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tv   New Day  CNN  March 31, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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cnn. we're following a lot of news this morning, so let's get right to it. >> michael flynn is taking the fifth, refusing to testify without immunity. >> when you are given immunity, that means you probably committed a crime. >> he has a story to tell. >> did you meet with the president or any of his aids while you were there that night? >> no. i'm sure people in the west wing had no idea i was there. >> we invite the senate and house ranking members and chairman to the white house to view that material. >> the timing certainly looks fortuitous and probably more than fortuitous. >> it looks like a cover. >> this is new day. >> welcome to your new day. chris is off. john berman is with me. happy friday. we begin with break news.
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michael flynn offering to testify before congress if he is granted immunity. flynn's lawyer says he has a story to tell, but we do not know what that story is. this comes as the fbi and congress investigate russia's interference in the u.s. election. >> another controversy is consuming washington. several media reports revealing officials inside the white house gave devin nunes classified documents. so many questions on this. just the 71st day of the trump presidency. cnn sara murray live at the white house. >> another twist, another turn in this ongoing russia saga. this time donald trump's former national security advisor says he's offering to testify, but that offer comes with a catch. >> president trump's fired national security advisor, michael flynn, offering to
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testify before congressional investigators if he gets immunity from prosecution. flynn's lawyer say anything a statement again flynn certainly has a story to tell and he very much wants to tell it, should the circumstances permit. no reasonable person would submit to questioning in such a highly politicized witch hunt environment without assurances against unfair prosecution. flynn's lawyer saying discussions with both house and senate committees have taken place, but so far the offer has not been accepted. the trump administration is already battling allegations of collusion amid probes in both the house and senate about russia's meddling in the u.s. election. the white house declining to comment about the flynn news as flynn's own words last year about hillary clinton loom large over his potential testimony. >> the very last thing that john podesta just said is no individual too big to jail tharks should include people
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like hillary clinton. five people around her have been given immunity, to include her former chief of staff. when you are given immunity, that means you have probably committed a crime. >> and if you're not guilty of a crime, what do you need immunity for, what? >> for weeks house and senate investigators have expressed an interest in speaking with flynn, in addition to at least three other trump associates. >> i think it is safe to say that we have had conversations with a lot of people and you would think less of us if general flynn wasn't on that list. >> he was forced to resign less than a month into trump's presidency after admitting he misled mike pence about the nature of his contacts with a russian ambassador. his firing coming weeking after the justice warned the administration that flynn may have opened himself up to blackmail.
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but even after forcing flynn out, the president praising his former advisor. >> general flynn is a wonderful man. i think he's been treated very unfairly by the media. >> the president tweeted mike flynn should ask for immunity in that this is a witch hunt excuse for election loss. it is worth reminding our viewers, though, that when james comey was testifying on capitol hill he pointed out this investigation into russia began in july, which was months before we knew the outcome of the election. >> thanks so much. so there were several media reports this morning of staffers inside the trump white house shared intelligence filed with devin nunes. nunes took that information directly to the president, rather than to his own committee. this chain of events.
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>> the house and the senate are not in session today, and the man in the center of the controversy, his home state of california for the weekend. but the controversy of whether or not he colluded with white house officials to essentially backup trump's claim he was wiretapped is really taking over. >> em battled house intelligence chairman deven in nunes facing reports. >> i briefed the president on the concerns that i had. >> a bizarre development considering that nunes went back to the white house the next day to brief president trump on material he allegedly got from the president's own staff. >> was this an attempt to find
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post facto justification for the president's tweets? we don't have any of those answers because, as usual, the white house doesn't really answer questions about this. >> nunes's previous statements contradicting this new report. >> by holding the meeting on the white house grounds it makes it appear that someone in the administration was coordinating the release of this information to you. is that not the case? >> no, that's not the case. >> "the new york times" and the washington post also reporting that one of the individuals who let nunes into the white house was brought on by former national security advisor michael flynn. both newspapers also reporting that flynn's successor wanted to fire the staffer, but steve bannon and jared kushner stepped in to prevent it from happening. only now is the white house extending an inty vags to the heads of the house and senate intelligence committees to review classified information. >> the timing certainly looks fortuitous and probably more
