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tv   New Day  CNN  May 3, 2017 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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>> the congress will face questions about russia and actions in the final days of the campaign. meanwhile, cnn is learning a former obama administration official will testify next week. all of this as president trump pushing for a vote on obamacare. let's begin with joe johns live at the white house with the latest. joe. >> reporter: alisyn, they at it again. just six months after the 2016 election. hillary clinton and donald trump are facing off one more time. as another key player, the director of the fbi, is now returning to center stage on capitol hill. president trump firing back at hillary clinton after her scathing indictment of the 2016 race. insisting fbi director james comey influenced voters. >> i was on the way to winning until the combination of james
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comey's letter on october 28th and russian wikileaks raised doubts in the minds of people who were inn declined to vote for me. if the election were on october 27th, i would be your president. >> reporter: the president responding in late night tweets. fbi director comey was the best thing that ever happened to hillary clinton in he gave her a free pass for many bad deeds. the phony trump russia story was an excuse used by the democrats. perhaps trump just ran a great campaign. this response coming hours after clinton took a jab at the president's sore spots. >> i did win more than 3 million votes than my opponent. >> i feel a tweet coming. >> fine. better than that interfering in foreign affairs. if he wants to tweet about me, i'm happy to be the diversion.
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>> reporter: comey expected to face a grill from democrats at a senate judiciary committee. hillary clinton blames comey's letter to congress about her use of a private e-mail server and wikileaks and russia for hacking her campaign chair e-mails. >> he several interfered in our election and it was clear he interfered to hurt me and help my opponent. >> reporter: acknowledging some ownership for defeat. >> i take absolute responsibility. i was the candidate. i was the person who was on the ballot. >> reporter: and now vowing to speak out against her former rival. >> i'm now back to being an activity citizen and part of the resistance. >> reporter: all this as sources talk about former acting
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attorney general sally yates that she informed the white house in january that the then national security adviser michael flynn lied about discussing sanctions with the russian ambassador. >> they wanted to give quote a head's up to us on comments that macy conflict. >> reporter: yates' testimony likely to raise if questions wht took nearly three weeks to fire flynn. the decision on the same day the story was reported in the washington post. the other big headline coming out of the white house today is the telephone conversation occurring yesterday between president trump and russia's vladimir putin. they talked mostly about syria and north korea. now today the president is going to host the palestinian
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president abbas at the white house. >> joe, thank you very much. let's bring in the panel to discuss. we have cnn analyst david gregory. cnn commentator errol louis and we have former cia analyst phil mudd. here we are hearing from hillary clinton in the wholesome way with christiane amanpour. let's play with more sound bite here with what she says went wrong with her campaign. >> if the election had been on october 27th, i would be your president, it wasn't. did we make mistakes? of course. did i make mistakes? oh, my gosh. yes. read my confession and my
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request for be absolution. i think the reason we lost were the intervening events in last ten days. >> errol? >> i don't know how relevant it is for the rest of the country. she can say whatever she wants. i look forward to reading the book. there is a sense of denial. october day was n27th was not e day. they had issue on the ground in wisconsin and pennsylvania and michigan. that is what should keep her up at night. these other questions are important. the trump russia connection. >> the letter that james comey sent to the congress was not as important as wisconsin and those loose ends? >> however you weigh it. the democratic party needs to do
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going forward don't change? it is supposed to turn on the dirty tricks. that is never a strategy. >> we will get to the decision to respond by the president in a second. david, after the autopsy by the democrats, go to errol. she was a flawed candidate. when she took responsibility in the interview with christiane, there were mistakes. i was the one on the ballot. you didn't hear her call herself out. she called out comey and russia and wikileaks and trump. >> i have a few thoughts. first, i do think she is right about some of the things she says. what james comey did was to throw overboard justice department procedures because of political reasons. his own internal politics because of the hatred for hillary clinton within the fbi and delicate balancing act with
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republicans in congress principally. i think that was a horrendous decision on his part. that is one he should and does regret. i think there was miss sogyny. i think she is on to something there. we know about the russia role. the comey bit and russia bit is difficult to measure. she doesn't give us honesty about the terrible judgment we made with the e-mail server. the fact she misread the mood of the country. republicans came home for donald trump when she and others did not feel they would. we're going to get more in the book. i think this was part of it. i don't think she is forthcoming in a way she should have been in that taking real responsibility for the fact she was not what the country wanted. what enough of the electorate
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wanted to make her president. >> phil, i know you want to jump in here as our fbi veteran. let me read what donald trump said about the reaction. fbi director comey was the best thing to happen to hillary clinton. he gave her a free pass for many bad deeds. the phony trump russia story was an excuse used by the democrats as justification for losing the election. he is using himself in third person. what do you see? >> the best thing to ever happen to hillary clinton was donald trump. she lost. if you had gone back to 2014 with a crystal ball and told the clinton campaign and say you will face donald trump in a general election, they would have had a week long party. she lost michigan, ohio, florida, wisconsin. she beat trump on the coast among elites. she department haidn't have a m.
