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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  April 24, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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two things. one, that he's had a heart. he wants to make sure he does what's in the interest of children in particular. but secondly, i the president's priorities since he took office have been very clear. the focus would be on folks who presented a a danger to public safety and that's what it's been. that's where it continues to be. he's someone who understands the issue and the priorities that need to get laid out by this country. so everything that he's done has beenen siconsistent with what hs said from the get go. >> i understand that he said the criminals would leave first, but last august he said that daca defied federal law and is illegal. >> his comments that he made last week that he understands that a lot of cases this involves families and small children who have been here. e he has a heart and we're going to work through the immigration piece. in terms of visa reform, the wl,
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all of these things in a system of priorities. right now the priority is to make sure that folks thatten present a public safety concern to the united states and to our citizens are dealt with first. that's what's happened. he is very pleased through his action and his vision for how he wants to move forward on this sees a huge drop of illegal border crossing. that is a a big accomplishment for this presidency. it's something we're obviously very proud of. >> what about amnesty? >> i understand, i just walked through the question. >> how confident are you that there will not be a government shutdown? >> i can't guarantee. but i think that the work that director mulvaney and others have made in this front and negotiations has been very positive. they feel very confident that that won't happen. >> he won't insist that his
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priorities get funded on the border wall. >> that's not what i said. i they are currently negotiating. we feel confident they understand the priorities and it will come to an agreement by the end of friday. >> on the 100 days, the contract with the american voter that the president signed ten pieces of legislation. right now he's 0 for 10. haez says in that document, i will work with congress to achieve these things. we are going to continue to achieve those. >> why have nine not even been introduced? >> when you lock at what he's done, the number of legislation, there's a lot that has gotten done. i remember very clearly the first few weeks and still to some extent the comments that got made about the pace we were
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keeping and have kept. the president has been extremely busy. when you recognize the amount of issues that he's tackled and the amount of progress he's e made, it is very significant. and we will continue to present all of that throughout the week. but as i said, you can look at a few of these areas and nitpick a couple of them. but overall, he signed a record number of executive orders. he's rolled back regulatory reforms. >> there's no question that a president has done a significant amount for the american people on the issues he's put forward during the campaign. >> jim? >> those pieces are not small. what i'm saying in terms of overall what he's accomplished has been unbelievably significant. when you talk about all of the other areas, the regulatory relief, efforts he's made on immigrati immigration, trade, all of those
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issues. what i'm trying to say is when you look at everything he's done and the amount he's accomplished in the first 100 days, you can go back and find an area and say, okay, he didn't do this. i think you have to look at totality of what he did get done. >> on the wall, why is there even discussion about shutting down the government? isn't mexico supposed to pay for the wall? >> the president has made very clear that initially we needed to get the funding going and there's several mechanisms to make that sure that happen. >> is that is a promise during the campaign. >>. >> now we're having a discussion it might shut down. who is going to pay for it? >> as i pointed out to jonathan, we feel confident the government is not going to shut down. the president has been clear in the. past about the fact -- this is not a a new thing. he talked about this. in order to get the ball rolling on border security and the wall he was going to have to use an
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appropriations process, but he would make sure that that promise would be kept as far as the payment of it. >> real quick follow-up. if border crossings are down and that's a talking point, is the wall even necessary? >> absolutely. the wall does several things. >> saying we're going to have the drugs flowing in. >> just because you have a couple good months, you want to make sure you take long-term steps. so the president is going to fulfill and frankly it's a promise he made to the american people. if you're coming in from our southern border, he's take an lot of steps so far that's deterred border crossings. this is a permanent step that will extend beyond his presidency. eight years tr now the next president will have that wall in place to make sure that it doesn't continue. >> on wednesday, when we see the
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outline, will the president help aim congress toward his decision about whether the border adjustment tax is the right idea and also related to that, whether the wall that might be of interest to lawmakers will become evident as part of the outline of what he'd like to do in terms of taxes. >> we're waiting until wednesday to have the details. we have a couple days before that happens. so i'm going to have to ask you to wait 48 hours. >> whether we will have a generally better idea? >> i think you'll have a better idea on tax reform and what e he wants to accomplish, yes.