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than fortuitous, but it said the ranking member had been asking to review these materials, which of course i have. that suggests, of course, these are the same materials the chairman has reviewed. it begs the question why all the sub try fugue, if that's what it was. >> white house press secretary sean spicer refusing to confirm or refute the report. >> i'm not commenting on the reports. i'm not going to get into it. >> coming two weeks after president trump suggests that more information would come out to support his still unproven wiretapping claims. >> we will be submitting things before the committee very soon that hasn't been submitted as of yet. i think you will find some very interesting items coming to the forefront. >> really overshadows the first day of the senate intelligence committee's hearings, and that
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of course focussed on russia's own disinformation campaign of 2016 and their ongoing efforts to hack various u.s. systems today. alison? >> okay. thank you very much for all of that reporting. joining us now is bill of louisiana. i want to start with a couple big lines for you. do you think congress should grant immunity to michael flynn to testify? >> you know, i think it is a good idea. congress needs to get at the bottom of this. the american people are intensely interested in it. there is a lot of, do we know it's true or do we not. flynn maybe could unlock this. if he can, i think it proves the process forward. we have to emphasis this is incredible important. if it's true or not true, we need to get at the bottom of what is true. >> what questions do you have
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about what flynn did or devin nunes. >> clearly devin nunes has accessed information others did not. the fact that ranking member schiff, the democrat on the house intelligence committee, as well as members of the senate committee will have access to the same information is a good development. part of what's been going on is what does devin nunes know and what does he not. we need more transparency, as much as our intelligence sources will allow. the american people need to be reassured our election process is above board and that russian involvement is not kind of too important in terms of our national decision-making. >> absolutely. now that we have reporting this morning that chairman nunes, the source for his information was to white house officials, do you believe that she should stay on as chairman of the house intel committee?
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>> i have no problem. that's one of the house -- it is a house committee decision as long as he feels he's effective, i think it's okay for him to stay on. and we have found out information from that. we have found out, for example, that the obama administration tapping russian officials swept in, if you will, american citizens. we also understand that the identity of some of those american citizens was revealed. that's against the law. that is against the law. that's wrong. and although it's been kind of an odd way to get there, nunes's revelations have revealed that. next we also know that adam schiff, as well as the senate intelligence committees are going to see the information. it wasn't done ideally, but nunes has moved the ball forward in what the committees are going to learn about what has transpired. >> if the identities were just revealed to the intel community, is that against the law? >> well, first, we know that
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flynn's identity was revealed to "the new york times." that's against the law. now, i'm not defending flynn for anything he may or may not have done. but it was actually public knowledge, some of this, and that is wrong. >> but in terms of what devin nunes got his hands on, which again there is so many questions about, you don't know if it was incidental collection and who saw anything on there. there is so many questions about what devin nunes did, what is part of why this is so mysterious. >> which reassures me they will have access to that same information. it was an odd way to get there. but nunes has moved the ball forward in terms of what the house and senate committees will know as regards these issues. >> let's talk about something i know is very important to you as well as the american people, and that is the way forward on health care. given that the first effort failed last week, everybody
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wants to know what the are next steps. here is what president trump said about the next steps. listen to this. >> i know that we're all going to make a deal on health care. that's such an easy one. so i have no doubt that's going to happen very quickly. i think it will because we've all been promising that to the american people. >> you are intimately involved in this effort. is it going to be very easy and quick? >> i don't know if it will be easy and quick, but it is imperative we do so. on your website this morning, there is a couple that before obamacare was paying $400 for their insurance. now they're paying $700 more with benefits they do not wish to have. premiums have climbed tremendous underobamacare, under the individual market. we have got to change that. and, so, even though that house effort failed last week, the premiums are still climbing. i do think there will have to be
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a deal of some sort. it's important for the american people to get the premiums down. >> you have been working on a deal. in layman's terms can you tell us what would be different and more salable about your deal than what was presented last week? >> when president trump won for president he won by saying he wanted to replace obamacare with something which covered everyone, caring for those with pre-existing conditions without mandates and to lower premiums. the house bill actually ended up with fewer people covered and higher premiums. the bill i have put forward would lower premiums for the american people on the individual market but also continue the coverage caring for those with pre-existing conditions without mandates. we help president trump fulfill his pledge. that's the difference between the two plans. >> given that you want more coverage and that president trump had suggested something that sounded a lot like universal coverage, how are you going to get your most
