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tv   New Day  CNN  April 5, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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a dire warning on the run hand. all options are on the table. but then an odd 23-word statement from the secretary of state which essentially said nothing. >> and the future of the syrian president. the evidence points to his regime carrying out the worst chemical attack in years, killing dozens of people including children. it is a busy day. our coverage with cnn senior correspondent who is live on seoul on that missile launch. what is the latest, ivan? >> they launched the missile shortly after down here. it was described as a medium range ballistic missile. the specific form is a kn-15. it was fired from here a submarine base. it flew for only about nine minutes in the air.
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a strange trajectory, but a distance of only 187 miles into east sea or the sea of japan. now, this is believed to have been using solid fuel, which means unlike liquid fuel rockets, it takes much less time to prepare them, to fuel them and to launch them, which means it's much harder to interexcept these rockets, these missiles after they go into the air. this similar type of missile was launched in february during the meeting between president trump and the japanese prime minister. china has come out with a statement saying it wants restraint and insisting that there is no link between this missile launch today and banned the united nations and the first meeting to take place between trump and the chinese leader in florida tomorrow. >> fascinating to see what happens at that meeting. ivan, thank you very much.
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president trump now weighing his next move after north korea's ballistic launch, as well as that horrific attack in syria. live at the white house with all the international crisises facing the white house. >> reporter: ivanka trump, by the way, tweeting a little while ago heart broken and out ranged by the images coming out of syria, following the outrageous chemical attack of yesterday. over the last 24 hours, there have been some curious responses from the white house. and i want to tell you also that coming up in this report, there is some very disturbing images, which you haven't already seen them. >> north korea raising the stakes ahead of president trump's summit with the chinese president. rex tillerson responding to the provocation with a foreboding 23
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word statement. north korea launched another ballistic missile. the united states has spoken enough about north korea. we have no further comment. this after president trump threatened to go it alone if china doesn't help confront the north korean front. trump insisted north korea was chi china's problem on the campaign trail. >> meantime, a senior white house official issuing a dire warning that the clock has now run out. all options are on the table. this as the world reacts in horror to one of the worst chemical attacks in syria in years. it is likely another gas attack that killed dozens of civilians and injured thousands. as world leaders condemn the attack, it took the white house nine hours to issue a statement.
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the president and his top diplomat declining to comment. the white house statement calling the attack reprehensible and laying responsibility squarely at the syrian president, but also blaming president obama. >> president obama said in 2012 that he would establish a quote, unquote red line against the use of chemical weapons and then did nothing. >> this criticism contradicting president trump's tweeting after the last chemical attack in 2013, in which he urged then president obama not to retaliate with military action. just last week, two of trump's top administration officials signaling a sharp change in u.s. policy towards syria. >> the longer term status of president asad will be decided by the syrian people.
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>> u.s. ambassador saying our priority is no longer to sit there and focus on getting asad out. these remarks drawing sharp review from fellow republicans. >> this is another disgraceful chapter in american history, and it was predictable. >> the president and the white house continuing to have a big week of high level interaction with foreign leaders. today the king of jordan visits the white house. >> thank you very much. joining us now democratic congressman adam schiff. congressman, thank you for being on the show. >> good morning. >> we put some harsh images in this because that's the reality and that is what world leaders, including the united states are choosing to largely ignore that's going on in syria. do you believe that this attack is a signal that it is time for the u.s. to be more involved? >> i think it's been time for
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the u.s. to take a stronger stand for quite some time. i was urging we establish safe zones and the need to ground asad's aircraft if he kept on bombing his own people with chemical weapons. there was an agreement brokered by russia. i think it is still time for this administration to tell russia they need to get their client to stop dropping chemical bombing on people. if russia is unwilling to do it we have to find a way to ground that air force ourselves or working with the syrian people to ground that air force, but i don't think the world can sit idly by while this brutal dictator gases his own people. >> they put out a statement they will continue to bomb in support of the asad regime. your investigation, which hopefully will be a window into some of the truth there.
