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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  April 28, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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welcome to "inside politics". thachgs f thanks for sharing your day with us. it is day 99 and this eye opening reflection from the president. >> this is more work than in my previous life. i thought it would be easier. i'm a details orr yeiented pers. but i do miss my old life. i like to work so that's not a problem, but this is actually more work. >> from eye opening to eye popping at north korea. >> there's a chance that we could end up having a major,
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major conflict with north korea. absolutely. >> some new economic numbers out today and there is no trump bump. wall street, yes, is doing well, but the overall u.s. economy barely grew in the first three months of 2017. what's your verdict? for starters, not just the president getting mediocre grades. he has a 33% approval rating. look at house speaker paul ryan, 38% of americans have a favorable view of the house speaker. that's down from 46% in january. i'm guessing the obamacare appeal has something to do with that. mitch mcconnell is at 27% but he's up from 20%. republicans are driving that increase if you want to call it that. republicans happy. mitch mcconnell got the president supreme court nominee confirmed. what else is happening? another stunning number if toyo want to take a look. the american people back in january 50% thought president trump would get the repeal and
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replace vote through the congress for obamacare. now i guess you've been paying attention. only 20% of americans believe that the congress and president trump will repeal and replace obamacare. that confidence is slipping. remember the president wanted that repeal and replace vote this week. he's want going to get it. still he says while 100 days is a false standard, he's doing great. >> we're moving awfully well. getting a lot of things done. we are -- i don't think there's ever been anything like this. it's a false standard, 100 days, but i have to tell you i don't think anybody has done what we've been able to do in 100 days so we're very happy. >> that's the president's take. very happy. with us to share the reporting and their insights, jackie scue sin niche. the president wanted three big things. a house to vote to repeal obamacare, a down payment on his
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border wall and a deal to fund the government and avoid a shutdown. he won't get the obamacare bill. republicans still feuding over a plan. he won't get the wall money. the president blames democrats for that but a good number of republicans are also opposed. the government apparently will not be shut down at midnight. cnn manu raju live on capitol hill. as always, up to the deadline maneuvering. >> no question about it. this is how capitol hill works. they wait for the last second and punt. they punt until next week to see if they can get a deal to keep the government open up until october 1st. right now there are indications that both sides believe they can come to an agreement, but certainly no -- it's nothing certain until the final day. i just had a chance to sit down with senator chuck schumer, the top democrat in the senate.
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we had a wide ranging interview, everything from north korea to russia to health care. which of course is what the house republicans are pushing on right now. they believe the leadership does and they can try to get the votes. maybe they do get enough votes. they can try to push it out of their chamber. when i asked senator schumer his chance in the senate he really was skeptical it could pass. this is how he responded. >> is there any chance the health care bill that's in the house right now if it passes it will pass the senate? >> no. >> you're that confident? >> i don't think so. it is so bad for the average state, for the average working family that it's very, very hard to see that bill and by the way, i don't think it would ever get there. >> and what he meant by that last comment, john, i don't think it will ever get there is because the procedural rules in the senate, right now the republicans are trying to pass this through away they ca k actually avoid a filibuster and pass it on a party line vote but because of the way the senate
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operates it may run afoul of those rules and may require democratic support to pass that house bill out of the senate. as we know, there's not going to be any democratic support and chuck schumer made very clear democrats were not going to work with him on health care and probably not his tax plan as well. tough sledding ahead for the president to get his agenda through given he and the democrats in the senate who do have pow tore stop things plan to do just that, john. >> the fights in the first 100 days carryover to the second 100 days. thafrp thanks so much. the house has passed a temporary measure to keep the government open. let's bring it into the room. it's been an interesting week. i want to start the conversation. i want to play again the president in this interview with reuters yesterday talking about the job. all presidents are surprised. let's be honest. all presidents are surprised. president obama talked about how hard it was to change
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washington. harder than he thought it was going to be. it's a beast of a job. listen to president trump as he reflects on kind of miss my old life. >> this is more work than in my previous life. i thought it would be easier. i thought it was more of a -- i'm ea details oriented person. you can say that i do miss my old life. i like to work so that's not a problem, but this is actually more work. >> the president sees complicated. i'm being a little snarky. it's always interesting to hear from a president. whether you voted for him or didn't, he's still learning a lot. never been in government. >> particularly because this is someone who's never been in government before. used to being in charge and having what he says go. that's not what happens here. what happens with executive orders kind of in some cases. not always. but certainly not with congress. he didn't have to work this hard
