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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  March 31, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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askan . welcome to "inside politics." thanks for sharing your friday with us. another busy day in washington. president trump trying to shake off a slump and returning to an issue that helped him turn blue states red signing two executive actions designed to crack down on unfair trade. >> it's a new surge in optimism which is sweeping all across our land. >>al assad has slaughtered his own people with russia's help, but the new administration says it's dropping the u.s. demand for regime change. >> the status and the longer term status of president assad will be decided by the syrian people. >> plus as the president stokes a republican family feud on twitter, some not so friendly advice here from a top democrat.
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>> grow up. stop tweeting. and start focusing. the words of a president matter. they have enormous, enormous, enormous reverberating sounds around the world. >> this just in. joe biden still doesn't like donald trump. with us to share the reporting and their insights cnn malika henderson, manu raju. in a moment the president's message on trade. but first spy games. there are a million careful cliches about organized around the idea that loose talk might come back to bite you tomorrow. >> very last thing that john just said is no individual too big to jail, that should include people like hillary clinton. i mean, five people around her have had -- have been given immunity to include her former
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chief of staff. when you are given immunity t, that means you've probably committed a crime. >> president trump echoing that same message. that was mike el flynn who later became national security adviser. then of course had to resign because among other things he lied to the vice president about kr conversations with russia's ambassador. flynn wants you to ignore those words. president trump said that too. he wants you to ignore and flynn wants an immunity deal from the fbi, from the house and senate intelligence committees. the president has a new take. tweeting flynn should ask for it because, quote, this is a witch hunt of historic proportions. if you read the entire tweet you see he blames the media and the democrats. for the record republicans control the committees investigationi
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investigating this. comey was -- before he took over the fbi under president obama. you were part of the team that broke this story first yesterday. michael flynn says he has a story to tell through his attorney but he says he wants immunity first. so far no takers first. do we know, a, what story he wants to tell, and b, why they're so cool to taking this? >> we don't. we know that he has a number of stories that he could tell. we don't know whether it's his story about his time on the campaign. he's one of the few officials who was on the campaign. he was on the transition and he served in the white house and he was by the president's side almost every day during the campaign. and so he's very close to donald trump. so there's that piece of a story he could tell. michael flynn also has a number of engagements he's had in the past with the russian government. he has been paid tens of thousands of dollars by russian companies, by news organization that's state run. by hputin and he was at a dinne where he gave a speech and sat next to president putin.
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there's a number of stories he could tell. we don't know which one. we also don't know what he's telling them that he has that would give them any incentive to give him community. nobody seems so far at least to be willing to take him up on that. the other thing is if you're going to get immunity, you have to prove that you're going to be truthful. so he has not shown a track record of that so far. and so there may be some skepticism there too. >> i think the key point is the incentive. what's the gain for the house and senate intelligence committees? what's the game? if you give up this and lose love raj, b leverage, but you get more candor. they clearly want to talk to michael flynn. but they don't think they need to give him immunity to come in, right? among the questions what did the president know if anything about those election year and then transition contacts with the russian ambassador in which sanctions came up including on the very day the obama administration was imposing sanctions? that's what the committees want to know. >> that and among other things
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. it's way too early for them to say they would accept such a deal. they're in a fact finding mission. they're trying to gather evidence. they're interviewing analysts, witness, other people who are part of the intelligence community. what they're not doing yet is talking to those trump associates, people like michael flynn, paul manafort, roger stone who they do intend to talk to. so they don't -- they're nowhere near the point where michael -- giving michael flynn immunity. plus it would have to be in conjunction with whaef ttever t fbi is doing as part of their probe. if the fbi is willing to give immunity, maybe that would affect what he tells the house a senate kbeintelligence committe.