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castro came out, democrat, and said from what he's seen on your committee, he thinks people are going to go to jail. do you agree with that? >> you know, i'm not speculating about where we end up at the conclusion of our investigation. i think we're still in the very early stages. i think our obligation is to follow the evidence where it leads and let the consequences fall as they may depending on what we find. but we are still in the process of gathering documents. we are also agreeing to an initial round of witnesses that will come before our committee. this is i think all we ought to say at this point in terms of any expected outcome. we did have a couple notable developments this week that have been discussed pubically. the first is the accusation against suzanne rice by the bright part crowd and people in this building that are tossing around accusations without evidence. that serves me a lot. i spent two years on the
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benghazi committee while they went after suzanne rice for no good reason and that seems to be resuming. and yet another trump person, this case eric prince, may have had another meeting with the russians. that obviously would be of deep concern to us if that took place, particularly if the time line is correct and that took place in january. that would closely follow the secret conversation that mike flynn allegedly had with the russian ambassador. those are things that need to be looked into. >> i want to ask you about that. but to the point that castro made, have you seen anything that you believe could even indicate a possibility of an indictment, let alone a conviction? >> you know, again, i don't want to talk about anything that we've obtained in closed session. you know, the most i can say is obviously there are allegations now that mike flynn did not report the relationship he had with foreign powers, both russia and turkey.
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we are seeking his security clearance forms to determine whether those were filled out accurately or whether they omitted material information when signed under oath. we know that his financial disclosures for the ethics purposes were not complete and neglected to include those information. we also know that, you know, reportedly he was dishonest about his conversation with the russian ambassador. clearly, he is asking for immunity. clearly the justice department has equities here, but all of that is in the public realm and i'm confined to talking about what is in the public realm. >> also, what is going on with suzanne rice? should she come before the committee and testify? >> we are doing what we ought to do in the ordinary course of events, and that is overseeing any issues regarding minimalization, any issues regarding the masking of names or unmasking of names. i can't comment on the contend
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of any material or who may have masked or unmasked names. that's not something i could get into. but if there is anyone that should be brought before the committee, i welcome that opportunity. what i don't welcome, though, is trying to dismers the reputation of someone who served the country very well. i don't know what it is about suzanne rice that has always drawn the conspiracy theories of that briet part crowd, but they're at it again and it is a disservice to someone who is a public ser vent. >> at a minimum, there is some objective basis for questioning on an apparent disconnect in what she said during her pbs interview and what she has said more recently.
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her saying she doesn't know what nunes was talking about, that does warrant some further questioning, doesn't it? >> what i'm taking issue with is people that making the slanderous accusation that she was taking intelligence or politicizing its or urging the intelligence agencies to surveil donald trump. i think that's nonsense as she pointed out. whether she has pertinent testimony or not, i can't say. if she does, we'd be happy to have her come in. but at the same time, people that are saying that, you know, she's the typhoid mary of national security, that's grossly irresponsible to say those kind of things, particularly people who aren't privy to any of the information. so it's deeply disturbing when i see that kind of accusation lev level. >> all right. so at this point you don't know if suzanne rice is going to come before the committee? >> i'm sure she will be invited, as will others. but again i think one point that
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we're trying to keep in mind and that is the real focus of our investigation is on the trump connections to russia, the u.s. response to the russian hacking, russian's involvement not only in our own election but in that of our european allies and we are not going to lose focus on that, no matter how much cloud and dust is thrown in our way. we look into issues of minimalization, but we are not going to let the white house or anyone us distract us from our core focus. >> a unique challenge when the chairman of your own committee was doing that. >> can i make one other point on that subject? >> please. >> the white house clearly only wanted one person to see these documents, and that person was our chairman. it reluctantly had to allow myself to view it and the chair and ranking on senate intel. now i want the full committees to be able to see that, and we're meeting resistance. if these documents are so damming or so indicating of the
5:13 am
president as he suggests, why are they opposing efforts to provide them to the full committee? i think that's a question worthy of the white house answering. >> thank you very much, congressman. please feel free to come on new day with any developments that the public need to know about. >> well, president trump is facing several international crisis. an iraq war veteran joins us next to explain how the white house should respond.
