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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  April 15, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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show me netflix. sign up for netflix on x1 today and keep watching all year long. north korea put its military on display, showing off possible new ballistic missile canisters. >> and mounting tension on a korean peninsula. just the latest in foreign policy hurdles for the trump administration. we look at how president trump differs from candidate trump on some very key issues. well commonwealcome to our view the united states and around the world. i'm george howell. and i'm natalie allen. "cnn newsroom" starts right now. >> it is 5:00 a.m. on the u.s.
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east coast. in north korea, a show of what could be some of the most powerful new missiles marking its biggest holiday with a major military parade. >> experts say these are probably just canisters that you see right here and there's no way of knowing if north korea actually has an intercontinental weapon ready to go. >> but threatens among pyongyang and washington threaten to enter into a real conflict. >> a high-ranking official said north korea will respond to, quote, all out war with an all-out war. china is looking to avoid that saying everyone loses. >> reporter: so far no nuclear test on the day of north korea's
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most important holiday but you have seen a show of force of a very different kind. north korean citizens are out here right now. reca earlier we saw north korea's full arsenal on display. there were scud missiles, submarine missiles, land myself ills that could be launched at the very end and at the at the end interballistic missiles. we know kim jong un's goal is to develop an interballistic missile capable to reach the u.s. a lot of people thought there might be a nuclear test today on this important holiday or in the lead-up to it. however, it seems as this the north koreans are holding off on the nuclear test now.
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i have received information that is special operations exercise earlier this week when commandos were jumping out of airplanes, that was in direct response to tweets from president trump talking about north korea and urging china to solve the north korea problem, as he put it. we also know there's a "u.s.s. carl vinson" striker and a 97 ton aircraft carrier, all designed to send a message of deterrence to the north koreans, telling them not to engage in provocative behavior, such as a missile launch or another nuclear test. but the atmosphere out here is a single-hearted determination to fight against the united states because their country has told them all of their lives that they are under the imminent threat of invasions. so you have a lot of these civilians out here, perhaps not many of these women but a lot of the men in the crowd here have a
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military background who have told us repeatedly if there would be a a war with the united states, they would leave their jobs, put their uniforms on and fight. north korea is saying they are being underestimated by the world and they. on these supersooz displays that they are here and they're on the road and will move forward, even if that is a path to the nuclearization that the united states and others feel have a very destructive path. >> rising tensions north korea comes as vice president pence heads to south korea. he's going to stop in hawaii, japan, indonesia and australia are also planned. u.s. officials say his primary goal will be to reinforce u.s. alliances during these tense times and seoul and north
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koreakorea will likely be on the agenda. >> translator: on the issue of the korean peninsula, it's not about who can say the most hateful word, about who can raise the biggest fist, who will win. rather once war breaks out, there will be losses on all sides. no one is the real winner. >> no one is the real winner, he says. follow the story, alexandra mill are join us. it would be an understatement to attentions are high. there as a lot happening. what is the mood there in seoul? >> you can't overstate the fact he that people want to see a peaceful resolution of the tngss that have ra-- tensions that ha
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ratcheted up these weeks. there was a great deal of concern from officials and analysts in the u.s. that pyongyang might do more around this day or in the coming days to provoke some kind of response from the u.s., be that another ballistic missile launch or another nuclear test, which would be the country's sixth nuclear test. you've got analysts who are looking at satellite images saying the country is ready to carry out that test at any time and there are thoughts that kind of test could accompany the kind of propaganda you're seeing on the screen in front of you, this show of force that north korea typically rolls out on this holiday at that they call the day of the son, the celebration of the founder's birthday. mike pence max his way to the region, you've had secretary mattis and secretary tillerson who are offering reassurances about the strength of the
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alliance between has to nations. the topic of north korea of course topping the agenda. we do understand that vice president pence will be talking about all the options that are being presented to president donald trump about how to deal with a nuclear threat from north korea. that of course includes a military option. nobody on the peninsula wants to see it come to that because there is still the very real fear that any kind of preemptive strike on north korea would endanger people living here in south korea. >> also the "u.s.s. carl vinson" striker group deployed to that region as well. the question that i have for you, what is the general mood, the overall feeling of every day people there in south korea? because the ratcheted up rhetoric from north korea, that's nothing new for people there but it does seem the geo political optics are very different right now. >> right. it gets the world's attention when you've got state news in
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north korea publishing sentim t sentiments that there will be a merciless response if there is provocation from the u.s. but this is the kind of message people in south korea are used to all the time. year after year people here in south korea watch as these missile tests and nuclear tests happen. so as you're walking and the street, people are not living in fear that something is going to go on but the real fear is how the u.s. could respond to no pyongyang, you've had threats from the trump administration that if china does not act to solve the north korea problem that the u.s. would. now you have people here in south korea to are turning to
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their leaders, the interim leader saying they will not act without first consulting south korea, people want to know their fate is not being hand led alon by china and the u.s. but that they would be closely consulted and thech would be part of the strategy going forward here, george. >> alexandra, thank you for the reporting. >> and we'll continue our analysis of donald trump. what could he do in north korea and how is he shaking things up in other parts of the world? we'll get into that coming up next. >> plus turkey is one day away from a vote that could overall its political system. why germany's finance minister is issuing a stark warning. the story ahead. just so many words." your boyfriend's got it bad.
