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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  April 26, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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be. >> the music will always remind us that it is possible. >> somebody's got to put this into words and emotions. that is what anthem's are made of "soundtracks, " songs that define history, tomorrow on cnn at 10:00 p.m. breaking news here on cnn, i'm brooke baldwin, thank you for being with me. at any moment now, a high intrigue, high-stakes meeting at the white house is set to begin. virtually every single united states senator is being bussed in from capitol hill to attend this briefing on north korea. this is the scene you don't often see in washington. let's go to jim sciutto. he's our cnn chief national security correspondent who's been there as the buses have now zoomed away. first, jim, can you just speak to the rarity that you have essentially 100 senators hopping on tour buses and heading to
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this classified meeting at the white house. >> that's exactly right. rarity. and that's raised some questions and real skepticism from senators. you heard senator murphy telling me just a few minutes ago that it feel as bit to him like a dog and pony show. he makes the practical point that there are secure facilities up here on the hill where white house officials can come to brief senators and members of the house of representatives face-to-face on issues of a classified nature. fitting 100 people into a makeshift facility is not practical, doesn't seem necessary to them. of course, they're going. they're keeping an open mind. they're not sure what news they are going to hear in this meeting. and it's the latest options
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including the possibility of military options. that's the expectation. they may hear something new in there but i'll tell you on their way over, they are wondering why they are making this trek down the hill. >> maybe the reasons of the why, it sounds like these senators are assuming, although we don't have it from the white house, that perhaps the white house will drop by. do we know, have you heard anything, jim, as far as whether president trump will? >> reporter: i know my colleagues in the white house have been told it's possible that the president will do what is known as a drop-in. he won't be part of the normal meeting but he'll drop by. that's added to the sense chris murphy called it 100 days photo-op for the president. but let's set that aside for a moment because everybody you talked to, democrat or republican, is zero -- they're focused in, zeroed in on the fact that north korea is a major threat. that crosses party lines. president obama as he left said to president trump as he came
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in, north korea is your most immediate threat and no one is mincing words about the important steps that north korea is taking, this artillery show we saw yesterday and that the u.s. has taken. you now have becoming operational what is known as a missile defense system designed to protect against a north korean missile strike. they are serious about this. >> and so within this meeting, you have the "uss "carcarl vins and the destroyers. if there was to be a missile test or anything beyond that, what are their capabilities? >> one of the most obvious would be the possibility of a u.s. missile strike on the nuclear facilities. the trouble with that calculus is you have to enter into the calculus what the north korean response would be and the
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concern is seoul, the south korean capital. it's very threateningly close. there are hundreds of artillery trained on seoul and south korea and there are tens and thousands perhaps of south korean civilian casualties and u.s. forces based there. that's part of the calculus. you have military power there, the t.h.a.d. missile defense, the "carl vinson," nuclear submarines capable of launching and stealth bombers, all enormous capability balanced against what a possible north korean response would be. >> okay. jim sciutto, thank you. thanks for grabbing senator murphy. he did say to you, i jotted this down, he doesn't want the sh showmanship to degrade the seriousness of this. let's pivot to breaking news over at the white house. the president's new tax plan unveiled. the administration offered very
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little specifics as far as how to pay for all of this. here is how the treasury secretary steven mnuchin eplained it in the last hour. >> this will pay for itself with growth and with reduced reduction of different deductions and closing loopholes. >> the nitty gritty details have yet to be worked out. >> we are working very diligently with the house and the senate by coming up with final details of the bill. you're going into very microdetails on some of these -- >> very important ones. >> we agree. very important. our basic premise here is to simplify the tax system, lower rates and make it easy. we don't want to penalize people. we want to make the system very fair. >> besides that, the president's top economic adviser stressed the other prime directive with job growth. here are. so of the details of the plan that was laid out in today's press briefing on the personal
