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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  April 11, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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the breaking news, moments ago, russian president vladimir putin lashed out at the nights for its actions in syria and levied new accusations against syrian rebels. putin says moscow has proof that the chemical attacks that took place in syria last week were an effort to frame -- to frame the assad regime. he warns that the united states rush to blame syria is similar to what washington did in the run up to the war in iraq in
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2003. >> translator: we say that this resembles the situation of 2003, and they warned iraq, that there was a campaign launched in iraq, it finished with the decembstrun of the country, the growth of the terrorist threat and the emergence of isis on the international arena. >> this as the president's secretary of state, rex tillerson, is arriving in moscow. he just got off the plane moments ago. he's also firing off accusations of his own. we have a lot of news to get to, beginning with nic robertson, in italy where the g-7 just wrapped up. we have michelle kaczynski travelin
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traveling. >> there was a russian drone seen over the hospital where the chemical attack victims were being treated that hospital was then later bombed. the circumstances are still murky, russia denied involvement and then tried tobels saying the in a rebel store house where they were hit. not the assad regime. they're trying to take blame away from themselves and also asa ass assad, but they say they now know of over provocations out there that could lead to additional u.s. strikes. listen. >> translator: we have information from various sources that this kind of provocation and i can't call it anything other than provocation, is being prepared for in other regions of
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syria, too, including the southern suburbs of damascus, where they're preparing to drop similar chemicals and then accuse the syrian government of it. we believe any manifestation should be carefully investigated and we intend to apply to the relevant u.n. bodies in the hague and to urge the international community to investigate these matters very carefully. >> while tillerson was in italy at the g-7, he was pushing for additional sanctions potentially against russia as well as syria. but the other nations wanted to hold off sanctioning russia further because they wanted more investigation. they want to see what more evidence is out there. so the u.s. is saying there's strong evidence that this was the assad regime. they're looking into whether russia was complicit in it. now you have russia absolving itself, and saying the rebels
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within syria are provoking the u.s. to strike, that would ultimately then frame russia and the regime. it will be a difficult conversation once rex tillerson lands -- now that he's here, he'll be meeting tomorrow with his counterpart. but still there's no sign that vladimir putin is going to sit directly down with him and have this conversation himself. a lot of accusations out there now. >> these verbal salvos happening even before these meetings. let's go to italy where we find nic robertson. that's where the secretary of state was when he made these harsh statements directed at moscow. >> he's been very, very clear, russia has a choice now. it can either continue backing assad and be on the side of iran, who this white house is die m opposed to and that would put russia on the same side as hezbollah, a designated terrorist organization for the
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united states and many allies as well. what he has said and framed here, this goes directly to the point that putin was trying to make, that somehow the united states is replicating what it did in iraq and trying to replicate that in syria. secretary tillerson being very, very clear about the rational behind the u.s. strikes and the rational for u.s. priorities in the region. it is isis. this is how he put it. >> to be clear, our military action was a direct response to the assad regime's barbarism. >> when we stri try to look at there wasn't a consensus for further sanctions, boris johnson said he thought there should be, but it is italy chairing the g-7, and matteo renzi last year who is now out of office, was the first european leaders to
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break ranks and pete putin after the sanctions put on putin because of ukraine, met with him in st. petersburg in may last year. that's because italy has a stronger economic ties and interdependence with russia. italy tends to be a bit more politically close. so, when we try to look at why allies weren't so ready to get behind additional sanctions, there's a diplomatic rational as we heard, not to box russia in. but there are divisions among the european countries. at one time the united states would turn to england to have euro influence on its partners now with brexit, not so much. >> let's discuss all of this with robert hunter, former ambassador to nato under the clinton administration and former foreign policy adviser to senator ted kennedy, and retired major general, spider marks. thank you both for being here. you have tillerson saying either
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russia and putin were incompetent or complicit in the weapons attack in searyyria, an pointing at the united states saying you are trying to gin up a fake justification for war ala 2003 and iraq. >> i think putin is trying to throw dust in our eyes. he's in a bargaining situation. he really has no time or let's say deep commitment to assad or to iran for that matter. but what he does want is a permanent russian presence in the middle east. he wants to be included in any negotiations or process that goes on. he wants more respect. and he also wants to get sanctions released or removed over ukraine. so, he's setting up a situation of being somewhat belligerent in order to try to increase his
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bargaining leverage, including with a number of our west european allies who themselves are wondering what is america planning to try to do in the middle east? >> you know, general, the ambassador said that vladimir putin is trying to increase his leverage. what about the leverage from secretary of state rex tillerson? he's flying into moscow, just landed after making these statements saying vladimir putin is either incompetent or complicit. does he go in with more bargaining power now because of what's happened the last week? >> we just dropped 59 -- the united states just dropped 59 t-lams into syria in order to achieve political outcome. that was the description that i think is a legitimate one to make about this strike. we can talk about the military effects, but what this was was a message to assad. what's happening in syria has more to do as the ambassador indicated with our relationship with russia.
