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tv   Early Start with Christine Romans and Dave Briggs  CNN  April 21, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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to give president trump a win before the 100 day mark? and they meet again, the same judge who donald trump assailed over his mexican heritage last year will hear a case involving the president's immigration policies. will the white house respond? good morning and thanks for getting an early start with us. >> good morning. it's 5:00 in the east. welcome to "early start." >> you're still alison kosik? >> i am. where have you heard this before? republicans insisting they're nearing a breakthrough on the bill to repeal and replace obamacare. but getting enough republicans on the same page, that's the big challenge. most house members haven't seen the reworked bill. mark meadows and the head of the more moderate tuesday group, tom mcarthur, have been working on a compromise agreement that they believe will deliver 18 to 20
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new "yes" votes from republicans. >> but a republican house member familiar with these talks tells cnn he's skeptical the freedom caucus can deliver those votes. president trump sounding hopeful a deal will get done here. >> the plan gets better and better and better, and it's gotten really, really good. and a lot of people are liking it a lot. we have a good chance of getting it soon. i'd like to say next week, but it will be, i believe we will get it and whether it's next week or shortly thereafter. >> many are questioning why the gop would attempt to repeal and replace obamacare again just weeks after flaming out on the issue. much of the disagreement still centering on whether to gut protections for those with pre-existing conditions. no comment from the white house after it was announced gonzalo curiel will hear the case of a california man who claims he was illegally deported to mexico. he's the same judge who was attacked last year by then candidate trump for his handling of the trump university lawsuit case.
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mr. trump claimed curiel could not be impartial because of his mexican heritage. mind you, he's from indiana. the lawsuit was ultimately settled. >> curiel, who was chosen randomly, will preside over the case of 23-year-old dreamer juan manuel montes who claims he was protected under the deferred action for childhood arrivals, or daca. montes tried to sneak back into the u.s. on february 19th, and was caught by border patrol agents. his lawyers claim he was improperly deported one day earlier. homeland security officials dispute that, insisting montes left the country without preauthorization and therefore voided his status. let's bring in zach wolf, managing editor of cnn, talking all things d.c. >> good morning, zach. >> good morning. >> start with the ongoing health care discussion. we're told the house freedom caucus, the conservatives on the right and the moderate tuesday
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group have been talking while at recess. they're not back until next week. what are you hearing? we've seen no text yet about this potential mcarthur amendment that would change this bill? >> well, you said it right there. we've seen no text yet. so once we start to see details, i think we get a little bit closer to being able to say "yes" ityes, it's a possibility, no it trying to get something done. you have pressure being applied by the white house, by the leadership. let's get this done. but at the same time, i don't see that the puzzle pieces have changed ready on the table. i don't understand exactly how with what we've seen they can get something past where they couldn't before because the fundamentals really haven't changed. >> if you think about it, right now we're just dealing with the house. we haven't begun to think about the senate. never mind -- no one's really seen the language of this bill,
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and then you have the president sort of coming up against this first 100 days. why this urgency to get this done next week when it really doesn't seem really that way. is it more the president needing to show an effort for his base, or is there really something there going on? >> i think there are a couple of things that play. optically this is a president who knows a lot about optics and is obsessed with them. and when we get to this moment where everybody takes a gut check and looks at what he's accomplished, he said last week he's accomplished more than any other president. i don't think that's true, but he wants to have a "w" in there. he wants to have something to point to. the other thing is if you want to let legislation through, you don't want to let up pressure. you don't want to think, okay, we're just moving on. even though it was a threat when they tried to pass it before. if you're going to have any movement, you have to have bits of movement, baby steps. >> of course, this is very dangerous politically.
