordinary about this whole incident. his counterpart on the committee, doesn't agree. he is calling for him to resign. we joins me now. congressman schiff -- what did the congressman tell you? >> reporter: it's kind of a jarring day that has riveted washington, anderson, and that
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is that the top democrat on the committee, a committee that traditionally works in a very bipartisan manner. the chairman of the ranking member says it's now time for the chairman to step aside. take a listening to what he had to tell me. >> it's no surprise he's been on the transition team and he's been part of this investigation. it was just his visit to the white house that changed in your view? >> first it was the sort of dead of night meeting at the white house and then the returning to the white house with whatever information he got at the white house. but more than that, to the degree that what he's claiming now goes to weather there was incidental collection on members of the transition team, that's a different issue than we were looking at before. particularly if he says this doesn't involve the russian involvement in the transition team.
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so in those two areas i think it makes sense for him to recuse himself. >> reporter: and, anderson, you notice the relevant question is that congressman nunes was on the transition team, and we have been hearing from the ranking members and adam schiff moving forward on it. and this idea that what the chairman has uncovered, what the chairman only knows himself actually ties him into this because of his role in the trump transition and so what adam schiff is asking for is not just that congressman nunes removes himself just from the russian investigation, but everything he has concerns about, the trump
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unmasking because of the trump san francisco lance. a number of different issues that the chairman himself said he's both very interested in and very concerned about. >> are they still having the classified briefing from comey and rogers this week that was announced last week? >> reporter: as of now, no. and that is a big development, as well. a source involved with the committee tells me the main concern actually came from fbi director comey, whose point essentially was, at least as it was explained to me, until you guys get it together, we're not going to come up and testify. this is a big issue as this moves forward. the intelligence community has been kind of also riveted with what's happened with chairman nunes over the last several days and they want to make sure and know, as a matter of fact, as they go into these briefings as they go into any private or public testimony that they understand everything na's going on right now. it's not just lawmaker who is have been out of the loop on this, it's some members of the intelligence community as well. and because of that, this hearing that was scheduled is no
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longer on the books, anderson. >> is there any idea where this investigation goes? is the investigation still under way? is it grinding to a halt or is the intelligence committee still investigating? >> reporter: technically the investigation is ongoing. the staff is continuing to work on it. chairman nunes said it's ongoing. i asked adam schiff the ranking member on the panel if this -- was broken. he didn't think it was. he thought he could work with chairman nunes on other issues, but when it came to this issue specifically, it was time for him to step aside, it's not just adam schiff that's requesting this. it's also nancy pelosi, the spokesman has declined requests for what his position was. and speaker paul ryan has consistently said throughout the day through his spokesman that he maintains full confidence in
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chairman nunes' ability to move forward. so this is a very partisan split with no kind of clear resolution any time soon. >> again, congressman nunes is standing by his decision to go to president trump with evidence no one else has seen. he's refusing to say if the evidence came from the white house. and nunes has cancelled the closed door session, he's already postponed the committee's second public hearing, which was supposed to be tomorrow, before he cancelled that in order to have a closed door one. so jim, what's the latest from the white house on how chairman nunes went about doing this and the reaction it's gotten here in washington? >> reporter: white house press secretary sean spicer said anything is possible when it was asked that it was a white house official, who had information chairman nunes during that quiet visit over to the white house last week, one day before he announced this claim about evidence of trump tower being wiretapped. he says he's concerned there's
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some new leak in the administration. they were talking about concerns about leaks coming out of the administration. i asked spicer whether there's a perception now that it's strange for chairman nunes to be on white house grounds one day before revealing information that was somehow helpful to the president. here's what he had to say to that. do you think there's some kind of perception problem in having the chairman over at the white house and the next day there's evidence. >> anyone who wants to, you can't ask someone to do a reveal of the situation and then create inferences because they're reviewing a situation that there's something that's not right about that. he is reviewing a situation, and i think he's been fairly open with the press, as far as what he was doing, who he spoke to and why.
