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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  May 1, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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investments that he is willing to talk off the cuff, it certainly makes it look to the naked eye he doesn't know what he is talking about on the subject that a history buff of any sort would know. >> thank you, guys, good conversation. that's it for me. thank you for joining us. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. "outfront" next, breaking news, president trump says he would be honored to meet with kim jong-un, just hours after inviting a brutal strongman to the oval office. and president trump says it was proven strongly that president obama wiretapped his office. and cutting one of michelle obama's pet projects. is this about personal payback? good evening, "outfront" tonight, breaking news, the white house running to defend the president. president trump declares he would be quote honored to meet with the north korean dictator,
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overpronatio kim jong-un. and here is what he said, if it would be appropriate for me to meet with him. i would be absolutely, honored to do it. and this was not a one-off comment. here is trump in another new interview. >> he was a young man of 26 or 27 when he took over from his father, when his father died. he is dealing with obviously very tough people in particular the generals and others. and at a very young age he was able to assume power, a lot of people i'm sure tried to take that power away whether it was his uncle or anybody else. and he was able to do it. so obviously he is a pretty smart cookie. >> let's just be clear who president trump is calling a smart cookie that he would be honored to talk to. kim jong-un continually threatens to kill the united states in a nuclear inferno, and threatens to burn it to ashes, he is widely suspected of having his own half brother murdered,
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using one of the worst nerve agents created and known to mankind. and the u.n. says more than thousand north koreans are in his forced labor camp. tens of millions of people starving in that country. it is a dark reality that even president trump's press secretary had trouble defending today. >> how could he be honored to meet kim jong-un? >> well, the president is aware of the threat from north korea. >> trump's bizarre outreach comes ours after he invites another strongman to the white house. michelle kusinski has more. >> this is another phone calls with world leaders that immediately stops people in their tracks. this time it was president of the philippines, rodrigo duterte, saying he has
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purposefully killed people. for those reasons president obama would not sit down with him. but now president trump doesn't mind inviting him to the white house. >> reporter: when it comes to unlikely friendships, donald trump may be unlike any other american president. today, telling bloomberg politics that he would be honored to meet with kim jong-un. >> if it would be appropriate for me to meet with him, i would be absolutely honored to do it. >> reporter: this comes after president trump extended an invite to the white house to president rodrigo duterte, the tough-talking profane street-wise mayor of the most crime-ridden city in the philippines. comparing himself to hitler. saying he should have raped a murdered gang-raped victim, admitting he himself has shot and killed people and encouraged
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the killing of suspects in the war on drugs that has claimed thousands of lives. the white house called the phone call between the two as very friendly. president trump enjoyed the conversation. the invite to the white house was unexpected, even to the state department and some within the white house according to an official, and to many, stunning. >> one guy who really should not grace the halls of the white house. >> it's a terrible message to be sending to the world. >> reporter: the white house defended the invitation. >> that doesn't mean that human rights don't matter. but what it does mean is that the issues facing us, developing out of north korea are so serious that we need cooperation at some levels. >> but president trump has reached out to strong men, praise of president putin, while russia was hacking the u.s.
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election. congratulations to turkish president ergowan. >> he has done a fantastic job in a very difficult situation. >> the last time president-elect trump spoke to duterte, imitated him in what he said was trump's appreciation on the bloody war on drugs. >> you're doing good, i have this problem on the border. and this [ bleep ], oh, yes, when you come to washington, d.c. or new york city, look me up and we'll have coffee. maybe you can give me a suggestion, how to solve this [ bleep ]. >> critics point out it's not as if the philippines have a lot to add to help the u.s. in countering north korea, state department says it will continue to bring up human rights, the
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state department will continue to press for human rights in the philippines. duterte has indicated he may not even come because he is just so busy. a erin? >> all right, no shocking part about the whole story. here is the reality, they're struggline struggling. you saw sean spicer, and reince priebus struggling to explain the president's comments on korea and duterte. they're put in an incredible situation here. they have to defend their boss. >> you spin, erin, and that is exactly what is going on here. i mean, you look at the leader, the philippines leader who is accused of so many human rights violations. but the white house's take on this is basically look, this is someone who may be able to help at the ends of the day when it comes to the conflict in north korea. strategically the philippines is important for a number of reasons in terms of military
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aspects, again, important for a number of reasons. but when the administration was pressed on this a little earlier today the real question was why these seemingly friendly outward gestures whether it is the leader of the philippines, turkey or kim jong-un, and sean spicer asked about that a little earlier today. >> unfortunately, those are the neighbors and there are certain things -- those are the countries in the region that can be helpful as we move forward to try to stop the threat that they pose. >> also, the president for him, he has basically come out and basically said when it comes to the philippines leader he says this is a man who was popular in his country and enjoys -- at least he says enjoys good poll numbers in his country. the president has accepted as you know, erin, an invitation to visit the philippines in november for a regional summit. >> that is right, interesting,
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of course he would hone in on his popularity readings, so near and dear to the president's heart. and mark preston, the senior analyst. let's start with north korea, the president of the united states just said and we heard him say it he would be honored to meet a murdering ruthless dictator. >> big mistake, the president of the united states needs to be quiet in terms of our relationship with north korea. look, for the past seven years while the kim jong-un military is in power. we've created a strong military and alliance in the region, worked as best as we can to try to contain north korea and hopefully modify their behavior. inarguably, none of that has worked. >> they have made a lot of progress, they have gotten the nuclear weapons.