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for one if it passes the senate, it's a big loss and you have to fund a government. that could happen. a government shutdown could come on his 100 days if he doesn't get this done. what are the stumbling blocks to funding the government deadline a week from today? >> that's something they really need to figure out here. you know, there are ways in congress they can agree to punt the ball down the road. i don't think anybody in congress really wants to see a government shutdown as opposed to during the obama administration when some people in the freedom caucus were, you know, called other things then, but some republicans were sort of tempting that and wanted to see it, that you don't see that now. nobody's really kind of seriously talking about that threat yet. it's on the horizon though. they have one week to get it done, and that's a real deadline. >> as for the demands it appears the president wants funding for the border wall in this bill and democrats it sounds like from
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listening to chuck schumer, they want to fund the changes as it relates to obamacare. are both sides amen tobl the demands? >> they're going to have to figure out a way forward. this is not the way the sort of shell game or horse trading here at the last minute is always what you see. it's also interesting to me they're not here right now and paul ryan is off in london. so you don't really have the alarm bells yet. >> it's interesting to see. capitol hill can barely handle one issue let alone two issues. ask for everything and see what you get. let's switch gears a little bit. kind of a fascinating plot twist with judge kecuriel. this is on his desk. now that judge is going to be haring that case, bt this is the same judge who candidate fashion about the trump cist - university case. interesting and ironic. >> interesting, ironic.
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you put it exactly right there. it is a plot twist. this is like a -- it's like a hollywood movie. if you went to central casting and said which judge should we find to hear the undocumented -- you know, the daca case, you'd get the guy that -- well, donald trump sort of criticized his mexican heritage or said he had mexican heritage back during his campaign. it was a huge deal at the time. this is exactly who you'd pick. this guy was picked randomly. we should also point out he's never been anything but above board in the trump university case which was settled after trump was elected. we'll have to see what happens here, but it's just one of those things you've about got to shake your head. >> any chance you think the judge will recuse himself from this case? >> i don't think so. he didn't recuse himself from the last case, so why would he here? >> okay. >> that sounds very unlikely. we'll check in with you in about
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30 minutes. >> sounds good. president trump is going to be visiting the treasury department later today and there he's going to be signing executive orders targeting the frank dodd financial reform law. they'll review regulators' authority on banks in trouble. he's also going to be asked to label insurance firms, private equity companies and hedge funds as risky. he'll direct mnuchin in ones that are too complex or burdensome for taxpayers. the main reason stocks have climbed since trump was elected, but the biggest prize is tax reform and the treasury secretary, he's giving reassurance to investor. willen to this. at an event on thursday, mnuchin said whether health care gets done or doesn't get done, we're going to get tax reform done. we hope this doesn't take until the end of the year. it will be very soon, very soon, end quote. mnuchin said it will cut taxes
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for both individuals and businesses. it's a very lofty target. >> it is indeed. and four people who advised him in the campaign wrote, forget about health care. give us a simple tax reform bill. >> there is no simple tax reform. >> you're right about that. we have breaking details on the gunman in paris days before their elections. we're live in france. has 30 brandslio in over 110 countries so no matter where you go, you are here. ray's always been different. last year, he said he was going to dig a hole to china. at&t is working with farmers to improve irrigation techniques. remote moisture sensors use a reliable network to tell them when and where to water. so that farmers like ray can compete in big ways.
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the following ad for your viewing convenience. i finally switched to geico. oh yeah? ended up saving a ton of money on car insurance. i hear they have a really great mobile app. the interface is remarkably intuitive. that's so important. ♪ you give us comfort. and we give you bare feet... i love you, couch.
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stunning comments this morning. let's go live to paris and get the very latest from cnn's melissa bell. good morning to you. what are we learning this morni morning, melissa? >> reporter: we learn what we didn't know last night. this from last night in the wake of the attack on the champs i champs-elyse champs-elysees. the attacker, the french national who pulled up outside that police van last night and began shooting at police with his automatic weapon. this is one of the unanswered questions so far. lots, of course, attention on the man who carried out the attack, as you say, known by authorities for his radical behavior. very inflammatory terms, not only repeating her pledge that if she's elected she'll round up
2:15 am
those 10,500 people responsible for terroristic activity whether or not they're french. she has now been speaking adding to that saying we are at war, we need to act as though we're at war. this is a war on france, not for what we do, she said, but for who we are, and our response needs to be raised to the height of the threat. she was accusing previous governments of having failed taking terrorists seriously. it could prove crucial in perhaps pushing those undecided voters toward marine le pen. >> yeah. it could have dramatic impact on those elections. melissa, thanks so much. great reporting. >> the turmoil in venezuela spiralling out of control. there were mass demonstrations and more sit-ins and marches.
