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tv   New Day  CNN  April 6, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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on trade with china. or with north korea, how can trump come away with a much needed wineed ed win. >> a very busy day. live at the white house. joe? >> reporter: chris, this really is a defining moment for president trump and this admi administrati administration. as you said he railed against china and his trade policies on the campaign trail. he promised a big win at the negotiation table. now going face to face with the leader of china certainly trades will be an issue. but these leaders have a lot more to talk about. >> these heinous actions by the assad regime cannot be tolerated. >> president trump confronting multiple international kgs nati including today's meeting with the chinese president. >> my attitude toward syria and
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assad has changed very much. >> the president opening the door to greater action in syria in the wake of the horrific chemical attack perpetrated by assad against his own people. >> when you kill innocent children, innocent babies, that crosses many, many lines. i do change. and i am flexible. and i'm proud of that flexibility and i will tell you that attack on children yesterday had a big impact on me. >> a significant shift from the past when he was against intervention in syria after similar attacks. >> now we're supposed to get involved with syria. i would say to say out. >> and fought for a ban on syrian refugees. >> i'm putting the people on notice that are coming here from syria as part of this mass migration. that if i win, if i win, they're going back. >> united nations ambassador
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nikki haley warning the u.s. may take unilateral action if other countries fail to respond. >> when the united nations consistently fails in its duty to act collectively, there are times in the life of states that rewith compelled to take our own action. >> a starkly different tone from her comments just days ago when she told reporters, our priority is not to focus on getting assad out. those comments prompting bipartisan rebuke. >> the remarks we are no longer going to go after assad as one of our major polesies i believe caused assad to do what we did. >> i don't think it's a coincidence that a few days later we see this. >> ambassador slamming russia for supporting the regime. >> how many more children have to die for russia cares? >> president trump condemned the
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kremlin telling "the new york times" i think it is a very sad day for russia because they're in line. north korea's latest ballistic missl launch presents another major test for trump when he meets with the chinese president today. >> we have a big problem. we have somebody not doing the right thing. >> china's role certain to be a main point of conversation during the two day summit, which is president has acknowledged will be difficult, particularly after his routine criticism of china on the campaign trail. >> we can't continue to allow china to rape our country, and that's what we're doing. >> the visit of the chinese president means that the administration will have to turn the page quickly after the upheaval following the removal of the president's controversial aid, steve bannon from the principal committee of the national security council, which
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some are saying are a potential inflection point of this administration during the first 100 days. > thank you for all that reporting. russia just said what happened in syria is, quote, a monotrous crime. that is a shift from their initial blanket assad support. but they still will not say what happened or who did it. turkey's justice minister shows autopsy results show chemical weapons were used in that attack that killed 86 innocent people and injured hundreds more in syria. we have these images on the aftermath. they are disturbing and the ugly truth. emergency workers took more than 30 victims of the attack to turkey where three victims have since died. some of those killed include, of course, young children. turkey blames syrian leader assad's regime for carrying out this heinous attack. >> remember, the numbers there are still preliminary. they are still trying to figure
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out how many are injured. it is something we have keep our eye on. you got cnn political analysts and april riechblt also the correspondent for american urban radio networks. also joining us cnn politics reporter and editor at large. so let me ask you this. the president said he had a change that was motivated by what he saw of these children. and of course you can't not be moved by that. the question is what are you moved to do? do you think we will see a meaningful set of actions taken here? do you think that his change will extend to his feelings about these syrian refugees? we said, quote, and if i win, i'm telling those syrian refugees you're going back. do you think he would be as willing to send him back to that? >> that's a good question and we'll see because that's the policy that's pending that is
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probably being overrun by the fact that there is a responsibility for moral leadership from the president of the united states. now, candidate trump was not one who talked that way. he was much of of an america first guy. we should think about national security and foreign policy in terms of american interest only. and now he's talking about how moved he was and this isn't the first time we've seen assad use chemical weapons against his own citizens. the obama administration had a red line, didn't enforce it when it didn't have support for congress and this situation has continueddeteriorate. >> the president has to talk about what he wants to accomplish in syria. it can't just be about a pubetive strike. i don't know they thought that through. presumably there are options being drawn up. there is also this collision course with russia where you
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have seen senator rubio in the monotag we played minutes ago and nikki haley saying russia has got to step up and abandon support for assad. this put it is u.s. and russia on much or of a collision course at a time when we have seen nothing but a cozier relationship between trump and putin for now. >> the trump administration has sent somemixed messagesjust this week alone on syria. we heard rex tillerson and nikki haley say getting rid of assad is not a priority anymore. then this attack happens. some people believe it is connected. senator marco rubio went as far as to say that. and now you hear president trump gripped by the images he's seeing. what does that all mean? >> what it means and i'm going back to what david just said. david is right.
