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tv   Early Start with Christine Romans and Dave Briggs  CNN  April 10, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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and early. it is monday, april 10th, 5:00 a.m. on the east coast and the world is waiting and watching to see the president's next move on syria following last week's missile strike on a government airfield. top administration officials seem to be putting out a muddled message on the fate of assad. recollection tillerson told abc news that the strike was only to deter further use of chemical weapons, not at regime change. >> we are hopeful that we can work with russia and use their influence to achieve areas of stabilization, and engage all participates on a way forward and through that political process we believe the syrian people will ultimately be able to decide the fate of assad. >> meanwhile nikki haley says
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the u.s. has multiple priorities in syria and one of them political stability is impossible with assad still as president. >> there's not any sort of option where a political solution is going to happen with assad at the head of the regime. if you look at the actions it's hard to see a government that's peaceful and stable with assad. >> haley is calling out russia and -- for support. the warning of tougher sanctions is not off the table. ahead of this, high stakes meeting with rex tillerson and russian ambassador. >> has anything really changed? let's bring in cnn international correspondent ben wedeman. good morning to you. the air base that was bombed is apparently now back in
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operation, so did these strikes actually create a deterrent or did the mission fail? >> reporter: well, perhaps they did create a deterrent for another chemical strike like we saw last tuesday which left 89 people dead but looking at the bigger picture, it really hasn't changed the reality inside syria. what we have seen is that there have been a repeated airstrikes in the prove since idlib where that chemical attack happened, dozens of people have been killed as a result and if you just look at for instance the numbers by my very rough calculations one fourth of 1% of more than 400,000 people killed in the last six years by chemical attacks the vast majority have been killed by
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barrel bombs and other means therefore that slaughter continues unabated and doesn't seem to be any indication that that's going to change at all. certainly the missile strike on that syrian air base did sen a clear message that there's a high price to pay for continued use of chemical weapons, but the rest goes on and we did hear nikki haley talking about three pri priorities, getting rid of iranian influence and the end of assad regime, those are tall orders for an administration just in office and just beginning to understand the harsh realities of syria. boris. certainly some confusion as of a few days rex tillerson saying it should be up to the syrian people whether or not y
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bay -- bashar assad stays in place. a strike group is headed toward the korean peninsula. the show of force follows recent provocations from the north. >> reporter: hey, there christine, this is clearly a show of force, a flexing of ameri american muscle, they say the return to have uss colkarl vins to the peninsula is certainly a sign of the gravity of which the u.s. regards the nuclear threat. it is not unusual to see a u.s. carrier in the waters off the peninsula, this is a place
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30,000 troops permanently stationed but have upped the resources returning this carrier to the waters directly in response to north korean pro provocations, that's the official word from washington d.c., all options are being explored and on the table that's something that rex tillerson said right his or herren a trip to seoul, south korea, he said military options would be something that would be explored if needed, not anything anyone wants to see, but it is clearly intended to send a powerful message, it comes after a strike on syria and said it is evidence why north korea needs nuclear weapons to defend themselves they say. thank you alex. breaking down the day in politics and global affairs
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eugene scott is with us, good morning. >> good morning. >> starting with rex tillerson and nikki haley whether or not assad should stay in place. do you think they are of design, good cop, bad cop or the sense of chaos, when this doesn't seem like it's part of a plan when donald trump decided to make the strikes. >> it looks like it could be closer to the latter than the former, last week we were getting messages from the trump administration saying they would not get involved as much as they have. here less than a week later after the statements from tillerson we have seen sgan significant activity, i think the trump administration is still trying to figure out how to respond and have to
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communicate that to all participates involved. >> the approach to russia, nikki haley has been very aggressive dressing down vladimir putin and his support of assad but then you have tillerson saying we should try to work this out. >> i do think tillerson has frustration with how the russian government is involved, but to your point, the next step they still aren't clear about, they still haven't articulate today the american people or the press what they think is the best step an i don't know if that's consistent with the president's on going statement about not wanting to make it public to everyone what he wants to do or if the truth is they really don't know what to do. >> the person speaking for american policy here. jared kushner who just took the trip to iraq, nikki haley
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speaking very forcefully and this morning rex tillerson wakes up this morning in italy for the g-7, used to be the g-8 and the community isolated russia, so wondering how much -- he has. >> rex tillerson would be the voice, the one to communicate what the agenda is and what the trump doctrine is if you recall last week vladimir putin or at least his government criticized trump for not having a clear foreign policy so i think quite a few folks are wondering where this administration is going to go when it comes to responding to both russia and syria. >> we have to ask about kind of te the elephant in the oval office
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of infighting between bannon and kushner, being told that trump told them to work it out. famously corey lewandowski was fired after a rift with he and kushner, are we seeing the same thing with bannon? >> jerry kushner is the president's son-in-law, in addition of his oldest daughter in addition to his senior advisor and what we do know about president trump is he values his kids and keeps them close and have been with him since before he got on the trump train himself to get to the white house. steve bannon has not and it will be interesting to see who has the most power where the president wants to take the administration.
