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tv   New Day  CNN  March 28, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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that's an unimportant unvetted conflict because we do not have his tax returns. it is not just political. it's legal because the constitution prohibits a president, fearing just this situation. it prohibits a president from getting compensation beyond his set salary. at some points these millions of dollars the united states are spending for president trump to advertise his properties, he's so blah tant about it, chris, that runs afoul of that constitutional provisions. >> sticky question. last question to you, save, is that jared kushner, he said he'll go and talk to lawmakers about this. he did not say he would testify. but what do you make of nondisclosure of the meetings with the russian ranker, the russians saying they didn't know about this meeting, the russians
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referring to kushner as the head of his development company, not in his white house capacity in describing the point of the meeting? >> that's right. it is a very unusual meeting, a meeting with this development bank that has been seen by many as a front for putin's interest, the guy he met with graduated from the security service academy before he became a banker. this is the downside of putting all your eggs in jarred kushner's basket. he needs to think how these things appear when he's acting in his private capacity. >> thank you very much. appreciate the perspective. there is a lot of news and a lot of developments. what do you say? let's get after it. >> it will be very different to maintain the credibility investigation if the chairman did not recuse himself. >> nobody was sneaking around. i was concerned about americans identities. >> deven nunes has told us
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nothing. >> the white house is not an internet cafe. nobody can just walk in. >> the president's son-in-law met with a russian banker with ties to putin. >> jared did a job during the campaign where he was a conduit to leaders. >> the white house said it was just a routine meeting. >> this is new day wi. up first these questions about russia and connections to the trump presidency only grow in scope and scale. now the house intel girl chan says he's not going to recuse himself, even though he admits he met with a course on white house grounds. >> so there is a growing list of democrats demanding deven nunes step down.
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president trump dismissing the russia story as a "hoax." and the meeting of president's son-in-law and a russian banker with ties to putin raising questions. let's begin live on capitol hill. >> there is a growing kor rou i calling for -- there are some allies saying he should talk about and tell his committee members who gave him that classified information is, what it is. in the meantime, the house speaker paul ryan telling me he has no appetite to replace the chair. >> the chairman ought to recuse himself. leading democrats calling for the chair to step down, arguing that congressman deven nunes is
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too close to the administration to conduct an impartial investigation into the trump campaign's potential ties to russia. >> we have reached the point where it would be very difficult to maintain the credibility investigation if the chairman did not recuse himself. >> the uproar coming after nunes acknowledged he made a secret visit to the white house grounds to meet an intelligence course. >> nobody was sneaking around. all it was was a place where i had to go to be able to review this information. >> nunes denying any wrongdoing and defending his decision to brief president trump and the press about incidental collection of the trump transition teams communications, before informing his colleagues on the intelligence committee. >> i wasn't planning ongoing to the white house the next day, but after i was able to read what i read, i realized it has everything to do with individuals who were -- whose
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names were included into intelligence reports. i was very concerned, and i thought that the president of the united states should know, and that's why i went and told him. >> deven nunes has gone rogue. >> a growing chorus of democrats piling on calling on house speaker paul ryan to appoint a new chair. >> his actions look like those of someone who was interested in protecting the president and his party, and that doesn't work. >> both speaker ryan and the white house standing by the chairman. >> i think he's been fairly open with the press as far as what he was doing, who he spoke to and why. >> amid ongoing questioning about who granted access to white house grounds, who led him to the secure room at the eisenhower building and who accessed the computer to view the files. >> democrats are now demanding for the white house to release the visitor logs to the public. so far the trump administration refuses to do. in the meantime, president trump
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calling attention to other matters via twitter saying he believes the russia story is a hoax and encouraging members to pay attention to look this way to investigate the clinton's ties with russia instead and, chris, you would also note as well the house intelligence committee has canceled all of its remaining meetings for this week, so we will see where this investigation goes. >> a quick answer to can this committee continue to function. they just canceled all their meetings for the rest of the week. there is growing scrutiny between jared kushner and a russian banker with ties to putin. remember, the difference is raising your hand, taking an oath and being held accountable. >> good morning. this is yet another story that the administration hopes will just go away, but they cannot seem to shed this russia