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the world community has spoken and those images could not be erased, could not turn away from those images. they're horrific. but at the same time the president said yesterday in the rose garden when he was having the joint press conference with king of jordan, he said that, you know, president -- former president barack obama missed an opportunity when he was talking about the red line. so what is that opportunity now for this president? he kept talking about so many lines. what are the lines for this president and what will he do? when it comes to syria and other issues and north korea, he brought north korea in. so what happens remains to be seen. but he has redefined his stance as to he was as a campaigner for president and now as president. so we are expecting something from this president. what will it be? we just don't know as of yet. >> you know, chris, the white house was anxious to dump this obama. this was his fault what's going on in syria.
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even but there was a different dynamic in play fl 2013. but here's the question. they said there was no resolve among the american people to want that. do you think it's given now hearing the chirping we're hearing from congress about needing to do something? >> first i think it is a little too early to know. but i will say that the answer is probably not as it relates to the american public's will to get involved in any meaningful way in syria. i know that is hard for many folks to believe when you look at these images and i think everyone in the country is bothered and should be bothered by them. that said, translating that beyond, oh, wow, that's really awful, then people move on to the next thing a week later, two weeks later. i don't know that there is the will to do that. remember donald trump was elected in most parts to say,
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you know, that's sort of their business now. we're not going to involve ourselves in every single thing here. he said recently and yesterday with king an dull la, we should have never gotten involved in the middle east. this will be a change for him. the thing i will say, the trump doctrine, what's difficult is we don't really know what it is. some of that is because he's never been in office before. some of it's because he has shown a flexibility bordering on a lack of conviction as it relates to that, which makes it hard to know what he will do in the future because he has changed his mind, said contradictory things in the past. >> david gregory, the problem with minding our own business is the world keeps intruding and that's what's happening with north korea. so what are you looking for today in this meeting between president trump and the president of china? >> let me say one word about the world being a mess. the middle east had a way of pulling president obama back in
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when he wanted to leave afghanistan and did leave iraq and now there are troops back in iraq. the issue is if you have a tragedy to counter isis, you have to think about the fact that what the assad regime is creating not only death and destruction and horror but refugees who are moving around that region who are ultimately vulnerable. they are in a sdesperate situation to recruit for isis. that's part of that grander strategic focus. it is the same with china as well. whether it's economic matters and getting help from china to counter north korea. david sanger with the times said it earlier on this program. china could have solved the north korea a long time ago. it has reasons for doing it, using north korea as a buffer to keep them from streaming in from
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that nigh and destabilizing the country but also encroachment by the u.s. military and south korean military close to china. some of it is just purely economic. now you've got a new president who says you have got to help us on this if you want some better relationship on the economic side of our relationship. >> what would be a win coming out of a meeting with the president of china? >> what would be a win is a shift in trade. as you know over the years there has been a big issue with many of these presidents when it comes to how much america buys of china's goods versus the chinese people buying american goods. a big win is trying to close that very wide gap. but also this president is talking a lot about pull right now. china has been very enamored in
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trying to buy our coal. i couldn't be surprise first-degree there was an energy piece coming out of this as well because coal is something that the chinese people really are looking for and we have a lot of it and that's on the table for this president as well. >> okay. very interesting day. thank you very much for all of your insights. we do want to get to some breaking news right now. we are learning information about who carried it out. we have those details for you next.