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conservative colleagues on board. >> it is physically conservative to bay for benefits, number one. so my position is a conservative position. every fortune 500 manages costs. if someone that's ill, you don't chus write checks, you have someone manage their health care. if you have a mentally ill patient who has gone in and out of the emergency room three times a month, you can't just write checks. you have to manage their health care. rich lowry, good conservative wrote coverage is important. it is the fiscally conservative thing to magganage the cost of s health care. i am a doctor. i can tell you someone pays. it's better to manage that cost than to just write checks. >> thank you very much for coming on new day to talk about the news as well as your new plan. we look forward to hearing about it. >> thank you, alison. >> lawmakers and intelligence
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for you. president trump tweeting about michael flynn's attempt to get immunity. he wrote mike flynn should ask for immunity and this is a witch hunt, an excuse for big election
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loss. new earlier, just a few moments ago, a senator said russia is a very real issue. >> there is no doubt whatsoever that the russians were behind an effort to interfere with our elections. >> so is the president taking this threat seriously? let's discuss. is it a witch hunt, as the president said just this morning, or is this a serious issue in which there is in question that russia meddled in our election and it needs to be looked at? >> it is both. it is serious when russia meddles in our election. it is a witch hunt in that there is no evidence that the trump campaign colluded with russia. there are two separate things. one is a witch hunt and one is very serious. i do think what president trump was trying to do this morning was asking people to step back
5:20 am
and look at the standards. >> actually, on the contrary. among the republican nominee for president, donald trump, and among his chief foreign policy advisor michael flynn there was that response. listen to the president. >> her ring leaders were given immunity. and if you're not guilty of a crime, why do need immunity for? >> that was my question this morning when i read the tweet. when you don't think michael flynn did anything, which you kind of do if you are calling it a witch hunt. then you don't need immunity
5:21 am
because by definition, immunity is kind of release from punishment for an obligation or having done something wrong. >> it wasn't just president trump. michael flynn also said about clinton associates, if you have to ask for immunity chances are you did something wrong and you're guilty. now he's in this boat. >> maybe he didn't understand how immunity worked at this point. but, look, to his point, i think he has a serious one here. let's look. there are allegations that michael flynn might have violated the logan act that says you cannot negotiate with a foreign power when you are a private citizen. mike flynn might be the first because the climate is such everyone wants a scout. everyone wants to see someone in the trump administration fail. why was there not a prosecution under the statute in 200 years? >> that's a red herring. look, that, the logan act, is not the only thing that mike flynn could have violated.
5:22 am
but let's not distract by talking about this law that's allegedly never been used. i think the issue here is mike flynn and president trump are choking on their own words. he said immunity like it was a four-letter word when he was discussing secretary clinton and his campaign. it is simple. mike flynn was in fact not wrong. why do you need immunity if you haven't done anything wrong? >> anna, what is your take on this? >> you know, i'm struck listening to this entire conversation of how similar it is to the conversation we were having years ago about hillary clinton and benghazi and that being called a witch hunt and the problem here is that in both cases there was so much partisan ship it was hard to get to the truth and the american people deserve the truth. as a republican i can tell you i am extremely disappointed by the way the house intel committee is conducting this investigation. i think the chair is ir
5:23 am
redeemably tainted. i think he is compromised. i think he is torn between his loyalties to a president he supported strongly, that he was a surrogate for, he was in the transition team for and a committee and an intelligence investigation that is leading to places that he doesn't want it to lead. there is such a world of difference between how the senate is conducting its bipartisan investigation and what is happening in the house and i think it's high time that republican leadership start taking a good look at what's happening in the house intel committee and ask themselves a question. is devin nunes capable of conducting an impartial investigation? because we must take partis partisanship out of it. i don't care whether you are republican, a democrat, a libertarian, a vegetarian or what you are. you should care enormously about this, and it should be something
5:24 am
that outrages you and that we should all as americans be pushing for real answers and a real investigation. >> also with regard to the unmasks of u.s. citizen, that could be a concern for anyone who cares about the u.s. constitution. >> but when we had angus king on, who is on the senate intel committee, who is already doing good work in terms of trying to figure this out, he was unequivocal. he went farther than other people have and said there is no doubt russia meddled. if you take that from the people who know, the source, then don't we have to keep digging and asking these questions? >> absolutely. and, look, i think both sides should learn from this. look, the democrats need to say i'm concerned about the fourth amendment and wrongful surveillance and the republicans need to say we are concerned about russian meddling and both sides need to aboutnology that because there is a lot of double speak going on from the left and the right. >> the most anna used that's
