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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  April 10, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. thank you for sharing your time with us. no vacancy. neil gorsuch joins the supreme court and a number of cases will soon test his views and his influence. >> and i can say this is a great honor. and i got it done in the first 100 days. that's even nice. you think that's easy? >> a happy president there. missile strikes in syria. tough talk toward russia and a navy carrier group now steaming toward north korea. >> i think this is the week in which donald trump became the commander in chief. this is the welcome to the white house moment. >> plus more palace intrigue at
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the white house, but no doubt about one rising force. >> why did you push for steve bannon to be taken off the principles committee of the national security council? >> well, this is not as it appears i think. the president can get advice from anybody he wants. he does that. >> with us to share their reporting and their insights, cnn sara murray, peter baker of the "new york times," carol lee of the "wall street journal," cnn ian henderson. neil gorsuch is now justice neil gorsuch and they're back to nine justices. a second ceremony at the white house where gorsuch a mentor administered the judicial oath and where president trump couldn't resist a little politics. >> spring is really the perfect backdrop for this joyful gathering of friends because together we are in a process of
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reviewing and renewing and also rebuilding our country. a new optimism is sweeping across our land and a new faith in america is filling our hearts and lifting our sights. >> cnn jeff zeleny was in the rose garden as the pat celebrated a win. >> john, there are very few audiences, very few opportunities for a president to have an audience in person face to face a few feet away from the entire -- all the justices on the supreme court, but that's what happened this morning. it was a beautiful morning out here. it's a sun splash day in washington and the president indeed had a bounce in his step because this without question is going to be the biggest accomplishment at least so far of his first 100 days in office. the nomination and indeed the
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confirmation wasn't always as pretty there. of course the senate had to change the rules, but this is a moment for the president's legacy and this is a moment where he believes that this young justice age 49 years old will be serving on the supreme court for potentially three decades or more to come here. the supreme court justices can often not necessarily not surprise. i mean, we've seen many times over the course of history that justices have different rulings and things, but they believe and the conservative base believes that justice gorsuch is someone who's going to be on their side and indeed is a worthy replacement for justice scalia. so interesting that the president talked about the first 100 days. it's clear that they are on his mind. he said that's not easy. he's right about that. he has seen that of course more than anyone else here. but the president was reading by teleprompter this morning. all of those words meant to send
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a message that he kngot a victo and it felt pretty good at least judging by the smile on his face. >> probably back to reading notes about health care and tax reform. not to mention foreign policy. this is a win for the president. and oddly, supreme court confirmation battles often become the overwhelmingly dominant story in washington, but because there's so much going on it was almost under the radar. neil gorsuch is 49 years old. he just left the tenth circuit court of appeals. he clerked for justices wie yya and kennedy. some big cases about to come before the court. this is a huge deal for this president and for the country and it was almost a blip. >> we had in fact a missile strike and the russian investigation. we had so many things his con fir mission w f -- confirmation was below the
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fold. he's young. he's 49. the last justice to retire was john paul stevens. he retired in 84. if neil gorsuch retires, he'll be making decisions until 2052. >> the travel ban might make it on the supreme court. we'll see what happens. there are big separation for church and state questions. right to carry guns outside the home. gun control before the high court. legality of north carolina's voter i.d. law. due process of undocumented immigrants, another giant issue soon to be before the court t.'s been 14 months, 14 months since justice scalia died and democrats have hard feelings about president obama not getting his pick. i'm just struck by the fact that this was want all consuming in washington or at least the country didn't see it that way because of so many other things happening in the first 100 days. >> that's about to shift because all of those cases that you just outlined are for divisive issues. if the travel ban were to reach the supreme court, that's