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clearly russia has a historical presence in the middle east. it's been a confluence of conflict between east and west in the mideast. has been for years. for decades. so russia will have, i think at the end of the day russia rightfully will demand to have a presence in the mideast. that's something i think we need to acknowledge and we will. but we also have to be able to go forward and say, look, what russia wants with the united states is some form of military cooperation. they understand that in any type of conflict our military would completely overmatch his. without giving away the family jewels, the united states might be able to work out something with russia. that gives us a common picture and a place where we both can achieve. there's no scenario i think the united states can see and that mr. putin can see where assad is in charge in syria over the course of the next couple of years. he's in decline, he's going to go away. >> general, just sticking with you for a moment on the big
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picture when it comes to syria. obviously the major growing divide between the u.s. and russia doesn't help. but you also have a confusing narrative coming from the white house on this. the red line, according to the president and his remarks after the strikes was this chemical weapons attack. if you listen to sean spicer yesterday, three times he said the red line is the barrel bombs being dropped. but they've been dropped and dropped and dropped. we have the numbers to show you. hundreds of them, upwards of 4 4 4 00 a month for a year and a half now. do we need more clarity from the president himself on what the go-forward plan is in syria and where his red line is? >> we do. in terms of strategy i would hesitate to say the establishment of progressive or individual red lines is helpful to any end state what sean spicer said -- he could have said barrel bombs and we're not going to allow that to occur. he could say small arms, we
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won't allow that to occur. he could have listed a whole bunch of things. that's not relevant to the end state. we need to hear from the president in terms of what his vision is, a word picture of what he thinks right looks like in syria. clearly i would say we're marching down the path. it may not be imminent, but we're marching down the path towards regime change of some sort. if you look at history, civil wars flame out within ten years. we're at about seven years in syria. there might be a coincidence within this administration's time frame assad may be gone of devices that are internal to syria and pleasure frmres press from the outside. >> rex tillerson set to meet with sergey lavrov, no formal meeting with vladimir putin. do you expect that to change? would you be surprised if over the next 36 hours we learn of a
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meeting between the russian leader? wouldn't that be a way to deescalate this for both sides? >> this russian behavior goes all the way back to soviet times, which is the junior guy, the foreign minister meets with the foreign guest. then they decide if there's enough going on to be worthwhile for putin to come in from the wings and in effect to wrap things up. i expect the russians will talk a good game, but are in a bargaining situation, as we both have been saying here. they have no love for us. they could see him go tomorrow morning. but they want to make sure they get things out of this. the permanent presence and in particular the relief of sanctions on ukraine. they want to be taken as much as an equal as they can with us. the idea of just getting rid of assad is nonsense. we have a minority shia
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government running a majority in effect sunni country. and now the sunni arab states and turkey and egypt would like to get rid of assad in order to right the balance that was changed when we invaded iraq way back in 2003. so, we have to have a game plan going forward. the problem is we have a young administration, we don't have anybody in office at the state department other than the secretary. a very good secretary of defense, mr. mattis is in office, but he has nobody working for him. we have a young team at the nsc. we have a crisis now and we don't have the kind of coordination or game plan that president-elect trump will have to work to put together very quickly. >> big couple of days. we'll be watching closely. ambassador hunter, general marks, grade to have you with us. air strikes in syria looming large as we close in on the
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pretty stunning claim from russian president vladimir putin just a few hours ago saying there will be new chemical weapons attacks, and they will be carried out to frame bashar al assad. putin went on to say that president trump rushed to act too quickly. >> all this is happening as the president nears 100 days in office. joining us now is angela wrrye, and jeffrey lore. jeffrey, during the campaign, candidate donald trump essentially said would it be such a bad thing to have a friendlier relationship with vladimir putin in russia?