2:16 am
they blame maduro for the crisis and now maduro is blaminging the opposition for hiring armed bands to attack whims and children's hospital. we're joined with the very latest. something hitting the wire now. we heard yesterday about the government seizing a general motors plant and now we're hearing about maduro investigating a telecom company there. bring us up to date. >> reporter: yes. you're right. maduro yesterday was on state television to address the nation in which he announced an investigation on the mobile company, a subsidiary of spain's television. maduro's attacking them for being part of what he alleges is an international coup, an international campaign against him and in particular attacking them for sending millions, he said, up to two million messages to protesters to father on the
2:17 am
street and galvanize on yesterday and the day before when the opposition took to the streets to protest once again. it's not the first time a company enters into hard waters of venezuela. as you say, it was day before general motors announced the seegs of operations after its company was seized and last year coca-cola ceased production because of shortages of soda and soft drinks. >> does the opposition feel like they're getting any traction at this point? >> it feels like the opposition -- it feels like that has finally managed to find some momentum after the latest drive to try to oust nicolas maduro through a referendum. it was blocked by the supreme court. so what happened in the last two weeks. the supreme court has announced on a sentence on the 29th of
2:18 am
march. so just in the beginning, right at the end of last month. they announced that they were taking powers out of the parliament and trying to oust parliament from powers. it's a conflict of powers from different branches in the state. that's caused a lot of international rage and strong opposition to it. it now has the ball in its hand and tries to get the momentum going to reach a new cycle of general elections. >> all right. thanks so much for your report. >> thank you, allison. looks like days, just hours ahead in caracas. meanwhile eli manning breaking his silence in an alleged role of a fake memorabilia scam. and we'll have the "bleacher report" when we come back. hello, my friend. we'll be right with you. teed. this is a scotts yard.
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let's talk some sports now. giants quarterback eli manning strongly pushing back. >> andy has more on this morn g morning's bleachers report. >> he sued john mora and others alleging that they engaged in a scam to sell him fake memorabil memorabilia. yesterday eli angrily denied those accusations. >> i have never done what i'm i accused of doing. i have no reason nor have i ever had any reason to do nothing of that nature. i have done nothing wrong and i have nothing to hide and i know when this is all done, everybody will see it the same way. i think my track record of how i've handled myself since i've
2:24 am
been in new york since 2004 speaks for itself. i've tried to do everything with class and be a stand-up citizen, and that's what i have done, and i'm being attacked now. >> eli finally addressing the attack after three years when the plaintiff filed a motion to compel testimony including an e-mail from manning to a team equipment manager. in that e-mail ee lay asked for two helmets that could passed for game use. eli said that content is being taken out of context. lebron james with the greatest comeback last night against the pacers. indiana came back on a mission, opening up a 25-point halftime lead. but you can't ever count out lebron. he played every minute of the second half, leading cleveland all the way back, lebron finishing with 41 points as the cavs win, 119-114, to take a
2:25 am
command 3g commanding 3-0 lead in the series. don't count out tiger woods. he has had his fourth back surgery to try to alleviate pain. tiger said, quote, when healed, u look forward to getting back to a normal life, playing with my kids, competing in professional golf, an't living without the pain i have been battling for so long. tiger has taken part in just three tournaments for the past two years. the recovery period, typically i just six month, which means tiger will likely not play the rest of this season. guys, that leads us to wonder, will we ever see tiger back on the tour competing at the highest level. >> do you think? what do you think? >> i mean i think he's going have that moment. he's going play in the masters and he's going to be in contention. will he win, i don't know. everybody wants to see him atop the leaderboard. >> i think he wants to feel better. back pain is no join says the girl with the bad back. >> i won't hold my breath.
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can republicans actually get a health care deal done in the next week? there's optimism. there is skepticism in the party. it's capitol hill. are they trying to satisfy the base or bridging the internal gap? and one crazy coincidence you will see. a federal judge attacked by donald trump over his mexican heritage will hear the case on the policies on mexico. will the white house weigh in? i'm alison kosik. >> i'm dave briggs. it is 30 minutes past the hour. republicans insisting they are nearing a breakthrough on the repeal and replace of obamacare. the devil is in the details.
