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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  March 30, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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that chris cristie is comfortable with. >> all right. >> time now for a great show. cnn news room. >> i'll hold your hand every day. you are cheating on me with another blonde this morning. >> it's a rough life. >> indeed, guys. have a great day. let's get right to it. all right. it's 9:00 a.m. eastern. as you saw john berman is filling in for chris cuomo. we are one hour away from the start of what could be one of the most hearings on capitol hill. the senate intelligence committee set to go public with its investigation into the russian meddling of the u.s. election. this morning russia's president firing back. not mincing any words angrily denying any interference with the election and next week lawmakers will grill members of the president's circle both past and present all with these questions about contact with
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russian officials. this morning house speaker paul ryan repeated the accusations against moscow. listen. >> so we all knew this before the election. we all knew russia was trying to meddle with our election, and we already know right now they're trying to do it with other countries. >> so this as the intel committee tries to break the paralysis of partisan bickers on the house side. devin nunes set to meet with the ranking democrat on that committee, adam shall have, who led the call for nunes to resign from leading that investigation amid bipartisan complaints the chairman is too cozy with the committee he is charged of investigating. what are you hearing at this hour ahead of the senate side of all of this starting to hold their first big public hearing? >> indeed within the next hour the senators will be sitting right behind me, talking asking
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questioning to these witnesses in which the witnesses are mostly academic types in the first panel. the second panel discussion is going to be most of the people can testify to the extent of the russian hacking. the vulnerability to the cyber security structure in this country as well as the proliferation of fake news sites that occurred during the election. much different contrast we saw in that first house hearing. that house hearing of course featured james comey, mike rogers, the head of the national security agency. you saw the line of questioning there become a lot more partisan on the house side. republicans questioning the issue of leaks, leaks that were happening within the intelligence community to hurt president trump. and then on the democrat side, questions about russia, russia's involvement, any collusion about the trump campaign and officials. this is the beginning of a number of public and private hearings. we are expecting at least five
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trump associates to be interviewed by russian officials. by the senate intelligence committee in the coming weeks. those five officials, including jared kushner, paul manafort, michael flynn, presumably coming before the committee. now this comes also at the same time as the house intelligence committee trying to restart this investigation after it's been stalled from that controversy about devin nunes all related back to that private briefing he had last week with president trump where we talked about surveillance information he privately obtained from a secret source that the committee has not seen yet. i spoke with mr. nunes last night about that surveillance information and asked him will the committee eventually see the information. here's how he responded. >> his surveillance information you did see, did you talk to anyone at the white house before talking to donald trump? >> we have already talked about
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all of this ad nauseam and the issues are really critically important when it relates to american citizens who could have been picked up. and you guys should all take that very seriously because it is part of our oversite duties. >> will the committee see that information you saw. >> that's the hope. that's what we've been trying to get since march 15th. >> so the question is when schiff and nunes meet today, will they come to any sort of resolution to restart their investigation, have public and private hearings or will we have to focus on the senate intelligence committee and that's one of the key developments that we'll be watching for today. >> senate side seems to be getting along quite well between senates and democrats. we'll see what develops okay. even before this hearing on the senate side does begin many
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morning, vladimir putin weighing in on a fierily defensive of russia, calling the meddling claims provocations and lies. our paula newton is live in moscow this morning. what is vladimir putin saying? >> reporter: well, he had quite a direct message for the senate committee and anyone else who wants to investigate this. he was asked a pointed question. did russia interfere in rust elections? he said read my lips no. he went on to call it all fictional, illusion nar provocations and lies and he went further, basically saying all of this has to be used for the domestic political agenda in the usa. the anti-russian card as he called it is being played to benefit foes in the united states. he was speaking at a round table discussion. he was ready for this question and looked like he wanted to get this off of his mind. he went as far as to say, look,
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when we have polling in the united states, they don't seem to have anything against russia. we want relations to get back to normal. it was discussed whether or not he would be meeting with president trump in the future. he said we want to see a demonstration of good will from the other side. they discussed locations. perhaps a northern summit in iceland or finland. but vladimir putin making it clear he believes all of these investigations are politically motivated and no one will find a shred of evidence that russia directly interfered in the u.s. elections. >> with that in moscow thank you very much. meanwhile, james comey is also pushing back against criticism of his again ency. comey says the political backlash from both parties is a badge of honor. listen.