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controversy that extends to include donald trump's own family members. >> one of his closest advisors jared kushner under scrutiny for a previously undisclosed meeting with sergei kor gov with direct ties to putin. he agrees to testify about this interaction and his role between trump campaign advisors and russian ambassadors. >> he volunteered to make sure that -- he said, hey, we have made some contacts. i would be glad to explain them. >> the white house insisting kushner was acting as a liaison for the transition team. >> jared did a job during the transition and the campaign where he was a conduit to leaders, and that's until we had a state department in place for places to go. >> the russian bank offering a
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conflicting account describing it as a business meeting telling cnn during 2016 the bank's management repeatedly met. he was appointed by vladimir putin, a bank that's been under u.s. sanctions for three years. kushner met with him one month after trump was elected at the assistance of the ambassador. the heads of the senate intelligence committee confirming they want to talk to cu kushner saying the timing is still being determined but will only come after the committee determines it has received any documents necessary to ensure the meeting is productive for all sides. if it happens, kushner will become the first person currently serving in the trump white house to speak to a
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congressional committee investigating russian ties. >> this will be the third trump advisors to have set off a firestorm. now as to that meeting between jared kushner and the russian bank, the kremlin is saying they had no knowledge of it. >> joining us now is steve king of iowiowa. good morning, congressman. >> good morning, alison. >> great to have you. do you think deven nunes can continue to do his job? >> absolutely. i have great confidence in deven nunes and the reason is this. we were in the same class. i believe he was 28 years old. i watched him grow. i have watched the moves he has made. i have watched his judicious nature. he's careful with what he says. he never shoots from the hip. he shoots accurately. he'll come before the press if
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he makes a mistake and say i should have done something different, but now i think he will deliver this to the select committee on intel and you will be able to look into the things that he has exclusive knowledge to last week. >> hasn't he already played his hand in that he did go to the white house before he went to his colleges, his democrats colleagues on the committee? in other words, he's revealed that his allegiance lies with the president and alerting the president to some sort of sensitive information rather than investigating the people around the president and that sensitive information. >> well, that sounds like a significantly bigger assumption to me than it does to you, alison, because we don't know what this information is. it may very well be very classified information, which is why he had to go to the administrative building to access that information. >> but he went to the white house and talked to president trump. why did he do that?
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>> i do not expect that he brought any classified information with him, and we don't know that he divulginged any classified information to the president. but if he did, the president is the person with the highest security clearance. we don't know if this is a high level of national security or high level of urgency. we don't know those things. >> i agree with you. but we do know that he went to the president before he went to his colleagues on the intel committee. what does that tell you about his allegiance? >> it does not confirm anything about his allegiance until we know what that information was and what the rational was. but what we do know is adam schiff and many others have stood up and taken a partisan position. democrats haven't cooperating on anything in this congress. but i think that is part of our problem here. and schumer sitting over in the
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senate is hurling grenades over to the house side. he's hurled many more grenades over here. people on the democrat side are calling for people to step down. >> to be clear, it is not just the democrats, congressman. just a few moments ago senator lindsey graham was on a different morning show. he also called for the chairman to step aside. listen to this. >> if he's not willing to tell the democrats and republicans on the committee who he met with and what he was told, then i think he's lost his ability to lead. >> what do you say to that? >> well, as i hear that, it's let find out who he met with and what he was told if it's not classified. but the first thing is to deliver this information to the select committee on intel. deven nunes never shoots from the hip. lindsey graham occasionally does. i like lindsey personally, but i could tell you he occasionally