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breaking news in the investigation of that deadly attack in syria. we have barbara star live in washington. breaking details. the big question is who did it. what do we know now. >> good morning, chris. now there is no doubt in the miebds of the u. minds of u.s. military that assad did carry out this attack. they have been looking at technical intelligence. through radar they have been able to pick up the tracks of the regime aircraft in the air at the time. the u.s. military can determine who those aircrafts belong to. they know they track them. that's through radar. through infrared, heat signatures, they know those war planes dropped bombs in this area at the time of the attack. so it all adds up. radar, heat signature. they know planes were in the
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air. they know they dropped bombs. there was nobody else flying at the time. what happens next? it will be a political decision of course if president trump decides to undertake military action. but already u.s. commanders don't have to be told. they are looking at options. they're looking at what they could possibly do if the president comes to them and says give me those options. there is two things in the works here, which is one, what do you want to accomplish? do you want to just hit something to deliver a message to assad, something that will make him change his behavior, something he holds very dear and valuable? so the next question, do you want a full range of air strikes. hit his aircraft, his helicopters, his ar till yar, his rockets, a difficult position. >> thank you very much. that gives us a whole new
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perspective on all this. joining us is the republican senator of tennessee. thanks so much for being here. >> good to be with you, alison. thank you. >> now that you have just heard the reporting that the u.s. military has determined in their minds that assad was behind this chemical attack, what should the trump white house do in response? >> well, alison, i think the first step, which i think is a good one is that, you know, the trump administration understands the reality of who assad is. he's a monster. the fact that putin supports him, iran supports him, the reality at least is acknowledged by them and an understanding of who we're dealing with. as you mentioned, i'm sure military -- i know military officials are developing plans as to what it is we are supposed to do. obviously, the united states doesn't want to get sucked into some long ground war but there are ways that we can send
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signals to assad and i'm sure those plans are being developed. in addition to that, russia has got to take responsibility for the fact that they are supporting this brutal monster, which is what he is. he did the same thing as we know back in 2013. we should have hit him then. we had a ten hour plan of the mediterranean that could have changed the dynamic when we had a modern opposition. i realize that decisions today are much more difficult, but i'm sure the administration that's looking at this in a nature way and hopefully will develop a way to send a signal to this person. we need to put this guy in jail. he needs to be behind bars. we need to have him before a tribunal and hopefully enough evidence to get the world community behind that effort. >> senator, have you heard strong enough language from president trump about assad? >> you know, alison, because of
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what i saw happen with our former president and what it did to really discredit our country around the world and still is having effects, you know, our allies are concerned about where we're going to be with him on other issues, i really hope the president doesn't use very strong rhetoric. i hope he'll be measured in what he says, but much stronger in what we do. >> senator, correct me if i'm wrong, but back in 2013, what you're talking about with president obama brought the case of let's use military action to congress. >> right. >> you voted for it. you were all in. >> i actually wrote the document with senator men nendez that authorized the use of force. >> so you believe it was the right choice. >> no question. >> and you believe there was
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that deal that syria would turn over their chemical weapons by mid-2014 and international inspectors would enter in. so the u.s. felt they had some other way around it, some other progress that could be made without military action. >> yeah. >> why do you think everything is more complicated today? why not just go back to that plan that you had in 2013? >> well, we had a moderate opposition that was real, that was gaining ground. assad was on its heels. it's much different now. the moderate opposition is scattered. it is a much different effort that's underway. let me go back to that. what happened was president took a long walk around the white house and made the decision not to do it. and then an excuse was given and we jumped in the lap of putin. we really did. and i don't know if, alison, you know this because you cover these kinds of things, but that was the beginning of putin asen
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dansy on to the world's stage and the beginning of putin's awareness that that white house at the time was not going to take any steps to push back. then we had crimea. then we had ukraine and then you had russia stepping in to what has happened in syria. it has tremendous destabilizing efforts that took place all across europe. this was the beginning of creating putin. what happens is leaders see what happens and see the lack of response. today, sure, i hope the military is developing a limited response to assad that will spend a signal. i also hope that the world community, to the extent you can shame putin, shame russia, i hope the world community will shame them into taking actions that no longer cause them to support this brutal monstrous dictator that assad is. >> senator, do you still feel as though we're in the lap of
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putin? >> well, at this -- i don't. i mean, i don't. there is really no relationship. i will say that -- >> which have you heard -- i'm sorry to interrupt you. but which language have you heard from this white house that makes you think we are not in the lap of putin. >> so, look, i will be very direct with you and say that i was alarmed by some of the comments that were made during the campaign, during the transition, during the beginnings of this administration. but what i've seen is really a very good evolution. i have seen that with china. i have seen that with israel. i have seen that with nato. i think what you saw yesterday was the president understanding more clearly those of us who had been to refugee camps, those of us who know these syrians, those of us who have seen the horrible things that assad has done, we have known this for some time.