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when he was just running his business. this is a totally different ball game. it seems like voters at this point, his people are giving him the benefit of the doubt and saying listen, washington is a tough place to change. but it seems like at the core this was over promising and underperforming. >> and it's off brand for donald trump because he was the one to talk about how easy everything would be. new, everybody who was in office, former presidents senators and congress people, they didn't have the goods. that they were dumb. so it's very much off brand. also sort of off brand because he talks about this sweeping optimism that's going all across the country. he didn't sound very optimistic in that interview. in some ways he sounded like a first lady. they're typically the reluctant ones and miss their old lives. they talk about the cocoon of the white house. i thought it was off brand in
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many ways from what we've seen from this president. it's also like does he realize he's on tape and that we can hear what he is saying and these aren't just private musings? >> he's always been like that. that is trademark trump. he talks about what's going on. again, i don't mean to be snarky because there are two ways to look at this. if you don't like trump, you can say he didn't get his obamacare, didn't get the wall money, now he misses trump tower and mar-a-lago and he didn't want the job and he's not interested and he's a failure. or you can say here's a guy who had no government experiences who took a few bruises and what is he learning from it that he'll take into the second 100 days? it's interesting to hear him reflect on the life. >> i don't think anybody minds him being certificasort of hone the challenges he's facing. i don't believe anyone would
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believe him if he said he knew what to expect and it's like he thought it would be. his promises were so extravagant. and he said our leaders are stupid people, all you've got to do is get the right people in there, i can fix this. the list of promises you pointed to is a much contracted list of promises from the actual 100 day promises that were on the website and in the campaign. again, all politicians make unrealistic promises during the campaign. but these were specific. they were 100 day promises. in some cases day one promises. he's achieved hardly any of them and he's actually flip flopped and said he's not going to do even do some of them like the chinese currency manipulation. i think even the government funding, you say, like, at least he's not going to have a shutdown. but they don't have a deal to fund the government. they have a one week extension. >> to your point, let me interrupt, we do have a little bit of breaking news.
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nothing like a friday sto speed up the procedures. we thought the senate vote on the one week government spending plan to keep the government open for one more week would be laid this afternoon. they just passed it while we were having this conversation. the house and the senate have now both passed a one week temporary spending mesasure. the government will not shut down this week. we assume they'll fix it next week. come back next week and we'll tell you. >> that's why you go to the bmv at 4:00 on a friday so you can get out within an hour. this is off brand in a way i think is interesting. he's admitting that he was mistaken. that is not something he does very often. so i do think that's interesting. he talks about the 100 days being a false measure. yes, because it's a round number and that's how humans work and it's sort of arbitrary, but it's the first 100 days because they're easier. you have more leeway and you have more good will to work with and it gets hard as you get
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closer to election. that fact doesn't change. there are a lot of missteps here. i was talking to some trump supporters just yesterday in the nearby area who were i thought surprisingly forgiving on the wall stuff. he knows how to do a deal. the problem for him is things do get harder. >> those let's do it laters pileup and the question is if his political standing keeps going down, can he get it done later. you heard him say it's a false standard. go back and read what he said in the campaign. go back and read the contract. he gets it. yes, the second 100 days can be way more important than the first 100 if you learn a lesson. the president is doing a lot f interviews. in the wash po"the washington p talk about visiting steve bannon's office. so even inside the trump white house they get that none of the big signatures, yes, they've
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done a lot. yes they've signed some things the republican has asked to pull back obama regulations. yes, they've done some executive actions that maybe months from now will be dramatic change. but they haven't done any signature things. paul ryan has said it will take 200 days. i want to show you a breitbart headline. without big ticket win in first 100 days ryan touts flurry of blocked regulations. they're trying to blame paul ryan ryan. it's an interesting conversation about who's to blame for no signature achievement. >> the previously scheduled republicans is a war we've all been covering is still under way. i think there was -- i would not have been surprised if actually it did go away. it's easy to be friend when you're winning and easy to be at each other throats when you're
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losing. trump has not managed to heal or even paper over those divisions and, you know, he's got consolidated republican control in both houses of congress and he can't get anything even through the house where you don't need a super majority. i thought that statistic that you played at the top of the show of people 50% -- people's belief that he can get the obamacare repeal going from 50% to 20 ps w%. that's not a small change. that's a lack -- that's a real erosion in people's faith in his ability to get things done at all. and that seems like a big deal. >> the danger is he becomes the status quo. the outsider candidate who disrupted the republican party. he becomes the status quo because he's the president. if he can't affect change, that's one of the risks. everyone sit tight. shift to the global stage next. secretary of state opens the door to direct negotiations to north korea as the president bluntly says the possibility of war is absolutely real.