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another divisive issue and you have a very conservative judge who is now sitting on the supreme court and this white house clearly with that ceremony, which was an unusual ceremony to have, hopes will rule in the direction that the conservatives and republicans want him to. and so we may not have paid that much attention to it because of different things that were going on before, but these are all very high stakes and very divisive issues and they're ones that politically people really care about. >> and on domestic issues, we'll get to the foreign policy questions, in a minute, but on domestic issues, a lot of chaos. supposed to repeal and replace obamacare. a lot of turbulence and failures. this one is without a doubt from the announcement to a finish line a big success. >> yes. and under the radar for washington, for "the new york times" in terms of placement on the page. for conservatives, this is what they were counting on. this is what they were
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embracing. this is what they were looking forward to. this is why donald trump was able to consolidate republicans and they say why he got elected. i do think it will be interesting to see some conservatives are slightly worried about this pick. the idea that is he going to be more like john roberts who disappointed a lot of conservatives because he upheld obamacare, or is he going to be in the mold of scalia and thomas? they'll get to see right away with all these religious liberty cases that come up. >> it's a great point. conservatives always worry once it's done is this a david schuter, is this a john robinson. a lot of deserves at home will be saying no, no, no. sort of the conspiracy theorist in me is one of the big conversation system that justice kennedy has told some freiends e might want to retire. was the president of the united states saying i love you, but
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give me another one. >> and you can trust me because look what a great pick i'm working. if you provide me another vacancy i'll make another pick to make conservatives happy. there there's reason to be concerned. now we're going to get a much better sense of where gorsuch actually stands on these issues. for the trump administration in terms of the politics of this, the challenge of the fact that they were able to do it under the radar and do some smoothly, the roll out was smooth. now they have to try to get the credit for that and say hey, we actually did this really enormous meaningful thing in our first 100 days and even though nobody was paying attention we still deserve a pat on the back. >> now it's out of the president's back. he's on a lifetime appointment. to see that remarkable ceremony thr , this went back to the reagan administration. a lot doesn't come. they don't look to be associated
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with politics. it raises the question. maybe i'll get three, maybe i'll get four. that would require sadness on the courts or retirement. ruth bader ginsburg who was a critic during the campaign was at stanford and she was asked this question are you going to hang around? >> a lot of people have been expressing encouragement that you eat more kale so to speak, so that you can continue doing the public service work that you're doing for as long as possible. to that tune i was wondering who do you want to eat more kale in washington? >> who? justice kennedy. >> proof there of how well she knows the politics with the court and the philosophy of the court, that kennedy has been the swing vote, that gorsuch for
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saly scalia is a conservative for a conservative. ideologically the expectation. as the court goes back to where it was 14 months ago. the question is, is there another one that would allow this president to actually alter the balance of the court when you're talking about issues like same sex marriage, whether it's abortion rights, some of these state and federal issues. >> they are targeting kennedy in the sense that he's begun to slow down. people noticed it. at a certain point in life you might want to do other things. he did go toto teach last summer. he didn't go to his reunion. then he didn't hire clerks right away. eventually he did, but that can change. what did the white house do? they picked neil gorsuch not just because he's a respected member of the tenth circuit court of appeals but because he was justice kennedy's clerk. they leaked to my colleague the name of two other people they're
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considering if there happens to be another opening both of whom happen to be former kennedy clerks. the idea is we're not going to put some flame thrower, somebody you can't respect in your seat if you choose to give it up. >> and yet can i just say that because they changed the rule in the senate, the president's going to be under tremendous pressure from conservatives to nominate someone who's very conservative because he can get them through. >> if there is another one. we went through and changed the rules. we'll see if the president sticks to that list. up next, tough talk from the secretary of state and a warning from the cia director about north korea getting frisky. so that you can spend time on what really matters. marie callender's. it's time to savor. attention homeowners age sixty-two and older. one reverse mortgage has a great way for you to live a better retirement...