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i think what you're seeing is the administration becoming fully aware of who putin is, who assad is. so, yes, i haven't liked the rhetoric. do i think that things are changing relative to how this administration views russia and views syria? there is no question. i think that's a very positive development and i'm not going to criticize something that i see to be very positive happening now. did i like the earlier comments? no. did i think the well is poisoned now from the standpoint of the united states doing some cheap grand bargain with russia? absolutely. do i think that's a good thing? yes. are there some common areas of interest? hey, this is a great one right now. let's do what we can to really punish assad. >> senator, i know that human rights are on the forefront for you. you have been vocal about talking about human rights around the globe. but just for people who haven't heard that sort of stronger talk or shift in rhetoric that you're
5:26 am
referring to about russia coming out of this white house, what exactly is it that you've heard that gives you open that president trump will not treat russia with kid gloves. >> one of the great privileges in my job is i have the ability to interact constantly, not only with the white house, but with people like secretary tillerson to a degree, mattis. people like mcmaster at the nsc. i'm aware of kind of input the president is getting. there is no way. i mean, i think all of us, me, ben harden, all of us have poisoned the well for any kind of deal with russia and just based on their actions. so, look, look, you know, i'm sure would i love for us to have better relations with the russians? absolutely. but i think you have to deal with the realities of who they are, what they are doing to really undermine institutions of
5:27 am
democracy around the world because countries like ukraine and what's, you know -- anything that shows that people can have self-determination, can really work in a free enterprise system without corruption, those are things that are a threat to putin and we need to make sure that we do everything we can to hold those values high, including human rights and again i think this administration is moving in that direction, thankfully, and i want to support that, as everyone should. >> senator, we appreciate you coming on new day. thanks so much for being here. >> thank you. >> important to note, we have not heard the president make any comment about russia yet except to say he was sad for them because they are in alliance with assad. now, on to north korea. their missile launch changed the agenda for president trump in his meeting today. does mr. trump have a plan to stop kim jong-un? we will speak with a senator who
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we have more on the breaking
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news in the u.s. military and intelligence officials are telling cnn that radar picked up syrian war planes dropping the chemical weapons that killed more than 80 people and injured hundreds more. joining us now is the democratic senator of massachusetts. thank you for joining us. even though it seemed obvious, it is important to have proof. are you confident that assad deserves the blame for what just happened? >> well, if that information is accurate, then, yes he does. unless the russians have any contrary evidence, then i think we should assume that assad, in fact, orders, perpetrated this horrific act, this act that is absolutely causing the rest of the world, including donald trump to come to realize that this man is a terrible person. he is someone who should not be
5:33 am
able to run a country. >> so now what? the president says he was moved by images. he says he feels differently now about syria. he did not go so far as to russ russia's involvement with syria, but what should be done now? >> i think it's now time for donald trump to pivot on his attitudes towards russia. i think that he has to now say to russia that they have a responsibility, one, to ensure that there is a full enforcement of the agreement to remove all of the chemical weapons from the possession of assad. second, a complete implementation of the cease fire, which the russians, ir iranians and turks negotiated. that has not been enforced. third, to ensure that there is unfeddered distribution of humanitarian gain in that country and that fourth russia
5:34 am
forces assad to the table so that we can find a diplomatic resolution of this civil war, bringing all parties to the table so that once and for all we can deal with the -- with this conflict in a way that has the world agreeing that diplomacy is the only way to end it. >> so the president is being tested this week in unique fashion. we have a human tarn crisis in syria and a crisis with north korea that has potential. they are obviously wanting to develop nuclear capabilities they can use militarily. they keep testing. we know what that's about. you have a letter that you sent to the president that you believe instructs as to how to change that reality. tell us about that. >> well, i don't think that it makes any sense for donald trump to continue his rattling.