5:25 am
most important to all of us is truth. you know, in our world of, you know, alternative facts, which are falsehood and fake news, which is not news, it is not a thing. we forget about the truth and these take part in a bipartisan way in a search for the truth because that's what the american people deserve and the truth is relevant to the entire set of factors under investigation. that's what we need to keep asking ourselves. anna is right, regardless of party, are we getting to the truth? because if we don't know the truth and russia did attack our election system, it will happen again and it will happen by more of our enemies. >> you know, you almost have to keep reminding yourself in this discussion that there are two things that are completely separate here. the answer of whether or not russia meddled in this election and whether trump associates colluded with the russians is completely separate than the idea of incidental collection,
5:26 am
surveillance and the like and whether or not people are masked or unmasked. two things are completely separate. while they might both be valid issues, if your answer to whether or not the russians meddle is the fourth amendment, you are not talking about the actual question. >> i think the only way we are going to get to the bottom offering is if we investigate both things and investigate them fully, comprehensively and simultaneous because even though they are separate things, at some point they overlap. what is the evidence there may have been collusion between the trump campaign and russians comes because of incidental surveillance. what do we do then? i go back to the point that, look, every time i see devin nunes on tv right now, he looks like the easter lam being led to slaughter. h he is tripping all over himself. if the speaker of the house said what devin nunes told him was he got the information from a
5:27 am
whistle blower type when it was white house staffers that is a lie. and paul ryan needs to take action because there is going to end up hurting every republican. if americans see that republicans in leadership, republicans cannot conduct an impartial investigation, it is going to wind up having a cost on the entire party. right now devin nunes clearly doesn't pass the smell test and if leadership doesn't do anything about it, they are all going to stink to holy hell. >> every time an american, regardless of party, sees nunes on tv, they are questioning his validi validity. if he was doing his job and doing a true independent investigation, people would have -- wouldn't have to have those kind of questions. they would all be being looked. when they say where --
5:28 am
>> the republicans chairing the intel committee is doing it. >> like an adult whose loyalty. >> yeah. but are you saying nunes is being trance important? >> yes, in a way. the national review has a fascinating piece and the author argue gus that at least deven knew nis is out thrchlt he was transparent when he went to the white house. >> he says i can't tell you what i saw. i can't tell you -- >> i got it. >> it was a whistle blower. >> what he's not doing is leaking information, which is a felony, to the press as an anonymous source, which for all we know democrats are doing. >> you know -- >> i think the issue here is mike flynn didn't know the definition of immunity and kailey doesn't know the definition of transparency. we need to get all the trump supports a dictionary to understand some basic facts. >> what devin nunes did was lend
5:29 am
himself to a shar raid so donald trump could say he was vindicated, and that is torn loyalty. >> how can the trump white house turn things around? we get the bottom line with david axle rod next. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how. whether you're after supreme performance... ...advanced intelligence... ...or breathtaking style... ...there's a c-class just for you. decisions, decisions, decisions. lease the c300 sedan for $389 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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russia controversies continue to plague the trump white house. how do they get passed them? let's get david axelrod. great to have you in studio with us. i predict you'll say transparency is the answer. but white houses don't always like transparency. >> right. but i think it is more than transparency. let's start with not looking guilty. don't do things that make it worse. and, you know, this last week's events with nunes and the whole escapade of his trip down -- turning him into a carrier piggen essentially only makes it worse and the president's tweet this morning only makes it worse. he's so reactive --
5:34 am
>> reporter: saying michael flynn should have been given immunity. why does that make it worse? >> him weighing in and being as reactive to these things, you know, if i were he, i would want to stay as far away from thises a possible. i know the strategy appears to be advance this whole investigation and leave the impression that it's a political exercise. but at some point, that's insufficient. and what you are doing is only intensifying coverage. every team he puts out a tweet, he intensifies coverage of this story. >> wbut to the extent they are talking about anything every day, you think that hurts this white house. >> yeah, i think so. and the other thing is to talk about it sort of inconsistently, to suggest one set of facts one day, another set of facts another day, you know, i think they have been unsettled on this and people sense that. so i think this has been -- you know, at one point they said
5:35 am