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>> and north korea will continue to march along this path. the president of the united states should not be honored to meet kim, not a single bit. what has to happen there has to be at the lowest levels of diplomatic exchanges, we have to start to build a foundation where there can be trust and we have to be able to see there is behavior modification going on, we haven't seen it. >> a flip-flop of u.s. policy, although a lot of it has not worked it's a flip-in respect for donald trump, direct and specific. here he is, candidate trump, and now the honor trump. >> i would get china to make that guy disappear in one form or another very quickly. >> how do you make it disappear -- >> let me just tell you, well, there are worse things frankly. >> we have this madman playing around with the nukes, and it has to end. >> this guy is like a maniac. >> got this madman over there who would probably use it.
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and nobody talks to it. >> well, i think it's a serious problem, he is probably on the wacky side. >> at a young age he was able to assume power, a lot of people tried to take that power away i assume, whether it was his uncle or anybody else, and obviously he was able to do it. obviously he is a pretty smart cookie. >> he also said 72 hours he would not rule out military action. >> but he was joking about assassinating the guy, talking about ways to take him out. and now, all of a sudden, smart cookie. >> the 100 days we discussed his presidency, we always come back to this major theme, his words matter. he is the leader of the free world, when he says something it doesn't just get blown away, it is set in stone. he has to be careful, and quite frankly, if you are an ally, if you are south korea, what are
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you thinking about what donald trump is willing to do to protect you if there is an incident? >> is this one thing you can say completely as a candidate, and then completely switch. >> i must say i'm contrary on the question of whether he ought to be willing to saiit down wit the north korean leader. we had president obama who said he was willing to sit down with the iranians. >> and the north korean leader. >> kennedy famously said, better to jaw-jaw than war-war. an old churchhill line. we sat down with the soviets, moral enemies time and time again to try to diffuse things. i think meeting along is not out of the mainstream, i think when he says, honored to do thchis. and then the philippines stuff, we should not invite them here. >> i think the united states is correct to establish some type
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of a presence, increased presence, influence if you will in southeast asia. because we've lost that. but that is not the individual with whom or the country with whom we should establish that. >> and this issue with duterte, okay, in an interview, he has killed about 7,000 people so far in his war on drugs, so far, president duterte. in an interview, president trump was asked especially about that killing, saying quote, he has been very, very tough about the drug problem but he has a massive drug problem, which comes off excusing 7,000 people of course. >> yeah, and duterte has talked about killing more people. brags about it. you know, again, elevating a brutal dictator, a killer right now not necessarily the job of the commander in chief. i don't disagree with what david says about some kind of diplomacy, perhaps, trumping war. but i think he does it so
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carelessly, that it's not strategic. >> i think trump is more likely to stumble into a war, to make a miscalculation. that is what worries me the most. if he wants to sit down with him, fine, it's much better than going to war with him. >> and none of trump's advisers were even aware he was going to do it before he do it. so far from them weighing in, they don't know it was coming. next, republicans weighing in on the health care bill, are they short of the bills tonight? two crucial votes. and more on mar-a-lago's after dinner entertainment. and jeanne moos' long history with short good-byes. >> do the interview with somebody else, really, you don't need this, do it with somebody else. microsoft and its partners are using smart traps to capture mosquitoes and sequence their dna to fight disease. there are over 100 million
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we're on the move. hey rick, all good? oh yeah, we're good. we're good. terminix. defenders of home. tonight, president trump once again rolling out his claim that president obama wiretapped him during the election. he brought up the issue in an
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interview earlier today. >> i think our side has been proven very strongly and everybody is talking about it. and frankly it should be discussed. >> no, jessica schneider is "outfront." >> reporter: president trump signaling he is sticking by his wiretapping claims. >> i think our side has been proven very strongly and everybody is talking about it. >> reporter: he sent these tweets two months ago, terrible, just found out president obama had my wires tapped in trump tower, this is nixon watergate, bad or sick guy, and now in an interview with cbs, the president is not backing down. >> words are more important to me than deeds, you saw what happened, everybody saw what happened with surveillance. and i think that was inappropriate. >> what does that mean? >> you can figure it out yourself. >> the reason i asked, is you called him sick and bad. >> look, you can figure out yourself what it means.