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>> i have never been prouder of the fbi. what makes it easy is we're not on anybody's side ever. we're not considering who's ox will be gored by this action or that action. we don't just care and we can't care. we only ask, so what are the facts? what's the law? what's the right thing to do here? >> let's discuss all of that and more. our political analysts, it is nice to have you all here. let me begin with you. it is nice to have you on the program. i don't think you have joined me before. >> nice to be with you. >> what do you make of it. comey often doesn't say a lot, right, so it is rare to hear from him. what do you make of him wearing this bipartisan criticism as a badge of honor? >> that is absolutely consistent
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with james comey. that is who he is. that is who he's been. and that is sort of the image of himself that he has wanted to protect ever since he became fbi director. that's probably why she was chosen to be fbi director. of course sort of taking that position has made people who support hillary clinton very mad at him and they still are and of course now coming out in that hearing last week and saying the fbi is investigating donald trump, which he of course takes a as a badge of honor. >> sort of how i feel about this job. if you made people at both sides mad at the end of the show, i guess you're doing your job. >> david, to you, talking about the senate hearing that kicks off, this is the first real high profile public hearing after the january 10th one. the senate side seems to be all
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couple b kumbiya. listen to the exchanges. >> from what you have seen so far, can you rule out there was no coordination whatsoever between trump officials and russian officials during the election? >> we would be crazy to try to draw conclusions from where we are in this investigation. we want to let this process go through before we form any opinions. >> we started this and saw the sdoep, what was involved, i said it was the most important thing i had ever taken on in my public life. i believe that more firmly now than even when we started. we're going to get it right. >> david, what do you make of the fact that they are, you know, of different parties and completely getting along among the disarray in the house. how significant is it that richard burr would not rule out the collusion between the trump campaign and russia given he's close to the president. he even sat during the campaign on the president's national security advisory council.
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>> well, senate burr is a republican's republican, but he has demonstrated at times he's willing to go against the grain of the party line. i think you see two senators working together here in part because they see the example of what has happened in the house and how it has sort of dissolved into this amateur hour over the last week and a half. so they see a template for whatnot to do. as manu reported, it seems like what they are going to hint at is first going to the investigation of whether or not russia meddles, how they meddled, if they meddled and then move forward into this question or whether or not there was collusion between russians and members of trump's inner circle. but it was clear from those comments they want to present and presumably proceed as if they're not going to let the conclusions get ahead of the facts, which i think is probably a welcome change for people on both sides of the aisle. >> jackie, we know that nunes and schiff are going to meet
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today and sort things out to get this committee back out and running on the house side. but schiff said you have to go back to water gate to find something truly this analogous. are comments like that sort of equally to blame when it comes to is this a partisan fight or not? >> yeah. so they've got some trust falls or something to work out during this meeting, particularly because it has -- the rhetoric has been ratcheted up on both sides and they're both very frustrated. schiff's side of the committee has been completely closed out of this whole saga that nunes has created. so the fact that he's using rhetoric like that surely makes this meeting today more awkward and frankly it will be hard for the house to get back on track after these words were thrown out and particularly because the senate because senator burr and senator warner have made a big show about how connected they
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are during this process. so we'll have to see what comes out of that. but it's hard to see this going back to the nonpartisan status quo we have seen in the past with the house intelligence committee. >> an interesting note coming out of our great reporting, we know that the president's son-in-law will be called before the senate to answer a lot of tough questions. her reporting is that he is going to answer advice saying his meetings with the russian ambassador, with the big russian banker, those were all in effort to look for the right person to engage with in russia. there was nothing there. what's your take? >> that has been the white house line. it seems as though jared kushner is but one of something like 20 people this committee is planning to meet with and possibly not even the most important. we don't know who some of these other 20 are. but what is significant about
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kushner is just how close he is to the president and the committee has said they will bring him in and have a conversation with him and staff. most likely behind closed doors. but they're saying they're waiting until the time is right, which might be that they're waiting until the investigation has progressed further because he is so close to president trump. >> all right guys. thank you very much. we appreciate it. still to come a lot for us, including a new tweet from the president just now throwing fire on the freedom caucus. and the senate intel committee just trying to get along. where does it go from here? and speaker ryan could not get members of his own party to back the health care bill. think he'll try to reach across the aisle and come up with a new plan? not a chance he says. also north carolina striking a deal to repeal the first
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controversial bathroom deal. it could be very close. straight ahead.