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and get one free when you have direct tv and add a line. no one's surprised tender pieces and crunchy bites ended up together. that's just what happens when cats call the shots. friskies tender and crunchy combo. tasty textures cats gotta have. friskies. for cats. by cats. well, donald trump has been president less than 100 days but his recent policy decisions have rattled the world a little bit. >> they are sending a message washington willing to set his military mite but the question is what is the strategy overall? >> reporter: new warnings from china. the chinese foreign minister warning that if war breaks out,
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quote, there will be losses on all sides. russia, iran and syria also issue warnings to the u.s. against new strikes in syria. the threats follow president trump's decision to launch two major military strikes in afghanistan and syria. >> we have the greatest military in the world and they've done a job as usual. we've given them total authorization. that's why they've been so successful lately. >> reporter: the displate of might mite a description of trump 's policy. >> he's given much more authority to the leaders to strike and they're striking. i think it sends a message that america is back. >> reporter: it's an about face
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that talked about a foreign policy that put mrk firamerica . >> we are losing billions and billions. we cannot be the police of the world. i now have that responsibility and i will have that responsibility and carry it proudly. >> reporter: trump has also changed his mind on the nato alliance, viewing it as a tool. >> i said it was obsolete. it's no longer obsolete. >> reporter: and abandoning his hard line stance on china calling president xi jinping a partner to counter north korea's nuclear threats. >> president xi wants to do the root thing. we had a very good bonding. i think we had a very good chemistry together. i think he wants to help us with north korea. >> reporter: if a trump foreign policy is emerging, it would be
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don't have a doctrine. >> i like to think of myself as a very flexible person. i don't have to have one specific way and if the world changes, i go the same way. i don't change. well, i do change. >> reporter: trump says he trusts himself commands are pressing him to flex military muscle. in yemen, in iraq and syria where trump has spent hundreds of additional troops since taking office and in afghanistan, where general h.r. mcmaster is traveling soon to plot the military. >> i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. >> reporter: military experts are talking to a popular saying,
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you can delegate authority but you cannot delegate responsibility. as command are in chief, president trump still owns the consequences of the actions take by the military on his behalf. the question is will he be willing to shear accouare accou when things go wrong, including civilian casualties? >> let's talk more about donald trump and what is shaking down globally with a professor of international politics at city university and joins me mao lno live. thank you for being with us. you saw donald trump on the campaign trail and now donald trump in the white house talking about his flexibility. things aren't always what they seem until you get into the white house. it's almost as if he's now becoming aware of the world around him. how do you assess what we're hearing from him? >> well, it's very interesting
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that there's been an about face on practically every question in the campaign elections. partly when you get into a position of authority and responsibility, you get to know more. but i think it also seems the unorthodox positions that he took became untenable because of that. but also look at his domestic record taking office. he has little to suggest he's achieved very much in the less than 100 days he's been in at the moment. the two orders on muslim bans have failed, the courts declared them unconstitutional. his health care bill didn't even get to a vote. he hasn't achieved very much. to some extent the foreign policy aggression may well be related to his extent -- the tra veils of his administration
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domestically. >> flexing his muscle with the military globally and showing he's in charge when maybe, as we heard from elise, it's one thing to act, it's another thing to take the responsibility for those actions. and you're right, he's changed his mind on nafta, vladimir putin, assad in syria, china and nato as well. what specifically do you make of his rhetoric with north korea? is this the time to say these things since because of the rapidity of north korea's testing and its harsh words about it has every intent to be a nuclear state with the ability to attack the united states? >> i think the ratcheting up of the tensions is very, very dangerous. it reminds me of a madman theory that used to be explain president richard nixon. there's a rationality to