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>> when you were describing economic growth of 3% or higher, likely lower than what the president talked about in the campaign, which was a a very ambitious goal. i'm just trying to figure out what's the time line for that? is the president thinking you'd like to achieve 3% or high er i his first term buzz of the head winds that were obviously united states facing. that's an ambitious goal still. >> i think he's taken a lot of steps not just on the tax side by the regulatory side as well that are already paying dividends in terms of you're seeing manufacturing come back and jobs come back and there's going to be a renewed commitment of manufacturers, american companies to bring back jobs, to grow, to hire, to expand here in the united states. and so i think that that growth will proceed the president's actions both on the tax front and the regulatory side. >> are you any closer to getting
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218 votes in the house to pass a replacement? >> yes. >> first of all, we only need 216. you're making it a a little tougher on us now. i think we have seen progress with members in terms of some of the changes that have been made to make it a stronger bill. but we're getting close. as i mentioned at the outset when i think the president feels confident that the leadership of the house feels confident, i'm sure they will call a vote. that's up to them to decide. >> honest ly a different topic and that's the election in france. any comment on the results that came out of france over the weekend. would the president be satisfied with either alternative?
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>> obviously, it's up to the people of france to decide who the next leader is. respect the decision that they make in may. so let's -- to work with whomever the french people choose. i don't see anything on the schedule. what is his -- >> he will be involved. the legislative team has been giving him updates. and as he's needed. he's talked to members. i just mentioned he's having dinner with senator mccain and senator graham. he's had lots of discussions with members at various times. this is not at a position now as his team tells him that these phone calls he's monitoring
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being given updates by the senior team. >> it's starting in the first week of madge. almost for eight weeks with the senior team here and appropriators in the house in particular. >> the second issue in 100 days if someone mentioned the president tweeted that it was i ridiculous timetable, why is the white house doing so much this week z. you have indicated that all these activities this week from hearing from different people are because of the 100 days. why do this push if it's a ridiculous amount? >> we have gotten a fairly amount of inquiries from you and your colleagues. in order to answer those -- we're givers.
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it's thoroughly and comprehensively. we'll have to fulfill all the requests coming in it from you and your colleagues. i also think we are very proud and the president is is very proud of what he's been able to accomplish in the first 100 days. and as we sprint towards the final 100 days, one, because of the inquiries, we want to make sure we take an opportunity to make sure people understand how much he's done and all the different areas. we also want to talk about the next 0 days and what else is left to be done and how we're going to continue to work hard to get all of that done. there's a lot that's been accomplished. there's an appropriate to comment and to share with the american people all of the things that he's done to fulfill the pledges that he med to the american people.
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>> are we going to hear prior to the rally on saturday, are we going to hear from him? there was some talk of a press conference. >> i'll have further updates on the schedule going forward. >> the press conference? >> i will have -- we're working out some scheduling issue trs the rest of the week. pl i'll make sure i give you an update moving forward. >> i want to circle back. items for the first 100 day was repealing bahama care. does the president want to, expect it see a vote on health care this week? >> he would love to do it. if the speaker and the majority leader tell him they have the votes, we'd love to do it. his goal isn't to fit it into a finite timetable. if it happens this week, it's great.
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>> exactly. >> let me ask you about tax reform. you don't want to get ahead of the announcement. but there's a sense it's more realistic to pursue targeted tax cuts as opposed to broad tax reform. will we on wednesday see a proposal for targeted tax cuts? >> as you stated in your question, i'll let the president and the team speak on wednesday with respect to what they are going to outline. >> does the president think it's realistic to do broad tax reform without having to replace? >> the president said he's going to make the announcement. there's a a lot of things that are possible. let's let the president -- he made a commitment to get it out on wednesday. so let's be patient. and wait until wednesday. >> just one more. is there a plan for infrastructure reform this the works? >> that's another thing that's on the list, but i think we seem to have our hands full right now
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with health care ask tax reform. he's still committed to seeing infrastructure. it's something he's talked about a lot. they are going to see a continued commitment to infrastructure as well. >> it is a priority of his. as you point out, it's something that both sides of the aisle and both chambers agree on. there's a public/private partnership that could really benefit our intrastructure in it terms of the financing piece of this. we'll have further details on that moving forward. thank you, guys. i'll see you tomorrow. have a great monday. >> let's take it. i'm brooke baldwin. you've been watching the white house press briefing as president trump beginning a pivotal week. the 100-day mark is on saturday.