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the complaint is james comey lost it for me? i agree with david gregory. i served four years at the fbi. everybody at the bureau should say we don't talk about ongoing vehicl investigations. that was an epically bad move. she faced the candidate who went into office with high negatives and she could not win. she has to look in the mirror and stop blaming other people and blame the campaign that did not work. >> she is hearing a lot of that in her former supporters and people in the party. it should never have been close. you mentioned james comey. let me say with mudd for a second. how important is testimony on the hill? what do you want to hear discussed? what are your concerns about what will be discussed instead of what you want to hear? >> this is critical by important. i fear what people will look for is conversations about individuals. american citizens like carter page. the fbi director should not touch an investigation of any
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person citizen. there's a bigger question i'm afraid congress won't get to. how did a foreign power intervene in an american election. secondly what do we do about it for the next election? how do we protect future candidates? how do we work with silicon valley with twitter to keep fake news and facebook and keep fake news off the internet. i think people want him to detail investigations of who in the trump campaign was involved in the russians. that is not the avenue he should go down. >> back on the sexism piece. i don't know she was asked directly. she did not account for the fact that majority of white women voted against her. this is a broader conversation about what made hillary clinton a particular liability as a candidate and it gets into how women think about a woman president and her in particular. there are issues there longer than we have time for.
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the other people about comey, you don't talk when you don't charge. you don't talk when you don't charge. not just ongoing investigations as phil knows. >> one more thing to look for errol, sally yates, former acting ag will testify in front of congress. cnn learned that she is prepared to vociforously contradict. what do we expect? >> i hope the conversation will be about blowing out of the water the notion contained in the president's tweet all of this stuff of trump and russia is an excuse for what happened in the election. far from it. we will have an acting attorney general to give us a tick-tock of what she told the transition team and when she told them they had a problem with michael flynn. ten days s elapses before the
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anything. >> the president took the bait from hillary clinton. we could see that coming. his feelings about the russia investigation will be called into sharp contrast. >> panel, thank you very much. coming up, christiane amanpour will join us to talk about her sit-down with hillary clinton and all of the news from that. republicans are scrambling for votes in the hope of passing their health care bill this week. it is still apparently an uphill battle. here's the latest whip count. deals struck and people called to the white house. it can change. you have about 22 republicans who say they are planning to vote no. that puts them a vote away from not being able to pass. the president is working on this personally. a lot of dealmaking done. let's get to suzanne malveaux live on capitol hill with more. can you feel the buzzing of people making deals on this
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deal? >> reporter: i can feel it, chris. it is quite incredible when you think about it. this is the president facing potentially the real possibility of another defeat on health care. so he is very much involved here. what he has to do and what he will be doing today is trying to convince those undecided or leaning no that they have to take this pretty big political risk to push this through the house and pass it on to the senate. >> how is health care? >> i think it is time. >> reporter: president trump personally calling congress member billy long currently against the bill twice in the past two days to try to gain his support. the two men will meet at the white house today along with congress member fred upton. another republican against the bill over pre-existing conditions. >> i supported the practice of
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not allowing pre-existing illnesses to be discriminated against from the very get-go. this amendment torpedos that. i told the leadership i cannot support this bill with this provision in it. >> reporter: republican leaders have yet to schedule a vote on the bill. the current whip count has 22 republicans voting no. if this number holds, republicans cannot afford to lose another vote. another defeat on health care can damage legislative power and paul ryan's standing as speaker of the house. >> making good progress with members and the president is instrumental. >> reporter: this battle playing out as the house is set to vote on the bipartisan spending bill. it had more wins for democrats. >> i think the democrats cleaned our clock. this was not winning from the republican point of view. >> reporter: president trump lashing out and threatening to shut the government down in september when lawmakers negotiate the 2018 budget.