5:35 am
the more that we engage in saber rattling is the more likely that kim will continue to test nuclear weapons, to test nuclear missiles. i think a better way to approach this problem is for donald trump to ask president xi to impose much tougher economic sanctions against north korea, to tighten the screws. but in return, the united states must do something that the chinese want us to do, which is to engage in direct negotiations with kim. that could be a win-win, that we have the chinese fully involved. at the same time we are negating with kim towards the goal of ending this else kalating nuclear threat that endangers not just the korean peninsula, but the united states and the rest of the civilized world. >> what about the u.s. prior disposition to legitimizing kim and giving equal footing to a
5:36 am
december pid. >> the only way we're going to end this is by negotiating with kim, unless we intend that he's willing to engage in a preventative war. but that would be very dangerous because that would lead almost to an escalation on the korean peninsula that could have catastrophic implications for us and other parts of the world. >> and what do you do in terms of the strategy to deal with the other parts of china's reluctan reluctance, which is not wanting to see military build up by the united states or its allies around its border. interference with $7 billion in trade with north korea. the concerns if there is any type of acceleration of trade in north korea there may be a humanitarian crisis across the border into china. how do you deal with those?
5:37 am
>> i think the only way we're going to deal with those issues is if we negotiate. if we see an escalation, then unfortunately, i think we're going to see an exacerbation from each one of those problems. so this meeting today, again, gives president trump a chance to do a pivot. obviously there were reckless comments that were made by the president about the chinese during the campaign and even after the campaign. so i think that this is a moment for the president to realize that both in the way in which he was coddling russia or recklessly attacking china that he now gets a chance to reset both of those relationships in a way that can have a peaceful resolution of the key challenges which his administration is facing right now. >> the senator from massachusetts, strong suggestion. give kim jong-un a seat at the
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president trump and china's president begin their summit meeting today. >> the u.s. military and swe intelligence officials confirmed syrian war planes carried out that attack that killed more than 80 people. officials say radar intelligence confirms the attack. >> president trump said former obama national security advisor susan rice may have committed a crime by unmasking trump associates. the president offering no evidence to back up his claim. >> more airports may be added to the ban on laptops in carry ones. the move is based on a, quote, real threat. right now ten airports in the middle east and africa are affected. >> storms leaves behind a trail of destruction. fierce storms moving east. >> would you like more on the five things to know for your new
5:43 am
day? go to for the latest. >> president trump is about to meet with china's president face to face. this of course after slamming that country's president on the campaign trail. so what exactly will happen today when they are face to face? the bottom line is next. >> but first resist reaching for sweets when you are overwhelmed. cnn health writer shows us the best stress fighting food as fuel. vodka. >> turning to super foods when you're stressed may help you feel better. dark, leafy greens like kale and spinnage contains foe lates and b-12. those nutrients are associated with chemicals in your brain that regulate emotions and pleasure. quality cashrbs help your brain regulate ser toe anyone.