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he can't lay it out for
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republican or democratic members of the committee. what deven did is received some very classified information, some highly secretive information that he thought was very important. number one, he's been criticized for going to the speaker of the house. i'm sorry. he works for the speaker of the house. he is the speaker's designee to lead that committee, which makes that a very different responsibility. so going to speaker ryan was the right thing to do. i haven't seen the information, so, you know, i can't make the judgment whether it was appropriate for him to go directly to the president. but, you know, he is the chairman. >> i hear you. >> he has the responsibility to make that call. >> here's what he could have done and we know from what paul ryan said, paul ryan told him take it to your committee. but here is what nunes could have done. he could have said to adam schiff, hey, someone wants me to look at some important intel. come with me. meet me. we are going to hop in a cab and
6:22 am
look at this together. isn't that what you would have done? >> i'm not sure. i think, you know, number one, you got to -- you got to take a look and you say i'm going to go see this information and it may be legitimate. it may not be legitimate and who knows. the whistle blower may have said, mr. chairman, i want you to come and i want you to come by yourself. i just want to share this with you at which point in time he made -- >> it's not political then. >> no, it's not political because ultimately this information is going to, if it had any value, you as chairman know that you can't do anything with this until it gets to everyone on your committee. they can all see it. because you can't go to the media. you can't go anywhere and just say, well, i saw it, but nobody else has seen it. he could have gone and it may happen on occasion you'll get information and you'll say, you
6:23 am
know what, this is worthless, it is not true. it is a hoax and i'm not going to do anything with it. >> before we wrap up, can this committee, can the house committee get it together and get things back on track? >> they can if the chairman and the ranking member decide that's the outcome they want. >> they will be watching and having this discussion today. this morning president trump takes another swing at the freedom caucus stweeting that members need to get on the team fast to fight the democrats. must be music to paul ryan's ears who worries that the president will reach across the aisle on health care. a new sound from paul ryan is straight ahead. i don't know why i didn't get screened a long time ago. i kept putting it off... what was i thinking?
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sglfrmts a race against the clock to avoid another government shut down. do you remember the last one? yeah, that was fun. current funding is set to expire by the end of april. so it is going to happen again? >> that is not the f word i use use to describe the government shut down. there are four issues popping that could trigger a government shut down. republicans included democrats are going to oppose the bill. two, the proposed boost to defend spending. they are tinkering with the smallest parts of the federal budget. taking away social programs to pay for more bombs. there is going to be a fight there, no question and third planned parenthood. the health care bill would have stripped funding. it finally, number four i would say the gorsuch confirmation.
6:29 am
if republicans try to change the rules, it is a leading indicator for a government shut down. it is interesting to me because donald trump comes into office as the deal maker, the disrupter. but these are the same problems again. >> these are the confines that he has to operate in. he has no choice, which he saw with the failed health care bill. how much of a sticking point could senator john mccain be. he said over my dead body will we have a continuing resolution. >> he said no way is he going to sign one. he wants more military spending. he's not going to sign a continuing resolution to keep spending going as we have. so he's already put his name out there. that will be his fight. so there are all these four big areas that could be problem. it is interesting, too, because it comes just as the president will be rolling into his 100th day in office. the 28th is the day they have to have a continuing resolution
6:30 am
bill or the lights go off. we saw it happen in 1995. both times it was disruptive and stupid. as we look at the marketing bell opening up on wall street, marketing won't like it. >> what i'm hearing is there are a lot of raw nerves and hurt feels over the health care crisis and they are bringing that into the tax form report. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> all right. a quick reminder for all of you. talking to ceos and business leaders about all of this, what do they make of running a business under the trump administration. check it out on itunes or tune in on amazon echo. president trump moments ago ripping into the house freedom caucus and democrats. here is his tweet. the freedom caucus will hurt the entire republican agenda if they don't get them on the team and fast. we must fight them in democrats