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a tactic at odds with democrats issuing their government shutdown threat. something he called terrible. >> i'm not going to lecture. he'll be a constructive force. >> reporter: mick mulvaney inn visiti insisting the republicans came out on top. >> when you heard about the deal, did you think we could build this? >> reporter: mulvaney attempting toward fixing and replacing existing fencing for the administration. despite the fact there is language in the spending bill that prohibits any money going toward construction of the president's border wall. for the third day in a row, vice president mike pence will be on capitol hill to shore up the vote on health care. the goal for the next 48 hours to get support before congress goes on recess. that is on friday. house speaker paul ryan
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insisting there will not be a vote. not schedule a vote until they have the votes. alisyn. >> suzanne, keep us posted with the count. hillary clinton talking about her stunning november defeat. who does she blame for her loss and how does she see the world under president trump? we talk with christiane amanpour about the revealing interview next. whhis ings... starts a chain reaction... ...that's heard throughout the connected business world. at&t network security helps protect business, from the largest financial markets to the smallest transactions, by sensing cyber-attacks in near real time and automatically deploying countermeasures. keeping the world of business connected and protected. that's the power of and. kevin, meet yourkeviner. kevin
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hillary clinton speaking out about her election more candidly than she has to this point. she tells cnn's christiane amanpour she takes personal responsibility for the loss. >> i absolutely take responsibility. i was the candidate. i was the person who was on the ballot and i am very aware of, you know, the challenges and problems and shortfalls we had. it wasn't a perfect campaign. there is no such thing. but i was on the way to winning until the combination of james comey's letter on october 28th
3:21 am
and russian wikileaks raised doubts in the minds of people who were inclined to vote for me, but got scared off. >> christiane amanpour joins us now. before we get to the content, how surprised were you when in this forum and pretty general open-ended question, boom, clinton went into what happened. >> we were there. women for women international talking about the things she devoted her life to. empowering women and make sure women get up and stabilize society. in that context, i asked questions about her experience. i feel she came to talk. she was the most unplugged i had seen her. you said the most candid ever. you see what she was like. guarded throughout the campaign. i think she has a lot to say. she did take personal responsibility. obviously had it been a political interview and dig down
3:22 am
more into the key aspects of the white working class and states she won from the primaries. there are many questions. she did take responsibility and she talked about what everybody computed. that is an absolute difference in the day before the comey letter and the days afterwards. >> she says in her mind that october 27th was the dividing line with her win and loss. she thinks the comey letter to congress was that cataclysmic of an event. >> she mentioned nate silver and look at this and talks about the letter and perimedia's coverage the e-mail and letter made a demographic difference. that's what she say. >> the general push back is it should never have been close. the autopsy the democrats are
3:23 am
doing is how is this even close? if she brought out her base the way the low end expectations were, she would have beaten trump in those states. it didn't happen. >> that's another conversation. i do think what was really interesting, particularly in that environment was her take on women. was the misogyny. alisyn and myself can sit here and say no matter how top of the game are, there is an undermine of women. women who seek high offices and the women who demand equal pay for equal play. certainly with the structures of society. i think what is really interesting, actually is when she goes to wellsley and gives the speech. the first ever graduate to be elected by her student body. >> actually 50 years ago? >> i believe it was 50 years
3:24 am
ago. the year was '69. >> you want to hear the sound about the misogyny? >> were you a victim ofs misogyny? why do you think you lost the majority of the white female vote? >> every day goes by and we learn more about the unprecedented interference. including from a foreign power whose leader is not a member of my fan club. i think it is real, it is very much a part of the landscape politically and socially and economically. >> a clever question. you asked about the misogyny. in the context of white women not voting. >> there was a big laugh when i said misogyny. the audience erupted like you
3:25 am
think, christiane? these are problems we have to deal with. we're not talking female domination, but gender equality. there will never been a healthy society. you will not have healthy gdp or best security or not elevate the whole world. boy do we need it in this crisis time. she had really very precise preparations f s crisis. north korea and syria. >> that leads us to the role. she is now part of the resistance. what does that mean? >> you know, again, that drew a huge laugh and cheer. of course you can see with the political trends going on around the world. brexit was the first. now this election and now what we may see or not see in france on sunday with the second round.
