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tv   New Day  CNN  March 30, 2017 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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>> margaret, john, jeffery, great, shocking discussion this morning. thanks so much. thanks to our international viewers for watching. for american viewers "new day" continues right now. >> this investigation's scope will go where the intelligence leads. >> if we are doing a partisan investigation, we can't have a chairman. >> i know a storm will follow. honestly, i don't care. >> i will not answer anymore questions while the investigation continues. that's how it is. >> we are witnessing a coverup. >> ivanka trump joining the white house. >> the real test is how she functions as a government employee. >> neil gorsuch is one of the most qualified people in the country. >> if judge gorsuch failed to get 60 votes. we should change the nominee, not the rules. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota.
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>> good morning. welcome to "new day." chris is off. john berman joins me. >> great to be here. >> we have a lot to talk about. we begin with the senate intel committee set to begin the public hearing on russia in just three hours. leaders vow a thorough non-partisan investigation into the russian meddling into the u.s. election and ties to the trump campaign while the house investigation is stalled. >> and whenever fbi director james comey says anything out loud in public it is a big deal. overnight, he opened up about partisanship and congressional investigations. this as the first daughter ivanka trump accepts the title of assistant to the president. raising questions this morning. plenty to cover on day 70 of the trump presidency. let's start with sara murray live at the white house. >> reporter: good morning, john. this white house is certainly sick of answering questions about russia, but the senate intelligence committee made it clear they are just getting started. they have a long list of people
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they want to talk to get to the bottom of the 2016 presidential campaign. >> we together with the members of the committee will get to the bottom of it. >> reporter: the senate intelligence committee holding its first public hearing on russia today. as political infighting jeopardizes the house probe. >> the investigation scope will go whatever the intelligence leads. >> reporter: the leaders of the senate panel plan to interview 20 witnesses of the attempts to influence the election and potential tie was moscow and the campaign. among the possible witnesses? michael flynn and jared kushner. kushner is expected to testify with the meetings with the russian banker and ambassador were an effort to establish a point person for the administration. senate intelligence chairman richard burr refusing to rule
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out collusion. >> we would be crazy to draw conclusions from where we are in the investigation. >> reporter: the bipartisan show of unity in the senate a stark contrast to the chaos on the other side of the capitol. devin nunes continuing to fend off charges of collusion with the white house and refusing to answer questions about the probe. >> what's been the hold up of the specific information you saw on white house grounds? >> look, trying to get all of the agencies and getting the information to us. >> reporter: the white house deflecting. >> there seems to be the fascination with the process. it is how did he get here. what door did he enter as opposed to the substance. >> reporter: the ranking democrat expected to meet with nunes today. >> i don't know how to conduct a credible investigation if you have one person, but the chairman of the committee saying i have seen evidence, but i won't share with anyone. >> reporter: this after schiff refused to sign on to the doclod
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door hearing with james comey. also nunes agrees to reschedule the public hearing he canceled this week. comey defending the fbi imparti impartiality. >> we are not on anybody's side ever. we are not considering whose ox will be gored by this action. we don't care. we can't care. >> reporter: all this as donald trump's daughter ivanka entering the fray. joining the white house an unpaid adviser among ethics concerns. and that senate intelligence hearing is kicking off at 10:00 a.m. it is expected to for ocus on f news. >> sara, thank you. joining us now is senator jeff merkley of oregon. >> thank you for having me. >> great to have you here. how will this differ?
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>> they are working hard to have a bipartisan focus on the facts. get to the bottom of the facts and what really happened. i'm pleased the senate inn p tell is operating in this manner. i don't think it is enough. i think we should have a bipartisan commission and special prosecutor. the senate intel committee is operating under circumstance. >> you don't think the house was focused on getting to the facts? >> i think there has been so much tactics and strategy by the house chairman to support the president that the credibility of the house is in shreds. >> so you are calling for a bipartisan commission, but you also have faith in the senate intel committee. which one is it? >> it is all of the above. this is sufis such serious information, it should be pursued by the fbi and intel and public kpicommission.