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before that happens, president trump has a jam packed schedule to pump up his accomplishments in the days ahead. let me bring my panel in to discuss all things that sean spicer was asked about. let me begin here with with shelby to my right. first, government shutdown dead line looming, but it seems to me they are shifting language perha, perhaps, the white house, from e we must have this border wall funding in that spending bill to maybe something a little different. >> yesterday we heard state of the union john kelly, the homeland security secretary, say that the the border funding wall was going to have to be in this. saying that certainly want to e see border security funding, but it wasn't sort of we're going to live on this hill of the wall must be funded. i think it's clear the white
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house doesn't want a government shutdown. they understand they would take the brunt of the blame for that. so i think what you're hearing here is a possible path out they are trying to find for things. >> i want to hear from it you. let me play the exchange with our own correspondent in the room jim acosta with sean spicer on this. >> why has there been discussion over paying for the wall? isn't mexico supposed to pay for the wall? >> the president has made clear that initial ly we needed to ge the funding going. there would be several mechanisms to make sure that happens. that funding piece will happen in due time. >> that's a promise. >> now we're having a discussion it might shut down over the wall. >> so a couple things. one, as i pointed out, we feel confident the government is not going to shut down. the president has been very cloer in the past about the fact that this is not a new thing. he talked about this. in order to get the ball rolling
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on border security and the wall he was going to have to use the appropriations process, but e he would make sure that that promise would be kept as far as the payment of it. >> a real quick tofollow up. if border cross rgs down, is the wall even necessary? >> absolutely. the wall does several things. >> the border crossings be down saying we're going to have drugs flowing in it we don't have the wall. >> just because you have a couple good months in a year, you want to make sure you take long-term steps. so the president is going to fulfill. i think if you're coming in from our southern border, he's take an lot of steps so far that is deterred border crossings. this is a permanent step beyond his. presidency. eight years from now, the next president will have that wall in place to make sure that it doesn't continue. >> jim is up with us now.
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it's a great question. mexico is supposed to pay for it. it is a talking point from the white house about border crossings being down. what did you make of his answer? >> as you know, i covered a great number of those trump campaign rallies. a few of those moments were burned on my brain. the moment that might be burned the most ob my brain is that mexico is going to pay for the wall on the border. and as you heard from sean spicer during the briefing, yes, the president is going to insist. his administration is going to insist at some point mexico is going to pay for the l wall, but for the time being, it appears to be a sticking point in m getting a budget resolution and spending bill resolution before the government shuts down at the end of the week. i think it's important and i think you're just picking up on this, during the briefing today, sean spicer was not drawing any lines in the sand. he was not saying if we don't have border wall funding, this going is going to shut down. you heard when he was asked by john carl, can he guarantee there won't be a shut down. he wasn't going to take the bait on that question, but he said
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they have great confidence that's not going to shut down. at the end of the day thrks administration is starting to sound like it's going to take one on the chin here and perhaps not get that border wall funding in exchange for not letting this government shut down on the 1 100th day in office tr this president, which would be a lot of egg on his face as he. wraps up these 100 days. >> on the egg note, shelby, e let me follow up with you. >> it's true. a little bit of both. the trump administration loves the art of the deal. that's how donald trump conducts his madministration. people are saying different signals. it's not a surprise that we're hearing these different rhetoric over the weekend. however, if you look at polls, and trump doesn't like to look at polls, but the wall is not popular.