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tax side, they under score the simplification code down from seven to three brackets, double the standard deductions so that a married couple won't pay any taxes in the first $24,000 of income, end the alternative minimum tax and death tax and get rid of most itemized deductions excepts for charitable donations. on the business side, they're talking about this 15% tax rate, a one-time tax on overseas profits. we'll come back to this in a second but let's go over to the president signing an executive order on education. >> also, education secretary betsy devos for restoring state and local control of our schools. thank you very much, betsy. we're empowering those who know our students the best, by far the best, right, betsy. they're the parents and teachers so every child has a chance to
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succeed. in fact, we're proud to have some of those wonderful teachers here with us today and we'd like to welcome all of them to the white house. it's a great honor. [ applause ] i also want to thank local leaders for joining us, including new governor of alabama, fantastic, i've been hearing about you for years in the most positive ways. i'm not surprised that you're governor of alabama. congratulations. governor branstead who will be heading out to china. they love the soon-to-be
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ambassador. he also loves china. they are looking forward to seeing you. thank you, governor. [ applause ] >> governor sandoval, we want to thank you and everyone else for being with us for too long, a federal government has imposed its will on state and local governments. the result has been education that spent more and achieves far, far, far less. my administration has been working to reverse this federal power grab and give power back to family, city, states, give power back to localities. before this administration, only one time in our nation's history had a president signed a bill that used a congressional review
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act. in less than 100 days, i have signed 13 such congressional resolutions to cancel federal regulations and give power back to the people. i'm very honored to have done so. i'd also -- [ applause ] as you said, five have come from your committee. good job. i've also signed over a dozen executive actions that have reversed federal intrusion and empowered local communities. executive order i'm signing today is another critical step to restoring local control, which is so important. this executive order directs secretary devos to review current federal regulations and ensure that they don't obstruct the ability of states, local
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governments, teachers and, most importantly, parents to make the best decision that students and in many cases for their children. previous administrations have wrongly forced what our kids are taught. but we know that local communities do it best and know it best. the time has come to empower parents and teachers to make the decisions that helped their students achieve success. that's what this executive order is all about. so important. thomas jefferson put it best when he said i believe the states can best govern our home concerns. with this executive order and many actions that we've taken in less than 100 days, we've provided our states and communities with control over the matters that are most important to them.
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together we're going to fight to give our children the bright and beautiful future they deserve. [ applause ] so i want to thank you all. as you know, i'm heading over to a senate meeting. it's a very important meeting. so i'll be leaving now. i just wanted to introduce a really exceptional education secretary. she's caught on. you wouldn't believe it, all of the great things i'm hearing about you betsy. i'm very proud. so secretary betsy devos, thank you very much. [ applause ] >> mr. president, would you want to see a health care vote by the end of this week? >> oh, yes.
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>> the question was, you want to see health care vote by the end of the week? he said always. we've been talking about these buses with senators and he's headed over there to the meeting with the eisenhower executive building. so the president is going to drop back in. and now back to taxes, dean is joining me. thank you for being with me. and let's talk, peter, first to you on the proposals from both mr. mnuchin and mr. cohn today. one republican aide on capitol hill called this plan like cuts only, it's all of the goodies and none of the pain. how do they pay for it? >> well, on the personal income tax side, they said they will eliminate a lot of deductions and exemptions.
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they are taking away, for example, the deduction for state and local government income taxes. so i think on the personal side they are in good shape. on the corporate side, a 15% tax rate, even if you eliminate everything in sight, it's hard to get down that low, especially without the border tax adjustments which seem to be out. they've got an economist over there. for the first time, they have an economist. kevin hassert. i'd like him to show me how they are going to justify a 15% growth. i'm sure dean will have something to say about that. >> i'm having trouble figuring it out. >> i'd like to see kevin hassert do that, too. we saw this with reagan with his tax cuts and george w. bush in 2001, his tax cuts.