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i think from our standpoint, that's what we had asked today as a review. >> reporter: the white house and the staff are unsure how nunes got on to the white house grounds. we should point out to our viewers, white house visitor logs are not yet available under president trump. they were available during the obama administration, you can see who was coming and going, who was cleared to visit. that information is simply not available right now under this new president. >> i know democrats are saying that it's weird that nunes would go to white house grounds, not inside the white house, but another complex in order to have this briefing and then the next day go back to the white house to brief the president on something he learned at the white house. nunes, though, is saying he had this information for a while
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before that. i mean democrats are saying he's trying to give cover to the president. why couldn't the president have learned about it or gotten more information about it from the other part of the white house? >> reporter: right, something does not add up here, obviously when you have the chairman saying that previously he had this information and apparently one day before he revealed this information, remember, it was the press and the white house, and democratic members of that committee that he had to get over here quickly to talk to people on the grounds of the white house, when you talk about the grounds of the white house, we're not just talking about this building behind me, there's also the white house office building. and it was somewhere on the white house grounds that chairman nunes had this meeting with some sort of source, and with the skiff, a secure department area where somebody could receive classified or sensitive information. they have those facilities up on capitol hill, so it is still unclear as to why chairman nunes
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needed to make this visit here in order to receive information that was so critical. >> and the whole thing of the white house not letting people know who is visiting the white house, what's the rationale? i know sean spicer was asked about it today, i think he said something to the effect, well, we're reviewing that, it's under review, but if you're draining the swamp, and seeing who has access to the government, you would think seeing who's coming and going from the white house would be an obvious way. >> reporter: and all we're getting from the white house is that they intend to put this information together and make it available. i think it's an untenable position to maintain to keep the information unavailable to the public. keep in mind, during the obama administration, we were able to search those records and find out, you know, it was after the fact, of course that hillary clinton for example was here at the white house meeting with president obama, remember when they had those lunches and we wouldn't find out about them until a later date. but at the very least, that visit was in the visitor logs.
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so you could see that somebody who came to the white house would be checked in. so chairman nunes was saying, it would show who checked him into the white house that they're not revealing at this point and who he was seeing on that particular date. it's very critical information they're keeping from the american people. >> thank you. i just want to play something from the interview with congressman schiff. >> you're making the point that this isn't just because of the russian investigation, it's broader than that in your view. >> i believe much like the attorney general recused himself from overseeing the russian investigation, it would be wise for the chairman to do the same thing. and it's not just the russian investigation, if he's making claims about minimization procedures and if they're with respect to the transition team, chairman nunes was on that transition team, i think it would enhance the public trust
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that we're doing our investigation credibly and in a nonpartisan way, insulated from anybody in the white house. >> the president is getting new reporting on the trail of the surveillance. he joins me now with the latest. since chairman nunes won't say exactly what surveillance reports he's talking about, what is the leading theory among law enforcement intelligence officials? >> reporter: the leading theory what he's talking about, is u.s. intelligence collected on foreign leaders, that is diplomats, people that are presidents and prime ministers overseas and their staff and we know u.s. intelligence agencies routinely monitor those people including if they had any interactions with the trump transition team. we know, for example, during the transition, that the president-elect's team had multiple calls with countries that we know that u.s. intelligence is listening to,
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that is israel, russia, china, taiwan, these are countries that if you hear them discussing the president, the new incoming team, there might be something of intelligence value that the nsa analyst who is listening might decide is worth summarizing and then it's kicked up to the white house, including to the obama white house. >> the incoming trump administration did not log meetings with foreign leaders is as is part of protocol. can that be part of the issue here? >> reporter: it could well be. that's a protocol that's established, you usually have people at the state department who are trained to handle those calls for the incoming presidential team. in this case, the trump team decided they were going to handle these cars themselves. they coordinated them from trump tower. so what you have is the nsa picking up some of these conversations. again, they could simply be discussing members of the trump team and that stuff would be in
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these intelligence reports. if they had gone through the regular protocol, much less of this would have taken place. >> i'll talk to a member of the house intelligence committee about his thoughts on these twists and turns. plus, as the mystery surrounds devin nunes on white house grounds deepens, we'll try to walk you through the twists and the turns, hour by hour, as it unfolded. on choice four words, badda book. badda boom... let it sink in. shouldn't we say we have the lowest price? nope, badda book. badda boom. have you ever stayed with choice hotels? like at a comfort inn? yep. free waffles, can't go wrong. i like it. promote that guy. get the lowest price on our rooms, guaranteed. when you book direct at book now. so this year, they're getting a whole lot more. people just can't get enough of me and my discounts. box 365, the calendar. everyone knows my paperless, safe driver,
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this is after he went to trump directly. that he said suggests that communications that president-elect trump and his advisors may have been swept up in surveillance of other foreign nationals. a member of the house intelligence committee joins me now. do you believe that chairman nunes is working with the white house to obstruct this investigation? >> i do. and we were working together. we were going down an investigative road together. and we made progress. last week we had an open hearing and the fbi director cleared some of those things up. and the chairman exited that road to work with the white house. i don't think he should be near this investigation, let alone leading it. >> after that hearing there was supposed to be another hearing tomorrow which was going to be an open public hearing with clapper and others testifying. chairman nunes cancelled that hearing, saying that they were going to have a closed door hearing and now that closed door hearing is cancelled. why? >> three hearings this week canceled. we were just going to have a regular meeting tonight, cancelled.