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new fallout today from the cruise missile strikes president trump launched in syria last week. iran's president is critical accusing the united states of helping terrorists and he says violating international law. at the g7 foreign minister meeting today -- nic robertson is at that event. do they really believe bringing in the stake holders there's some impetus to revive a political solution. >> you have the british, you have the brerfrench, the german the foreign ministers all here to learn the nuances of the u.s. position position. it seems to them to have changed a lot when secretary tillerson was a nato meeting of foreign ministers. there was a lot of discussion
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about what that position may be. the united states precise position may be on assad isis iran, but the idea that all these additional stake holders as you say coming from the gulf turkey, sawed dudi arabia, can amplify that voice that sends a message to russia, back away from assad, bring a cease-fire and get a political solution goi going. when we heard from secretary tillerson, he made a priority attending a co memration event, happening in world war ii. nazi groups killed 560 local people, some of them children, gunned them all done. when we listened to what secretary tillerson had to say, there's a very clear message. >> we remember the events of august 12th 1944 that occurred. we rededicate ourselves to
9:18 am
holding to account any and all who commit crimes against the innocents anywhere in the world. this place will serve as an inspiration to us all. >> so you'll find a lot of support around the table for those views, but the key getting that -- getting the cease-fire in that political transition, that's what he's going to hear from the allies around the table. >> in this canic robertson, liv. what is the next step here in this is a shock to some of the allies. ? are we going to make of this? are they going to pull within the america first? there's still a lot of questions, but what are we learning about the new administration and the new secretary of state as he's at a very important meeting now, but the next step when he goes to moscow and tries to -- there's no peace in sight. what's next? >> great question. the air base that president trump's cruise missile strike hit is already up and operating
9:19 am
again. this is a one off thing. as long as it's a one off thing, it doesn't actually change the broader dynamics on the ground. that can only happen if secretary tillerson makes common cause with russia. secretary tillerson knows vladimir putin pretty well. chief executive at exxonmobil. they have a good relationship but it's been strained the last few days. he's been tough on him. this administration saying about russia they were responsible because they were in fact bashar al assad patron. >> nikki haley has been the toughest on russia and really i think foreshadowing something different in terms of what tillerson is foreshadowing. tillerson is saying the policy is the same. it's basically a brushback to assad. and haley, who of course at this point is becoming the darling of hawks, is saying donald trump is prepared to do more, that assad shouldn't stay and that there
9:20 am
can't be any diplomatic solution as long as assad is there. you're getting two different points of view, something that typically happens behind closed doors or differences in obama's circle when he was dealing with syria. so you have these two officials sounding very different notes and communicating to donald trump via television in the way that we know he pays attention to television. that's been interesting over the last couple days. >> and in moscow and tehran and elsewhere they try to process was this a one off or is this american president prepared to use military might when he has a point he wants to make. we have a u.s. naval carrier group now steaming toward north korea. the president had a meeting with president xi of china. interesting to me the chinese have not publicly condemned the syria strike which they used to do. any strike in somebody else's country they would criticize. they haven't even criticized the united states for sending naval vs into their neighborhood. this is the president's national
9:21 am
security h.r. mcmaster essentially telling pyongyang you saw what we did in syria, pay attention. >> north korea has been engaged in a pattern of provocative behavior. the president has asked us to be prepared to give him a full range of options to remove that threat to the american people and to our allies and partners in the region. >> how much more meaning do those words have being, because it's three or four days after the president launched cruise missiles. >> they have meeting and part of the goal was to show that this administration is willing to back up whatever it says with a credible threat of force which people felt the obama administration didn't have. to be clear, north korea is a totally different ball game. they have nuclear capabilities. syria is already a war zone. north korea is very isolated, the most isolated country in the world. and so to use military force there is much different than going in and taking out an air
9:22 am
base or part of an air base in syria. >> a lot more complicated and the most unpredictable regime in the world. l listen to the former cia director and noting that april 15th is the birthday of north korean founder. >> i think sending the vinson group there is probably a useful thing. we've got an anniversary coming up, april 15th is the birthday. they get frisky around that date every year. that might be a very useful presence there. so that the north koreans don't do anything particularly provocative. it all demonstrates to the chinese that their client and i know they don't want to claim as a client, but if their client colors out of bounds here, we're going to do things. >> that's the biggest hope, that the chinese get the message and use whatever message they have. there's a debate about how much they have. the chinese like to say we've