7:19 am
now the russian leader is accusing the trump administration of a war tantamount to a false invasion and suggesting that syria is being framed here. >> so much for the idea that vladimir putin was going to give donald trump the presidency. i don't think this worked out the way critics have suggested. i've said all along from day one, it's not possible that vladimir putin preferred donald trump over hillary clinton. donald trump is going to take, i think, vladimir putin and every other world leader at face value until they do something that crosses the line. and this clearly was a disturbing incident. very, very disturbing. he acted. he took action. we seen what it's like when a president does not act. so, we're just going to have to go on from here, play it as it goes. >> do we have angela?
7:20 am
>> i can hear you, i can't hear jeffrey. >> all right. it's poppy. glad you can hear us. this is certainly front and center for this administration heading into the 1 00 day mark, which is not really significant but since fdr and how the administration is judged. heading up to the 100 day mark, this administration has had some wins like gorsuch and road bumps, like the failure to replace the healthcare bill, like the travel ban, like general flynn's resignation. they've had gorsuch, the stock market is way up, illegal border crossings are way down. we know the white house communications director called this meeting last week to try to figure out with white boards included how they'll brand the 100 days. how do you see it?
7:21 am
>> i think it's important to decipher how they are categorizing wins. wins are determined by how they impact the american people. i can't help but to compare donald trump's first 100 days to barack obama's first 100 days. we're talking about barack obama signing the lily leadbetter act into law, equal pay for women. the reinvestment act, allowing rising tides to lift all boats and strengthen the economy for people in their local areas. you compare that to what i would categorize many epic fails by the trump administration, like the muslim band and the various iterations of that. the wall, he said to taxpayers, now, you all will pay for the wall. the only real thing donald trump has won besigndes gorsuch, and
7:22 am
had the senate to win there, is golfing. he's 28 days in -- 28 days out of 100 into golfing. he was the critic in chief about barack obama's golf game. >> all right. jeffrey, i'll let you respond to that specific. >> i think we have some sound. to angela's point, we have some sound of then candidate trump talking about golf. let's play it. >> obama, it was reported today, played 250 rounds of golf. he played more golf last year than tiger woods. >> this guy plays more golf than people on the pga tour. >> golf, golf, golf, golf. more. more. more. learning how to chip, hit the drive. learning how to putt. i want more. >> i love golf. i think it's one of the greats. i don't have time. >> i'm going to be working for you. i won't play government. >> i wouldn't leave the white house much, little things, like little trips, they cost you a
7:23 am
fortune. >> all right. jeffrey, on top of that, cnn is reporting that president trump is on pace to spend more on personal travel in his first year than president obama spent all eight years that he was in office. it just so happens, i don't think there's anything wrong with presidential golfing. doesn't this prove that then candidate trump was dead wrong about it when he was running? >> i don't think so. >> how is it the media gossip? you heard the president's own words. >> you know, i'm looking for things like did president obama donate his first quarter salary to the national park service? i don't think so. did he play golf on his own golf course? i don't think so. >> that's costing us $3 million every trip. $3 million every trip. >> the important thing here is neil gorsuch. i went to some of these trump rallies. this is something people talked about all the time. that's a generational change.
7:24 am
he will be on that court for a long time. that's why people were so upset and forced the pulling of the nuclear option. he's had a stunning great time here in the beginning. he's changing america. as i might ad, as the wall street editorial pointed out this morning, president obama left this country with considerable tab financially that we'll be paying for for a very long time. >> jeffrey. i just have to push back on this a little bit. again, i'm so glad you brought up the tab. let me talk to you about that tab. $3 million per golf trip. melania staying in new york city. $1 million a day. >> it's her home. >> it's me. i'm so surprised you won't agree with me on this point. you're talking about wins for the american people. i would push back. climate change is a real thing. you talked with me and my friends. tell your friend there's are icebergs melting, okay? we have a real challenge.
7:25 am
your guy is dialing back regulations that are harmful not just to the american people but globally. this is a problem. we have to acknowledge where there is -- at least where there should be bipartisan agreements. that should be on facts. facts are not negotiable. >> forgets are not negligenti e >> we have to go. john and i have to go golfing. >> we'll get jeffrey's friends together, angela's friends together go golfing. on a much more serious note, it's not just putin, north korea lashing out this morning at the united states. it says it is ready for war. what trump is tweeting back. that's next. but scotts ez seed changes everything. our finest grass seed plus quick-start fertilizer and natural super- absorbent mulch grow grass anywhere. guaranteed. this is a scotts yard.