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shoots from the hip. i put my confidence in deven nunes. i know him well. i understand his integrity and his pay trytism. i want him to stay on. >> you are referring to what the president tweeted about this morning. do you think that president trump ever shoots from the hip. >> occasionally he does, but some of these we have to let them pay out and see how accurate that was. >> okay. jared kushner. why would jared kushner be meeting with a russian banker with ties to vladimir putin a couple of weeks before the president assumes his role in the white house. >> i am not familiar with any business ties that jared kushner might have through russian banks. but we shouldn't be surprised
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that those ties do exist. i understand he's volunteered to speak to a senate committee. let them dig into this. if it gets to be the foundation of evidence they would like to go into it further and ask him to come forward under oath, i think that's appropriate. but i think the democrats should be careful because if they want to big into these things, we have an obligation to dig much deeper and see why did bill clinton meet with loretta lynch on the tar pack. >> why would you have an obligation to deep much deeper into a previous administration than you do to the current sitting president? >> because there is indication of significant crimes having been committed and we have a previous attorney general who has recused herself. let's just say the clinton administration and the dealings that took place with the donations that came into the
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clinton foundation, the clinton family foundation timed with handing over 20% access to the uranium over to the russians. that's significant, and that's a deal with the russians. >> hold on a second, congressman. that had to be vet bid the state department. that already happened. i mean, that wasn't just something that was sort of done under the cloak of darkness. there were people who approved that through the state department. maybe even congress. but why are you rewinding the tape rather than looking at whatever dealings the trump family is having with russia? >> well, alison, it sounds like there is a shift here in the public dialogue that says we should cross-suscrutinize every could ever accuse trump or an affiliate of trump to the maximum and not let them get off the ground with their administration but give absolution to the sins of the clinton and obama administration. there is not a statute of
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limitations that takes place that says the sins of the previous administration are now absolved. >> i think what many people will say is those have been litigated. but now current day, present time, there are ties that some see as troubling with the current administration and that's why it's so important to keep the integrity of this investigation. >> well, let's do this. let's talk into these things in the trump administration carefully without leaping to conclusions. let's look at the real evidence and follow that train and listen to the explanations that support the evidence with an objective mind. but let's got give that absolution to hillary clinton or to barack obama because there is not a statute of limitations on this because of the inauguration. that's what i'd like to see. let's do the truth and let's do innocent until proven guilty, at
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least for the trump administration. >> and everyone should get innocent until proven guilty, you are right. let's talk about something that attorney general jeff sessions mentioned yesterday, they would like to withhold funding to sanction yar cities. to punish them, basically, for not turning over undocumented immigrants to ice officials. what mayors of those cities say is that will hurt the cities particularly the fight against terrorism. your response. >> i think they're trying to populate fir cities with a bunch of future democratic voters myself. i could never connect with this thing that is logical. we have to have them trust our local law enforcement, so we're not going to inforce immigration
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laws in our cities. and this has been also for the foundation of this is in the obama administration, even though he didn't talk about it very much, this is donald trump promise, consistent with one or more amendments to strip out federal funding going to these sanction ware districts. if we don't do that, america becomes more and more lawless. t >> well, but let me just stop the leap of logic you are making there. you know there are all sorts of studies that show immigrants, even undocumented immigrants commit crimes at a lower rate. >> alison -- >> the countries becoming more and more lawless is not supported by facts. >> i don't accept it that
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undocumented immigrants commit less crimes than the broader part of the population. legal immigrants here on a green card and under probation do commit less crimes than the broader part of the population. that's because they know they will be deported if they cross the law and get convicted of a crime. but the criminal aliens that are here have already committed a crime. everyone who crossed the border illegally. >> understood. but not a violent crime that you are talking about, the rain and murders. >> furthermore, 28% of the inmates in our penitentiaries are criminal aliens. that's a higher population than at large. >> thank you very much for your perspective on new day this morning. >> thank you, alison. >> chris. >> the president's son-in-law and top advisor set to meet with senate intelligence members next week. what are they hoping to learn?
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financial advisor can do for you. president trump's son-in-law under scrutiny for meeting with a russian banker with ties to putin. it comes as kushner has offered to meet with senate intelligence committee offers.