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certainly there's -- no one's rushing to embrace this on the senate side. >> i think that's -- what you just said, if you're looking at the one decision point for how serious they take an immunity request, it's senate republicans f. you're a democrat, neither the house or senate, you see no incentive to do this. if you're a house republican or chairman of the house intelligence committee, that program has been so compromised with the kind of loop de loop that just happened, the white house came to ask me to get information that they could have given the president. so how would immunity work? is it immunity annest to she would yourself from the actual real investigation by going over willingly taking part in a light investigation? or is it more about saying i want to be helpful but it will be stupid for me to put myself in jeopardy? that explanation would be complete plausible if everything else had been credible. >> before i got taken hostage here in washington, i actually covered the courts for a while back in my prior life. you grant immunity in search of
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a bigger fish. if you're going to give immunity, that means that person has information in an investigation, they have something that's more valuable to you. the only way you're going to get it is to grant immunity. if you're thinking about we can't get inside the investigation, but if you're thinking about the congressional investigation which are in part political. you're going to do that now. you would only do that if you were stalled and need to jump start. >> who's the bigger fish? is it paul manafort? is it donald trump? you have donald trump out there seeming to say michael flynn, i am still on your side, it's still us against the democrats. still us against the media. you saw that evolution i think in the white house. the keeping him on staff there for, you know, 18 days or so even after they knew what michael flynn had done in terms of big dishonest, in terms of his dealings with the russians. so it still seems to sort of like keep your enemies close thing going on from the white house in terms of how they are
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framing this. we'll see what sean spicer says today in the briefing. >> the only thing we know for certain is michael flynn has a good lawyer trying to get him immunity. i'm sure you learned that in high school. >> devin nunes who's been in hot water for the past week plus, we still don't know the critical important details as in what's in the documents we're talking about here. devin nunes went to the white house and cnn has now confirmed that at least two trump administration officials helped him get access to the documents. he went home for the night and came back and brief the president on documents he got assistant from trump administration officials to see. why couldn't they just share it with the president? key is, a, what's in the documents? also the reasons democrats are upset is he told no one else on the committee about the documents, democrats or republicans before he went and briefed the president. as we try to learn more about this, this is devin talking to
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wolf blitzer last week being pressed on where did you get this information whor, who help you? >> did you meet with the president or any of his aides while you were there that night? >> no. in fact i'm quite sure that people in the west wing had no idea that i was there. >> by holding the meeting on the white house grounds, it makes it appear that someone in the administration was coordinating the release of that information to you. is that not the case? >> no. it's not the case. >> we can have a sem an ticks battle as we often do. he's going to say the people in the west wing didn't know i was there. i was across the driveway. wolf asked him specifically trump aides. he can rationalize if he wishes the people who work on the national security council staff or this staff aren't presidential aides per se. that's washington speak f. they work in the white house, they work for the president and their office is across -- look at your car in the driveway.
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that's how wide it is between the west wing and the icen hower executive office building. >> it's very difficult. he even told a bloomberg reporter that his source of an intelligence source, not a white house source -- there were two white house sources. >> who may work in intelligence paths. >> he can play those games. but i asked him many questions this week. i was pushing him on whether or not anyone in the white house was involved. and thursday night -- wednesday night before this story broke in the times, he would not rule out it came from the white house. his story continually shifted and he continually damaged. he kept saying i've answered the question over and over again but he has not answered the question and it's a real concern for his own credibility and running this investigation that now he's looking into trump campaign associates. how do you do that while also not being -- >> and how do you do that when
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you mentioned his credibility is at stake. and the democrats see this opening. whether it's fair or unfair, they see devin nunes trying to figure out what is he up to, is he trying to protect the president or follow the facts. na nancy pelosi said maybe he got played by the white house. >> he got duped. that's the -- when you're chairman of the committee, the intelligence committee is a small commit with a responsibility to the caucus, to the country to protect, the protection of our troops, having intelligence so that we can protect the american people. not protect the president. >> there's so much we don't know here. we don't know if he was duped. but it's hard to argue with nancy pelosi saying he's the chairman of the committee, he should have known better. >> the layers in there that we keep learning. if you step back, you have the
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president kind of telegraphing that something was going to happen. the press secretary giving similar statements. now a staffer -- and i spoke to someone yesterday who was talking about the staffer who works for the national security council on intelligence but is a white house staffer who apparently -- their story is he took it upon himself to do research on wire tapping. >> that's what you do in the first 60 days. >> obviously. of course. after the president's tweet, he just free lanced this. and then comes up with this sort of finding things and then he hands it to another staffer who used to work for nunes and he then calls nunes and gives it to him. it's -- so then -- all of that is a white house inserting itself in an investigation that they potentiallily could be part
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of. if somebody had come down during the hillary clinton investigation, it's really a remarkable thing and i think it will hard for them to get out of it. >> i think it explains entirely why you saw senate republicans kind of rally together this week and say we're going to start acting like this is in our hands now. we're taking this over. it's only partly okay that they want to do the right thing. they need to insulate themselves from all of this. turn the narrative around. what's happening in the house bleeds over down the hallways of the capitol into the senate chambers and they made a concerted effort from top to bottom to put an end to it. >> the senate republicans essentially are trying to say washington looks like a day care center, but there are some adults. everybody sit tight. up next president trump using the power of the pen to take on unfair trade.