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north korea lashing out at the united states warning it will hold the u.s. fully accountable. >> this after the u.s. decision to deploy a carrier strike group to the korean peninsula. north korea says it is ready to defend itself against reckless acts of aggression. we want to bring in cnn will ripley, the only american journalist in pyongyang right now. talk about these new tweets from the president. >> i want to show you some brand-new video that has come in. these are images of north korea's leader, kim jong-un. we're disseminating all of the things discussed. there will be more information
7:31 am
coming out tomorrow morning in pyongyang local time. we know these are the people, the ruling elite of the country who talk about things like north korea's nuclear program and the missile program, the exact thing that president trump has been tweeting about. and i believe we have those tweets for you on the screen here. though i do not have them in front of me. we have been taking lots of notes. you can read what he said. the gist was in the first tweet, talking about north korea, saying that north korea is looking for trouble and that if china is not willing to step in and help, the u.s. will do it on its own. usa. the second tweet focused more on china, talking about the economic relationship that there would be a better trade deal with china if china did something about north korea. of course, many china watchers say the north korea issue doesn't have to do with the economy for china, it's a buffer
7:32 am
zone between u.s. allied south korea and their own border, which is why china continues to trade with the north korean regime, but they don't want nuclear weapons either. all of this unfolding as analysts believe kim jong-un could push the button on a sixth nuclear test at pretty much any moment. there's a major national holiday coming up in pyongyang in a matter of days, on saturday, the day of the sun, celebrating the birthday of his grandfather, who you probably saw, one of the two huge images behind the north korean leader, kim il-sun on the left, right now the world has no idea what he is going to do and how he will respond, not only to the tweets from president trump, but also from the fact that the u.s. is deploying the carrier strike group carl vinson, should be arriving in the waters off the north korean peninsula and
7:33 am
get back into place. it's been in the region many times before. it shows how tensions in this part of the world are escalating right now. >> absolutely. will ripley, thank you for the reporting. again, the only american journalist inside of pyongyang. representative brendan boyle is with us, democrat from pennsylvania, a member of the house committee on foreign affairs. i do want to get your take on russia and all of the developments this morning having to do with russia, the harsh words from the secretary of state, rex tillerson, calling rush ssia complicit or incompet, and then rex tillerson's justification for the air strikes saying you don't want the chemical weapons to spread to isis, to terrorists, you don't want the normalization of those. what do you make of those justifications for the air strikes? are they enough for you? >> well, great being with you. first of all, i think it's quite self-evident that since 2013
7:34 am
russia has failed in its commitment to remove all of the chemical weapons from syria. we sadly saw the evidence of that a couple weeks ago or just a week ago now on videotape. it's not terribly surprising. it's not as if vladimir putin and his regime is trustable in any way. the difficulty i have as a member of the foreign affairs committee is trying to figure out exactly what this administration's policy is towards syria and the region. if you watch the sunday morning shows, secretary of state tillerson has one opinion. the secretary -- the ambassador to the u.n., nikki haley, has another view. sean spicer has a third. all of that we have no idea what president trump actually thinks as he tends to make it up day by day. so it's about time that the administration and for that matter congress come together and get on one page and have a defined syria policy.
7:35 am
here's why that's important. we are commemorating the 100th anniversary of the u.s. entry into world war i. we slept walked our way into the great world war. we do not want to sleepwalk our way into a larger war with iran, russia, et cetera. >> congressman, you're saying you want to hear a coherent policy from the administration. what's yours? you're a congressman, you're on the foreign affairs committee, it's not your job to set out policy, but lay out what you think would be a coherent strategy in syria. >> i'm neither president nor secretary of state, but i have to admit in this difficult situation, if we don't remove assad, which at this point becomes more challenging than it would have been four years ago, i think at the very least working with our allies in the region such as jordan to establish safe zones, to make sure we stem the tide of refugees that are flowing into
7:36 am
europe. keep in mind, syria has 12 million refugees, the majority of the country's population. that has been enormously destabilizing. you have not only have we seen the effect in europe but also in jordan and turkey. but i do think going to actually a position that bob gates and hillary clinton argued for four years ago would today be the best thing we could do. >> congressman, when it comes to the discussions over the removal of assad or not, do you believe that this -- the united states and this administration should take a page, learn a lesson from the obama administration, from the situation in libya? is there a warning sign? a red flag there? >> in libya, you have a situation where we pursued regime change, did nothing on the ground, and everything went to chaos. of course we have a situation in iraq where we also pursued regime change. we're down in a heavy sort of presence. both situations turned out poorly.