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>> the world views of kushner and bannon are almost polar opposite. kushner is almost like a democrat compared to bannon. >> that's what bannon would like to say, democrats would like to say they're closer together against somebody they are resisting, but what we have seen of critics of him is he's not a clear ideologue, so which side he's going to land on isn't quite clear, but based on policy, my vote would be on jared. >> thanks. the trump administration drafting an executive order to investigate how certain imports fek the u.s. trade deficit to find out if unfair dumping of goods is hurting prices and u.s. competition. if it is happening it could lead the tariffs.
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the obama administration slapped several tariffs on chinese steel, an american steel manufactures have been screaming about what has been unfair competition with china for years, last summer they raised the import on metal to 500%. a white house official warns the investigation would result in no action on imports which would be very different from what you heard from the president on the campaign trail. he ordered sharp tariffs immediately. to go after countries that take advantage of u.s. trade policies. you have to imagine that was part of the conversations this weekend at mar-a-lago. we have heart wrenching images to show you out of egypt after a state of emergency has been declared after a set of deadly church bombings. we'll take you there live next.
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the death toll in egypt is now up to 49 with isis claiming responsibility for both attacks. they're threatening more violence to come. targeting of two coptic churches marking the important days on the christian calendar. not with just easter a few days away but because pope francis is to visit the country at the end of april so what are officials doing at this time. >> reporter: this is supposed to be a time of celebration, many of them looking forward to the pope's visit at the end of the month. but there's a lot of fear and sorrow, people saying there isn't the security needed across the country to make people feel
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safe. they say yes, there's a couple of guards out front of police, that's just a veneer of security, but not actual security. the chief of police was fired the aftermath of the attack. the president has said he declared a three month state of emergency which gives police and army extra powers to make arrests and searches and detain people but people we have spoken with say that probably isn't enough and that they're going to need more the president vowing he will hunt down the perpetrators and detain them, but we're also hearing that from security officials that across the country the army has been deployed the make sure that it is safe. the pope's visit is safe. and that easter next weekend is secure. >> thank you. over at the national security council revolving door continues to spin.
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top deputy kt mcfarland who witnessed the ouster and the current h.r. mcmaster, is set to become the ambassador to singapore. she says she will stay on, and telling a cnn official that appears to be months away. the 74th time was a charm. finally winning over his friend justin rose at the masters, cory wire with the bleacher report next.
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a long wait for sergio garcia is over winning the 2017 masters. and that flashy green jacket. cory wire has this morning's bleacher report. >> reporter: best player to never win the major. the 37-year-old spaniard always had what it took to win, but for 18 years coming up short on the biggest stages, not so any more. justin rose turned the back 9 into a two-man show battling back and forth but where sergio used to struggle in the past he overcame the demons on the grandest stage. he would end up taking his first green jacket in his 74th appearance, he was there with his fiance, she was putting
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notes on his mirror all week long. he told us what it was like. >> everybody around the green, it felt like they were just waiting for that to happen and you know just a lot of different thoughts, a lot of different memories. just a whole bunch of little flashes that it was nice to go through it that quickly i guess. >> reporter: how about this awesome moment from yesterday, american matt kuchar, this guy is the type of guy that always seems to be smiling and probably because of shots like this, the long slow roll all the way back for the hole in one. there we go. even cooler afterward he signs the ball, reaches over the rope and gives it to the little kid with the nice little outfit. i know boris likes to wear those
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types of hats. history made in the nba last night in jaw dropping fashion. oklahoma city's russell westbrook breaking oscar robertson's record for most triple-doubles in a season. he broke rebounds an assists for the 42nd time in season. look at that shot there as the buzzer sounds to knock the denver nuggets out of playoff contention. okc wins 106-105. it was a good day if sports. happy monday to you both. >> happy monday to you. >> i've never worn one of those hats but that orange polo looked great i might bring one on tomorrow. major shifts after the u.s. strikes in syria. what's the next move for the white house. and now an american aircraft carrier is on the way to the
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korean peninsula. we'll help you break it all down after this.