6:31 am
in 2015. on the heels of a frank mess san from paul ryan. voicing his concerns when it comes to president trump's relationship with democrats after their less than fruitful attempt to sell the gop health care plan. >> what i worry about is that if we don't do this, he'll just go work with democrats to try and change obamacare, and that's not going to -- that's hardly a conservative thing. this is a can-do president, a business guy who wants to get things done. if this republican congress allows the perfect to be the enemy of the good, i worry we'll push the president into working with democrats. he's been suggesting that as much. >> all right. joining me now republican congressman dan donovan of new york, the only republican to represent new york. nice to have you here. >> thank you to have me. >> so we're going to get to the president's tweet. but respond to what paul line
6:32 am
said. as a fellow republican, are you as worried as paul ryan is about this president working with democrats? >> i think we have to repair our broken health care system. and some good things were in that bill, some bad things. i was a no vote because it was going to hurt the people i represent and the president and the speaker have to look through this at different lenses. >> to get a good bill, is paul ryan wrong or right to say don't work with the dems? >> i think we have to get a good bill and i think if you get a good bill everyone could join in. i don't think this is a republican or democratic bill. it is a health care bill for our entire nation. we have to look to see what's best for the american people. we promised them we would fix this broken health care system. it is broken and in great need of repair. we have families taken astronomical premiums, copays. they don't go to doctors any longer. this last week when i was going to vote no on the bill proposed it was going to hurt seniors at
6:33 am
a time in their lives when they need more health care and have limited incomes. we need to correct what was wrong with that bill, pass what was right with it. the day before we were supposed to vote, we passed a wonderful bill that would help small businesses join insurance pools to provide insurance for their employees at a cheaper rate. that's a good thing. >> you were a no because you felt like new york city was unfairly being burdened to pay into medicaid when the rest of the new york state was not having to bear the brunt of that cost. >> that was one of the reasons, yes. >> the freedom caucus didn't vote for the bill. do you think it is a good bill? could you get to yes with those out? >> the essential benefits are still going to be available to people. a 75-year-old man doesn't need maternity leave or maternity care. a young person doesn't need geriatric care. so instead of having everyone buy insurance that covered
6:34 am
everything, it was going to allow people options that they could pay for maternity care if they needed it and other types of care if you needed care that was particular to women. men wouldn't have to buy that. >> the president said earlier this week it is going to be so easy, such as easy one to get a health care bill done. i don't know. it was not so easy last week. sean spicer was asked about that yesterday and he said i think he's having fun. you know, this is a light hearted comment. but in all seriousness, how serious do you think the white house is about getting a health care deal done, or is it over and on to taxes? >> i don't think it's over. i'm not sure in what order they want to do it. the president has a very aggressive agenda. he wants to do infrastructure, tax reform. we still have to deal with the health care bill, but the president recognized that health care is complicated and it really, really is. i think we can't give up on it. we have an obligation to the american people to do something about it.
6:35 am
we have to help people with their expenses of the health care and certainly for the actual care they receive. >> let me get your take on the president throwing fire at the house freedom caucus saying they have to get on board or they will ruin the republican agenda and we must fight them and democrats in 2017. the white house asked what he meant, said the president's tweet speaks for its. what do you make of it? >> i think the president is frustrated that the health care bill didn't go through. he makes deal. he's a successful person. he has a very aggressive agenda. he wants to get health care done to move on to other things. he's frustrated this didn't happen. every individual here, the hundred senators in the senate all have to represent the people that sent them down there to do all their work. >> you don't view it then as a threat? you're a republican who voted no, right? not as part of the freedom
6:36 am
caucus, but you don't view it as a throat to vote no on his agenda? >> i don't think so. i think it is the frustration. it didn't happen. but now we have to spend more time in it than he thought we were going to have to. we wants to get health care repaired. paul line wants to get health care repaired and dan donovan wants to. >> do they really have a deal in north carolina voters voting to repeal the bathroom bill today. why are groups not happy? and will this deal pass? that's next.