7:37 am
so, any time we attempt to topple a leader, it does have unintended, sometimes disastrous consequences. i think in the immediate term we should focus on the safe zones. >> i want to change subjects, if i can, talk about what happened to united airlines, as the forcible removal of a passenger from chicago to louisville. you tweeted i will not fly united anymore. further it's time for government to investigate the repeated abuses towards passengers. what made you so angry about this? >> well, first of all, the -- that is quite the segue from assad to united airlines. >> i know. >> i have to say, that that video is shocking. and specifically -- also united's reaction, blaming the passenger for the incident is bizarre. recently we've had a few different incidents, all involving united airlines, where 15-year-old girls were not allowed on flights because of
7:38 am
leggings, another 15-year-old girl was sexually assaulted twice, united airlines wouldn't do anything to help her. later did a statement in which they blamed the girl for the shorts she was wearing. so, you know, i get the impression that unfortunately some airlines think that once u.s. citizens get on their plane, they suddenly lose their rights as citizens. i do believe it's appropriate for the department of transportation to review this and make sure that our rights as citizens are retained once we step on to an airplane. >> we should note it was the chicago authorities that were the ones -- not united that dragged him off the plane, but i hear you. >> but it was united that then did the statement defending that sort of despicable behavior. >> it was. thank you very much. >> thank you. police right now looking for this man. he allegedly robbed a gun store, mailed a manifesto to the president of the united states, and has been on the run for more than a week. how police are hoping the suspect's tattoos will help find
7:39 am
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. so this morning a manhunt is growing for a suspect accused of robbing a gunshot and sending a 161-page anti-government manifesto to president trump on the same day. police say joseph jakubowski has been on the run for a full week. he's been on the run since april 4th when he's believed to have stolen a number of handguns and rifles and the suspect's car was found burning on a nearby street. >> police are releasing new pictures of the suspect's tattoos hoping they will help track him down. ryan young joins us from
7:44 am
wisconsin with the latest. what are you learning? >> reporter: you know, these searches are pretty important. more than 170 officers so far looking for this man. i want to point back to this direction, as we arrived yesterday, we saw police centered around that shed. they were actually looking for evidence. we did see them collect bags. you did talk about those tattoos. we'll show them to you. just last night they released these pictures showing the suspect's tattoos. people in this area are hoping, especially investigators, that somebody will notice the man's tattoos because he has been on the run for a week and they'll call police. they consider him armed and dangerous with all the long rifles he was able to steal. we talked to authorities about how much they want the public's help in catching this man. >> obviously when you read the document he sent to the white house, he has a strong dislike or hatred towards government officials, both local and federal. and state level. so we're concerned that, you know, if his end game is to
7:45 am
inflict casualties, he may go some place where there are a large number of people. so, we have tried to increase our security at areas such as the courthouse, you know, school events, things such as that, where there would be an opportunity for him to inflict a lot of damage. >> now, more than 500 tips have come in so far, but this is the thing. they say as long as that manifesto was, they believe he put a lot of thought into this. we were talking to neighbors yesterday. they were surprised by the idea that this man could do this. when you watch the video, he's obviously walking and talking about what he's doing. someone else was shooting that video. so we talked and figured out from police they've been able to find that man and they believe he didn't even think the suspect was that serious about this. obviously when we stopped by the suspect's house last night and talked to his stepfather, he said no one has gotten hurt yet, please just come in before this
7:46 am
gets worse. you can understand those feelings, especially in a small town like this one with a man running around with 16 guns like police are reporting. >> ryan young for us in janesville, wisconsin. thank you very much. all right. it is election day in america, believe it or not. why congressional races that begin today could be the canary in the coal mine for identifying how the president is doing in this country and how he might do in elections going forward. hey allergy muddlers are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool?