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president trump comes face to face today with china's president. remember, he slammed that country during the campaign. >> we can't continue to allow china to rape our country, and that's what they're doing. it is the greatest theft in the history of the world. the greater ace bu sor in the history of this country. they can't imagine, they can't even believe they can get away with what's happening. china is responsible for nearly half of our entire trade defi t deficit. they break the rules in every
5:49 am
way imaginable. >> so we know how strong he was talking about china. how will he be when he is speaking to china? let's get the bottom line with c cnn political director. the political optics are he needs a win. how does this turn into a win for trump. >> he definitely does need a win. i don't think there is going to be a huge win, a deliverable out of this two-day meeting. this is more a sort of get to know you. imagine how awkward it is to sit in a room with somebody you called a rapist. clearly he hasn't been using that retd rihetoric lately. you played all the sound on trade and economic issues front and sent inner this summit, chris, but of course north korea this week showed how important that issue is and donald trump stated time and time again he believes that is an issue china needs to solve. two major issues as these two
5:50 am
leaders get down to business. >> on the campaign trail he sounded so angry about china and used such heated rhetoric that you could imagine that it would be tense when they meet today because you've said we've got to stop the abuse. unless the president just does something completely different and back peddles and used charm offenses. what do you predict? >> i know there will be a little bit of both. tons of people who have been in meetings with him have described that side of him. but i don't -- i don't see him tossing out all the rhetoric from the campaign trail. remember, china has been a boogie man in politics for the better part of a decade if not longer where it really has been prominent in tv ads. that has been a way to strike at that heart land vote that donald trump was so successful at. i don't see him walking away
5:51 am
from that. i do see him trying to press some points there. there is no doubt he is going to try to charm this man as well. he certainly wants to do deals with china. >> let's stick with china. what is your bottom line on the senator from massachusetts democrat, his suggestion in a letter to the president saying you want to solve north korea, you have to do something the u.s. has not wanted to do, sit down with kim jong-un? >> you know, i think that a lot of north korea experts that i have read and heard on our air talking, chris, will tell you that's not necessarily going to be the most productive avenue at this stage. there are some folks who believe that might be necessary. but i can't envision right now donald trump sitting down with the north korean leader. rex tillerson's pro voktive nonstatement statement the other day seemed to indicate that the u.s. is done talking about this and will not respond, so that
5:52 am
doesn't seem like an opening to sit down and have a leader to leader meeting. >> okay. about syria, because this is important because the president's point of view has shifted, what action will he take? >> you know, it's unclear. i mean, that was the take away from yesterday in the rose garden is that he said he has changed. he's certainly expressed the moral outrage at the images he was seeing. but there was no discussion of specifics of what action may be taken. so, you know, i think alison you are asking the right question and the answer is truly we don't know yet. i will say this. it seems odd to me that donald trump has adopted an entirely new world view. i am somewhat suspect of that. one consistent theme over the course of the campaign throughout these first 10 days has been america first. i'm not the president of the world. i'm the president of america. but because of what he stated in his policy, the burden is now on
5:53 am
him to show us what that means that he's changed. >> the biggest hurdle for him is if he wants to do something about syria, he has to change on russia. is it worth it to him? >> the good stuff next. how about it? can i get some help. watch his head. ♪ i'm so happy. ♪ whatever they went through, they went through together. welcome guys. life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you.
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so she put her life on the line for our country. now one veteran is getting the gift of a lifetime. please meet kem miraz. she was left paralyzed from the waist down. but thanks to the va, she can stand up again. >> not only can i now stand up, i can also cook. i can play with my kids more. i can hug my dad. >> that wheelchair. kim says that she feels like a new person and for that she's beyond thankful. >> i finally get to look in somebody's eyes and be like, oh, my god, this is awesome. i feel like a women again. >> taking care of the troops once they get back home. everybody says they support the troops, but do they deliver? that va did.
5:58 am
>> on a lighter note, the first lady and queen of jordan visited a charter school for girls. we go inside these visits. >> you would be overexcited, too, if you were about to present flowers to a first lady and a queen. it was the me lan yeah and rania show. visiting an all girls public charter school. they stopped by our science in science class. the kids dissected owl pellets. the former model and the queen that made it into "vanity fai fair"'s best dressed list hall of fame made an eye catching pair, strolling with their husbands, sitting in front row seats for the joint press conference with the king of
5:59 am
jordan perched on a box for added height. >> we're both leaders on that, believe me. believe me. >> believe me, these two even dress alike once in a while. >> we've had brangelina and bennifer. >> people are mesmerized by the queen thing. >> i'm thinking are these people for real? they're taking me for real? i'm only a kid but they have gone into the role. >> the white house released first lady's official portrait today, but since she is never at the white house, they had to get a little creative. >> the former model and the mononarc seem comfortable. the first lady even teased the queen. >> you got very tall. >> queen rania opted to lower
6:00 am
her thrown. but when you're busy looking at owl pellets through safety googles, even royal, doesn't leave you googly eyed. >> i know you feel more glam louse, as do i right now. >> prince and princess, alison. thank you so very much. we have a lot of news, so let's get right to it. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> count down to the nuclear option, the final moments before the u.s. congress changes potentially forever. and if you think it is a good change, well senator john mccain says think again. it is a quote, stupid idea. after the horrific chemical attack in syria, the president caims a radical shift in his opinion, but what about his promises? >> that crosses many, many lines,


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