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by having multiple directions, we might get to the bottom of it and you throw the power of the media and some day we will know the real truth. >> that would be nice. are you giving up on the house intel committee getting to the bottom of anything? >> pretty much. i think anywhere the house gets to the senate will have gotten to previously. yes. >> i want to ask you about judge neil gorsuch. your colleagues on the senate committee are expected to vote on monday as to his fitness for the supreme court. you tweeted something to the opposite. you said i will not stand idly by and allow the government to be stolen. we must restore our we the people democracy and stop gorsuch. >> this is the first time in u.s. history was stolen from the former president. this is a terrible precedent. it puts a big crack in the
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integrity of the supreme court. every 540 decision in the future should gorsuch be confirmed will be in question. you do not steal senate seats. excuse me. supreme court seats. this is an effort to pack the court. the senate has been down on efforts to pack the courts. neil gorsuch's philosophy is one of government by and for the powerful and privileged. not government by and for the people. it goes contrary to the fundamental vision of the contusion aco confusico constitution. >> remember, this is the same jurist and man who was approved by the senate unanimously in 2006. how is it he has fallen so far or is this political payback? >> you get a lot more insight when somebody is contending and
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up for the supreme court than you do when they are up for circuit court or district court. you have decisions and articles and conversations. what we have is the fact that neil gorsuch has made rulings that were clearly doing everything they could to find for corporations over ordinary workers. we have the writings that say he doesn't think the lgbt should use the courts over issues of discrimination. he does not like class action suits because they are inconvenience to corporations. how do you take on predatory conduct without a class action suit? all of these things line up in the place for the privileged and powerful. >> if your republican colleagues have not blocked merrick garland, would you be voting for gorsuch? >> that's very tough to say. it's hard for me to get to that spot with this seat stolen in
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the integrity factor. he is way outside the judicial mainstream. i really want to see us restore a court that no longer is controlled by powerful corporate interests. that is not the vision of the constitution. we have to reclaim our democracy. one vision is the dark money corrupting all of our political campaigns across the country and control of the senate. there is a lot at stake for the future of the country. >> you are still angry about the treatment of judge garland. understandably. you and your colleagues are upset about how he was frozen out of a vote. what can you do? the republicans say in terms of gorsuch, they are willing to go nuclear to get him in. >> it takes 50 members of the
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senate and vice president to go there. we don't know they have all of those votes. there may be principled individuals among the republicans to stand up and vote for the integrity of the senate. >> do you have any indication from your republican colleagues. >> code of silence is under way. we do not know where each individual will end up on this. >> about the nuclear option, is that where we're headed? >> in regard to the nuclear option is 51 votes to change the interpretation of the rules. change to a simple majority to close debate. we don't know if there are 51 republicans who will say yes. let's destroy the integrity of the senate with this vote. >> what would that mean if this is where this is headed and that is invoked, what does that mean for the future? >> this process would mean two things.
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if one court seat is stolen from one president to the other, the temptation will be forevermore. it makes it look like another elected political position. the second is if this process goes through, every 5-4 decision will be one we will look at and say it is not legitimate. that supreme court justice really wasn't legitimate. if we change to a simple majority, what it means with the next president? they may be tempted to go further left or right outside of the mainstream. obama went down the middle. unfortunately president trump has not. he has gone way outside the mainstream. that's really what the supermajority is intended to prevent. >> a lot at stake. thank you senator jeff merkley. we have breaking news from north carolina.
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lawmakers expected to vote to repeal hb-2. the transgender bathroom bill. gay rights activists say it doesn't go far enough. dave briggs has more. >> this is confusing. the democratic governor of north carolina working with republican lawmakers to come up with the compromise. hb-2 forced transgender people to use the bathroom that relates to the gender on their birth certificate instead of the gender they identify with. leaving the regulation of the bathrooms to state lawmakers. lgbt advocates say this is another version of the old law and would continue to allow discrimination against transgender people. leaving them with no statewide ant anti-discrimination ordinance and no ability to seek protection from local governments for years. time and certainly money are.