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they both said we'll have growth and that will pay for it. look, we did it twice and it didn't work. at least, as i understand it, it looks like they're getting rid of the exemption on employer-provided health care insurance. most of us have our employers paying for their health care insurance. we don't pay taxes on that. that would be a big hit for a lot of middle income people. so that will be quite controversial if that's at least what they are putting on the table. >> i don't think that's going to happen. small businesses are going to scream. i have a small business. let's face it, they're not going to give me a 15% tax rate. that's baked in the cake. it's not going to happen. if that is the a context of a rate that i currently pay which is about 35%, it's not going to
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help me a lot. >> they made a big point on pass-through corporations. peter is probably right, we won't see that. let's say that we do. that's an incredibly large tax cut for people like donald trump because they're currently paying the individual income tax for top marginal individuals like himself he would instead have the option to pay a 15% tax rate which is an incredible deduction and then you have school teachers paying 25% and donald trump paying 15. >> that's the issue that i think people are having you have these two former goldman guys, mnuchin and cohn, and how this would help donald trump or in real estate and this is a great wall street cut but not main street. how do you help the hardworking class americans, many who voted for mr. trump? >> he is helping them by
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doubling the tax deduction and also the personal exemption, the standard deduction. i've got to get my words straight. now up to $24,000, you won't have to itemize. that's great stuff. and then with some personal exemptions, it goes higher. last year, my rate was 28% and warren buffett's was 13. that's going to cut my taxes. i'm a middle income guy but i happen to make a lot of my money consulting and things like that and i'm not a rich person and there's a lot of people in my category paying high taxes. i have to pay higher than corporations do. >> the corporation pays the tax. your corporation, peter, is paying zero tax. you're complaining about your tax as an individual. >> i don't get to put my -- >> the corporation pays it out
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to the owners and the shareholders have to pay tax so they are being taxed twice. >> they don't. they turn it into capital gains which is much lower. >> but the corporation pays the tax and then there's the capital gains tax. you don't pay any business tax. you just pay the individual business income tax. also, 70% of people take the standard deduction so it's not helping at all. >> hang on. i have a follow up for you. is there anything that would make liberals happy? because i talked to someone in the last hour who said this is a nonstarter for them. how do you see it? >> it's very hard for me to see much that would make liberals happy. raising the standard deduction isn't a bad idea but costs money and so you say how are going to pay for it and it's not clear what donald trump is proposing
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as an offset to pay for that. >> i think it would help middle class people and ordinary people and i think we have to remember that we're cutting the corporate rate, however we cut it, in the context of international competition. we have a much higher corporate rate than everybody else. that wasn't the case when ronald reagan was cutting taxes in the '80s. we have an uncompetitive tax system and we have to bring it in line. >> peter, our average is 22% which is below the average. >> i understand but there's great variation and you know that. >> peter, you know -- >> it was by getting rid of all of the exemptions and lowering the rate. >> okay. okay. >> i agree with that. >> i'll end by saying folks are saying where was president trump on this and stephen moore in the last hour admitted he would like to have seen president trump in the briefing kind of going through some of this even himself. peter, dean, thank you so much.
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all things tax. coming up here, is there a break through in the repeal effort to repeal and replace obamacare? find out what just happened on capitol hill on that. also, president trump with another legal defeat. this one involving his order on sanctuary cities in this country and he's lashing out yet again at this federal judge. and we are waiting for those senators to walk out of the white house meeting after their rare briefing over at the executive -- eisenhower executive office building. they are in there now. the president will drop in. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette and her mobile wedding business. she travels far and wide to officiate i do's. and quickbooks automatically tracks those miles.
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daily life a guessing game. and bloating made will i have pain and bloating today? my doctor recommended ibgard to manage my ibs. take control. ask your doctor about nonprescription ibgard. president trump ripping another federal judge after yet another legal defeat. this one over his order on sanctuary cities. a federal district judge ruled the federal government cannot lock funds from cities that
12:24 pm
don't fully cooperate with immigration agents. the judge called the president's approach, in a word, schizophrenic, saying it stokes cities' worst fears. president trump then slammed this ruling and said it was, quote, ridiculous and a huge overreach. and he's vowing to appeal. >> i'm never surprised by the ninth circuit. as i said, we'll see him in the supreme court. >> with me now, jeff toobin, cnn legal analyst and former federal prosecutor and page pate is here. gentlemen, nice to have you on. jeffrey toobin, i think the piece of the story that jumped out at me was all of what this judge used. it was trump's own words, right? it was sean spicer's words and
12:25 pm
jeff sessions all used against them. >> that's true. but the basis is not really in the constitution. it's really in the laws. it is perfectly -- the federal government is perfectly capable of removing money from states but it has to be done by law. congress has to pass a law that says this money is taken away. what the judge's ruling said at its core is that this is not within the president's power under the laws to take this money back. thousand, can he get congress to pass a law like this? certainly hasn't had much success getting congress to do much of anything so far. but this was really a statement that the president can't do this alone. the president has to authorize it. >> you've had the two travel ban issues and now this one, paige. my question is, i know he has lots and lots of lawyers.
