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tv   New Day  CNN  March 30, 2017 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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investigations and first daughter ivanka trump's new position in the white house raises new ethical questions. a lot happening on day 70 of the trump presidency. we have sara murray at the white house. >> reporter: good morning, john. this white house is sick of talking about russia, but the committee is just getting started. they have a long list of people they want to talk to do get to the bottom of the russian meddling into the 2016 campaign. >> we, together, with the members of the committee will get to the bottom of it. >> reporter: the intel committee holding the first hearing on russia today as political infighting jeopardizing the house probe. the leaders of the senate panel saying they plan to interview 20 witnesses of the russian attempts to influence election and ties between moscow and the
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trump cane. the former adviser michael flynn and jared kushner. the meetings were an effort to engage the russians and establish a point person for the administration. senate intelligence chairman richard burr refusing to rule out collusion. >> we would be crazy to try to drawl conclusions from where we are in the investigation. >> reporter: the show of unity in the senate is a stark contrast to the chaos on the other side of the capitol. devin nunes continuing to fend off charges of collusion with the white house and refusing to answer questions about the probe. >> what is the hold up about the specific information you saw? >> look, trying to get all of the agencies getting the information to us. >> reporter: the white house deflecting. >> there seems to be the fascination with the process. how did he get here?
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what door did he enter. >> reporter: the ranking democrat on the house committee expected to meet with nunes today. >> i don't know how to conduct a credible investigation if you have one person, but the chairman of the committee saying i hahave seen evidence, but won share. >> reporter: this after schiff refused to sign on to the hearing with james comey unless nunes agrees to reschedule the public hearing he canceled this week. comey defending the fbi at the event last night. >> we're not on anybody's side ever. we're not considering whose ox will be gored and this action. we don't care and we can't care. >> reporter: all this as president trump's daughter ivanka trump enters the fray as an unpaid adviser. that senate intel hearing is expected to kickoff at 10:00
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a.m. today. we expect to hear how russia weap weaponized fake news. >> thank you, sara. let's bring in the panel to discuss. we have analyst and reporter for the new york times alex burns. we have shannon pettypiece and ron brownstein. ron, let me pull up what we know. the senate intel committee will have seven staff members dedicated to investigate this. they have an unprecedented amount of documents they will sift through. 20 requests for iron aftntervie. five scheduled. they hope to conclude before 2018. ron, you say that this investigation will still take them out of their comfort zone. what does that mean? >> the intelligence committee has been an island
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bipartisanship in a partisan congre congress. in the house, you see the waters rise to the dysfunction that divided other committees over the years and have now engulfed the house intel committee. the senate is proceeding on a better course. it is not used to be a big public committee. it is one used to operating more behind closed doors quietly dealing with sensitive information. this is a much more public role than traditional for the committee. the other thing worth yoetinoti this is a committee whose expertise is in the name. intelligence. they are comfortable looking into what russia did and the questions of contact and collusion and the count counterintelligence questions. financial issues with the trump orbit and people from russia,
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that is less in their expertise. i think democrats on committee will tell you to get a full picture of the dimensions of the question is also some what beyond their traditional comfort zone. >> there were a couple of important things yesterday. number one were the facts and what they would apply. the sub text of shame, shame, shame on you over in the house of representatives. they are trying to paint a different picture, alex burns. one thing they made clear they are willing to use the subpoena. that is not insignificant. >> that is a big deal. i spoken to democrats who are close to mark warren, the vice chair on the committee. he has been really focused on moving the investigation forward. on maintaining his personal working relationship with richard burke. those subpoenas don't happen unless you have republican cooperati cooperation. you have seen attention on devin nunes, but both sides, incredible and rapid partisan
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russian. adam schiff is using his tools to move the chairman in a certain direction. that relationship is dead already. that is not what we have seen on the senate side. senators like to play the game. unlike the house, we are mature adults. it may be true. these are two guys who are working together on the basis that most americans want to see. >> shannon, on the house side, is this called indefinitely? will this ever find its way? >> it seems we are in an unprecedented situation in the house. people on the hill who worked with nunes for years, long time members, they feel we are in uncharter eed waters. they don't know what to expect. i think it is anyone's guess. >> they are meeting today. devin nunes and adam schiff will meet today. maybe they will set up a private