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president trump condemning the chemical attack in syria, but he's blaming his predecessor, president obama. leaders around the world are calling for syria's assad to be removed. president trump is saying something different. joining me now is adam kin singer from illinois. he served in the u.s. air force in both afghanistan and iraq. you have called what's going on in syria, quote, absolutely horrific. what do you want the u.s. to do? >> this is the first time we have accepted since 2013 and the time since, this is the first conflict we have accepted the fact of the use of chemical weapons on the battlefield since world war i. it was a standard we held strong as a free world. we upheld a no fly zone over iraq because of the use of chemical weapons. this can't be tolerated. i think you have a short and
5:18 am
long term goal here. you are going to have to go some air strikes against thes assad regime and making it clear if another chemical attack happens, there will be more strikes to follow. in the long-term, that is the strategy to be the stick behind being able to get to a diplomatic solution because up to now we want to have a negotiated solution that does not include assad, but there has been no stick or motivation to get to the table. >> why do we have to wait for an attack? >> we have to strike the regime in response to this. this is a major violation of all international norms. again, you dground the syrian ar force without a full no fly zone. you are crater the run ways the aircraft take off on. you shoot down the helicopters delivering these barrel bombs.
5:19 am
i know it is frightening for americans. this is a limited objective with the purpose of forcing the parties back to the table because it's only going to get worse. >> why aren't you calling for assad to be removed? >> i am. i think he should be done. as part of this, it's -- i thought he was the creator of isis because he's creating this next generation of recruits that live in such a terrible environment that it is easy for groups like isis to come along and recruit them. i think that is something that this administration, you know, frankly, like the last one failed to do. they did in words but not in deeds. this administration is going to have to come to that reality or this problem is sadly only going to continue and get worse. >> this is exactly the opposite of what this administration has said. just this week, secretary tillerson and ambassador haley said their top priority, in
5:20 am
fact, any priority is no longer to get rid of assad. >> they said in fact that the future of syria should be up to the syrian people. i would argue the syrian people when they started protesting in the streets peacefully and then when they were murdered and continued to protest and fight against assad made it very clear they want a future without assad. the problem is for too long we sat back and everybody shares the blame here. there were republicans out arguing against giving the president the authority. to everybody i think shares some blame. i fear this is going to be our generation -- bill clinton said his greatest regret was not intervention in row wan dachlt i fear all of us out here are going to bear the same feeling when it comes to syria. >> assad apparently used chemical weapons this week on his own people. we are seeing videos of children asphyxiated to death. >> it is disgusting. >> why is this administration saying it is up to the syrian
5:21 am
people to take them on? >> what's interesting here, and i hope that changes, by the way. i hope that this is a calculus that the administration looks at and says they violated a huge norm obviously. iran and russia, russia supposedly had this deal to get rid of all ser run gas. but i hope the administration sees this as an opportunity to go back and say assad must go and not just say it in words. but we need action, too. >> yeah. but congressman, i'm sorry to interrupt you. but what gives you at all the impression that that's the direction that they will go, given what they have said this week? >> i don't have that. i don't have that feeling yet. but i think this is so horrific, this could begin to change the tide. but, look, i've been critical of this administration's policy on syria. i think to acquiescing syria to the russians and iranians will only create another generation of terrorists and that next generation of war on terror, it
5:22 am
is giving that next generation of opportunity. when they see their family killed and they think the world isn't looking, it is much easier to be recruited as a 15-year-old into isis when you have no hope than a 15-year-old with opportunity. >> we spoke with a seven-year-old, the little girl with a twitter feed. it is her messages that have gripped the world and gotten them to focus on what's going on inside there because she's witnessed it. she had to be evacuated. she's a refugee now in turkey. let me play for you what her message was to the u.s. and the world. >> the world is watching. the world doesn't do anything. >> what do you want the world to do? >> i want stop the war and i want that the children of syria play and go to school. >> her wants are quite modest.