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zele . welcome back. it is now day 71. more than fair to a the trump presidency is in a bit of rut especially by the way washington keeps score. the obamacare repeal. the feud between fellow republicans. slumping approval ratings and daily if not hourly proof that that cloud of the russian election meddling investigation isn't going to lift anytime soon. today from the president a deliberate turn back to the trump campaign and to the issue that helped the president turn these blue states red, put him over the top. >> my administration is working every day to make it easier for manufacturers to build higher and grow in america. we're removing job killing regulations and lifting the burdens on american industry like i would say have never been
9:19 am
lifted before. we have done a lot of work over the last 60, 70 days and i think you're seeing some real production. maybe -- i think we could say this, like never before. >> trade the issue there. the president quite subdued. this is one of his big passions on the campaign trail. i would say this is the reason he's president. i know immigration was a big issue in the primaries. the general election, his economic message on trade, getting american jobs back, pennsylvania, ohio, michigan wisconsin. he mentioned wisconsin during this event. one executive action is a study. that's the point i want to talk about. study the causes of the trade deficits. the other says we're going to be aggressive about enforcing duties on the books. but to the point about the study, in the campaign this president was black and white. day one. i'm going to do these things. part of the reality of being president is you can't do it so
9:20 am
fast, right? >> that's right. but you can time your announcements, you know, to other things on the calendar. i'm sure just coincidental that the chinese leader is going to be here at the end of the next week, a big important diplomatic visit. mostly about north korea, but of course trade and the economy and who's more in charge than the other guy and how is the relationship going to work all come into play. the location of it down in mar-a-lago, that's president's trump's home turf. it's where he likes to do business and hold court. the timing of all this is interesting to watch. >> he's been foreshadowing that this is going ab a tough meeting. basically said americans are going to have to figure out a new way to do business. there is something of a pull back in terms whof what he said about china. he had to go back to china hat in hand after he implied or suggested that the u.s. would move away from the one china rule so he had some sort of kissing and making up to do around there.
9:21 am
but the kind of bluftster he onn the campaign trail. you think about where he is now, basically tweaking this stuff, a blue ribbon commission of sorts around nafta, he's basically reverted back to republicanism. this is sort of standard -- >> right. and will his core voters be okay with that. he did say on his first day in office he would label china a currency manipulate or. >> if i win day one, we are going to announce our plans to totally renegotiate nafta. if we don't get the deal we want, we'll leave nafta and start over again and we will make much better trade deals. nafta was a disaster. tpp is going to be worse and we can't let it happen, folks, because that will drain the rest of the jobs away. we can't let it happen. and if our president the first
9:22 am
day, boom, it's over. >> the president did quickly withdraw -- announce the u.s. intention to withdraw from tpp. that had already essentially been done. now nafta he said they are going to renegotiate. the administration says so far he thinks he can get that through. to the china question he meets with xi jinping next week. on day one the u.s. treasury department will designate china a currency manipulate or. >> he started to walk them back during the transition. we've just seen that continue. the one thing he did as you mention ds mentioned it tpp. ironically that is something china likes. this meeting with xi gjinping will largely be about north korea. but the issue of trade in china
9:23 am
and taking their jobs and the president has been very, i don't know know, much more respectful towards the chinese since he took office but he's tweeting in advance of his meeting and the chinese don't like that. it will be an interesting meeting to watch. we had a story going back to nafta that week that said that the draft of what they want to do to nafta is very modest. it's showing you the trajectory of where they're going. you have a president who said things. right or wrong. black or white. during the campaign. now is trying to govern and really has to modify. >> and he believes and his team believes that the best thing he has for all the dysfunction in washington and didn't win the popular vote, has low approval ratings is to get economic growth. if you blow influence nafta, you lose growth. let's look at the trade deficit. it's important. if you look at it $500 billion trade deficit last year, almost all of trade deficit from china
9:24 am
and mexico, the two countries the president has talked most about. it's interesting to hear him say he was subdued today. what it obviously, if you're a trump voter, the president signed the end of the war on coal as he calls it, reverse obama climate change this week and now this stuff on trade . if you're a trump voter, you're happy. he he's keeping his promises. in this trade thing, sure, he's trying to boast american manufacturing. i think more would come from the tax changes and the regulatory chang changes than anything you do in trade. tomorrow or six months or a year from now, what happened and where are the jobs? >> especially rust belt states. automation has caused jobs, not necessarily the extent of free trade deals. those pulling back from those deals would not necessarily bring those jobs back. he's not going to pull back from nafta. if he were to get out of nafta, that would create a huge war