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sglrchlts north carolina lawmakers will take their first vote on repealing the controversial bathroom bill that requires trance gender people to matches the gepter on their birth certificate. this morning the deal not qui
6:41 am
quieting critics. to lbgtq rights up in arms. >> this has been a bit early contested issue in north carolina for the past year. it is being called a vote to repeal. but it does anything but. it allows them to choose the bathroom of their choice. but some say this goes even further in discriminating them by putting a four year moratorium on nondiscrim nar kc ordinances. i spoke to the leading trance gender activist in the state of north carolina who says this new legislation would strip any protections that the trance gender people in north carolina ever have. >> you really are leaving trance
6:42 am
gender people has prey to any form of discrimination, wrongful discrimination from employment, hate crimes. we have to now argue that in state courts again because there is no definition as to who you can or cannot discriminate against when we're talking about gender identity at the state level and you want to take it away from the cities as well. >> there is something interesting happening in north carolina this morning. there is a split between the progressive left leaning democrats and the more moderates ones. the more progressive voices within the democrat party met with the governor to try to convince him to revoke his support for this bill repeal vote. we have remind everyone how close it was. he won by the slimmest of margins and a lot had to do with the support he was getting from
6:43 am
the lbgtq community. this is anything but the full repeal and he's not keeping up with his promises according to the activists. we expect this to be a close vote in the state legislature early this morning. >> the state took a huge financial hit, nick from so many businesses pulling out. you know, the final -- the all star game pulled out when it comes to the nba. they lost so much. are they going to need a repeal of this to bring that revenue back in? >> well, the short answer is no. they need the optics that the staid is doing enough to try to take steps forward in allows trance gender people to use the bathroom of their choice. there is estimates that put this loss financial if i the state of north carolina in the billions of dollars. there has been estimates from the local levels that this is hundreds of millions of dollars. this is a bit early contested issue and it will be a contested
6:44 am
vote from congressmen we've been speaking to this morning. this vote expected to happen 11:00 a.m. eastern. >> coming up in the house, buy partis partisanship nonexikpiexistent morning. the senate intel committee holds its first public hearing. you will see that live beginning here in just a few moments. stay with us. but for both of them, the most challenging opponent was... pe blood clots in my lung. it was really scary. a dvt in my leg. i had to learn all i could to help protect myself. my doctor and i choose xarelto® xarelto®... to help keep me protected. xarelto® is a latest-generation blood thinner... ...that's proven to treat and reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots from happening again. in clinical studies, almost 98% of patients on xarelto® did not experience another dvt or pe. here's how xarelto works. xarelto® works differently. warfarin interferes with at least six
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moments from now the senate intelligence committee will begin its first big public hearing on the investigation into russian's election hacking. the stakes could not be higher.
6:49 am
did moscow try to meddle in the election. we know they did. but was there collusion between associates of the president and russian officials. in washington with more. so we've got two really important things here. let's break them down. first comey is going to be one of fbi director comey one of the 20 people who is going to speak in front of this committee over the next week. what is the difference between his relationship between the senate side and the house side? >> i think one of the differences is he's been a little more forthcoming with the intelligence side on the senate. partially it's because he just has a better relationship. going into this when he first started meeting with them, he basically told them i do not want to see this out in the press. i will meet with you. i will give you information, but i don't want to see this -- what i'm telling you, i don't want to see out reported. i don't want to see any leaks. so far they have been pretty good about that. some of what he's sort of faces
6:50 am
when he goes before congress, when he testifies on the hill, he kind of talked about last night at kind of talked about l night at a dinner, it was one of those rare appearances where he defended the fbi, spoke somewhat about what goes into his thinking when he addresses congress. and here's that sound. >> this is a challenge i faced when i testified in front of congress, and it's not a criticism of congress. it's they see facts as to how it will affect my side, how does that argument affect my side? and when they encounter people, and i'm just one of 37,000 like this at the fbi who never considers sides. it's confusing. i know that when i make a hard decision, a storm's going to follow, but honestly, i don't care. >> and poppy, you know, no doubt, he's made a lot of tough decisions, certainly writing a letter to congress when he had to update the hillary investigation. that created a storm. on sort of the russia stuff, i don't think he's faced some of
6:51 am
the same criticism. i think some people would have liked him to have come out sooner and talk about what they knew, and he really still hasn't said much about what the fbi knows in terms of the collusion and coordination. >> right, but he has certainly made clear that they are looking into any possible connection between any trump associates and russia. so, he's now angered the clinton supporters during the campaign and angered those who voted for trump and the trump team now. shimon, thank you for the reporting. we appreciate it and we're waiting again for this senate intel committee hearing to begin in moments. we're going to bring that you live. you're looking at live pictures from capitol hill, where this all gets under way. one of the key questions is what are we going to hear from these now we know 20 people who will be testify, including jared kushner, the president's son-in-law, and others. we're going to take a quick break. full coverage after this.