5:23 am
she wants the children of syria to be able to play and go to school. what do you say as a representative in our government to her? >> so i'm ashamed of our government's actions so far and inaction. i wish i had the ability to move forces to do what needs to be done. what i would tell to her is, look, people are paying attention. the problem is we need more people to pay attention and get passed our fear of action because of what we felt the wars have been like in the past. we're not talking about another iraq 3 but a terrible humanitarian crisis. i try to remind people in this, whether it was the little boy sitting in the ambulance or this young girl, these are all kids that want to be teachers, doctors, police officers, they treatment of having a family of their own some day and an evil dictator decides it is to his political advantage to put chemical weapons in their face
5:24 am
and choke them to death. until the world stands up, until republican administration stands up, this is not a partisan issue. this is going to continue. >> president trump has not tweeted about this. he has not made an on camera statement. what are you calling on him to do today? >> i hope he does make an on camera statement. i hope he does tweet about it. i think the administration needs a plan to rally our allies together. grounding as much as the assad air force as possible. punishing strikes to make it clear that the cost offer using chemical weapons far exceeds any perceived benefit because it is going to cost you buildings and tanks and assets. that is the beginning of using the military instrument of power to back the diplomatic instrument of power. we have to quit pretending this is going to burn itself out. it isn't. this is an apartment on fire. it is not a house on fire in an isolated neighborhood. >> thanks so much for being on
5:25 am
new day. >> thanks for talking about this important subject. >> a lot of this comes down to messages and from the white house we seem to be getting mixed messages. the white house says the clock has run out on north korea, while the president's top diplomat issues a nonstatement. are they on the same page on syria's assad? you saw one part of the party's perspective. that's different than what's coming out of the white house. we discuss. knowing where you stand has never been easier.
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why are we seeing mixed messages from the white house and its top officials on north korea and syria? are they on the same page. let's discuss. we have cnn political congressmen tors, former state department spokesperson and white house communications director for the obama administration and former senior advisor to the trump campaign, former congressman. jack, when we're talking about syria, you have fresh proof of the allege ed tyranny of assad,
5:30 am
killing kids. the word from the white house is assad is syria's problem. what do you think of that position? >> that's not all they said. as you said there were some mixed cig nalsignals. nikki haley was very strong in her words and the white house has been i think maybe in a position where they're going to have to determine can they get an international coalition together to deal with assad? does that mean removing assad? i also think that as you just heard from adam, there is going to be a lot of discussion on capitol hill, which will drive and helm formulate the white house policy, but i don't think they're there yet. >> they're not there yet. when you say there has been strong words from nikki haley, she said it is no longer their top priority, dealing with assad. >> that was before the attack. and remember the obama administration had eight years of some words, lots of
5:31 am
intractioinaction. they are faced with a serious situation in north korea as well. i think what we will have to do is not decide will these words mean they don't know what they're doing. i think the plan isn't there yet and we don't know what it is, if it is. >> i just have to challenge you. which words are we supposed to believe, that that is not their priority, that assad is not their priority? that's not -- what plan do you hear there? >> well, what i hear, frankly, is a work under progress. what are we going to do? what is the international community going to do? there has been a lot of strong words internationally, energy meeting of the un security council called for today since this attack. this changes things or maybe it refocuses this. as tillerson said this is a barbaric act. >> everybody agrees with what their eyes are telling them.
5:32 am
the question is what are you going to do about it. and maybe it is plain as jack is making it, which is they wanted to get out of syria. they were using what happened with the obama administration of proof of the toll of inaction here. so we're going to move away, let the syrians deal with this. no more wasting american good and treasure on unsolvable situations. then you have this attack and now it looks like an egregious omission. >> the fact is in international diplomacy your words do matter. you have the king of jordan coming today to meet with president trump and i'm sure he is wondering in his hotel room, what is the priority, what is the focus of this administration. so if you look at the situation in syria, yes, of course the new attack, the horrific images that we've seen of children, that should change their calculus, and it should change how seriously they take the threat of assad and what words they use to address the threat he poses.
5:33 am
that's important to send that message to the international community because the united states continues to be a leader in the international community. >> except you have the current white house saying this is on you. you guys didn't do anything. you drew that bogus red line. the president did nothing and now you have the current situation. so it is on you and they have to figure out a way forward. >> i relize tharks but the reality is that's ignoring the history of the last three years. president obama didn't move forward with military action because he coldn't get congressional support. after that he helped lead an effort to remove chemical weapons from syria, the declared clem cal weapons from syria. if he had not done that, there is no doubt isil would have used those on the people there and he also led a coalition to help military action. so the fact that president trump is the president now. he needs to put his big boy pants on and start acting like
5:34 am
it. you can't say you're new and you don't know what to do. he needs to be clear today with the leader of jordan on what his actions are and what his priorities are. >> go ahead, congressman. >> while jen is right, we do have a new administration now, let's not act like those were accomplishments. there were eight other chemical attacks under president obama. i think that was the number i saw in one report. 2013 was the most visible one in which he made his red line statement, did not do anything about that. where is this international coalition that president obama put together? why isn't it doing anything? if he left this as finished business. it is unfinished business -- >> sorry to interrupt. but you have heard the leaders of france, israel and uk condemning this. maybe there can be an international goal today. >> and i agree. but let's not act like there was one. let's don't act like president trump inherented one. it has to be rebuilt.