11:20 am
ask shutting down the government right before or right on his 100th day mark is way worse for him than anything else that could happen. when sean spicer said i'm confident the government won't shut down, that was a clear signal border wall funding will not be a part of this fight. >> so we heard sean spicer say the dead line was our official questions about the president calling the dead line he used ridiculous yes the president's schedule, not all on camera, but it's jam packed this week leading up to the big 100 day mark. what's up with that? >> it doesn't matter unless it's going well. then it does matter. i think donald trump buys into media narratives more than any other candidate because he consumes more media than any politician that we have ever seen before. i would remind people that the 100 days is an fdr creation, not
11:21 am
a media creation. even if you say it's a media creation, donald trump is a believer in these sorts of symbolic landmarks. what he wants is the credit for the things he's done. you heard scene say repeatedly unbelievable amount of progress. but he doesn't really want to answer for health care and the struggle there is. it's a major thing. i don't want to minimize it. e he wants to celebrate the victories, ignore the losses and 100 days is good for them. when it's good for them and ignore them when it's not. donald trump extends to almost everything including whether 100 days matter or not. >> we'll be right back. you're watching cnn. your insurance company
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just a a follow up on the contract with the american voter that the president signed with ten pieces of legislation. >> as he says in the document, i will work with congress to achieve these things. we're going to work with congress to achieve those.
11:26 am
>> why have nine of them not even been introduced? >> when you look at what he's done, the executive orders, the number of legislation, there's a lot that has gotten done. i remember very clearly the first few weeks and still to some extent the comments that got made about the pace we were keep asking we have kept the president has been extroemly busy and when you recognize the amount of issues that he's tackled and the amount of progress he's made, it is very significant. we will continue to present all that throughout the week. >> you can look at these areas and nitpick, but overall he's signed a record number of executive orders. he's rolled back regulatory reforms. but i don't think there's any question that the president has done a significant amount for the american people on the issues that he has put forward during the campaign. >> jim?
11:27 am
>> those pieces are not small. what i'm saying in terms of what he has accomplished has been unbelievably significant. >> that was our reporter there jim as to ta, we're playing pieces tr the press briefing that just happened underscoring the importance of saturday. got a great panel. chris was making the point about what wins can they tell. >> just whoever the president is, how do you measure success or progress? >> there's no one way to measure it. obviously we have polls where the country is whether they are apruing or disapproved of the job the president is doing. that's one way wp this president is scoring low on that. another is major pieces of legislation, whether past or
11:28 am
making progress ongoing back to the core campaign promises. such as repeal and replace obamacare blew up in his face. they say they are going to make an effort. . republicans on the hill are talking about a way to get this through the house. but it hasn't happened yet. i think the supreme court that the white house points to is a a perfect example of another key core campaign promise, so important to conservatives and a total success for them and a smooth process. z so think you have to look at a series of things and obviously the white house will try to point to all the things that they think executive orders or his schedule or how busy he is as their case for success. and they will hear from some critics or those in the press using metrics we used previously. >> i would also add to that list locking at how he responded to foreign threats.
11:29 am
trump respond ed to syria's chemical weapons attack. he responded to north korea in ways people feel good about now. and he's met with foreign loaders. his rhetoric has been tamped down from the campaign trail. he's speaking about trade deals. so the business community goes back and forth on donald trump. they would like to be able to plan ahead and ubs more about his policies, but at the same time, they have been encouraged by what they have heard. >> what about talking to prime minister abe and xi over the weekend. we know that north korea threatened to sink the u.s. aircraft carrier and the provocative notes from north korea. president trump gets on the phone with the restrooms and the president. what do you make of his tact in doing that? >> that is in keeping with a campaign promise of sorts, which
11:30 am
is i'm a great deal maker, i sat across from these people in board rooms. what's difficult here is let's just take china and north korea. what you're having to do at this point is take president trump's word broadly speaking that his couple days at mar-a-lago was ill lusttive. the relationship built there means that china is going to help us more with north korea and their nuclear ambitions they they did under president obama. but it's hard to extrapolate out that far. that seems to be what president trump is doing. one other quick point. movement does not equal accomplishment. you can run around and run around as much as you want on the soccer field. but you have to put the ball in the goal. they are doing a lot of movement. there's no question that this is the most active white house.
11:31 am
every day there's a thousand things being thrown at the wall. that doesn't mean they are accomplishing things. it's important to distinguish the two. >> it sounds like the headline for your next piece. thank you as always. in the meantime, we're talking with the president's predecessor making his first public remarks since leaving office. hear what former president obama said just a little while ago there in chicago and how he's walking his fine line of criticizing trump or not. a grave warning from the head of homeland security. he says president trump will be doling with north korean missiles capable of hitting the u.s. in his first term. more on north korea, coming up next. all finished.