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welcome back. at the united nations today stern language from secretary of state rex tillerson. >> the threat of a north korean nuclear attack on seoul or tokyo is real. it is likely only a matter of time before north korea develops the capability to strike the u.s. main land. >> tillerson led a special security council session where the united states demanded immediate diplomatic and economic isolation of north korea. >> additional patience will only mean acceptance of a nuclear north korea. the more we bied ode our time t
9:19 am
sooner we will run out of it. >> on the same subject this interview with royeuters presidt trump said he hoped to broker a solution. >> there's a chance that we could end up having a major major conflict with north korea. absolutely. >> in some ways that's obvious. they've been testing missiles. they have a nuclear weapons program. the president hass said he's no going to act like previous presidents and just watch. but to hear a president say it just to hear his words and him say it just kind is one of those things makes you go woah. >> it does. but again, this is a president that likes to talk tough and th then backs down. he talked about funding the for the wall and maybe the government will shut down. backed away from that.
9:20 am
talked about the one china policy or criticizing the one china policy and make diverting from that. that didn't happen. china is a currency manipulator. that didn't happen. so because he says so many things that sort of end up not being true or not coming to fruition, i think sometimes it's his words in some ways might not hold the same weight as a previous president who didn't speak in that sort of way. >> that's kind of dangerous if kim jong-un interprets that, that in these domestic spending things, with a show down that's not belligerent towards you. if kim jong-un thinks president trump is not serious, this goes nowhere. i think part of the calculation is the president wants to convince kim jong-un he is serious. the military posture is going to stay. it you need to back off. stop meftitesting missiles and i'm willing to come to the tail. not just to talk. come to the table for
9:21 am
negotiations about dismantling the program. >> i do think he's starting to realize how much his words do matter. in the reuters interview he said -- it sounded a little bizarre when he was asked about whether he was a rational person and he declined to say he was irrational saying i hope he's rational. >> let's listen to that. this is in a reuters interview where he's asked about the young north korean lead where inha inherited the country when his dad died. >> he's 27 years old. his father dies. took over a regime. say what you want, but that's not easy. especially at at that age. i'm not giving him credit or not giving him credit. i'm saying that's a very hard thing to do. as to whether or not he's rational, i have no opinion on it. i hope he's rational. >> that's what i'm saying. he knows that they're listening. and if they're going to try to negotiate at some point, unlike some of the things he says about leaders in this country, he doesn't want to be on the record
9:22 am
calling him crazy. >> he sounds almost -- what's the right word? >> sounds like perhaps he was trying to identify with him in some way. there is this part about taking over the family business. of course, i'll take trump's business any day over that dynasty. but i think he does in this conversation say this about kim jong-un and what i think is interesting about korea is that -- >> well, i would say to her point before about the sort of bl bluster, obama did project weakness and that what was needed was a leader who would act more tough. so much of diplomacy is about the -- your words and the tone that you set. so that is why trump's credibility is going to be crucial because if they believe the bluster, if they believe the tough talk, that will be a test of some of the foreign policy
9:23 am
hawks who thought it was because of obama's rhetoric that we got into some of these situations. >> here is the thought that i lost. you can use that to change things, but the problem with trump, despite claiming he's a details person, i'm not sure that he is. when you hear rex tillerson talk about this, you feel like he has a bit more of a strategy, but what's the strategy from the actual president. using that rhetoric to change things requires that. >> it's interesting to the point you make about obama. the stick has a lot more value. you can sell the carrots and people can see the stick is the best way to put it. the president is very personal. he's also making a a bet on president xi. i was with george w. bush when he looked into vladimir putin's soul. president trump seems to be making the same bet. he says about president xi, i believe he's trying very hard. he doesn't want to see turmoil and death. he's a good man. and i got to know him well. it was a one weekend meeting. you sometimes strike up a
9:24 am