5:35 am
and i think there is not an international consensus right now on what to do with assad. adam was very clear that he wants assad removed, but i bet if you put that on the house floor today, there would be a very small minority that would support that position. >> as there was when you were there. the part of the story that the republicans don't like telling right now is what jen just pointed out. so the president obama drew that red line. they clearly crossed it. i did one of the first interviews with him. i was all over him about the fact if this does not cross the red line, what would? he went from going slow to wanting to bomb. he went to you guys and there was no resolve, a lack of resolve echoed in our current president. who at the time told president obama don't go into syria. so you talk about building a coalition, but did the u.s. ever have the resolve to do anything about syria? >> you know what, let me say.
5:36 am
jen is right. you are right. there is not a congressional resolve. however, congress did not say to president obama, go out and make such a statement and bill clinton started bombing kos voe. reagan did air strikes. >> you guys let him do it. >> but i think both president clinton and president regiaeg reagan realized it would save lives in the long run to follow up on what you said. i was there for that and i was there when george bush had to build a coalition to go into alook and afghanistan. and that's what took -- that is what leadership is all about. we did not get that out of president obama. >> we'll see what happens today with president trump. thank you very much. so there are many major political battles on capitol
5:37 am
hill. vice president pence is pushing health care reform. okay. his new plan, whatever that is, this as the supreme court fight could change the senate's rules. we have a live report on all of these show-downs next. your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan.
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all right. two big show downs gripping capitol hill. you've got the vice president trying to revive the health care fight and the senate trying to confirm trump's supreme court nominee. live on capitol hill with more on both.
5:41 am
what do you got? >> reporter: well, chris. the white house continues its full scale blitz on health care. you have mike pence expected up here today trying to revive this health care bill and last night after meeting with the conservative house freedom caucus, we saw the chairman emerge saying they are taking steps in the right direction, making some sort of progress. but notably, there is no legislative text to this new bill. there is still no agreements on the contours of the bill and very notably, the same divide between conservatives and moderates you had that brought down this bill before still very much exist. over to the battle here in the senate. we have republicans putting the wheels in motion setting up using the nuclear option on thursday to get kneel gorsuch, the supreme court nominee through. democrats have been railing against this. i want to show you some live picture now on the senate floor.
5:42 am
senator jeff murkily in his 13 hour straight holding on the senate floor. this is purely a protest. he can do nothing to delay the ine inevitable that's going to happen. >> that does look exhausting what they're going through. >> he at least had a chart there, though. we'll see if he gets to the ted cruz green eggs and ham point of nothing. >> show and tell does help. thank you very much. so these international cry sees are unfolding. david axelrod will be here with his biggest worry on the bottom line. >> and this chef is known for eating bizarre foods on tv. before he was famous, his life was spiraling out of control because of drug and alcohol addiction. a one-way plane ticket turned his life around. that's the story. >> my grandmother taught me how
5:43 am
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president trump is facing several international crises. congressman adam kin singer said this about the u.s. reaction to syria. >> so i'm ashamed about our government's actions so far and inaction. i wish i had the ability to move forces to do what needs to be done. and an evil dictator decides it is to his political advantage to put chemical weapons in their face and choke them to death. that's what's happening.
5:49 am
until the western world stands up, until republican or democratic administration stands up, this is not a partisan issue. this is going to continue. >> let's get to the bottom line now with former senior advisor to senate obama, david axelrod. what we just heard there is quite different from whatever policy, if that's what you call it, we've heard from the trump white house where as you know secretary of state tillerson and nikki haley say getting rid of assad is no longer a priority. >> yeah. that was the wrong signal. they said that the day before this chemical attack. you know, i don't know if there is a connection. but if you send that signal, assad hears it and obviously feels freer to do what he wants to do. listen, adam is a friend of mine and i respect him greatly and i respect where his comments are coming from. it is a very complex thing. one thing he didn't mention is
5:50 am
that the russians are deeply involved in syria now, including with their military forces and, so, if you decide to strike at assad, you have to calculate in the fact that the russians are also in that theater of war and how are they going to react to that. so it's more complex. and there has always been the issue of if you destabilize assad, what comes next and what would the u.s. role be there? but, listen, this is heart wrenching. anybody with a heart who isn't absolutely outraged by what we've seen on the screen from syria in the last few days is not human. >> right. that's the easy part. for a lawmaker to stand up and say this is terrible what's going on and it is the lower bar for involvement you have. >> but he still does. that's exactly the involvement he thought they should do.