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essence. hb-2 cost north carolina millions as businesses and entertainers and sports league boycott the state. ncaa has threatened to leave the state out of hosting championship events through 2022 if hb-2 is not repealed by noon today. guys, stay tuned to the story. voting begins in north carolina at 9:15. later today, mark emmerett has the press conference ahead of the final four in arizona. will he say they have gone far enough for the ncaa? >> thank you, dave. >> pofimportant vote. a federal judge in hawaii extending the halt to the revised travel ban indefinitely. the same judge blocked the core provisions two weeks ago ruling it does discriminate against muslims. no word if the justice department will appeal. two former high level members of the chris christie
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administration are going to prison for the role in the bridgegate scandal. they were convicted of orchestrating traffic gridlock on the bridge. both plan to appeal. the faa is investigating the death of the american airlines co- pilot minutes before his flight landed in albuquerque, new mexico. the 737 jet was two miles from the airport wednesday when the captain declared a medical emergency. paramedics were standing by and performed cpr on first officer william mike grubbs before he was pronounced dead. the house intel committee in disarray. rush to investigation stalled. the chairman ranking member will meet today to try to fix it. we are joined by the republican member of the panel next. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever?
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the top republican and democrat on the senate intelligence committee promised a bipartisan probe. not what we have seen with devin nunes that brought the
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committee's work to a halt. i want to discuss with rick crawford of arkansas. he is a member of the house intelligence committee. congress member, thank you for being with us. i have to ask, if you had a chance to watch the chairman and ranking member answer questions together and getting along. did you see that and watch with envy? >> not necessarily. i think we have a different dynamic in the house. chairman nunes and schiff have done joint press conferences before. i suspect they will do them before. there is a difference of opinion. >> you had public hearings canceled and private hearings canceled. you are not meeting as a full committee this week. you say that is a different dynamic. that is a dynamic doing nothing. >> i would not characterize it that way. the open hearing we had last
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week was not very productive. i think the american people want to see open hearings because they want to see evidence that we are in fact doing some things. the fact is an open hearing is very challenging. i think if you review the video, you find that director comey and admiral rogers no less than 100 times said they could not comment in that forum. for us to be productive and move forward, it is important to recognize the value of closed door hearings and value the sensitive information. we are at the point where we recognize the value of closed door hearings versus trying to arrive at the truth in the open setting where they are constrained. >> the american people learned at the public hearing that the fbi is investigating possible ties with trump associates and the russians. is investigating coordination. is that important? >> it is important for the public to be aware of it.
4:21 am
the nature of the investigation is highly sensitive. i think it should remain behind closed doors for it to be productive. >> chairman nunes and ranking member schiff will get together to try to work out their differences. what do you want to see? >> i think they have the same perspective. they want to get to the truth. they may differ on how they get there. we feel like it is more productive to bring individuals in in the closed setting to get information they are unable to disclose in a public forum. ranking member schiff will probably get to the point as well. i think he wants to be included. that's understandable. i think that's what you will hear today. the two of them working out the differences to move forward. >> on the subject of disclosure, democrats are saying your chairman nunes is not disclosing to them information he says he has. this has to be with the chairman's claim he has seen intelligence on white house
4:22 am
grounds apparently indicating that the president's associates were picked up in incidental communication. listen to adam schiff last night. >> we have a chairman who got information on the white house grounds that he won't share. not just with democrats, but with his committee. i don't know how to conduct a credible investigation if you have let alone one person, but the chairman of the committee saying i have seen evidence, but i won't share with anyone else. what are we to make of that? >> you talked about the importance of disclosure to the committee. what does it say if your chairman won't disclose? >> i don't think it is necessarily fair to say that he won't disclose it. i think he will disclose at an appropriate time. that is the determination he made. he has been on the committee a long time. he knows what he is doing. i have faith he will do the right thing which he is doing. he is actually within his charter of the chairman. >> he said he will never share the sources. >> that is the decision he has to make.