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conflicting messages from top officials as the white house weighs the next steps on syria. and an american show of force headed toward the korean peninsula, welcome back to early start things so much for getting up early with us i'm boris sanchez. >> i'm christine romans. good morning the world is waiting to see president trump's next step on syria following airstrikes on a syrian airfield but top officials seem to be putting out a mixed message on the fate of bashar al assad.
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tillerson telling abc that it was to deter chemical weapons use, not regime change. >> create the conditions for the political process through geneva to engage all parties on way forward and it is through that political process that we believe the syrian people will ultimately be able to decide the fate of assad. >> on the other hand nickki haly says she has multiple -- >> there's not any sort of political option that's going to happen with assad at the head of the regime. it's going to be hard to see a government that's peaceful and
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stable with the head as assad. warning tougher sanctions with the two countries is not off the table. all ahead of the high stakes meeting with russian foreign minister. the message is already clear, quit propping up assad. >> now that the smoke has cleared following the strikes has anything really changed? >> we want to bring in cnn's international correspondent ben wedeman. for the syrian people has anything changed? >> reporter: certainly if you speak to people inside syria in the rebel controlled areas, no nothing has changed. after that chemical attack on tuesday morning that left 89 people dead the syrian regime quickly went back to using its old tactic of using conventional
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weapons, it's whole scale industrial mass murder that's been going on the last six years almost half a million people dead and just a tiny fraction of them killed by chemical weapons. we know the air base hit by the missile strike on thursday is back in operation and we know that many towns in idlib province the town hit by the chemical weapons have been hit repeatedly by regime aircraft. dozens of people killed. certainly the missile strike did change the basic equations in syria. the syrian regime after hearing statements from u.s. officials including secretary of state tillerson that changing the regime in damascus was no longer a priority they realized they
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maybe should be more careful with use of chemical weapons but beyond that nothing has really changed. we heard nicki hkki haley sayint the united states has three priorities, to perhaps see the over throw of regime of assad. before all of this was very busy with the war against isis, now talking about over throwing the regime in damascus, that's a lot of things to do for an administration that's fresh into power. >> i would say so. thank you so much for that. let's break down the day ahead in politics. cnn politics reporter eugene scott cis with us. good to see you. >> you as well. rex tillerson goes to italy, used to be called the g-8, now
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the g-7, what do you expect to hear from the secretary of state when he goes to russia? how forceful will he be with russian authorities? >> i think he will articulate whatever role they are playing with syria, if they do not step back if they do not even join the united states in condemning syria then there will be a significant shift and something that will come from the top of the administration -- >> there's a question about how effective these strikes were. we just heard from ben that the airfield bombed is now operational again. some members of congress are speaking out about this. let's listen to what lindsey graham had to say. >> you kill babies with conventional bombs is still a
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morale outrage. here is what i think assad is telling trump, f-you, and i think he's making a serious mistake, because if you don't worry about what trump may do on any given day, then you're crazy. >> it's interesting that he says that you don't know what trump is going to do on any given day then you're crazy, during the campaign trump said his main goal was focussing on isis not assad but then watched this video of a chemical strike and said it made him emotional and he took action. is that more worry? >> it's definitely a concern to politicians on the right and the left. people want to know what his next step is and if he's going to come to congress to get approval to discuss this with people who have far more experience in this area than he does as many people paying attention noted this time last
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week the trump administration was taking a very different approach to syria, so where they want to go next is unclear to people who are on their side and we've seen people from the russian government make jabs at the trump administration saying there's not a clear foreign policy, that there's not a clear doctrine, so people don't know what to expect >> but senator marco rubio also on abc this week, he says the strategy as he sees it is the wrong strategy. >> i'm a bit
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at big change on the way, kt mcfarland set to become u.s. ambassador to singapore. she will stay on until she is confirmed by the senate expected months away. and this morning neil gorsuch is set to be sworn in as the 101st justice of the supreme court. he will take two oaths of office. a private at 9:00 a.m. and justice kennedy will at minister a public oath at 11:00 at the rose garden.