9:18 pm
one on thursday, canceled. we were going to have a closed door meeting with chairman schiff tomorrow. cancelled. we're frozen right now. the american people are losing out because they want this out in the open. >> there may be very legitimate reasons to cancel this meeting. is it your belief that there is a reason or is it just trying to stop the momentum? >> i don't think it is legitimate because the witnesses were already ready to go, they sent over their testimony. and the american people were finally let in last week and they want to know more about what russia did and what u.s. persons they may have worked with. >> chairman nunes said it was normal to go to the executive branch, normal to go to the white house to get this information. and normal to go directly to the president and going public with it before talking to the ranking democrat or anyone else on the committee. >> not normal. it would have been different if he had brought adam schiff with him over there.
9:19 pm
but the white house now is under federal criminal intelligence investigation so it's a conflict to work with them with anything that has to do with the russian investigation. >> does it make sense to you that he would go to the white house grounds, not the white house building, one night, at night, meet somebody, look at some stuff that he says could only be seen there. and then, the next day have to go back to the white house to brief the president when that information is apparently re ll raedler available throughout the executive branch? >> he hasn't shown us what he has. but what he is claiming he has could be viewed from the u.s. capitol and the white house seems to want to work with him to obstruct our investigation. i think this is just another smoke bomb that they're rolling into this investigation to prevent us from making progress. >> so can your committee continue this investigation or do you think this should go elsewhere? >> i think we have to continue to per sue all leads, however, i wanted an independent commission. i always thought that was the most comprehensive way to get to
9:20 pm
the bottom. now, it's an insurance policy against a compromised house investigation. one republican has signed on, walter jones, i hope others join. >> it's amazing how partisan this is. even the public meeting you had, all the questions republicans were asking, were leak related, all the questions democrats were asking were about russia or about manipulation of the election. >> it's all bipartisan to follow the investigation where it takes us. i think it's in the president's interest and the country's interest, if these are just mere coincidences and not a convergence, he should want us to know that. but if they are a convergence of political, personal and financial ties, they should be held accountable. >> so, when the white house says today, look, we have nothing to do with this, you got to ask chairman nunes about what he was doing and who he was meeting with. you can't just wander into the old executive office building or
9:21 pm
to white house grounds. you're checked in, you're cleared in, you're signed in by someone. that's information that the white house has. >> they're punting. the white house is not somewhere you can just walk in and receive classified information. they should have brought that to us. >> congressman, i appreciate your time today. we're going to get our panel's take on this, a lot to discuss, we'll be right back. kevin, meet your father. kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin trusted advice for life. kevin, how's your mom? life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you. [ om[ sniffs ]c ] little girl: daddy! trapped by your unrelenting nasal allergies? [ meow ] [ sneezes ] try clarispray clarispray provides unsurpassed relief. it's 24 hour, non-drowsy and prescription strength. free yourself with clarispray, from the makers of claritin.
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free with xfinity on demand. welcome back. again our breaking news, congressman adam schiff, the top democrat on the house intelligence committee, is calling for congressman nunes, to step down. this comes after nunes cancelled tomorrow's committee meeting. a lot of developments. there's a lot to discuss. let's go to our panel. we got everybody? all right, good. >> doubtful. >> we to. >> so, gloria, chairman nunes just told cnn that he had this information for a long time.