6:52 am
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good morning. i'm poppy harlow. all eyes on capitol hill right now. the gavel about to fall and the senate intelligence committee set to go public with this russia investigation and the meddling in the u.s. election, and importantly, did members of the trump team have contacts, any coordination with moscow? now, over the next week, lawmakers will grill members of the president's inner circle, both past and present. this morning, russia's president is firing back, angrily denying any interference in the election whatsoever. we're going to have more on that live from moscow in a moment, but let's begin at the hearing with our manu raju, who is there. we're just about five minutes away from this kicking off. set the stage. what should we hear? >> reporter: well, it will be interesting to hear the line of questions from these senators. the people we're expecting to testify at this hearing -- there are two panels, one of academics, two, people talking about the issue of cyber security, the vulnerability of the infrastructure, the proliferation of fake news websites, how the russians
6:57 am
apparently interfered with the elections, trying to sway the outcome. we're not hearing from any government witnesses, but we'll be revealing the line of questioning from the senators themselves to show how they want to pursue this investigation, given that much of this investigation is happening privately, is happening behind closed doors. but this is really trying to set the stage for much bigger witnesses to come forward, people who are affiliated with the trump campaign, trump associates, including jared kushner, who is the president's son-in-law, someone who is going to be interviewed privately, at least, by the senate intelligence committee. the question, will he be interviewed publicly? that's going to be a question for a number of other people as well, including paul manafort, the former campaign chairman, michael flynn, the former national security adviser, who we know the senate intelligence committee has actually had discussions with. we'll see when he actually comes forward. now, this comes as the house intelligence committee has essentially ground to a standstill in a partisan dispute over the role of chairman devin
6:58 am
nunes, the senate intelligence committee trying to show that they are moving forward, interviewing witnesses, going through scores and scores of documents. at least five witnesses have agreed to testify. 20 they have asked to come forward so far, but today will be the beginning of that effort, poppy, to really set the groundwork for a much broader investigation to learn about the extent of the russian involvement in the elections and the extent of any coordination between the trump campaign and russian officials during the presidential election, poppy. >> right, which the trump team repeatedly denies, calling it all really just a hoax. manu raju, thank you. we turn now to sara murray. she's got new -- all right, let's turn now to sara murray. she's got new reporting, some breaking news on what the president is saying about russia trying to really have another reset with russia. sara, what are you hearing? >> reporter: well, we do know that the president had hoped to, in his words, make a deal with russia. he was hoping for some kind of grand bargain where you could deal with issues like syria, like ukraine, like combating
6:59 am
isis, things he talked about on the campaign trail. but now administration officials are telling us that his hopes of this deal are really beginning to fade. this was first reported in the "wall street journal." we're also told that there was actually a private meeting in the oval office with his new national security adviser, general mcmaster, and others in which the president expressed his frustration. this was after russia deployed cruise missiles last month in an apparent treaty violation and made the point that it's much harder to make amends with russia when they are being aggressive in that manner and taking these kinds of actions. but an official tells me that there's also sort of a broader backdrop here. they really don't feel like the climate is right for striking a deal with russia. they think there is so much media scrutiny right now in terms of anything the president says in regards to russia and with the combination of the house probe, the senate probe, and an fbi investigation, they're not closing the door entirely on being able to strike a deal, but they just don't feel
7:00 am
optimistic about it any time soon. >> and russia's president, vladimir putin, and his team saying today that they would be willing to meet with president trump on the sidelines of this arctic summit, if the president does, indeed, go. but given this -- i mean, this is a dramatic shift in the posture of the administration toward russia. we have never seen the president, sara, tweet anything bad about russia or vladimir putin, let alone say anything. do you think that this indicates that his tone and his language on russia are also going to change? >> reporter: well, i think that's a great question, because we have not seen him say anything negative about putin, anything negative about russia. and an administration official told me today that it's not even necessarily that the president's view of putin has changed so much as the atmosphere, so it will be very interesting to see if the president takes any of this frustration that he's displaying privately and brings it out in public. that would certainly make, i think, the democrats feel better about the current state of things, and i think even some of trump's republican colleagues, particularly in the


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