3:26 am
the sense that yes there's been a lot of hurt. yes, there are a lot of forgotten. yes, people need to pay attention and governments need to really be smart about retraining and reviving areas of economic dispossession. it goes beyond slogans and free trade deals and closing borders. this is about automation and technology and robotics. how many robocoms do we have? there is a serious global economic issue they have to deal with going forward. >> it was fascinating to hear your conversation with her and her unplugged in that setting. great to talk to you. >> thank you. there are reports that the justice department made a decision to prosecute two officers who fatally shot a black man in baton rouge.
3:27 am
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here is breaking news from
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afghanistan. isis claiming responsibility for a deadly suicide bombing leaving eight people dead and more than two dozen injured. officials say the blast which struck at the heart of rush hour near the u.s. embassy in kabul targeted foreign troops. three members of the international coalition suffered non-life threatening injuries. intense manhunt under way right now because two chicago cops were shot in an apparent drive by. two people pulled up alongside and fired. one shot in the arm and one in the back. they are in serious, but stable condition. police recovered a couple of guns at the scene and say a few people are questioned in the case. alton sterling's family reacting to the media reports that the justice department will not charge baton rouge police officers in his fatal shooting. the safamily says they are angr the justice department did not
3:32 am
notify them before the public. this 2016 incident was caught on video showing two white officers shooting alton. the decision on state charges falls on the louisiana attorney general. congress is about to head home for another recess. the republican health care bill is still hanging in the balance. can president trump cut some deals with skeptical lawmakers? we will take a look at the numbers and the stakes next. at whole foods market, we believe in food that's naturally beautiful, fresh and nutritious. so there are no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no artificial preservatives in any of the food we sell. we believe in real food. whole foods market. and my brother ray and i started searching for answers. (vo) when it's time to navigate in-home care, follow that bright star. because brightstar care earns the same accreditation as the best hospitals.
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okay. president trump is putting pressure on house republicans to vote on repealing obamacare this week. they supposed to go on recess friday. the issue of pre-existing conditions is a key sticking point. let's bring back the political panel to discuss this. we have david gregory and errol louis and april ryan. april was named journalist of the year by the national association of black journalists. april, congratulations. >> thank you so much, alisyn. >> we are honored to have you on
3:37 am
our panel and with us in the cnn family. let's talk about the latest whip count. this changes every hour. at the moment, 22 republicans opposed to the repeal and -- the new gop plan. david gregory, we know the white house is really attempting some persuasion this morning. we were supposed to have congress member billy long on our show. he was called over to the white house this morning to see if they could change his no vote to a yes. what's going to happen this week? >> i think trump is getting involved. i think trump has done a disservice by not knowing what is in the bill when he told john dickerson i would mandate the pre-existing conditions and it is part of it. it is not part of the bill. the test of the relationship with the house members and leadership. it is interesting given his lack of approval there are enough house members willing to hedge
3:38 am
on this. we say it all the time. it is hard to take away entitlement that has been given. republicans do not wantnying th vulnerable in the country especially when they cannot get it in the private markets. you should let the market work its will and it is available. it is not available. >> let's question that for a minute. the tom macarthur amendment does that. the tom macarthur amendment ensures that people with pre-existing conditions will get covered. that is a lie. okay. he has to know that it doesn't do that. he has to be intentionally deceiving people when he says it would do that because by definition what this amendment does is give the state an ability to opt out and create their own pools which have huge
3:39 am
problems for the people at the high end of the risk. >> i would not say it is a lie in the way you put it, chris. the republicans have been talking for a while about reenacting the high risk pools. there are a number of states that did. they were talking about early on putting a ton of subsidy into that. on the argument that it would be sort of like what is happening now but it would be less. >> it would not be a guarantee as it is now. >> absolutely. >> you know it would not be when you say it is a guarantee. i'm saying as ryan or any republican lawmaker. >> here is where you are right. the white house and the congressional leadership are playing chicken with each other. somebody has to deliver the bad news ultimately that what they really intend to do is take away guaranteed coverage for pre-existing conditions. that means 14 million plus people with cancer in their lifetime would not be necessarily covered or would be
3:40 am
in one of the high risk pools with premiums. >> someone born with a sick kid like jimmy kimmel. they may not be able to get care. >> until they figure out who gets the blame, they will not get to yes. >> april, another bit of conflicting information. that is in regards for the border wall with mexico. democrats were saying the border wall was not in the latest budget. mick mulvaney came out yesterday and basically said that there is money for the border wall or the border wall is built. >> and had pictures. >> we are building this now. there is money in the deal to build several hundred of millions of dollars to replace this. that's what we got in this deal. that's what the democrats don't want you to know.