12:26 pm
how does this keep happening? >> well, i think what we've seen, brooke, is that the white house is not always listening to their lawyers and certainly not the justice department. even with this particular case, i think we're seeing some inconsistency between what the justice department says is federal policy and what the white house says. we've had at least one sanctuary city say, look, you're telling us we have to follow federal immigration policy. does that mean we can no longer prohibit people from giving information about folks that may be here illegally or do we have to honor detainers? it sounds like the white house says if you don't honor our detainer request, if you don't keep these folks locked up, we're taking away your money. that's not what the justice department is saying. so one thing that needs to be done, first and foremost, let's get some clear, legal constitutional policies on the books so they know what they are supposed to do and not do. >> let's move on to the fact that the president did, again, rip this federal judge, jeff toobin. should he be criticizing judges
12:27 pm
from his perch as commander in chief? >> i think donald trump is well within his rights in criticizing federal judges. federal judges, they serve for life, unaccount be, unelected, they are very powerful and they're big boys and girls and they should be able to take criticism like anyone else. i think trump has said some dumb things. he said that one of these judges is a so-called judge. another time he said the judge was unelected. well, all federal judges are unelected, including justice gorsuch who was just appointed. so some of the criticism i think has been off base but should he have the right to criticize? absolutely. >> page, do you disagree? >> i do. his tweets are dangerous. he's chipping away at the credibility of the federal court. i don't always agree with federal judges but criticize their ruling and their opinion. i don't criticize them. i don't think that helping anything and when you say to a
12:28 pm
judge, your ruling is a gift to criminal gangs and cartels, what are you telling the american people, if we don't like a federal judge's ruling, let's just ignore it because he doesn't agree with us? i think that's incredibly dangerous. >> he never said that. he never said ignore it. i think it's important to point out that for all that donald trump has said terrible things about judges, he's always, at least so far, abided by their rulings and has not tried to be like president andrew jackson and said, well, let the courts try to enforce it because i'm not going to do it. he has abided by these conjunctions. >> so far. >> >> i'm not prepared to criticize him for something he hasn't done. >> he wants to undermine the credibility because then people will say i'm not going to like him anymore. that's not the way we need to deal with judicial order in this
12:29 pm
country. >> i thank you all very much. >> thank you. a huge endorsement on capitol hill. the house freedom caucus says it will support this obamacare replacement bill now that a new amendment has been included. details on what this looks like as they go round three on health care. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ i'm dr. kelsey mcneely and some day you might be calling me an energy farmer. ♪ energy lives here. on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates. maybe you should've done more research on them.
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we're back. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. after holding on for weeks and essentially stopping the republican and president's efforts to repeal and replace
12:34 pm
obamacare, the house freedom caucus says it is endorsing this new amendment that would end the deadlock and could deliver the party the votes it needs, at least on the conservative side. it could gut several core obamacare provisions to protect those with pre-existing conditions. this change is aimed at bridging the gap between the more conservative and moderates within the party. there's still no guarantee that moderates in the house will go along with this whatsoever. the bill faces an uphill battle in the senate. and while health care progress is inching along on capitol hill when it comes to taxes and tax cuts and tax reform, the trump administration is taking the reins over at the white house. earlier today, we saw treasury secretary steve mnuchin and president trump's chief executive adviser gary cohn unveiling their tax proposals but officials tell cnn this is all about the headline they wanted leading up to saturday, essentially saying trump cutting
12:35 pm
taxes in the first 100 days. let's begin there. adrian is with me, democratic strategist and former director for hillary for america. andre bauer is here, cnn political commentator and former lieutenant governor of north carolina and ana navarro, republican strategist. clearly, i didn't get the black memo. i'm looking over at all of you -- >> it has nothing to do with trump. believe me, i'm not in mourning. >> you're recovering. let me begin with you just on this mega, you know, proposals outlined with mnuchin and cohn and the briefing and how they're saying this is great for the economy. my question to you, where is the president in this mega rollout? would you have liked to have seen the president front and center on this today? >> well, i suspect he doesn't know the details. we've seen time and again he's not a detail-oriented kind of person so he may not be the best person to roll out something like a tax reform proposal. i think he's behind the scenes being a producer, being the
12:36 pm
executive producer like he was in "the apprentice." they are going to kill us with headlines and proposals. >> is your head spinning? >> my head's been spinning for so long, it's stopped spinning. but they are trying to distract us from the fact that we're coming upon 100 days and that he has got no big legislative victories that he's done some of the things he's promised to do. donald trump earlier this week said 100 days didn't matter. it was a stupid metric. and then he tells you something doesn't matter to him and it's stupid, it matters a lot to him and it's a little, you know, worm bureauirowing in his head. and it's working. we're talking about the senators getting on a bus, we're talking about tax reform, we're talking about canada, nafta, we're talking about everything other than the fact that we're coming upon these 100 days.