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always a pleasure senator. good to have you on the show. he did not say he would testify. is that a meaningful distinction to you? >> at this stage of the investigation, it's much more common for us to do interviews. that way, we don't have to deal with lawyers on either side setting the roles and we can often get information. if later on it becomes evidence that we need a formal deposition under oath, then i'm sure that will be done. >> senator, the white house says this is much ado about nothing. this was his role, to meet with foreign actors. that's what he was doing. there was no real disclosure here or intention to deceive. what do you want to know? >> well, first of all, i give mr. kushner credit for voluntarily coming in and talking to the committee so that we can ask those kinds of
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questions. it's interesting that the russians yesterday seemed to contradict what jared kushner said when he said that he was acting as a liaison between the campaign and foreign governments, a role that is not unusual in any presidential campaign. but then the russians said that it had to do with his business dealings. so i'm sure that that will be an issue that we'll try to clarify. >> do you think -- >> and i -- >> -- the russians are trying to further disrupt. the word of the kremlin was they identified him as the head of kushner development. they may be trying to make trouble here, right? >> absolutely. if there is anything that we have learned over the past few months, it is that the russians are not our friends. they cannot be trusted. they in some ways have succeeded in sewing doubt and the seeds of
5:26 am
confusion about what happened last fall. and that's what they do with all western democracies. and this has been a long-standing practice of the russians, to spread disinformation. so i was not surprised when they contradicted mr. kushner's explanation of why he had these meetings. >> when we're talking about the probes into russia, got to talk about what's happening on the house side. have you ever heard of a move like what deven nunes did, going around the democrats in the committee as a republican obviously that he is, going to ryan, going to the white house, giving what was practically political cover in the midst of a probe? >> following the house investigation is like following a mystery novel. you never know what is going to happen next. but i will say this, that although this has been a crazy
5:27 am
year, the one thing that has remained constant is that the house never takes kindly to the senate telling it how to operate or conduct its investigations. i have a great deal of confidence in the senate investigation because it is bipartisan. the chairman and the vis chairman are working hand in glove and given the membership of our committee, i am convinced that we will do a thorough, credible investigation and follow the evidence wherever it leads us. >> i understand that. i appreciate you saying it. but you have to understand how there is doubt being cast because of what's happening. people don't distinguish between the house and the senate the way y'all do down there. between sean spicer saying how many time ds do you need to hea there is nothing there and deven nunes running around the democrats to give them political cover, it makes it seem like
5:28 am
politicians cannot investigate each other and do it fairly. >> i know that we can do it fairly. and i have been involved in many investigations over 20 years in the senate, and i have seen it done fairly. i have done it myself in a p bipartisan way with past and present democrat senators, and i know we can do the job. i believe that our senator investigation has far more credibility than the house investigation has at this point due to the controversies that you have just mentioned. >> it is a pretty low bar you are setting for yourselves if you can't get over that one, senator, i don't know what you can get over. juj gorsuch is probably going to come up for a committee vote next week. do you believe this will go to the nuclear option to end a
5:29 am
filibuster by the democrats you need to blow up that 60 vote measure. do you think that's going to happen? >> i certainly hope not. if you look at our history, there has only been one case, and that was way back in 1968. so the tradition has been to have a straight up and down vote on every supreme court nominee. i believe that's what judge gorsuch deserves and i was heartened yesterday when one of the most senior democrats, the most senior democrat said that that is what should occur. >> senator collins, thank you very much for your insight. we hope that you can get some bipartisan confirmation of what is fact in this russian probe because, you're right, the house committee right now is like an investigation into who ate the last cookie in my kitchen and i'm asking the kids to give me
5:30 am
the answer. senator, thank you, as always. >> well, we all know the answer was you. yes. lfr meanwhile the white house is threatening to cutoff grants to sanction ware cities. because, you're right, the house threatening to cutoff grants to
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5:33 am
because, you're right, the house threatening to cutoff grants to i'm urging states and local
5:34 am
jurisdictions to comply with these federal laws. >> all right. that was attorney general jeff sessions reiterating the white house threat to sanctuary cities to comply with laws or lose federal funding grants. joining us now is a former undocumented immigrant and the first elected to congress. good morning, congressman. >> thank you. good morning. >> nice to have you. what do you think about attorney general jeff sessions reiterating the policy that funds will be denied to sanction ware cities and others around the country because what the white house says is these cities are not helping to enforce immigration laws. >> well, this is a serious threat to the security of americans throughout the country and particularly new york city, which is the largest safest city
5:35 am
in america. and we have been safe since 9/11 because our men and women in law enforcement have been given the tools to fight crime and terrori terrorism. now the department of justice is charged with defending us against enemies foreign and domestic. we are putting average americans at risk. this is almost like pointing guns at americans and playing russian roulette. they should get all the help possible to protect us. >> the white house says that these sanction ware cities are protecting people who broke the law and that you shouldn't be asking your local law enforcement to, if they see somebody who is undocumented and here illegally, they say, why wouldn't local law enforcement
5:36 am
work with ice agents to try and get rid of that person? >> what a sanctuary city does is allow a mom to take her kid to school without fearing that the principal is going to call ice or a grandmother to go into the emergency room without fearing that the nurse is going to call ice or even a domestic violence victim to be able to go to a local present acinct without wo they are going to call ice. we must ensure that all people can come forward and report a crime, as opposed to being fearful and living in the shadows and not cooperating with law enforcement at all. this is quite the contrary, and if this particular measure is implement implemented, new york city will lose $52 million that have very, very important for the men and women that fight terrorism.