3:41 am
this stuff is going up now. why? because the president wants to make the country more safe. >> april, they did get money for border security. which one is it? >> hundreds of millions of dollars. the issue is they want to make sure this wall is built. this is one of the president's pledges. i asked yesterday of mick mulvaney why build the wall when the bigger issue is dealing with those who are overstaying visas. he said going back in history, we got one piece and didn't get the other. we have to deal with building the southern border wall. what is happening is you got the big steel wall that has slats through it that you can see through. you can see through on the other side for protection for the security of the officers watching. it will be a few pieces of wall. either way they don't know how much of a stretch they cover, but they will build portions of the wall to replace the fencing
3:42 am
that's there. >> okay. do we know if that is happening right now? >> they say it starts now. it's starting. they say it will happen. so the bottom line is they are proceeding. they are finding ways and finding money to make this happen to fulfill this president's promise. they will not try to go through the traditional ways to do this. they say they have hundreds of millions of dollars to do it. >> that's fascinating. david? >> i don't think we know yet. i don't know they e-mailed where those picktures were taken. that could have been from ohio somewhere. >> i know. >> there is money for border security and they want to try to maybe reinforce barriers. i could see two things. one, i don't think there is great enthusiasm among republicans to build the wall. i can see them defining the wall
3:43 am
downward which is what will be called a wall? reinforce barriers and stretches of fencing? this is opaque. i think this is a tough political sell. the president is if a kn a corn. there will be a wall and congress will pay for it after mexico pays for it. it is strange. clearly they are using some money. the anger and pique that the democrats got the better of him. it is over the top. >> april, there was a moment yesterday in the press briefing or in the press room where sean spicer was there, but didn't answer questions and as you can attest the press was not happy about that. let's play this moment. >> sean, sean, sean! sean! come on, sean! sean! >> what about the putin call?
3:44 am
>> sean? >> come back. >> really? >> wait a minute. >> no one leave. >> stay put. >> he said he's not coming back. >> okay. april, explain to us. i think we can hear your voice there. what was happening? >> of course you can. >> is that my friend david gregory? >> we would have never let that happen. >> you know what? maybe you should come back. here's the deal. after all of that, the show and tell with the wall, you had the call with putin and the tweets and so many other things and still i was trying to ask the question if i would gotten the question from sean yesterday, about the civil war coming from the president. there were so many issues on the
3:45 am
table. people wanted answers to after mick mulvaney left and particularly when it came to the wall and the tweet with the president saying about the shutdown. there were still a lot of questions to bes answered. the room was waiting for sean to come back in to make his statements. he did not. he walked out with mick mulvaney and the rest. the briefing was over for the day. >> perhaps you could deploy a big lasso. >> i will not try that. i will not try that. >> we heard your voice loud and clear, april. thank you very much. david, errol, thank you. sports headline. the fenway fifaithful stepping in support of an opposing player. the orioles adam jones. what they did and why in this morning's bleacher report next. a motions. but the rare few can inspire them. ♪
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made daily life a guessing game. will i have pain and bloating today? my doctor recommended ibgard to manage my ibs. take control. ask your doctor about nonprescription ibgard. a night after being taunting with racial slurs, orioles outfielder adam jones got a
3:50 am
different reception at fenway. andy scholes in the bleacher report. >> reporter: fans at fenway used the "n" word and threw peanuts at him. others around the major league baseball said they were taunted by fans in boston. jones spoke to the media about the racial tension at fenway park. >> people still live in their own world. they still have their own views obviously. some people like to express hatred toward another person and other groups. there is a long history of these incidents in boston. i spoken with different players of different erase s i spoken with different players of different eraseeras. >> three of the red sox four outfielders are african-american. mookie betts encouraged fans to
3:51 am
cheer for jones. >> i appreciate it by red sox and boston and mlb getting ahead of it. appreciative that action was taken and not everybody feels the same way as selective people. >> a few miles away from fenway. isaiah thomas in game two against the wizards. 53 points for the second highest total in celtics playoff history. dedicating the performance to his sister who died in a car accident two weeks ago. yesterday would have been her 23rd birthday. >> my sister would not want me to stop. once i leave this gym, i hit reality and she's not here. that's the tough part. when i'm in the arena, i can lock in and i know everything i do is for her. >> 5'9", thomas is a fan