4:18 pm
he was very nice to me with words, after that there was no relationship. >> you stand by that claim? >> i don't stand by anything, you can take it the way you want to. >> when pressed to clarify, the president simply shut the interview down. >> you're the president of the united states, you said sick and bad. >> you can take it any way you want. >> but i'm asking you, you said fake news from president trump. >> you don't have to ask me, i can have my opinions, you can have your opinions. it's enough, thank you very much. >> the existence of a wiretap has been repeatedly rejected by the two top republicans. >> no such wiretap existed. >> there is no evidence of that. i've not heard of it before. >> reporter: fbi director james comey issued a definitive answer july 20th. >> i have no information that supports those tweets and we have looked carefully inside the fbi. >> reporter: when house intelligence chairman devin
4:19 pm
nunen picked up the information, president trump said he felt somewhat vindicated. >> i very much appreciated they found what they found. >> the fbi did monitor carter page, the former campaign adviser after page gave a speech in moscow. and former national security adviser michael flynn was forced out after his conversations with the russian ambassador, cice60 l kislyak. >> i think that is a very big surveillance of our citizens, a very big topic that should be number one. we should find out what the hell is going on. now, the president has offered no evidence to back up his claims. and in addition to prominent republicans who have rebuffed
4:20 pm
his accusations, president obama issued a statement back in march saying neither he or any white house official ever ordered surveillance on a u.s. citizen. >> all right, thank you very much. all right, maria cardona, andrew bauer, jackie let me start with you. you heard trump say to john dickerson it was quote, proven very strongly. obviously, mitch o'connell and paul ryan, the two top democrats, said it did not happen. obviously there is an issue there. why is he brings it up? >> this is a president who doesn't like to let things go, but the fact he brought it up and then got slighted that he thought they were talking about it. the fact about the russian hacking, he doesn't look at it as an attack on the united states, he looks at it as a
4:21 pm
democratic attack on his presidency. and until he gets past that we'll keep on replaying these conspiracy theories, frankly. this one just seems like it was made up out of whole cloth. >> and proven strongly, from the reporting that we've done, what others have said in the intelligence community and congress is not true but when he was given the chance to answer that question directly, you saw him. he just walked off and ended the interview. >> yeah, i'm not sure why he did that. we know there was surveillance going on. we know evelyn farquas even talked about it and bragged about it. susan rice admitted she knew about the masking, even though she said she didn't know anything about it. i wish the president elaborate on what he knew and filled us in because there are a lot of folks who wonder what happened here? who ordered it. why was a fisa warrant ordered,
4:22 pm
who leaked it to the media and why. >> and i just want to make it clear, john dickerson didn't ask him about it. donald trump brought it up and then when asked further questions the president did not want to answer them. >> not only that, the issue my friend andre just brought up was a completely different issue than what president trump accused president obama of doing. trump accused obama of wiretapping his phones, which is completely illegal. and that has absolutely not been proven whatsoever by anybody. his own -- trump's own republican colleagues have had to come out and say they don't see any evidence of it. the whole surveillance incidental capturing of other americans on surveillance is a completely different issue. and frankly, related, but doesn't really have anything to do with the outright lie that trump continues to say happened. and it is demeaning to him and the country and to the office of
4:23 pm
the presidency of the united states. >> andre, the point i was making with jackie. we know there was a fisa warrant for carter page, and if that was the incident by which donald trump was picked up, if he alleges it was picked up that would mean he talked to carter page which of course he said he never did. this was a tough one for him to find a way out of at this point. >> well, i do think had he sawhd wiretapping, he used it in a broader sense, they don't do wiretapping any more. really it's electronic technology, we're talking about somebody who is a little older and would use it as a broader turn. but evelyn farquas bragged bit and said we were going to get all we could before we left office. >> so go ahead. maria. >> again, that does not answer the question whatsoever.