5:37 am
62% of the intelligence and counter terrorist efforts will be compromised. and this is really malpractice, if you may, by the department of justice. >> i want to ask you about something else coming out of the white house, and that is a request for basically a billion dollars, $999 million to begin the construction of that long promised, campaign promise from president trump of the border wall. what is interesting is that that $1 billion request covers only 62 miles of the proposed wall. what do you think of these numbers? >> these are numbers -- this is monies that could go towards education and health care. america needs help. the economy is still slumping a little bit. we need to make sure that people have jobs, that our programs are well funded and to build a wall is not going to resolve the immigration crisis. we must work very hard to have
5:38 am
bipartisan efforts to reach immigration reform and building a wall is not going to do it. in fact, i remember when ronald region gold gosh shove, tear down that wall. i think it is a wrong approach. this administration has gone the wrong way and we should be helping americans and not hurting them. >> let's face it. president trump won. this is one of the first things he promised. this res nated with a lot of his supporters and voters. do you think your republican colleagues are inclined to grant -- again, that's only 62 miles. if you multiply that times 25 or however many miles you need to get to the 2,000 that he promised, then you are up to $25 billion. do you think congress would ever approve that? >> i don't know if we have the funding to do that kind of effort. what i do know is that president trump is at one of his lowest levels of approval. even though, you know, this res
5:39 am
nated with his base. but right now he's tanking, and he's got to do something for the american people. and i think building a wall doesn't help our society, doesn't help our country move forward. in fact, it divides us with the rest of the continent, the rest of the hem spear. i would rather see him invest in education, health care, et cetera. >> thank you very much for your perspective. >> thank you so much, alison. thank you. >> all right. so a big question. the house intel chair, should he recuse himself? because of this firestorm over the briefs of the president before talking to his own colleagues. that's part of the bottom line next. looking for balance in your digestive system?
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time now for the five things to know for your new day. house intel chairman, devin nunes refusing to step aside from the russia investigation. though, admitting he met with a source on white house grounds before briefing the president.
5:44 am
>> jared kushner under fire for an undisclosed meeting with a russian banker. >> the president set to sign an executive order rolling back environmental regulations. he says protecting american jobs is more important than addressing climate change. >> the state of michigan agreeing to pay $97 million to settle a lawsuit in the flint water crisis. it will replace led water lines in at least 18,000 homes. >> people are still using bottled water in flint. >> a 31-10 vote that the team will remain in oakland for two years until their new stadium is built in vegas. >> all right. so that executive order on climate change we just told you about, could it be the win the
5:45 am
white house wants right now. let's get to it in the bottom line next. >> five things to know for your new day brought to you by lexus. experience the thrill of the lexus command event. see your local lexus dealer. get up to $2,500 customer cash on select 2017 models for these terms. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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growing calls certainly from democrats but also republicans for house intel devin nunes to recuse himself from his city's russia's probe. let's get to the bottom line. when we say some republicans, republicans of note, john mccain, do we have his sound? let's play it.