9:26 pm
>> uh-huh. >> which then raises the question, why do you need to go to the white house grounds the night before? >> to see more information of the same sort that he already had? i don't know the answer. >> the other congressman was saying he could have seen on capitol hill. >> there are people who say that because of the source of his information, he could only see it on the white house grounds. i don't know who his source was so i have no idea. >> but if it was, i think sean spicer said this was widely available within the executive branch. >> and this is the problem, and i was just talking to a republican source who has been briefed on what chairman nunes has seen and this source says to me, these conversations were primarily among diplomats who were kind of gossiping about the incoming trump administration, things like i was told, what he was doing, where he was having dinner. and then he added, well, you know, it's pretty easy to identify who they were talking about, as in the president-elect. >> they could have watched cable news for that.
9:27 pm
>> and it doesn't seem like it is stunning information. they're complaint is this was widely disseminated in the west wing and people could dine out on the gossip about trump, which he pointed out is nothing salacious. but then you have to ask, why is devin nunes rushing to the white house saying oh, my god, the white house is on fire, if it's not that substantial or consequential, you have to ask whether he's trying to change the subject from the russia investigation. >> when you're dealing with intelligence matters like this, this complicates the job for gloria and everyone else out there, because you have no idea and they're generally not going to tell you. so it would seem to me, that in the interest of p.r. for the committee, that they get more of this information out, get back to their open hearings. i suggested as you know that they not only get roger stone who are wants to testify, carter page. >> that's the exact opposite of
9:28 pm
what devin nunes is doing. he cancelled the hearing that was supposed to take place tomorrow. and then there was supposed to be a closed door hearing, that's not happening. >> one hopes that he's got a good reason for doing this and then the rest of us will find out what that is. but if you are not forthcoming like this, it can lead to suspicion and problems, and i might add, congressman schiff was a big backer of hillary clinton. and when loretta lynch meet with president clinton on the tarmac, they said, oh, she'll do the right thing. >> chairman nunes was on the trump transition team. >> there's politics afloat. >> none of this has to do with russia, first of all. what nunes is talking about, has nothing to do with the investigation that he's supposed to be doing on his committee. >> the problem is he should have, really, it seems like the more reasonable way to handle this would have been to go back to the committee with the information, discuss it with other people, have other people look at it.
9:29 pm
because other people interpret things differently. we are going on his interpretation of what he saw. we don't know. someone else might look at it and say this isn't a big deal. >> brian, was his responsibility to be as chairman of the committee to the chairman of the committee as part of that committee he serves or to brief president trump. >> certainly to the committee, if only to protect the appearance of the independence of the investigation. congressman schiff is someone who has a pretty good reputation on both sides of the aisle, as someone who is sober, serious, has a prosecutor's temperament. by contrast, what we've seen from congressman nunes is a self-imlation, that's rare in washington. >> when the shoe was on the other foot, his first gut instinct was to defend loretta lynch. >> keep in mind all of this started because we had a hearing last monday that spiraled clearly out of the white house's expectations and probably congressman nunes to allude to director comey that there was an open criminal investigation into the trump campaign. >> essentially nunes is trying
9:30 pm
to put the brakes on the drama that came out of last week's hearing? >> let me deliver a shocker that maybe it's time to stop looking to the house for answers for things, for anything. nunes who has had a good reputation as well. i believe he had to go to white house grounds to get this information. it's also part of his job to over see the instel and look into that. but it is also his job to run the investigation. if you have this revelation brought to you, you do it in the most pristine way possible so you avoid exactly what is happening right now. >> this has the overshadowed -- whatever else has happened, the health care debate has gotten coverage. but this is stepping on everything else. >> we're seeing a pattern here. you have this terrible hearing that goes completely off the rails, next we have whether or
9:31 pm
not names were involved. and today, you have more bad news, kushner taking the meetings with russian bankers. and then, we're talking about this and we have leaks and nunes making vague statements that you can't decipher. and that really looked like a pattern, every time we have bad news, let's shift the narrative until you have a total side show. >> if you look at the three actions nunes took last week, by the end of the week, a week later, they don't give you a lot of confidence that this investigation is going to get to the bottom of what it's supposed to get to the bottom of. his opening statement last monday and most of his questionings were not about the core issue of the russian attack or election. >> it was very interesting when you had comey making this bombshell of a statement, and nunes, the first question nunes asked is completely ignoring the leaks which is something that's important. >> and it's something that's important to the white house.