4:24 pm
we know that our government does surveillance of foreign operatives. and in that surveillance, some persons were picked up like carter page. we understand that. it is possible we will find out. this is why there are four investigations going on that at some point donald trump or his associates will be picked up as well. if that happened it will be because something happened untoward. and that remains to be seen. >> jackie i want to ask you about something else that happened today. the commerce secretary spoke about a strike on syria. i'm going to tell everybody what was said. he said just as dessert was being served, the president explained he had something he wanted to tell him which was the launching of 59 missiles in syria, it was in lieu of
4:25 pm
after-dinner entertainment. by the way. it was met with laughter. >> you don't want to be too serious, and cast all levity aside. this is a serious matter and it raises all the security issues with having president trump at mar-a-lago who was hearing this conversation. were they in a skiff -- that is more the issue than this kind of insensitive seemingly sort of mr. burn's comments. >> thank you, all, i appreciate it. next, president trump killing a program michelle obama championed. is this all about revenge? and another trump aide said to be on his way out. our special report on sebastien gorka. ♪ ♪
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president trump targeting two of first lady michelle obama's top initiatives. immediately discontinuing the let girls learn program, focusing on young girls in other countries, and letting go of the school lunch program. joining us now, former excessive director of the black caucus,
4:30 pm
and jeffrey, all the things that the president has on his plate right now, health care talks, tax reform, north korea, syria, russia, right i can go on and on, why are these programs even remotely on the president's radar? >> well, the budget is on his radar. and i have to say this brings back very old memories when i was a young congressional staffer for a congressman on the house budget committee. and ronald reagan was the new president. he was cutting programs left and right. this is always the same argument. the liberals and others want to go to the substance of the program and say why are you doing x? this terrible thing, this is a wonderful program. and it's on ideological argument, conservatives say, we're in debt, we have to cut the budget. >> no matter how small the item is what you're saying? >> correct, i mean, and this is what presidents have to do, as it were, walk and chew gum at the same time.
4:31 pm
this is a continuing thing that will be continuing in any administration, one administration may want to add things another may want to take things off. but this battle goes on always. >> is that what this is about,angela? >> i don't think so, i think jeffrey this flies in the face of your argument as it relates to the let girls learn program, it was separately branded and in place for 56 years, in place when you worked in the administration, jeffrey. so that argument doesn't really fly here. i'm not saying it was 56 years ago but i'm saying you does work in the administration when this program existed. the real challenge is, one that congressman cleaver says often, my former boss on capitol hill, says when you are able to lock at a country's budget you can identify what their priorities are. this real truth is this has never been a priority for donald trump. this is why -- i almost called
4:32 pm
her melania. ivanka got booed last week. he is not a fight aer few women rights. she says she wants to shore up women's rights, she is not going to be able to do that. >> michelle obama went after donald trump during and after the election. let me just remind everybody of what she had to say. >> when someone is cruel or acts like a bully, you don't stoop to their level. no, our motto is, when they go low, we go high. i can't believe that i'm saying a candidate for president of the united states has bragged about sexually assaulting women. >> see now we're feeling what not having hope feels like. you know. >> is this simply payback, jeffrey? >> no, i don't think so. i think this is very
4:33 pm
ideological, this is the kind of sentiment that is shot through the entire conservative movement and republican party. if president trump were not in the white house, but another republican, let's say ted cruz i am sure you would have found the same results here. >> so angela, i paused for a second here, that was a pause, we just got an e-mail from the white house. i want to tell you what it says and get your reaction. you know they sent this memo out, right, and the memo said the education secretary position would not be maintained. they're now saying there have been no changes to the program. they're going to change the brand, basically. the name. do you buy this? i mean, obviously, there is a lot more to figure out here. do you buy that near not coming o -- they're not coming out and saying that? >> yeah, i think it was consistent as what was said earlier the reason it was branded in a certain way is this
4:34 pm
is a notion that was rejected all around the world. what is the notion? as mrs. obama said, he bragged about sexually assaulting women. he needs to do whatever he can do to strengthen platforms for women, whether it is in education, or entrepreneurship, he doesn't need to take anything away from these kids. and then when you think about this proposal by sonny perdue, to loosen the restrictions on breakfast programs that impacts millions of kids this is messaging that this white house can ill afford to have attached to it. >> jeffrey, one thing, he has not minced words on how he feels about getting revenge, no matter how small the issues are. >> you know, there are a lot of bad people out there. you really have to go, if you have a problem with someone you have to go after them. and it's not necessarily to teach that person a lesson, it's