2:48 am
it's the first time he will take the bench with his former boss. they crossed party lines after public leaders decided to go nuclear to change the rules and end the filibuster. >> then there were nine. all nine seats filled. alisyn camerota joins us. >> we're going to tell you what you missed over the weekend. ever since the u.s. launched the missile strike on syria, what was the point? since the next day assad's military was back at it back attacking their own people. so what did the u.s. missile strike accomplish? we will have all of our experts weigh in on that as well as the mixed messaging, what is the policy toward syria moving forward? what further actions will be taken? so a will the lot to talk about addition to previewing
2:49 am
tillerson's visit to russia. all of that when we see you at the top of the hour. >> to be a fly on the wall. higher education one state just passed a law for free college tuition. free college tuition. we'll take a look at that and money sense next. inary clay. from l'oréal hair expert/paris.
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the death toll from two bloody church bombs now rising to 49. isis claiming responsibility for both. egyptian nationals, threatening more violence to come. it came on one of the two most important days on the christian
2:54 am
calendar. it's the latest of a string of attacks of christians in the country, so what is the government doing for security? >> reporter: the old head of security was fired after the attacks. we asked them what they are going to do differently to make sure sites like that where the bomb went off are secured and he said they would put up new cameras to have a better idea of what was going on around the church. i talked to christians about that and they said that's just a veneer of security that the government keeps promises and they don't have the true interests of the coptics at heart, they say yes, they do have a few guards but it's not stopping the bombers from getting inside or placing bombs,
2:55 am
so there's a lot of anger, human rights groups have cautioned the powers could be abused as they have been in the past. also yesterday president trump did call presidency sissi, to offer support to help find the perpetrators behind the attack. isis did claim responsibility and say there are likely to be more attacks like this in the future coming into a time when christians are celebrating easter around the pope is visiting at the end of the month. >> thank you for the update. >> back to the u.s. now and headaches in the arir and on th ground. delta hoping to get back on track after days of cansemmcell flights after powerful storms hit the main hub of atlanta last
2:56 am
week, thousands of passengers have been stranded during one of the busiest times of the year and delta is warning more cancellations may be possible. and this sound was set off for a full 95 minutes in dallas. the hacker had access to the hub connecting all the sirens, calls to 911 jammed the system and delayed the help to people who needed help. the mayor has said he will prosecute those responsible. >> investors are looking to see if higher interest rates and the prospects of deregulation boost profits for the bank. new york, the first state in the
2:57 am
country now to offer free tuition to middle class students, offering full time students, cap will start at $100,000. those eligible will have their tuition covered ranging from about 6,500, a little more than 3,000 for two-year programs. room and board is not picked up, which is sometimes more expensive than tuition. it's the first state to offer free tuition, but other states are not behind, rhode island, tennessee, orange origin tennessee oregon, and san francisco have -- >> the labor department in the
2:58 am
san francisco court was trying to find out pay labor, they have syst systematic compensation disparities across the work force. it inspects records and other datas to make sure that it is complying with equal opportunity gaps. google denies the accusations and this is a major problem in the department of energy and found that women at google are paid less than men. >> you have to think about all the tech companies that don't have to show their payday ta. thanks for joining us, new day starts right now. . our priority is first. we are hopeful we can work with russia.
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>> we don't see a peaceful syria with assad in there. >> it is based on assumptions that won't work. >> i think assad is telling trump f-you. >> we don't want to start a war whatever we want. >> north korea in a pattern of provocative behavior. >> countering the nuclear threat. >> they are working the way to the intercontinental ballistic missile. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> thank you. you haare watching "new day." the u.s. investigates whether russia played the role in the chemical attack. president trump's top officials sending mixed messages of what the u.s. intends to do next. >> the u.s. navy moving an a
3:00 am
aircraft carrier into the north korea peninsula. these moves set the table for secretary of state rex tillerson who heads to moscow tomorrow. this is a critical day. let's begin our coverage with joe johns live at the white house. >> reporter: good morning, chris. tough talk for sure. the strategy is not clear. administration seemingly sending mixed messages. one step forward. two steps back. on the issue of regime change in syria after the friday night bombing run that sent a message this president is not afraid to use force. >> every time one of these horrific attacks occurs, it draws russia closer in to some level of responsibility. >> reporter: secretary o


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