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welcome back. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. now to the latest in the senate intelligence committee's investigation into russia's election interference and the late zest not so much at all. three months after the committee banded together and e agreed upon the scope of the investigation, the panel hasn't gotten far with digging into ties between the trump campaign and russia. jim sciutto is here with some reporting. what are you hearing as far as the committee goes or any frustrations? >> to start, remember the senate intel committee was supposed to be the leader on this. and the house you had this public disagreements. the nunes case, his recusal, the senate committee a much closer mix was supposed to be the bipartisan model for this russia investigation. but we're hearing now three
11:37 am
months in frustration from some of the leading democrats on the committee. some were unfamiliar with mark warner's thinking on this. he's the ranking democrat. he's unhappy with where they stand now, particularly on the witnesses that they have called to testify in public. they have only had had one public hearing so far. that's bye-bye going over the ground of what the intelligence committee already found. another democrat had similar frustrations. >> some republicans pushing back and i have spoken to democrat who is say it's too early for us to say this is all getting wrapped up in partisanship, but there's clearly some frustration there from some of the leading democrats. that's bubbling over into the public now. >> you mentioned some of those names. i know even though no one has
11:38 am
testified, has there been any contact with the former trump associates. >> they haven't made the official request for that testimony. that's really they are kind of keeping the powder dry for here. i have spoken to people on the committee who say, listen, we're going to have one shot at these guys. let's do it when we're ready. that's a fair point to make. they will. both republicans and democrats call these key player s s to testify in public. what you're hearing now though is a frustration say issing why aren't we there yet. we're three months in. we have to get to that point to keep the fires burning on this. >> jim sciutto, thank you for the update on that. coming up, what has former president obama thought of president trump's first 100 days? he has been silent so far until now. president obama's first public remarks since leaving office just this morning in chicago. hear what he said, next. hey allergy muddlers
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a a warm welcome for former president barack obama there in his hometown of chicago, illinois after three months of a little r and r, the former commander-in-chief is is back in the spotlight. he wrapped up his first public remark where is he talked to young people about getting involved in this country. the comments ranged from fake news to a couple of i'm getting old jokes. >> what's bye-bye going on while i have been gone? >> in eighth grade, which was
11:44 am
your first election, in social studies were told -- >> can i just say, i'm old. >> it was -- there's not a lot of us in office. >> there's a lot in india there. there's more pat els than there are o bams. sometimes people think if you're not running for office or it's not election day, there's no other ways of getting involved. the pta is a perfect example of the kind of thing that we want to encourage. the statistics show that people are less likely to be involved with various organizations in their community than they used to be.
11:45 am
and what that means is people don't have some of the same habits of being together on a common project that they used to. we've become a a more individualistic society. it used to be everybody kind of had the same information. we had different opinions about it, but there were a common bis line of facts. and that the internet in some ways, has accelerated this sense of people having entirely separate conversations. >> let's talk about the president with a former religious affairs director during the president's first term. e he also has been dubbed as president obama's pastor in chief. it's so nice to see you again. >> great to be with you. >> so you know the president pretty well. the entire time watching him have these substantiative conversations with young people, would you have liked him seen
11:46 am
aggressive in criticizing the current president? >> i don't think so. i think the most important thing about this appearance, first and foremost, was that president obama is back. he's rested, recooped, he has a great tan going on and ready to have a conversation about american democracy. but the message itself was the exact right one. he was is saying i am going to be involved, but i'm not going to do this for you. he was telling young people i need you to step up and run for office and get involved in politics to advocate for the issues that you care about. he's going to be encouraging them and creating a platform for them, but he's not going to be a a solo actor out there engaging in with the administration. that's the right posture to have. >> i ask you the question only because president trump is trying to dismantle president obama's legacy. you look at what he's done in office in the first 100 days in rolling back regular ligss. i'm just curious. we can't climb in the heart of the 44th president, but does
11:47 am
that upset him or is he just taking it in stride? >> i imagine he sees it as a challenge. first and foremost, there are many things that president obama accomplished that president trump will not be able to roll back. they are set in stone. things that have already taken police. there are lots of folks who have whose diseases have been addressed and so forth. so i think that's an important thing in and of itself. he also sees it as a challenge to mobilize the people not to fight on his behalf, but on e behalf of the accomplishments. it's not president obama versus president trump. it's president trump and what he's trying to do versus millions of people who care about these accomplishments. it's more about creating platforms for those people to become engage d. >> in this platform today, you have these pretty impressive young people talking about their own accomplishments and talking to the president and here he's talking about that the future generation of leaders.