9:32 pm
and you're thinking, did he question the white house? the second thing he did was go to the white house and brief the president about this information that we still don't have a handle on. and the third thing he did was he shut down the open hearing that was scheduled for tomorrow. so, you know, you can't blame folks for saying maybe this isn't the forum to get to the bottom of this. one more twist to all of this, trump's son-in-law has volunteered to speak to the committee. we'll get your thoughts on that. anything meant to stand needs a stable foundation. a body without proper foot support can mean pain. the dr. scholl's kiosk maps your feet and recommends our custom fit orthotic to stabilize your foundation and relieve foot, knee or lower back pain from being on your feet. dr. scholl's.
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our breaking news on capitol hill, the ranking democrat of the house committee is calling on the republican chairman, devin nunes, to recuse himself from the russian investigation. president trump's son-in-law and close advisor jared kushner has volunteered to talk to the senate committee during the transition. he had arranged meetings between trump and the campaign advisers and others. and the white house insists those meetings were completely appropriate. >> jared did a job during the transition and during the
9:37 pm
campaign where he was a conduit to leaders and that's before we had a state department or a place for these leaders to go. and that was his role. and he wants to make sure that he's very clear about the role that he played and who he talked to and that's it. >> we're back with the panel, matthew, you broke the story for the "new york times." what does the senate want to hear from jared kushner? and is this testimony under oath? is this just them talking to the chairman in a room? >> they're going to question him. it's not under oath. they want to know about the meetings. and they want to know about the meeting with the russian banker he held. he met with ambassador kislyak in december. and the ambassador asks him meet with the russian banker. the bank is bved. medvedev sits on the board. this is a routine meeting. he said that nothing of
9:38 pm
consequence happened and it was just in his role of leading the transition of foreign affairs. then we got a statement from the russian bank that said something quite different. the russian bank said they were doing a road show, there was a a meeting with kushner as the head of the kushner companies. needing money for buildings that his family owned and we don't know what went on there. but it's a big difference than the courtesy call and meeting with a russian banker. and the bank is also under u.s. sanction. >> there's that. >> i forgot that detail, it's under u.s. sanction and the guy he met with trains at the u.s. academy that trains all of their intelligence officers. and meeting with that bank as head of the kushner company -- >> during the transition. >> during the transition. we don't have an answer to that now. we're updating the story with that. looking at the conflicts we're seeing here. >> this again goes to questions we have been asking and everybody's been asking about,
9:39 pm
you know, the role of a lot of these people on the transition team who also had business relationships and you know, i guess technically they weren't in the white house yet. so jared kushner -- i don't know what. >> and an update to matthew's story is maybe better news than the original story, because you now have conflict that the white house said about that meeting and what the bank said. the bank said it was a business meeting. the white house said it was a campaign meeting. >> you have a very clear mixing of kushner's business role and his role as a trump foreign policy advisor. >> if mummery serves me correct, didn't kushner also meet with a chinese company during the transition that ended up making a huge deal with the company that he's supposedly divorced himself from but he hasn't filed the paperwork? >> exactly. are we going to be seeing members of donald trump's family using their positions to enrich themselves continually. and this is a sanctioned russian bank. you're talking business with a
9:40 pm
bank under u.s. sanctions? that's run by someone by someone who trains most of it's intelligence security officers. there's another there's nothing to look at here. it's all fine. >> and the russian ambassador is organizing this meeting. >> you have to get rid of those sanctions, he now knows jared kushner, he knows his business background and he is now organizing a meeting with a bank under u.s. sanctions, seems inappropriate on its face. >> it's a question of access to power in washington and there's clearly a sense that i'm getting from your reporting that this bank believed that they had access to power, potentially in exchange for favor. we don't know. >> we don't know. >> we don't know, but that's the question, and if you're the bank and you get a meeting with the president's son-in-law pretty quickly, at the recommendation of the russian ambassador who sets up the meeting?