we're not going to talk about this. that was a long time ago. nobody remembers that. and that didn't last but for a couple of days. that would have been a good posture actually. >> but sean spicer is asked about it every day. >> but if they had a consistent position to say this is an investigation, let's see where this investigation leads, but the nunes thing made it more difficult because what was direct white house involvement. >> all right. david axelrod, you host a podcast, which is the biggest available any where. >> you ear a good man, josh. >> every talks about it. now it is coming to tv, to cnn. and the first is an interview you do with john mccain. and the reason i bring this up is it gets to russia. it gets to vladimir putin and it gets to the ways this administration and the trump campaign before that were talking about it. i want to play a clip about you talking a little bit about
5:36 am
senate mccain. >> if an american citizen were complicit with the russians in trying to interfere in our elections, would that be tantamount to treezen? >> there is one thing to have a conversation. it is another thing to plot together. but i think it would be something that individual would have to be held accountable. >> what did you think when you saw the president with bill o'reilly when he called putin a thug and a murder and the president said, well, you think we're so innocent? >> what bill o'reilly said was he is a killer and the president said, well, aren't we killers, too? that was so appalling to me to have a moral equivalency between this fella who is -- i don't know how many deaths he's responsible for, for example, in
5:37 am
chech nia where we put down any opposition with great killing. >> there were several assassinations just last week. >> yeah. one guy was thrown out of a fourth story window. so to state there is some moral equivalency between an imperfect nation, that's the united states of america, and vladimir putin is appalling. >> i'm always struck at how you get people to confide in you. >> is there something different about podcast and tv? >> there is because podcast are conversations. they're not interviews. i'm not looking to make news in these podcasts. i want people to know the person i'm talking to better, and it is particularly important to me. i ran a campaign against john mccain. i respect him deeply. i want to establish the principal that you can disagree on things and still respect each other and still have a good conversation. and that's what i've tried to do here. >> it brings up this issue for republicans one of the big
5:38 am
questions in washington is how much are republicans willing to take on this russia thing. do you have a sense of john mccain, where he draws the line? i think you saw him draw it. he drew it gently. but i think he gave us a clear sense that if there is evidence of collusion, of plotting together, if for example people in the campaign knew what was going to happen and were coordinating with the russians, he obviously feels that. look, he said that what the russians did was worse than dropping bombs on our country. that's why i asked him the treason question. once you establish that, then collusion is clearly a very, very serious offense. >> all right. do not miss the axe-files tomorrow night. >> thanks, guys. >> so what do the president's die hard supporters think about all the russia talk consuming this white house? my conversation with them ahead
5:39 am
on "new day."
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all right. time now for the five things to know for your new day.
5:43 am
fired national security advisor michael flynn says he's willing to testify in front of congress if they grant him immunity. >> staffers inside the white house gave devin nunes confidential documents about surveillance of trump associates. >> a massive fire causing a high wage bridge to collapse in atlanta. officials say part of the high way will be closed indefinitely. >> the president of the ncaa says it's board of directors is reviewing the trance gender bathroom bill. >> secretary of state rex tillerson denouncing russian aggression in ukraine at a nato building. meanwhile, russia shot back saying we want to see u.s. foreign policy, not just quotes. >> now let's take a look at some extras. ♪
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now to part two of my trump voter panel. how do president trump's die hard supporters feel about the accusations of ties between russia and team trump? we gathered some of them in hartford, connecticut to find out whether they think russia meddled in the election. >> how many of you, raise your hands, are concerned about the russia implications and allegations that you have heard? why aren't you worried about any possible ties between the trump team and russia? >> because that's what they're supposed to do during campaigns. dozens of diplomats who meet
5:49 am
with senators and congressmen, a lot of people misunderstood when trump compliments putin. you might respect them just because of what they've been able to accomplish. he's done a pretty good job of accomplishing his agaenda in russia. >> but if you're saying it is business as usual, lots of people meet with russian diplomats. then why didn't michael flynn and attorney general jeff sessions come forward? >> he came forward after and said he met with 10 or 12 other diplomats, i don't know if it's that week or that month. it's just what they do. it is what they do. >> we have this phobia in place from the cold war. united states has surveilled hundreds of millions of its own citizens sby way of the ed yard snowden situation.
5:50 am
we are pointing how bad this person is. >> do you think we're as bad as russia? >> not even close to as bad as russia. i don't know enough about russia. when is the last time russia did something terrible to the united states? >> do you think that rond reagan suffered from russia phobia? >> i don't know. that's a totally different time. you had communism. that was a totally different time in the world. i don't think comparing the russia of reagan to the russia of today -- >> does anybody here think that russia meddled in the election? >> i think we have to be very careful with russia. i feel there should be a mutual respect between the united states and russia. but i think that i am concerned, but i think that we should just listen to history in regards to russia as far as walk softly and carry a big stick. >> what does that look like?