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>> ryan of the new yorker believes the white house was aware prior to the public hearing last month that devin nunes, the chairman, was going to discuss incidental communications picked up or disclosed later on that trump associates were in that. he had the sense that the white house was aware of what chairman months would do. if there was communication and coordination with the white house and chairman prior to the hearing and prior to the release of the information later in the week. is that problematic? >> i think what is problematic is people are conflating the russian information with this investigation. that has nothing to do with russia. that we know. to try to inject that particular information into the russian investigation is -- the two are not linked. >> the question that people have is the white house trying to orchestrate the investigation into white house associates? that would be problematic, wouldn't it? >> it would be.
4:24 am
i don't think that is happening. >> let me change subjects and talk about health care if i can. house speaker paul ryan gave an interview on cbs where he talked about the need for republicans to come together and try to find some deal. you voted no on this. let's stipulate that or you would have voted no. >> i didn't vote no. we didn't have a vote. >> thank you for that correction. paul ryan was speaking to norah o'donell. he will work with democrats and try to change obamacare. that is hardly a conservative thing. he said if we don't get our act age together, he will move on. >> that is remarkable. we all agree on and look at legislation to do a couple of things. drive down the premiums and drive down deductibles. that paper that says you have insurance is meaningless if it
4:25 am
presents no value to the person holding it. that is the problem we have. that is something we are not talking about. our health care policy right now, i think, over time, is contributing to the decline in health because people are not using health care because it is too expensive. if we are not looking at policy and frankly, i would like to see the federal government back away from trying to organize and orchestrate. i don't think the government has demonstrated very good track record in managing programs. >> quick question and answer. your whip on earlier this week. he said he believes you are closer to a deal now on health care than when it went down last week. is that the case? >> you have to talk to steve scalis on that. he has the numbers. >> you would vote no. you have to be the type of person to say yes. if you don't have appeal, that
4:26 am
is indicative. congress member crawford of arkansas, thank you for your time. >> thank you. john, first daughter ivanka trump now part of the administration. is that ethical? we debate it next.
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first daughter ivanka trump has a new white house role. she is an unpaid adviser to the president and of course that is raising ethical questions and how she will resolve potential conflicts of interest. we have cnn contributor and former white house ethics czar ivan and former adviser for the campaign jason miller. gentlemen, great to have both of you. norm, you were concerned about ivanka's role in the white house. on friday, you sent a letter to the current white house counsel expressing concerns. what were you worried about? >> good morning, alisyn and john. thanks for having me. i was concerned that like so
4:31 am
much else that president trump and his administration do that ivanka trump was saying she was not a government employee when in fact according to the law she was a government employee. that matters, alisyn. >> what's the difference? >> if you are not a government employee, then you don't have to follow the conflicts rules and other laws. ours is a country, where no person, not even the child of a president, is above the law. i joined colleagues, bipartisan. the bush era ethics czar and other watch dog groups. my own. c.r.e.w. we all joined together to say if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, she is an employee. treat her like one.
4:32 am
they did it. >> very effective. >> there's so much more to do. all the way up to mr. trump himself. he has to now admit he is also subject to the constitution which of course he refuses to do. >> jason miller, the white house says the nepotism laws don't apply because she work in the white house. the justice department agrees. the law is murky on this case. whatever the law, you worked for ted cruz, jason miller. would ivanka trump get this role, assistant to the president, on parallel with the chief of staff in the ted cruz administration? >> ivanka trump is highly call tied to be in any administration. how lucky are we to have a woman who took a company from scratch and come into the administration and work for free. she brings a great point of view on family leave or climate change or give perspectives.