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hearing for james comey. the one that got canceled or never scheduled. ron brownstein. this is the biggest investigation that has been on the hill in my time here. he has been here since 1994-1995. a big investigation no matter what it finds. even if it finds nothing is problematic for an administration. >> it is a barrel in a shark. it is a big load to carry around with you. no question. certainly in the clinton years, the ongoing investigations were major distraction. they zapped a lot of energy out of the administration. what we are seeing in the house is a moment that crystalizes for the senate. this works or doesn't work on most issues. the division that erupted in the intelligence committee. how different is that from the health care bill where there was
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no effort by the republican majority to negotiator bring in democrats until it failed. the house has become a more -- over my lifetime, a more parliamentary institution. they don't try to negotiate. the senate has a different tradition because of the filibuster that requires a majority to talk to the minority and give veto. it is that tradition that is holding on better in the senate than anything we have seen in the house. >> alex, last night, james comey, director of the fbi, was at the dinner. intel and national security alliance leadership dinner. he spoke. he gave a window into what many see as his decision making process. listen to. this. >> this is a challenge i face when i testify in front of congress. it is not a criticism of congress. they see facts as it how it affects my side. when they encounter people, and
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i'm one of 37,000 like this at the fbi, who never considers sides, it is confusing. i know when i make a hard decision, a storm will follow, but honestly, i don't care. >> apparently not. >> there's no fbi director in my lifetime who has been so overly politicized than james comey. partly because of the investigations he had to handle. there has not been in my lifetime multiple candidates yielding fbi investigations in the middle of the election. it is striking to see his critics on the democratic side and to a lesser extent on the republican side shifting back and forth over the last year between shame on him for exonerating hillary clinton and shame on him. shame on him for speaking to congress. if you are james comey and you are the fbi director, you may not have a partisan political goal, but you have a political
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goal and governing goal of maintaining power and credibility as a law man. that's what we're seeing him try to do now to show people who are skeptical of him toward the end of the campaign and the democratic anger of james comey is extraordinary. >> and his motivations. you do hear him trying to become vindicated to say i don't have partisan motivation. i'm trying to talk about the facts. >> he sounds like a supreme court nominee. i call balls and strikes. that may be true or may not be true. it is the monster he has to maintain. >> i think in journalism, we say what everyone is talking about. both sides are angry with you. i think that is what he is going for here. he does risk becoming too toxic where he just get tuned out where he does get viewed as partisan. that is a dangerous place for the director of the fbi. >> it is interesting.
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ivanka trump taking official job in the white house as unpaid assistant to the president which is a lofty title. growing questions if the move violates anti-nepotism law than as how to resolve conflicts of interest. back with the panel is ron brownstein and shannon pettypiece and alex burns. i do think this move, bringing ivanka trump, into an official role in the white house significasignals where the white house is going politically. >> i agree with that. i think this is the first, not the last domino. a president who is has 35%
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approval in the gallop. either way, much lower than any new president at this point in their term. i think the fact that they are bringing in the first daughter who clearly he relies on as someone's judgment he trusts. that is a sign of changes coming. can i button up one point from alex? you don't need a partisan motivation to play a proper political on rorole. that is important to follow with james comey. it doesn't matter if the goal was to help donald trump by releasing that letter. i think many people in washington suspect the goal was to insulate the fbi from potential criticism and fearing leaks from more conservative agents that they were covering up material. if the goal was to protect the fbi's reputation, there is a reason there are the justice department guidelines. the fact he chose to act beyond those, that's the question.
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not whether the motivation was partisan of helping one side or the other. j. edgar hoover made a lot of choices that made big ramifications that went beyond balls and strikes. >> i want to challenge the ivanka trump role. it wasn't president trump trying to get ivanka in the white house? does this show an administration in trouble or pivot or the work they tried from day one to figure out a way that would not run into ethical mine field? >> i think it is always the case. she would have an influence role in the administration. i think to her credit coming out and saying let's make it official and not behind the scenes. she was at the white house regularly. she was with her father on trips. at least coming out and being open about it. that does help. again, with everyone in the family and administration. her husband jared kushner, the president, herself.