12:37 pm
>> respond. >> i get nervous with her all the time. look, he made this promise when he ran. this is one of his key things. and he's a business guy. he sees how bad taxes -- if you don't believe it, new york right now is advertising, we've reduced our taxes and regulations, come on back because so many businesses have left. it's not anything out of the ordinary to say, hey, we want to spur growth, we want to spur development. the way you do it is lower taxes. >> on ana's point, there are a lot of headlines and they keep touting these executive orders. he's considering reviewing, you know, potentially unlawful federal overreach in the states. the president is considering saudi arabia and israel. it's a lot of considering and reviewing to do things but where is the doing of the things? >> well, he's a big picture guy. we're 97 days in now. they are laying out a plan on things they want to achieve.
12:38 pm
and make no mistake, it's like a kid that goes into a candy store. he's going to ask more than he can get. he's a business guy. and then he'll noiegotiate back and get some of what he wanted. no one is going to give him everything he wants but the american people want tax relief, businesses want tax relief. at least now we're engaging in a conversation to have some type of change that will be progress for this country. >> i'm looking at you and i met you for an event covering the campaign and obviously you were in hillary clinton and, listen, people didn't pick your candidate. they picked -- or i should say -- depending on popular votes, we won't go there. >> he won. >> he won, but these are outsiders that have come into washington that are talking taxes, talking health care, you know, border wall proposals, sanctuary city federal funding. >> uh-huh. >> i'm just wondering, you have these outsiders dealing with things that they don't really --
12:39 pm
they're not washington people. >> right. >> is that helping or hurting them? >> well, look, i think what you're learning here and what we're seeing here, trump is desperate for a victory. he's desperate for -- we're at day 97. he's desperately looking for a victory. what you are also learning and what many of his voters are now learning, washington is washington. the republicans have full control about the house, senate and the presidency and they still cannot -- he still cannot tout any legislative victories. he's desperate for something and he's learning that this is very difficult. >> let's give him credit for apparently he's going to head this meeting at the eisenhower executive building, you have all of these senators being bussed to this mega auditory general that's turning into a scif and the fact that the president will be dropping in. does he know the details on north korea? >> i have no idea.
12:40 pm
he probably should have generals that know it better than him. but again, he sends a message not just to the united states senators but to the world, we're concerned about it, we are united. we have all of the senators or most of them showing up to have a meeting and to have a discussion to look over the information we have and we're taking it very seriously. i appreciate every nar frsenato both parties showing up. and i think it makes people like kim jong-un go, wait a minute -- he may not get together on a tax policy or something else but when it comes to defending our borders and making sure this world is a safe place, they are united on that front. >> how do you see this whole bus to the white house scenario playing out? >> i see it as donald trump, the executive producer of "the apprentice," putting on a tv show. but i also think, look, he's not going to be running the north korea briefing. this is going to be run by general mattis, by tillerson, by mcmaster, people that are respected, you know, certainly
12:41 pm
mattis and mcmaster are as former generals. and i do give -- and this is hard for me to do. but i do give trump some credit for reaching out even to some of his opponents and harshest critics. a few nights ago he had lindsey graham and john mccain in the white house having dinner. he has done a better job reaching out. you know, he's had ted cruz. he's had marco rubio over for dinner. he may be doing this part of the thing better than even president obama did it, who wasn't very good at the shamoozing, not even within his own party. trump has been doing that, not achieving many results yet. he had the freedom caucus over for bowling and the next day they came out and said we're not supporting your health care -- >> but they are back. >> but they are back. they are. >> but he continues doing that and he understands production. event production. that he understands.
12:42 pm
i think that's what we're seeing today. >> all right. last -- just last word from you. she gives him some credit on that. where do you give him some credit? >> look, it's hard to give donald trump really any credit, from my standpoint. but i think he clearly is trying to reach out and bring people to the white house but that's what you do as president. >> but president obama was criticized for not doing it enough. >> yeah, but he did quite a bit of it. so again, we're coming up on 100 days. donald trump is desperately trying to achieve any legislative victory and it's left to be seen what will happen. >> i think he should get credit for unifying the democratic party. >> that's a good point. >> thank you all so much. so nice to see every one of you. coming up next, president trump speaking out not to talk about health care tax reform but to sign a new executive order about federal land. what he's doing to roll back another one of president obama's final acts. vere crohn's disease,...