5:49 am
>> well, i think there needs to be a lot of explaining to do. i have been around for quite a while and i have never heard of any such thing. obviously in a committee like an intelligence committee, you have got to have bipartisan ship. otherwise, the committee loses creditability. >> they have never heard of anything like this before. most people say this compromised the integrity of the commission. but do you think there is any chance that the republicans move to have nunes replaced or to have him to recuse? >> well, i think there might be some chance. we have to watch and see. by john mccain's definition right there, chris, they have lost their credibility because it is not bipartisan at all right now. another republican, lindsey graham, says his objectivity has been called into question because of his behavior. they're over in the senate and
5:50 am
they won't dictate what happens in the house but right now democrats have called for recusal or stepping down or replacement. when that comes to a growing bipartisan call, then paul ryan has a bigger problem on his hands. >> david, originally when we were asking democrats why aren't you calling for nunes to recuse himself, they were saying he's operated fairly well and their argument was the devil you know is worse than the devil you don't know. >> i believe the number two republican chairs another committee. we would have to see how paul ryan reorganizes to be able to step up and who would actually lead it on house intel. but maybe the number three i think pete king in the committee, we would have to see how that plays out. the point being, though, is that devin nunes since the day he held that conference, then ran
5:51 am
down to the white house to deliver information, in those theatrics, completely undermined his own mission. i think the reason democrats were a little reluctant to do that is because there had been a track record of actually working together and i think that had been completely thrown out the window. >> do you think nunes did that to hipgs, or do you think this is the white house staining one of their own trying to fuel their narrative? >> i don't know that is a distinction with much of a difference. he clearly is a trump white house ally, served on the transition team, and i think he saw an opportunity here to deliver a talking point to the white house that allowed president trump in the cabinet room to say he feels somewhat vindicated. >> but he had to know that was a dumb move for him to make, that it would not wind upcoming off
5:52 am
well. do you think he was pressured by the white house to help out and made that choice? >> i think there is little doubt that the white house has been eager to get its allies to try and find some avenue of support for trump's claims in those ridiculous unsubstantiated tweeting. even devin nunes said he didn't have anything to substantiate what the president was tweeting. but they need to step up and say, well, there could be something here. i think devin nunes also was eager to play loyal soldier. >> thank you for the bottom line. great to see you. >> thanks, guys. >> the good stuff next. kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin
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strangers helping a woman accomplish her dreams. it really started with one stranger, don carter. he struck up a conversation with an employee of popeyes in kansas city. the young woman told him she wants to do more with her life. >> i said oh, go back to school. for what? she said to be a nurse. >> so he got to thinking how could i help her? he spread the word among his facebook friends. one of them said start a gofundme page. he wound up raising $1,800 in 24
5:57 am
hours. >> taking the risk of doing something good for somebody else, regard lgs less of how th receive it, that's somewhat where life has its joy. >> he was trying to raise money for her to be a nurse's assistant. one of his friends said, why don't you let her be a nurse. one person deciding, what can i do for this member of my community. >> that's so generous and a great lesson. let's lighten it up a little bit. donald trump promised when he took office we'd all be sick of all of the winning. so how sick are you feeling? here's cnn's jaime. >> when critics made fun of president trump losing, their favorite ammunition is him
5:58 am
boasting about winning. >> so america, are you tired of winning yet? so much winning, winning. >> even this republican strategist couldn't resist. >> aside from being sick and tired of all this failing. >> tweeted one critic, so when exactly does the winning start? followed by a list of trump setbacks. the parody account for donald j. rump said i am stick of all this winning. >> it is too much winning. we can't take it anymore. >> and shake his head. >> you know, there is one other guy who made winning his catch phrase that ended up catching up with him. >> wow. winning. winning. starting to get the concept now? oops, winning. duh, winning. >> you know what also isn't winning? giving the white house with
5:59 am
something in your teeth. >> it is appropriate that he has lettuce in his teeth since he speaks in word salads and nobody bothered to pass a note when he wore his flag pin upside down. also not winning the portable desk the president had to use bills in the roosevelt room. not quite as small as the one presidential impersonator aleck baldwin was el gaited to on snl. to this president size matters and winning is how he sizes himself up. >> please, mr. president, we don't want to win anymore. you're driving us crazy. >> cnn new york. >> little #fakewinning you will see start going around soon. >> nobody whines as much as i
6:00 am
do. i whine until i win. that's what he said. he's got some more winning. i don't think they should bust on spicer for something he has in his need. >> we've all been there. >> not on this show. >> no. of course you would have tucked it right out. >> later you would have thanked me. time now for cnn news room. he once had half a banana on the side of his face. >> by choice, though. >> saving it for later. >> i'm not sitting next to a whiner, so there you go. >> exactly. let's get to it. >> good morning, everyone. i'm poppy harlow. >> this morning there was a cloud hanging over the committee investigating the cloud hanging over the white house. new calls for democrats for the house of committee devin nunes


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