3:52 am
favorite, but considering what he is going through, he is the sentimental favorite of the nba playoffs. >> what a personal tragedy. andy, thank you. hillary clinton criticizing the president publicly and now calling herself part of the resistance. we discuss that candid interview next. ome amer elling bra you're not going to make it. do you think you can make it? uhh... make it... every time. nice! going further to keep drivers moving freely. that's ford... and that's how you become america's best-selling brand. ♪ can i get some help. watch his head. ♪
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had the election been on october 27th, i'd be your
3:55 am
president. i wasn't. did we make mistakes? of course we did. did i make mistakes? yes. you'll read my confession and my request for absolution. the reason i believe we lost were the intervening reasons in the last ten days. >> hillary clinton taking some, but not all responsibility for the loss. she admits to making mistakes, but blames fbi director james comey and wikileaks and russia and sexism. let's discuss with karen finney and former senior communications vi adviser for trump's campaign jason miller. karen, your reaction. >> i thought it was a wonderful interview. wide ranging. i was proud of her. she took personal responsibility, absolute
3:56 am
responsibility. talked about the other factors that we now know. she talked about comey and russia. both of those things very facts to back them up. i appreciated it was a substantive conversation talking about education and economic empowerment of women and girls and syria and what is happening in other parts of the world. i thought its was a great conversation. >> that was the forum specific to the election. jason, what was your take if the election were october 27th, she wins. >> chris, i think secretary clinton would have been better served to channel it's nobody's fault by mine. the polls were wrong about the race the entire time. secretary clinton was insider candidate and change election. much in the same way she was the insider in 2008 when she lost that as well. president trump was the right candidate at the right time. seizing on the issues of trade and taxes and immigration.
3:57 am
things he had been talking about for 30 years. a populist realignment of the base across the country. he tapped into that. look, secretary clinton can blame people all she wants. nobody forced her to support tpp. nobody forced her to not campaign in wisconsin. i think the longer secretary clinton is out there making excuses and blaming others for her loss, slows down the ability to find new leaders. >> that's not exactly fair. she said clearly that absolutely not only we made mistakes, but she takes full responsibility. it is a fact and we do know that things like russian interference, that was real. we do know that for example we have seen a number of studies that show a number of voters in the rustbelt states -- even voters that voted for president
3:58 am
obama and flipped to trump. fear of diversity over economics shifted the vote. the point -- hold on. the point was not to blame other people. since the election, we learned there were other factors. i can tell you from having been on the ground you could feel the chilling effect of the comey letter. i find it ironic. i think people as she said scared them off. look at the scandals we had to deal with president trump ever since the election. how many promises has he not kept. >> that is disingenuous, karen. the polls said secretary clinton would win. fundamentally the polls on this in the studies gotten it wrong. >> we know that. >> donald trump ran a great campaign. make america great again. i helped to run a campaign against you for upwards of six
3:59 am
months. i still to this day cannot tell you what the message was. neither could secretary clinton. you had no message. >> that is not true. our message was talking about america that is stronger together. one of the things i was most proud about. >> karen, even you don't know what your message was. >> race baited. you know what i'm talking about. i feel proud of that campaign. i feel proud of the camp that we did not scapegoat immigrants. that is why she was talking about the resistance. she was talking about protecting things like equal pay for women. the simple thing we can do to lift families in the country. the presidents doesn't believe in that. >> karen, that wasn't your message during the campaign. >> it absolutely was. i was on the campaign. i did it for 18 months. jason, you can't tell me what our message was. >> because you dnidn't have one. >> make america great again?
4:00 am
for who? >> the voters you just talked about. forgotten men and women across the country who had been adversely impacted on deals on trade and terrible tax rates. >> look at how president trump seems to be backing away from all of his promises on trade. he can't get a health care deal. he can't get a budget deal. >> karen, you can't have it both ways. >> he is not accomplishing anything. where are the jobs he promised? >> the jobs are coming. >> where are the jobs coming from? >> the democrats can criticize the president for doing too much when it comes to trade issues and taking it right to adversaries. >> i'm criticizing him for not doing anything. >> he is going a fantastic job. you look ats his strong comments on nafta saying we need to re e renegotia renegotiate. >> comments. >>


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