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there was another surreal moment today. the president teasing a sitting governor about his weight loss during a public event. >> governor lepage of maine who, by the way, has lost a lot of weight. i knew him when he was heavy and now i know him when he is thin and i like him both ways, okay? done a great job. >> okay. the remarks came before president trump signed an executive order aimed at rolling back federal protection for many national monuments. he's targeting a 1906 law signed
12:48 pm
by teddy roosevelt giving presidents unilateral power to create national monument. he now wants that law to be reviewed. >> we're returning power back to the people. we've eliminated job-destroying regulations on farmers, ranchers and coal miners, on auto workers and so many other american workers and businesses. today i'm signing a new executive order to end another edge gre egregious abuse of power and to give that power back to the states and to the people where it belongs. >> republicans had complained that president obama overused the law just days before president obama left the office he approved a 1.3 million acre national monument in utah. pueblo indians consider this land sacred. so nice to have you on. >> good to see you.
12:49 pm
>> this -- i understand that we're talking about obama and what he did just before he left office but this went as far back to bush 43. >> uh-huh. >> is this really about land or just entirely political? >> two things. i think what the president is trying to do is first signal that he's ready and willing to kind of unravel the past president's agenda, particularly when it comes to climate and on the other hand, he also kind of going to traditional conservative roots. republican lawmakers were asking for the government -- federal government to get out of the land saying people in utah know how to use the land better than they do. in some ways, this is a sign that trump is being a traditional conservative republican here. what's important to keep in mind, though, is that this order, like many executive orders, is a review. right? it's a review of these monuments. you're not sure what they're going to do after the review.
12:50 pm
>> all these executive orders, you remember back when regular donald trump was criticizing president obama, called him a dictator because of all of these executive orders he was signing off on. your point of the review, we saw education secretary betsy >> i'm wondering, do you think his base -- we know critics say zero, no significant legislative achievement in the first 100 days. how does his base feel about all these e.o.s? >> we've seen that his base is still very supportive of him and the thinking behind that for a lot of his supporters is, look, he campaigned as someone who's going to shake things up, change washington in most ways and do things differently than before. they're going to give him a little more leeway, a little more running time really for him to implement some of the things he wants to do. on the other hand you have people who supported him either as an alternative to hillary
12:51 pm
clinton. you also have a lot of people who want to see some tangible job progress in their communities. so yes, executive orders can do certain things. a lot of these are focused -- republicans are making the argument that, yes, obama did a lot of these. these executive orders trump is pushing out is unraveling some of those. at the same time we're seeing he's not able to make legislative accomplishments yet and that's typically how we judge presidential terms. >> interesting you say jobs and i immediately thought back quickly to the briefing today and listening to secretary mnuchin and gary cohn and the others say this is all about trump tax cuts, wall street tax cuts. how do you see it? >> democrats are certainly making that argument of, look you you said you would drain your swamp and yet you're filling your cabinet with people like this. as we head into 2018 and mid-term elections are in
12:52 pm
everyone's mind in congress, that's going to affect whether democrats get on board with whether this becomes legislation. that's the other thing to keep in mind. today's proposal is a proposal. >> they said they're having robust conversations with leadership on the hill. >> haven't seen the language yet and again there are a lot of republicans who are not going to be able to swallow this because of what it does for the deficit. >> kaitlyn, come back. >> thank you. next here on cnn, we are getting breaking news involving north korea which by the way is the focus of that mega briefing with all those u.s. senators at the white house right now. we'll have that update for you when we continue. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette
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breaking news here on cnn, the u.s. is considering placing north korea back on the list of state sponsors of terrorism, according to a senior u.s. official and apparently one option the u.s. is weighing. north korea was dropped from the state sponsored terror list in 2008. keep in mind, this is all happening as that entire senate is getting its intelligence briefing right now on north korea. the senators rwere bussed to
12:56 pm
capitol hill. we know that the president did stop by for that meet, was in there for more or less 14 minutes. we will take you there live and see what happened inside, coming up. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. switch and you could save $509 on auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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we have the details but we don't have the tab yet. "the lead" starts right now. breaking news, minutes ago the white house revealing what it is calling the biggest tax cut proposal in history. what's in it for you? and how is uncle sam going to pay for it? an urgent and unprecedented meeting, all 100 u.s. senators invited, attendees bused to a briefing at the white house to discuss north korea. what's going on? plus, the judge won't budge. one legacy of the president's first 100 days losing in federal court. the president responding on the attack again after another immigration order is shot down.