2:31 am
most house members have not even seen any reworked bill. the leader of the freedom caucus mark meadows and head of the tuesday group, tom mccarthur believ believe they can deliver the votes. >> he is skeptical the freedom caucus can deliver the votes. president trump is sounding hopeful. >> the plan gets better and better and better. it has gotten really good and a lot of people are liking it a lot. we have a good chance of getting it soon. i would like to say next week. i believe we will get it and whether it is next week or shortly thereafter. >> many questioning why the gop would attempt to repeal and replace after flaming out on the
2:32 am
issue. >> let's bring in zach wolf managing editor of zach, hung up on issues. can you charge people more with pre-existing conditions? can they allow the states to get a waiver on this? what is the likelihood of getting a vote next week? >> we went through this before. the fundamentals of this have not changed. the basic disagree over what to do about these certain aspects g of obamacare among republicans and moderates in the senate and house and conservatives. i don't see how the lay of the land has changed. we have not seen any new text for a different bill. we haven't seen a cbo score. we don't know how much it will cost. it seems getting something done by next week is incredibly addrea
2:33 am
aggressi aggressive. i don't know anybody out there who says yes, this can get done. count me among the skeptical on health care. >> you have the grand statements. one from representative tom cole who says the differences have narrowed and this is alive. and you have capitol hill. the focus is a dual focus. then the stubborn thing keeping the government open. he wants health care and keeping the government open. listen to the press conference. >> which is more important? a vote on health care or a vote on keeping the government open? >> i want both. are you shocked to hear that? >> no. >> i'm not shocked. are you shocked? there is the reality. it is hard to get one huge bill through congress let alone keeping the government running. >> yeah. that's the real deadline there. next week.
2:34 am
they have to fund the government. otherwise a government shutdown. i don't think anybody on the republican side of the aisle really wants a government shutdown. things have been complicated recently with demands to add border funding into what would otherwise be a clean government funding bill. that's really the ball that we need to keep our eye on next week. unless you see incredible breakthrough on health care. >> funding the wall versus the exchange in obamacare appears to be the one thing that decides the funding bill. let's talk about the deadline. maybe because the media makes so much of 100 days and what it means for a president achieving major legislation. does it appear to be i mpacting the white house and does it matter? >> it is clear they want to get something done because next week there will be all of these talks about what has he accomplished in his first 100 days. earlier this week, he was
2:35 am
talking how effective he had been in the first 90 days. i think that is seriously up for debate what they accomplished. certainly nothing legislatively. he wants something as the cable news networks and newspapers and the internet take a look at what he has done so far. >> those darn cable news networks. we muddle the water, zach. >> it is friday. let's end on a light note. i understand a couple pictures were taken at the white house with sarah palin and kid rock and ted nugent. you see in front of hillary clinton's portrait and one in the oval office. what can we make of this? >> you know, a lot of liberals are wondering why ted nugent was there. he said i am fl he said inflammatory things. pictures is nothing new.
2:36 am
that happened time and time again during the obama administration. maybe not as inflammatory as ted nugent. it is not new. >> people made more from the hillary clinton photo than they made ted nugent in the past. >> twitter is having a field day. >> do you think it is offensivo? the photo with hillary clinton? >> her portrait is there. she was the first lady. i guess people do it on white house tours. when donald trump greeted tours shortly after taking office, that photo was front and center right behind him the whole time. they are not taking it down. >> i think it is much ado about nothing. thank you, zach. no comment from the white house after judge curiel will hear the case of a man illegally
2:37 am
deported to mexico. he was attacked by then candidate trump for the mishandling of the lawsuit case. acclaimed the judge could not be impartial. he is from indiana. the lawsuit was settled. >> now curiel will preside over the case over juan manuel montez. he tried to sneak back in the united states and caught by border patrol agents. his lawyers claim he was improperly deported one day earlier. okay. president trump heading to the treasury department later today. there he will sign executive orders aimed and targeted at the dodd-frank financial reform law.