2:19 am
appearing to be mad or irrational. and i thif both pnk both powers north korea and president trump, are playing the same kind of game. they don't want the other party to think there is nothing they would do, that is there are no limits on what they might do. it's a very cold war style game of chicken that could go disastrously wrong should there be some kind of military incident by accident. it goes in line with all of those things you said in your previous report that there are 8,000 more troops in afghanistan, there's the massive bomb the other day, cruise missiles strikes in syria, air raids more than last year in yemen. this is a ratcheting up of tensions in all area. your rug suggests trump has no doctrine. i think he's developing a
2:20 am
military first, war first action. in all areas where this is going on, there doesn't seem to be a plan to follow it. if you're going to bomb a place, what are you going to do after? it seems to me the military first is where he seems to stand and he's given a lot of authority to the generals now. you're right to ask the question, when it goes well that, will be fine. but when it goes wrong, which it probably will because it is difficult to escalate military tensions in a range of area and for nothing to go wrong, i think there's going to be an issue. the responsibility in the end is president donald trump and he's going to have to pay the price. we're still embroiled in the controversy about the sarin chemical attack because the
2:21 am
professor from mit analyzed the device and said the device that delivered that wasn't coming from the air. i think we're going to have to test what this trump doctrine is about and whether trump will take responsibility for all that the military is doing now. >> so many complex situations around the world and the world is watching. we thank you very much for joining us. >> it's interesting to hear, the first time we've heard the president does have a strategy, a doctrine, a military-first doctrine. which would be similar to what north korea has, military first, and who would be more unpredictable. >> don't like to be compared to north korea. >> it's an interesting comparison from our guest. >> the u.s. says dropping our most powerful non-nuclear bomb
2:22 am
against isis was the right weapon. >> afghan officials now say at least 94 milmilitants, includin four commanders were killed. barbara starr has more. >> the largest bomb ever dropped in combat in a remote area of eastern afghanistan. the top u.s. commander adamant the mission was only about killing isis. >> the timing of the use of this weapon was simply the appropriate tactical moment against the proper target to use this particular munition. it is not related to any outside events. >> it does deliver a psychological message to isis. one member says the massive bomb is strong enough to level nine city blocks. >> it will level that area and provide an unbelievable amount of concussion to that area. it will collapse caves, blow up
2:23 am
things and if you're alive after you're going to have perforated ear drums and a lot of trauma. >> johnson nicholson said it all went to plan. >> we had persistent surveillance before, during and after the operation and now we have afghan and u.s. forces on the sight and see no evidence of civilian casualties, nor have there been any reports of civilian casualties. >> the bomb had been in afghanistan since early january. nicholson signed the final order authorizing the mission just 24 hours before the bomb dropped. afterwards, local afghans described the enormity of the blast. >> last night's bomb was really huge. when it dropped, it was shaking everywhere. >> reporter: a lot of fire power was used but the estimate is there's still upwards of 800
2:24 am
isis fighters inside afghanistan. barbara starr, the pentagon. >> we turn to turkey. a yes vote would mean sweeping changes and a power boost for president erdogan. >> in berlin, german finance minister reports there is a risk of an erdogan dictatorship. ian lee, explain the popularity of this president and exactly why many feel that he is due more power. >> reporter: george, to quote former u.s. president george h.w. bush, it's the economy stupid. and that's what you hear from everyone. they say erdogan was able to take turkey to become one of the
2:25 am
top 20 economies -- largest economies in the world. they say lives have increased dramatically, places in rural turkey see better infrastructure and industry. now, i spoke with a man who knows him personally probably more than most people. they say nobody knows you better than your barber. so what happens when your client is president erdogan? this man has known him for decades. to learn more, i first have to sit in the hot seat for a trim. while chatting he tells me erdogan hasn't changed much. he has lost his hair but he is still a karzcharismatic and hane man adding he is stronger than trump and that turkey needs him.