9:41 pm
>> does that concern you at all that a russian bank under sanction gets a meeting -- >> first of all i know jared kushner a bit. and i have complete confidence in his integrity. i mean the suspicion that he would be out there to enrich himself in some sort of -- >> that's his job. i mean he has spent his life -- i mean he's not mother teresa. >> are you sure? >> i don't know what her income was, but i think his income is -- >> here's what bothers me about this, anderson, as we have gone through this whole scenario, we have found one person or another on both sides of the political spectrum, involved with this, that or the other connection. what i'm saying is this is the swamp, this is how the swamp operates. >> but it's like, all of us here, like, i'm under strict rules about who i can speak in front of. >> right. >> who i would meet with. >> right. >> i don't believe, unless i was working on a story about some sleazy russian bank or alleged sleazy russian bank, i would not put myself in a situation where
9:42 pm
the russian ambassador asked me to meet with a bank under sanctions with a guy who has ties on russian intelligence. i mean the guy doesn't do a background check on who's walking in trump tower? that's even scarier, isn't it? >> this connects the first story with the second story. the house intelligence committee who's supposed to get to the bottom of all this has broken down now. >> this actually seems like a pretty big story here. >> kushner basically met with the russian banker at the suggestion of the russian ambassador. the banker runs a bank, that is on a u.s. sanctions list. that is tied deeply to the kremlin and russian power circles. that has bowed out oligarks. we found about it because we
9:43 pm
asked. and when we asked the white house about it, they said it was a courtesy meeting. it was no big deal. nothing of consequence happens. and then, the bank e-mails us just a few hours ago and said, no, no. it was actually about his role as part of the kushner companies, it was actually for business reasons and we don't know what that means. >> who was asking for favors? >> we have no idea. >> whaas the kushner company looking for something from the bank? >> that's what we need to know. all right, up next, the new reason the white house says president trump wasn't able to make a deal to repeal obamacare. we'll get a reaction when we come back. t-mobile one save you hundreds a year. right now get two lines of data for $100 dollars. with taxes and fees included. that's right 2 unlimited lines for just $100 bucks. all in. and right now, pair up those two lines with two free samsung galaxy s7 when you switch. yup! free.
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9:46 pm
tonight the white house has a new reason why the gop health care bill failed.
9:47 pm
you remember president trump and many republicans offered to repeal and replace obamacare. this past friday, the president did not pull it off. they pulled their bill just minutes before the vote. it was not just a legislative defeat for president trump, he wasn't able to do what he's always said he can do best which is make a deal. here's how the white house explained the failure this afternoon. >> the president also realizes when there's not a deal to be made, when to walk away. that's one of the traits. it's not just about making deals, it's knowing when to walk away from deals and knowing when there's a bad deal is the only solution. >> this is a change of previous comments from spicer and president trump himself, who worked hard to get the bill passed. >> we have a great bill. and i think we have a very good chance. >> the president put a lot of time and effort into this. i think he made a strong case. >> i think it's something that is going to be a model to be looked upon. >> there's no question in my mind that the president and everybody has left everything on the field. has the the team put everything out there? have we left everything on the field?
9:48 pm
absolutely. >> we left with 12 noes in congress. you saw that. and they went from all nknows t all yeses. >> we've done everything. every meeting, every call. >> going to have great health care. it will be passed, i believe, substantially pretty quickly. >> what really happened? joining me now is adam kinsinger. thanks for being with us. you had sean spicer calling this a bad deal that the president walked away from. last week, saying the president left everything on the field. did you hear anyone from the white house or president trump say it was a bad deal? >> i didn't hear they say that. i worked with sean spicer. the president worked his tail off. he spent an hour, what are your concerns to those who had concerns. but here's a problem in our caucus. you have 30 people that can never ever get to yes. they went to the president and
9:49 pm
said, we want you to repeal essential health benefits. okay, states can make them. we'll do that to get your votes. and the freedom caucus said, we want you to rescind all of title one, that is kids on the plan until 26 and pre-existing conditions. and i campaigned that we were going to keep that. all republicans did. there's no way i'm pulling that. that would be a bad deal. but if he had given on that, which he wasn't about to, the house freedom caucus would come with something else. they're refusing to govern. >> they've done it for years. >> what happens now? i mean, is this thing dead for this year? is it something obviously tax fmpl is something. and infrastructure is something that the president has talked about. what about health care? >> it's hard to tell. mentally, we need to move on to infrastructure, to tax reform. is there an opportunity for health care? maybe. it will be up to the house freedom caucus if they want to come to yes. when i comes to obamacare, we
9:50 pm
have to understand that in a health care system, people's lives are affected. while i thought this was a better option, if we can never get to yes on this, we're going to have to start looking tot moderate democrats to say what do we do to fix the system? i want to get to repeal and replace, but when you have 7% of the house caucus of the freedom caucus, everybody in the house saying, we'll >> so you would possibly be open to not only working with democrats but essentially keeping obamacare but just trying to improve things that don't work with it? >> look, i would rather not. we made compan promises. but if you can't get the numbers out, this is on the house freedom caucus, are you ever going to get to yes? if you can get to yes, we can fix this. but if not we have to understand as americans that people's lives are being affected? so what do we do to make it
9:51 pm
better? i think if there's still an opportunity, let's do it. you have to learn that governing is far different from being in opposition, and they think they're in opposition still. >> shouldn't all this been worked out? and as have you said everybody was running on all this from multiple elections over the course of seven years. >> that's been a criticism, and people are repeating that. a lot of these ideas came from, frngly what we've been talking about for a long time. and it was developed an agenda. we stayed up for 28 straight hours, it was a pretty miserable night and then the bill exists and there's a process to go through. you have members of the house freedom caucus who say we weren't at the table. and a caucus doesn't write bills. it's written in committees. so we went through the process.