relationship quickly. but if you talk to human rights activists, they would have a different opinion of president xi and the practices within china. this is another personal bet by this president that sitting down with someone, bonding with him is going to get the chinese government to go beyond the lines it drew in the obama administration and the george w. bush administration and the clinton administration in trying to strike a resolution. >> and it sort of, you know, in business, the power of personal relationships and networks and connections is something that is real and actually moves things forward. he's talked about this a lot. if you look at some of his interviews, he's talked about how he really got along well with angela merkel and he's talked about obviously in the initial days of presidency there was stories about how he wasn't connecting with world leaders. >> during the campaign he said china was raping the united states. that's quite a term. >> exactly. we don't know if this is deliverable in terms of changing
9:25 am
the course of aks ctions in ter of china and north korea. >> anyone who's ever been around president trump knows he's a flatterer. that's part of the -- one of the tools in his sort of deal making tool box is to say nice things about people or to people and hope that that brings them closer to his side or creates some reciprocity. the question is will it work in foreign policy. >> one of the most complicated foreign puzzles in the world that predates him. many ways to grade the president in 100 days. the poll numbers, promises kept and broken and of course the tweets. but they're different... nice tells you what you want to hear. but kind is honest. this bar is made with cranberries and almonds. so, guess what? we call it cranberry almond. give kind a try.
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reciprocity blus t . welcome back. there are any number of ways to grade a president, judge a president, take a look at a president, at the 100 day mark. how are they doing? passing things? here's one way people use. take a peek at the president's approval rating. compare to predecessors. donald trump is historically unpopular at the 100 day mark.
9:30 am
44% approval rating. dwuc donald trump at the bottom of the class when it comes to presidential approval at the 100 day mark. thing that interests me is what's the president done in his first 100 days? how has he traveled? you see the blue here? those are trips to mar-a-lago. he likes to go home to palm beach for the we could. the visits to other trump properties. you remember president trump as a candidate was very critical of president obama for doing that. that would be golfing. president trump has decided it's okay to golf when you're president of the united states. this isn't unique to president trump. president obama was on twitter. but you can also look at it this way. see these red lines? only two days, been in office 99 days, only twice on two days has he not tweeted from the real donald trump account. he's used it quite a bit. how about day 44? that was a saturday morning. he defended his attorney general for meeting with the russian ambassador and the whole country knows he then went on to accuse
9:31 am
his predecessor of wire tapping him. that's just one of the days, 97 of the 99 days he has tweeted. now we've talked a lot to trump voters this week across the country. most of them could do without the tweets. but overall they tell the president stick in the fight. >> he hasn't kept his end of this contract. >> when hooz as he had time? >> he's had 100 days. >> he's had the russian thing thrown at him. he's got a big problem with korea thrown at him it. 's not like he's been sitting down sitting on his thumb doing nothing. >> i do not regret having voted for trump and i'll tell anyone who would listen i did. >> do you feel he's draining the swamp? >> the swamp's fighting back. >> so you think the republican led congress sent helping the president? >> especially the head of the republican congress. i don't think it's helped him. >> you're talking about paul ryan? >> i'm talking about paul ryan. >> now he's talking about paul ryan. this is a very interesting
9:32 am
dynamic because one of the questions at the 100 day marks is can republicans govern. republican speaker, majority lead, republican president. but you still have what we saw in the campaign. the trump voters, some of them new republicans, but the trump voters who sent donald trump here, they dislike is a polite word for how they feel about the republican congressional leadership. mitch mcconnell gets a higher grade because he got gorsuch through. that gives trump a foil that a lot of trump voters, even if these are things that are in part the president at fall, like the obamacare repeal, they say it's the house, it's paul ryan, it's those republicans, not our republican. >> you saw that fight sort of play out at breitbart, who paul ryan was and whether or not he was the enemy of donald trump, whether or not reince priebus was really in trump's corner in the white house. one of the things we're also seeing is that voters didn't vote for paul ryan or mitch mcconnell. they voted for donald trump. so it's very easy to sort of turn on paul ryan.