2:26 am
he won't divulge too many secrets, like if he tips, but almost everybody here has a story about the local boy done good. yes, he has worked very hard for us. if he is in power, we relaxed. if he isn't in power, then we're screwed. the barber shop bant are leaves no doubt where the patrons' loyalty lies. mustafa tells me anyone who looks at the issues and thinks rationally will vote yes. turkey was in crisis before. i'm a working man and now i have a house and a car. but step outside the barber shop and into the neighborhood, not. >> is this enthusiastic. what gives me concern is will it always be him in power? what will happen to the parliament and will the people really have a voice?
2:27 am
it's the nagging yes for turks. no campaign sees this as a struggle not on for turkey's democracy but also for turkey's soul, hoping to trim erdogan's power with a single vote. and, george, talking to election monitors who are looking to see if this election or this vote is going to be free and fair, they say that by and large it's expected to be a free election, not with much tampering, but when you look at the fair side, they say it doesn't appear to be fair and that's because the yes campaign they say is using government resources and you can see how prolific it is around turkey. there are banners all and here, big banners that are saying yes in turkish and then the no campaign, they aren't receiving those government funds and they've complained of intimidations, threats of violence and violence, george. >> ian lee live from istanbul,
2:28 am
turkey. thank you for the reporting. >> we've been talking a lot in the last two hours about north korea and the tngs ension on th peninsula. next we'll take you to moscow. could the embassy be a front for the country's dark arts and does russia know? hey, i'm the internet! i know a bunch of people who would love that. the internet loves what you're doing... build a better website in under an hour with... ...gocentral from godaddy. type in your idea. select from designs tailored just for you and publish your site with just a few clicks-even from your... phone. the internet is waiting start for free today at godaddy.
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i'll be right there. and the butchery begins. what am i gonna wear? this party is super fancy. let's go. i'm ready. are you my uber? [ horn honks ] hold on. don't wait for watchathon week to return. [ doorbell rings ] who's that? show me netflix. sign up for netflix on x1 today and keep watching all year long. welcome back to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. you are watching "cnn newsroo" o it is good to have you with us. the trump administration said it will not be releasing the logs of white house visitors. that breaks with precedent set
2:32 am
from the obama years. visitors logs are presidential record so they cannot be subject to the freedom of information act. >> at least 40 additional troops are headed to somalia. they'll join a few other dozen there, the u.s. counterterrorism advisers that are already in the country, their mission is to train somali soldiers. >> a u.s. commander says dropping the bomb was the right weapon at the right moment saying they destroyed 94 isis voters and tunnels and infrastructure. >> and on sunday, turks will will decide whether to replace their democracy.