9:23 am
tried before. he talked about how useful he thinks it is to send a carrier group. if there is something by north korea on april 15th, it's also risky. >> this is a much more complex situation to deal with. it's also something he's been thinking about a lot longer than he's been thinking about syria. he sort of dismissed syria on the campaign trail, basically said it wasn't or problem and then decided to do this. that's not how he's approached north korea. he's been thinking about this problem since he's come into offense with his various advisers. he's said privately to people he thinks kim jong-un is a crazy person, deeply unstable. he knows what an unstable bizarre person he's dealing with. there's no good solution for what to do next. it's promising to a lot of people he is bringing h.r. mcmaster and others closer who might be able to offer guidance to what to do next. but this could be one of the
9:24 am
most vexing challenges of his presidency. it appears the meeting with president xi went better. >> we'll see what the results are from it as we go forward. when we come back we'll explore this questions a little deeper. not every republican who listens to the words coming from team trump agrees with that. we've used real ingredients, whole nuts, and natural flavors from the very beginning. give kind a try. on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates. maybe you should've done more research on them.
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sign up for netflix on x1 today and keep watching all year long. welcome back. last week's cruise missile strikes were a message to moscow as much as to damascus. >> russia needs to provide some answers. >> how could it be if you have advisers at that air field that you didn't know that the syrian air force was preparing and executing a mass murder attack with chemical weapons? >> i hope that russia is thinking carefully about its continued alliance with bashar al assad. >> but team trump doesn't always speak with such clarity. >> the question if regime change is now policy is one example. >> our priority is first the defeat of isis. once we did eliminate the battle
9:29 am
against isis, conclude that and it is going quite well, then we hope to turn our attention to achieving cease-fire agreements between the regime and opposition forces. >> regime change is something that we think is going to happen because all of the parties are going to see that assad's not the leader that needs to be taking place for syria. >> h.r. mcmaster will tell you what secretary tillerson said and what ambassador haley said are the same thing. it doesn't sound that way you l listen to them. >> you've seen tillerson and mcmaster take a more cautious approach to assad and nikki haley has gone further. the president himself has been asked this question and has not said specifically assad must go, so they're leaving themselves some room for negotiation on a political resolution. we've also even seen some differences in terms of whether
9:30 am
the goal is to deal with isis and assad at the same time or if the goal is to deal with isis and then deal with a political resolution. so there's a lot of different messages coming out of the administration. i think people are looking for secretary tillerson to get some clarity when he's in moscow. >> to that point, if you go back to the previous administration, there are no good choices. when you look at the list of options, there are no good choices. now that you've punched assad and you're already fighting isis inside of syria, you'll have two within the same country. marco rubio was talking about it this week. the way tillerson put it and then the way haley put it. he said these people have a bit of a problem. >> there seems to be a difference between what ambassador haley is saying as she said last night and what i heard from secretary tillerson. i don't mean to pick a fight with anyone. what i'm telling you is the strategy he seems to be outlining is based on assumptions that aren't going to work. it is no such thing as assad yes
9:31 am
but isis no. the thought that you can defeat isis as long as assad is there is not true. as long as bashar al assad is in pow n power in syria, you will have a reason for people to be radicalized in syria. >> if you accept his view and john mccain is in roughly the same camp, that means probably more u.s. boots on the ground at least in the region surrounding it, safe zones along the turkish/syria border. much more heavy investment, potential risk to american forces and american dollars. is this president prepared to do that? >> and is congress prepared to have a voice on this that goes beyond balki beyond talking on a sunday talk show. that's what obama had, whether or not congress was going to authorize the use of military force. you've had people like lindsey graham say this basically is covered by the original amuf after 9/11. so i think that's the real big question. we have these critics, moorkarc
9:32 am