4:35 pm
to teach all the person that are watching a lesson that you don't take crap. >> anybody that hits me i'll hit harder. >> i love getting even with people. >> you love getting even? >> oh, absolutely. >> now, jeffrey, you really do believe, i know, this is about the substance, and more efficient governments. >> erin, if i had not seen this for dakota decades on the repu side of the aisle, i may not believe it. there are people who believe it to their core. this is the latest example of it. >> all right, i'll thank you very much. and we'll continue to follow examples on this story how they're rebranding it. next, a top trump adviser may be out of his way of the white house. why was he wearing a medal that some association with nazi germany. and two votes away from failure, the president said he would be angry at certain
4:36 pm
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tonight, new turmoil
4:40 pm
swirling around president trump's white house circle. sebastian gorka is in the circle of advisers and may be on his way out. the white house today refusing to rule out gorka's departure. >> there is no personnel announcement at the time. i have no belief that he is currently leaving the white house. so there is nothing to update on with respect to that and we would not comment on personal matters at this time. >> drew griffin is "outfront." >> in the mid-2,000s, sebastian gorka was a failed politician in hunga hungary, appearing on tv with a radical ultra-nationalist leader to announce a new political party that never went anywhere. which is why what has happened in the past ten years in his life is nothing short of amazing. sebastian gorka's most recent
4:41 pm
jobs were national security editor for breitbart news. and a fox news contributor. cnn talked with a half dozen international security experts who either were not familiar with his work until he made it to the white house or thought he was unqualified for such a powerful position. and yet, sebastian gorka became part of the newly formed strategic initiatives group, advising president trump on matters of national security. as he told cnn in february. >> we are charged with doing long-range initiatives of real import to the president and it's a number of task forces. >> america is the greatest nation. >> reporter: armed with a discontindi distinctive speaking style, he looks and plays the part of an expert on radical terrorism. he is a favorite speaker with conservative groups who
4:42 pm
appreciate his message. the root of his arguments, radical terrorism is a fanatical ideological belief. with a phd in political science, he moved to the u.s. and started teaching. he has taught at the fbi, consulted in the boston bombing federal terror case. was named an adjunct professor. a big rise just since his events earlier. his actual credentials were called thin. former fbi agent clint watts says at the very least, gorka lacks the expertise to comment on anything in the arab world. >> i would expect somebody who is going to talk so strongly on
4:43 pm
middle east radical terrorism, to have a phd in the middle east experiences, lived and worked and studied in multiple arabic speaking countries, studied law enforcement, ground operations. >> but what has haunted him the most is the so far unproven allegations he is hiding a past that includes anti-semitism. cnn has found no evidence that he was or is anti-semitism. most of the claims come from gorka wearing a medal given to his father, by a group that was under the direction of the nazi government. although the current head tells cnn they were never involved with the nazis. cnn obtained the files from gorka's father from the '50s. and although the communist government did refer to the elder gorka as a very right-wing
4:44 pm
person, cnn was told anyone who was in the group at the time was labelled. >> and the proposals, and the travel ban, he has been a cheerleader. for military strikes on syria and afghanistan. he has not been so willing to talk to cnn about his credentials or questions concerning his past. we have been reaching out to him and the white house for weeks, neither the white house nor gorka would answer our questions. now he appears to be leaving. >> all right, thank you very much, drew, appreciate that very much. "outfront" now, the person who sits on the armed services committee. i appreciate your time. congressman, i know you supported gorka, you called him an american patriot, and his credentials were unimpeachable.
4:45 pm
but you saw this report who many say they have never heard of him until he entered the white house or say that he is unqualified. does that give you pause? >> no, this just confirms that it is in the left wing echo chamber, there are all the attacksme s attacks. and many who knew gorka in hundr hundrgary said it was appalling that he would be compared to nazis. sebastian gorka is a great man, i know him personally, i talked to him just today and i chair the israeli allies here in the caucus and i would be very, very cautious about supporting anybody who i thought was the least bit anti-semitic. this man is as far away from being anti--semitic --
4:46 pm
>> i just want to interrupt you, you said he spoke with him today. did he say he is leaving the white house? >> there is no stashuaticonfirm no one knows the future and i certainly am not going to get myself in a part of predicting the future. it's all part of the echo chamber, the left has funded a very intense anti--- just against the man's character. their real target is not sebastian gorka, their real target is the president. and sebastian knows that and that helps a lot. >> so you bring up the medal. all right, at the core of the gorka situation, are questions about links to nazi beliefs, right? we showed a picture of him wearing the medal, from a picture of the state-linked group with nazi in world war ii.