9:33 am
>> and they voted for change. they voted for change and they see these guys doing it the same old way. >> congress is easy to hate. let's get real. congress always has a low approval rating. >> up to 24% right now. >> that's good. great day for congress. but what i was going to say was the one thing we haven't seen is trump to use the leverage that he has with those voters and to make -- ben congress to his will by going to their districts, by using the bully pulpit to really pressure them at home. pressuring here is one thing. >> we have seen that happen a little bit now that the groups supporting trump have gone on the air with some ads, but they haven't gone negative to this point. i do think it's important because the reason it matters that trump's base is sticking with him is because it means that trump's base prefers him to republicans in congress and that those republicans in congress have to worry about that base turning on them, potentially in
9:34 am
a primary, particularly in deep red districts. but at the same time these are national numbers that you're looking at for paul ryan, for mitch mcconnell. these people are still popular in their districts. voters voted for donald trump, but they didn't vote for the republican congress. they voted for their republican congressman, their republican senator. a lot of those guys have higher approval ratings back home. >> donald trump trying to make nice. he campaigned about paul ryan, against washington. >> many republicans disliked the republicans in congress to begin with. that's why trump became the nominee. they were already halfway. it i think there's danger on both sides. there's danger for trump making his foil his own party in congress because then how do you actually get things done. but when you look at the polling the interesting thing that stuck out to me this week is in "the washington post" cbs poll people believe he cares about them. the number is low but guess who's lower? everyone else. the other thing he's holding strong is the ability to bring
9:35 am
change. it's what he was hired to do. things still look very different than they used to from trump. >> this whole point about trump voters, the conservatives who can't be thrilled. i want you to listen to sarah palin. i call this the equivalent of when your kids don't want to eat their carrots you threaten them. >> those of you who maybe still aren't aboard the trump train but know that the trump movement had to be ushered in in order to get rid of the status quo. keep doing your abcs and remember what that was. anybody but clinton. stick with your little alphabet analogy there. those who are asking for a grade of this administration and just keep remembering it could have been clinton. >> okay. >> that's a low bar. >> that might work for trump. but again, does it work for the people who are up in 2018? because they weren't elected
9:36 am
instead of hillary clinton. and they are the ones who are going to answer for what the congress has been charged with and what the congress has or has not been able to do. what i hear from the trump supporters that you interviewed and that i have spoken to and that they are giving him a long leash. they are giving him the ability to get to speed in the learning curve. they believe him when he says he's faced obstacles he didn't anticipate. it is ant know infinite leash. >> what do they think in the blue states he turned red? if they pick up "the wall street journal" and they read this, hey, i'm a national skpiist and globalist. again, you look at that and say what is he or you can look and say this is trump. on some issues he's one thing. on some issues he's other. to the trump voters who were expecting him to label china a currency manipulator, who thought we would be more aggressive on trade, what do you make of that?