rubio and the hawks particularly saying this is clear as mud on what tillerson is saying versus nikki haley. if they want a more robust response, then what are they willing to do in terms of voting. >> and presidents change. especially when first tested. a new president gets tested on the world stage, they often end up throwing a lot of stuff they said on the campaign trail overboard. i'll read this from peter baker. to the extent this a trump doctrine is emerging, it seems to be this. don't get roped in by doctrine. i think that is what we see. he is a transactional person. he's looking at this one chris -- crisis at a time. can you do that? can your own team figure out what they should prepare for? this is syria, chemical weapons. what about at the end of the week north korea launches another missile. >> exactly. there was a lot of relief and support offered by other foreign
9:33 am
policy establishment in washington and around the world among the allies after he launched the crews missile strike because he felt like that was a long time in coming. president obama should have done it. but the second day thinking is what does that mean, how do we predict? allies want an american president predictability. they're not getting that. i don't think that one strike necessarily means he's changed his mind, syria is now really an american problem. he used the language instability in the region is a threat to american security. that is a big change. whether he means that to do the kind of risky and dangerous things that might be required, that's a different question. >> officially if you studied the campaign before he was a candidate. back in 2013 when syria crossed obama's red line and used chemical weapons. then private citizen donald trump said don't do it, it's not in america's interest, don't get caught up in this. throughout the campaign he was
9:34 am
america 5first. listen to general hayden saying this was not america first. >> what pushed this into the red was that we wanted to make the statement that that was unacceptable activity and what's really remarkable, that's about as far away from america first as a philosophy as you can get. that's america doing something unilaterally for what i call the good of the order rather than a narrow i defined american self interest. it was a remarkable flip from the man we saw in the campaign. >> a remarkable flip but the question is what comes next? he's not drawn the line on chemical weapons. he saw the pictures of the babies after the attack and said i'm not going to stand for that. the question is as you also noted earlier in the program that air base is back up and running. they have launched conventional weapons attacks dropping bombs from airplanes on the very same province. lindsey graham looks at that and
9:35 am
said here is bashar al assad answer. >> if you kill babies with conventional bombs, it's still a moral outrage. here's what i think a saj ssad telling trump. "f" you. if you're an adversary of the united states and you don't worry about what trump may do on any given day, then you're crazy. >> strong and colorful language there. not a surprise from the senator of south carolina. to the point about the "f" you and forgive me for repeating it, what lindsey graham is saying you said no chemical weapons. i'm going to bomb the same air base and guess what? i'm going to kill more children. what are you going to do if it's not more chemical weapons? >> this is not a president driven by doctrine. it's not a president driven by ideology. i think that the people who supported him and supported his america first policies, they will give him some leeway on something like that. they will give him the leeway on
9:36 am
doing these military strikes in response to chemical weapons. he could maybe make an argument to do a little bit more beyond that, but i thaink that one of the things the president has pride himself on, the they don't want boots on the ground in another country. they don't want another ground war. they don't want a full response like that because they're war weary. they are tired and they feel like they don't have a lot to show for it particularly in the middle east. that's something we're going to have to see this president straddle. also answering to the people who put him in the white house. >> right. and it's been interesting to hear the praise from the john mccains and the marco rubios and the dis leabelief from some of tea party members. the american people and the president follows, 57% approve of the strikes. i don't think there's any question the president's on pretty strong political ground here. the problem is what is the standard? if we see more bloodshed, more
9:37 am
killing, and if after the meetings in moscow russia doesn't intervene to help, what does trump do? >> exactly. and i think all of us would not have expected this president would have a secretary of state who's out there talking about the u.s. intervening in crimes against the innocence. this is not something that anyone expected president trump to take on and yet he has political covered for this one initial strike. but what happens next is the question. and what happens if russia doesn't agree that assad has to go? what happens if russia isn't shamed because they used the word of calling him incompetent because of the chemical weapons. what if none of that works? and what if iran reacts? they have a number of ways in which they can really make life miserable for the u.s. we have forces in syria, forces in iraq. iran has militias there. he needs russia to do a number of things and it's not clear if russia is willing to do or has
9:38 am
any incentive to do. >> does donald trump look like a hypocrite if we get more images from these provinces in syria where it's barrel bombs and there are children who are dying as we've already seen f. they're images, we know that's what changed his mind, those awful images that nikki haley showed in that video. what happens in that happens again and we believe it will. >> the gravity of the job. when we come back, the president tells three of his top aides figure it out.