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the conflicts are rich. they could be going further to separate from business ties. we have not had a business president before. there is a lot further they could go. further she could go. they are not going there. >> on the first point, on the evolution of what her role would be. ivanka said to "60 minutes" i will not play a formal role. really? it looks like you are playing a formal role. alex burns, how hard will it be for her to separate her businesses and abide by the ethical standards that everyone abides by? >> judging by the performance of everyone in the administration, probably difficult. these are people who are not used to untangling from the personal financial commitments and interests in the world of business and branding. the trump family is not just a matter of selling products, but selling the name. it is hard to disentangle what they are doing at this point. the real test of ivanka trump is
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going to be how she functions as a government employee and whether they functions as a government employee. you had presidents take advice from family members. you not had in a long time them sell elevate members of the family to the role. we had the consistent set of stories where friends of ivanka and jared kushner will put out word they favor this policy. their friends in new york find distasteful. now she is in government, i think there is a degree of accountability that comes with that. if you are involved in shaping the policy. not informal counselor way. you do bear responsibility for the results. >> ron, we have something hot off the presses of the future of health care. this is an interview that speaker paul ryan has just given to cbs. we are able to air the transcript before they are because they are not on the air
3:20 am
yet. here is what paul ryan has just said. what i worry about, norah, the host, if we don't do this, he will go work with the democrats. meaning the president to change obamacare. that is hardly a conservative thing. this is a can-do president who wants to get things done. i know he wants to get things done with the republican congress. if the republican congress allows the perfect to be the enemy of the good, i worry we'll push the president into working with the democrats. >> also, you can't have the sub text being text and have it still work. democrats have felt from the beginning all week that the reason many democrats felt the reason donald trump is talking about working with democrats is to pressure republicans. there was no contact with the parties in the house and drafting this bill. speaker ryan is saying, look, here is the thread. he will go make a deal with
3:21 am
democrats. that would require radical changes in the bill. if there is a deal with democrats, it's on the portion of obamacare that deals with the private insurance through the exchange where there are problems. the heart of the republican bill is repealing the expansion of medicaid and block grant the program to the point where 14 million people according to the cbo would lose coverage. that is an absolute non starter for democrats. no negotiation with the democrats that includes that. realistically, they have to jettison the agenda. it is hard to see president trump going too far down that road. i think speaker ryan gives you the point here. they are talking about democrats primarily as a way to leverage republicans. >> they are a boogie man here. shannon, i cannot get rid of the idea. if you are not negotiating with moderate republicans, who is
3:22 am
doing the deal? >> look how toxic president trump is in the democratic party among the democratic base and democratic supporters? do you want to be the democratic senator to work with president trump to get revised obamacare through? you have to look at the districts and who you are targeting. president trump is not a hard core lifer conservative free market principles idologist. he may have more in common with democrats. he does with the freedom caucus and members of the far right. >> it is worth taking stock of how far paul ryan has moved in the last few months. i'm old enough to remember he was supporting president trump. the fact we are now in march and at the point of him saying watch out or he'll work with the democrats, that is striking. >> panel, thank you very much. we have to tell you about the other news. a deal in north carolina.
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lawmakers agreeing to a deal to vote today on repealing the state's transgender bathroom bill. critics say this doesn't go far enough. we'll explain next. mom gets breakfast in bed...