5:51 am
>> that's the point, though. >> the point is for a congressman to say like adam did, why would he not be being in full earnest about it. congress had an opportunity to pick up the ball and go with it. >> they did. >> before he was there. but remind people. when obama had the red line and it seemed incontrovertible that syria crossed that red line, there was a moment of hesitation. but then what happened when obama went to congress and said, tell me whether or not you want military action. >> yeah. there wasn't a support for it. and adam noted that when he was talking to you guys. congress did not want the u.s. to go. obviously, donald trump was very emphatic at the time as a private citizen that he didn't want the u.s. to go in. but we are where we are now and to your first question, you know, one of the problems we have here is just incoherence in foreign policy from this administration. we have two of the thorniest
5:52 am
problems, the thorniest problem in international relations, north korea and syria and on each there are inconsistent signals about who is speaking for the administration, what the administration's policy is, and in these instances, that's very, very dangerous. tomorrow is probably the most important day of the trump administration yet, when the president sits down with the president of china and it's the chinese who hold the key to what happens to north korea. but in the last few days, on one day the president gives an interview and says if china doesn't act, we will have to take care of it ourselves. the next day he says it is china's problem, they have to deal with it, implying we have a hands off policy on this. you know, it is very, very dangerous. this north korea -- the syrian thing is a humanitarian crisis. the north korea situation is a
5:53 am
mortal threat to the united states of america. so what happens tomorrow in that summit and whether he can get the chinese to seriously focus on containing north korea is a very, very serious issue for the united states. >> i mean, look, you know the president prides himself on being unpredictable, and that's what some of this suggests. he says one thing one day, another one another day and we will see tomorrow how, you know, the president of china responds to all of that. >> what is interesting is that the president has chosen to say nothing about the russian bombing, about the syrian bombing, about the north korean missile launch. >> david axelrod, we have to say good-bye to you. thank you very much for the bottom line. >> hump day good stuff next.
5:54 am
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y282sy ywty all right. we have the syrian kid and now we have other kids showing us a possible way forward. that's the good stuff. students in california want to help out a local food bank, so they decided to start a fundraiser. it started in one close room, but then it spread. altogether the students helped raise enough money for more than 17,000 meals.
5:58 am
>> oh, my gosh. that is wonderful putting that into action. meanwhile, listen to this story. an engineer fed up with president trump's tweets came up with a red hot idea. he created a robot to burn them. cnn explains. >> reporter: when president trump tweets, it can leave his critics burning. so a robot builder decided to burn them. each and every trump tweet goes up in smoke with the message to @realdonaldtrump. david says he is giving trump's tweets the attention they deserve. he found himself annoyed by them. for him the tweet burner is ka that are tick. >> it's a way to laugh through it. >> he specializes in making giz mows that solve small problems
5:59 am
in difficult ways, like this oreo separating machine that separates the cream from the cookie or a bottle cap remover or the mannequin that sprays deyoet drant on him. he is from oregon and doing freelance robotic engineering in the netherlands. he spent a couple of weeks making himself a tweet burner. >> where do you keep a tweet burning robot. it has to be low on the flammability scale. >> it's in the bathtub. >> while trump rails against the failing new york times, the tweet burner itself sometimes fails, missing the ashtray or burning its own arm. it's cheap lighter once failed to light temporarily sparing a tweet. he gives the command to burn,
6:00 am
rub-a-dub-dub, presidential tweets burned in the tub. when the president tweeted about a witch hunt, little did he know his tweet would end up burned at the stake. cnn new york. >> i don't know. do you need a robot to put your deodorant on. >> you would just unfollow. >> not as creative. >> or as time-consuming. >> there you go. time for cnn news room. good morning, guys. >> thanks so much. we've got a lot of news. so let's get right to it. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> catastrophe and crisis, children dying and missiles flying. will the president move beyond blame? he has key meetings today. >> deal or no deal or no deal? republicans blame


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