9:25 am
with his own party. probably hurt him even more politically in the business community. saying things on the campaign trail, turning out a lot more challenging than governing. >> it's a calculated risk, but his playbook is tactical. i think at this point they believe it's better to have a rhetorical victory in hand and worry about what could happen three years from now whch. when we get closer to three years from now, the messaging to the base can co exist with what you tell the leader when they're there. the base is not necessarily watching the nuances of the coverage of an actual summit. >> but his hands on the economy is his greatest strengths. his poll numbers are terrible, but if you look at a new poll, 35 -- tlooin -- look at this report card. 15% of americans gave him an a. 22 22% give him a b. 32% give him an f. if you're watching at home, if
9:26 am
you're a democrat, you're probably in the f. if you're republican, you're probably in a, b, and c land. it is a tough start. >> one thing i can say about him kp the economy, he has economic growth. it's going in a direction that's only going to benefit him and it angers the obama folks because they feel now -- >> he's literally taking credit for something that happened -- >> he is. >> he's not unique in that regard. bill clinton balanced the budget in part because the george h.w. tax hikes. up next we map out the president's war with his own party. is threatening to oppose republicans the way for a struggling administration to get back on track? whoever threw it has to go get it. not me! somebody will get it... ♪ (dog barking)
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9:31 am
the president on twitter, rep tiffs mark made does jim jordan and labrador. then went on and said if they would get on board he would have great health care and massive tax cuts. who's he picking on? labrador is from ied ' idaho. he's on pretty safe ground back home. he thinks the voters back home support him in standing up to the president. in fact he tweeted yesterday the president should remember who has friends are saying conservatives have been nice to the president. jim jordan from this district that stretches from cleveland down to columbus. he got 68% of the vote. he came to washington. he promised. say no to spending. he tells the president he's doing him a favor. mark made does eadows is the he freedom caucus.
9:32 am
64% for him. donald trump, yes. also carried that district and did quite well. but about even with mark meadows. maybe ahead of him in some and blind in others. fra mau freedom caucus don't feel intimidated. >> i think the freedom caucus is doing what's best for america. i think that we're trying to also let republicans know that if we pass something bad, if insurance rates are going up at 20%, 25% a year from now after republicans have taken ownership of health care, that won't be good for the party. >> is this a president who's understandably frustrated, just lark out, or is this part of a real actual strategy to take time and effort and personnel and man hours in the republican political operation at the rnc and inside the white house to find primary challenges to run against these guys? >> i feel like he's blowing off steam. it is a surprising move on his
9:33 am
part to do this. i mean, these -- the freedom caucus members, they don't like to be urged to be part of a team. that's the whole point. >> history suggests when pushed, they stay right where they are. >> exactly. they actually created the freedom caucus because they did not want to be part of the leadership's team. it's also curious to even attack them alone on the health care failure because it was opposition really across the board within the republican conference. moderates like charlie from pennsylvania, the chairman of the powerful house appropriations committee also opposed the bill. trump taking aim at them, i'm not sure that's going to change their minds. >> the president said on day one of his campaign if you can't make this deal, you're not very good. he was the one in the room trying to make the deal tochlt give you more flavor, this is an anonymous white house official. our view there's nothing as
9:34 am
clarifying as air force jet fuel. the president is going to go into their district. former south carolina congressman, the president asked me to look you square in the eyes and to say he hoped that you voted no on this bill so he could run a preimary challenger against you. >> really? >> air force one jet fuel, the president doesn't typically go to house districts. it's a reason for that. the vice president usually goes. the president raisesi money for the congressional committee. >> 70 days in threaten members of their own -- >> no. right. it's clever quote. >> he can say this now, but who knows where they're going to be in 2018 and campaigning again in these districts is probably a low priority even if he could do it. third, how is he going to -- unless he can find someone who -- in each district who
9:35 am
comes up like a trump figure, he can't outright these people. >> these guys are pretty conservative. i don't know that he's going to get to the right of these guys. >> that's what rand paul said. these people are principle. they were sort of trump before trump in terms of being anti-establishment and sticking to certain core principles, even though trump doesn't stick to core principles. this is really odd. and the other thing is he tried this already. during the process of negotiating for health care which lasted 17 or 18 as, his people were threatening some of these guys with primary races and he was doing the same thing to mark meadows. i'm going to come after you t. s it's just absurd. >> and you have a none ideological republican president who did not settle the feuding we've seen throughout the obama administration within the republican party. adam ken singer, you might call it more establishment, we're