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this morning president trump is in pain mode. he wrote ron estes is running for congress in the great state of kansas. a wonderful guy. i need his help on healthcare and tax cuts. there's a special election for a seat in kansas today. that's a state that the president won by 27 points. all of a sudden republicans have been dumping money and resource into that race, scared it could flip blue. >> this is ahead of a special election in the typically pretty red state of georgia. there democrats are seizing on protests against the president and hoping a first-time candidate can win a seat that
7:51 am
republicans have held for 40 years. jason carroll reports. >> i'm proud of the momentum we've been able to build. >> reporter: meet democrat john osot, at 30 years old, the former congressional ooaide and documentary filmmaker has never held office but has become the candidate to beat. >> this has taken on a life of its own. it is the first competitive contest of this new era. >> reporter: traditionally this district, which includes atlanta and the northern suburbs sent to congress the likes of newt gingrich and tom price, now health and human services secretary. it was thought one of the 11 republicans running in this special election would claim the seat until ossoff turned the race into a race on president trump. >> i want to go to washington and hold people accountable. that includes the president of the united states. >> reporter: trump carried the district by a little more than a
7:52 am
point last november. in 2012 mitt romney swept it by more than 20 points. >> i think spring has sprung. >> reporter: ossoff helping to turn angst over donald trump has run ads critical of the president. how effective do you think that's been for you? >> there are clearly people with serious concerns about the president's approach to governance. >> reporter: gop candidate bob gray is not afraid to embrace the president, hiring several of trump's former state operatives to help his campaign. >> it's pretty clear this is a district that's getting behind our president. >> reporter: while former georgia secretary of state, karen handel and dan moody question if the district is truly on the verge of turning blue. >> they're dream being this but the republicans will hold on to this seat. >> the republicans will ultimately select a candidate that can beat the democrat.
7:53 am
>> reporter: claire wise has not decided on a candidate, but -- >> will be a republican candidate. i think john ossoff is too liberal. >> reporter: cheryl, also a registered republican, disagrees. she's backing ossoff. >> i think he's dedicated. i really feel like we need more balance and more middle of the road people in washington. >> reporter: david ferguson, a self-described independent summed up his reasoning for supporting ossoff. >> trump. >> reporter: ossoff has raised $8 million and has 2 million in the bank. >> ossoff was not fighting against terrorism. he was fighting against restrictions on keg parties. >> reporter: ossoff's goal for the april 18th primary is to get more than 50% of the avoid te t avoid a june runoff. >> do you feel extra pressure?
7:54 am
>> i do feel it. i'm human, too. there's eyes on the race. >> reporter: jason carroll, cnn, roswell, georgia. >> fascinating look. we'll see the results next week. this morning, secretary of state rex tillerson telling russia you choose, either you're with us or you're with assad. coming up here, you will hear from senator lindsey graham. we'll be right back. torcycle insurance with geico! goin' up the country. bowl without me. frank.' i'm going to get nachos. snack bar's closed. gah! ah, ah ah. ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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so the billionaire talked to billionaires today. at the white house the president is meeting with 17 big-name ceos at the white house. who is there, and why is this different than some other ceo meetings? >> this group is supposed to act as a formal advisory group. not actually a normal edformal but an informal advisory group
7:59 am
to give advice. it was formed by the ceo of bla blackstone, he asked all of these ceos from various industries to join on and provide a brain trust of industry titans, who can help trump dissect some of the very complicated policy matters that he will have to tackle like tax, trade, immigration, women at work, all of these things are going to be discussed in these smaller settings. what i'm hearing it is more of a listening session for trump. he sits back and gets information, data points, so that it can help him determine what policies to pursue and what order prioritization. i can guarantee you tax reform is on top of the agenda today. most of the ceos are wondering why did the treasury secretary say we would get tax reform within a year's time, which is super aggressive. >> the president's tweet this morning on tax reform said tax
8:00 am
cuts, parenthesis reform. >> this white house likes to show the president as a businessman whenever it can. it may be for the picture they're doing. thank you very much. i'm john perman. >> i'm poppy harlow. >> at this hour begins right now. hello, i'm kate baldwin, following breaking news with the crisis in syria and continued provocations from north korea, rex tillerson may have the toughest job in the world right now. and is today facing his toughest meeting yet. arriving in moscow, sitting down with russian leaders hours after criticizing rush should's support of dictator bashar al assad, and defending missile strikes last week. even before rex tillerson landed, russia was already striking


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