2:38 am
the president will direct treasury secretary steve mnuchin to review regulators authority on banks in trouble. he will ask him to label financial companies as risky and direct mnuchin to review tax relations ahead of next year. ahead of the meeting, the treasury secretary said whether health care gets done or doesn't get done. we will get tax reform done. we hope it won't take until the end of the year. it will be soon. very soon. wall street was happy to hear the words. you saw the reaction on the floor. dow zooming 174 points. holding on to the gains through the closing bell. the average is positive for the week. recovering from two days of 100--point losses. we are seeing green arrows this morning. >> comments from mnuchin came 24 hours after steve forbes and others who advised then
2:39 am
candidate trump on finances. they wrote an op-ed saying get tax reform done. get corporate and middle class tax cuts and boost the economy. >> easier said than done. >> they are sending a message. breaking details from paris this morning about the gunman who opened fire on police. now one candidate in the french presidential race with the stunning reaction. we're live in paris. no one's the same without the game of football... like @squirrelgirl52, who writes, "no football on sundays has left me with a lot of free time, so i've constructed a sanctuary for local squirrels." try watching the nfl draft. maybe watch with a friend. or doctor. i'start at the new carfax.comar. show me minivans with no reported accidents. boom. love it. [struggles] show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new hey, ready foyeah. big meeting?
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breaking overnight. a second suspect in connection with the terror attack on police in paris surrendered to authorities. the attack on champs-elysees and the suspect was well known for the radical actives. this is all as people head to
2:44 am
the polls. let's go live to paris and get the latest from melissa bell. give me the latest on the shooting and how you think this attack could swing the election this weekend. >> reporter: what we're learning is a second suspect was being search mued for by french authorities. we learned that man looked for has handed himself in to belgium authorities. what link the man who handed himself in belgium and the man of french nationality who took on police at 9:00 p.m. local time on the champs-elysees. that is one of the big unanswered questions. what do we know about the man who carried out the attack and the man killed here after taking on security forces that he was according to sources a french national and he was on the radar of french authorities. now that does not mean he was officially under surveillance.
2:45 am
one of the things we have been talking about a great deal is whether or not this man is on french's watch list. we have confirmed to us he was not. that does not mean he was not on the radar of authorities. he was believed to have been known for radicalization. one important fact he was not on the official watch list which suggests the failings of french authorities who failed to prevent the attack are not as serious. how will this play into the political narrative? we are of course less than 48 hours until the start of voting and what was already looking like an unpredictable and crucial election here in france, alison. marine le pen calling for islamists mosques to be closed and calling for preachers to be thrown out of the country and calling for those who are under active surveillance. this is something she said over the course of the last few days
2:46 am
as her rhetoric hardened in the first around of voting. calling for 10,000 people under active surveillance in french for suspicions of terrorist activities. they should be rounded up and shipped out of the country. extreme language here from the right wing candidate who hopes to capitalize on the security and fears of the terrorist attacks. >> nothing like security issues to incentive voters. melissa bell, thank you. china's air force on high alert. cruise missile capable bombers preparing to respond to provocation. an extra number of chinese military aircraft are now ready for combat. president trump is confident.
2:47 am
we have david mckenzie tracking latest. any comment on the report from chinese officials? >> reporter: good morning, dave. no comment whatsoever. both the ministry of defense and the minute city of foreign affairs saying no comment to the questions of are they placing these bombers on high alert and why are they doing that? nothing from the chinese. that's not surprising that there is generally talk of military matters in public let alone the press. you had officials speaking to cnn in washington saying the bombers are on high alert dealing with the tensions in the korean peninsula. china would gain nothing by bombing north korea even if there was a level of conflict that came through say experts. you have the extraordinary moments of president trump praising china and the chinese leader saying that they are applying pressure on pyongyang
2:48 am
to stop the nuclear program. now whether that pressure that china is putting on them with coal imports or whatever. we have to wait and see. it must be said that kim jong un has generally ignored china's pleas to stop becoming a nuclear power. dave. >> david mckenzie live in beijing. thank you. an american charity worker locked up in egypt for three years is back on u.s. soil. the washington post reporting the trump administration worked quietly with president el sisi to free aya hijazi. the 30-year-old was cleared of wrongdoing. the obama administration tried to press for the release, but it wasn't until president trump met with el sisi this month until it turned around. the post reports hijazi and
2:49 am
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add that premium channel, and watch the show everyone's talking about, tonight. and the bill you need to pay? do it in seconds. because we should fit into your life, not the other way around. go to officials in hawaii are pushing back on the attorney general for a comment on one of the judges who put a hold on the travel ban. jeff sessions expressed shock a judge in hawaii could block the executive order. judge watson was one of several to block the second version of the ban. listen to the top prosecutor told conservative radio host mark levine. >> i really am amazed that a judge sitting on the island in
2:54 am
the pacific can issue an order that is blocking the president of the united states what appears to be his statutory and constitutional power. >> the justice department says sessions only meant there is a problem when a flawed opinion by a single judge can block the president. adding for the record, hawaii is in fact an island in the pacific. hawaii's democratic senator not amused. mr. attorney general, you voted for that judge and the island is oahu. that island is my home. have some respect. protests in venezuela spiraling out of control as opposition groups to nicolas maduro planning to follow demonstrations with more sit-ins. they blame maduro for the staggering crisis and now blames the government for hiring armed bands for attacking women and childrens hospitals.