9:52 pm
we could have done a better job of messaging, i'm sure, but you have people who take information and they say they never consulted us. and you convince people of complete untruths. >> on another subject, and just want to ask you the chairman of the house intelligence committee, the following day he announced it publicly that legal surveillance of foreign nationals might have also captured communication from president-elect trump and his advisors. the president said he felt somewhat vindicated. does it make sense the chairman would have rushed over to white house grounds to get this information and the next day go back to the white house to brief the president? because sean spicer said the information was widely available in the executive brand? >> depending on what the information was, that would make
9:53 pm
sense. talking about people that are captured and surveillance or whatever. in terms of going to the executive mansion or to the white house grounds, we have to keep in mind that's a whole different branch of government. i've talked to members that say, look, we can't get information always in the cabinet complex. i'll leave those answers to chairman nunes. what i will say is i know him to be a very honorable man, and i really think he's trying to get to the bottom of what's going on. i think he needs to explain a lot of this. and frankly, we feed a bipartisan answer. there's still an investigation going on in the senate as well to what happened in terms of all the russia question. i still hope we get there. >> more on our breaking news the rank democrat and recuse himself from investigation into russia's
9:54 pm
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9:57 pm
house democratic leader nancy pelosi is joining congressman adam schiff calling nunes to recuse himself from the investigation of the investigation of the ties to russia. earlier today chairman devin nunes confirmed he was on the white house grounds last tuesday before he announced he had information when president trump and his advisors may have been swept up of surveillance of other foreign
9:58 pm
nationals. congressman nunes going -- he's still refusing to say if the white house is his source for the information. there is a day that has sparked questions about the timing of all of this. randy kate today walks us through the story hour by hour. >> we will be submitting certain things, and i will be perhaps speaking about this next week, but it's right now before the committee and i think i want to leave it there. i think you're going to find some very interesting items coming to theforefront over the next two weeks. >> reporter: that was march 15th, 11 days after president trump claimed former president obama wiretapped him. and then six days later sean spicer said the so-called evidence could come even sooner?
9:59 pm
>> he didn't mention it last night in his rally. >> right. well, let's see how the week goes. >> reporter: just hours after that, a mysterious turn of events start to unfold. by all events they began with the house chair devin nunes. that's when he got some type of message on his phone and abruptly got out of that car and into anuber. he then seemingly disappeared into the night. his staff was left in the dark. no one new where he went. to them he had simply vanished. whatever nunes learned on that phone call or wherever he appeared to visit, appears to be enough to drop a bombshell. after the sun came up on wednesday morning nunes appeared iarriving on capitol hill sharing this stunning news. >> incidentally collected information about u.s. citizens
10:00 pm
involved in the trump transition. >> reporter: nunes dwivulged this information to the public even before he briefed his committee. >> the chairman will review some documents that he has not shared with his own committee. and it's not just he hasn't shared them with democrats on the committee. he hasn't shared with with republicans in the committee. all of us are essentially in the dark. >> reporter: the time is raising eyebrows here on capitol hill. some even suggesting nunes is providing cover for the president for his claims that he was wiretapped by the obama administration. >> and was the president also part of that incidental collection, his communications? >> yes. >> they were? >> is the president on the united states personal communications