9:36 am
charley brown party, letting us talk the fall and smiling ourselves -- cheap tactic and not a way to govern. >> it might be a cheap tactic, but they negotiated some concessions from the president and still said no. no one should be surprised by this. go back and look at their first campaign ads. they're going exactly what they said they're going to do. it's the white house team that s is unprepared to determine who they're across the table from. >> the problem is that -- taking the rest of the day off. that's fine if you want to play like fear and loogi-- and say i want a primary fight, then that's a tactic and presidents can try to use fear or the fear of fear to see what they can get done, but the problem you need somewhere else to go for
9:37 am
legislative victories and we have not seen the groundwork that it would take to even with democrats. >> this bill was hated. it was like a crap sandwich. premiums were going to be up. a lot of his base voters, older white americans were going to lose coverage or have premium hikes. he's asking people to get on board. on board what? this bill. >> a lot of single payer democrats voted for medicare, because they -- these guys did not anything was going to make it better. donald trump follows the media. i don't know how much he picks km economists now that he's president. if you're a golfer, you get what they're trying to say. i think this up in the deputy chief of staff announced he was leaving the white house. they are trying to say this is a good thing. she's not being pushed out. they say you see her next to sean spicer, she's a more
9:38 am
established republican. they say the value of this move is she's going to now go on skpout and work for the pro trump pact. they are viewing this as a plus s. that the real story? >> no. it can't be. it's so early for someone that senior to leave and it reflects very minimally suggests that there's -- it's not all settled in there. >> my understanding from a friend of the president is that he and jared kushner love her. they think she was great on the campaign. but they also suspect her of being part of the leaks. >> there's lots of leaks in the white house. >> the question isn't whether i know that. i don't think that's the question. it's whether they know that. >> she was also viewed very suspiciously by some of the t m trump aides.
9:39 am
it's an administration that hae hasn't filled a lot of positions and we see people leaving. they're not even filled and they're already leaving. >> i'm going to run the government just like i ran my business. up next selections request consequences at home and around the world. president obama looked at syria and said assad must go. president trump says he can stay. but have you made a decision? i'm going with the $1000 in cash back. my son... ...a cash man. dad, are you crying? nah, just something in my eye. the volkswagen 3 and easy event... ...where you can choose one of three easy ways to get a $1000 offer. hurry in to your volkswagen dealer now and you can get $1000 as an apr bonus, a lease bonus, or cash back. new neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair wrinkles? your time is up! with the proven power of retinol. reduces wrinkles in just one week.
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9:44 am
power. >> let there be no mistake just so we can be clear. it is no space between turkey and the united states and our commitment to defeat isis. not just in syria, and iraq, but as members of the greater coalition to defeat desh anywhere they show their face on planet earth they will be confronted by the coalition to defeat them. the status and the longer term status president assad will be decided by the syrian people. >> the echo, that is across the pond over in turkey, here in new york nikki haley met with wire reporters and she said our priority is no longer to sit and focus on getting assad out. a dramatic shift from the obama administration. that happens. elections have consequences. one of the things that was interesting to me yesterday as this was moving around was complaints from other u.s. allies, the european union on
9:45 am
record saying assad must go. they were ahead of president obama. he came in behind them after that saying we didn't get a heads up that this was coming. >> pushback too from some members of his own party. john mcmain issuing a statement saying that he was, quote, deeply disturbed by this move pulling back from the obama administration. he was quit cal of the obama administration not going this far drawing the red line on syria. so this is not going over well internationally. certainly not here at home. they're not getting a lot of support from either side on this. >> it's sort of old school real politics. you put -- you cannot read this any other way that if you drop regime change, that's a victory for iran and for russia. sf >> this was trending for some time. russia started launching air
9:46 am
strikes in syria. what started happening is they are articulating what the barack obama administration had put into practice which is was the president dropped his demand that assad -- saying his days were numbered and they weren't. they had shifted once they went into iraq to prioritizing over regime change. all of their negotiations, they had, like, some little shred that they were holding on that there would be a political transition in which assad would eventually go, but they had extended it. they're just saying out loud what u.s. policy basically has been for some time and it's just a more -- >> a surrender by the obama administration because his policy was such a disaster. >> right. it's an acknowledgement that there's no political solution in syria that does not favor assad and russia because russia has so much skin in that game. >> there is a difference between just shifting your only policy and stating that shift publicly. when you state that shift