2:33 am
observers say erdogan has move to consolidate power since last summer's coupe. >> one analyst says these canisters would be bigger than anything ever produced. >> one analyst suggests they are just mockups. north korea has been aggressively developing its missile and nuclear technology for years now. >> brian todd has the latest assessments of where its capability currently stands. >> reporter: cnn has learned kim jong un's nuclear weapon buildup is advancing rapidly, estimated to have appropriation deuce between 13 and 30 nuclear war
2:34 am
hea heads. albright stresses north korea's program is so secret i that accurate figures are difficult to get but based on what he's found he has an ominous projection of what he could produce. by the answered of 20 the numbers could go up to 25 or 50 and in the worst case, up to 60. >> reporter: with a stockpile that large, it could make it harder for the u.s. to track his nuclear weapons. >> that means they could disburse them, and most likely underground. that means the u.s. can't be assured of taking out all of their weapons. >> reporter: officials tell cnn kim jong un has been more aggressive with nuke cler aclean
2:35 am
the past year and a half than he ever has ever been. they say with each test, they get closer to producing a more powerful nuclear bombs. >> they could break into more thermal nuclear weapons if they continue to test. temperature would give them to make a much larger explosion and miniaturize their warheads better. >> reporter: experts believe kim already has the ability to test a nuclear warhead 16 times for powerful than the bomb dropped on high pressure. >> i believe kim jong un is even more dangerous than he appears and the reason is that i don't think his regime is stable and that means kim jong un could have a much lower threshold of risk than we think. it means he could do something that could surprise us because
2:36 am
from his perspective, he may think he has little to lose. >> reporter: analysts say if kim jong un conducts another nuclear test in the coming days or weeks, it will mean china likely was not able to use its influence over kim jong un and that, they say, is a very dangerous sign. brian todd, washington. >> for more, our colleague spoke earlier with adam mount, a senior fellow at the center for american progress. >> the north koreans are not going to give up their program for nothing. as they advance their missile capabilities, the price keeps rising. there's some real creative thinking the administration is going to have to do when thinking through what it's prepared to offer and pay and how to get north korea to start talking about limits on its nuclear program. one this evening we do know is that pressure alone is not going to be sufficient. there's no number of carrier
2:37 am
strike groups that you can send to the peninsula that's going to in and of itself to compel north korea to come back to the table. there has to be some kind of diplomacy and unfortunately diplomacy has not been this administration's strong suit so far so there's a lot of work to be done. >> the united nations says the north korean embassy in moscow is also gaining in sophistication. >> the u.n. says pyongyang might be outmaneuvering some sa sanctions. we have this report from the russian capital. >> reporter: north korea embassy in moscow singled out as diplomacy being cover for kim jong un's illicit activities and now described as increasing in sale, scope and sophistication. the march report draws several lines of evidence to russia, specifically the korean trading
2:38 am
corporation, controlled by the energy bureau and is a so-called cash route to pyongyang. it deals with prohibited minerals. according to the report, it's advertised as the north korean embassy in moscow. this embassy is at the heart of allegations into how north korea uses its diplomatic missions as a front to skirt u.n. sanctions. hugh griffiths is the coordinator for the u.n. expert panel. >> what the investigation based at the north korea's russian embassy shows again is that the north koreans continue to use their embassies as a focus for illicit activities. >> the u.n. panel informed the russian government of the activities and was told in part that this was not a registered company in russia. the report draws no conclusions about whether russia has given tacit approval of such activity to the north korea regime but
2:39 am
makes no mention of any efforts to stop it. they referred to us the north korean policy statement on its web sight. phone calls to the north korean agency went unanswered. at issue now how seriously takes these violations. >> the russians are beginning to have a clear gap between their official rhetoric and their actual policies. in practice leading officials have condemned north korea for their nuclear tests but in practice they're continuing to pack up the u.s. regime and they're crate california of the u.s. policy against north korea. >> it has some financial, commercial, educational and even questionable military links to pyongyang. north korean military personnel
2:40 am
have attended international arms fairs in russia. so far russia, up like china, hasn't taken any former punitive measures against north korea following its most recent nuclear test. bill richards is a former u.n. ambassador who has negotiated with korea. >> i think russia is trying to have it both weighs. they vote for more votes in the u.n. security council, the p-5. publicly they're for restraining north korea, put more sanctions when north korea conducts missile tests. but there are reports that russia and north korea have got i don't know in a tighter relationship. >> all of this shows it not just china with leverage in north korea. experts note that russia is shrewdly using its ties to the regime to to try and have more influence on the outcome of any
2:41 am
future north korean investigations. >> back to syria in a moment. the syrian leader, assad, dismisses video of a tem call attack in his country. openly questioning even if victims are dead. >> and a close call an asteroid headed toward earth. derek says we don't have to worry. can't wait to hear from derek about that. he'll tell us the story ahead. >> thank you. nse taste. so it has the bad breath germ-killing power of this... [rock music] with the lighter feel... of this. [classical music] for a whole mouth clean with a less intense taste... ahhh. try listerine® zero alcohol™. also try listerine® pocketpaks for fresh breath on the go.