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north carolina law makes expected to vote on a deal to repeal hb-2. activists say that is not good enough. dave briggs, anchor of "early start" joins us now. >> john, the state's governor acknowledging it is not a perfect deal. he worked with republican lawmakers to come up with a compromise. it retains a component. states control the regulation of bathrooms under the deal cities and local governments cannot pass their own ant anti-discrimination laws through 2020. the compromise simply brings back the status quo before hb-2 passed in 2016. it fails to protect transgender people to use the bathroom
3:28 am
responding to the gender identity. hb-2 has cost north carolina millions as businesses entertainers and sports leagues boycotted the state. the ncaa has threatened to leave the state out of hosting events through 2020 if this bill is not repealed by noon today. john, the reporting somehow say it could cost billions to the state in economic damages if they don't repeal. >> a lot of pressure from the sports leagues and everywhere. >> battle moving forward. texas may do this as well. >> final four. san antonio. >> the final four next year. that's the next battle. >> have you run away with some sports cast you segued to? stop this. thank you, dave briggs. meanwhile, other headlines. another setback for president trump's travel ban. a federal judge in hawaii who had temporarily blocked that ban from taking effect now
3:29 am
ex-continuextending that order indefinitely. the ban likely targets muslims. no word if the trump administration will appeal the ruling. the justice department ruled hawaii has not been harmed. the death toll is 13 in the head-on collision with the church bus and pickup truck on the texas highway. church members traveling from home from a retreat when the truck slammed into the bus. the truck driver and one passenger suffered injuries. the cause is under investigation. how is it going for president trump? his approval ratings are one measure. it hit a new low. what do his supporters think of his performance? >> guys, 60 plus days into the trump presidency. what grade do you give donald
3:30 am
trump? >> you will see their response to next. when you booked this trip,
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3:34 am
trump's owins and losses and th unproven claim of voter fraud. >> here we are 60 plus day into the presidency. we want to get your grades and your impressions of how president trump is doing. let me start with you. what grade do you give president trump? an "a" all righready? >> i feel he is getting stuff accomplished. i feel he is trying to loosen restrain on business. i know he is trying to health care. that is not working out as well as we hoped. >> it didn't work out at all. >> it's true. that will go up again. you have to adjust it a little bit. >> what grade do you give? >> i give him an "a." >> based on what? >> tpp. keystone pipeline. today code dakota access pipeli.
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>> the travel ban is not in effect. >> it's in place. >> it has been shot down by two courts. >> he took initiative. he did it. everything he has done is exactly what he said he would do. >> health care. people put in the loss column. the travel ban is not in effect. the budget is not in agreement from lots of people. he said he would get rid of daca right away. he has not done that. he would get rid of the iran nuclear deal. the wall hasn't been built. he hasn't defeated isis in 30 days. >> this president didn't get a weekend. >> how long will you give him to accomplish? >> we need to see where we are mid term. >> josh? >> i give president trump an "a." >> based on what? what accomplishments do you think he can hang his hat on? >> it is premature to ask that question.
3:36 am
60 days in. he has a four-year term. if you read "art of the deal." you see similar pressure and opposition and defeat. he keeps coming back. >> sarah, what grade? >> i give him an "a." >> i give president trump an "a." if i had a marker, i would put a plus next to it. we see he is working with ford motor company to build three plants in the united states and major league investment in the united states. as opposed to moving jobs or keeping the jobs in mexico. that's huge. >> i give him a "b." >> what? >> i don't give anybody an "a." business negotiators bring opposing parties together. that's what he is attempting to do. >> why wasn't he able to close the deal? >> because politicians are
3:37 am
dividers. >> isn't trump the master deal maker? >> if you are are talking to an empty chair. there is nothing, no bridge. >> i'm surprised at how much opposition he is getting from the right as well. i'm very dispiappointed. >> you mean the freedom caucus? >> yes. absolutely. >> they should get on board? >> without a doubt. >> how has your life changed in the past 60 plus days since president trump was electlected? >> there was a quiet restoration of law and order and security. we are addressing illegal immigration. we are starting to do deportation. we are not doing a shell game with radical islamic terrorism. there is something in the oval office. >> what has he done to fight is isis? >> there was an attack in mosul. >> it went awry.
3:38 am
>> that was asked bad. i know we have somebody who will be aggressive and not let up on this. >> it was like people were laughing in his face about thes prospect of him being elected. he got elected. we don't know as far as the vote and fraud and everything else. my assumption he would have been elected with a higher number than the results. >> are you saying you believe there were 3 million illegals that voted? >> i know in new hampshire. i have seen it. >> this is where you come back to. do you mean a dozen or 3 million? >> obviously 1.5 million people in new hampshire. i didn't say 3 million people in new hampshire. >> the number president trump said 3 to 5 million. >> i don't doubt that. >> based on what i have seen. busloads of people coming in. whether illegal, meaning they came here illegally or illegal
3:39 am
voters. they came from massachusetts to new hampshire. >> i care. to be clear, you saw with your eyes busloads of people coming from new hampshire to vote. you saw that? >> i know josh has seen it. >> josh, did you see busloads of people? >> i would not characterize it as busloads? >> what have you seen? >> cars from out of state with out of state plates. i live across the street from the polling place in my ward. 8 or 10 people get out of two or three cars. >> you think people from massachusetts are driving across the border to vote in your barred? >> i believe that is the case. >> whether it is massachusetts or maine or other state. it is not fair to wholesale characterize it as voter fraud. >> are you sticking with busloads? >> i have seen busloads. i can't cite the busloads.