9:37 am
>> it's very trump and having spoke tone people i have found they're surprisingly forgiven even on the fundamental issues. the wall is what i was speaking to people about. he's going to get it done at some point. he's playing chess and you guys aren't and that's what's going on here. there will be some people who are upset about the use of globalists alone, but many of his supporters will say give him that time. he's playing this smarter than everyone else. >> say what he wants, how does it affect me. >> that's the thing. do the factories start thriving again in ohio and michigan and pennsylvania? because that is what he promised. he talked about those tombstones dotting the american landscape. we'll see whether or not that changes. >> you look at the poll numbers. you look at steve bannon's office. but one thing they can't be happy with or proud of is the base so far sticking with him. we'll carry that one through the second 100 days. up next one last thanks obama from the trump white house as it tries to wash its hands of
9:38 am
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welcome back. michael flynn was president trump's national security adviser for three weeks but he's been a trump white house headache for the entire first 100 days. that won't end in the second 100. add a pentagon investigation to the fbi investigations order under way. at issue in the new pentagon review, did flynn get permission for those trips and those pages? the defense intelligence aemgen tells congress it has no records to show flynn followed the procedures and follow the law. the trump white house response? thanks, obama. >> so the issue is, you know, he was issued a security clearance under the obama administration in the spring of 2016.
9:43 am
the trip and the transactions that you're referring to occurred in december of 2015 from what i understand. so obviously there's an issue that as you point out the department of defense inspector general is looking into. we welcome that. but all of that clearance was made by the -- during the obama administration and apparently with knowledge of the trip that he took. >> true. perhaps that 2016 process that renewed the general security clearance missed some important red flags. perhaps the obama administration should be held accountable for that. but president obama later fired flynn who went on to become a trump campaign surrogate and then trump national security adviser. one of the most sensitive jobs in the united states government. now we know flynn later lied to the vice president about an election year meeting with the russian ambassador. so did the trump white house thoroughly vet him? did he disclose his russia trips and payments? was his hiring a mistake? >> the obama administration, during the obama administration, under the obama administration. >> you get the point.
9:44 am
sorry. just that's all i can say on this one. sean spicer is exactly right. that there may well have been a mess up in the obama administration when they renewed his clearance if they didn't ask the right questions or if flynn didn't provide the documentation. even if he verbally told them as he says he did. verbally told them about these trips and about these payments, the records don't reflect, the paperwork doesn't reflect this was properly discussed and litigated and that happened on president obama's watch. that's true. but he got one of the most sensitive jobs in government under this president and they won't answer question s about dd they look into any of this. >> this is a pattern with this white house sort of distancing people from the campaign. they did that with paul manafort. i think at some point they referred to michael flynn as sort of like a volunteer. and so at this point it is. this is obama's fault. this is obama's guy. in many ways i think it works for the base.
9:45 am
if you see some of those polls in terms of what they believe in terms of whether or not obama tapped trump's phones. many of them believe that. i do think this is, again, on the one hand it's distancing. another hand it's sort of fodder for the base. blame obama. >> it's sean spicer to be the spokesman for the trump base or the spokesman for the president of the united states and a gate way of information for the american people? >> i give him points for creativity. the spin has been impressive. michael flynn not only had he been fired by the obama administration, but he was perso persona nongr grata. i don't think you could have expected any presidential nominee to have brought on board. this is why you vet people. we've seen the trump administration take a cavalier attitude towards the vetting process. we don't need that. confirm our people.