4:33 am
>> is she hired for that or hired because she is the president's daughter and he trusts her? >> she is brought in because she is a successful business woman. she worked with the president closely over the past decade. this is a very unique situation in the fact that the president has adult children who are smart and successful. children that are older than we have seen with children in previous administrations. i think there is another important thing to point out. ivanka started this process of working with the office of government ethics and the counsel and started to move her assets and step away from her business and put it in a trust and sell off different things. started this process we it became clear her husband jared would go into the administration. she has been taking these steps for a long time. it is good she stepped up and made sure it was clear she would abide by the rules that any other employee would. >> let me get norman here. is that how you understand it? she will not have any outside
4:34 am
business interests and not make money? nothing lucrative while she is in the white house? >> alisyn, that is not quite right. like her father, she is insisting on the right to maintain ownership of her business. it is true. >> she won't make decisions. >> she is handing off management. she is maintaining ownership. she has a financial interest which raises questions about confli conflicts. while the question of whether or not this nepotism, mr. kushner on one side of the throne, ivanka trump on the other with their father and father-in-law respectively in the mid. it is not allowed by nepotism law, many say it is not allowed. there is an argument about that. is it a good idea? do we want a country that is run
4:35 am
like monarchy? you have the throne flanked by family members? >> i have something to say. >> do we want people in the oval office whose first loyalty is to the country not to the man sitting behind the desk. >> let me jump in. ivanka's moving everything to a trust managed by others. or selling off different assets. they won't have day-to-day involvement with the business. one important thing to point out is ivanka is working with jamie gorlick. the former deputy attorney general in the clinton administration. jamie will review all business deals that happen with ivanka's business to make sure that there are no conflictive issues. >> she works for ivanka. she is a very respected lawyer who works for and is paid by ivanka trump which is not.
4:36 am
>> john, if this were president clinton or a democratic president, people would say how great is this we have a highly successful business woman coming in to work for free to help our country. >> hold on. hold on, jason. >> you get what you pay for. you get what you pay for. >> norm, hold on. jason, you think if chelsea clinton were installed at the side of her mom that everybody would be applaudsiinapplauding? of course people would call it nepotism. >> i don't think it would be a story in the media. >> everything chelsea clinton does now is a giant story and people claim privilege with that. >> chelsea, who has accomplished a lot in her own right. we are talking about ivanka. started a business from scratch and worth more than a $200 million. we need more brain power like that in the white house. >> how is this not nepotism? >> how is it nepotism?
4:37 am
>> she is the daughter of the president. >> she is working for free. she is volunteering her time. >> because she is not collecting a salary it skirts nepotism laws? >> everybody from the white house counsel to the doj says this doesn't violate nepotism rules. we should be heralding the fact. >> answer that, norm. >> for decades, doj and the white house and in the obama white house where i worked, enforced this rule and the bush white house held that nepotism law and it did apply to the white house. the better reading of the law it does apply. whether the law applies or not, it is not a good idea to have these two kids who have no government experience whatsoever. >> that's good. look what the political professionals have done? they skrucrewed up.
4:38 am
>> this white house is a mess with jared at the helm. these two are reported to have been democrats or democratic lean in the past. i, like everybody, would prefer to have them rather than mr. bannon involved in decisions. but -- >> let me follow-up on that. first of all, ivanka trump and jared kushner are in their 30s. they are the children of donald trump. kids may be unfair in that case. jason miller, to norm's last point, you have been on the inside here. are they more liberal than the other members of the trump administration? people are the inside? do you think they will temper politically others in the administration? >> excellent question. its gives me the opportunity to talk about my spoexperience wit the president. what president trump does with his leadership style. we saw this at the campaign and organization style and the white house. the president puts together a big diverse group.