3:40 am
>> as far as i'm concerned. the alt-left, the loons on the left and ultra right conservatives would stay out of his way, everything would be perfect. i don't know if you read his book, "the art of the deal." he goes into things long term. he is not a short-term guy. he is willing to stick in the game to get things done. donald trump, first of all, they will not wear him down. he is the master of wearing everybody else down. >> there you have it. look, my impression was that they are less interested with him having to accomplish every single thing he promised than the fact he is trying and talking about it. gives a voice to things they thought for years and that alone is comforting to them. that's why they consider this a victory 60 days.
3:41 am
>> give him an "a" for effort. he's atgallop. he was not well loved when he won the election. the question is he losing people that put him over the top. >> these are the diehard supporters. i don't think he will ever lose them. we will check back in with them in the next four years. they are the diehard supporters. tomorrow, we talk to them about how they feel about russia. fa fascinating take on whether they are interested in the russian ties. president trump won the election, but it still seems the election is still going on. donald trump and hillary clinton going after each other. will this campaign ever end? that's next. at blue apron, we're building a better food system.
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so severe weather is expected from the ohio river down to the gulf of mexico today. nearly 48 million people in its
3:46 am
path. cnn's chad myers has the forecast. >> we had tornadoes yesterday. i think we will have some from indianapolis down to the gulf coast. tornadoes and hail and wind damage across the middle part of the country. for today, we are seeing that weather in new orleans and all the way to the north into chicagoland. if you are flying through chicago, expect delays for sure. from mississippi back up to nashville later on today, that's where the severe weather will be. that is the most concern for wind damage. today's wind event. we will see potential for tornadoes today. more like four or five. that's not a big deal if that one is over your house. people in new england have been talking about the snowstorm. i think it is a new england storm upstate new york. i don't think boston sees much. >> thank you, chad. russell westbrook played so well
3:47 am
last night that opposing fans chanted mvp for him. we have andy scholes with the bleacher report. >> westbrook's assault on the record book continuing in orlando. he put up the crazy stats, but hit the clutch shots. down three in the closing seconds. he hits this three to send the game into overtime. then on this play in overtime, westbrook makes the spin move and the bucket plus the foul. after that, magic fans chanted mvp at him. >> mvp, mvp, mvp! >> westbrook breaking the record for most points with the triple/double. he had 57 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists. the final four teams in phoenix. check out the hats north carolina was rocking when they got off the plane. these are custom fedoras and
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cowboy cats. th hats. they are hand made by shea rush. he added it takes about a week to make seven hats. rush spent a month making the huts f hats for the team. do you have a cowboy hat? >> i do. i'll take another one. you have a fedora. i know john berman has a fedora. >> i'm a reporter. i wear out the shoe leather. >> askew. last time we checked, the 2016 election ended nearly five months ago with mr. trump as the winner. the president still going after hillary clinton. why? we discuss next. ng brand? you make it detect what they don't. stop, stop, stop! sorry. you make it sense what's coming. watch, watch, watch!
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seems like old times. donald trump going after hillary clinton in a twitter barrage. now hillary clinton out of the woods. criticizing the president's policies five months later. will the 2016 campaign ever end?