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9:42 am
welcome back. cut it out. it's a phrase parents sometime use with their toddlers and teens or words you might hear when one kid is picking on another at the playground skpchlt . and it turns out cut it out is a message the president of the united states said he had to deliver to two of the most powerful men in washington. jared kushner and steve bannon
9:43 am
for part of a work it out session on friday. 81 days into the trump presidency, the one constant has been rumblings about turf wars and policy battles. the president told them to work it out and cut it out. so it's done, right? >> everyone got their wrist slapped. the president could have said one of you is out of here and clearly they decided not to go that out. it's almost like they don't want to a major staff shake up end of the of the first 100 days. i think you are seeing very different factions on policy. it's not necessarily a personality clash like we've seen in the past. steve bannon stands for very different things than jared kushner and worth different than reince priebus. it looks awfully good for him that he looked over his shoulder and said you go make them play
9:44 am
nicely together. >> we saw this in the campaign so it's no problem turf battles and sharp elbows has come to the white house. policy differences, look at the obamacare debate. why couldn't they get a bill? because they have several factions who think differently. to the point about a potential turnover, lfb isten to kellyann conway. >> is bannon there to stay? is reince priebus there to stay? >> i would assume so. that's up to donald trump. in other words, i have heard -- i've heard nothing but rumors and inwnuendos and press report that would make any of us believe that anything other than the shake up is that donald trump is coming in as a disrupt or. >> a pivot as they say but one born of experience. i assume so and that's um up to donald trump. >> and she came out there and
9:45 am
said i'm going to be there for a long time, i would start to pack my bags. it's not a predictable situation. what's interesting is you talk about policy. that's what at the heart of this. not just personality. policy. steve bannon lost last week on syria. he doesn't think the united states should be more involved in that war there. that's part of i think a larger trend right now in which he has not been winning some of the battles he wants to win. >> he was on the cover of time as essentially the president. how minimized? you mention he gets knocked off his principle seat at the national security council. in terms of the syria strikes, not america first, some other me domestic issues. has steve bannon become a lesser smaller figure inside the inner circle. >> >> he's certainly at odds with the president's son-in-law which is not a great place to be if you're in the white house. we've all covered a number of
9:46 am
discontent in the white house. this isn't even a dynamic that people are try to deny. it's actually really bad. but from the president's perspective, the one place where he is doing really well in the polls is among his conservative base and that is steve bannon, so there is a certainly value that he brings to the table. >> and yet you mentioned he has -- the president has kept his support and -- as this all plays out, conservatives get nervous. here's steve king, the congressman from iowa, very conservative tiff on immigration and other issues. steve bannon is the linchpin to your energized base. conservatives are an endangered species in your white house. >> sort of the three faces of donald trump. one of them is bannon, the breitbart wing. and then you've got jared kushner who is sort of the new york moderate democrat part of donald trump. and then reince priebus who is
9:47 am
there and is the conservative sort of establishment republican. i think one of the problems maybe to get back to this rivalry, all of these people believe they should be the first born favorite son. it is up to donald trump to figure out who is the son. my money would be on the real son. >> can we announce the irony here? this is a president that likes to sow this sort of, and now he's having to referee it. >> after stoking it. >> interesting to watch as the three of them seem to be every couple weeks they have to have a seance. to watch general mcmaster and watch k.t. mack farland, she's now going to leave to become the ambassador of singapore. we played a little at the top of the show about steve bannon
9:48 am
being shoved out and he says no big deal. >> he didn't actually do it the second he came in. he sort of laid the groundwork so it was done quietly. this was not splashed out there. it was posted on the federal register. not exactly a way of bantering this news. the president then helps steve bannon by kind of minimizing a little bit by telling a couple of my colleagues who went in to see him, by the way, i think suz susan rice committed a rhyme. boom, bigger story. >> we'll see when the next meeting is to figure out their differences or the next round of leaks i guess. up next, a study in golf. tears of joy from a first time champion and what looks more and more like a weekend routine for the new president. trubiotics a probiotic from one a day naturally helps support both your digestive and immune health by combining... ... two types of good bacteria. trubiotics. be true to your health.