2:55 am
we have stefano live from venezuela joining us. >> reporter: good morning, dave. the attack was effectively by the men as the foreign minister acclaimed yesterday on twitter. it is yet another sign the conflict and protests are spreading to popular areas in the outskirts of caracas. what has happened so far especially in the last three weeks of the news cycle is the marches will take place in middle class or residential areas. definitely not in the popular barriers or popular neighborhood where support for chavez is still strong. the attack at the hospital means the sign the protesters are spreading around and there is tension in the barriers as well. we know if maduro loses, the
2:56 am
last struggle of support they have among the popular working class could really well mean it is the end for socialism here. it is maduro who will look forward to the new protests to see how the development goes. >> looks like a weekend of turmoil ahead there in caracas. stefano, thank you. breaking overnight in germany. the alleged attacker is said to be a 28-year-old german-russian who may have carried out the bombing for gambling reasons. now dismissing a terror link to the bomb attack that injured a player. let's get a check on cnn money stream. the s&p 500 set to rise. stocks in europe are mixed. there is a drop in paris ahead of the first round of elections this weekend. shares in asia closed higher overnight.
2:57 am
it has been a wild past few days for the dow jones industrial average. look at this. the swings. last thursday, down 138 points. closed for good friday. stocks popped on monday. two straight losses and big gain on thursday. verizon losing wireless customers for the first time ever. 307,000 people left the carrier in the first quarter. investors followed. the stock plunged at the open, but clawed back and finished down 1%. that was happening as the broader market was posting solid gains. the company's earnings missing estimates thanks to lower overage fees and more customers are choosing unlimited plans. a big reason for the disappointing results? competition. competition from sprint and lots of competition from t-mobile. that is taking a toll on verizon. look at the ceo taking the
2:58 am
opportunity to bash verizon on twitter. i knows he does this frequently. this is funny. he tweeted a direct quote on pot day. pro-tip. stop gauging your customers and do more afor them. how verhighzon is he? the funny thing is verizon customer service jumped on and saying how can we help you? he started the chatter. >> stirring it up. reminiscent of mark cuban. he will be on "new day" today. there is the transition. thank you for joining us. i'm dave briggs. >> i'm alison kosik. "new day" starts now. >> the plan will get better and ber better. >> if they pull it, they are in trouble. >> will the president's first
2:59 am
100 days end in victory or government shutdown? >> we will keep the government open. don't you agree. i think we will get both. >> freed egyptian-american prisoner comes home. >> in case we are in doubt, we are behind president el sisi. >> a terror attack rocks paris. >> a french national. known to authorities. >> wasn't a spontaneous or rapid attack. very deliberately targeted. >> in the face of the evil, we have to be strong and vigilant. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> welcome viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "new day." it is friday, april 21st. 6:00 here in new york. up first, a race against the clock for president trump and the gop desperate for a legislative victory ahead of the president's 100th day in office. mr. trump turning up the heat. is there any proof there could be a vote by congress on a
3:00 am
revamped health care bill when there is no plan that anyone seems to know about outside a small group? we will dig into that. congress vases a deadline to avoid government shutdown. they need to pass a spending bill to keep the federal government running. day 92 of the trump presidency. let's start with joe johns live at the white house. give us the latest, joe. oh, joe? >> reporter: it's another attempt to salvage a measure of success after all the recent failures on health care during the administration. important to say donald trump very much needs a win and he needs it now. >> we have a good chance of getting it soon. i would like to say next week. >> reporter: president trump pushing hard for a legislative win before his 100th day in office next


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