11:48 am
why do you think that that is the president's focus? the youth in this country rather that be maybe older, more established voters? >> maybe because they are a little less cynical than other folks. they still can see a future where there's no red state, blue state divide, but that we're all working together in the process of american renewal. it was important he did this event in chicago. he was sending a a message to folks that that's where he started and that's where he's coming back to. he's still going to be involved in the local conversation. he hasn't forgotten where he's come from. the other thing that was important, this is not something he said explicitly, but if i was the president's former opponents, i would be worried. this was a low key event with the president sitting around some college students. it still galvanized american attention. it was still the number one trend on twitter. so he's going to have a mega phone, a platform whenever he wants one. >> what does his next act look like? >> i can't say for sure.
11:49 am
i imagine he'll continue to pour into men is and boys of color. i'm looking forward to his conversation with angela merkel and wondering whether he's going to get sbo some of the foreign policy debates that are at the forefront of our conversation today. i hope he continues to get a little more rest. he's had some, but after eight years, he e deserves plenty of it. i'm looking forward to this bok as well. i imagine we're going to have a window into some moments that we have all wondered about the obama administration. he's going to have a lot on his plate. i'm excited about what's to come. >> joshua, i will see you in washington, thank you so much. next here on cnn, all 100 senators asked to attend a special briefing this week. we will tell you why, next. [vo] quickbooks introduces rodney.
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we are getting news that all 100 u.s. senators have been asked to the white house for a special broefing on north korea. let's go to capitol hill. we'll talk to phil mattingly. all 100? >> that's it right.
11:54 am
this is rare. it's not rare for the administration to send officials to capitol hill for a briefing, but having all the senators pile into vans or buss and head to the white house, that's different. what i'm hearing right now when i talk to senate agents, it it's underscoring the seriousness. all the senators that have been invited will be briefed by rex tillerson. the director of national intelligence dan coates and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. the goal is to get everybody here where all the law make ers were back at home to get everybody on the same page on what has been an escalating situation. a lot of rhetoric, a lot of threats and mounting concern inside the white house among u.s. officials both on the defense and intelligence side about missile tests and possible nuclear tests as well. as we know right now, there's no clear kind of intent or purpose to this briefing other than letting everybody know what's
11:55 am
going on in the white house and looping e everybody in. to underscore this point, it is very rare for all 100 senators to be invited to the white house at the same time for a classified briefing. that's exactly what's happening as this situation escalates around the world. >> i suppose they have a room somewhere in that big house to handle all 100. phil, thank you so much. so you have that news from capitol hill. you also have this. will the president demand his border wall funds be included in this government spending bill to avoid a government shutdown by the end of the week. what the white house is saying on that. also ahead, new details on the president's cable news obsession and why the president says he will not fire sean spicer. . come close, come close. [ music stops suddenly ] ah. when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. awww. try this. for minor arthritis pain, only aleve can stop pain for up to 12 straight hours with just one pill.
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we continue on this monday. i'm brock brook.
12:00 pm
thank you forring with with me. moments ago the white house would make no promises that the government, which is under full control of republicans, wants to avoid a shutdown. it's buzz of the budget impass and would. happen as the president hits his 100th day in office this upcoming saturday. here is press secretary sean spicer. >> how confident are you that there will not be a shutdown. can you guarantee that there will not be a government shutdown? >> i can't guarantee. but i think that the work that director mulvaney and others have made in this negotiations have been very positive. they will feel confident that won't happen. >> the white house is also faced reporters that much of the president's contract of what he would do within the first 100 days has not been