3:53 am
which discuss with margaret hoover. and john avlon and former reagan white house jeffery lorde. tweeted about hillary clinton this week. then every week or so, he brings up the campaign. here is a reminder of what we have seen in the last few months. >> despite spending less money than the democrats and in all fairness, winning, people don't say. that we spent less money and we won. that's good, right? >> we are honored by the victory we had. 306 electoral college votes. we were not supposed to crack 220. >> bill clinton on the campaign trail. he must have had a tough night when he went home that night. called obamacare the craziest thing. >> so jeffery, i want to start
3:54 am
with you. i'm not sure if you knew this. donald trump won the election. it's over. why is it advantageous for him to keep bringing up hillary clinton? >> john, it's never over. margaret is there and my history is as i recall in my lifetime, people were running against herbert hoover long after he left the presidency. this goes on for ages. >> big mistake, jeffery. >> i can't believe you went there. >> jeffery, i appreciate you mentioning that democrats have run against herbert hoover for years. this is not quite akin to that scenario. >> why? >> the other thing, margaret, i think it is to trump's advantage here. she did lose. she is not popular.
3:55 am
she lost to barack obama. he is trying to make her the face of the democratic party. that's smart. >> on the herbert hoover point. he sat on and the president at the time of the largest economic calamity in american history. that framed american politics for the next 80 years. that has absolutely nothing to do within no analogy to the tweeting about hillary clinton. >> this is akin to a high school sports star hanging out in the bar wanting to talk about the past. these are his glory days. he is 70 day into the presidency. talk about the present. talk about the future. he can't quit the past because that is what he felt good about. >> is that what it is or is it everybody needs a nemesis. >> there are plenty of real people actively trying to block his agenda in addition to his
3:56 am
own incompetence. he can pick one of those people. >> he needs a villain and he needs to distract and deflect. when things are not going well for him, he says look over there. that's more exciting. >> i will say this. president obama didn't use george w. bush's name all the time. any chance he got, president obama would bring up the mess he inherited when he came to office and where the economy was. that was a marker he used whenever he could for his advantage. >> hillary clinton was not the president. >> that's right. >> my point is herbert hoover and go back to john quincy add dam ams. >> i appreciate you are calling hoover a villain. he did not cause the great depression. >> they were unfair to him. they did it repeatedly. >> i think you are saying ronald
3:57 am
reagan wasn't effecfixating thih on jimmy carter. this is a president who cannot quit the past because of impulse control. and hillary clinton wading back in the conversation is interesting. she is enormously popular with the base. the president's popularity is one-third. she is starting to come out among past failed nominees really telling people to mobilize against the administration. she is more popular than failed nominees in the past. she has more clout within the democratic party. >> donald trump going against hillary clinton is reiling up te base. it is tactically strategic and smart in a way. invoking a clinton helps republicans. >> now you are agreeing with jeff jeffery lord. >> we need to go back to the
3:58 am
classic rock station one more time. there is another player here. jeb bush is talking about it. >> i liked his second album. >> he should stop saying things that aren't true that are distractions from the task at hand. he has a lot of work to do and some of the things, wiretapping and stuff is a distraction that makes it harder to accomplish the things i know he wants to do. >> first of all, he should stop saying stuff. not a radical statement. jeffery lord, republican jeb bush, even republican jeb bush is criticizing donald trump. i think one of the differences is jeb bush and the bush family. >> i think at this point, jeb bush is a terrific guy, but i think he is irrelevant at this point. it is like talking into the wind. he can say more or less anything
3:59 am
and nobody will pay attention. >> stop saying things that aren't true is a ridiculous bar to be stated. the fact he labels everybody he disagrees withes as a liar is deflection. when you have a leading person in the democratic party saying he shouldn't lie so much. >> and labelled with the bush lied people died which i thought was unfair to president bush. that was the charge, be it as it may. >> the headline out of that interview actually was donald trump has failed to shift into a governing mode. that is what jeb was saying. in order to shift in the governing mode, he should stop saying things that are untrue.
4:00 am
>> margaret, john, jeffery, great, shocking discussion this morning. thanks so much. thanks to our international viewers for watching. for american viewers "new day" continues right now. >> this investigation's scope will go where the intelligence leads. >> if we are doing a partisan investigation, we can't have a chairman. >> i know a storm will follow. honestly, i don't care. >> i will not answer anymore questions while the investigation continues. that's how it is. >> we are witnessing a coverup. >> ivanka trump joining the white house. >> the real test is how she functions as a government employee. >> neil gorsuch is one of the most qualified people in the country. >> if judge gorsuch failed to get 60 votes. we should change the nominee, not the rules. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisy


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