4:39 am
he likes ideas. he will ping a number of people in the white house and out to get perspectives and thoughts on things. he will take the information. >> are they more liberal than steve bannon and reince priebus? >> they have their own positions. i would not pin it in ideological sense. i would not bring a non politici politician. i'm surprised we are not talking about how great it is we have another influence in the white house talking about family leave and maternity leave. >> we have seen her influence on that. >> we are talking about women in the workplace. wi we should be heralding that. ivanka's a great asset to the white house. >> hold on. jason, thank you. norm, thank you. >> fascinating. a new law on the president's desk. internet providers sell your search history. should that stuff be kept
4:40 am
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first lady melania trump stepping out to talk about
4:44 am
female empowerment and world rye violence. this is the first time we have heard from her. cnn's randi kaye has more. >> reporter: it was the first visit to the state department. her first visit to any cabinet department. more than two months into her husband's term, mrs. trump is keeping a low profile. >> thank you. >> reporter: here at the state department, she took part in the international kcouragemen award. the first lady is still living at trump tower with the couple's son barron. until he finishes the school year. her arrival in washington considered a rare event that the washington post likened it to a
4:45 am
rare bird sighting. >> i urge you to not be afraid to fail. failure will never have the power to define you. as long as you learn from it. >> reporter: it seems the first lady is taking steps to define her flplatform. highlighting education. she presented awards to women and girls from around the world. honored for courage and strength and leadership. >> i ask you to allow the heroic women to inspire you in your lives and remind yourself that you, too, are capable of greatness. >> reporter: it has been an unusually active week in washington for the first lady. on monday, she announced her communications director. on tuesday night, she and the president hosted a bipartisan reception at the white house.
4:46 am
>> enjoy the incredible musicians. they are really something special. melania, thank you very much. >> reporter: melania trump hadn't been in washington since earlier this month when she hosted a lunch to celebrate international women's day. there isn't any video of her speech since the press was escorted from the room as she took the podium. before that, melania trump appeared in new york city on march 2nd. reading to children at new york presbyterian hospital. the book was one of her favorites. "dr. seuss oh the places you go." >> you can steer yourself. >> reporter: last weekend,s melania flew to the winter white house while here husband stayed in washington. she attended a fund-raiser for the republican party. next month, she is expected to host the easter egg roll on the white house lawn. randi kaye, cnn, new york.
4:47 am
>> our reporter who follows melania says we will see her more and more. >> she has high approval ratings. >> the president noted. he didn't say high, but noted how high hers were yesterday. growing outrage over the repeal of internet privacy protections that were set to go into effect later this year. republican lawmakers voted to get rid of the rules and it now sits on the president's desk. we have star of "early start, christine romans in our money center." >> they say it is attack on freedom and puts your personal information up for sale. we are seeing pushback across the spectrum. from the new york times to the comments on breitbart. it would force the internet providers to get your permission and notify you what they are collecting. browsing history and app usage and location. it was the first that tempt att
4:48 am
giving consumers control. the rules were passed in the final days of the obama administration. the white house calls it a needed and not business friendly. what can you do if you are worried about your privacy? switching to a private mode will not keep your information private. many are turning to a tool called vpn to protect your online activity, including internet providers. some reserve the right to sell your information. the other option is privacy software call tor. it can be collected, but not associated necessarily with you. john. >> i have nothing to hide in my search history as far as you know. romans romans, thanks. the president's legal headaches over trump university not over. a single mother fighting the issue. will a judge agree? we will have her story next. so you're having a party?
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how nice. i'll be right there. and the butchery begins. what am i gonna wear? this party is super fancy. let's go. i'm ready. are you my uber?