5:51 am
>> it is building up our own military, being in a negotiating place of strength and power. >> when everyone is looking for trouble in the middle east with weapons of mass destruction, looked what happened. when we start crossing other people's borders, meddling in their sovereign any expense, the instability is grave. >> the question is whether they've meddled in our sovereignty. >> they have not had any impact on what happened here. >> more than a dozen intel agencies said they did meddle. are you comfortable with that? they did meddle and they're still investigating this. >> but there is no proof. >> thcomey said there was no change in the outcome. >> so what? are you comfortable they tried? >> well, the chinese try. >> we just accept that?
5:52 am
>> no, no, no. i'm not saying accept that. >> it is the collusion between trump and russia. >> they are basing on collusion whatever it is they have on carter page, paul manafort, miken flynn. >> he left the administration. >> what if he did something before he left? >> he got rid of him because he was ineffective. >> very concerned about that. >> why? >> last time i spoke to you we talked about general flynn and i said i was a general flynn fan. i admired his record, you know, he is a three-star general. >> did your impression of him change? >> well, i still respect that he, you know, served the country in the past. but i would be lying to say i wasn't disappointed. he did make an error. he apologized for it and he resigned. >> the way i look at that is, to be honest, let me ask you a question, alison, do you remember what you had for lunch last tuesday? >> so you think he really just didn't remember that he met with
5:53 am
the russian ambassador? >> you cannot remember every tine detail. >> lunch is different. >> it's not when you meet with a lot of ambassadors and that's your job. >> you will see die part hillary clinton supports who are adamant this is an administration of putin. people think that. it's insane. >> the intel senate community is interested whether or not he was having a deal with a russian banker with ties to putin. let's say that is what it is. >> i remember during the campaign there was mention of that, and they were open about it. that wasn't a secret during the campaign. >> i think the number of times he met with him was not disclosed. >> okay. we'll see how that plays out. >> vice president dsaid some would refer to that as an act of war. >> there is a level of interaction between the intel community between all nations
5:54 am
where everyone is buying for -- >> you accept some meddling and spying? >> we don't accept it. why is trump the scepter of it? >> we were spying on angela merkel? >> that's right. >> do you not think that russia is worse than germany? >> i'm concerned about my own government. russia is not reading my e-mails or intercepting my phone calls. russia is not putting people into prison without indictment. >> they are putting people in prison without indictment. >> i'm talking about americans. i'm talking about russia. how about what we're doing to ourselves? >> we've got to get to the point where we let things like this whole russia thing settle down and move on and let the man be president. >> you know, it's so interesting to hear from them and it is just a contrast to what we saw from the senate intelligence committee before. russia meddled in this election
5:55 am
and you need to care about this because it is a serious threat to u.s. security. >> they think we should be more concerned about the issues here. you heard what they said. the issues that our own government is doing here to us, rather than worrying about russia at the moment. >> the fact they say everyone does it, the u.s. does it, too, which is sort of what the president himself said, so clearly making a difference there. all right. in chicago violence knows no age limit until recently. the city was an par with its highest homicide rate in two decades, leading some young people on the south side afraid to go outside. on the front lines, determined to give kids back their childhood, meet jennifer mad dox. >> reporter: we are in a state of emergency here. the shooting, the killing. five, six, seven-year-olds are losing people they love and care about. i'm a law enforcement officer, but i am also a mother and a
5:56 am
member of this community. we can't arrest our way out of this. once i saw that there was another side to policing, i thought that i could do more. >> see how officer mad dox gives children an escape. while you're there, nominate someone you think should be a cnn hero. >> cnn news room with poppy harlow will pick up after this break. thanks for being here, john. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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y282uy ywty good morning, everyone. i'm poppy harlow. so glad you're with us this friday. former national security adviser mike flynn says he is willing to talk to congressional investigators if he is granted immunity from prosecution. flynn is making an offer to the fbi and senate and house intelligence committees to appear before them and talk about and answer their questions about trump campaigns alleged ties to russia. of course flynn was fired after misleading the white house about his own deals with moscow's ambassador to the united states. general flynn certainly has a story to tell. he very much wants to tell us should the circumstances permit. and the president weighing in just a short time


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