4:47 pm
why wear a medal that represents anti-semitism -- >> it represents his father who was a noble person who was later betrayed and fought in the budapest time. i'm just suggesting to you all of this is pure speculation and nonsense made up deliberately. there has been more than 40 articles on the left. none of them can bring up one quote or one thing he ever said that is the least bit ant anti-semitism. i know this man's heart. the left will have a lot of egg on their face, when they get down to it they will see this is just an attack. >> it doesn't bother you, the people killed during the holocaust, to wear that medal, no matter what it may mean because of his father, would no
4:48 pm
matter what be distasteful. >> if you take that attack, anybody with a german background is somehow labelled being anti-semitic. the bottom line is you measure the man for what he says and what he does and what he stands for and if the media will look at that clearly they will find that sebastian gorka is a strong supporter of israel, and to suggest otherwise is a deliberate, ugly character assassination that does not behoove in media in any way. >> all right, congressman, thank you for your time. all right, next, two votes shy of defeat, the president himself saying he will be angry if it fails. can it be saved? and donald trump takes a hike, jeanne moos, on the art of ending an uncomfortable interview. >> but i want to know your opinion, you're the president of the united states. >> that's enough, thank you.
4:49 pm
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4:53 pm
we heard from the top economic advisor earlier this morning saying that he believes this is going to be a great week, this is going to get to the house floor and they do have the votes there, but that confidence is certainly standing in stark contrast to the reality of the moment here on capitol hill. here's the latest from president trump. >> health care, we're going to get that passed? >> the one mistake i made with health care, we have one plan that's been going through, it's getting better, and better, and better, it's either going to be a great plan or i'm not signing it. >> reporter: and perhaps vice president pence when he was leaving capitol hill said it best, he did say to reporters just two words when asked whether they have the votes right now, and he said stay tuned, which really speaks to the fluidity of the situation here on capitol hill. >> where do you think stands on the vote count.
4:54 pm
this all comes down to the tally, where are we? >> reporter: the tally is not turning in the right direction from the white house's view. we had republican after republican stand up and say they're now against the bill. the vote count has 21 house republicans saying they are against this bill. that means if they lose just two more republican votes and it goes to a house vote, that this bill would potential fail. >> it's all down to those two votes, which side is going to get them? can they pull this out or not? up next, jenny mos on how when the questions get tough, donald trump finds a way to at m and join the weekenders.
4:55 pm
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4:58 pm
wave, interview over. >> i want to know your opinion, you're the president of the united states. >> that's enough, thank you very much. >> reporter: cnn's john dickenson was few right out the door. a few years earlier, it was donald trump who walked out. >> back to the negative. do this interview with somebody else. >> we talked about this yesterday on the phone. >> do the interview with somebody else, really. you don't need this. do it with somebody else. have a good time. >> reporter: instead of thank you, it was good luck. >> i think it's very unfair. good luck. >> sorry you feel that way. >> reporter: actually trump's walkouts are rare when you consider how many hundreds, even thousands of interviews he's done over the years, he's never come close to terminating me. though as a presidential candidate, president trump walked off on two ohio tv
4:59 pm
reporters on a single day. >> 19 days out from the election, you have been labelled a racist, you've been called a sexist. >> thank you very much. >> how do you respond to that? >> i'm the least racist person you have ever met. >> reporter: this after a woman came out accusing him of touching her. >> i know nothing about that. >> reporter: donald trump clearly knew nothing about alley g when he sat down with sasha barron's character, trump declined to invest, did it without taking off the gloves. >> good luck folks, take care of yourselves. >> reporter: donald trump tends to be harder on the microphone than the interviewer. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. all right and thanks so much as always for joining us, we'll
5:00 pm
see you tomorrow night, tuesday, don't forget you can watch outfront any time anywhere on cnn go. i want to take you to what's happening in portland, oregon, may day protests going on in several cities including los angel angeles. we should tell you that some official protests was actually cancelled by police because of the behavior of what they called anarchists. 100 or more people, many of them dressed in black, there you see police trying to put out some of the fires they set through overturning a newspaper boxes, lighting those on