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[ horn honks ] hold on. the biggest week in tv is back. [ doorbell rings ] par-tay! xfinity watchathon week starts april 3. get unlimited access to all of netflix and more, free with xfinity on demand. rex tillerson meeting with the president of turkey at this hour. the war on ie sies dominating these talks. live in turkey with more. what's going on? >> reporter: well, john, secretary tillerson holding lunch right now. just wrapped up two hours with the president. a very difficult set of issues for them to discuss. the main thing is he's here to
4:53 am
deliver a very unhappy message, which is that the u.s. is ready to cooperate with the curds. they're saying these are the best fighters and best chance. the president, that's not something he wants to hear at all. but right now it is difficult for him because he's facing a referendum, which would extend his rule and give a lot of extra powers in the next couple of weeks. so he doesn't want to make any concessions to the u.s. right now. the u.s. has been opposed to this referendum. but notably, secretary tillerson is expected to sidestep this issue. he are not be meeting with any
4:54 am
members of the opposition and he's also expected to face some pressure to extradite the cleric who turky believes was responsible for that failed cuo attempt last year. he tries to secure this critical turkish cooperation in the fight against isis. as you know, the operation against isis are coming out of turkish bases and threatening to go against the turks on the border. >> oh, my gosh, yes. secretary tillerson has a lot on his plate. thank you for all of that. back here at home, trump university is back in the spotlight. you may remember back in january then president elect donald trul agreed to settle for $3 million. today a judge, the very same judge who donald trump attacked
4:55 am
would consider a motion that could put that in jeopardy. one former student wants to face the president in court. we spoke with her. >> reporter: she could do nothing and get at least half her money back in this settlement, but that's not enough. she wants all of it and most of all she wants to see the president in court. it's all she has left of what she first thought would be her ticket to financial freedom. she says when she plopped down her money, $20,000 back in 2010, she really believed signing up for donald trump's real estate school would lead to a wealthy future. >> he promised us he hand picked all of his mentors and teachers and that they were all trained with his system. >> reporter: she says she quickly found out it was all a sher raid. she's filed a motion with the san diego federal court asking
4:56 am
she be allowed to opt out of the national trump university settlement. she wants the ability, she says, to sue donald trump one-on-one. the judge agree it is entire settlement agreement could be tossed out. >> why not take that money and run, instead of facing a possible federal lawsuit. >> and possibly very nasty with his history in this case. >> it will be nasty, of course. i think what he did to me and what he did to everybody else was really fraudulent, and i'd really like to take him to trial. i'd like to hold him accountable for what he did. >> simpson is a registered democrat. she even recorded an anti-trump commercial for an outside group trying to defeat donald trump. >> america, do not make the same mistake i did with donald trump. >> while he described in that
4:57 am
commercial as just a single mom, she is also an attorney. an attorney who specializes in real estate foreclosures, bankruptcy. she's had her law license placed on probation and has herself filed for bankruptcy twice. >> let me ask you a tough question for an attorney who deals with foreclosures. how could you be so gullible and how could you be so, i'm sorry, but at the time dumb to fall for this sales pitch. >> can i ask you a question back? it looks like the whole country has done the same thing. he's a salesman. donald trump was the salesman. he was the one behind it. to the best of my knowledge, he was an extremely successful billionaire real estate moegle. i never suspected it was a money making scheme. >> reporter: you said in the beginning of this interview you
4:58 am
aren't a political person. are you still not a political person. you seem like an anti-trump person. >> yes, except this didn't start when he was running for president. this didn't start when he was president. this started for me seven years ago. >> reporter: you feel he got away with it? >> reporter: i do. i feel he got away with it. >> reporter: so what does she want? she wants all the one bank, $20,000 with interest, plus three times that amount in damages and she wants an apology from donald trump himself. john, alison? >> okay that. may be the hardest part of her demands. >> we'll see. >> what a fascinating profile there thanks to drew. so we are following a lot of news today. let's get right to it. >> the house is in a situation where the issues become overly politicized. we will have to rely on the
4:59 am
senate. >> we will get to the bottom of this. >> we have a chairman more loyal to the white house than the investigation. >> those are issues for him. >> the president's daughter will be serving as assistant to the president. >> there is a crisis in the white house and it starts at the top with the president. >> gorsuch will be confirmed in the supreme court. >> if he isn't qualified, nobody is. >> this seat was stolen from one president and delivered to the next. >> this is new day with chris cuomo and alison. >> chris is off. john berman joins me. all eyes on capitol hill today. in just two hours the senate intelligence committee begins its first hearing in russian's meddling and the alleged tied to the trump's campaign. committee members are promising to stay above the political fray plaguing the administration.
5:00 am
>> this after james comey spoke out about this impact and also this morning a new job for the first daughter. ivanka trump will take on the official title of assistant to the president and it is raising some new ethics questions. we have a lot to cover. let's start with sara murray. >> this administration is certainly sick of talking about russia, but the senate intelligence committee is making it clear they are just getting started and there is a long list of people they want to talk to when it comes to getting to the bottom of this. >> we together with the members of our committee are going to get to the bottom of this. >> holding its first public hearing on russia today as political infighting jeopardizes the house probe. >> the investigation scope will


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