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but we've got the get tdigital tools to help. now with xfinity's my account, you can figure things out easily, so you won't even have to call us. change your wifi password to something you can actually remember, instantly. add that premium channel, and watch the show everyone's talking about, tonight. and the bill you need to pay? do it in seconds. because we should fit into your life, not the other way around. go to recent terror attacks against christians in egypt failed to dissuade worshippers from attending good friday services. >> christians filled this cathedral in al exaks a action
2:45 am
alexandria, egypt. officials expected large numbers of people to stay home. >> thousands of people from two shiite towns that remain loyal to the government are being isn't to aleppo and sunni rebel fighters, who have also been under siege, are being relocated to idlib province. >> in moscow, the foreign ministers of russia, iran and syria met in a show of strength against syria. >> the carnage we see in syria is deeply disturbing to just about everyone except the leader of that country. president bashar al assad openly
2:46 am
questions if those scenes are even real. nk payton has our report and we do warn you, many of the images of the children, the people suffering here, these images are difficult to watch. >> reporter: this is the world of most syrians, rebubble, bomb slaughter and indiscriminate weapons. but welcome to the world of bashar al assad where it simply didn't happen. >> we don't know the children, were they dead at all? who committed the attack if there was attack? >> reporter: denial is nothing new for a man who was a trained eye doctor in london yet has found himself a hated dictator. in the 17-your reign, he's swung
2:47 am
from reformist to murderist. but despite missile attacks a and -- he denied bombings like this have ever happened. he's denied being behind in sarin massacre in 2014 before later agreeing to give his nuclear weapons up. denial is easy if you're in a palace you haven't really left for five years. this may be the only time assad left war time damascus on a military plane en route to meet vladimir putin and the kremlin, a publish sign of the russian support that has turned the war in his favor. central damascus is a lot quieter with the rest of syria and he's now on the military front foot. when a place is darnged, once a
2:48 am
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it's your trade. ♪ ♪ e*trade. ♪ ♪ start trading today at a large asteroid is hertling towards earth. here's the guy to tell us not to freak out right now. >> let's be clear everyone watching at home, zero percent chance of this reaching us at home. >> say that again. >> zero percent. i'm triting toe ing ing te ingi
2:53 am
lighten the day. can you go outside and see this without a telescope. we'll call this an asteroid close call. if you call 1.1 million miles away from us a close call, well, that's on you. this hey seem star away for you and i but astrong mouse call this an eglak technical equivalent from getting braised by a bullet. this is 2,000 feet long. it's 2014 jo-25, and it's actually large are than the larger than -- do you remember
2:54 am
the difference between an asteroid and a meteor? that, my friend is a meteor. the difference between a meteor ands an strou s as a s as a s s? let's talk about the world's weather. we have so much to discuss. this includes what's happening in india. thanks to you if you're watching from that part of the world. we know you've been dealing with some excessive heat lately building up to monsoon region. we want the rain so badly but we'll have to wait several more weeks to get that relief. temperatures are soaring out of control, nearing 115 degrees fahrenheit. these temperatures recorded on friday are on celsius. 49 selcelsius is equivalent to
2:55 am
fahrenheit. we're not seeing the relief and the warm temperatures are going to continue. we're running 5 to 10 degrees fahrenheit above where we should be in this time of year. extremely warn. we also know california is a warm state and it's been under the spell of the drought for six years. finally we led to the spell of the drought. if you're in southern california, you know what i'm talking about. this is the wild flower super bloom. check out the area footage coming out of the region. images from the area are just incredible to see some of the beautiful, kind of almost paintings that the plan tet is giving us here. this is right outsigde of los
2:56 am
angeles. >> you start us out with hertling steroids and end with flowers. >> and the force is back. the "last jedi" trailer premieres. >> it has glimpses of the late carry fisher and mark hamil. >> this will be episode 8 of star wars but you'll have to wait eight months to see it. >> may the force be with you today. i'm george howell. >> and i'm natalie allen. for our u.s. viewers, "new day" starts right now and for everyone else, amanpour. thanks for watching cnn.
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♪ we have a new president and kim jong-un is trying to challenge him. >> north korea sa problem. the problem will be taken care of. >> with an administration that is showing he wants to send a message there's a new sheriff in town, we don't know, you know, whether we're making maximum effort to settle this peacefully or not. we will not relent in our mission to destroy isis k in 2017. >> we have given them total authorization and that's what they're doing. >> that sends the message around the world that trump is


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