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daily life a guessing game. and bloating made will i have pain and bloating today? my doctor recommended ibgard to manage my ibs. take control. ask your doctor about nonprescription ibgard. welcome back. maybe you noticed there was huge big league golf news yesterday.
9:53 am
sergio garcia won the masters and he did it with no shortage of drama. in a playoff, he sank a putt to claim his first major title. it took him 74 tries to win his first major. he's now won 1.4% of every tournament he's ever played. by no means a perfect comparison. but guess who hit the links on 75%? nine of the first 12 weekends of his presidency? the same guy who said this about a different commander in chief he thought maybe was trying to go pro. >> he goes out and plays golf so much that he doesn't have time to convince congress to go and let's do it the way it's supposed to be done, right? right? i mean, he's played more golf than most people on the pga tour. like, is it over 300 rounds? hey, look it's good. golf is fine. but always play with leaders of countries and people that can help us. don't play with your friends all
9:54 am
the time. >> 16 times. 16 times since taking office the man who just said that has been to a golf course. i've always been one who said let a president get some stress relief, whatever it is they want to do. george bush was to cut wood in crawford texas. except he's on the record being so scathing about president obama. >> then they come out and say it is different with donald trump because he is playing with leader. so hypocritical. it will be become what democrats do when this. it will be interesting if you see video web ads. >> does it matter? i always think about images in politics. george w. bush was successful as casting jo
9:55 am
casting john carr casting john kerry as this elitist. you see the new yorker and the president golfing. you see the back of the white house on the sought lawn. >> and looking like he's gained weight in that photo. i hate to go there. >> but you did. >> there aren't that many actual images of donald trump golfing because they seem to realize how hypocritical it is that he was on the campaign trail saying this, so most weekends they won't even admit that he's actually golfing even though he's at the actual golf course. we know he's golfing. i feel like they could make is easier on themselves by saying hey, here's who's he's golfing with. >> george w. bush did actually stop golfing after the war. he said i don't think it's right tchlt . it's not that he didn't relax. it is a difference. i think in fairness to president trump, he took rand paul golfing the other weekend. he spent, like, five or six or
9:56 am
seven hours together. rand paul suddenly, who had been very critical of the president is out there backing him up. so there is potential benefits if you do it right and that's the question. >> golf diplomacy. that will be the trademark. thanks for rocking and rolling with us today. thanks for joining us at home. we'll be back tomorrow. minutes away from the live white house press briefing. we'll bring you that in just a moment. you do all this research on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates. maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. switch and you could save $509 on auto insurance. call for a free quote today.
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hello. i'm wolf blitz ser. it's 1:00 p.m. in washington. wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks very much for joining us. right now we're keeping a close eye on the white house. the press secretary sean spicer will brief the press. take questions on russia, syria, reported troubles inside the president's inner circle. we're going to bring that to you live once it gets under way. among the questions on syria, whether the u.s. is changing strategy and the feelings on regime change. the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley says regime change in syria is inevitable. while the secretary of state rex tillerson is a bit less direct. tillerson is i


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