9:46 am
get them through t. doesn. it doesn't matter. this is why you vet people because you actually do sometimes have to face consequences if you miss this stuff. >> and to understand the tangled web of this, we don't understand where it's going and perhaps general flynn did nothing wrong and that's what the fgz will show -- investigation will show in then. if this becomes something that's processed for the justice department, we do know this. the attorney general, the man in charge, will have nothing to do with it. >> i'm not aware of any of that and so i am recused on those issues and anything that's necessary to be done will be done. we don't deny the existence of the investigations. >> they'll do their responsibility of whatever that is that we always do. i'm not involved in that investigation and wouldn't participate in it and don't know anything about it. >> well, my recusal deals with the campaign issues, but i would expect not to be involved in this one. >> i'm sure the attorney general
9:47 am
enjoyed his morning circuit on the morning shows being asked about this. he has had to because of his own meetings with the russian ambassador, because of his work in the trump campaign, the top law enforcement man in the land has had to recuse himself from anything to do with the campaign. >> when you asked if sean spicer represents the white house or the base, this is where the white house comes in. he wants to separate the white house as far as from this person as possible because of all of these investigations that are going on f. they miss something in a vet or if it didn't have a vet, that's not good news. or if they knew, that's another -- that's not great news. there's a lot of unknowns here. they have every reason to separate themselves from michael flynn right now. >> i mean, i don't think they vet people carefully. i think -- >> not knowing is not an excuse. >> i do think the good tack would have been to take maybe more of the obama administration tack and say there's an ongoing investigation. he does not work for us. they can credibly say that this time. >> he's not even a volunteer
9:48 am
best we know. up next, how about a no thanks, obama. elizabeth warren has 400,000 reasons reasons to dislike the post presidency taking shape. my abdominal pain and bloating made
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so what's been going on while i've been gone? >> welcome back. you might remember that from earlier this week as the trump administration circles its 100th day you see a lot of the obamas this week. not just pictures have indicationi vacationing on a yacht. they're creating some riffs in the democratic party. not because of anything either within has said but because of whom thaey're speaking to. headed to wall street where he'll reportedly take in 400,000 for a single speech.
9:53 am
e l elizabe elizabeth warren says she's troubled. >> well, i was troubled by that. one of the things i talk about in the book is the influence of money. i describe it as a snake that slithers through washington. and that it shows up in so many different ways here in washington. the influence of dollars on this place is what scares me. i think it ultimately threatens democracy. >> one of these people has a political future and the other is done. >> figure out which one it is. >> bernie sanders said something similar yesterday as well. he called it unfortunate. >> he did. let's listen to bernie sanders. then we'll continue the
9:54 am
conversation. >> barack obama is a friend of mine. i think he and his family represented us for eight years with dignity and intelligence. but i think at a time when we have so much income and wealth and equality, when wall street has so much power, the chief financial, chef economic adviser to the president comes from goldman sachs. i think it just does not look good. it's not a good idea. and sorry, but president obama made that choice. >> they could be on to something. president trump won the nomination by campaigning against his own party. maybe sanders and warren will campaign against obama in 2020. >> i don't think they'll campaign against obama who is still extremely popular among democrats, but i think this will have an impact on the bopost oba debate. the democratic party, so used to covering divided republicans, the democratic party is going to be having and they're going to be tearing each other apart on these issues. obama has indicated he wants to
9:55 am
be a play ner ther in that deba. he wants to help the party rebuild and become stronger in the trump era. and so does this affect his credibility in this whole main street versus wall street debate? >> and we've seen sort of some of the criticism. keith ellison coming out saying obama didn't do much to build the democratic party when he was in office. hard probably to build a democratic party and run the country at the same time, but never mind. so i think it is that split that we're seeing between the sanders wing and the clinton obama wing toch . to jackie's point, obama doesn't have a political future. this is what presidents do. former presidents go out and make money in this way. if there's some sort of grass roots organization that wants to raise $400,000 and invite obama to speak, i'm sure he'd do that too. >> if he could just get the post presidency work. >> i think at some point you've made enough money. maybe he'll find that point. i actually think he was a little
9:56 am
bit not savvy about this. the first time out, 400 k with the wall street guys. >> the first time out was supposed to be chicago. >> barely. >> contributing to the party in the future, i should note a & e network he said he's now more popular than president trump. thanks for watching. we'll see you back on monday. president trump about to arrive in atlanta. speak to the nra. and at a fundraising event. we'll bring his remark at nr alive. wolf blitzer in the chair after a quick break. live. wolf blitzer in the chair after a quick break. nrlive. wolf blitzer in the chair after a quick break. alive. wolf blitzer in the chair after a quick break. nra live. wolf blitzer in the chair after a quick break. flive. wolf blitzer in the chair after a quick break. live. wolf blitzer in the chair after a quick break. on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates. maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident.
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hello, i'm wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. here in washington. wherever you're watching, thanks very much for joining us. president trump is warning that military conflict with north korea is a possible as his administration nears the 100 day milestone. just a little while ago he boosted about his administration's accomplishments so far. >> we're moving awfully


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