9:47 am
publicly, you're also telling assad basically do whatever you want. that's the part that our allies are balking against. it very interesting to watch. >> zero good choices here. for the previous administration or for this administration, but a big shift. certainly this is a win for russia. but at nato today anyone expecting a giant reset with russia? not exactly. >> we want to obviously have a discussion around nato's posture here in europe, most particularly eastern europe in response to russia's aggression in u contain akraine and elsewh. >> that's the secretary of state tillerson. secretary of defense a similar message essentially saying sanctions are not going to be lifted against russia until they give back crimea. i think we'll all be rocking changes before that happens. how important is that? his first nato meeting. there was some talk he wouldn't
9:48 am
show up. >> it's very important because that's exactly what nato allies wanted to hear. i would say broadly on the russia policy, it's the reset that everybody thought would happen. we read this week was not happening. the russians have asked for an early meeting with president trump. they're not getting it. they're pushing them off. it's for two reasons. one, inside the white house there's talk of, you know, cutting some grand deal with russia right now and this political environment with all these investigations is not a doable thing. it will be under too much scrutiny and everything will be looked at for the reasons that maybe or maybe not they are doing them for. two, russia has been antagonizing the u.s. and it hasn't stopped. the cyber intrusions haven't stopped. they've deployed missiles. >> if you're trying to figure out a trump doctrine, it's more transactional. we'll keep watching that. hillary clinton return to public life continues with another speech and an apparent dig at
9:49 am
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dae . it was the 2016 primary that never was. hillary clinton squaring off with former vice president joe biden. both back out there this week. clinton this morning here in washington at georgetown university with a sort of kind of dig at the president. >> studies show -- here i go again talking about research, evidence, and facts. [ cheers and applause ] >> she went on to say women do a better job at peace negotiations. yesterday middle class joe had some unforgiving words about secretary clinton's campaign. >> this is the first campaign that i can recall where my party did not talk about what it always stood for and that is how
9:54 am
to maintain a middle class. you didn't hear a single solitary sentence in the last campaign about the guy on the assembly line making $60,000 a year and the wife making $32,000 as a host in a restaurant and making 90 grand and they got two kids and they can't make it and they're scared. >> he has a point. he has a point. but that's pretty damming. >> biden, what did you talk about in your campaign? guess what, you didn't run. he decided not to run. a lot of this seems to be sour grapes. he could have run if he wanted to. he had family reasons not to. but this sort of rewriting and revision and griping about the kind of campaign that hillary ran, you know, at least she had the guts to get out there and run. >> he did gripe to them during the campaign as about bill clinton at times that she wasn't spending enough time on these issues in places like wisconsin
9:55 am
or michigan. >> we talk about all the russia intervention and whether it impacted voters at the end of the day, but at the end of the day the candidate does matter. the campaigns do matter. she did not run a successful campaign in a lot of key states and democrats know that like joe biden. they believe there needs oto bea serious course correction to have a message of not just we don't like trump but what are we for. >> especially in this confusing globalist world with trade and all these economic issues. what are the jobs of next year and ten years from now. trump you can disagree but he talked about it and she didn't. >> that's true. but biden and clinton both share one belief in which they're not turned against one another and that's the importance of diplomacy in the world and their objection to what president trump is trying to do in terms of budget cuts f. they can find a way to both talk about that without sounding like partisan hacks, to talk about it in a
9:56 am
partisan way, they actually could have a go at sort of doing something good together. >> problem for the democrats is no disrespect intended but they're not the future and who are the next generation democrats? that's a huge question still 70 days days in. we'll figure it out. see you back here on monday. reminder minutes away from the white house press briefing. we will take that live. my colleague wolf blitzer picks up coverage after a break. bare spots that are hard to fix using seed alone. but scotts ez seed changes everything. it's an all-in-one solution. our finest grass seed plus quick-start fertilizer and natural super- absorbent mulch grow grass anywhere. the very first time, guaranteed. bare spots be gone. this is a scotts yard. new neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair wrinkles? your time is up!
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hello, i'm wolf blitzer in washington. wherever you're watching from around the world thanks very much for joining us. we're keeping a very close eye on the white house briefing room right now where the press secretary sean spicer to come out shortly to brief reporters and take questions on the congressional investigations into russian interference in the u.s. presidential election as well as links between the trump campaign and russia and the bombshell from michael flynn who now says he's willing to testify in the investigation but only if he's given immunity from any prosecution. an idea president t


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